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Underline Rewrite the best option

1. “15” is written... a) fifteen b)fivety c)fifty

2. My dog _____ black hair.

a) have b) is c) has
3. I _____ 15 years. a) have b) has c) am
4. _____ your aunt have children?

a) Is b)Do c) Does
5. Do they take a rest? a) Yes, you do b) No, they don` t c) Yes, they
6. My date is _____ November 12th .

a) in b) at c) on
7. John_____ travel all around the world. a) are b) can c) has
8. ______ a nice store near here.

a) There is b) There are c) Is there

9. Apple is my dog. _____ eyes are blue.

a) it b) its c) they
10._____ is your birthday?

a) Where b) When c) Why

11.Which one is correct…

a) I am always happy b) I always am happy c) I am happy always

12.Which is the right one…a) She always goes at 2 b) She goes always at 2
c) She always go at 2
13.They are _____ engineers. a) a b) an c)
14.There is _____ apple. a) a b) an c) “X”
15.Luis is worried Because_____ parents are talking with the principal
_____ feels anxious.

a) they, My b) his, he c) they, It

16.Are you comfortable with the test?

a) Yes, I am b) No, you are c) Yes, I do

17.They _____ play tennis on Saturday.
a)don´t b)aren` t c)doesn´t
18.That baby _______ all day .
a) crys b)cries c)cry
19.My dad _____ curly white hair.
a)have b)has c)is

20.My parents have _________.

a)eyes black b)black eyes c)blacks eyes
21.That is my sister _____ schoolbag.
a)s b) ‘ c)´s
22.This is Luis______ bedroom.
a)‘ b) x c) ‘ s
23.There ______ some furniture in this new apartment.
a) is b) are c) a
24.She _____ tall and slim. a) have b)has c)is
25.My sister’ s daughter is my __________.
a)nephew b) cousin c) niece
26.Do you ________ TV on Sunday morning?
a) watches b)watch c)watching
27.What time is it? 1:50
a) one fifteen b)it’s ten to two c)it’s one fifteen
28.My mom and I______extremely happy.
a) am b) have c) are
29.My house is full of_________
a)mouses b)mices c)mice
30._____she________ for the test? Yes, she is.
a)Does,study b)Is, studing c)Is, studying
31.Does he have gray hair?
a)No, he doesn´t b) Yes, he have c)No, he hasn´t
32.She is the_________girl in this school.
a)prettier b)the most pretty c)the prettiest
33.Los Mochis isn´t_______than Hermosillo
a)hoter b)more hot c)hotter
34.She never works ___ Saturdays.
a) At b)in c)on
35.A: Does your son have to wear a uniform to school?
B: Yes, he __________ to wear a white shirt and grey pants.
a) have b) haves c)has
36.The United States are ___ than Canada.
a) more small b) smaller c) smallest

37.My sister doesn´t______ the homework

a)does b) did c)do
38.She never________in class.
a)speaks b) speak c)speaking
39. Which is a Noun?
a) read b)white c)flower
40.-a verb
a)speaking b) house c)frequently
41.-an adverb

a)too b)happy c)clean

42. an adjective
a)communicative b) communicate c)communication
43.-___________ a park near your house?
a) There is b) There are c) Is there
44.-This sentence is IMPERATIVE.
a) You have to go to buy tortillas
b) Buy tortillas
c) Can you buy tortillas?
45.-My mom is ________________.
a) the good b) the goodest c) the best
Complete the table. IRREGULAR VERBS
Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle SPANISH
1) be
2) become
3) begin
4) break
5) bring
6) Build
7) buy
8) catch
9) come
10) do
11) draw
12) dream
13) drink
14) drive
15) eat
16) fall
17) feed
18) feel
19) find
20) fly
21) forget
22) get
23) get up
24) give
25) go
26) have
27) know
28) leave
29) lend
30) lie
31) lose

32) make
33) meet
34) pay
35) remake
36) rewrite
37) ride
38) ring
39) run
40) say
41) see
42) sell
43) send
44) shoot
45) sing
46) sink
47) sit
48) sleep
49) speak
50) spend
51) stand
52) swim
53) take
54) teach
55) tell
56) think
57) understand
58) wake up
59) wear
60) write