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Shashank Yadav <> Sat, 29 Sep 2018 at 1:43 pm

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I. Updating the Sun Rack II Enhanced PDU Metering Unit Firmware

These instructions describe how to update the Sun Rack II enhanced power
distribution unit (Enhanced PDU) firmware.

Download the Firmware File:

1. Using a web browser, connect to the My Oracle Support web site:

2. Locate and download the latest version of the firmware.

To locate the latest PDU firmware, select the Patches & Updates
tab then select Product or Family (Advanced Search) and search for
Sun Rack II. Follow the instructions on the web site to download
the firmware.

3. Save the downloaded firmware ZIP file to a directory accessible to the

PDU over the network.

If the download is not in a ZIP file,download the metering unit firmware

(MKAPP_V2.x.dl) and latest MIB file(snmp_oracle_rmii_xxxxxx.mib.

4. Use the unzip(1) command to extract the metering unit firmware from the
downloaded ZIP file.

The downloaded ZIP file contains two update files:

* MKAPP_V2.x.dl - metering unit firmware
* snmp_oracle_rmii_141125.mib - mib file

If the ZIP file also contains a text file, review it for any additional
information about the firmware updates.

Update the FW using the BUI:

1. On a system connected to the network, type the metering unit IP address

in a web browser's address line to connect to the PDU metering unit.

Ask your network administrator for the IP address of the PDU metering

HTTPS is the default BUI setting.

2. Click on the Net Configuration link and log in as an admin user.

You are prompted to log in as an admin user.

Default admin username = admin
Default admin password = adm1n

3. Select the Firmware-Update tab.

4. Click on the Browse button and locate the MKAPP_V2.x.dl file you
downloaded previously.

5. Click the Submit button to update the metering unit firmware.

6. Click on the Module Info link to verify the firmware revision level and
confirm that you updated the firmware successfully.

Update the FW using the Command Line Interface:

1. Using an appropriate SSH application, execute the following command.

scp MKAPP_V2.x.dl

MKAPP_V2.x.dl is the file download previously is the IP address of the PDU.

2. When prompted, enter the admin password.

The default admin password is adm1n.

3. When finished, the PDU will reboot and disconnect from the SSH

4. Confirm that you updated the firmware successfully.

II. Bugs Fixed


Code addresses Bug 28340106 Metering overview does not function


Three improvements have been made to the firmware of the PDU

Improvements for PDU hangs (Bug numbers 25993608 and 26042347)

Improvements made for PDU hangs


If customers use BMC Vulnerability Scans the PDU may be prone to haning
The following improvements have been made to prevent the hangs

Improvements for WebServer stability regarding BMC Vulnerability Scans

Improvements on TCP level regarding hanging sockets and connections for WebServer (add socket option "KeepAlive")
Improvements on TCP level regarding hanging sockets and connections for SSH (add socket option "KeepAlive")
Improvements on basic TCP level with MQX-OS specific MsgPool buffer increase handling

Password Length

Adds a note to the WebGUI explaining the allowed password length.

("Passwords must be at least 8 but no more than 15 characters in length")

Wrong Password

Fixes login failures via SSH

If logging in via SSH with the wrong password, other protocols like the Web-Interface were set to a logged state

In addition to the bugs below, version V2.07 addresses additional issues

Bug 21481614 provides support for IPv6 on enhanced PDU's

Note : DNS support in IPv6 mode is not supported, only IP addresses may be entered not host names
IPv4 and IPv4/6 modes continue to provide DNS support

Hang after PDU restart

In some environments, if IPv6 communication is on the network the PDU may hang after a restart

Included in V2.07, the following bugs have been addressed

22344127 Enhanced PDU with 2.04 firmware not responding to http interface
23102180 Enhanced PDU network interface goes offline
24657018 Enhanced PDU with firmware v2.05 network port hangs

This version of firmware may address some of the issues relating to scanning with Qualys
The code is known to have passed with Scanner 8.6.27-1, Vulnerability Signatures 2.3.436-2
A single scan of the PDU will unlikely lead to a hang
If there are multiple scans at the same time the PDU may hang

20610028 Enhanced PDU network port hangs from security scan (fw v2.0.2)

The following changes have been made to the code to address issues

Multiple SSH sessions run simultaneously will lead to the PDU hanging
The opening and closing of TCP connections for SSH purposes can lead to PDU hangs
The allocation and deallocation of memory was incorrect
Incorrect application closing of TCP connections will lead to the maximum connection limit being exceeded

Number of web sessions which can connect to the PDU is limited to 5

The number of TCP connections remains at 30 however to improve the performance of the PDU the
number of sessions which a single IP address can handle is limited to 5
The PDU performance is slowed down beyond 5 and it may be perceived as a hang
Once a session is closed, performance will recover

V2.06 - not released to MOS

Bug 21481614 provides support for IPv6 on enhanced PDU's

Note : DNS support in IPv6 mode is not supported, only IP addresses may be entered not host names
IPv4 and IPv4/6 modes continue to provide DNS support
Hang after PDU restart
In some environments, if IPv6 communication is on the network the PDU may hang after a restart

Bug 25174304
PDU starts with IPv4+IPv6 setting, DHCP Enable or Disable, HTTP or HTTPs
Enable and FW V2.05
From IPv4 or IPv6 BUI, Perform Firmware Update to V2.07,
After Firmware Update is complete & PDU Restart.
IP Mode IPv4+IPv6 changed to IPv4 only, Can not ping IPv6 & connect to PDU via IPv6, PDU can be connected via IPv4 only.

Root cause of issue

Prior to the introduction of IPv6 stand alone, there were two modes of IP settings IPv4 and IPv4/6
There was a variable defined in the code which held this value.
When IPv6 was introduced, the variable was unable to hold three different values and new variable was defined
This variable held all three values
When upgrading to the new firmware if IPv4/6 mode had been selected, the setting parameter is lost
To change the code would require significant work as every mode of operation selected within the PDU would need
to be changed to look at variable a or b

Customers who are using the IPv4/6 mode and only have IPv6 addresses will have to manually update the PDU
Customers who are using the IPv4 or IPv4/6 mode and only have an IPv4 IP address will not be required to manually upgrade
the PDU


Bug 22903124
Error message - CLI already in use!!! Please try again later .....Write failed: Broken pipe message

Enhancement No1
New feature the inclusion of the IP address for any http access

Enhancement No2
This partially but does not fully address bugs 19610117, 20610028. PDU hangs after a security scan
It is classed as an enhancement because to full address the bug, http needs to be left running when a security scan
happens and
the PDU should not hang
The change within V2.05 means when http is disabled, the web server and associated ports 80 and 443 are closed
Http can be disabled today via Net Configuration >> HTTP Access but the ports are left open

20179505 All users can be deleted or changed to "user" access rights
using CLI

20194909 All users can be deleted or changed to "user" access rights

using SNMP

20895452 Inconsistency between interfaces wrt User Manager Table under

Http Access page

V2.03 and MIB_150317:



20476946 PDU metering unit shows an incorrect voltage value

20640207 Single Phase LV PDU Reports Active Power Incorrectly

20647174 PDU CLI requires "reset=yes" after each parameter set

20647231 Change DHCP Behavior on PDU to Continuously DHCP Discover

V2.02 and MIB_141125:

18831599 alarm value can be set lower than pre-warning value

18849272 CLI command, hitting a return key with no input generates an


18849299 CLI docs needs to be updated to match with output of commands

18857204 Enable / Disable Syslog is vague; there is no intrinsic value

to it; need improve

18865788 Only SNMPv3 users created under Host 1 in PDU SNMP-Access

table work
18867626 Unable to generate SNMPv3 traps on PDU running FWT16

18867697 PDU Event log contains entries dates 1970-01-01

18869022 CLI needs a help command or a way to display a list of


18880692 enabling IPV6 manual address doesn't also way work the first

18883803 PDU should display Metering Overview page after reboot.

18885780 On SNMP-Access under SNMPv3, change Hosts column to either

No. or Nr.

18885875 An SNMP mib object needed to restore the PDU to factory


18885915 The Oracle-RMII mib needs a MODULE-IDENTITY statement

18885970 The mib DESCRIPTIONS in the Oracle-RMII mib are all empty

18888911 In the metering overview page, the state column do not

include voltage status

18889015 Setting time to NTP server does not include daylight saving

18889478 SNMPv1 test trap snmpTrapOID does not return Oracle-RMII:


18890835 checkboxes for IP and Hostname to be greyed out if no info in


18890993 Proper CLI commands with random appended characters still


18891005 Text is displayed instead of the data display frame.

18894179 Change Module Info FRUID field to PDU Date of Manufacture

18896403 Unable to SET Oracle-RMII::pduTotalPduEnergy

18896486 HTML special characters are not handled correctly BUI text

18896787 Implement TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONS in PDU-ETH-MIB and Oracle-RMII

18898797 SNMP-Access page needs to have corrected MIB labeling

18905365 Test traps are only implemented in RMII-MIB

18905419 On SNMP-Access change read/write to read-write in access


18905649 SNMPv3 users can be created with auth and priv passwords of 1

18907242 CLI netmask change is not reflected at CLI but it does change
in the BUI

18907398 User view of net configuration information is not consistent

between BUI and CLI
18909261 With IPV6 disable, SLACC LinkLocal Address can still be ping
from a remote system

18916892 Time interval for repeating values to reset to 000 after

reset button submitted

18924101 syslog should work independently from SNMP trap option when
setting alarm

18932814 System time reverts to "1970 January 1" after PDU reboot

18942535 current graph displays number instead of color bar status on

Internet Explorer 8

18942731 Subnet masks can be set to illegal settings

18943705 unable to enable IPV6 with manual address

18944150 a username should not be allowed to have certain characters

as part of the name
18951010 Values for minute and second should be 0 when Hours value is
set to 24 in syslog

18952855 BUI improvement (typo, user interfaces, etc)

18952957 ipv6 from CLI does not match the value shows in BUI

18959660 If a second user attempts to login using SSH, it will cause

that session to hang

18960379 Update a variable setting at CLI is reflected in BUI but not

in CLI

18961170 BUI Metering Overview needs to display active and apparent

power to two places.

18961752 2nd user can log in through the serial port

18969279 FRUID PDU Product Description field is blank

18996823 After doing a set command, the CLI should return a message to
do a "reset=yes"

19634542 Command and Object for "Bootloader Version" and "MAC-Address"

using CLI and SNMP

19676730 Single phase PDU accepts "Out Of Balance" parameters via SNMP

19702532 bui and snmp does not support applicable range of 0-255 for
Number of traps

19779574 SNMP v3 user with "Security Level" "auth / priv" can be

created without password

19785033 PDU "system Info" in "Module Info" page inconsistent with

snmp and CLI output

19792778 Code error for net_syslog_alarm_enable

19802290 SNMP MIB Documentation error for object pduReset

19810158 Moscow TZ Offset is incorrect.

19843853 Unable to set SnmpTrapTargetCommunity via CLI

19854384 Unable to set net_ipv6_manual ipaddress via CLI

19854450 net_port_snmp and net_port_traps accepts invalid parameters

19880515 Total Active Power of PDU on BUI does not match what value
from LCD & CLI

19886938 BUI accepts multiple decimal points for Parameter current and
Parameter voltage

19902124 Access disabled to PDU after reboot from BUI or CLI

19908640 Single phase PDU accepts "Out Of Balance" parameters via SNMP
with Original-MIB

19915820 Enabling dhcp via SNMP requires a reboot in SNMP and CLI but
not in BUI

19918322 Warning value doesn't change value when all values are
changed at the same time.

19926776 LCD screen does not display IPv4 address with IPv4+IPv6
selected & configured

20023529 Description section of the Enhanced-MIB objects should

explain if it need reboot

18928220 Oracle-RMII::pduSyslogValuesEnablePdu can be SET to non-valid
values using SNMP

18942719 interfaces access via ethernet sometimes hang

Initial Release