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Charges of Cation Charges of Anion

Cation Formula Cation Name Anion Formula Anoin Name

H⁺ Hydrogen BO₃⁻³ Borate
Li⁺ Lithium CO₃⁻² Carbonate
Na⁺ Sodium HCO₃⁻ Bicarbonate
K⁺ Potassium N⁻³ Nitride
Be⁺² Beryllium NO₂⁻ Nitrite
Mg⁺² Magnesium NO₃⁻ Nitrate
Ca⁺² Calcium P⁻³ Phosphide
Sr⁺² Strontium PO₂⁻³ Hypophosphite
Ba⁺² Barium PO₃⁻³ Phosphite
B⁺³ Boron PO₄⁻³ Phosphate
Al⁺³ Aluminum PO₃⁻ Metaphosphate
Zn⁺² Zinc HPO₄⁻² Biphosphate
Cd⁺² Cadmium H₂PO₄⁻ Hydrogen Biphosphate
Hg⁺² Mercury (Mercury II) S⁻² Sulfide
Hg₂⁺² Mercurous (Mercury I) HS⁻ Bisulfide
Cu⁺² Cupric (Copper II) SO₃⁻² Sulfite
Cu⁺ Cuprous (Copper I) SO₄⁻² Sulfate
Ni⁺³ Nickelic (Nickel III) HSO₄⁻ Bisulfate
Ni⁺² Nickelous (Nickel II) S₂O₈⁻² Persulfate
Fe⁺³ Ferric (Iron III) S₂O₃⁻² Thiosulphate
Fe⁺² Ferrous (Iron II) F⁻ Fluoride
Ag⁺ Silver FO⁻ Hypofluorite
NH₄⁺ Ammonium FO₂⁻ Fluorite
Sn⁺⁴ Stannic (Tin IV) FO₃⁻ Fluorate
Sn⁺² Stannous (Tin II) FO₄⁻ Perfluorate
Pb⁺⁴ Plumbic (Lead IV) Cl⁻ Chloride
Pb⁺² Plumbous (Lead II) ClO⁻ Hypochlorite
Mn⁺² Manganous (Mn II) ClO₂⁻ Chlorite
Mn⁺³ Manganic (Mn III) ClO₃⁻ Chlorate
Mn⁺⁴ Manganite (Mn IV) ClO₄⁻ Perchlorate
Cr⁺² Chromous (Cr II) Br⁻ Bromide
Cr⁺³ Chromic (Chromium II) BrO⁻ Hypobromite
Co⁺² Cobaltous (Cobalt II) BrO₂⁻ Bromite
Co⁺³ Cobaltic (Cobalt III) BrO₃⁻ Bromate
Sb⁺³ Antimonous (Sb III) BrO₄⁻ Perbromate
Sb⁺⁵ Antimonic (Sb V) I⁻ Iodide
PH⁺ Phosphonium IO⁻ Hypoiodite
H₃O⁺ Hydronium IO₂⁻ Iodite
H₃S⁺ Sulfonium IO₃⁻ Iodate
C⁺² Carbon IO₆⁻⁵ Periodate
OH⁻ Hydroxide
O⁻² Oxide
Anion Formula Anoin Name
O₂⁻² Peroxide
C₂O₄⁻² Oxalate
As⁻² Arsenic
AsO₄⁻³ Arsenate
AsS₄⁻³ Thioarsenate
S₂O₃ Thiosulfate
Se⁻² Selenide
SeO₄⁻² Selenate
SeO₃⁻² Selenite
CrO₄⁻² Chromate
Cr₂O₇⁻² Dichromate
MnO₄⁻ Permanganate (Mn VII)
MnO₄⁻² Manganate (Mn VI)
CH₃CO₂⁻ Acetate
CH₃COO⁻ Acetate
CN⁻ Cyanide
OCN⁻ Cyanate
SCN⁻ Thiocyanate
CNO⁻ Fulminate
Fe(CN)₆⁻⁴ Ferrocyanide
Fe(CN)₆⁻³ Ferricyanide
N₃⁻ Azide
CHO₂⁻ Formate
SnO₂⁻² Dioxostannate
GeO₃⁻² Germanate
PdCl₆⁻² Hexachloropalladate
PtCl₆⁻² Hexachloroplantinate
PtCl₄⁻² Tetrachloroplantinate
SiF₆⁻² Hexafluorosilicate
N₂O₂⁻² Hyponitrite
MoO₄⁻² Molybdate
SiO₃⁻² Silicate
C₄H₄O₆⁻² Tartrate
TeO₄⁻² Tellurate
B₄O₇⁻² Tetraborate
WO₄⁻² Tungstate
AlO₂⁻ Aluminate
C₇H₅O₂⁻ Benzoate
BiO₃⁻ Bismuthate
ReO₄⁻ Perrhenate
S₄O₆⁻² Tetrathionate
VO₃⁻ Vanadate