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Entryway metal grille surrounding the room will drop to the By turning the dials so they point to the

The door opens into a corridor, which gently ground ten feet below. Anyone standing on it at god, then pulling the lever, the party will progress
turns to the right. Hanging from the ceiling is a the time must make a successful Athletics check to the next area, the Chamber of Elements. By
bell attached to a length of rope. This is used by or be impaled on the spikes waiting below (3D6 pointing the lyres at Jhone and Jhorg (either will
any visitors who have access to the monastery to damage to ALL locations). A gate will smash down do), the lute at Phowl and the drum at Runga, the
call the monks, who will then arrive and escort over the entrance preventing anyone else from party will correctly progress.
them safely through the sequence of traps. On entering the chamber. The gap to the exit will
this occasion if the party ring the bell it will not be twelve feet away and anyone wishing to jump Pulling the lever without correctly positioning the
attract the attention of the monks but Alcardy it will be required to make a difficult (–20%) dials will send an electric charge through the lever
and Nezzether, who are currently ransacking the Athletics check. At this point the party may wish and into the whoever is touching it at the time
monastery in search of the Cross of Septimus. Upon to tamper with the weights hanging from the roof (2D6 damage to arm location).
hearing the bell Alcardy will beat the monks until in the hope it might make the grille raise up. This
they tell him what it means. Suspecting whoever will have an adverse effect as the gate and the grille As they correctly pull the lever, and strange song,
has entered the Outer Level is not an ally, he will are on a simple timer system. Tampering with the the likes of which they have never heard before,
send four Granbretanian soldiers to intercept the pulleys will only delay the timer for as long as they will ring out throughout the circular chamber, and
intruders and stop them at all costs. You may are messed around with. Thirty seconds after the the floor will open up, dropping them down to
choose where the Granbretanians will meet up grille and gate drop they will slowly raise again, the Chamber of Elements (see below). With the
with the party, depending on how quickly they allowing the party to exit at will (so as long as they strange song (something about blackbirds) ringing
make their way through the following chambers. are not standing on the grille and do not panic in their ears, the party can progress deeper towards
they will suffer no adverse effects). However, if their goal.
The Chamber of Weights after five seconds the weight in the room is still
The entrance to this chamber is very narrow in excess of 700lbs the grille and gate will drop Chamber of Elements
forcing the party to walk in single file to enter. once more. The party must progress through this level by
A plethora of weights and counterweights hang solving four puzzles based around the elements;
from the ceiling of this unremarkable room and Chamber of the Gods Earth, Air, Fire and Water
lead to an unseen system of levers and pulleys The players will now enter a circular chamber that
beyond. The room itself is around twenty feet by slopes down towards its centre. In the middle of
thirty and surrounded on three sides by a metal the room is a circular plinth that resembles a bird Background & NPC Motives
grille punched with holes six inches in diameter. table. Laying some feet away from the globe are a The Monks of Septimus built this section as a
Opposite the entryway is an equally narrow exit. A dead Granbretanian and a Guardian, their hands homage to the elements. Their leader at the time,
dead Granbretanian soldier lies on the metal grille black and charred. Upon closer examination the Father Melchiah, felt that earth, air, fire and water
in one corner of the room. He is punctured full of party will see that the plinth has four dials within were unconquerable and built four traps in honour
large holes and the blood has long since run from its centre, and the outer edge has the manes of the of their power.
his body. gods known as the Fearsome Four at its cardinal
points: Jhone, Jhorg, Phowl and Runga. Each of
Upon entering the room nothing remarkable the dials in the centre of the plinth has a different
seems to happen until the combined weight of symbol. One is a drum, one is a four stringed lute
the party reaches 700lbs. When that happens the and two seem to be lyres of some kind.


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