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Instruction for installing R, RStudio, and R-Packages

1. Please download and install the latest version of R 3.5.1 from the following website

2. Please download and install the latest version of RStudio 1.1.456 from the following website

To check if your RStudio has been linked to the right version of R, log in RStudio and go to Tools->
Global Options. You will see the version of R on the top of the interface.
3. Create a folder to save your files and data of R and set it as your default working directory.

Log in RStudio and go to Tools-> Global Options to find “Default working directory (when not in a
project)”. Click Browse and select the folder you have created.

Exit RStudio and then log in again. The Console of Rstudio shows your default working directory.

4. Install R packages that you might use.
Please go to Canvas->Modules->Learning Modules -> Chapter 4 Descriptive Data Mining-> Data and
Scripts – 04. Download the R script “Install-R-packages.R” and save it to your default working folder.
Open this file from RStudio, and run the script to install additional packages that you may need.
When you open this R script, select lines 33-47 and use “ctrl” + “Enter” of your keyboard to run the
selected script. After this part has been done, you can further run lines 51-53 and lines 57-59. The
Lines 6-14 describes two questions that you need to answer when running the scripts.

I have tested the four steps process in both Windows and OS X systems. Let me know if you need
additional assistance.