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THE SIKH RELIGION Thestregion astoundedby Sura Nanaksani (04459509 KD} tm Pano aa. A sucesson of ns olewed, euch ting on the name Nanak Utore his paseng in 17OH AD. the tenth Guns decred tha afer i the Dine Word he Gant Soho, mall be the femal Guns The Guru ware perfect bigs who came ws God's messengers for Imanlend's bene. The Gurot me sbter are “Vy Sagi terete doe ot cones. Hes beyond bth ana death He pervades al” FUNDAMENTAL STATEMENT ABOUT GOD Is imposible to completely describe all f God's nites However the allowing aterm fl or Iman abbreatea form, appear at he heat of ey Coletion of varserin sn Gar Granth Sani may concept of Go * a anu a aa am 82 “Ore God, femal. Realty, The Name, Castor Apevading. Wibout fe, Wout erty, Uneranging, Unrest, Self exiter unceroed) Ueugh the ous grace ‘The pening statement inthe ih sepieferthe “fandaentl sateen feeder “Cod wasthreinthebegaing:sndatthebeginning tf ol cas, God teres the present te th @ Nanak wtbe there oer” od sthe sole Rea, and there's none othe Thus sheis Hs ceston outa femve is wil pervade by Him troughout contol by Hiatal ner nd ecase thee no other, there can Bene far oF tnmty God caer not aves begining ers ceo th therfore, sabenitent Tis tuth can be Understood trough the Gr grace. od ie sto mera and loving, the Benevlent Setingtoundetane i through ove The purpose of human esto rele God However, {hs feizaton i onl possible #50 pases Goa fay rested by Gol convoys agents the Settled Hs mete ges one To meet the Perfect Gur The Gurateshing God Word hens the Sih wrdertand the te nature ofthe ceston an fvecoma te fe tlves hough preety {hdlove and alan stat of content and oy GOD THE CREATOR od has create the unvet tH own wil and He Can destroy any prt fatale ar done his imumerbi tes and may dos nthe uur. Te Creston manferston of Gos incl form out of God and etn to Gad at Hw hs permanent independent enitence. everthing that Ribbeencested must come toon end vibes God deste St GuraGrnth Sh tel ue “Althisceaton hasbeen crested he eto. od {odistheOnethvens perengallcrestion When He pulls this thre, Creatan comes toon end ony te She Gedvemans® “Mlions espns ats om re ae ter extn Shs ons waves ase on age oo water way, frm the infest, forms ase out of the GOD THE DOER Weil ant sccording to what He bas deste. A that teldoby God andin te anne He mils Ri ply Wteing. The Gun tela “Ine Bengals of Bengal the Franks of Fane, the Uhebravedaghelsaf te county Magh the Sunaees your pres the Chinese bother heads, the Tbetans ‘roehip You to dertoy the Baasysaments Whoever ‘resis althe wera te oe, Whatever we do have done according te Your il We woulda something ony fe cul Theres hothngthatwe can do welveas Cod isnes ute My (Cod evi Yow Gil Vie hove vw pore? {e.g anything ve sf doo You wih, You hove ver us things to do. Everyone perms al os cording o Your orders You have sreey fn ou at ofthe fue ingecens, You ave ceated ths See: there someone hoc do anything et geting the to meet te True Guru far hee ae) esrb the greatness of Goa fos, neat Sram © Goa my ster save Nana he'gnorant ‘one wha has comet Your potecton” ALL-PERVADING GOD he universe created by God pera by Him ‘ows every thought nd scton of everyone beens sSfomesandatalpices “Sed peed al he bsiaing of eure one Gog, scqutng numeri forme x present ok! se Hin Hower only rare ope ungestanas forms of Maya. Gods everynner, God i everywhere rejone ta thee ave nde or thousands ot beade bu there gle ng going hough al ot ‘hen The wave rhe bubbe one srace of wate) UNINCARNATE, SELF-EXISTENT od it not bom a eure Si Gry Granth Sah “hy hater efrever He canbe sen ony by flowing We shoud nays seve Hm who pervades al why wre dot know ther Master and (steed) are Trachedto another Ways) seater Mention (Nanak how these pesons wl be pursed by the Crestor” fod ve He create Himsa here wane other He a on Himsa const with and dias He wished. At pea er eee three wos Atha ine tere was nly te Forest inst there was no retin He dos as He whe, (on thereisnane bese Hin” ‘THROUGH THE GURU'S GRACE trenion wthout advice tom the Gru. The Pelt Stench hi how tlve hs fe praye and ovo Temi ad ace cooled Mat ra rel tachment an sel dough stay of Coes Wor “ster tothe eching ofthe Prec Gur Resize that Godienearyou Wh evr breath remember Goa ana Uh getidof the worynyour mind Geup longing for whats not gong to be forever and sek he empny of Ss ve pie, ne pry s0 ha {the company ofthe Gra you may eos te ocean of fete flo estes) Nate abeuanc tothe Peet ‘Gand receive the treasure of Gods ame” “Company of sats has brought me tothe Guns feetand gen me the Name fa Gad. Through) have been delvered fom te bondage ft Mays ard Of Sn Ihave gen up dependence vson oth {an Goch hve buted my ego ne my dee user thing in deep pk No more do have ny “enemies nor do! Rave enmity towards ayone The all Everybody is my fiend and | ay fends th Separton rom God hat ended 3m une wth my Beloves ond inst my stupbernes anil gving (ame of Cal ins pan med Gu worse. ‘Rana have Sen the llpenadng Ged present Ssteranland sod inthe a, eveyre™ od is shays mer and haps Hs devotees “pees wth te ne Ged and av Him eatin syndy oy cov | face know a tt mores and never He Bc on me God anew the paero cea el estoy my ol aout He whe hs Hs han on thehens of he sn the wor sy ely er. ‘heDne Ged whoa poner over asm supper. The [hruhaslecedhshondonmyheaeandested meth oa the source of pecs the One ka Sai of the ‘ie wall © Nake one heures we ed Telecine the Tre lime the nen echned Oy alt tat” {thr poles or nara ana pretence edprthe Sito cau the mos nell Sputalmrengih to overcame te ve thever Du hae eee sachet and seu and undetand {hated seas pened alleeaton anloves "iy Ged The Weta Lod have mee un 50 we ‘hadreourFter leach Te smal pete, Advoes vor od ie love Co they 8 merge thar sau th Ligh fad and bacre one withthe {he eestor) ral Your py Youve crete te {orc alta appens canal by You we have ne Cental over Remembering the Name fof Cade brecamecoo fda thehet ofc. ONanae tough bite taganct the re theres be age ofa for Interfaith Relations SIKH CONCEPT OF GOD by Ranbir Singh Sandhu