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September 3, 2010 All Benefit-Eligible Staff Janet Gartin Moore, Director, Human Resources General Announcement of Reduction in Force

Due to the expected decline in the Library’s revenue going forward, it has been necessary for management to make some very hard decisions related to public service hours and restructuring of the Library’s organizational structure. As a result, we will be reducing staff and eliminating positions in a number of targeted areas.. The following groups of positions have been determined to be ones we need to reduce in number or eliminate all together for the new organizational structure. They are: LA I LA II Public Service Associates Public Service Librarians Processing Assistant III Building System Team Members Info Guides Management

Those affected staff members will be offered the following benefits: 3 months severance pay in a lump sum 3 months of COBRA (health insurance continuation coverage) premiums paid at 90% or an appropriate prorated amount for part-time staff, if applicable (Premiums are 102% of the full premium) to be deducted from lump sum severance, WorkOne workshops for unemployment compensation information and outplacement, retraining, re-employment information and services Employee Assistance Program access until the end of January, 2011 for the employee and members of his/her immediate family All regular, sick, annual and/or credited hours worked or used through the last day of work will be paid Any accumulated annual leave earned through the last day of work paid in a lump sum Counseling from the Public Employees’ Retirement Fund


In addition to the benefits above, those staff members affected by the reduction or elimination of their positions will be eligible to get a refund from their Public Employees’ Retirement Fund Annuity Savings Account as long as they do not meet the criteria for retirement. And, those who are affected by the reduction in our workforce and meet the

criteria for a PERF pension would be able to apply to start their retirement benefits and still be eligible for the severance benefits above. IMPORTANT: Any individual in one of the identified position groups above who is willing to be considered for involuntary termination as part of this reduction in force, please notify Human Resources in writing no later than October 1, 2010. Those staff members willing to be considered will be eligible for the severance package described above. Otherwise, we will proceed in making selections for reduction based on the policy and procedure outlined in the memo dated July 8, 2010 (see attachment). I will be out of the office on leave until later this month and not available for questions until I return. If you do have individual questions or need more information, I will be happy to respond to questions in writing after September 20th. Janet Gartin Moore. Director, Human Resources

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