The Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council City of Warrensburg, Missouri Dear Mayor and Council Members: SUBJECT: City Manager Report for the January 25, 2010 City Council Meeting. Council Letter No. 10-007 January 21, 2010

Example is not the main thing in influencing
others, it is the only thing. -- Albert Schweitzer (1875 –1965)

Inspire a Shared Vision Challenge the Process Enable Others to Act Encourage the Heart Model the Way The quotation for this City Manager Report centers on the leadership concept of "Model the Way.” City Council Meetings, Study Sessions, and Executive Sessions Pursuant to Subsections 1 and 2 of Section 610.021 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, relating to legal actions, causes of action or litigation involving the city and any confidential or privileged communication between the city and its representatives and its attorneys, and leasing, purchase or sale of real estate where public knowledge might adversely affect the amount paid in the transaction, an Executive Session will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, January 25, 2010, at the City Hall Annex, 607 Burkarth Road, Suite B, Warrensburg, MO. A light dinner will be available for City Council Members during the session. Anticipated items for this upcoming Monday, January 25, 2010 City Council Meeting include: • • Resolution Setting Nancy Anderson Scholarship Criteria; Ordinance Declaring the Results of the Canvass of Statements of Candidacy and Establishing a General Election to be Held on April 6, 2010;

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As communicated last in that report. Ordinance Accepting the New Public Works Building. City Manager Report 01/25/10 Page 2 of 8 . Ordinance Authorizing an Agreement with Terra Technologies for Lion’s Lake. Monday February 8. Approval of a Contract for the Old Johnson County Court House Project. B. 2010 City Council Meeting. City staff has taken additional steps to allow citizens to provide comment. Request for City Funding from. Community Development Director. o Johnson County Historical Society for the recent New Harmonies Exhibit. Mayoral Appointments to Boards and Commissions. In addition. 2010.• • • • • • Ordinance Authorizing a Service Agreement with the Whiteman Area Leadership Council. on the Upcoming 2010 Census. Presentation and Discussion of the 2009-2010 First Quarter Financial Report. February 8. o Warrensburg Arts Commission. Hamilton Street Project Update. and C include: • • • • • • Public Comment and Hearing on an Ordinance Amending Chapter 11 Garbage and Trash. Public Comment and Hearing Accepting the Solid Waste Plan. The following are some of those items: Status of Upcoming Hearings on an Ordinance Amending Chapter 11 Garbage and Trash and Acceptance of the City’s Solid Waste Plan In the last City Manager’s Report we provided the City Council with copies of the proposed Solid Waste Plan for your review. The plan does not constitute twoyear notice. as a group or individually. as was previously done for important public comment periods. a copy of the plan is both on file with the City Clerk and on the City’s Web page for public review and the City has scheduled Public Hearings for citizen comment for the February 8. Preliminary Items that are anticipated for the February 8 City Council Meeting to be held at the Warrensburg Community Center. Multipurpose room. requests for information on certain issues. Copies of all of these E-mail comments will be provided by the City Clerk to the City Council prior to the Monday. A. we have made arrangements to allow comments to be submitted by E-mail on the City’s web page up until noon. It should be emphasized again that the City must give a two-year notice to all private waste haulers in order for the City to change from the existing system to a solid waste franchise system. The City Council has not as yet given that notice. Council Communication and Projects You have communicated to City staff. • First. Presentation by Barbara Carroll. Presentation-Depot Preservation (improvement to the Depot) Bob Crumb. Both the plan and the change in Chapter 11 are separate from taking action on the two-year notice. Public Hearings. 2010.

First and fundamentally. I also met with the Senior Accountant. a marketing branding committee was established that was made up of a variety of marketing individuals from the area agencies.• Second. The two hearings on the February 8 agenda are to allow public comment on the proposed plan and on an ordinance amending Chapter 11 of the City’s Code of Ordinances. I met with Council Members Dyer and Brock. the City. the Director of Public Works. It was recently announced that the new chair of the committee would be Vanessa Figg. we have moved the place of the Monday. in order to ensure that there is adequate room and comfort for the public. This is excellent work and if the Council wishes to provide additional input or thoughts please do not hesitate to give me a call. Mike Batie. Meetings and Events During the week of January 11. B and C at the Warrensburg Community Center. our auditors. This would entail re-writing the guts of the proposed plan before adopting it and the Chapter 11 amendments. the chamber and other interested groups and individuals. but will look for guidance from the Council for when the City Council wishes to take action. met with the Mayor. February 8 City Council Meeting and Public Hearings from the City Hall Annex to Multipurpose Rooms A. attended a monthly Census meeting. the City still needs to adopt a plan and the Chapter 11 amendments. attached is a very preliminary draft Marketing Plan that is being developed by the committee. the university. We do not plan to have any City Council Action items on this subject on the February 8 City Council Agenda. During the remainder of the week. the City Council after taking public comment will need to decide if they want to change the current waste hauling system or remain with the current system. The committee is now working on prioritizing the goals and tactics and/or adding additional items. Under her leadership. please do not hesitate to contact Barbara Carroll. Community Branding/Marketing Plan Underway When the Chamber agreed to enter into the Branding contract for the community. the Director of Marketing and Community Relations at Western Missouri Medical Center. I attended a City staff meeting and spoke together with the Mayor at a CLIMB high school local government day. we must adopt separately the plan and the Chapter 11 amendments. reviewed a City Manager Report 01/25/10 Page 3 of 8 .year notice must be adopted in the coming months. These representatives came from the schools. our Community Development Director. The proposed plan lays out a path to follow to give the two-year notice and eventually enter into a contract for solid waste services. I also worked all day on Tuesday with Lynda Higbee on pay for performance training and met with her individually with each of the Department Directors to begin the process. or the City Manager. In addition. Recent City Manager Activities. and attended a Highway 13 Corridor Committee luncheon meeting. Then a separate resolution giving two. If the City Council wishes to give a two-year notice to the waste haulers. If the City Council does not want to give a two-year notice to the waste haulers to move to a franchise waste hauling system. State law requires the City have an adopted solid waste management plan on record. If the City Council has any questions or needs additional information.

and Council Members Brock and Dyer. Meetings and Events During the week of January 25 I plan to meet with School Superintendent Orr on an economic development prospect. On Friday. and attended the International Conference of Shopping Center’s Deal Making Conference in Kansas City on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mayor Terry. Upcoming City Manager Activities. I plan to take time to be on the farm in southern Missouri and plan to be on vacation that Monday. On Thursday. and a regular City Council meeting at 7:00 p. at the Annex. On Friday.m. January 25 is an executive session at 6:00 p. Maguire. On Wednesday. and bond counsel. Tuesday Evening I attended the Martin Luther King banquet with the City Clerk. and perhaps return in time for a Tree Board Meeting and an additional Hamilton Street comment meeting.m. February 1 is a Planning and Zoning meeting @ 7:00 p. On Wednesday. meet with the Senior Accountant and meet individually with each Department Director on the development of performance standards. I plan to meet with the Warrensburg Parks and Recreation staff and attend a Historic Preservation Commission Meeting. I also plan to attend the bi-monthly Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission Board Meeting. Holden beginning at 11:00 a. a Military Affairs Committee Meeting. Thursday. I attended a Missouri City Manager Association’s training conference in Columbia. our financial advisor. and worked on budget matters and capital improvement matters. Suite 1 from 7:30-9:00 a. I met with the Senior Account and an IRS auditor. we have scheduled a Department Director’s luncheon and retreat. I also attended a Whiteman Area Leadership Board meeting.m.. On Friday. CITY CLERK Cindy Gabel • • • • • Monday. please contact either myself or any of the Department Directors noted in this report. I plan to attend a Johnson County legislative session in Leeton and meet with our community’s legislative affairs committee later that day. at the Annex and a Park Board meeting will be held that evening at the Community Center.m. I will meet again with our economic development team on an economic prospect and attend a Community Branding Meeting. I met with the Tourism and Visitor’s Center Board and Amy Kiger of WAPIP.potential economic development prospect with the Johnson County Economic Development Executive Director. On Thursday. and a monthly Finance/Administration staff meeting. During the week of February 1. On Tuesday of that week. a Chamber luncheon.m. meet with Council Members Dyer and Brock. @ the Annex.. January 28 is a ribbon cutting @ Jackie’s Studio @ 703 N. I will attend an administrative staff meeting. attend a Visitor Center Advisory Board training session. if there are any questions on any matter. The Historic Preservation Commission meeting is at 4:00 p.m. or if you need additional information on this report. Monday. Page 4 of 8 City Manager Report 01/25/10 . Wednesday. During the week of January 18. January 27 is a WIN breakfast @ Scrappin Oasis @ 501 N. I will be at an all day Missouri Conference on Transportation in Jefferson City. and a Regional Economic Development Committee meeting in Concordia. As always.

A summary report was given on January 15 with Department Directors and the Johnson County Emergency Management Director. Thursday. February 2 is a ribbon cutting @Wisdom Plus 1. Committee members are working hard to spread the “You Count Here” message to their target audiences including. Director of Public Works Street Department Activities The crew has been busy repairing equipment and getting ready for the next snow event. The construction of a structure with a roof and three sides will require a building permit and compliance with all City building and zoning laws. Salt and sand bins have been replenished. 2009 the community experienced 5 winter weather events in a 15 day period. WAFB personnel and families. rental property owners. I plan to brief the City Council at the January 25 meeting on the status of the census activities. Starting on December 23. Back-to-back storms and extreme low or sub-zero temperatures hindered snow removal operations. The smoking ordinance does not allow smoking in an enclosed area. Creating TobaccoFree Lives @ 11:00 a. The initial ice/sleet event was very difficult to plow and the ice presented many challenges for drivers. Historic Preservation Commission’s January Meeting to Feature Presentation by the State The Historic Preservation Commission meeting on January 27. RSVP’s are due by noon. Director of Community Development Census Day Approaches Quickly The 2010 Census Committee met on January 11 to discuss final preparations for the local awareness campaign for the 2010 census. Smoking Ordinance Inquiry In response to the question raised at the last City Council meeting. This was compounded by the fact that the snow City Manager Report 01/25/10 Page 5 of 8 . February 4 is the Base Community Council luncheon @ Mission’s End @ 12:00. Materials normally used to assist in melting snow and ice was ineffective. will feature a presentation by Tiffany Patterson and JoAnn Radetic from the Department of Natural Resources. February 1. I have consulted with the City Attorney about the options available to the American Legion for a smoking area.m. A structure with a roof and three sides could be constructed and smoking would be allowed.• • • Tuesday. 2010. Steve Moody. business and faith leaders. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Barbara Carroll. The presentation and following discussion will focus on identifying the first steps to creating a multiple property listing document for submission to the National Register of Historic Places. I spoke with Sam Yancey at the American Legion about this information and said staff would be willing to meet with him or any legion member to discuss the construction of such a structure. PUBLIC WORKS Mike Batie. @ the Chamber office. The public is invited to attend and join in the discussion. Monday. UCM students. February 8 is a City Council meeting. The featured communities will be Higginsville and Jefferson City. A structure with a roof and four sides would not be allowed to have smoking.

January 27. Public Works Operations Building The heating system at the building has been inspected and it was discovered that a wrong control was installed.emergency routes remained mostly full of parked vehicles which kept the snow from being pushed totally to the curb of the streets. Not counting regular hours worked. Charlie Schwinger with Bucher. City Manager Report 01/25/10 Page 6 of 8 . Wastewater Department Activities We are currently out to bid for a mower at the East Wastewater Plant and at the West Wastewater Plant. 438 overtime hours took place which cost $6.600. Also. In addition.766 was spent combating winter in the past few weeks. Material cost for 600 tons of sand. Had this been accomplished. and engineers.400. It is currently being worked on and should be replaced and working properly by January 22. Hamilton Street Extension A second public meeting has been scheduled for January 28. contractors. City staff will work to get this declaration made in a timely fashion in the future and also make the public aware of this essential need when snowfall exceeds 2 inches. the City has 96 miles of streets which involved the plowing and maintaining of 384 lane miles with multiple trips per 5 storms. the routes could have been widened thus making room for the additional snow that was received.766. Sewer Collections Building Remodel The contractor is making quick progress and is on track to complete the project by midJanuary. 2010. Willis & Ratliff is scheduled to give a report to the City Council at the January 25 council meeting. PARKS and RECREATION Kory Alfred. Director January Parks & Recreation Board Meeting The Parks and Recreation Board meeting scheduled for Wednesday. and all major routes within the city were kept passable for the motoring public. from 5:30-7:00 at the Community Center to address all questions that were presented at the December 17 meeting. Equipment repair cost was around $4. Notification to the public was not done through issuance of a Snow Emergency thru the media. 2010. 2010. In addition. and 250 tons salt was estimated at $21. a briefing was held to discuss the Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) process at the plant with the operators. was canceled due to inclement weather. In conclusion. Bids will be opened January 22. A total of approximately 3.940 miles were logged by the Street Department crew’s eight trucks. The January meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday. 2010. we plan to add more snow route signs. January 6. All totaled $32. Overall consensus was that no problems were encountered by Emergency Services throughout the periods of storms.

and we congratulate Marvin on his appointment as a fulltime Firefighter/EMT. The students will include Warrensburg Fire Department part-time firefighters and firefighters from other fire agencies located within Johnson County.000. It is noteworthy that Jack’s position is being filled by Firefighter/EMT Marvin Miller. UCM Public Safety Department personnel will work with Chief Kushner to plan and implement at least one actual (on-site) exercise annually. Students from outside the WFD will pay $500 to cover the costs of the materials. The vehicle would be equipped with special communications equipment assigned to the emergency management agency. Modifications to the City-County Emergency Management Agreement City Attorney Doug Harris is assisting Emergency Manager Steve Moody and me by drafting language that will modify the existing City-County Emergency Management Agreement to authorize emergency management agency personnel to operate certain City vehicles once they have been trained in how to use the particular vehicles. The course will continue until May 15. January 19. FIRE DEPARTMENT Phil Johnston.Lions Lake Preliminary Engineering A contract for services with Terra Technologies is on the January 27. 2010. Firefighter/EMT Jack Reynolds and Firefighter/EMT Marvin Miller Jack Reynolds will retire from the Warrensburg Fire Department on January 28. City Council meeting. Fire and Emergency Prevention Officer Justin O’Neal and I attended a meeting at the University of Central Missouri’s Department of Public Safety. 2010. 2010. 2010. the City Council must also approve the contract after approval by the Parks and Recreation Board. Fire Chief Firefighter I and II Training Course Battalion Chief Jim Kushner will begin the Firefighter I and II training course on February 9. 2010. The meeting was very productive. Jack and Marvin worked together as leaders in the part-time firefighter program for many years. The class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Fire Station 2. The maximum class size is 25 participants. UCM DPS – WFD Coordination Meeting On Tuesday. The actual vehicle that is serving as the catalyst for this modification is a former ambulance that is part of the Fire Department fleet. books and instructor time needed for their training. Because the contract is over $10. This is in accordance with the City/Parks and Recreation Board policy. Marvin joined the WFD in December of 1977. Jack has served the City of Warrensburg as a part-time and as a full-time Firefighter/EMT for many years. I anticipate the contract for services on the agenda for the February 8. Parks and Recreation Board meeting agenda for approval. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss response procedures for various types of emergencies and unusual situations that occur on the campus from time to time. We wish Jack the very best of everything in his retirement. The contract is for preliminary engineering services and regulatory permit acquisition for the dredging project. Among the outcomes from the meeting was a concurrence that more actual emergency preparedness and emergency incident exercises need to occur. 2010. Marvin was our longest serving part-time firefighter. The modifications to the agreement will City Manager Report 01/25/10 Page 7 of 8 . Battalion Chief Jim Kushner. The vehicle could be taken to emergency incident scenes or other locations where the vehicle and its equipment could be useful.

POLICE DEPARTMENT Bruce Howey. at 7:00 pm. These sessions are well attended.C. The Warrensburg session is scheduled for March 16. the National Weather Service holds storm spotter training classes throughout the region. Annual Storm Spotter Training Class Each year. Parking is readily available next to the class site. and I encourage anyone with an interest in storm preparedness to attend the class. Chief of Police No News for Report City Manager Report 01/25/10 Page 8 of 8 . Morris Auditorium at UCM. The class will take place in the W. There is no charge. 2010.require County attorney and County commissioner review and approval as well as review and approval by the City Manager and City Council before the new procedures would go into effect. and handout materials are provided.

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