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Module Title: School Placement 3

LESSON PLAN (2017-2018)

Topic: 2nd Year MTW Desk Top Lamp Project

Student Name: James Casey
Date: 26/01/2018
Duration of Lesson: 80 minutes


Learning Outcomes (LOs) Assessment of LOs

At the end of this lesson the students will be
enabled to…
Competently distinguish between bevel edge The teacher will ask students their prior
chisel and mortise chisel. knowledge of chisels, whilst also asking
students to demonstrate the knowledge they
learnt during the class when recap occurs.
Effectively remove a mortise. The teacher will demonstrate how to remove a
mortise before observing students carrying out
the task.
Completed the cutting out of halving joints. Students will finish off cutting out halving joints
under the observation of the teacher.
Effectively sand workpieces to a smooth finish. The teacher will demonstrate how to use a
sanding block effectively to sand all workpieces
to a smooth finish before observing all students
sanding their pieces.




0-7mins  The teacher will get all  The students will enter the L
students to enter their seats classroom and take their
quietly. seats in an orderly manner G
 The teacher will recap on as instructed by the teacher.
the previous lesson taught.  The students will watch
 The teacher will use a pre- carefully as the teacher will
recorded video that he recap on the previous lesson
created himself to recap the via video.
lessons prior.  The students will be
 The teacher will ask allocated time to ask the CL
students if they have any teacher questions regarding
questions about the video. the recap video if necessary.
Module Title: School Placement 3

 The teacher will outline the  The students will take note
goals of today’s lesson of the assigned tasks that
through the incorporation of they will be required to carry
visual aid. out today.
 The teacher will ask two
students to hand out the
work pieces to the entire


7-45mins  The teacher will ask  The students will tell the L
students to gather around teacher their prior
the demonstration desk. knowledge on chisels. G
 The teacher will ask  Incoporating peer learning O
students about their prior into this exercise is essential
knowledge of chisels. as students remember more MA
 The teacher will present on from listening to a friend
the whiteboard a slide that rather than the teacher.
displays the difference  The students will listen
between a mortise chisel attentively as the teacher
and a bevel edge chisel. explains all there is to know
 The teacher will clarify the about chisels.
main differences between  The students will watch the
chisels while also going teacher’s demonstration
through chisel parts. regarding the removal of a
 The teacher will bring mortise.
students attention towards  The students will answer
the removal of a mortise questions when asked by
section on the slide which teacher.
demonstrated through a  The students are asked to
step by step guide the help during the
removal of a mortise. demonstration.
 The teacher will  The students will go to the
demonstrate how to remove tool locker in an orderly
a mortise effectively whilst fashion to retrieve tools
also showing students an before they begin to remove
example of a poor mortise the mortise.
that has been prepared  The students will listen as
earlier. the teacher outlines that he
 The teacher will ask the wants good quality work
students why the poor rather than rushed work.
mortise occurred and how  Students can use the
can it be prevented. handout as a guide to
 The teacher will ask a removing mortise.
student to demonstrate the  Students who have difficulty
removal of a mortise. will be assisted by the
 The teacher will send teacher as he walks around
students back to their work the room.
Module Title: School Placement 3

bench to begin task of  The students will analyze the

removing mortise. project once again. They will
 The teacher will give each interact with everyone in the
student a handout of step class as to what the next
by step instructions on task to be carried out are.
removing a mortise as seen
on slide.
 Once again the teacher tells
students that he is looking
for good work and not
rushed work.
 The teacher will walk
around the room observing
students working and
helping students in difficult.
45-70 mins  The teacher will instruct  Students will gather around L
students who are ahead to the demonstration desk.
pair the joint using a chisel  Students will listen G
to clean up shoulders. attentively to the teacher as O
 The teacher will guide those he explains the sanding
students who have fallen process.
behind to ensure they are  Students will observe closely
on the correct path again. the demonstration by the
 The teacher and students teacher of how to sand
will analyse the desk top effectively using a sanding
lamp model as they go. block.
 The teacher will then ask the  Students will answer the
students to gather around teacher with regards to
the demonstration desk steps involved in sanding.
once again.  Students will go to there
 Firstly, the teacher will ask work bench and carry out
students of their prior the task as demonstrated by
knowledge of sanding. the teacher.
 The teacher will then show  Students who have not
students how to sand completed halving joints will
effectively using a sanding firstly finish them before
block. moving on to sanding.
 The teacher will allow  Students who have difficulty
students to begin the will ask the teacher for
sanding process on all guidance.
 The teacher will instruct
students that have not yet
removed halving joints to do
so before they begin to
 The teacher will observe
students working and will
help students in difficulty.
Module Title: School Placement 3


7-80mins  The teacher will instruct  Students will listen to the O

students to stop working recap of lesson taught.
and put all tools away.  All students will write on the G
 The teacher will get exit card provided by the
students to stack their teacher and they will stick it L
project pieces on top desk. to the poster as they leave
 The teacher will recap on the classroom.
the class lesson.
 The teacher will ask
students question with
regards to the lesson taught.
 The teacher will provide
each student with an exit
 The teacher will ask the
students to write something
they learned from today’s
lesson on the exit card
 The teacher will ask
students to stick the exit
card to the what stuck with
me today poster at the door
when leaving the room.
*KEY: L=Literacy, N=Numeracy, O=Oracy, G=Graphicacy, SEN=Special Educational Needs, MA=Mixed Ability, CL=
Cooperative Learning





Module Title: School Placement 3