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Gibran Banhakeia’s MA research Proposal

MA student at UPEM.

Research Background and Rationale
With the wave of African Immigration into European Countries and with the social effects of
Globalization and Technology (Far-Reaching Advances of Human technology), Eu policies
altered completely from the normalized level to the alarming level to stop, once for all, the global
issues of illegal immigration - Terrorism, Human Trafficking and International Khalifa of
Prostitution (supported by videos). In fact, according to Marcelo Suarez, in his entitled book
chapter Right Moves? Immigration, Globalization, Utopia and Dystopia, the main causes of global
immigration were primarily considered due to the development of Globalization and Human
advances in the field of Technology, mainly Facebook and YouTube, have been seen as the
technological tools toward-Chain Immigration. His theoretical framework would correlate with
my research interest to construe a scientific methodology, based on my personal reasoning,
inasmuch as Facebook and Youtube raised an immense of awareness to continue toward a new
strategy of illegal immigration to Europe. This type of immigration is views as the New Gateway
to Immigration. For them, Facebook and YouTube are the gateways to the adopted feeling of
It is true that the crisis of immigration becomes a threating point as soon as illegal immigrants have
been posting videos on Facebook (video) and telling their adventurous stories as to how their new
modernized life, in Europe, is an utopian life rather than a dystopian life as it had been before in
Africa .Thereby, Europe is considered as the chain objective to immigration, because, Europe will
face an hereditary type of immigration, known as the Circular Immigration. In the light of putting
aside the swarm of immigrants to their original countries, UK officially declared the so-called
Brexit Policy in order to stop the swarm of immigrants seeing that UK cannot longer support the
financial aid of Migration Policy even if its laws included in the International Laws of Human
Rights (idea 1) .Moreover, with the new presidential election of Donald Trump, the global issues
of Immigration are viewed primarily as the global threat to USA and to Europe as soon as Terrorist-
Refugees transformed Migrant civilians into an alarming threat to Europe. (idea 2)
My research area focuses on the current issues of African Countries (Moroccan Empirical Cases)
that are as the gateway doors to Europe in the eyes of Africans Immigrants, nevertheless, I am on
the verge to deconstruct the predominant issues of African Immigration and its relation to Europe
and to UK. It is somehow vague to write about the social trends of UK with no deeply reflective
writings of the today’s image of Europe, inasmuch as social issues are intertwined to each other,
specifically the cases of immigration are extremely intertwined in Europe, Africa and USA.
Research Objective
This research paper would enlarge my academic vision to theorize on the future issues of
Immigration in Europe and its relation with Le Monde Anglophone . In fact, what am I writing
about is not just about the previous issues of postcolonialism of African immigrants in Europe that
faced during the periods of 70s,80s and 90s, nonetheless, nowadays, there is a genocide of
immigrants (Moroccan nationals and Africans) whom I have been (as an observer) with- are trying
now to go through any risk in order to reach the utopian land -Europe. I am bound to describe also
some victimized immigrants that have been killed in the middle of ocean, due to the prevalent
human traffickers in African countries. The famous quotes “Action speaks louder than words’’ is
too vague when humans are rapidly changing to the point of dying, suiciding, and losing faith in
themselves in the light of search for a new hope in the futuristic land that is totally far away from
their home country.
It is granted these immigrants, in the first place, after their arrival to Europe, are not terrorists,
thieves, criminals nor drug-traffickers, nevertheless they are immigrants who needed job
opportunities, new life and new future. According to my personal reasoning, they can be easily
targeted and manipulated by European (Muslim migrants) (not immigrants) to embark their lives
into social troubles (Religions vs Humans). As a simple observer and after too many talks with
Moroccan civilians and African refugees (who wanted to cross Melilla city to be in Europe), I
deconstructed the real vision toward Europe - which is to live peacefully-even if it takes death
upon their neck.
Today, with Facebook and YouTube, not only young immigrants attempt to escape from the
continent prison break of Africa, but there being updated and savaged ways of immigration that
humanity has never existed, before, within the history of immigration. In other words, Social
Media play such a fundamental role on social awareness, because, nowadays, desired immigrants
are watching as to how a democratically beautiful life is indeed in Europe. To put it simply, it
raises them toward a new life of democracy, human consciousness and job equalities, forasmuch
as this paradigm of democracy have never been existed in Africa even today, African are being
ruled through dictatorship and totalitarianism that dominated their mind to never open dialogues
when situation is linked with the traditions and religions, since they are indeed to refuse all sort
of personal liberties. What Happened today in Morocco is totally tragic and it surely has great
impact on Europe (including also UK): (to discuss this point / I have to send you some videos )
Contemporary Issues: Immigration Headlines in Morocco (Video Cases)
1-a large city in Morocco, Tetouan, with its desired immigrants raised the Spanish flag to cross to
Europe (video 1). The scenery is dramatic as soon as people are trying to only escape from
Morocco, as their truly American dream, including children, older people and even disabled people
2-Africans are dying and in most cases are dead in the middle of the ocean (video 2)
3- More than 1000 young-teenagers prefer to change their sense of belonging. Patriosmism, for
them, doesn’t existed in Africa. Most of them are des apatrides. There are international factors,
circulating only in the African borders, but, once they can cross Europe. There will be a crisis of
immigration in EU (video 3)
4- The most shocking moment occurs when Spanish civilians were transporting illegal immigrants
in their own boats, only for the sense of humanitarian, to cross Europe. After lots immigrants
trespassed Europe, Moroccan government wanted to take serious charges for those who are helping
illegal immigrants to cross Europe. After that, Spaniards continue to help freely Moroccan
immigrants and Africans to cross the Moroccan borders. Nevertheless, the deadliest shocking
moment occurs, immediately when Moroccan Marines have killed a graduate Moroccan woman
by deadly shotgun. (the most shocking moment)
Immigration and Security: European Procedures
In order to resolute the alarming problem of immigration, it is more convenient to write about the
negative consequences of International Immigration, i.e. most of European (Muslims) migrants
are recycling ideologically European adults or teens to believe in the philosophy of jihad-ism.
Apart from that, the world of technology, specifically, Internet browsers like Deep Web and Dark-
net are considered as the extremely global threat for terrorist activities. It is needless to deny that
the role of European Media is working harder to face Terrorism that stem from International
Immigration. In Particular, discussing and scrutinizing the global solutions, that have been made
by such scientific methods and trainings and internship, would enlighten the structure my research
to be in connection with empirical results, socio-scientifically.
Literature Review:
This research deals with the international dilemmas of immigration, but importantly it allows the
reader to see its original theoretical framework that are based in fact on many secondary resources:
The New Immigration: An Interdisciplinary Reader”, International Migration: A Very Short
Introduction, Children of Immigration (The developing Child) ...etc. they can function as the most
feeding theoretical ideas that can applied not only the Latin American cases1but also to the African
conflicts issues transposed to Europe and USA. Most of the aforementioned resources are to
regarded as the future tools from which I can only progress the flow of critical reasoning and the
strategy of methodology, nevertheless they would enlarge my vision to extract important
Theoretical Frameworks, based upon author’s evidences, because they can put in the very specific
situation as to how Immigration must be analyzed and deconstructed based on sociological
approach. It is somehow vague not to comment on the current issues of immigration without
reflecting the paramount academic articles, The New African Immigration to The Durban Region,
New North African Immigration to Spain, how does Societal Security Travel? Securitization in
South African Immigration Policies, Immigration, Political Trust, and Brexit-Testing an aversion
amplification hypothesis, Illegal Immigration: First Euro-African Conferences,..etc. By means of
creating some sort of logical reasoning between books and articles, I choose only the updated
Because the most described cases are discussing the international issues of immigration in Latin American onward
Europe or USA. Authors ideas are written according to their social environment, I as an Ma student, I am only
interested in the scientificity of their writing to strengthen my research to its form in social sciences. I believe that
their inductive ideas can be applied not only to Latin American cases but also to African countries, inasmuch as there
is one thing that resembles all countries to take the oneness title - which is Globalization.
themes to discuss the very dominating issues of immigration before and after the Brexit. Due to
the possibility of consulting them online from Jstor and other online sources, this paper will be
framed sociologically based on science in the light of finding at least some concrete solutions to
the today’s threating issues of immigration in Eu (we can portray the global issues at the least as
if we cannot resolute them ).
Focal Research Problem
the flow of this paper, in the very near future, has to scientifically deconstruct the international
one-nets issues of legal Immigrants and Illegal immigrants in Europe that have been truly
considered as true pushing factors to the creation of Brexit. To answer many WH Questions based
on Science Method.
Theoretical Framework Methodology
This research paper must be conducted by empirical strategies such as Cases Studies, Investigation,
Questionnaires and Paid Internships. I will establish an analytical method to analyze, to induct and
to infer the flow of my research paper to maintain logical analysis. (I possess more than forty
videos of illegal migrants that have been trying to pass the city of Melilla in order to cross to
Preliminary Suppositions: Expected Results
The global Immigration, originally stemmed from African Countries, is an alarming threat to
Europe with the extent of establishing new laws against this phenomenon – The Brexit. according
to theses political articles “Britain Cannot wait any longer for a Post-Brexit Immigration Policy”
and “Brexit and the future of Immigration”, and “Brexit, c’est immigration qui fait la difference”.
This research paper must focus on the current issues of African Immigration that push UK to
withdraw from the European system and this ongoing issue is still conflicting globally UK even if
it is out after the Brexit policy. The flow of my research would portray some alarming issues of
African immigration in Europe (including also UK).
Conflict Resolutions: By Empirical Studies
1-planning to participate into conference and academic discussion to theoretically resolute on the
issues of Immigration
2-To conduct Internships
3-To assist to Fully funded conference in UK and even in USA, after the acceptance of my
4- To search for future funding project in the field of Immigration Studies
5-To resolute this issue of Immigration in my future Ph. D Studies.
Discussion and Limitation
It is granted that this research will access researches to socially implement on the international
solutions through this ongoing paper. In fact, the dilemma between refuges and terrorists in Europe
is an unexpected project to work on, since researchers are particularly facing terrorist threats from
the gateway of Immigration. Thereby, this thesis-project would better be fully studied in Europe
in the light of providing academic researchers at ease. Internationally, I would put myself into
harder to the point of finding concrete and empirical solutions based on the Political EU Strategies
to re-newly deal with the alarming issue of Immigration.