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Mi Phone User Guide Welcome Mi phone is powerful smart phone brand presented by Xiaomi Inc. Please visit to learn more features about Mi phone and purchase acoes- sores, ‘To know more features about MIUI, please wistt This user guide may differ from actual phone due to software update. Please refer to your actual phone accordingly. This revision is updated on 12th May, 2016 Table of Contents Chapter 1: Overview {Gvorvion Applications ‘Status Bar Icons Chapter 2; Get Started Important information Battory and Charging USB Connectivity Headset Quick Guide Chapter 3: Basic Function Applications Gestures Notification Panel Toxt Input Chapter 4: Introduction of Detailed Functions Phone ‘Take Photos and Videos Entertainment Browse the Wab: Multi-Tasks Add Widgets, Change the Wallpaper and Home Screen Thumbnail ‘Changing Themes ‘System Tools Other Utilisations 10 1 " 1 2 2