Chichi Gigoli: Matchmaker to the stars and three times winner of the Gigolo Of The Year contest (Barnet)

Chichi Gigoli’s Dating Tips For Men - Chichi’s 10 Step Program
Women don’t like me, I must be a loser, how do those other guys do it?
Believe me friend, I too used to wonder these things until I hit upon a SECRET FORMULA that CAN’T FAIL to help you attract the ladies. Learned over many years from the four corners of the globe, and gleaned from interviews with some of the most beautiful women in the world, their friends, families, Sumo wrestlers and the occasional ninja. Within only a decade I had transformed myself into a ‘hot ticket’ and people like you were coming to me in droves to find out ‘How I did it’. Now that information can be yours in this ebook where I LAY BEAR the SECRETS that can help you realize your TRUE POTENTIAL and MAXIMIZE your inner stud to get you what you want, and be a hit with the ladies! Using hitherto unknown techniques, my TEN STEP PROGRAM plots out in an easy to follow guide, the ideas that have taken me on a journey of liberation and inner peace that I can now share with you FREE OF CHARGE (for a limited time only). Not only will you learn to enjoy the company of ladies more frequently and often at the ‘drop of a hat’ but you will feel more confident in yourself and may find that other masculine pursuits including sky-diving and mud biking become almost second nature. In fact, several of the lucky losers who have been privileged to train with me at my retreat (taking bookings for the end of the year, see inside) have found that they have developed an enhanced memory, less cellulite and above all, have to work less for better results in almost ALL ASPECTS OF THEIR LIFE. So what are you waiting for? Open up this ebook RIGHT NOW and get on the road to DATING GOLD!


Chichi Love Mantra
If I love myself with all of my heart Then you can love me too And if you love me Then I can love me some more And with all the love there for me I can learn to love more Be more successful And find more people to love me



“It’s a testament to his sheer persistence and steely character that Chichi Gigoli won the Gigolo Of The Year competition for the third year running. With stiff competition from other chat up artists his place was not guaranteed, but a last minute dash cemented his place in the hall of fame - managing to collect the names and phone numbers of over one hundred ladies during a shoe sale in Lower Manhattan while simultaneously setting up the entire staff of Macy’s with a blind date which went on to have an 85% success rate with most of the participants getting married within three weeks” - The Boston Gigolo

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Just a few things people are saying about Chichi Gigoli’s Ten Step Program
"Amazing. Within weeks I was shacked up with a millionairess who liked beer and football - thanks Chichi!" Dave Higgert, Shrewsbury “I lost two stone within moments of reading your manuscript and by the end of the evening I had taken three stunners phone numbers while walking the dog. Your techniques have to be seen to be believed." Steven Broadmore, HullI "I printed off Chichi Gigoli's new ebook and took it down my local for a laugh with my mates. Within minutes we'd pulled the local ladies hockey team who just happened to be driving past in a coach. This is dating dynamite!" Phil Tankersley, Cheshire "Before I'd even downloaded your ebook the phone rang and a mystery woman offered to take me for a curry. We're hooking up tonight, I better get the rest of this ebook printed so I can learn what to do next!" James Cliff, Herts "These techniques are so powerful they should be banned! The incessant pulling power that your methods delivered left me dehydrated and I ended up in hospital not once but TWICE, and while there I was inundated with 'requests' from admiring nurses. It was only after a quick getaway on a hospital trolley and a chase sequence like something from 'Carry On Nurse' that I managed to escape with my love life intact. Not for the faint hearted these methods are ninja!" Robert Flounce, Spode

HOT TO TROT: Ready made ‘Call Me’ cards are a sure fire way to tell if a lady is available - check handbags and back pockets discretely to gain access to this ‘inside info’

1. Get real in public
If you meet a lady while out on the town who you think could end up being your girlfriend or even wife you need to switch into the right mindset. It's a well known fact that the law of attraction states that finding a lady desirable is incredibly powerful. So put the power of REAL to work: R - 'Really' take an interest in her, what she has to say, her lips, eyes and other parts of her body E - 'Entertain' her, tell her interesting stories about yourself and your hobbies for at least ten minutes at a time A - 'Act' the fool, women love to be made to laugh, tell her a joke or two, even pull a face L - 'Love, Love, Love' - Use the love mantra over in your head to reach a state of loving awareness Using this easy to remember mind programming technique you can get almost any lady to notice you in public, and even call a Doctor

In a disco: Whisper your number to her ugly friend to pass on Online: Tell her that she's won a decade supply of shoes and can only claim them if she uses your number On the road: Crash into her car from behind or some other position before giving you her number. Don't forget to take hers as well for a 'double whammy'!!

3. How to approach an attractive lady
It's a well known fact that 80% of statistics are made up. With this in mind you can tackle the tricky problem of approaching a lady who is at least 85% better looking than yourself. But how? The science of human-watching shows us that ladies are the CHOOSERS and men are the HUNTER-GATHERERS. But by turning this concept on it's head it is possible to shortcircuit the wiring in a lady's mind and make her come around to YOUR way of thinking. Now, as she is usually a chooser you can turn this ON IT'S HEAD and approach her as if she were a hunter-gather. All the while (unbeknown to her) adopting the mindset of a chooser yourself. To sum it up use a line similar to this: 'I'll have a pint of Stella, it's your round.'

2. Giving your phone number to a lady
It's one thing to start attracting a lady, yet another to give her your phone number in public. Here are a few tried and tested techniques to make sure the lady of your dreams ends up with your number and is phoning you within weeks of meeting you: In a pub: Write your number on a beer mat, follow her to the toilet and slip it under the cubicle door (but make sure it's hers!)


LOOKING THE PART: They may be magical but they’re not mind readers - looking the part can ‘signal’ to a potential date that you’re ready for action

4. How to eliminate the fear of rejection with a lady
We all know what it's like to be rejected. Sad and lonely, milking your last pint in the window seat of your local singles bar, watching the young bucks get their fill of easy women while you look on, dejected and suicidal, knowing that any lady you approach will react at best with an instant rebuttal and a shout of 'Get your filthy hands off me, not again' or at worst, a handbag in the face. But you can overcome this fear of rejection using what I call the Russell Crowe technique. It’s simple. The next time you are overcome with the fear of rejection just moments before 'making your move', try this simple exercise: Close your eyes and imagine yourself as Russell Crowe in The Gladiator. Bristling with raw masculinity you ooze charisma and manly charm. Your oxen pecks and steely glint make you a babe magnet on an Olympian scale. Now open your eyes and let your daydream come with you as you stride swiftly towards your lady of choice to an arousing chorus of 'Up Pompeii', your heady scent obfuscating the air like the 'small death' of the burning wolf-man, gathering pace until, upright and shining like a block of darkest obsidian in front of the object of your affection, you ask her out.

5. How to make a lady obsessed with you
Do not obsess over ladies. You want ladies to be obsessed with you. It is a well known fact that ultimately it is the ladies who pursue the men. So by planting some teasers in the minds of a lady you can make her think of you in many different ways. She falls under your control and you do this by combining flirtatious behavior with 'detachment'. Kiss a lady full on the lips when she least expects it and then run away. This works every time and the obsession can last days and even weeks, sometimes involving the police. Don't let this put you off though. Cultivate her obsession by sending her snapshots of yourself yodeling to her home address and text her cryptic messages about strangely shaped vegetables. She won't be able to stop thinking about you and will tell all her friends. Then you can think about taking the relationship to the next level, or even move to a different cell block where you can see her on telly.


SUN, SEA AND SAND: It’s a well known fact that beautiful ladies hit the beach as soon as the sun comes up and are at their most ‘playful’ during sunset. Use this to your advantage by moving to a tropical island and ‘keeping an eye out’ for ladies who have strayed from their tour rep during the early evening.

6. How to prove your worth with a lady
It is a well know fact that success breeds success. The idea that you are ALREADY found attractive by ladies is in itself attractive to other ladies. If they see you are confident and at ease with the opposite sex they will be at ease with YOU - and if they know that you are already 'hot property' in the dating game then you're almost guaranteed success. You can capitalize on this phenomena in the following ways: * Act 'camp' and talk to all the ladies nearby to your target about fashion - this will create an atmosphere of fun and frivolity, make you feel cool and give you a 'smokescreen' until you reveal your masculinity * Buy a plastic fold out credit card holder and fill it full of pictures of beautiful women, and 'accidentally' let it tumble open while getting a fifty out to pay for a round of cocktails - another double whammy as the sight of a fifty pound note will also have the desired effect on the lady (see step 7 'How To Act Rich') * Have a friend text you lusty messages from a 'fake' lover while you're in

conversation with a lady and ask her what you should reply back, thus proving your popularity and implanting in her mind the though of sending YOU a text message!

7. How to act rich
It's been proven time and time again that women find money a real turn on. Here are a few ideas that can make you appear much more wealthy than you are at hardly any cost: * Get an 'expensive looking' wallet from your local pound shop and spray paint all your credit cards platinum or black * Snap your fingers when ordering drinks or food at a bar, send a lot of the food back, and complain about the vintage of wine and/or champagne without actually ordering any * Photocopy a whole bunch of fifties and bind them together with a bicycle clip for quick use - use this 'wad' to attract attention to yourself when trying to get served in public such as a restaurant or in the queue for lottery tickets * Always call the car you are currently driving your 'runaround' * Wear a scarf in all weather, call your mother 'mamaa' and behave like a ponce www.wouldlovetomeetyou.com DATING FACTSHEET It’s a little known fact that people with a wildly longer than average little finger are far more likely to be a hit with the ladies Dating more than one lady at a time can often lead to an increased sense of awareness and inner peace Women who go out with very few clothes on may be cold later



One man’s discovery in love and life that changed the world forever


by Chichi Gigoli


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A man’s quest for love uncovers the beauty of the universe and more
“It came to me in a dream, a vision of beauty so wonderful that it took a man to see it” - Chichi Gigoli
It started as the quest for dating Nirvana - the thought that by harnessing my inner pulling power I could reach a level of dating mastery hitherto unheard of in the masculine realm. But soon it became apparent that I had stumbled across the MEANING OF LIFE and more. And now I’m ready to share this knowledge with you. Shot during my ‘Dating Everest’ bootcamp during some of the harshest weather conditions ever tackled by a qualified dating expert, this special collectors edition Audio CD, Wax Disc, Minidisc and DVD is now available to you FREE for only $69.99. On it I ‘lay bear’ the amazing mind programming techniques that have helped me achieve LASTING INNER PEACE and a channel to the LIFE FORCE that permeates the entirety of EXISTENCE ITSELF. And for only another $25 (for a limited time only) you can get my new Chichi Trainer Deluxe, the new abdominal ‘quick fix’ machine which itself comes with my new pamphlet ‘Dating Angels’, my new twenty step scheme for dating in the afterlife. This FREE OFFER is only available through www.wouldlovetomeetyou.com and will be taken off the market almost as soon as you buy your copy. So ACT NOW, achieve your true potential and find lasting peace in yourself, while still drinking and eating as much as you like. * SPECIAL BONUS OFFER: As if that weren’t enough, I’m throwing in my limited edition ‘Cheeky Chichi’ grooming set at absolutely no extra cost for $12.50 which comes with ‘Pherachichi’ the first clinically proven aftershave that not only attracts the ladies with it’s secret formula of ox hair, oyster dribble and rhino egg, but is the first ‘tackle safe’ splash lotion. Also included is the Chichi Gigoli ‘Instastubble’ grooming kit with a two week supply of ready trimmed growth bagged in easy to use ‘one a day’ sachets so each shave is ‘the best a man can get’ - and with the templates supplied you too can learn how the subliminal messages hidden in your beard can make you DATING GOLD.

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