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tactical air
control party

TM16A4 Assault RifleRange: 84”

Priority Mission: So long as a model from the TACP unit remains
on the table, Air Units that leave the table may re-enter the
battlefield on a roll of 2 or more on a D6.
The Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) is a two-man team imbedded with
Bombs on Target!: For each Ready Action the TACP takes
infantry forces to guide aircraft in the battlespace.
during a turn, one Air Unit in the following Air Phase may add +2
to any attack rolls it makes against ground units. These effects
are not cumulative. In addition, if the Air Unit fires any ordnance
munitions, their Fire Zones will not be moved after they have been
Air Liaison Officer w/ M16A4, Enlisted Terminal

declared. The TACP must have line of sight to the target zone for
Attack Controller w/M16A4 these effects to take place.

Special Rules
Intelligence Feeds: Any army with at least one of these units may
re-roll its dice for set up and deployment.

Close Air Support: The TACP may be chosen as a Support Unit
Size Move Close Combat Target Armour Kill for USMC and USAF armies.

1 4” 2xD6 4+ 6+ 6+
Army List: Up to two TACPs may be purchased for each Support