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1. This question paper consists of 3 sections.
Soalan Markah
Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 3 pecahan.
Section A
2. Answer all question in the OMR sheets.
Jawab semua soalan di dalam kertas OMR Section B
yang disediakan
Section C


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This question paper consists of 7 printed pages.

Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 7 halaman bercetak

Section A: Comprehension
[15 marks]
Answer all questions.
Read the text below carefully and choose the appropriate answer.
Question 1 - 5 are based on the following text.


Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima is from Brazil. He was born on 22 September 1976. Eight years later, he
began playing soccer. His dream was to play for his country like his idol Zico. At the age of 17, Ronaldo was
already playing for the Junior National Team.

In December 1993, he played for the national team. In 1997, Ronaldo become one of the world's
most famous sportsmen. Brazil won its fifth World Cup in 2002 when Ronaldo scored eight goals. He was
paid 45 million Euros to play for Real Madrid. Today, he is still with them.

Do you know how he became interested in football? He first discovered the game at the age of four
when he watched his experienced and skilful father play the sport. He was attracted to his father's ability in
playing the game. A strong, skilful and hardworking football player, Ronaldo has become the world's most
recognized football personality.

1. The passage is about

A. Soccer C. Ronaldo
B. Real Madrid D. The World Cup

2. Ronaldo was born in

A. Peru C. Brazil
B. Argentina D. England

3. Ronaldo's dream was to play

A. for Brazil C. like his idol Zico
B. for Real Madrid D. for the Junior National Team

4. Ronaldo's idol is
A. Zico C. Nazario
B. Janeiro D. Ronaldinho

5. Ronaldo discovered football when

A. he was eight years old C. he watched his father play football
B. Zico taught him the game D. he was selected to play for the Junior National team.

Question 6 - 10 are based on the following text.

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. They can only be found in Africa. An adult giraffe can grow up to six

meters in height. As it is tall, a giraffe can only eat tree leaves for food. Its long neck enables the giraffe to reach

for the leaves high up on the trees. Being tall also has its problems especially when it needs to drink water. The

giraffe has to spread its forelegs wide apart in order to drink water from streams.
Female giraffe can only give birth to one offspring at a time. A young giraffe can reach a height of three
metres in less than a year. The giraffe population is becoming smaller. Most of its young are killed by lions for

food. Adult giraffe use their strong legs to protect themselves from lions. Giraffe are also hunted by humans for

meat and hides. We must start to protect giraffe before they become extinct from this world.

6. Which of the following statements is true about giraffe?

A. They live in the wilds of Africa. C. They are not the tallest animals in the world.
B. They eat twigs and branches only. D. They are already extinct in the modern world.

7. The giraffe's long neck enable it to

A. drink water from deep rivers. C. eat only tree leaves.
B. eat only twigs and branches. D. knock lions away.

8. Being tall, a giraffe will face problem when

A. it want to drink water from streams. C. it eats tree leaves for food.
B. it gives birth to its young. D. it is attacked by lions.

9. The world it in the passage above refers to a

A. lion C. hunter
B. human D. giraffe

10. Why is the giraffe population decreasing?

A. Many giraffe do not give birth C. Many giraffe could not drink water properly
B. Many giraffe could not find food D. Many giraffe are killed by lions and humans
Question 11 - 15 are based on the following text.
Ways To Save The Earth
1. Carpool or take public transport.
less cars on the road will make traffic smoother. This will reduce the use of petrol and save
money too.
2. Use reusable utensils and not disposable ones.

Bring along your own container for a takeaways. Don't use the hawker's plastics containers,
bamboo chopsticks, plastic forks and spoons. Reuse your own utensils to save the earth.
3. Collect rainwater and use it to water your plants.
Plants can survive on rainwater. So, why waste tap water on plants? It helps to cut down our
water bill too.
4. Plant a tree or a bush today.
Every plant transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen during the day. So, plant one today to help
keep our earth safe and green.

11. Sharing car and taking public transport will

A. worsen the traffic jams C. increase traffic on the road
B. lessen traffic on the road D. give rise to traffic congestion

12. The word reusable can best be replaced with

A. thrown away C. destroy
B. used again D. disposed

13. We can reuse our own utensils for any takeaways. So, we can
A. save our washing - up C. save our environment
B. save our money D. save our petrol

14. Rainwater should be used to water plants because it helps to

A. save water C. keep rainwater away
B. save the plants D. keep the plants healthy

15. Besides saving water, using rainwater also helps to

A. reduce our water bill C. increase our water usage
B. increase our water bill D. reduce the number of plants

SECTION B: Spelling
[ 5 marks ]
Based on the pictures, choose the answer with the correct spelling.
16. A. Kon
B. Cone
C. Ceno
D. Kone

17. A. Ractangular
B. Trangle
C. Ractangualar
D. Triangle

18. A. Pyramid

B. Piramid
C. Paramid
D. Parimid

19. A. Silinder
B. Cylinder
C. Cyalinde
D. Calinder

20. A. Triangle
B. Trangle
C. Rectangular
D. Racetangular

SECTION C: Grammar
[ 20 marks]
Choose the best answer.

21. My brother __________ badminton every evening.

A play B plays C playing D played

22. Aleena __________ early every night.

A sleep B sleeps C slept D sleeping

23. We usually __________ up at six o’clock.

A gets B got C get D gotten

24. My teacher often __________ us stories.

A told B telling C tell D tells

25. Those boys always __________ neatly.

A writing B wrote C write D writes

26. She __________ a new dress once a month.

A buys B bought C buy D buying

27. The earth __________ round.

A is B are C was D were

28. A butcher __________ meat.

A sells B sell C sold D selling

29. I __________ my pen yesterday.

A finds B find C found D finding

30. Our teacher __________ us a story a week ago.

A telling B tells C tell D told
31. Mr. Lee __________ a tie last Saturday.
A wears B wore C wearing D worn

32. They __________ at seven o’clock yesterday.

A comes B came C come D coming

33. She __________ the letter just now.

A post B posted C posting D posts

34. I __________ all my money last Monday.

A spending B spends C spent D spend

35. Last Sunday his dog __________ the postman.

A bites B bite C biting D bit

36. Yesterday I __________ up early to go swimming.

A getting B gotten C got D gets

37. He __________ the glass last Sunday.
A breaking B break C broke D breaks

38. They __________ us the photos last week.

A showing B shows C show D showed

39. The wind __________ strongly last night.

A blew B blowing C blow D blows

40. The police __________ the thief last week.

A caught B catching C catch D catches

- end -