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Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)

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Credits Nathan Caroland

John Cason
Jorge Gomez
John Cason

Mason Crawford
Aaron Darland
Chris Parson
Bob Kuzmeski
Aaron Darland Alyssa Menold Marko Paunovic
Hardy Fowler Adam Rogers
Editor Jorge Gomez
Kyle Rowan
Mason Crawford

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Howdy, everyone!

I’m Kyle, the newest game designer on the team, and if you’re reading this, it means
I’ve succeeded in rethreading the fabrics of time and space. As you may or may
not already know (depending on which timeline we’re currently in), I’m also the
company time traveler. When I’m not inventing dinosaurs (you’re welcome), destroying
dinosaurs (I’m sorry), or spoiling television shows that haven’t even been released
yet (whoops!), I’m making board games here at Wyrd.

I’ll also be your resident Chronicler, so long as this dimension isn’t obliterated by
Grebulons (if you don’t know what they are, then that means we still have a fighting
chance). In this issue, we’ve got some great stories, an adventure riddled with Black
Blood, and our Storied Soundtracks contest winner!

Being that it’s summer time (or is it?), we’re doing our part in the yearly scramble in
preparation for GenCon. We’re pretty tight-lipped on what we’ll be bringing to the big
event, but let’s just say that we have a few cards up our sleeves.

In the office, we’ve been busy cranking out the final touches for Malifaux’s latest
book, Broken Promises, preparing the last flourishes for the Other Side, catching our
breath after releasing Through the Breach 2.0 Core Rules, ramming more mayhem into
Bayou Bash, and fending off evil spirits in the Darkness Comes Rattling expansion.
And that’s just the beginning. Trust me, I’ve seen the future.

Speaking of the future, we’ve got a ton of other great stuff in store, but aren’t quite
ready to reveal just yet. Keep an eye out on our forums, website, and social media for
our latest announcements, or do what I do and look beyond and through the veil of
time to reveal all secrets of what has been and what will be.

See you last Thursday!


Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Broken Promises Designing a Malifaux Book

Aaron Darland

Hello there! Telling Stories

I'm Aaron Darland, the head of the Design Team here Caution: Spoilers from previous books lie ahead!
at Wyrd Miniatures. I've been playing Malifaux for
seven and a half years, playtesting for almost the In my opinion, the stories are one of the most exciting
same amount of time, and designing models and things in Broken Promises. As the Design Team
upgrades since we shifted to Second Edition. Broken debated the various ways that we could progress the
Promises, however, was my first time acting as the story of each Faction, we realized that every story
lead designer of Malifaux, and stepping into Justin's kept coming back to one important man: Franco
shoes was not easy. Marlow, the new Governor-General, who was selected
for the position by the Through the Breach players of
From about midway through Ripples of Fate, we knew the Nythera Worldwide Event.
that we wanted the next book to contain new Master
Upgrades in addition to the usual selection While Marlow didn't feature in every story, the
of new models. Before we started changes he was making to how the Guild operates
designing the models, however, the in Malifaux were trickling down to every Faction.
Design Team sat down and planned Having a new power-player like Marlow on the scene
out the different stories in the is really exciting for the narrative. Governor-General
book and how we wanted to move Kitchener's Guild operated in the same way for so
the story of Malifaux forward. long that everything sank into this nice groove.

Governor-General Marlow is having none of that.
He's a powerful mage who is accustomed to order,
and as anyone who read through Ripples of Fate can
attest, he thinks and acts in a way that is completely
different from his predecessor.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Once we had the stories outlined, we shared our ideas In the column of her enemies, you have Seamus' "Do
with our writers. They were excited for the opportunity You Know Who I Am?" Upgrade, which lets him go
to tell such large and influential stories, and every down the road of Horror that players remember fondly
one of them brought their own unique twist to how from first edition. Both of these Upgrades give Lady
things played out. I'm really looking forward to seeing Justice and Seamus new ways of dealing with enemy
how the community reacts to the stories, as we're not models that, we hope, will lead to them being played
pulling any punches this time around. in more games and in new ways.

Making Upgrades Time for Models
Once the stories were locked down, we moved on With the Upgrades in testing, the Design Team began
to designing Upgrades for the Masters. We started to plan out models. We knew that we wanted to include
with three Upgrades per Master, each one testing out six models per Faction, so we went through a list of
different playstyles, boosts to existing playstyles, and keyword Characteristics to determine which themes
stuff that we joked about and then wrote down for own could use a bit of love. Once we had determined what
own personal amusement. At one point, for instance, holes needed to be filled, we fleshed out the rest of
there was an Upgrade that letter Molly summon Kirai the model list with some fun ideas and picked the
into battle that we knew wasn't never going to see best of the lot.
print... but it sure was fun to try out for a week or two!
If there's one thing that's true about model design,
Once we had our three Upgrades per Master, we it's that you never quite know just what the players
gave them to a small group of testers and, over the want. Our closed playtesters were, as always, a huge
course of a few weeks, whittled each Master down to help in dialing the models in and ensuring that every
two Upgrades. In many cases, we shuffled abilities model had a role to fill. Most of the models stayed
from one Upgrade to the next, turning three alright largely as they were written, while others saw big
Upgrades into two very good Upgrades. changes (and a few were even deleted completely).

This turned out to be a great way for us to inject new Once we felt like the models were in a good place,
life into the playstyles of some Masters. Lady Justice, we rolled them out into open playtesting. In a wider
for example, has not been seeing a lot of table time, group, of course, there are brand new perspectives
so we looked for ways that we could expand her that caused things to change even further.
options and make her a more interesting choice on
the table.This led to the Swordfighter Upgrade.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Playtesting any more start to feel redundant. Complicated and
With the model stats out there for everyone to see and unique mechanics can often create new niches for
the stories being written by our great writers, finishing models, but then the game gets pushed further into
up Broken Promises came down to playtesting. complexity creep rather than power creep.

Playtesting is always an interesting experience, The Design Team tries to take all this into account, as
and it's one that I had largely been able to leave in well as our own experiences, when it comes balancing
Justin's hands in the past... and let me just say that models for general release. As it stands, we're very
it's not an easy process! happy with where the models and Upgrades ended up
for Broken Promises, and we feel that we've managed
For me, the most challenging part of the playtest to give players plenty of new options without going
process is managing power creep and baises (whether down the road of power creep. We want Malifaux to
that bias be on the part of playtesters or designers). be a fun, balanced game for years to come.
Malifaux is a complex game with a lot of moving
pieces, and players tend to become comfortable with When you get your copy of Broken Promises, hop onto
a particular way of playing, especially when it leads our forums and let us know what you think! What's
to victory. your favorite Upgrade? Which story did you like the
When overseeing a playtest, a designer has to be
mindful of those biases, as well as the strengths of
each player. Some players are very good at pushing
models to the breaking point to see if their more What's to Come?
extreme abilities will ruin the game, while others Malifaux is continuing to grow and expand, so I
have an in-depth knowledge of their entire Faction wanted to take a minute to let you know what's
(while being somewhat in the dark about how other coming up in the next couple of months:
Factions work).
• New releases - We are continuing to release
In some places, bias appears when players want the models from Ripples of Fate, and we'll
have some content from Broken Promises
models belonging to their Faction to be better than
available at GenCon this year.
the models of another Faction. That is a concern, of
course, but in my experience, the most troublesome • A new Nightmare and new Miss model -
form of bias isn't bias toward a Faction but rather Teasers of these models can be found in this
toward individual models. very edition of Chronicles!

• Malifaux Errata - We're currently playtesting
For example, we often see feedback along the lines
a very small set of errata to address
of "why would I take model X when I already have
significant game imbalances (4 cards to be
model Y." This type of comment is often indicative precise).
of either model Y being too good for its cost or the
player having some sort of bias toward model Y. This • Gaining Grounds 2018 - We are planning
is perfectly understandable, of course; after all, why to put Gaining Grounds 2018 into open
try to make model X work in a crew when you already playtesting shortly after GenCon this year.
know how to make the most of model Y?

The easiest way to bypass this bias is to make sure
that every models has a distinct role in the game.
Unfortunately, as a miniatures game expands,
there are only so many roles to fill. A Faction can
only have so many 5 point scheme runners before

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Storied Soundtracks:
In the Flesh
Chris Parson

The tap-tap-tapping of the stone mallet on the blunt overhand right that was driven by the entirety of his
end of the bamboo needle hummed sharply against own weight.
the still air of Tan Tao’s Tattoos, a small shop tucked
in a corner of Malifaux’s slums. The aftertaste of The punch connected with the larger man’s lantern
stale smoke gave an edge to the stench of old blood jaw, snapping his head to the side like a sharply
that filled the room. tolled bell. He stumbled back against the wall of the
fighting pit and slid down its sweat-slicked surface.
Reclining in a threadbare padded seat, Alan O’Neil As Alan was about to raise his hands in victory, his
dragged deeply on the cigarette dangling from his opponent regained his balance with a bellowing roar
lower lip. The warmth surging through his lungs that sent the crowd into a frenzy.
was a welcomed distraction from the rhythmic
hammering against his thigh. He forced his eyes “No, no, no,” Alan muttered as his opponent
wide, tracing the streamer from his cigarette as it lumbered towards him. He was supposed to stay
rose like tendrils of aether through the still air. down. That was the deal.

Alan cleared his throat and looked to Tan Tao, his The Dane had never been beaten during his time
tattoo artist, but quickly realized that no conversation in the fighting pits. Although Alan had done well
would be welcomed. The artist’s full attention was for himself, the odds were definitely against him:
on his work, and as the man traced the lines that ten to one, in fact. He saw this not as a deterrent,
only his own mind’s eye could see, Alan’s thoughts though, but as an opportunity. The accumulation of
drifted along the path that brought him here. Alan’s previous winnings was large enough that he
would still come out ahead by betting on himself and
offering half of it to the Dane. All the big man had to
do was stay down when Alan delivered his signature
overhand right. Alan put everything into that punch,
but they had agreed upon that beforehand; if it looked
Ducking under a looping haymaker, Alan responded like he pulled the punch at all, both men knew their
with a left hook into his opponent’s ribs. His lives could very well be forfeit. As the Dane grabbed
competitor’s arm retracted down instinctively to Alan in a crushing bear hug, he began to suspect that
protect his body, but Alan came at him with an the man had decided to go another route.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
“What… doing?” Alan gasped, his legs kicking “Now that’s unusual,” Alan commented.
feebly as he tried - in vain - to wriggle free.
“My master’s formula.” The artist pulled his sleeve
“Got a better offer,” the Dane grunted. He lifted Alan up further to show more of the tiger tattoo that
and slammed him to the ground. “No hard feelings.” climbed up his shoulder and onto his back. “He
With a grimace, the Dane lifted himself up and always said that the color comes from the blood
dropped an enormous fist across Alan’s left temple. of a tiger and that it would give me the animal’s
strength. I rarely feel strong as a tiger though,” Tan
Stars filled Alan’s vision with loose constellations Tao laughed. “Unfortunately, he met an… untimely
as he fell into unconsciousness. death,” he added, casting his gaze to the ground.
“People would go to great lengths for his work.
I hope only to be half as sought-after as he was

“Well, I’d say you’re off to a good start,” Alan said as
Tan Tao pulled a steaming cloth from a bamboo he stood and left the shop.
basket carried by his apprentice and turned to Alan.
“This will hurt,” the tattooist warned. Before Alan When he was in the street, Alan lit a cigarette and
could respond, he ran the cloth over Alan’s swollen started heading off into the dark of the night. “It’s
thigh. a shame that this one won’t last very long,” he
The heat burned through the ache that was left
behind by the prodding of the tattooing process,
but as Tan Tao pulled the cloth away to reveal the
finished work, Alan’s grimace turned to a satisfied
Alan waited in the shadowy overhang of a rundown
Two Razorspine Rattlers rose from his leg, one on two-story building that leaned out across the alley
either side of his knee, slithering up towards his at such an angle that its roof almost touched the
hip. Their scales shimmered and shifted as though wall of the adjacent Quarantine Zone barricade. The
they were alive. occasional heavy skittering sounds that came from
the opposite side of the wall did little to deter Alan
“Eh?” Tan Tao’s near-constant look of concentration from his mission. Indeed, the proximity of his chosen
was replaced with a self-satisfied grin. ambush site to the edge of safety was what made it
ideal. Most people, even those hardy enough to eke
“Worth every penny,” Alan replied as he pulled out out a living in the slums of Malifaux, gave the edges
what remained of his savings. of the Quarantine Zone a wide berth.

“How’s your other one? The flower?” Tan Tao asked The Dane, however, was strong as an ox and only
as he gestured to the rose he had tattooed onto marginally less intelligent. Alan wasn’t sure which of
Alan’s left forearm. those traits made the man so willing to live near the
barricade, but he was sure that the combination of
“It’s… ah… healing up fine,” Alan stammered. He the two was what compelled him to take the same
self-consciously pulled his arm close. route home, night after night.

Tan Tao gave him a hooded look as he took Alan’s As for Alan, he trusted his physical prowess enough
handful of scrip. The motion pulled slightly at the to protect himself from harm. After all, one didn’t
artist’s rolled-up shirt sleeve, revealing a glimpse of willingly enter the fighting pits without knowing a
his own tattoos. The ink was an odd, brownish-red thing or two about how to scrap. Sure, there were
color that he hadn’t seen before. poor souls who found themselves there without the

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
notion of how to make a proper fist, but Alan had there was a limit to the summoning power. Perhaps
entered the matches by choice. Truth be told, he’d the magic in those pictures had already been drawn
fought far more men for fun than he had for profit. out.
As for any problems his fists couldn’t handle…
Desperate to prove the author right or wrong - he was
The raw tattoo on Alan’s thigh writhed in anticipation no longer sure which - Alan looked to the fading ink
at the coming battle, and he thumbed the raw scratched into his upper left arm. The poorly-drawn
Soulstone held deep in his pocket as he waited bulldog there regarded him indifferently, a reminder
for the Dane. For all their dangers, Alan thought, of a night of raucous victory, heavy drinking, and
Malifaux could be equally wondrous. His own recently poor decisions. Feeling that he had nothing to lose,
discovered powers stood as a perfect example. Alan took up the Soulstone and tried to give life to
the tattoo.

The poor creature had not lived long. Given flesh,
its cartoonish jowls pulled at empty black eyes, and
its breath came in weak gasps. Undersized legs
A Month Earlier… buckled under its weight. Alan’s elation at what
he accomplished was soon replaced with pity and
After sliding the false brick panel from its tight- disgust at the tortured life he created. He ended its
fitting spot on the wall, Alan reached into the dark life quickly and cried himself to sleep.
recess of the hidden cubby to retrieve the tattered
notebook. He placed it on the small table next to When he woke the next morning, Alan disposed of
his bed and replaced the panel, leaving only the the malformed body. He hoped it would disappear
Soulstone hidden within. Sitting down on his bed, back into the aether from which he had summoned
with his back against the wall for support, he leafed it, but that was not the case. Returning to his room,
through the book’s familiar pages. Although it was a half-emptied bottle of swill in hand, he sat and
not his, since reading it, he had felt compelled to stared at the notebook with an uneasy mixture of
add his own notes beside the original owner’s, reverence and repulsion. The claims it made were
presumably a former tenant of the boardinghouse. all too real. Alan put the book away and tried to
The notebook claimed that it was a transcription of forget it ever existed.
an ancient tome the owner had discovered in the
ruins of the Quarantine Zone, and that by following Three days later, Alan looked at his arm for the first
the process laid out within its scrawled pages, one time since the ritual. The tattoo, faded to begin
could summon objects into existence from a simple with, had all but disappeared. The faint lines that
drawing. remained were a perfect representation of the
thing he had summoned. Could it be that the fault
Alan had dismissed the book as the crazed ramblings was not in its execution, but the source material?
of a lunatic. The power that suffused the notebook Would a better drawing yield a better result? As he
wore away at his skepticism, though, as did the retrieved the book from its hidden niche and flipped
drawings in the book: they were exact duplicates of through the notes and drawings, the question of why
the very furnishings of his room. the tattoo disappeared, while the drawings in the
book had remained, nagged at the back of his mind.
Lacking any artistic ability himself, Alan wondered He pored over everything he had read, searching for
at the magic’s limitations. Following the formula laid answers, but there were none to be found.
out in the scratched notes, with the Soulstone he
found alongside the book in hand, he attempted to The only way to find out was to try again.
bring a second chair into being, and then another
table. He then tried to conjure into existence a small
mirror like the one that hung above his washbasin.
Nothing seemed to work. Perhaps, he reasoned,

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Two Nights Ago The Present

“For you, my dear,” Alan said as he handed the Tan Tao crouched atop the wall, within the shadows
single rose to Lily, his favorite serving girl at the of an overhanging roof. He disregarded what might
front of the house. He had summoned the flower lurk on the Quarantine side of the wall; the two
the night before and kept it fresh in his washbasin. archers that had joined him were watching the
He already thought he could feel his forearm tingling shuffling things in the forbidden darkness on that
with the after-effects of the magic, but the rose side of the wall as much as they were watching Alan
tattoo had not yet faded. O’Neil, who stood half concealed and fully oblivious
below. If he was trying to hide, he was doing a poor
Taking it, Lily let out a sharp cry as a thorn caught job. Tan Tao had encountered no difficulty in tracking
her finger, drawing a bead of blood. Alan’s every move.

“Aye, beautiful but dangerous,” he smirked. “Just Rumor was that the fighter had given an undying
like yours truly!” He dismissed her playful scowl rose to a servant woman. It was a minor curiosity,
with a wink as he pressed his back to the door and but something about the story had stuck with the
pushed it open. tattoo artist. When Alan had grown reluctant to
show him the rose, Tan Tao began to suspect that
He would make it up her, Alan thought. With the the man had discovered the means to make the
money he’d make from fixing his next fight, he’d be tattoo come to life. At the bidding of his masters,
able to buy a place downtown. Maybe even take her he had followed Alan to confirm whether or not his
with him. suspicions were correct.

The archers waited, crouching upon the shadowed
rooftops, their arrows tipped with blackened steel
nocked on the strings of their longbows. Two Ten
Thunder Brothers were concealed at the end of the
alley to Alan’s back, blocking his most likely escape

A deep, rumbling song, thick with consonants,
brought every eye in the alley toward the Dane has
he came into view. He carried on without concern,
only turning toward the smaller shape that came out
of the shadows as it closed to within a few feet of
him. As he recognized the threatening figure in the
shadows, familiarity flashed across the Dane’s face,
followed by a guttural laugh.

“Not had enough, O’Neil?” the Dane chuckled. “Or
are ya pickin’ through the garbage fer scraps?”

“You cost me everything, you thievin’ bugger,” Alan
cursed. He pulled his hands from his pockets and
muttered something unintelligible as he closed in
on the larger man.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Tan Tao expected Alan to draw a weapon, and the balance as he rode it to the ground and drove its
dull glow that seeped through the fingers of Alan’s head hard into the grimy cobblestone. Springing up
fist caught him by surprise. in a front flip, he narrowly avoided the spiked snake’s
retaliatory tail swipe. The creature quickly recovered,
Immediately picking up on the threat, the archers let and as Tan Tao landed, the snake dove at his exposed
loose their arrows. Both arrows caught Alan high in back. The tattoo artist recovered just as quickly,
the shoulder, but not before he triggered his spell. however, and met the attack with a backhand swipe
As he stumbled back, his thigh writhed, and the from his claw. The serpent reeled back, its skull laid
serpentine forms of two Razorspine Rattlers tore bare and glistening in blood where the weapon had
through the leg of his pants. The spiked snakes carved through its skin.
doubled in size as they twisted and writhed in the
darkened street. The tip of a yari, held by one of the Thunder Brothers,
punched through the snake’s throat before it could
Alan slumped to the ground in pain. The archers strike again. The Razorspine writhed, pulling the man
opened fire on the huge snakes as they darted off balance and yanking the spear from his hands.
towards the Dane, but their black-fletched shafts The yari’s staff caught the warrior in his jaws and
only grazed the bristling hides of the serpents. pulled him close, crushing bone and armor alike as
it wound its serpentine body around him. As it dealt
The soft patter of sandals on cobblestone came with the first Thunder Brother, the other joined the
from the far end of the alley as the Ten Thunder fray, skewering the engaged beast through the neck
Brothers hurried to join the battle. Tan Tao leapt and driving it to the ground, where its thrashing only
from his perch and landed in a roll, coming up with served to inflict further injury on itself.
a fistful of shuriken. He threw them at the closest
creature and riddled the back of its neck. Without Turning, Tan Tao found the Dane beset by the
missing a step, he slipped two bladed weapons - remaining Razorspine. Its broken jaw useless, the
each shaped like the claws of a tiger – onto his huge snake had wrapped its long body around the
hands and charged after the snakes, his archers fighter, goring him with the spines that lined its body
close behind him. as he tried to pry himself free. The archers were pin-
cushioning the creature’s body with arrows, but it
Staggering back on his heels, the Dane steeled continued to fight.
himself against the approaching snakes. Too
drunk to be suitably terrified, his fighter’s instincts Closing in on the entwined combatants, Tan Tao
naturally took over. As a Razorspine feinted a strike, ripped furrows along the length of the Razorspine’s
the he launched an uppercut at its wide, fanged jaw. serpentine body with his claws. It twisted in silent
The Rattler twisted out of range before the punch agony as it attempted to escape the new threat, but
connected, redirecting to the side, and clamped the Dane hooked the creature by the remains of its
its fangs into the Dane’s left arm. With a scream, dangling lower jaw. As it pulled away in an attempt to
the brawler ripped himself loose. Gobbets of flesh free itself, the snake exposed its open throat. Seeing
tore away from his arm and clung to the creature’s the opportunity, the archers fired, driving arrows
curved incisors. With a howl, he attacked again, and through the soft pallet of the creature’s open mouth
the thundering right hook unhinged the Rattler’s jaw, and embedding themselves in its reptilian brain. At
leaving it limp and useless. Drawing itself up to its once, the snake went limp, leaving a lacerated and
full height, the injured creature shook out its cowl barely conscious Dane clutched in its slackening coils.
and hissed at the Dane as he back-pedaled further.
As the surviving Thunder Brother moved to stand
Tan Tao closed with the second Razorspine Rattler over the prone Alan O’Neil, Tan Tao approached the
just before it reached the fight. Launching himself Dane. The archers came up behind him, and one of
at the creature’s back, he grabbed the spines on them tore a strip from his robe to use as a tourniquet
the sides of the creature’s wide neck, throwing it off for the Dane’s ravaged arm.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
“Leave it,” Tan Tao ordered while examining the In Alan’s eagerness for revenge, he hadn’t bothered
incisions covering the Dane’s body. The edges were to tuck the notebook back into its cubby before
blackening as the tissue died and rotted; the snake's leaving to seek out the vengeance that drove him.
poison had already taken its toll. The snakes that
Alan had summoned into existence were identical to Near the end of the notebook, the author’s
those found in the wild, right down to their venom. handwriting changed. Where the first, larger section
was the original scribe’s account of finding the
“Relieve him of his misery,” Tan Tao ordered. “Then grimoire he pulled his knowledge from, the second
send word to Mr. Samuels explaining what happened was Alan O’Neil’s tortured diary. It detailed his plan
here. I would not have him blame us for this man’s to fix the fight with the Dane and his furor at the
death.” subsequent betrayal, as well as the shame and
elation that followed his attempt at summoning a
Turning towards Alan, Tan Tao saw that the fighter passable rose. Without needing to read the words,
was also close to death. Through the rip in his Tan Tao surmised that it was his lack of artistic
pants, he could see that the man’s snake tattoo ability that had first brought Alan in his tattoo parlor.
– the one he had given Alan mere hours ago – was For a moment, he pitied the man. He had stumbled
already starting to fade away. Tan Tao knelt down upon a great power, but his ignorance had proven to
and slapped Alan’s face. “Tell me, how did you give be his undoing.
life to the tattoo?”
Sensing that his apprentice’s work was nearly done,
Not so much as a moan escaped Alan’s lips in protest. Tan Tao looked back over his shoulder. Two angled
mirrors revealed a full view of his back. Amidst a
“I’ve no time for this,” the artist muttered. “I'll have your swirling melee of dragons and tigers sat a calm
secrets, dead or alive. Bring him back to the shop.” blue pool. Two lotus flowers lined in dark red ink,
the same dried-blood tone as the tigers in the outer
As the archers helped the Thunder Brother pulled ring, sat serenely on the water. A third faint outline
Alan to his feet, Tan Tao returned to the dead gave the appearance of a flower sinking beneath the
snakes. Despite being only drawings, they were surface, and a fourth flower dripped red. Soon, he
identical to the real thing. He reached down and would try his hand at creating his own flowers.
pressed a hand against the body of the closest
snake. Even its blood felt real. “You’ll be glad to know you got your revenge,” Tan
Tao said, his mind still lingering on Alan O’Neil as
With a shake of his head, Tan Tao stood and he closed the notebook. “I doubt that it is much
disappeared back into the shadows between consolation, considering how things turned out.”
civilization and the horrors of the night.
Pushing the thought out of his head, he glanced
back to the mirror. “Your lotuses are coming along
well, Ichiro. If they meet our needs, we shall try your
hand at a tiger.”

Days Later

Hunched forward in the poorly padded chair in the Storied Soundtracks
middle of his shop, Tan Tao leafed through the This story was the winner of the Storied
dog-eared notebook while his apprentice pricked a Soundtracks contest on the Wyrd forum and has
tattoo onto his back. Finding Alan’s rented room had been published as part of the prize for winning.
been easy, and a small bribe, with reassurance that Make sure to visit our forum to check out the
the room could be rented out effective immediately, various contests we run throughout the year!
had convinced the landlord to turn a blind eye to a
quick search.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Scatter Terrain for a Wild West gaming board


Having built a decent number of bigger, “feature” Next, I will build several smaller pieces of terrain: an
gaming terrain for the Wild West gaming board, I've outhouse (because what is a western town without
decided that I need a lot of smaller terrain to add at least one outhouse?) and a wooden well. These
some variance. Bigger terrain creates the atmosphere pieces will provide hard cover and will act as a
while the smaller ones provide different options. hinderance in both movement and line of sight.

Idea and Planning To finish this build, I'll add some containers. One will
be a metal container for coal and the other will be
As you may already know, planning is crucial in any simple wooden crate. Both will be slightly bigger than
project and this one is no exception. The basic one might expect, but I've decided to make them big
outline of each of these is pretty straightforward; enough for players to place their models on top of
after a couple of days brainstorming, I've decided them if they'd like.
what terrain I'll need to have a versatile board that
will provide players with atmosphere and challenge
during their games.

In this article, I will be covering the following terrain:
forests, an outhouse, a well, a town entrance, fences,
rough terrain, a wooden crate, and a metal coal container.

I will build four pine forests roughly 15 x 15 cm in
size. I've chosen pine to tie them in with the rest of
the scenery that I previously built.. I'll also build four
pieces of rough terrain that vary in size from really
small (5x5cm) to slightly larger (10x15cm). The idea
behind these terrain pieces is that, although they
hinder movement, they do not allow for any cover,
making them a nuisance on the battlefield.

I will also make four 1.5x10cm fences and a 20x5cm
western town entrance. Fences will provide soft cover
and impede movement a bit.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Materials and Tools Building the Bases
After preparing most of the designs, I could finally After drawing the outlines of my bases on the MDF
make a list of tools and materials needed. For this board with a marker, I proceeded to cut out those
project, I will need the following materials: shapes with my jigsaw. When the rough square
shapes were cut, I drew the exact shapes of my
• one 5x5mm linden slat (it comes in 1 m length) terrain pieces on the MDF bases and, again, using
• roughly one plank of 2mm balsa wood (they the jigsaw, I cut them down to size. Once that was
come in 10 x 100 cm planks) done, I chamfered the base edges with my disc
• roughly half a plank of 5mm balsa wood sander. This ensured a nice transition between the
• a small piece of 5cm thick HD styrofoam table and the base of the terrain.
• about 50x30cm piece of 4mm thick MDF board
• superglue
• PVA glue
• gravel (at least three sizes)
• static grass/tufts
• sanding paper (1 sheet)
• plasticard (0.75 mm thick, one sheet 20x30cm)
• masking tape
• office pins
• slate
• roots and twigs
• pine/fir trees
• Siligum (one package)
• plaster

The tools needed are:

• scalpel blade
• marker pen
• modeling saw
• pin vice (or an electric mini-drill)
• brushes of various sizes (for painting/washing/
• pliers and pincers
• icepick
• plastic glue, PVA glue and superglue
• black primer spray
• electric jigsaw*
• electric disc sander*

*I will be using my Proxxon disc sander and jigsaw on
the MDF to make the bases. However, the bases can
be cut with handheld tools such as modeler's saw
and can then be sanded down with sanding paper.
That would only require a bit more time and strength.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
After the basic shapes of my terrain were finished,
I now had to distribute various scenic elements
to the bases. This meant getting out my stash of
fir/pine trees and pieces of slate I regularly use
for my terrain. Slate is an incredible type of stone
that allows you to shape it without any effort (or at
least with only minimum effort). It's built from many
layers that can be peeled off and, when the stone's
thickness is reduced enough, it can even be broken
with hands. This is especially useful in smaller
scenic pieces, such as bases for the miniatures
themselves. If you're careful enough, you can drill
through the stone so you can even pin your models to
it and, subsequently, to their bases as well.

One thing I discovered while hiking while looking
for slate stone is that the forest usually has some
upturned trees. Once cut, the revealed roots look
great as dried trees on your bases and terrain, which
I'll demonstrate later on in this article. But for now,
we'll return to the slate.

Before you use the slate pieces(and roots, for that
matter), I suggest washing them down and dry them
in the sun. If you have them available, use protective
gloves. It's important to wash the dust and grime off
the stones so that you don't have issues with painting
or gluing them later. More importantly, washing them
will help prevent transmitting any potential germs
that might cause harm. Remember to always wash
your hands thouroughly after handling the unwashed
slate and roots!

With the slate dried, I could place both them and
the pine trees on my bases and dry-fit them to find a
suitable size and pattern. Once I was satisfied with
the placementI glued (using PVA glue) the slate to
the bases in appropriate places. In order to prevent
confusion later, the trees were grouped and marked
according to the bases they would eventually be
placed on. Before placing them, I removed the top
portion of the trees and glued the bottoms to the
bases so that it will be easier to paint the terrain.
Once the painting is done, I will glue the tops back
on to their trunks.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Town Entrance Fences
Once the glue on the trees and slate was dry, I Using the same technique as the town entrance, I
started building the town entrance. I used a few twigs drilled two holes per fence base so that I could pin
that were perfect for the Old West look I was after. the fence posts. Using 5x5mm linden slat, I made
Using my pin-vice, I drilled two holes into the base. I 8 fence posts (2 per base) total, which I chamfered
used a small drillbit to make an insertion big enough along each edge to achieve a worn look. I then pinned
to house the entire pinhead. Using superglue, I glued and glued the fence posts with superglue. Then, I
the two Y-shaped twigs in place and connected them cut eight strips of 2mm thick balsa roughly 12cm
with another twig. Then, I cut several balsa pieces in length and chamfered their edges with a scalpel
(about 5mm wide and 7cm long) for the town sign. blade. I then glued them into place, using two per
fence. To achieve the worn look, I intentionally did not
perfectly align them.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Outhouse Well
Next was the outhouse. Using 2mm thick balsa wood, I decided not to make the well out of individual planks
I cut four walls and a roof in desired sizes. I glued the like I did with the outhouse. Instead, I used engraved
wall pieces on the appropriate base with superglue. balsa wood to mimic the wooden walls. The vertical
While the wooden bits could be glued with PVA glue, it beams were made from linden slats to provide the
takes longer to set so I opted for superglue instead. well with some structural integrity. The roof was
Once the structure was in place, I added individual made from 2mm thick balsa wood.
planks to the outer walls in an attempt to highlight
the worn effect even more. I cut individual planks at
about 3 to 4mm wide. When the walls were done,
I sprayed the black primer inside because the door
would be slightly ajar when finished. After the primer
was dry, I glued the roof in place and cut a small hole
in the door.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Making multiple crates
Crate Once the crate was done, I decided to make a mold
out of it. To make molds, I generally use Siligum.
I used engraved balsa wood to make the sides of the Siligum is a mix of two components that, once
crate, just like I had previously done with the well. I combined, sets in 10 minutes and forms a rubbery
glued the sides using superglue, as well. The frame supstance that is great for making molds. Once the
of the crate was done with balsa that I cut to size mold was done, I mixed some plaster and poured it
after adding rivets using office pins. I didn't cut them into my mold. I had my first cast after waiting about
because the crate was big enough to fit entire office a half an hour.
pins. If you decide to build smaller crates, you might
want to consider cutting the pins down to size before
sticking them in to the sides.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Coal Container Adding Texture
The coal container was made from 0.75mm thick The next task was to add texture to the bases. I
plasticard. At this thickness, plasticard is really covered everything with diluted PVA glue and started
easy to cut, but lacks some structural strength. For adding gravel. Start with the biggest granulate and
that reason, I cut some HD styrofoam to fit inside end with the smallest. I used three different sizes,
the plasticard frame and hold it in place. To glue the ranging from small pebbles to chinchilla sand. I
plasticard, I used plastic cement. When the frame placed the larger pebbles and gravel strategically
was dry, I used the same thickness plasticard to add around the bases to form some clutter. To make sure
detailing to the sides. The rivets were made from blobs that I covered them thoroughly, I disperesed the two
of PVA glue. The inside of the container was covered smallest granulates freely across the terrain. I also
with PVA glue, and the largest pebbles were placed used chinchilla sand to mark the road (on the town
inside to represent coal once it was all painted. entrance piece) and the paths (on the outhouse and
through the forests) to add some variance. When the
texture was dry, I undercoated everything in black
matte primer.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
The slate was painted by drybrushing a 50:50 mixture
Painting of Black and Grey And the next layer was pure Gray.
The finishing highlight was pure White.
After the undercoat was dry, it was time to paint! I
started with the bases first. I wanted the terrain to
fit one theme (and one tabletop), so I used the same
color scheme as I had done with earlier pieces: the
Pebeo Deco color range. I used Brown for the basecoat
and continued drybrushing with Ocre. Lighter shades
were done with a 50:50 mixture of Ocre and White.
The final highlight was done with Antique White. The
road and paths were first basecoated with Brown,
then heavily drybrushed with Ocre and a 50:50
mixture of Ocre and White. The last two highlights The buildings and structures have two different
were Antique White and pure White. This way, I had surfaces and textures: the rooves and the wooden
a visual difference between the normal groundwork walls. I proceeded to paint the walls by drybrushing
and the worn-out road. using a 50:50 mixture of Black and Gray. The next
layer was pure Gray, and the finishing highlight was
Ash Brown. I wasn't satisfied with the result, so I
added another highlight of pure White. The roof was
first painted with a mixture of Black and Gray, and
then a mixture of Gray and Antique White. I then
finsished with almost a pure coat of Antique White.

The wooden parts of the town entrance were covered
with masking tape to prevent any paint from reaching
it as the dried wood provided a nice effect. Once the
rest of the base was painted, I removed the masking

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
tape and washed the balsa sign with a diluted mixture
of black wash just to stain it a bit. When the wash
was dry, I wrote “Malifaux” on the sign.

The coal containter was painted a pure (old Citadel)
Boltgun Metal. When the paint was dry, I then
generously covered the container with black wash
(Nuln Oil, in this case). After the wash was dry, I used
Model Mates' Rust Effect in some sections. Then
I put Model Mates' Soot Black to mimic the coal
residue. The coal inside was painted black with some
dark gray highlights.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
After the painting was finished, it was time to add
the vegetation to the bases. I first decided to re-plant
some of the pine trees. Using superglue to fix the
trees in place, I guided the wire on the bottom of the
trees into the small hole of the tree trunk. Before
gluing, I made sure that the trees fit their trunks by
doing a quick mock-up of the assembly.

With the trees in place, I started adding the static
grass. I made a mixture using several green, brown,
yellow, and black shades of static grass, and when
I was satisfied with the end product, I glued it in
random patches throughout the bases. I made
sure to put the grass over any remaining holes
where the structures met the bases in order to hide
unintentional mistakes. Once the static grass was in
place, I applied several shades of different tufts.

For the forest and the rough terrain, I added some
longer static grass and wood pieces (twigs and
roots from my forest hike). This provided sufficient
semblance of the rough terrain or forest floor without
unnecessary hindrance of movement during gaming.

That is the end of the building and painting process.
Here you can see some images of the finished terrain.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
The Northern Junction
Bob Kuzmeski

Neil Henry swung his sledgehammer in a graceful “Don’t know how you’re still working,” Dexter said.
arc, pounding a rail spike into the ground with violent He pointed his chin back towards the base camp.
efficiency. With his height, strength, and speed, “The rest of the workers broke for lunch half an hour
he drew a lot of attention in the rail yard. Rumors ago. Even in my prime, I couldn’t have kept going as
swirled that Grumman Rail Lines was on its last leg; long as you do.”
a representative for Condor Rails had been seen
speaking with the owner, which usually meant that “Sure you could’ve,” Neil said. He picked up his
the larger company was looking to make a buy-out. hammer and balanced it on one hand, its shaft
If the narrow gauge extension between Ridley and a parallel to the ground. “See how she balances? It’s
new mining outpost north of the town, the company like I’ve been telling you, it’s a combination of hard
wouldn’t have much of a choice in the matter. work and quality tools. Nothing more to it than that.”
Fortunately, Neil Henry was single-handedly getting
the project back on track. Dexter waved away his attempt to be inspiring. “It
don’t matter. We’ll probably be replaced by rail-driving
Neil took a break to dab at the sweat running down machines soon, especially if we miss that deadline.”
his bald head. He and his wife Paula had taken a
big chance uprooting their lives and crossing over to Neil doubted Dexter’s assumption, but he kept those
Malifaux. Luckily, it didn’t take long for him to find a doubts to himself. Their boss, Walter Grumman,
better paying job than the one he’d held back on Earth. prided himself on relying on humans to get the job
done. The company didn’t own any constructs, and
“Got us some water,” Dexter said as he approached though the decision had no doubt caused them to
with two big buckets. Though much smaller than lose contracts to larger, more automated companies,
Neil, the old man still managed to keep up with him. Grumman was adamant about not shifting his work
Usually, Dexter hauled track pieces back and forth, force over to machines. It was the reason Neil took
allowing Neil to focus on setting them and hammering the job at Grumman Rail Lines: he wanted to work
them down. for a man that cared about people. If Grumman
thought he could keep his company afloat while his
“Obliged,” Neil said, taking a bucket to his mouth competitors turned to cheaper machine labor, who
and drinking half of it in large gulps. The older man was Neil to argue?
sipped more slowly, drinking out of a ladle he carried
with him in place of a proper mug.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
“Not much to worry about,” Neil said. “We’re gonna around to the other side of his desk and lowered
make it. ‘Sides, you’re safe. You’ve worked hard, himself into a large chair. “Don’t worry, son, you’re
you’re loyal, and you’ve got experience. Grumman’s not in trouble. Quite the contrary! I called you in here
not going to let you go.” to thank you in person.”

Dexter scoffed. “Loyalty doesn’t mean anything “Sir?” Neil couldn’t imagine what he did to deserve
when money’s tight. Eventually, Grumman’s gonna gratitude beyond his salary.
do what’s best for him, and that means bringing in
machines. It’s that or risk going under and seeing his Grumman leaned forward and clasped his hands
company sucked up Condor Rails.” together atop his desk. “My company has a history
of making deadlines. Before you came on board, it
“Then I suggest we get back to work so it doesn’t was starting to look like we weren’t going to make
come to that,” Neil answered. He grabbed his this one. That bastard Aucaman had been breathing
hammer and started swinging, hammering the rails down our necks, and the penalties we’d have to pay
into place as Dexter placed the wooden ties and out if we messed the deadline...” He shook his head.
steel lines ahead of him. “Well, let’s just say that figuring out how to get us
caught up was keeping me up at night. Turns out, all
An hour later, the foreman whistled, pulling Neil out I needed was you.”
of his work-trance. “Henry! Boss wants to see you.”
The man hooked his thumb over his shoulder for Neil’s nervousness gave way to the awkwardness
additional emphasis. he felt whenever complimented. “I can’t take all of
the credit, sir. I’ve got a good man working with me.
Neil lowered his hammer and wiped the sweat from Dexter keeps our supplies stocked so we always
his brow. “What do you suppose he wants?” have what we need, and he’s good at -“

“Bossman’s probably gonna give you a handshake Grumman waved a hand dismissively. “No need to be
and a pat on the back,” Dexter snorted. “He thinks humble. I built this company from the ground up, and
that’s good for morale. Probably gonna give you a I know the value of a man. As good as Dexter is, he’s
bonus, too.” getting a bit long in the tooth; he just can’t lay rail
with the speed we need of him. That’s why I moved
The bitter edge in the old man’s voice caught Neil by him to driving rail to setting it when we brought you
surprise and made him uneasy. He considered saying on.”
something but eventually decided that it was best
not to keep the boss waiting. Neil felt sick. Dexter never mentioned that he’d been
demoted so they could give his job to Neil. Suddenly,
some of the bitterness from earlier was starting to
make sense.

“You’re a rare breed,” Grumman continued. “Most of
“Mr. Henry!” Walter Grumman came out from behind the men out there aren’t half as motivated as you.
his desk to shake the big man’s hand. “Glad to meet That’s why you’re getting a raise and they aren’t.”
you. Have a seat, son.”
“Sir, you don’t have to -“
Neil felt anxious. He’d never met Grumman in person,
and Dexter’s sour mood had left him unsettled. Neil Grumman waved him off again. “No, but I am. I reward
enjoyed routine; sleep, work, go home to his family. a man for the work he does. When a man works hard,
Anything that happened out of that cycle was like a get deserves better pay. Simple as that.”
wrench thrown in his gears.
“Thank you sir,” Neil said. “I know my wife and son
Once Neil had seated himself, Grumman walked will be happy to have a little more food on the table.”

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
“You’ve earned it!” Grumman chuckled as he leaned
back in his chair. “Keep it quiet, though. Plenty of the
men out there work like slugs and still expect a big
payout each week. They wouldn’t like knowing that
a newcomer is already making more than them, you Neil wasn’t sure what to tell Dexter when he got
see?” back. He didn’t like knowing that he had taken the
man’s job. He also didn’t like knowing that his peers
Neil nodded in agreement before leaving the office. chose to drag their feet, even with a major deadline

He’d seen his share of laziness when he worked
the rails outside of Atlanta, but the rail workers in
Malifaux had much more at stake. Rail workers in
Georgia didn’t face the imminent threat of being
replaced by machines. Technology moved faster
on this side of the Breach… how could these men
not realize that their actions were inviting their own

When he didn’t see Dexter at the worksite, Neil
initially felt some relief. When he realized that his
rail hammer – no, all the rail hammers – had
disappeared as well, it evaporated in a
growing panic.

“Hey!” Neil shouted to some of the
rail workers sitting down alongside
the track. “You guys know where
Dexter or the tools went?”

One of the men shrugged.
“Said somethin’ about them
being broken and took them off to the
blacksmith.” One of his companions snickered
and earned an elbow to the ribs from the man who
had spoken.

Neil’s brow furrowed in confusion. It didn’t add up;
the tools had been fine when he had left, and for all
of them to break at once – even the spares – was

The rest of the day was lost. Without a hammer, Neil
couldn’t drive the ties into the ground, and the other
workers were in a similar situation. After his search
for a replacement turned up nothing, he rallied a few
of the workers and started laying out ties and rails.
It wasn’t the work he wanted to be doing, but he
refused to sit down and give up hope.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
every surface of the room. An iron skillet lay on the
ground next to a small smattering of blood. Crimson
streaks trailed through the white powder, alongside
some footprints and drag marks.
At quitting time, Neil marched down the rails to the
base camp, a small Contract Town with a number He also found a note in the kitchen, impaled on the
instead of a name. There had been buildings wall with a carving knife.
surrounding a half-dug mine when the first settlers
arrived and the miners had moved into them without “The tracks miss their deadline or you never see
a second thought. Even with the rail workers making them again.”
their temporary stay in the town, there were more
than enough of the abandoned buildings to house Neil tore the note free from the knife, read it again,
them all. and threw it to the ground. He braced himself against
a wall with one hand and fought back the bile rising in
Neil went straight to Dexter’s house. It was a bit his throat. Kidnappers had taken his family.
ramshackle, with a door that had clearly much newer
than the rest of the weathered and faded structure. His mind raced as he tried to decide what to do.
He knocked on the door, politely at first, but then with The Contract Town only had the one sheriff, and he
increasing annoyance when the old man refused to was older than even Dexter. Even if the kidnappers
answer. didn’t kill his family for speaking with the sheriff, he
doubted what the man could even do to help them.
Eventually, he sighed and glanced at the rail line that
connected the town to Ridley. He and Dexter had He could damage the rail or work slower, give in to
put those rails down just last month, and already their demands, but that certainly didn’t guarantee
the town seemed larger and more prosperous. He that they wouldn’t just kill his family anyways. What if
debated swinging by the tavern to see if Dexter was his family could identify them?
there, but the sun was almost completely set. He
could always ask the old man about the tools in the His panic and fear gradually gave way to anger. He
morning, he decided. wanted to hurt whoever took his family from him. He
wanted to throw them to the ground, place a boot
As he started down the street toward his own right between their shoulder blades, and show them
borrowed home, he glanced back at Dexter’s house. just what he could do with his hammer.
A curtain in the window seemed to move, but Neil
couldn’t tell if it was a trick of the light or if the old Neil’s hands curled into fists as he glanced toward
man was actually home and hiding from him. the door. He might not know who the kidnappers
were, but he was pretty sure that he wasn’t the only
one being blackmailed.

Timmy didn’t hug Neil at the door. The smell of Paula’s
cooking didn’t fill the air.
Neil hammered at Dexter’s door until the wood was
Instead of his family, silence and chaos greeted Neil starting to splinter beneath his fist. “Dexter! I know
when he arrived at his home. Furniture lay upended you’re in there! Open up!”
and scattered. An upturned lantern smoldered on a
singed patch of the wooden floor, its oil nearly spent. Just as Neil was debating whether or not to kick
the door down, Dexter cracked it open and peered
Neil moved through the house and found it in a out at him. “Just… just do what they tell you,” he
similar state. In the kitchen, flour covered nearly stammered. “If you slow down, it’ll… work itself out.”

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Neil forced the door open and stormed into Dexter’s wearily explained. “Transportation is the lifeblood
home. “They took my family!” He wheeled around to of progress and, therefore, it is a very lucrative
face the smaller man. “What do you know?” business. Unscrupulous men like Aucaman have no
problem stooping to questionable tactics to put their
“Two days,” Dexter cried as he stumbled away from competitors out of business. This wouldn’t be the
Neil. “Just… two days. That’s the deadline, see?” He first time I’ve faced a scheme like this.”
raised his hands defensively. “You just need to slow
down a bit. Don’t work so hard. You just take a load “You’re not concerned?” Neil asked, shocked.
off and then when the deadline passes, they’ll let
your family go.” “About you and your family? Yes, I am absolutely
concerned. I’m just not surprised.” He motioned to a
Neil ran a hand over his bald head. “How did they map of the rail line hanging on one wall of his office.
get you?” Dates were scratched onto the map in red and black
ink next to each stretch of track, marking when it was
Dexter lowered his eyes in shame as he rubbed the completed. “Once we reached this town, problems
back of his neck. “Money. More than I make in half emerged. Broken gear, mysterious illnesses during
a year. More than that cheap bastard ever paid us, pivotal moments, all right when Aucaman’s people
but it was only supposed to be missing tools, slow came into town.” He casted an accusing glare at
work… I didn’t think they’d bring your family into this.” Dexter, who slunk down into his chair in shame.

Neil tried to spit, but his throat was so raw that he “So what do we do?” Neil asked, ignoring his guilty
couldn’t produce the saliva. “How could you…?” coworker.

“I didn’t know it would come to this!” Dexter was “They have to be somewhere here in town,” Grumman
exasperated. “Besides, you brought this on yourself! replied. “There haven’t been any trains from Ridley
Condor Rails was hovering over the company like a since two nights ago, and someone would have
vulture, just waiting for us to go under. We all know noticed them being marched out into the surrounding
how Aucaman does business. Did you think they hills during the day.”
wouldn’t notice when you showed up out of nowhere
and started getting us back on schedule?” Dexter frowned. “They would have needed multiple
people to grab your wife and kid,” he mumbled. “They
Neil kicked a nearby chair, collapsing it into a pile of couldn’t risk trying it with just one person.”
wood, springs, and padding. Dexter let out a sudden
yelp, fear instantly gleaming in his eyes. When he Neil lowered his head and pressed the palms of
spoke, his voice was slow and hard, like steel. “If you his hands against his eyes. “While I was laying
want to live, you’ll help me find my family.” track today, after the tools went missing, some of
the workers left. I thought they were just cutting out

Dexter sat up a bit in his chair. “Maybe not. Who was
Neil stayed within arm’s reach of Dexter as he guided
the old man to Grumman’s office. Their boss was “Gary Dowd, John Neiman, Francis Baird…” Neil
hunched over his desk when they entered, filling out strained to remember the last man’s name. “The
paperwork by lantern light. One hand on Dexter’s French one with the mustache…”
shoulder, Neil forced the older man down into a chair.
“Marty DuPont. “Grumman nodded in understanding.
Aside from the kidnapping, Grumman expressed little “I’ve had my suspicions about all of them. Aucaman
surprise that his employees were being blackmailed. must have them in his pocket. That gives us the who,
but not the where.”
“A cutthroat business attracts cutthroats,” he

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Neil raised his head and looked to Grumman in
desperation. “How do we find out where they’re being

Grumman leaned back in his chair and shrugged. Neil peered through the window of the billiard hall
“You ask.” and saw his family. Paula sat stiffly in a wooden chair.
Timmy was next to her, but his head rested in his
hands as he cried through his exhaustion. DuPont
sat close to them, with a cigarette hanging from his
lip and a shotgun resting on his lap.

Before the morning shift, Grumman gathered the He wasn’t alone. Two rail-driving constructs
men for a rousing speech. He proclaimed the tools accompanied him, each of them positioned near one
had been repaired, and that today marked start of of the entrances. Each was boxy and only vaguely
a massive, final push to the end. Dowd, Baird, and humanoid, with wide, gripping feet designed to let
Neiman stood near the back of the group, smirking it safely lumber across the uneven terrain of the
in private amusement as they listened to their boss’ Northern Hills. One of their hands was a simple,
speech. Neil couldn’t help but notice that DuPont clamp-like pincer, while the other was a large,
wasn’t present. actuated driving hammer more than twice the size
of Neil’s own weapon. Their boilers were simmering
When the group broke, Neil followed John Neiman in an idle state, and he could see wisps of steam
down the rails. Grumman had assigned them both to playing along the dirty ceiling.
the far end of the track while he went over some new
safety procedures with the other workers. Neiman Neil didn’t have much of a plan; it was hard to think
walked with his hands crossed beneath his head, with his family right there in front of him. DuPont
like a man with no cares in the world. He hadn’t even didn’t seem as anxious as he had expected, but Neil
brought a hammer with him. still had the element of surprise. He desperately
hoped that it would provide enough of an advantage
Neil had intended to lull the wiry man into a false to get his family out safely.
sense of security with some casual conversation, but
as soon as Neiman started complaining about the Hammer in hand, Neil moved to the door and stood
job, it was like a switch flipped in Neil’s brain. His there, eyes closed, as he took a deep breath and
anger boiled to the surface, and he rushed Neiman prepared himself for the battle to come. He had
like an enraged bull. The unexpected attack caught never been a fighter, and the idea of facing down a
Neiman unaware and shouldered the mousey man man with a shotgun – let alone two constructs – was
down to the ground. terrifying. Nevertheless, his family was in danger.

Neil stood over Neiman with his hammer in hand. Neil raised his foot and kicked the door with all his
might. It splintered and broke around the knob, and
“Don’t kill me!” Neiman begged, with raised hands by the time that DuPont was turning toward him in
futilely attempting to protect himself. surprise, Neil was already in motion. He pushed
through the shattered remains of the door and
“Where’s my family?!” shouldered the rail construct in front of him to the
side, briefly knocking it off balance and forcing it to
“Derby’s Billiard Hall,” Neiman quivered as he soiled step backwards to remain upright. DuPont brought up
himself. “West side of town.” his shotgun, but it was pointed the wrong way, and he
lost precious seconds turning it around.
“Thanks.” Neil brought his hammer down so quickly
that Neiman barely had time to scream. Neil’s strike was rewarded with the sound of
bones snapping. His hammer came down on the

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Frenchman’s wrist, shattering it into jagged shards With incredible force, Neil stepped forward and
of pain and knocking the weapon to the floor. DuPont swung his hammer into the machine’s chest. Steel
howled in shock and pain as he tumbled forward, shattered as the hammer struck, and the construct
pulled out of his chair by momentum. tumbled backwards into a heap of misshapen limbs
and warped metal. Steam billowed from the fallen
Paula and Timmy made a break for it as soon as machine and filled the room as its cracked boiler
the action started. She grabbed her son and dragged started to emit a shrill, piercing shriek.
him behind a billiards table, which she shouldered
over onto its side with surprising strength. “Neil! Be Neil stumbled toward it, ignored the pain lancing up
careful!” she shouted as they took cover. his spine as he raised his hammer, and brought it
down once again on the machine’s chest. The piercing
The rail construct that Neil hadn’t shouldered whine ended in a loud crunch of collapsing steel.
aside clomped toward him, its every step causing
the floorboards beneath it to groan in protest. Neil “Dad, look out!” Neil turned at the sound of his son’s
grabbed DuPont by the collar and hurled him into the voice to see DuPont standing up. His right hand was
machine, knocking both of them to the floor. a bloody mess, but he had still managed to retrieve
the shotgun.
A train hit Neil right between the shoulder blades.
He staggered forward and slammed into the wall “You son of a…” DuPont used the gun to motion for
as pain blistered up his back. Ribs cracked. His Neil to drop his hammer, oblivious to Paula quietly
body screaming in protest, he turned to see what peeling away from the pool table. She grabbed
had slammed into him: the first rail construct, now a stuck a pool cue and stuck it between his legs,
recovered from its brief vertigo and stomping toward tumbling him to the ground in front of Neil. He wasted
him, pneumatic hammer raised above its head. no time in finishing the man off.

Aside from the futile struggles of the fallen construct
to right itself, the room fell silent. Neil leaned forward,
lowering his hammer and using it to keep himself
upright. He knew the fight was over, but he was still
tense, and the pain was growing worse with each

“Neil, it’s okay. We’re okay,” Paula’s voice was the
only thing that could have possibly lessened in that
moment. She stepped forward and pressed a hand
against his arm. When he looked down at her, her
grateful smile reminded him of everything he cared
about in the world.

“Daddy!” Timmy exclaimed behind the pool table. He
bolted up and rushed forward, nearly knocking Neil
over as he slammed into his father’s leg and hugged
it tightly.

“Come on,” Paula said. “Let’s get you home.” She
took Neil’s arm and wrapped it around her shoulders,
and with Timmy close behind, the Henry family
headed home.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Neil rested until noon, then he was back on the job, Paula dabbed at Neil’s forehead with a cool rag as
hammering rail and ignoring the pain lancing up his his eyes fluttered open. He was in his home, in his
back with each swing of his hammer. Dexter was bed, but something was squeezing his chest. A hand
at his side, laying down ties and rails with renewed reached up and felt gauze. His chest was wrapped.
vigor. He barely spoke a word to Neil.
“You have a visitor,” Paula whispered in his ear before
Near the end of the work day, the sheriff arrived backing away.
with Paula to arrest Baird and Dowd, who quickly
confessed to their part in the kidnapping once they Neil sat up to see a Chinese woman standing at the
learned about Neiman’s and DuPont’s deaths. foot of his bed. Her arms were crossed in front of her,
and her long, black hair was pulled back in a severe
When the shift ended, Neil kept working. Grumman ponytail. “Impressive work, Mr. Henry. The stories
set up lanterns along the way, and Neil worked were so unbelievable that I had to come see your
tirelessly through the night, pushing the rail line work for myself.”
steadily northward. When Dexter tried to keep up but
was forced to return home, Neil laid his own rail and “Wasn’t nothing,” he murmured, still a bit delirious.
ties. It slowed his progress, but the line continued to His mouth felt dry, and he looked around for a cup
steadily stretch onward. of water.

When noon came the next day, Neil was still working. “On the contrary.” A thin ghost of a smile appeared
Sweat was pouring down his body, every muscle in on Mei Feng’s face. “I’ve spoken with Mr. Grumman.
his body ached, but he refused to stop. The other We both agree that your talents could be put to better
workers, surprised at how much work Neil had done use working directly for the Foundry.”
since the night before, rallied to the cause and
worked alongside him, clapping him on the back or Neil frowned, not entirely certain what she was
offering him words of admiration as he worked. Even offering. “I just want to work,” he murmured, smiling
Paula and Timmy came out to visit him during his one in appreciation as his wife handed him a glass of
and only break. water. “Mr. Grumman treats us right. Things will be
tough for him without me.”
At the end of the day, Grumman stood at the end of the
line and looked northward, where the low silhouette Mei Feng’s smile widened. “I can appreciate that sort
of the next mining town was outlined from the west of loyalty. Do not concern yourself with Mr. Grumman.
by the setting sun. “We did it,” he said, shaking his In light of his issues with Condor Rails, he has
head in disbelief. “Damnedest thing I ever saw.” decided to contract all his future rail work out to the
Foundry. You will still be working on his rail lines, just
Neil finally lowered the head of his hammer to the with a more reliable crew. A crew that treats you like
ground and leaned onto it, both hands resting on the a part of the family, instead of a liability.”
end of the handle. “Think I’m going to take a rest,
boss.” “That…” Neil cast a glance at his wife, who offered
a small nod of approval. “That sounds good to me.”
Grumman turned just in time to see Neil collapse to
the ground.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Bad Medicine

Adam Rogers & MAson crawford

In this adventure, the Fated are tasked with helping
a man who has contracted Blood Sickness, the The train whistle rings in your ears as the
supernatural disease that gradually transforms the locomotive pulls into Fortune Falls. A glance
infected into a Nephilim hybrid. out the window reveals a forlorn lumber town
nestled deep within a hostile forest. Tall wooden
palisades rise up from every direction, and
behind you, the townsfolk are already lowering
a wooden portcullis into place to seal off the
Tarot Tie-Ins train’s entrance gate.

CRSC 8R: “And he will be paid his price” could refer As you disembark, you see a blonde woman
to Oxohuatl’s demanded payment. in workman’s clothes waiting on the platform
beside a similarly dressed man. The man has his
ALAC 2t: “When you reach the tree of knowledge” arm in a sling, and the woman is holding a sign
with your names on it as she waits expectantly
could refer to Oxohuatl’s home in the forest.
for someone to approach her.

Prologue When the Fated reveal themselves to the couple,
the woman introduces themselves as Llewelyn
This adventure begins on the train from Malifaux City and Hayward Holdredge. She explains that they are
to the town of Fortune Falls. The Fated have been archaeologists of some renown who are specialized in
hired by an old employer to help out of friend of the exploration of Neverborn ruins; the Fated may have
his/hers, Llewelyn Holdredge, whose husband has seen one of their expeditions in the Malifaux Museum
come down with some sort of unfortunate affliction. of Natural History or read about it in the newspaper.
They were contacted, given train tickets, and paid in
advance (5 scrip each) with the promise of twice that According to Llewelyn, their team had previously
once the job is finished. maintained civil, if not friendly, relations with some
of the local tribes of Nephilim in the area of their
Read the text on the following column. dig site. A few weeks ago, however, they uncovered
a sealed tomb that had been hidden away for some
time. Their Nephilim guides grew disturbed and

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
agitated, and when one of the workers attempted to
open the tomb, the Nephilim attacked. Most of their Scene 1: The Reluctant Guide
crew – a full twenty men and women – were killed in
the attack, with only the Holdredges and a pair of Once the Fated agree to help the couple, Llewelyn
porters escaping. Unfortunately, Hayward’s arm was hastily excuses herself to go prepare the supplies.
badly mauled in the confusion. As soon as she’s out of sight, Hayward speaks up.
Read the following text:
Worse yet, Llewelyn explains, Hayward was splashed
with the Black Blood of the Nephilim while defending Hayward steps closer and lowers his voice to a
her, and he seems to have become infected with confidential murmur. “Look, I’ve seen what these
some sort of spreading malady. When they returned Nephilim are capable of doing. Llewelyn is clinging
to Fortune Falls, some of her contacts identified the to the hope of a cure, and I’m willing to go along
infection as Blood Sickness, an insidious disease that with it for her sake, no matter the odds. This
gradually transforms humans into Nephilim hybrids. infection, though… it turns you into one of those
things. If something happens and the cure doesn’t
Read the following text: look possible, well… I want you to do what you
have to do in order to keep my wife safe.”

Llewelyn is visibly distressed as she glances at her
husband. “My contacts suggested that my husband
do the honorable thing and end his life before the Hayward loves his wife, and while he is hoping that
infection took hold of him, but I was unwilling to the cure will restore him to his former self, he’d
let him go that easily. I spent the better part of a rather die than allow any harm to come to Llewelyn
week spending what little money we had left after (especially at his own hands).
the failed expedition to search for another option,
and three days ago I found it. A year ago, one of the It only takes an hour for Llewelyn to return to the
lumberjacks here was attacked by Nephilim and group and lead them to the Weighs and Means trading
contracted the same condition as my husband.”
house, where their supplies are being prepared. Read
Hayward finally speaks up, his voice gruff. “Bastard the following text:
tracked down a healer that lives in the forest
and got the corrupted blood drained out of him.
Llewelyn’s convinced that this healer can do the The Weighs and Means trading house is a large
same for me.” building perched on the end of a slow, shallow
stream that winds its way through town. A simple
“Yes,” she agrees, clutching his arm possessively. wooden bridge crosses the water, and on the other
“We’ve hired this man to guide us to the healer, side, a Hispanic man with pinched, narrow eyes is
but he is… somewhat untrustworthy, and we need loading supplies into a number of backpacks.
protection in any case. My husband’s condition
is growing worse, and there is little time to lose. Llewelyn steps forward and introduces you. “This is
Please, won’t you help us?” Oscar Mendoza,” she says. “He will be our guide for
this expedition.”

Oscar looks you up and down suspiciously, then
If the Fated accept, Llewelyn and Hayward thank returns to packing without so much as a word of
them profusely. greeting.

If the Fated decline to assist the Holdredges, the Hayward raises his hand to shield his mouth as
couple is noticeably upset but thank them for their he stage-whispers to you. “He doesn’t talk all that
time. The Fated’s former employer will, of course, much.”
want their advance pay returned and may even hold
a grudge against the Fated for refusing to help his/
her friends.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Oscar is a former lumberjack who was caught up in It takes three days to reach the shaman. At the end of
a battle with the Nephilim around ten months ago. each Duration (i.e., after each day of travel), compare
He survived the battle but soon realized that he the number of accumulated Success Requirements
had been infected by their Black Blood. The disease made on this Ongoing Challenge to the number of
progressed for weeks before a Terror Tot darted up Failure Requirements. If the number of accumulated
to him in the forest and delivered a message: the Success Requirements is greater than the number
Nephilim Shaman Oxohuatl claimed that he could of Failure Requirements, then the characters have
remove the infection in exchange for his services managed to travel in the right direction and lower the
as a spy in Fortune Falls. Oscar readily agreed to remaining time it will take to reach their destination
the process and has been keeping up his end of the by 1 day.
bargain ever since.
If the number of Success and Failure Requirements
If the Fated ask Oscar about what happened to him, are tied, the characters spend the day disagreeing
they must succeed on a TN 10 Bewitch Challenge to over which direction is correct and make no
get him to say anything more than a few grunts about progress towards their destination. If the number of
how he already told his story to the Holdredges. On accumulated Failure Requirements is greater than
a success, he goes into the very basics, about how the number of Success Requirements, then the
he was injured and found a shaman to heal him. He’s characters have wandered off course and become
vague on the specifics, and a TN 8 Scrutiny Challenge lost; the remaining time it will take to reach their
reveals that he’s leaving out some important details. destination increases by 1 day.
If the Fated press the matter (with a TN 8 Intimidate
Challenge), he reluctantly admits that the healer was After each Duration, the Fated encounter a certain
a Nephilim and lifts his shirt to reveal a series of hazard, as described below:
scars from where the Nephilim cut him and cured
his condition. In no circumstances does Oscar reveal Day 1: Have the Fated make TN 9 Notice Challenges.
that he is working as a spy; he knows that doing so Those who succeed notice the winged, blue-
would get him killed. skinned forms of Young Nephilim, one per Fated,
watching them from the treetops from eight to ten
Once the Fated are ready to depart, Oscar leads yards away. If the Fated attack the Nephilim, they
them into the forest. His directions are a bit suspect, screech and fly into combat, fighting until they’re
and while he manages to generally keep them on reduced to 2 Wounds or less, at which point they
track, he does tend to wander off course and require attempt to retreat. Because of the heavy trees
correction from time to time. Oscar claims that it is and underbrush, the forest is considered to be
a three day trip, so the Holdredges have packed ten composed entirely of Severe Terrain. Stats for the
days’ worth of food, just to be on the safe side. Young Nephilim can be found on page @@. During
the fight, any of the Fated can treat the Holdredges
The journey is handled with an Ongoing Challenge: as if they were subordinate characters; they use
the Archaeologist stats found on page @@. Oscar
To the Shaman’s Hut We Go does not participate in the fight and is not attacked
• Skills Allowed: Track, Wilderness by the Nephilim (they do not wish to kill their spy).
• Target Number: 10 If the Fated do not attack the Nephilim, they watch
• Duration: 1 day the group for a few minutes and then take fly away
• Success Requirement: (see below) to report back to their older kin.
• Failure Requirement: (see below)
The Track Skill allows the characters to follow game Day 2: As the group is traveling, Llewelyn asks for
trails and Nephilim footprints toward their goal (which a short break to answer the call of nature. She
might raise suspicion the first time the Fated try to wanders away from the trail to relieve herself, only
assist Oscar in doing so), while the Wilderness Skill to trip over an exposed root and tumble down into
is used for following Oscar’s directions even when he a short gully filled with some resting snakes. The
gets confused or turned around. Fated can hear her shout of surprise, followed by

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
the sounds of something (i.e., Llewelyn) crashing
through the underbrush. Scene 2: Ancient Medicine
The snakes bite Llewelyn before she can get away. When the Fated arrive at the shaman’s residence,
If the Fated succeed on a TN 10 Doctor Challenge, read the following text:
they are able to properly treat the bites and remove
most of the venom. On a failure, however, her leg The game trail you are following expands out into a
swells up and becomes painful to walk upon, full path, eventually coming to an end at the base
granting her the Useless Limb Condition and of an ancient knotwood tree. Easily thirty feet wide,
increasing the TNs of this Ongoing Challenge by +1 its tangled roots reach up into the air, forming a
as the group is forced to compensate for her injury. sort of damp, wooden crown.

Near the ground, a large knot has been widened
Day 3: The Fated come across a large tree that’s
into a human-sized doorway, and within the
been carved with deep runes. Trinkets of bone and
hollowed chamber, you can see a hunched figure
woven grass hang from the branches. Llewelyn standing over a small campfire, stirring a cast-
points out that this is how the Nephilim mark their iron pot with a well-worn stick. It looks up, its
territory, and that they’re moving into the territory of face hidden behind a long-beaked mask. A pair of
a particularly violent tribe. If the Fated succeed on leathery wings protrude from its back.
TN 8 Scrutiny Challenges, they realize that despite
the seriousness of the situation, Oscar doesn’t Seemingly unthreatened by your presence, the
appear to be all that concerned (as he knows that creature pulls the stick from its cooking pot and
points the still-dripping end toward you group. “Why
the Neverborn aren’t a threat to him).
have you come to me, children of distant worlds?”
Its English is heavily accented, and its voice is like
Day 4: The Fated are ambushed by Nephilim midway snakeskin dragged across sand.
through the day. The Fated can make a TN 9 Notice
Challenge. Those who fail are surprised and are
considered to be Slow during the first round of
Dramatic Time. The ambush force consists of The figure is Oxohuatl the Aged, a venerable Black
two Young Nephilim plus one Terror Tot per Fated. Blood Shaman. He doesn’t care for humanity very
As with Day 1, the Fated treat the Holdredges as much, but instead of violence, he simply resorts
subordinate characters during this battle, and to being very short and impatient with them Fated.
Oscar slinks back, not attacking or being attacked. If any of the Fated are Invested or Kin, Oxohuatl is
more tolerant and patient when dealing with those
Day 5: The Fated have tarried too long in the forest characters, but he flat-out refuses to have anything
and drawn the attention of the tribe’s leaders. The to do with Stitched characters. The Neverborn have
Fated are ambushed (and have to make a TN 9 an intense hatred for the undead, and Oxohuatl is not
Notice Challenge to avoid being Slow on the first an exception.
round of Dramatic Time) by one Mature Nephilim,
one Young Nephilim, and two Terror Tots. If the Fated do not inform the shaman of why they
have come to it, then Lewellyn steps forward and
Day 6+: With each subsequent day the Fated spend tells him about her husband being infected with
in the forest, they are attacked by increasingly Black Blood. She gestures to Oscar and asks that
greater numbers of Nephilim. Oxohuatl remove her husband’s affliction as she did
with Oscar’s own infection.

If the Fated succeed at this Ongoing Challenge, they
reach the Shaman’s dwelling; see Scene 2: Ancient

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Once she does so, read the following text: If the Fated attack the shaman, its stats can be
found on page 43. At the start of the third round
of combat, three Young Nephilim burst in from the
The gnarled fingers of the old shaman reach up
surrounding forest and join the battle. No matter
under his mask, stroking his chin as he stares at
what, the shaman refuses to perform the ritual if the
Oscar, who had been trying very hard to avoid being
noticed. “What you ask is rarely done. When one is Fated attack it, even when threatened with death.
given the blessings of the blood, only a fool would He’s old and spiteful.
reject it. Some have been flayed for asking such

The shaman turns his gaze toward Hayward.
“However, perhaps it can be done, if you perform a
service for my people. Months ago, your kind began
meddling in our sacred ruins, bribing the weaker
tribes with firearms and human luxuries. Since then,
more have come to our lands, robbing our tombs
and stealing our relics.” He turns to face you. “One
group, in particular, has been a problem. They wear
the brand of the horned skull, the brand of your
kind. Kill these humans and return the artifacts
they have unearthed to me. In return, I will withdraw
our blessings from this one’s body.”

The creature reaches out with one clawed hand.
“Do we have an accord?”

If the Fated succeed on a TN 11 Scrutiny Challenge,
they are able to tell that Oxohuatl is being sincere in
his bargain. He fully intends to carry through with his
end of the deal, provided the Fated do as they are

Oxohuatl insists that Hayward remain with him, as
there is a period of purification and special herbs
that Hayward must consume prior to the ritual.
Llewelyn refuses to leave her husband’s side, which
leaves matters in the hands of the Fated. Oscar will
accompany them, but will continue to be as useless
in combat as before.

The human camp is only a day’s travel away from
Oxohuatl’s dwelling. If the Fated agree to deal with
the humans, he arranges for some Young Nephilim
(possibly the same ones that were watching the
Fated earlier) to show them the way. See Scene 3:
The Dig Site on page 40.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
group of five archaeologists dig through the marked
Scene 3: The Dig Site area, carefully gathering up whatever Nephilim
artifacts they find and stowing them in straw-filled
The expedition that Oxohuatl wants the Fated to wooden boxes.
destroy is from the Malifaux Museum of Natural
History. The researchers are working under a Guild There are two main ways of getting rid of the
charter, and as a result, they have a contingent of humans and returning the uncovered artifacts to
Guild guardsmen accompanying them as protection Oxohuatl. The first and more obvious would be an
from the Neverborn. The camp is a day’s travel from armed attack. The guards are alert and paying full
the shaman’s tree, but as long as the Fated are attention to their surroundings, so it takes a TN 6
working for Oxohuatl, the Nephilim will begrudgingly Stealth Challenge (with a - modifier) to sneak up on
allow the Fated to pass unmolested. them. On a success, the guardsmen are surprised
(and thus, are Slow on the first round of Dramatic
When the Fated arrive at the camp, read the following Time). The sleeping guardsmen wake up when they
text: hear gunshots and join the battle six rounds later, at
the top of the round. If the Fated fail, the guardsmen
A wiry young Nephilim guides you through the catch them sneaking up on the camp and open fire
forest, scurrying from one shadow to the next as (they are paranoid about Dopplegangers and are
she keeps a look out for more dangerous prey… or under orders to shoot anyone that approaches the
perhaps members of other tribes. “Much fighting camp).
between tribes,” she tells you before you rest for
the night. She motions to the deep brands burned If at least half the guardsmen are killed or disabled and
into her purple-blue flesh. “I am Izel, of Oxohuatl’s the Fated are human, the rest will attempt to surrender.
brood. We fight strong against brood-mother. Fight
Their stats can be found on page 44. The archaeologists
for Nekima, for dead queen of blood. Soon, you
take cover and avoid combat, but if pressed into battle,
humans will be bones in our teeth.”
their stats can be found on page 44.
In the morning, Izel guides you to a clearing in a
sunken area of the forest. An ancient, moss-covered Alternatively, the Fated could try to talk to the
stone stands at the center of the clearing, depicting archaeologists. So long as the Fated aren’t sneaking
a humanoid shape so worn by time that it is all but up or acting suspicious, they can attempt TN 4
impossible to make anything more than its general Bewitch or Deceive Challenges (with a - modifier)
shape. A group of tents surround the statue in a to convince the guards to let them speak with the
lose ring, and they’re patrolled by men and women
archaeologists. On a failure, the guardsmen open
wearing the bright red coats of the Guild. The long
fire on the Fated as noted above. On a success,
beams of sunlight streaming down from overhead
gleam off rifle barrels and ram’s head badges. Near the Fated can speak with Ethel Oren, the expedition
the center of the camp, the upturned dirt has been head. She’s unwilling to simply drop everything and
divided into a grid of twine and small paper slips. return to the city, but a successful TN 11 Deceive
or Intimidate Challenge is enough to convince her
that it’s time to leave the forest behind her. If the
Fated also attempt to convince her to turn over the
Izel wishes the Fated good luck and retreats into the artifacts that she has uncovered, they suffer a - to
woods. this Challenge.

The camp is organized into a roughly thirty yard Once the Fated have dealt with the camp and retrieved
wide circle surrounding the dig site, which a TN 10 the artifacts, they can return to Oxohuatl to complete
History Challenge can identify as a Nephilim burial their end of the bargain. Izel reappears when they are
site. One Guild Guardsman per Fated is patrolling finished and leads them back to the camp.
the perimeter of the camp at all times, with an equal
number sleeping in the tents within. During the day, a

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
If the Fated managed to return the artifacts to If the Fated fail to retrieve the artifacts and cure
Oxohuatl, he holds up his end of the bargain and Hayward, then he impresses upon them the need to
begins the ritual that will remove the Black Blood be put out of his misery before he hurt someone.
from Hayward’s body. He leads the group to a circle Lewellyn objects to anything of the sort, and if the
of standing stones near his home and begins the Fated side with her husband, she vows to see her
ritual at sundown. By the time the dawn comes, both “murdered” husband avenged. On the other hand, if
Oxohuatl and Hayward are exhausted and sweating, the Fated spare Hayward’s life, he remains with his
though the latter has been purged of his infection. wife for a few months longer, chasing one hopeless
With the ritual finished, the shaman speaks with Izel cure after another. Eventually, the change takes him
and has her safely guide the Fated out of the forest. and he kills his wife before fleeing into the forest.
Gifted with Nephilim traits but with a human’s
It’s possible that Oxohuatl might help the Fated in understanding of technology (not to mention a grudge
the future, either with removing the Blood Sickness against the Fated), he could make for an interesting
disease in other characters or with completely antagonist for the Fated in future adventures.
unrelated tasks. Each time, however, the
shaman requires the Fated
to come into greater conflict
with the Guild and humanity
as a whole.

Blood Sickness
Characters who become exposed to the
Black Blood of the Nephilim may contract
Blood Sickness, a supernatural disease that
slowly transforms the infected character into
a Nephilim.

Blood Sickness is described in more detail
in Under Quarantine, on page 152.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Young Nephilim
Minion (6), Living, Nephilim

Might Grace Speed Resilience
3 2 2 2
Charm Intellect Cunning Tenacity
-3 -1 2 3
Defense Walk Height Initiative
Terror Tot 5 (11) 5 2 4 (10)
Minion (5), Living, Nephilim
Willpower Charge Wounds
5 (11) 6 7
Might Grace Speed Resilience
1 3 4 0
Skills: Acrobatics 1, Athletics 2, Evade 3, Notice 2,
Charm Intellect Cunning Tenacity Pugilism 3M, Stealth 1, Toughness 2, Track 2,
-2 0 2 3 Wilderness 2.
Defense Walk Height Initiative
Black Blood: All characters without Black Blood within 1
6 (11) 6 1 5 (10)
yard suffer 1 damage when this character suffers damage.
Willpower Charge Wounds
Flight: This character is immune to falling damage and may
5 (10) 8 4 ignore any terrain or other characters when moving.
Thirst for Blood: This character gains the Fast Condition
Skills: Acrobatics 1, Athletics 2, Martial Arts 1, Notice 1, when a Living character within 3 yards is killed by
Stealth 2, Track 1, Wilderness 1. another friendly character.

Black Blood: All characters without Black Blood within 1 Mature: If this character kills a Living non-Nephilim
yard suffer 1 damage when this character suffers damage. character of Enforcer, Henchman, or Master rank, or a
character with the Fated Characteristic, with a y attack,
Pounce: When an enemy character ends a push or move it may feast upon the character's remains to become a
within this character's engagement range that is not Mature Nephilim. All damage and Conditions on this
part of a Walk or Charge Action, this character may character are removed.
immediately take a (1) AP Close Combat attack against
the enemy character. (1) Talons (Pugilism)
Grow: If this character kills a Living non-Nephilim character AV: 6M (12M) ====== Rg: y1 ======= Resist: Df
with a y attack, it may feast upon the character's Target suffers 2/4/5 damage.
remains to become a Young Nephilim. All damage and R Blood Frenzy: After damaging, take this Action again
Conditions on this character are removed. against the same target.
M Toss Away: After damaging, push the target up to 4
(1) Blackened Claws (Martial Arts) yards in any direction.
AV: 5 (10) ========= Rg: y1 ======= Resist: Df M Feed the Brood: After killing the target, push the target's
Target suffers 1/2/4 damage. corpse up to 4 yards in any direction. If the corpse
ends within the engagement range of a friendly Terror
(0) Sprint (Athletics) Tot, that Terror Tot may count as having killed the
This character may discard a card to take a Walk Action. target for the purposes of its Grow ability.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Black Blood Shaman
Enforcer (8), Living, Nephilim
Mature Nephilim
Enforcer (8), Living, Nephilim Might Grace Speed Resilience
2 2 3 2
Might Grace Speed Resilience Charm Intellect Cunning Tenacity
4 3 3 4 -2 3 3 3
Charm Intellect Cunning Tenacity Defense Walk Height Initiative
-2 3 2 3 5 (13) 6 2 5 (13)
Defense Walk Height Initiative Willpower Charge Wounds
4 (12) 6 3 5 (13) 5 (13) 7 7
Willpower Charge Wounds
5 (13) 7 10 Skills: Alchemistry 1, Enchanting 3R, History 3, Melee 3,
Navigation 2, Notice 2, Prestidigitation 3M, Pugilism 2,
Toughness 2, Track 2, Wilderness 2.
Skills: Athletics 3, Evade 3, Melee 2, Notice 2, Pugilism 3M,
Toughness 4, Track 2, Wilderness 3.
Black Blood: All characters without Black Blood within 1
yard suffer 1 damage when this character suffers damage.
Armor +1: Reduce all damage suffered by this character by
+1, to a minimum of 1. Flight: This character is immune to falling damage and may
ignore any terrain or other characters when moving.
Black Blood: All characters without Black Blood within 1
yard suffer 1 damage when this character suffers damage.
(1) Talons (Pugilism)
Flight: This character is immune to falling damage and may
AV: 4 (12) ========= Rg: y1 ======= Resist: Df
ignore any terrain or other characters when moving.
Target suffers 2/4/5 damage.
Terrifying (Living) (12): Enemy Living characters must
(1) Sacrifical Blade (Melee)
pass a TN 12 Horror Duel when they end their turn
AV: 5 (13) ========= Rg: y1 ======= Resist: Df
within this character's engagement range or target this
Target suffers 1/3/4 damage.
character with a harmful action.
R Blood's Favor: After succeeding, a character within 3
yards heals an amount of damage equal to the damage
(1) Monstrous Talons (Pugilism)
inflicted by this attack.
AV: 7M (15M) ====== Rg: y2 ======= Resist: Df
Target suffers 4/5/6 damage. (1) Burn the Blood (Enchanting/Cunning)
mt Charge Through: After succeeding against an enemy AV: 6R (14R) === TN: 10R == Range: 2 yards === Resist: Df
character, instead of dealing damage, push the target Target Living character suffers 1/2/3 damage and gains
4 yards away from this character. If this character is the following Condition for 1 minute: "Excrutiating
not engaged, it may take a Charge Action against a Pain: At the start of this character's turn, it must pass
different target. a TN 10 Toughness Challenge or suffer 1 damage." If
MC Rip in Half: After killing the target, all enemy the target has Black Blood, it instead gains the following
characters within p6 must immediately perform a TN Condition for one minute: "Regeneration +1: This
12 Horror Duel. character heals 1 damage at the start of its turn during
Dramatic Time."

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Guild Guardsman
Minion (5), Living, Guardsman

Might Grace Speed Resilience
1 2 0 0
Charm Intellect Cunning Tenacity
-1 -1 -1 3
Archaeologist Defense Walk Height Initiative
Peon (4), Living 4 (9) 4 2 2 (7)
Willpower Charge Wounds
Might Grace Speed Resilience 5 (10) 4 5
0 1 0 0
Charm Intellect Cunning Tenacity Skills: Athletics 1, Bureaucracy 1, Evade 3, Melee 3,
0 2 0 -1 Notice 2, Pistol 2M, Stealth 1, Toughness 1.

Defense Walk Height Initiative
2 (6) 6 2 2 (6) Armor +1: Reduce all damage suffered by this character by
Willpower Charge Wounds +1, to a minimum of 1.
3 (7) - 4
(1) Standard Issue Sword (Melee)
Skills: Art 1, Barter 1, Bureaucracy 2, Centering 1, AV: 4 (9) ========== Rg: y2 ======= Resist: Df
Convince 1, History 3, Melee 1, Notice 2. Target suffers 2/3/4 damage.
R Critical Strike: When damaging the target, this attack
deals +1 damage for each R in the final duel total.
The Better Part of Valor: This character's Walk has been (1) Collier Navy (Pistol)
increased by +2, but it has no Charge Aspect. AV: 4M (9M) ======= Rg: z12 ======= Resist: Df
Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. Capacity 6, Reload 2.
M Arrest: After succeeding, the target gains the
(1) Small Digging Pick (Melee) following Condition until the end of its next turn:
AV: 1 (5) ========== Rg: y1 ======= Resist: Df "Arrest: This character must discard a card to
Target suffers 1/2/3 damage. perform a movement action."

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Mason Crawford

Part One

Lady Justice flicked her blade, cleaning the ichor The Judge looked down at the woman’s exploded
from it as the ghoulish, three-headed beast slumped face. He turned his head one way, then the other,
to the ground. Even without sight, she could tell that trying to imagine what she might have looked like
it was a nightmarish abomination that had been while still alive. “I suppose so. Not a redhead, so I
stitched together from multiple creatures. can’t say that I’m all that interested, but someone
else might find her so.”
“One thing you can say about the Ressers, they
don’t lack an imagination.” The Judge knelt down Justice smirked as she lifted a beaker of some
beside the creature’s master, a woman dressed unidentifiable substance and used her other hand
in a dirty green ballroom gown. Its hem was torn, to waft the vapors toward her. Her nose wrinkled
tattered, and dirty, and its sleeves were stained at the unmistakable scent of embalming fluid, and
dark with dried blood around the wrists. Her head her smile disappeared in an instant. “The foreman’s
was partially missing, blown half apart by the bullet complicit with her presence here, then. Possibly the
that took her life. owner.” She gestured to the two Death Marshals
who were reloading their pistols near the door. “I
“It wasn’t hers.” Justice carefully stepped around want the male employees rounded up and held for
the necromancer’s body, her attention upon the questioning. Anyone who spends time on the factory
makeshift laboratory behind her. They had tracked floor.”
the woman to a factory basement in the Industrial
Zone. At first, Justice had suspected that the The Judge stood up and brushed the dirt from his
necromancer was just using the basement as a knees with gloved hands. “Just the men?” he asked,
temporary shelter, but when they arrived, they had his voice questioning.
found what could only be described as an undead
assembly line. The strange thing, to her mind, was She set the beaker down and sighed. “All the
that the factory above them was still operational. employees, then. Just in case.”
“The necromancer, is she attractive?”

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
The Death Marshals gave her lazy salutes, secured “It has to be.” Lady Justice sighed and ran a hand
the pine boxes strapped to their backs into place, through her hair. It had recently been cut and was
and started off toward the stairs. Once they were only a few short inches of bright red, instead of the
out of earshot, the Judge joined Justice at the long mane she normally preferred. “It just doesn’t
laboratory. “That chimera, you said it wasn’t made make any sense. First he murders half the city’s
here…?” Resurrectionists and seizes control of their undead,
now he’s loaning them out to people?”
“It doesn’t fit.” She turned toward him and gestured
to the room around them. “She has easy access “She might have found it wandering around,” he
to machine parts. Papers attached to the wall, not suggested. “We know that Squidpiddge tends to
using surgical tape, but with glue, which means that attract all of the really messed up stuff. This one
she had limited access to medical supplies.” could have been doing the same thing.”

The Judge nodded in understanding. “The papers “Maybe…” Justice wasn’t convinced, and that
are all medical diagrams, but they’re hand-drawn. All carried into her voice. After a moment, she shook
human.” He caught sight of something on the other her head. “In any case, let’s go speak with the
side of the room, crossed over to it, and patted the workers. I don’t think we’re going to learn anything
top of its case with his hand. “Guess what we have else down here.”
The Judge nodded in agreement and followed her
“Aethervox,” she replied, knowing the answer. up the stairs, leaving the severed and mutilated
corpses of the dead behind them, for now.
He flicked the power on, filling the room with a
rambling monologue on the proper bolts to use when
affixing steel to bone. He listened for a moment,
rolled his eyes, and then turned the radio-like device
back off. “Looks like another of Von Schtook’s
students.” “You spend my time carelessly, like a beggar
with coins.” Yan Lo’s staff tapped against the
“Not the chimera, though.” Lady Justice went back cobblestones, the iron rings dangling from its end
to the abomination’s side and knelt down beside clanked together with each step. His robes were
its bisected corpse. She ran her fingers over its dark green with gold trim, adorned with sashes of
decaying flesh until she found the stitches, then blood-red cloth. His long hair was pulled back into a
followed them for a few inches. “Tight stitching, all ponytail that swayed slowly in an unfelt breeze.
flesh to flesh. None of the metal substructures or
replacement limbs that Von Schtook’s people use “My apologies, elder one.” In contrast to Yan
to join pieces.” Lo’s mystical appearance, Nicodem’s was almost
mundane. He was dressed, as always, in a formal
“Someone else, then?” The Judge returned to her suit with a duster pulled over top of it, a concession
side and toed the other half of the chimera with his toward the cool night. The moonlight gleamed off
boot. “Seamus, maybe?” the steel of his prosthetic leg and was reflected
in the round lenses of his glasses. “It was my
She smiled at the familiar joke. “It’s not wearing a understanding that the Nipponese considered it
dress.” Justice stood, head still turned down toward rude to speak of business without first engaging in
the creature as she sorted through her thoughts. harmless small talk.”

The Judge took the opportunity to reload his pistol. The ancient sorcerer cast a sharp glance at
When she still hadn’t said anything further, he took Nicodem. “That the Three Kingdoms are united in
a guess at what she was thinking. “Him again?” this time does not mean it was always so, nor that

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
it will be. First my time is wasted with idle chatter, as bidden. “Yes.” He couldn’t feel any corpses –
now with ignorance.” animated or otherwise – in the area, but that didn’t
mean that he wasn’t walking into an ambush. The
Nicodem resisted the urge to pinch the bridge of necromancers of the Three Kingdoms favored calling
his nose in frustration. He hated dealing with the upon ghosts and spirits over corporeal undead, and
elderly. When he was a proper undertaker, before his he had no talent for sensing them. “The leaders of
time in Malifaux, it had been the worst part of his that organization took up arms against my undead
job. Now, here he was, forced into a position where and ruined a great deal of work. It would not be
he had to deal with not only a crotchety old man, but unexpected for me to turn my aggression toward
one who was arguably one of the few necromancers them in revenge.”
in the world as powerful as himself. Perhaps even
stronger. “It was improper for me to assume. I can “It would be expected.” Yan Lo stopped walking,
only profess ignorance as to your customs.” prompting Nicodem to do the same. The ancient
sorcerer leaned forward onto his staff, his beady eyes
That was not, strictly speaking, true. Nicodem had glowing faintly in the moonlight. “It is expected. Yet
learned quite a bit about the history and customs of you come to me without from the enslaved corpses
the Japanese, or Nipponese, as they preferred to be you press into service.” Yan Lo lifted his staff and
called. In his own mind, he considered himself to be pressed it against Nicodem’s chest as the iron rings
something of an expert. jingled in an unfelt breeze. “Foolish, perhaps. Why
should I not flay the soul from your body and end the
More than anything, he wished that Kirai Ankoku threat you pose to my descendants?”
hadn’t returned to Earth. Even though she was
stubborn and prone to deep depression, she at least Nicodem’s expression conveyed boredom, not fear.
understood the proper value of polite conversation. “I have crossed the veil of death before, old man.
He would have much preferred to be dealing with There is nothing in that world of corpses that I fear.”
her right now.
Yan Lo stared at him for a long time. “Perhaps not,”
“Perhaps we could proceed directly to the matter he finally said, withdrawing his staff. “In its sleep,
at hand, elder one?” He waited until Yan Lo made the claws of the Dragon sometimes twitch. The
a ‘get on with it’ gesture before continuing. “It has mouse that finds itself caught beneath these claws
recently come to my attention that a certain element might believe that the Dragon had cruelly decided
of the Little Kingdom has interfered in my ambitions. to end its life, but the Dragon did not even know it
Given your importance within the community and was there. It is without dispute, however, that the
our shared interests in the necromantic arts, I Dragon’s claws still led to the death of the mouse.”
thought that you might have some influence over The sorcerer’s bushy eyebrows raised meaningfully.
this element.”
Nicodem’s knuckles turned white as his fingers
Yan Lo stroked his beard in contemplation. “You tightened around the head of his cane. The old man
speak of the Ten Thunders.” Using his staff, he was being deliberately obtuse. “If the attack upon
motioned to a side street, and they turned toward it, my property was the result of a lone agent, give me
taking them past tall buildings adorned with Chinese, his name. There is no reason for this enmity to spill
Japanese, and Vietnamese letters. Red and yellow out across the entirety Little Kingdom.”
paper lanterns hung from ropes crisscrossing the
street. All of the windows were closed and boarded, Yan Lo chuckled and continued walking, this time at
and, like the last street, there wasn’t another soul a quicker pace. “Leave this place, Mr. Nicodem. You
anywhere in sight. will find no answers here.”

Nicodem ignored his growing sense of unease
and turned down the street with the old sorcerer

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Rather than let the old man escape, Nicodem hurried “Does that help?” The Jury pulled a chair over from
after him, ignoring the pain where his pneumatic leg the side of the room, turned it around, and slumped
met the flesh of his hip. “No! I demand a name!” down onto it, her arms crossed over the back.
He reached out to grab Yan Lo, but his hand passed
right through the sorcerer, as if he was no more “Not really.” With a sigh, Justice turned toward the
substantial than the moonlight. Nicodem recoiled other woman and gestured toward the map. “One
in surprise, and as he watched, the old man faded of the accountants put it up in an attempt to help
away with another chuckle. out. It keeps things organized for everyone else,
Nicodem stood in the empty street, staring at the
place Yan Lo once stood. The meeting had not gone “We all want to help,” the Jury reminded her in a
as he had planned, though he had at least confirmed somewhat chastising tone. “The pins are… sites of
his suspicions that the Ten Thunders had been the attacks, or Resurrectionist lairs?”
ones to ruin his plans the year before. He regretted
his outburst; it was unbefitting of someone such as “Both.” She gestured toward the eastern portion of
himself. the map. “The red ones are the sites of attacks, the
greens are discovered Resurrectionist lairs, and the
After a few more moments of quiet self-chastisement, blues are alchemistry shops and pharmacies that
Nicodem straightened his coat and continued down we suspect of selling embalming fluid.”
the street, intending to return to his dreary mansion
in the Quarantine Zone to give the matter more The Jury rested her head on her arms as she looked
thought. As he passed a small curio shop, he gave at the map. It was all but covered in pins. “If nothing
in to temptation and shattered the window with his else, you’ve managed to turn the city
cane, sending glass shards tumbling down into the into a delightful little rainbow. How
street behind him. far back are these going?”

It didn’t do anything to improve his mood. “To the very beginning.” She
reached up and tapped
two pins near the
Governor’s Mansion.
One was red and the
other was yellow. “This
One entire wall of Lady Justice’s office had been is the first documented
plastered with a large map of the city. The different
districts of the city were denoted by raised lines,
as were the outer walls and the boundaries of the
river. There were pins of varying colors and shapes
pushed into various places around the map, and
many of them were connected by thin lengths of
colored string.

When the Jury entered the room, Justice was
standing in front of the map, her arms crossed over
her chest. Had it been anyone but Justice, the Jury
might have thought that she was staring at it in

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
attack. Nine years ago, Governor-General Kitchener The Jury’s brow was furrowed in thought. “What if
and his entourage are attacked by an unknown that’s exactly how he did it?”
necromancer. He kills everyone but the Governor
and animates their corpses, only to flee when the “Hmm?” Justice turned toward the other woman,
Guild Guard arrive in the nick of time.” her eyebrows raised beneath her blindfold.

“Prompting the creation of the Death Marshals,” the Things were starting to fall into place for the Jury.
Jury finished, her head nodding in memory. “Slimy She had always had a way of seeing the truth
bastard. What’s the yellow pin for?” about things, and something Justice said had felt
meaningful to her. “What if he hid them right under
Lady Justice moved back and forth, touching one our noses? Right under our feet?”
yellow pin and then another, mentally following
the attacks through the years. “Most of the The two women were silent for a moment. Lady
necromancers we deal with are sloppy or still Justice held her hand out towards the Jury, as if
learning their craft. We only have a few exceptions. trying to slow her down, though her voice was
Von Schtook hides in the sewers and blasts those hopeful. “Are you guessing, or are you doing your
damnable seminars across the aethervox. Seamus thing?”
cleans out brothels almost as fast as the slumlords
can set them up. The Surgeon just releases undead “The latter, I think.” The Jury hopped to her feet and
out into the world without much care as to what sort started toward the door. “I’ll start pulling undertaker
of trouble they get into.” licenses!”

The Jury ticked off more names on her fingers. Justice was right behind her. “Crematoriums, too!
“Then you’ve got Squidpiddge and her menagerie Have Hoffman send one of his Watchers to find me
of weirdness, Kirai and her murder ghosts, and this when you have something. I’ll be in the field!”
new Reaper lady.”

Justice nodded. “Exactly. All of the strongest
Resurrectionists have patterns that they follow.
Every time they animate a corpse or bring a ghost
through the veil, they might as well be pressing their Nicodem’s fingers drummed carefully against the
fingerprints into wet clay.” head of his cane as he watched the Death Marshal
poke around his funeral home. “I can assure you,
“Except for Mr. Yellow.” The Jury was starting to perk ma’am, everything is in order. I pride myself on
up in interest. following the Guild’s guidelines concerning corpse
disposal to the very letter.”
“Except for Mr. Yellow,” Justice agreed. Her fingers
reached out and brushed across a yellow pin in the “No doubt about that, Mr. Nicodem.” The Death
southern Quarantine Zone. “He’s been careful. For Marshal was bundled up beneath a heavy duster
eight years, he avoided our attention and built up his and a wide-brimmed hat, but even from a dozen feet
power, probably squirreling bodies away wherever he away, Nicodem could feel the necromantic energy
could find them in preparation for last year’s attack. infusing her body. She already had one foot in the
It almost worked, too.” She tapped a string of yellow grave, and he suspected that if she were to disrobe
pins in the Eastern Slums in rapid succession. “I – his lips quivered in distaste at the thought – her
just haven’t figured out how he managed to hide that body would be as emaciated and withered as a
many corpses right under our nose. We’ve found a corpse.
few of them in the hands of other necromancers,
but…” He watched as she opened the door to one of his
crematorium furnaces and ran a gloved finger along

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
the inside. “You use these much?” she asked. “American, eh?” She ran her fingers along the inner
“They seem pretty clean.” edge of a white coffin as she walked, growing ever
closer to the pine box she had brought with her.
“If you do not clean them after each burning, “Why’d you decide to leave? Thought you could
the ashes from previous corpses ends up mixed make a killing here in Malifaux?”
in with the current.” He managed to mask his
uncomfortableness at the question as slighted He didn’t laugh at the joke. “The politics.” As she
pride. “I believe that the deceased – and their reached toward another coffin, he stopped her
beloved – deserve better than that.” hand with his cane. “Please mind the merchandise,
The ploy worked, and he could sense the Death
Marshal relax as she shut the furnace door. “Seems The Death Marshal looked back at him, and in that
like you run a pretty up-and-up business here. How moment, Nicodem knew that she knew. Perhaps she
many bodies would you say you typically dispose of was just enough of a corpse for his senses to pick
in a year?” up on and interpret her body language. Perhaps it
was a premonition.
He smiled, the same smile he used when trying to
comfort his insipid clients. “Oh, it’s hard to say off Perhaps he was just being paranoid.
the top of my head. Perhaps two to three a week?”
He made a vague gesture towards the door and “Sorry,” she said, withdrawing her hand. “Just
lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “As admiring the craftsma…”
much as I hate to admit it, they tend to run together
in my mind. I have been doing this for quite some Her words were cut off by the head of Nicodem’s
time, after all.” cane, which connected solidly with the side of her
head. It shattered her jaw and sent her staggering
The Death Marshal nodded in understanding. “Nine into one of the display coffins, which tumbled to the
years, right?” ground in a loud crash.

Nicodem was instantly on guard. The only way that The Death Marshal’s heavy Peacebringer pistol was
the Death Marshal would know that would be if she in her hand in a moment. She was still off balance,
had looked up his license prior to her arrival. And however, and Nicodem was faster. His hand glowed
that meant that this wasn’t one of the Guild’s typical with eldritch green light as he raised it, seizing
inspections. “That sounds correct,” he replied, his her body’s muscles and locking them tight in rigor
smile like carved wood. “Here in Malifaux, at least. mortis. Her finger tightened on the trigger and sent
I also had a practice back on Earth.” the bullet ricocheting off his steel leg.

She nodded and moved toward the rows of caskets Nicodem winced at the impact. “That’s how I lost
on display in the showroom. They ranged from the the first one,” he mused, his hand still glowing with
fancy to the mundane, but each of them was nicer power. “I never could figure out quite how to keep a
than her own pine box, which was propped up near corpse’s reflexes intact after their lapse into death.
the door. The door that she was slowly making her It’s frustrating, to see you all prancing about, acting
way back towards. “Where was that, exactly?” like normal people. You’re no different from my own
zombies.” He reached forward and pushed her hat
“Massachusetts.” He followed behind her, his back, revealing a forehead plastered with flaking,
prosthetic limb clomping loudly against the floor dried skin. “I suppose that Lady Justice is a better
with each step. necromancer than I originally suspected. It’s a pity
that she’s chosen to hunt her own kind, but then, I
suppose I’m not in a place to judge.”

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
The Death Marshal’s arm quivered as she tried to As he straightened up, the door opened, revealing
raise her pistol and point it toward him. Nicodem a Death Marshal in a short top and a wide hat. She
politely stepped past her, made his way to the door, was one of the few who had avoided the corrupting
and threw the bolt, locking them in. Then he turned influence of the necromantic magic they drew upon,
to her pine box, pushed it down onto the floor, and though neither she, Lady Justice, or any of the
kicked it across the floor so that it came to a rest others who had managed to remain fully intact had
behind her. quite figured out why they were spared when others
were not. “It’s the Commander, sir. She’s asking for
His lips pulled back in a thin smile as he returned you.”
to her side. She tried to say something, but without
the ability to move her mouth, it came out as a He started toward the door. “Did she find anything?”
mumbled growl.
She shook her head. “No, sir. Not a damned thing.”
“Such language.” Using his foot, he pushed open
the lid of her pine box, revealing the swirling The funeral home was a small little building perched
netherspace contained within. “Let’s go find you a in the Central Slums. It had the sort of quiet,
nice plot.” somber quality that he had always associated with
churches, though the owner had clearly taken his
business down a nondenominational route. The
mortician’s license claimed that it was owned by an
Aloysius Nicodem, but the Judge suspected it might
be an alias.
The Judge was squatting in the entryway, examining
the faint footprints left in the dirt on the wooden Behind the building was a large cemetery, ringed by
floor. “Someone was here,” he said, motioning a tall iron fence and lorded over by a sulking willow
toward the floor. “I’m not seeing any blood, so it tree. Once, it might have been a picturesque and
doesn’t look like a fight broke out, but something peaceful sight. Now, it was torn up and defiled. Lady
was dropped over there. I’m guessing one of the Justice had taken the bulk of their Death Marshals
coffins fell over.”

There were two Death Marshals in the showroom
of the funeral home and another three in the back,
combing through the embalming room and the
crematory furnaces. Thus far, nobody had found
anything suspicious, which was suspicious in and
of itself. Most funeral homes cut corners where
they could, even in small ways: cardboard caskets,
cheap embalming fluid, artificial flowers.

“Found a bullet hole,” one of the Death Marshals
called out.

The Judge went to investigate and knelt down beside
the small hole, which was buried in the wall near a
window, just below the sill. “Probably a ricochet,”
he murmured. “The angle’s too weird for anything

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
out back when they arrived, and they had already “Oh, my apologies.” Flustered, she held up the
managed to dig up eight of the graves. bouquet of flowers in her hands and looked around
the graveyard in surprise. “I was just bringing some
“Empty,” Lady Justice called out to him as she flowers to my grandmother’s grave. She just passed a
tossed her shovel to the ground. “Eight graves, few weeks ago…” She took a cautious step forward.
picked at random, all of them empty.” “You’re not… digging up graves, are you…?”

“Buried that way?” The Judge joined her at the edge Lady Justice adopted a sympathetic look and
of one of the opened graves. motioned toward the grave at her feet. “I don’t wish
to alarm you, but some of the corpses appear to
She shook her head. “No, these were dug up within have gone missing. Do you know anything about the
the last year and then carefully replaced. He wasn’t man who owns this place?”
burying the dead. He was stockpiling an army.”
The woman gasped in horror. “Missing? You mean
“I’ve got worse news.” He hooked a thumb toward turned into zombies?!”
the funeral home. “We’ve got papers back there
for graveyards all across the city, all registered to “We don’t know that for sure,” the Judge said. “If
different names. I’m not sure how many of them you can remember anything about the owner, it
he dug up for his assault last year, but if even a would really help us out, though.”
quarter of those graves are still filled with bodies,
we’re in a bad place. I’m guessing that most of the “Umm…” The woman bit her lip as she tried
undertakers on the Jury’s list are going to end up to remember something. “He was tall, very
being this guy.” compassionate… one of his legs was a prosthetic,
I remember that. Oh!” She snapped her fingers.
“Any sign of Hadley?” “That’s right! I had some trouble finding a coffin that
I liked, and he offered to take me to a warehouse in
The Judge shook his head. “Looks like there was the Riverfront Slums to look at some other options.”
a fight, but she must have been taken down pretty Her cheeks flushed with color. “It… wouldn’t have
quickly. No blood, nothing more than a few scuff been appropriate for me to accompany him to such
marks and a single bullet hole. Doubt she got off a place, though, so I ended up just choosing a
more than one shot before she went down.” cheaper coffin…”

“That means we’re on the right track, at least.” The Judge glanced back at Justice, who nodded.
She looked up and ran a hand through her hair. “Well,” he said, looking back to the woman. “Thank
“We’ll have to send people to go investigate those you for the information. Grab one of the Marshals
other graveyards. Full combat patrols, in case they inside the funeral home and give them your
encounter him while searching. Hopefully we can information, in case we have any more questions.”
find something before we have to pull everyone back
to guard those Spanish…” “Of course.” The woman bowed, a strange gesture
given her garb, and left to go speak with the
“Civilian,” the Judge warned, cutting her off. A indicated marshals.
young woman had come around to the back of the
building and was peeking curiously past the open The Judge waited a few moments. “Want me to post
gate. Despite her Asian features, she was dressed a watch?”
in a simple worker’s shirt and pants, though her
long hair was woven together into twin braids in a Lady Justice thought about it for a moment and then
decidedly Eastern fashion. “Excuse me, ma’am,” he shook her head. “No, he’ll be too careful for that.
said, stepping toward her. ‘This is a restricted area. Let’s talk to Lucius and have him put one of his
You’ll have to move along.” people on it. They’re better at this sort of thing.”

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
“Fine,” the Judge sighed, “but I’m not going to ask him.” “Sacrifices had to be made.” He motioned
for Mortimer to follow him as he rejoined the
She smirked and motioned for the Death Marshals cobblestone path that would lead them out of
to start filling in graves. “What’s the matter? Afraid?” the graveyard. “Have you managed to procure the
corpses I require for this affair at the Enclave?”
Despite his duster, the Judge shivered. “Of
Mattheson? Yeah, I am, actually.” “I did, I did.” He exhaled a cloud of smoke, and
Nicodem paused as the wind blew it right into his
face. Mortimer blanched and immediately scurried
over to the downwind side of the taller necromancer.
“Sorry, boss. But yeah, I got ‘em all ready and
waiting. Where should I be takin’ ‘em?”
Mortimer carefully patted the earth into place with
the flat of his shovel. “There ya go, she’s as good as Nicodem resumed his walk, his cane marking out
rain, boss. Surprised you hung around.” a steady staccato on the cobblestones. “No doubt
Seamus will contact us before too long with the
The afternoon had segued into evening. Nicodem details. When he does…”
had been going over his brief conversation with
the Death Marshal as he waited, and it took him They both slowed to a stop as they noticed a woman
a moment to realize that his assistant had spoken waiting on the edge of the graveyard. Her deep purple
directly to him. “One can never be too cautious kimono did a good job of helping her blend into the
when it comes to Death Marshals.” darkness, and her hair was pulled back into two twin
braids. For a moment, Nicodem almost thought that
“Shoulda just killed ‘er and made ‘er a zombie.” Kirai had returned to them, but as they drew closer,
Light flared as Mortimer lit a match and held it to he realized that the woman was unknown to him.
his cigar, puffing on it a few times until the end “Good evening, madam. Here to visit the dead?”
glowed a dull orange.
The woman smiled disturbingly and tucked her
“Would that I could.” He stared down at the grave. hands into her sleeves. “I need not visit a graveyard
“They do something that prevents their bodies from to speak with my ancestors, Mr. Nicodem. Their
being animated after death. Even Kirai found it advice guides my every action, and it is their word
impossible to shackle their spirits, though not for that has brought me to you.”
lack of trying.”
Mortimer started to circle around toward the woman,
Mortimer gestured with his cigar. “What about the but Nicodem raised a hand to stop him. “You speak
bird with the ‘ole in ‘er chest? Tamarice? She’s got of Yan Lo,” he said, addressing her.
a crew of dead Marshals, don’t she?”
She inclined her head. “Yes. I am his niece,
“Tara.” Nicodem’s lips pulled back in a scowl. “It’s Katanaka Chiaki.”
not her, it’s that brain-dead woman that she drags
along with her. She’s the idiot-savant of necromancy.” “Well,” Mortimer said, stepping forward and
extending a meaty hand in her direction. “From the
Mortimer shrugged and puffed on his cigar. “Seemed lackey of one necromancer to ‘nother, it’s a pleasure
nice enough to me. We had a good chat at the last to meet you. Name’s Mortimer, that’s Morty to my
Resurrectionist’s Ball.” He thought about that for a friends, which you certainly count as, Kate.”
moment. “Probably was the last Resurrectionist’s
Ball, wasn’t it? I mean, you killed most of them.” Chiaki stared down at his extended, sweaty hand
and then looked up, smiled politely, and bowed.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
“Oh, right! Eastern types.” He winked at her, ran his
hands down his dirt-stained shirt, and then returned
her bow with an awkward one of his own. “Always
enjoyed the customs of the Far East, though you do
make a man’s job difficult with all them cremations. When she returned to her small apartment, Chiaki
Kinda creepy to be keepin’ shrines to the dead all found her uncle waiting for her. “All went as planned,”
over, too, and I’m sayin’ that as a Resser, so you she explained as she carefully seated herself at the
gotta…” low table in the room’s center. “In one week, the
ram and the crow will meet.”
Nicodem pinched the bridge of his nose. “Mortimer.”
Yan Lo was seated across from her. In the faint
“Eh? Oh, right, time for business talks and all.” gloom of her apartment, he glowed like a dim
He waggled his eyebrows at Chiaki, motioned candle. “As was foretold long ago. They have both
between them with one finger, and nodded in silently seen the signs, which they have chosen to ignore.
confirmation as he backed away. “We’ll chat it up Only one will survive this conflict.”
Chiaki tilted her head in curiosity. “Which will it be,
Chiaki just stared at him, confused, until Nicodem uncle? The ram or the crow?”
cleared his throat. “Yes…” She stared at Mortimer
for a moment longer and then turned back to He lifted his fist, then opened it, splaying his hand
Nicodem. “My uncle has reconsidered his earlier wide as he waved it in front of him. “It is up to fate.
position and now wishes to help you resolve your One will perish, the other will weaken. Either way,
enmity with the Ten Thunders before it can turn into the result is not our concern. Either way, we become
further loss for either of us. I assume that this is an stronger.”
acceptable resolution for yourself as well?”
She inclined her head in understanding. “Yes,
Nicodem nodded. “That is why I approached him in uncle.” Looking back up to him, she motioned to her
the first place. I only wish to see those who ruined flute, which rested on a stand atop a small shelf.
my plans punished for their presumption. Once that “Shall I play for you, uncle?”
has happened, I have no further grudge against your
organization.” Yan Lo’s lips pulled back in an affectionate smile. “I
would enjoy that, child. Play a song of death. A dirge
She smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes. “Then for the fallen. Let your music guide them to the next
revenge you shall have. There is a warehouse in the life and wash away the sins of this world.”
Riverside District that has been marked with the
symbol of the crow. In one week’s time, the woman Chiaki stood, retrieved her flute, and once again
responsible for the ruination of your plans will be seated herself at the table. Her eyes met those of
there to stow a small curio. My uncle is of the belief her ancient ancestor, and then she began to play
that if something were to happen to her while she a slow, haunting melody. It was a song of loss and
is at the warehouse, the Ten Thunders would be too pain, and of remembering the past even as the
preoccupied with other matters to investigate too future crumbled into ruin.

“I understand.” He reached up and tipped his hat
to her. “Please send my regards to your uncle. I
knew that we could come to a mutually beneficial

Chiaki’s only response was another smile.

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
The Duel of Fate
At GenCon this year, you, the players, will be able
to decide who will win the epic battle between
Lady Justice and Nicodem! Each time a player
makes a purchase at GenCon (or in our online
store during GenCon), that player will receive one
vote that they can put towards either Lady Justice
or Nicodem.

When the Wyrd crew returns from GenCon, the
votes will be tallied up and the character with the
most votes will win the duel and defeat the loser.

The Fate of a Master is in your hands! Choose

Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)
Adam Kulhavy (Order #11901281)