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vor CODE swe EVENT CODE wuveNLE = ADULT IN THE CIRCUTTICOUNTY COURT IN THE TENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA ARRESTING AGENCY/REPORT NO, _12D2018-18733 ARRESTING OFFICER Det... Fough — BADGEW_1 AGENCY ORI. —-FLGE31200 OBITS DATETIME OF ARREST PUACE OF ARES seems CONOTICE TO APPEAR BE COMPLAINT AFFIDAVIT ClarREsT REPORT ‘CITY OF LAKELAND, COUNTY OF POLK, STATE OF FLORIDA: ‘The undersigned afant swears that helshe has just and reasonable rounds to belive that on October 3, 2011 at approximately 2:32 FM inthevicinty of 619 Florida Ave. W, Lakeland, folk Coury, Fonda. NAME Dona Michael Cuztstepher ALIAS. W/m 23H Florida avenue, Eakeland, Florida (01) PHONE. ove ‘Srv SoH 008 0873/1971 Re HT_s'0_WT HAR _Bro— Eves Bro pod MARITAL STATUS“ SCARS ‘COMP _ pair B\iLD Wed SPEECH_Eng OCCUPATION sei f-tmloy EMPLOYER Vet" Remy Wave Surplus PHONE (063) 68: (GUv-PARENTS) PHONE: commited ie ofens8(6) a [imanelaugheer with a Firearm FSSIMOICO_782.07(2) _LevelDegree _FL 2 FSSIMOICO "775.087 LevelDegree a FSSIMOICO LevelDegree Probable Cause + SEE PROBRABLE CAUSE CONTINUATION ~- Victim; chetstobal Lopes 425 wyrtie st. takeland, PL (963) 223-9659, Wee: vox oc: TS ee wii NOTICE TO APPEAR gow wroarncostnctst Po on to answer the chargole) this Complaint. Tundersiand that a wif ine warrant Tory areeTand maybe a new oenee. Dale Batendnt (Do BiLUPETITION PROSECUTION APPROVED: ‘Assan State Atoray_ Lakeland Police Department armpavir ‘CONTINUATION, rent Numer DEFENDANT: DUNN, Michael Christopher, W/M, DOB 08/23/1971 _| 2018-19733 IN THE CIRCUIT/COUNTY COURT IN THE TENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA PROBABLE CAUSE CONTINUATION ‘Your Affantis»PolceOffcer/Detecive with he dy of Lakeland Paice Deparment. Your Maat i coer assigned to the Canina Iaventgon Scion ofthe Lakeland Pole Deparment a a Detecine, [nh antgnnce your fans pam erpeie ne ‘vert of homies and oter violent ces that occ win the cy st Lao, onde (On Oxobes 3208 tapos M44, fice Snmoas and ote Lakin Pe Deprtent pat pesonnel were che {0819 Foca Avenue N, (Ves Army Navy Srl Laelnd, Pak Conny, oon mpd shop bg caer oe sae cqune. Offer Simons aved on tene mad obseeed the Dies cma super sang ove the Seeder ih Bee tren ad posing the Scent. The supet (chal Dan) mad the spcmped tatement to Ofer Semmens heey fe coped" (Qn October 3 2018 at approximately 1440 hrs, Your Afant was quested to repond tothe cen and we signed a the Lead Dacre ot investgnion ‘The bins is afed with video survellane came ins and ote, The entice inet was captred onthe vaso cameras roughout the busines. The vdeo srvelanc dil ot eord the sable conversions The video suretance camera footages caprred the ven (Chistobl Lopes) removing» htcet rom py rack nie the stone nd oncaingitn te font of bis pans and undemesth iss that wa bosted ouside hs pans The tape ches aoe co inetd the coneaag of he cet rm i store ofice, The vnc en on the avedlaneexg te lie onseiog Sram in he waistband of bis pant ad waking tthe fon of te store. 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Gren the above, the spect (Michael Dun) sho and hed the vas (Ceol Lope) without land eats Tnvestigno conceming the vic (Chisitabal Lope) and itn’ ih eves hat both wee homeless ‘ving in the Wah aea prt September 2,078, Bath had fee HelpCenter in Waachul, Though Bat asisance the vc had been accepted i sesidentl program athe Lphtodte Mises in Laban antsy tort ‘cen accepted into the sclera th Lightnose Mists. On September 21, 201, both he vic ands Ete ad heen bose foes ‘avd to the Lighthoure Maiti in Lakeland Heyer nates a9 aa = Wines MS