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‘THE SIKHS AND THEIR RELIGION of newer th the exception ofthe Baba ath, The Slow number about 20 mulon werauide but onsite smaory 6) nPuna nea These were {ew Shs ving ute of nai 1960, With hanes in immigration avs and persecution combined with Uhamplaymaent in Panab.the number sf Si ‘western counties has gown Femara Tey now Constitute wsble minortes n USA. Canada, and Brain Many sins n these counres have seve fsincion ih vaieus proesons in busines aha faring swell arn pose sence. The numberof “guar (Shh paces of wri Iv USA has grown ‘set ofl cohesive orgenizaton, nd pei Istry deine the Tats and consequenty the urge deny of tr aherets The Sh regan ated wh ten Gurus fam Su Gur Nanak ai (14631559 C8) tosinGura Gobind Sing shi T666 1708 Before ele the mortal won i GUN Gobi Singh Sahib Insruced the Shs to regard the Granth Sahib ‘ouiing of weses given by sof the ten Gata ‘sella sections om the work of ever Fin the Son sertare reer ae Si GaruGanth Ssh SIKH BELIEFS Si belevein one Geese to mankind trough the Gans The Sim vew of Goa i rummarze nthe rool manta ~ an exreson used nfl oo Sebrevted for at bm St of erry cob of and The oer, Immanent, Fearies, Without rancor, transcending ine Neve bom Seeder tough theconcrce® "sewhere ni Guru Granth Sah, Cos stated tobe Trego fore rel se Kt al cous, the Eta Ger, Powder and Sustne mong te ramet sed for Goa init ura Granth Scho sVahegus the Wondrous Gur Tre word gui nean languages means teacher orgude However nthe Sh regan the Ga occupies 2 spec postion. The Gury and od ave PractealyKenical While God & unknowable ara Uhbor, the Gur the Perfect Being wth wham Ieee An meester er wren occ vce He manfess al dive stbutes Ieuan Immority ecarding te St Guru Gant Sah True Gi freer He doe nat come and go Aso ‘Aoonthe Gru anéGadtebe ane sath sare Te Gras nat nthe eye of bth and deat ie ater Iara ut ‘come to the wor forthe sation ot Tialod Hs mason ie bless people th Go's Name to une ther ith od Huan fe a9 oppartunty meet God Fotowng ones um ajard mina ths oppor wasted Pusu of tanstory aaticabon. List anger grea Understanding God. Merl reading ard recon the eet tetenhrinores bathing inbaly roe fasting, enuncon, cen asous Yoo rates. ‘hay, ee, se wiless exerci Sil ofthe min tn 8) oy ence oe 99 es oe hs Ind ofthe det of sll and in arty set te ftheimpeciments ndineructshiminalerye that nd for ete oy Meeting the Tue Gr posible hols that theultimate jy Ib bance rough sept ea of God crn coef 2 Himin nese and nas Creston The elton ered ellen af omit t between the ccean and the wave Once ths it Understood there can be eineguaty among peopl, ‘nd intalerance One see Ged ineveryOung, ‘SIKH LIFESTYLE AND RELIGIOUS PRACTICES, AI fotos he ars teachings nds ve by ther to etre Berton wana te ef an ‘eiaty householder A Sins oto Naty po kit honest aber and share he ts ofthat labor AS, tects the company of others who love Gog sna recesinsharediov of hei ln 1659, St Guru Gobind Singh Sania inode handed Pahl ination wth the double eae word which hat come to be ced the Amit ‘olrteer lng to present Ns head e sald to Sverd dipping aod seed or enh TRun tm Pana he Gar ealed ther his Pa) Pare ive {sored Ones and asked ther to refi the aha Many ther Sah men and women recehes the Pal ‘Thetntater mere clog Khaee meaning the “chore ne othe Ca The Kelis to beth Stan colder emptied 99 the Gur dung ‘cua regates of ast They wert bear ams ‘elders whenever he occasion sore The Kale were Stheuneuthar thes in Punjab The others te kacheh Uipecal peo br) kare anon bongie)pa (ira and kenge (asl woosen coms). The ‘hlaren wore tobe rough up 35 Khabar 0 be reputed for tang the Pohl when they were old ‘heuah, Ay St who afer taking te Pal ats the commandment putt or “en sh Repentance and nplemeraton of tice, shen by ‘ie anita ha have taken the Paul Shs nthe presence of Sit Gr Granth sah, would make the Sambly of ll amtonar the Gut Path, wat ‘imate authorty ina mates tectng the ath he ole the Mast hasbeen to defend the fa rote the weak and to Fight oppression By unjust Sitory. Se Beeve i ane quay, edo ‘twain oll anahave aay een rea Sart cppresson ih lene of the downtrodden. Sih Iistoryieudes moments of supreme sacrfice. A Unique cumple that of Se Gur Tegh Sanat Sah, he Ninth anu, who was nected by the ‘tenis for savocatng te ight ofthe Hindus to free worship. The Sih tude sumiyed up inthe Dryercomporesby Si Guru Gabind Singh Sai: "OLord gant the boon hat: anould never dest rom nighteou ct May nat be aa ofthe enemy when goo bat may resolutely ensure my vier. ‘| sul ran my mina that woul nays ese ong Your pabe When the nd offs ean ray le ahing in Thethiket bate” ‘Thesis nave no pests. Any Sikh, man of woman fin acate any velour ceremony Commer tleted bythe oe marsh manage Sh places Sf worhp Histor sne Dun ae manage hich elected Invaous cours sauna word fa ther facile. The commen Inks alegance to GouPantnand be shh Rent Marae (Sn Prnesies Uving) AT esputes canbe appealed to SH Ala! ath Sab RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER FAITHS ‘though the sth elon shares sme bles wth lean Chea, Jude el ae ame eeool of ind though Ris dic om therm, Acari Simi Granth Sab “dont ft or do obseve Raman, ony sve Hj to Kaos nor go on ary gage | erve iy onemndvauer “lsmratshnaner sls omeve, tolerance tonacd other gions i an Ira prt of ek According ote on “Ene Gd the ame and thre na ote {ostrovathelanrmer eve ctaandes a Canyons bat Apron ak of dae good ny Sconce ne God dee oneal “Dont say the Vedat Fhe Hook purr af sm Chasen and ads) aebu Ba sone whe does rat tuay them)” HISTORY OF PERSECUTION itor, the ganization of Sib asthe Kase anh as been viewed by scesive goverment Specay 50 becase the Sih Toth reqs I herent 9 keep weapons, + zp Bong the Sable minimum. As ths eiganeation oncenabiy roves the Sh wth the potent concerted selon, vasous goverment have ted to ent drecy st-well st indrecty, trough eiskzaton or chanmeoton, Corte ration tf Sih war ordered nthe 8% entry but id nok rire suceees After an valet (1446 1855.2 Tua kala ato rerun sar heh Wreapens, the Brsh sed the Sihs pre in the rata However sins net nthe mia were net Fequre by tes fa They gt permsson to eo so tnipin 1914 The Sh dna ave conta over her places of worship ana won I oly in 1925 ae = Teng-éwn nonin sreqgie Uns navwaert enon mee fred vpn charges by mounted {ray andbesten up wth baton charges ein Bren rule n 194, the idan tonal eser he nd Palestan sna fctynderarcaong a ree low ofreedor” wert bas upon thet promises. The spiatons were rls opposed ws antnatona ivy Thedesteforpereatinafeigouraenesy teas eguted ith posta separation td ween Sat erectie, by tre min Find commussty, tt the concept of Gur ast Dowtsrar'sithe. Devout Sihr ne bled 3 thousands have been quate in Tae encounters” tn torure in poles estoy. Thouands have been Jated without al nde draconian laws. Countless the fee world. Sikhs a se beng forced Menyle no longer resran, renterpet tony tccoring to Had pecepins, and deenphasae ther regose int Many Se fe! that hey hve Yetta ucheveeedom to prciee ther regan 62 {Gught bythe cure. Frsraton and appresson hat Ieatothe demand for separation of Puna om naa andthe ieaton of nindeperent ate Khalstan Sikh Council Tor Interaith Relations, {or Interfaith Relations ‘THE SIKHS AND THEIR RELIGION by Ranbir Singh Sandhu