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The Hall of Water should be played up for drama moving the sails at the same time by hand will

also For every missed or incorrect target, a five feet
but there is no real danger. Once the water has open the door to the next hall. square of earth will fall away from beneath the
reached the tops of the metal tubes it will rise no party. If any of them fall on the spikes they must
further. Unless the party are under four feet tall The Hall of Earth take 3D6 damage to ALL locations.
and cannot swim they will be in no immediate This room has a ledge on one side that is
danger. Thirty seconds after the water has reached fifteen by ten feet (allowing six people to stand Inner Level
this level it will recede and the solid door barring comfortably), which the party will enter on. The After having traversed the Chamber of Elements
the entrance will open. The party must then pull rest of the chamber is set ten feet below this ledge the party must now overcome the final sequence
the lever once more and begin again until they and is covered in vicious looking spikes. Impaled of traps to gain entry to the underground
either open the gate fully or lower it enough to on the spikes are two Granbretanians and a black monastery.
crawl through. clad Guardian. A bow and arrows lay on a plinth
at one side of the ledge. On the opposite wall,
The Hall of Air thirty feet away, is a large circular wooden board Background & NPC Motives
Again a 10x30 ft room containing six miniature set in ten sections each with a number (numbered In his haste to find the Cross of Septimus and
windmills lining its centre. Pipes of various sizes 1-10) painted on. Beneath the wooden board is growing impatient with the monk’s traps, Nezzether
lie on the floor. If the party listen carefully they inscribed a message: ‘strike the number of our has freely sacrificed more of his men (who have
will be able to hear the wind howling through a ward and cross’. willingly given their lives). Alcardy, somewhat less
sequence of small holes around eight feet up on of a fanatic, has allowed the Necromancer to lead
the walls. Four of the windmills are white whilst To safely traverse the spiked floor the party the way and thus spare his own men.
two are black. The body of a Granbretanian soldier must use the bow (or a projectile weapon of
lays beside one of the black windmills, an arrow in their own) to strike a number on the board.
his back. The ‘ward’ the message speaks of is Septimus What Happens
himself, whose remains the monks care for. In the The Chamber of Light and Dark
The windmills hold the key to the door from this ancient languages of the world before the Tragic Light streams into this room from vents in the
hall. The pipes can be fitted into the holes on the Millennium, Septimus means seventh, therefore roof, cascading onto a series of strategically placed
wall and will channel the breeze that blows through striking the number seven will allow the party safe mirrors. The mirrors then reflect the light, showing
them. When pointed at the windmills it will cause passage. However, if the party choose the wrong a path across the room, which is peppered with pit
their sails to turn. When the four white windmills number or miss the target (they will have to make traps. Guardians lie dead all over the room riddled
are turning simultaneously the exit to the Hall of a normal ranged skill check) the ledge they stand with arrows or impaled on spikes.
Air will open. If either of the black windmills are on will recede slightly, pushing them a little further
set in motion a booby trap will be triggered. A towards the spikes below. The party will be able to safely negotiate this room
single arrow will fire from one of the holes in the as the puzzle has already been solved for them
wall and a failed Dodge check will result in 2D6 Successfully striking the correct board will trip (though at great cost to Nezzether’s men). As long
damage to a random hit location. a lever releasing mounds of earth from the roof, as the party are not clumsy enough to knock the
which creates a bridge across the sea of spikes. The mirrors out of position (a standard Perception or
Of course the party may not wish to use the pipes party will have only seconds to cross this mud Stealth test, whichever the player prefers) or go
to set the windmill sails moving. If there are more bridge before it sinks into the floor. rooting around in the dark they will not fall prey
than four members of the party they will find that to any nasty ‘accidents’.


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