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Submitted papers should be within the tracks below: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Electrical Machines and Drives (EMD Renewable energy systems (RES) Power Electronics and applications (PEA) Signal and Image Processing (SIP) Control systems and applications (CSA) Telecommunication and Multimedia Systems (TMS) Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Electric and Electromagnetic Field (EEF)

International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automatics’10
Bejaia, Algeria, 2-3 November 2010

Call for papers

The city of Bejaia, located at 250 km in the east of Algiers, was one of the most prosperous cities of the Mediterranean Sea. Capital of great Moslem dynasties the city was initially known in Europe by the quality of its made beeswax candles to which it gave its name " Bougie ". Bejaia also played a significant role in the diffusion of the "Arab numerals" in Occident. Significant industrial pole of the area, with a concentration of many industries and one of the largest ports in Algeria, Béjaïa has also an international airport.

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USA) KEIREDDINE A..00(213) 34 20 50 90 Route Targa Ouzemour Bejaia 06000.France) BERKANI D. France) TAIBI S. academics. iceea10@yahoo.France) MOKRANI K. Submissions should be in Adobe Acrobat (. (U des Antilles et de la Guy F. France) FLIELLER D. France) DJENOUNE S.pdf) or MS Word (.(ENPAlgiers.(Artois.(CDER.doc) format in English.(Nantes. (Nancy.Bejaia. (Tiziouzou. (U.France) CHENNI October. Algeria) YOUSFI I.France) HADDAD S.P.General The International Conference On Electrical Engineering.(ENP Algiers. engineers and students to discuss research ideas and present the recent advances in electrical engineering and related topics.Algeria) SOULAYMAN C.Algeria) HADJI S. Syria) TOUHAMI O.(Tizi-ouzou.Blida. Algeria) IBTIOUEN R.(Qassim U.(UDES.(Lille.(U.(Artois. (Sfax.Tunisia) CHAKER A.(Sétif.Bejaia Algeria) OUAHABI A. Algiers) TOUNZI A.Bejaia.(Sidi belAbbas. (USTHBAlger. Algeria) GOUTAS A.(U.France) KASBADJI N. Algeria Only Electronic submission will be considered. France) GUEGEN H.France) DAVIDRAJUH R.France) MALEC D.Algeria) BOUKHLIFA A.(Tlemcen. Important Dates 10 September 2010 30 September 2010 10 October 2010 Paper submission Notification of acceptance Final paper submission . Algerie) Contact For more information: http://www.Bejaia Algeria) KRIM http://www.Algeria) KHENFER N.Algeria) DAVAT B.Bou Ismail.Algeria) BARHDADI A.(Strasbourg. Algeria) AZOUI B. (Lille.France) SALAME C.univ-bejaia.(Grenoble.(Coimbra.(Louvain Laneuve.O) SAOU Algeria) BOUDOUR M.Algeria) BOUDISSA R . Algeria) LEMOS ANTUNES C. Algeria) IDIR N.(ENPAlgiers.Morroco) ZEBBOUDJ Y.usthb.(Paris.(U. France) ZAIM M. France) ZERROUG H.(Grenoble.(Batna.Bejaia) MEKHALDI A.Bejaia.Bejaia Algeria) BOUDGHENE S.(USTHBAlgiers.E. (Constantine. in two-columns according to the template format (link). Algeria) MEZANI S.php?rubrique39 Secretariat of the ICEEA’10: AMEUR Nacéra Phone 0662873201. (Skikda. Algeria) SIGUERDIDJANE H. (ENPAlgiers. (Nantes.(U.Algeria) FELIACHI M.Algeria) MATAGNE E.Algeria CHIKOUCHE A.(Nancy . (Metz.(ENSET.(U.Oran) CHEKIREB H. Honorary chair Pr Djoudi MERABET Pr Boualem SAIDANI General co-chair: Pr Boubekeur MENDIL Pr Djamila REKIOUA Pr Youcef ZEBOUDJ Dr Karim MOKRANI Dr Ouahib GUENOUNOU Dr Bachir MAOUCHE General Chair Pr Toufik REKIOUA Local Organising Committee Abdenour ALLICHE Nacéra AMEUR Kassa IDJDARENE Radia ABDELLI Mustapha SADJI Kamel OUARI Yazid CHARIKH Nacera ROUHA Nabil TAIB Youcef IRID Malek AZZI Dahbia HAMZAOUI Hocine LEHOUCHE Abdelghani AZIL Hamouma MOUMEN Abdenour MEKHMOUKH Rabah BOUDISSA Nora FRISSOU A.(U. Lebanon) SARI Z. Electronics and Automatics (ICEEA’10) will be held in Bejaia-Algeria.A(Oran. Paper Submission Researchers and students are invited to submit papers up to 6 pages.Algeria) HADJERI S.(ENPAlgiers.Batna.Algeria) BOUBAKEUR A. Algeria) BOUDJEMAA F. Algeria) BOUHLEL S. and will be organized by the Industrial Technology and Information Laboratory (LTII).Algeria) SADLI I.(USTHBAlgiers.(U.(CDERAlgiers.(Toulouse.Bejaia. University Abderahmane MIRA of Bejaia (Algeria) The conference will provide a forum for researchers.(U.(Saint Etienne.Portugal) MALEK A.(U.(Marrakech.(Columbus.F.(U. iceea10@gmail. Algerie) GUESSOUM A. Faculty of Technology.(Sétif. Tunisia) CHAABANE M.(U.Algeria) LATRECHE M.(Chicoutoumi. (Biskra.Morocco) FELLAH K.Belgique) MEKHTOUB S. (Marrakech. France) MAOUCHE B.(ENP Algiers. Algeria) ATTARI M.(Rennes.(France) CHAFOUK H. France) OUHROUCHE M.Yazid ACHOUR Hafidh CHOUF Student Paper Award The best presentation (oral and poster) will be awarded during the closing ceremony.(Nancy.(Damas.Algeria) REZZOUG A.(CDERAlgiers. 2010 will be published in the ICEEA10 CD-ROM.(ENP Algiers. Scientific committee AISSANI D. (Tours. (Rabat. Algeria) HAMAMI L.(Sidi belAbbes.France) AOUZELLAG D.Bejaia. Algeria) HAMIDAT Regitration Fees 5000 DA 2500 DA 150 Euros 12000 DA Local Participants Students Foreign Participants Others Payment must be made at the registration desk. Algeria) MIRAOUI A.KSA) BERRAH S. (Stavanger.Algerie) BACHA S.(U. Only papers received before 10.(ENPAlgiers.(ENPAlgiers.Bejaia. (Nancy. (CDER Algiers.(U.France) BENKHORIS M.Algeria) ZOUZOU SE.(Nantes.(U.Algeria) LEBOUC A.Bejaia.France) REKIOUA D.Algeria) BOUMAHRAT N. Algeria) HADJARAB A. Algeria) AIT AMAR S.lins. Algeria) MENDIL B.(Belfort. France) CHARLES J. (USTHBAlgiers.(Constantine.Bejaia) ALKAMA R .Canada) REKIOUA T. Best presented papers will be selected for possible publication in referred International journals.Algeria) DAAFOUZ J. (ENPAlgiers. 034 21 50 06 Fax: 00(213) 34 205105. Norway) EL ADNANI M.morocco) BENSENOUSSI A. (Sfax. France) NAPIERALSKA E. Algeria) ISMAIL M.

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