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The need for disaster management especially elderly as vulnerable group in post disaster stage

(rehabilitation and reconstruction), need very serious handling. Especially disaster prevention
efforts in the field that emphasizes more food needs but for psychosocial needs is still lacking.
The purpose of this study is to understand the psychosocial needs of the elderly post-flood

This research is a qualitative research with descriptive phenomenology design through semi
structural interview, observation, and documentation. Participants include elderly who have
experienced flood events obtained through purposive sampling technique. Samples taken
amounted to 7 people. The data collected in the form of recordings, documentation and field
notes analyzed by the method of Cresswell, validated by triangulation technique, and member

This research identifies three themes: 1) Post-flood impact including physical / material impact
and psychological impact, 2) post disaster needs including physical, psychological, social and
spiritual needs and 3) Support / support to elderly after flood disaster. The results of this study
can provide an illustration that the elderly's psychosocial needs post-flood disaster is the need for
a sense of security, comfortable, more attention, requires friends.

Based on the results of the study is expected for families and health workers and volunteers pay
more attention to the needs of elderly post-flood disaster such as physical needs, spiritual needs
and especially psychosocial needs so that the elderly can enjoy his old age well and can improve
the quality of life in his old age without any interference.

Keywords: Flood, Psychosocial Needs, Elderly, Post disaster