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Granbretanian corpse was made to open the door person who opens the door must make a difficult

The Outer Level by Alcardy and received the fatal greeting. Alcardy (–20%) Dodge check or be hit by the crossbow
The party must traverse the outer defences of then ushered Nezzether and the rest of his men bolts (3D6 damage to a random location). When
the Monks of Septimus’ monastery without through in safety. the door is opened the entire party may pass
succumbing to its traps. through in safety as long as the door does not close
The party now has to enter. If they use Gledholme’s at any point.
key they will pass through in safety. Otherwise the
Background and NPC
Alcardy and Nezzether have already passed this
way, sacrificing their men to overcome the Outer
Level’s lethal traps. The party might find this useful
as the bodies they encounter may offer some clue
as to how they might safely traverse the traps.

What Happens
The party will follow the trail of horse’s hooves
through increasingly hilly country. Eventually
they will be led down a thin gully that ends at a
seemingly impassable rock face. The horses of the
Granbretanians are tethered here but there is no
one guarding them. See Map XX.

The Rock Face
Lying on the ground in front of the rock face is a
dead Granbretanian soldier. He lies face up with
two crossbow bolts protruding from his chest.
Upon further investigation (and a successful
Perception check) the party will discover he lies
in front of a closed door made up to blend in
with the surrounding rock face. The door to the
Outer Level works on a simple mechanism. If the
door is opened without first being unlocked, two
crossbow bolts are fired from a secret compartment
in the frame. This mechanism is set to reload itself
every time the door is closed. The unfortunate