As individuals the singular defeat of the Neocon Jewish-Zionist Cabal cannot be accomplished.

The only hope available to humanity is for us to unite as a nation and second, globally. I am not an academic, nor a professional, and my formal education consisted of one year in college. For the past two years I've been unable to secure stable employment. I have no special skills except a very well adapted mind endowed with decent morals and ethics, and a great respect for all of humanity, which I would love to put to use for a worthwhile, honest cause. In retrospect, I am no threat to anyone's agenda, thankfully. On the other hand, I could be considered a very dangerous person since like thousands and maybe millions of other Americans my mind contains information and knowledge which could be considered treasonous and unpatriotic. As we know, Patriots are the enemy today, just as they were when the country was being created. Knowledge is power in any time. The Truth Movement is tearing itself apart, but I believe that it was engineered to do so, sans all the rivalry between the various factions. It's just like every other political party in the country. No one, even if they be on the same team can agree with an overall general premise as to their purpose and eventual goals. All of the so-called truthseekers speak some of the truth but not all of it. I tend to believe that the Illuminati (CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission), the Vatican Jesuits, Freemasonry, and Zionism (Christian and Jewish), which includes all the world's aristocracies, monarchies and the world's foremost political powers (Democracy, Socialism, and Communism) are all rolled into one huge conglomerate. However, since they all represent various dangers to humanity and freedom no one is able to place the blame entirely on one group. Why - because these entities intended it that way. Alone, none of these powerful factions could possibly take control of the world. That's why the cover-up has been so long concealed from the people for two millennia. They are all working in tandem with one another for one ultimate goal total control and domination of the world's population. David Icke clearly states all of their collective agendas in his books and videos. And Icke is the only truther alive today to do so, but because of his theories and alleged experiences with a Reptilian race, he is discounted as a nut and lunatic. Better take notice of the truthers in the spotlight that are targeted because "they" are probably the ones we should follow. Just look at what happened to William (Bill) Cooper. They killed him because he was the most dangerous man and radio broadcaster in America. He absolutely had NO agenda other than to tell the truth. David Icke has no agenda either, nor is he wealthy. I remain skeptical of everyone else in the truth movement due to these observations. In regards to what I refer to as "feeding the beast", buying, selling and living under the corporate dominated political system we have much to do to resolve our present dilemma. But how are ordinary people supposed to accomplish this task in their present situations? Those of us living inside a city or town are powerless to stop the corporate tide, like Wal-Mart, since they have shut down every other grocery, pharmacy and hardware store for miles. Where do we buy our clothes and other necessities if not from Zionist owned and operated department stores and malls? Hell, we can't even obtain organic seed to grow our

food due to government regulations that only allow seed distribution from genetically modified growers such as Monsanto. So we continue to injest their poison everyday. And I won't even mention the state of the nation's water supply, which is nothing more than a toxic, carcinogenic inland sea of pollution wreaking death on innocent Americans. The only alternative that I can foresee is for thousands maybe millions of us to vacate the cities and towns and form our own collective of cooperative living, which would mean leaving our homes, jobs, friends, and maybe even family. Beneficial to the destruction of our overlords is that not one more tax dollar would go in the coffers of this corrupt, immoral, war-mongering government. We need to return to the land and nurture it with a sustainable way of living that will ensure the future of America and the planet for our children, grandchildren, and their children. And to hell with these insane megalomaniacs that desire nothing more than our destruction for their own self-serving agendas. They may take our lives, and enslave our bodies, but no matter what they do, they can never fully incarcerate the human mind. It is our last vestige of freedom and should be protected and celebrated at all costs. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" - slogan for the United Negro College Fund Revolution NOW - because if we don't start it who will!!!

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