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I. MULTIPLE CHOICES. Encircle the letter of the best answer from the given 5. Since the valves act as the doors of the heart, what might happen if the
choices. doors do not close?
1. If solid and liquid wastes are removed from the body through defecation a. The blood will continue to flow
and urination, what is released by the body as waste during respiration? b. The blood will stop flowing
a. oxygen c. hydrogen c. The blood will flow forward
b. carbon dioxide d. water d. The blood will flow backwards
2. What happens to the diaphragm when a person breathes in or inhales? 6. When we breathe in, we inhale many gases present in the air, including
a. the diaphragm muscle contracts oxygen. What do you think happens to the gases that are not needed by the
b. the diaphragm muscle relaxes body?
c. the diaphragm does not move a. The gases will go to the heart
d. the diaphragm moves b. The gases move out from the heart
3. Why the human heart is called a double pump? c. The gases remain in the heart
a. the heart pumps on every sides. d. The gases will still pass from the lungs into the blood and circulate
b. The heart pumps in one side throughout the body.
c. the heart stops pumping 7. How does cigarette smoking increases the risk of developing cardiovascular
d. the heart will not pump diseases?
4. What will happen if oxygen is not transported by the blood to the different a. They can damage the function of the heart and the structure and
parts of the body? function of blood vessels.
a. it is not needed by the body b. They destroy the heart
b. the organs will be nourished c. They damage the lungs
c. carbon dioxide will substitute as a transport medium d. They help the smokers
d. The cells in our body will not be able to process the nutrients to provide
energy for the body and they will die. 8. Occurs when the phenotype of the offspring is somewhere in between the
phenotypes of both parents, a completely dominant allele does not occur.
a. Codominance c. sex-linked genes 15. Found in the lower surface of the leaf that allows the entrance of CO2
b. Incomplete dominance d. sex -limited traits needed for photosynthesis. They also serve as exit point for the O2 produced
9. Occurs when both alleles are expressed equally in the phenotype of the during photosynthesis.
heterozygote. a. Guard cells c. grana
a. Codominance c. sex-linked traits b. Stroma d. stomata
b. Incomplete dominance d. sex- limited traits 16. Which of the following materials are cycled out by the chloroplast and
10. How is forest ecosystem affected when trees are cut down? mitochondrion?
a. Population increases c. destruction of habitat a. CO2, H2O, O2 & ATP
b. Diversity elevates d. ecosystem is balance b. CO2, H2O, sugar & O2
11. What is the main cause of extinction in plant and animal species? c. Sugar,, H2O, O2 & ATP
a. Shortage of food c. destruction of habitat d. Sugar,, H2O, sunlight & O2
b. Over collection d. reforestation 17. When cells breakdown a sugar molecule completely to produce chemical
12. Genes located on the x-chromosomes are called x-linked genes. An example energy (ATP) the cells need _____.
of this is ______ a. Sugar & oxygen c. sugar only
a. Color blindness c. lactation b. Sugar & H2O d. sugar & CO2
b. Baldness d. blood type 18. A vegetable farmer wants to increase his harvest. Which conditions should
13. One chain of a DNA molecule has a nucleotide sequence A T G C G T A C. the farmer will consider?
What is the sequence of the nucleotides on its partner chain? a. The kind of soil only c. the location of the plants only
a. A T G C G T A C b. The amount of water only d. all of the above
b. A G T C C A T C 19. Oxygen is essential in cellular respiration, what is the role of O2 in the
c. T A C G C A T G electron transport chain?
d. T T G G C C A A a. It provides a high energy proton
14. A major problem in lakes, rivers and ponds, when the concentration of the b. It releases an electron
organic nutrients that comes from domestic garbage are thrown in bodies of c. It serves as the final acceptor
water, increases rapidly one of the effects of water pollution. What d. It forms H2O
ecological problem is this? 20. What will happen if ATP and NADPH are already used up at night?
a. Soil erosion c. eutrophication a. Less O2 will be produced
b. Landslide d. red tide b. Glucose production will stop
c. Less CO2 will be used
d. H2O molecule will split to form electrons.
21. Plants make food by absorbing water and carbon dioxide. Which of the 27. Pyruvate is the product of glycolysis. If there is no oxygen available to cells
following substances is the origin of oxygen released as gas by green plants of the human body, what becomes of pyruvate?
during photosynthesis? a. Alcohol c. CO2
a. Water c. carbon dioxide b. Lactic acid d. A and C
b. Sugar d. ribulose-1, 5-biphosphate 28. If you did not eat for three days, where did your cell get the glucose for ATP
22. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are gases that cycle out in the ecosystem. Which production?
of the following gases is important to photosynthesis? a. Blood sugar c. glycogen present in the muscle
a. Ozone gas c. oxygen b. Glycogen in the liver d. protein in the blood
b. Water vapor d. carbon dioxide 29. How many molecule/s of carbon dioxide is/ are released from one pyruvic
23. Plants are considered as food makers. In which of the following cell acid molecule being oxidized?
organelles does photosynthesis occur? a. 1 c.2
a. Ribosome c. oxygen b. 3 d. 4
b. Water vapor d. carbon dioxide 30. During the synthesis of ATP, what is the direction of hydrogen flow?
24. The light-dependent reaction of photosynthesis must come first before the a. From matrix to inter membrane space
light-independent reaction because its products are important to the b. From inter membrane space to matrix
fixation of carbon dioxide. Which of the following is/are the product/s of the c. From matrix of mitochondrion to cytoplasm
light-dependent reaction? d. From cytoplasm to matrix of mitochondrion
a. ADP only c. ATP only
25. Plants are very unique among other organisms due to their capability into II. ENUMERATION
trap sunlight and make their own food. Which of the following enable plants 1-3 Steps in Respiration
to trap energy form the sun?
a. Epidermis c. cuticle
b. Chloroplast d. chlorophyll
26. All organisms get energy from food to perform different life processes. This 4-5 Steps in photosynthesis
is done in the cells by breaking down sugar molecules into chemical energy.
Which of the following cell organelles is associated with the production of
chemical energy?
a. Chloroplast c. endoplasmic reticulum 6-8 Raw materials in Photosynthesis
b. Mitochondrion d. nucleus
IV. CONCEPT MAP . Make a concept map of the entire process of Photosynthesis
9-10 Raw materials in Respiration

III. MATCHING TYPE. Write the corresponding letter

1. The method by which one can determine a. Mitochondrion
the possible genotypes & phenotypes
2. Traits that are expressed exclusively in one b. Krebs cycle
3. Powerhouse of the cell where respiration c. Photosynthesis
is taking place d. Sex-linked traits
4. Where photosynthesis occurs e. Respiration
5. Happens in the presence of light f. Punnett square
6. Provides the most number of ATP g. ATP
molecules h. Glycolysis
7. Process by which plant make their own i. Electron Chain
food j. Light reaction phase.
8. Citric acid cycle k. chloroplast
9. Energy carrying molecule
10. Sugar is broken down

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