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My MCV and Doomsday

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Doomsday was approaching…

An ancient virus was released upon the world and from then on nothing
was the same…

Zombies, mutant wild animals and people with mutant powers…

Jiang Liushi , one day woke up and found the Starseed, in his mind, a
Black Technology which could assist him in various ways.

Its most important function? Refitting and upgrading vehicles!

[What? You thought it was a regular rundown minibus? Wrong! It was a

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) capable of massacring zombies, and
everything that stood in its way, with its awesome weapons!]
Follow Jiang and his MCV in road to survival.

Author(s): Dark Litchi

Artist(s): N/A

Year: 2016

Country: China

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mecha, Sci-fi,

Tags: Apocalypse, Male Protagonist, Zombies,

Translator: Qidian International

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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1 ............................................................................................. 2
Chapter 2 ........................................................................................... 13
Chapter 3 ........................................................................................... 22
Chapter 4 ........................................................................................... 33
Chapter 5 ........................................................................................... 40
Chapter 6 ........................................................................................... 46
Chapter 7 ........................................................................................... 52
Chapter 8 ........................................................................................... 57
Chapter 9 ........................................................................................... 63
Chapter 10 ......................................................................................... 70
Chapter 11 ......................................................................................... 74
Chapter 12 ......................................................................................... 78
Chapter 13 ......................................................................................... 84
Chapter 14 ......................................................................................... 89
Chapter 15 ......................................................................................... 93
Chapter 16 ......................................................................................... 97
Chapter 17 ....................................................................................... 102
Chapter 18 ....................................................................................... 108
Chapter 19 ....................................................................................... 112
Chapter 20 ....................................................................................... 116
Chapter 21 ....................................................................................... 120
Chapter 22 ....................................................................................... 124
Chapter 23 ....................................................................................... 128
Chapter 24 ....................................................................................... 133
Chapter 25 ....................................................................................... 138
Chapter 26 ....................................................................................... 143
Chapter 27 ....................................................................................... 148
Chapter 28 ....................................................................................... 152
Chapter 29 ....................................................................................... 156
Chapter 30 ....................................................................................... 160
Chapter 31 ....................................................................................... 165

Chapter 32 ....................................................................................... 170

Chapter 33 ....................................................................................... 173
Chapter 34 ....................................................................................... 177
Chapter 35 ....................................................................................... 180
Chapter 37 ....................................................................................... 184
Chapter 38 ....................................................................................... 188
Chapter 39 ....................................................................................... 191
Chapter 40 ....................................................................................... 194
Chapter 41 ....................................................................................... 197
Chapter 42 ....................................................................................... 201
Chapter 43 ....................................................................................... 204
Chapter 44 ....................................................................................... 208
Chapter 45 ....................................................................................... 211
Chapter 46 ....................................................................................... 215
Chapter 47 ....................................................................................... 218
Chapter 48 ....................................................................................... 222
Chapter 49 ....................................................................................... 226
Chapter 50 ....................................................................................... 229
Disclaimer ........................................................................................ 233

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The End of the World Is

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

At the end of September, the long hot summer was finally over, and
autumn had arrived.

However, people still had a long spell of warm weather in Jiangbei Town.
The temperature stayed above 30℃ in daytime, but during the night it
suddenly dropped and made people shiver. Almost everyone was fed up
with this terrible weather.

In the south part of the town, there was a small rental house. It was a bit
noisy because of the nonstop buzzing sound coming from the air
conditioning fan. It was a room less than fifteen square meters with
attached living room and bedroom while the bathroom and kitchen were
on the other side.

Although the room was small, it still looked very tidy. The owner of the
house was a lean young man sitting on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed,
firmly staring at a TV placed not far away.

The noon newscast of the state television was playing on the screen.

Barely a week ago, Jiang Liushi had never used this TV to watch
anything other than matches, and he certainly didn’t watch the noon

But now Jiang Liushi was not only unprecedentedly sitting in front of the
TV, but also concentrating on the time. Today at 12:45:51, the National
Television Station would broadcast a piece of important news in the
noon newscast program.

"An international scientific team has just held a press conference

announcing that they found a prehistoric super virus, which is currently
known to be one of the four super-viruses in the permafrost of the
Siberian Far East region. Scientists had discovered another giant virus in
the area a year ago, but it had not been announced until recently. At the
same time, researchers say they are still in the initial stages of virus
research and do not know whether such a prehistoric virus can infect a
human or animal’s body… Some experts also said that as long as the
frozen layer is kept frozen, we do not have to consider the virus a
threat... "

"That's it!" Jiang Liushi suddenly stood up from the bed and glanced at
the phone for the time. It was 12:45. It was almost accurate to the

"My God! It is the third time this happens…" Jiang Liushi was staring at
the TV screen, but his focus was not on the news. He already knew
everything about this news-its content and the first time media had

broadcasted it.

Because it was a live conference, naturally there should be no leak of

information in advance. Even if the press and journalists already got
wind of the meeting a day ago, they could not get the specific content.
However, Jiang Liushi knew the news in advance. Actually, not only this
news, but also several international incidents of this week.

This was not because Jiang Liushi had suddenly attained a kind of
superpower to predict the future. The fact was that a week ago, he had
suddenly found a Starseed in his brain.

At the same time, Jiang Liushi got some information from it, including
some news broadcasted from the future. One of the most important was
today's news about the discovery of giant viruses.

Once this news was confirmed, it would mean that the other information
that Jiang Liushi had acquired from the Starseed was also true. ‘A virus
outbreak and the end of the world is approaching!’

As a matter of fact, the previous news was about the absence of some
heads of state from some important activities, as well as the
cancellation of some important international meetings or trips.

This kind of news did not attract too much attention, but Jiang Liushi
knew very well that many countries had already heard about the virus
infection and were making the necessary preparations to retreat.

Virus infection outbreaks were very fast, and there were no effective
means to contain them at all. Therefore, informing people would only
cause huge panic and massive riots. As a result, the public was kept in
the dark about everything, and people were living their lives normally
without noticing that some public figures had not appeared for a long

This conference on the virus was the last act of kindness from high-level
managers. They did not want to see ordinary people die without knowing
why. There would be no sign of this imminent disaster until two o'clock
ten days later.

Unlike Jiang Liushi, ordinary people would not realize it by just watching
the news. Although many people used phones for browsing,
microblogging, socializing and reading the news, they actually used
them mostly for entertainment.

Jiang Liushi did not intend to post the truth about this matter. Since the
hype of the Maya prophecy, the various predictions of Armageddon on
network sites had been endless. There were plenty of 2012XXX series of
printed books as well as related movies. Everyone was already immune
to this topic.

A post by him would not cause any concern. It could only cause a kind of
harmony, because he knew this was the truth. As a result, it could make
the top managers more vigilant.

Although this possibility was minimal, Jiang Liushi still did not want to do
anything meaningless that could cause him unnecessary trouble. Plus,

even Jiang himself had doubted it when he’d first heard the news. It was
not until that day that he had been entirely convinced of the authenticity
of this matter.

For starters, anyone who found out about the upcoming apocalypse
would not believe it unconditionally. Everything seemed normal, so why
would one believe that the end of the world was coming?

After confirming it, Jiang Liushi realized that he had only one week left
and needed to start preparing immediately.

First, Jiang Liushi purchased a lot of food on the Internet and other
everyday necessities. For the sake of safety, he also bought a lot of
compact high-energy food and drinking water, as well as emergency

These things could be sent within a day or two, and Jiang could save the
procurement time. He also bought jackets, lightweight wear-resistant
shoes, disposable underwear, etc. For safety purposes, he also
purchased a dagger from a retailer in town.

Although people didn’t believe in the end of the world at all, Jiang Liushi
had already made a list in his mind, which would help him survive. It was
a detailed list of what he had to do.

Actually, a lot of information could be found on the internet. Obviously,

the internet never lacked boring people and their boring posts provided
a lot of references and help. Jiang Liushi soon methodically finished most

of the preparations.

Then it was time for the real highlight. The Starseed’s purpose was not
only to inform him about the coming disaster. It also gave him a self-
preservation ability amid this disaster.

Helping him finish the mechanical refitting and upgrading was the real
function of Starseed. However, Jiang Liushi needed to provide the main
design and materials of modifying. Jiang’s first thought was a vehicle. A
vehicle would be the most practical and convenient way of modification.

Among all types of vehicles, Jiang Liushi had to cross out the sedan,
because this kind of car was relatively delicate and it could not play any
role in that chaos. Doomsday posts recommended off-road vehicles as
the most suitable, but Jiang Liushi didn’t like them because of their little
internal space.

Subjectively speaking, Jiang Liushi’s first choice were huge long trucks.
They were like a kind of train on the road. The car wheels alone were
about the height of a human, but the number of these cars was very
limited, so Jiang could only dream of one.

After online searching, Jiang finally decided on two kinds of cars. One
was a container truck, and the other was a minibus. In favor of internal
space, Jiang Liushi finally decided to go with the minibus. However, Jiang
Liushi could not afford to buy an expensive minibus. After purchasing
the materials, his bank balance was reduced to less than a thousand
yuan, and the word poor was not enough to describe his current state...

If he had a house to sell, Jiang Liushi would have sold it at a low price
without any hesitation. Unfortunately, he had sold his house when he
had still been in high school. At the time, his parents had just passed
away, so in order for his sister and him to survive, they’d had to sell it.
They’d lived in rental housing ever since.

Jiang Liushi withdrew almost all the money from his account to purchase
the materials. He could also earn thousands of yuan by selling his TV,
computer and other electronic appliances, but it would still not be
enough. As for robbery or theft, an ordinary student like Jiang Liushi had
less than a 20 percent chance of success. Even if he was lucky, there
was more than an 80 percent chance of him being caught.

Jiang Liushi did not intend to buy a car. He would rent a car. However,
renting a car also required a small amount of money. Jiang Liushi
already had a general idea about prices through the Internet. Even
renting a common bus would cost more than 1,000 dollars a day, and
ten days would cost about 15,000. Plus, he also needed to buy a lot of
materials and metal to complete the modification of the minibus. The
shortage of money caused him a massive headache.

The following Tuesday would be the end of the world. It was quickly
approaching. As he lay in bed, Jiang Liushi took a deep breath. He felt a
little flustered. As a student, it was impossible to keep calm when he
needed to face the upcoming challenge.

He opened his QQ and clicked on the ID of Li Jun. An idea formed in his

head, and he immediately sent a message to Li Jun.

Soon after, the message tone was heard. The chat interface appeared
along with Li Jun's reply, "Have you seen my new login device?"

Jiang just looked at his ID, which at the moment was saying "Iphone 7
online." No wonder he was online.

The Iphone 7 was just the latest cell phone launched that month. To be
specific, it had just been in the market for a few days. Its price was
rather high, so only a few people were willing to buy it. Li Jun had
unexpectedly bought one. No wonder his tone was so flamboyant.

"This phone costs about 8,000 yuan!!!" Jiang Liushi exclaimed. He could
not afford it at all. He could never buy a phone like that in his whole life.

Li Jun triumphantly replied, "You wonder how I got the first batch at such
a low price? I found a cell phone dealer that helped me buy it for an
additional 2,000 yuan!"

‘A cell phone costing 10,000 yuan!’ Jiang Liushi could not believe it. His
parents had died prematurely, so he’d had no choice but to take care of
his sister. As a result, their life had always been frugal.

However, it seemed that Li Jun had plenty of money. Jiang Liushi quickly
typed, "Do you have any plans for next Tuesday?"

"Next Tuesday? Let me think. Ah, I met a girl on WeChat and next
Tuesday I will take her to a bar. Then after drinking… you know what I

want to do!"

Jiang Liushi became upset and thought for some time. Biting the bullet,
he finally said, "Next Tuesday I want to play games with you. Can we
just stay in the bedroom and not go out? We should lock the doors and
windows too."

"What?" Li Jun did not react at all.

"Are you out of your mind? Sorry, I’m not free."

"Well..." Jiang sighed and shook his head. He had tried his best. In fact,
even if they stayed in the dormitory and locked the doors and windows,
they still would not be able to avoid the outbreak of the virus. Actually,
everyone was already infected. Ten days later, it would ultimately
depend on their metabolism whether they would turn into a monster or

Locking the doors and windows was just to make sure that those
monsters would not kill Li Jun. Obviously, Li Jun would not agree with
him, so there was no other way. Jiang said, "Li Jun, I need money
urgently. Can you return the 2,000 yuan you borrowed from me?"

Li Jun replied, "Oh. I will give it to you in a few days. I promise."

Jiang Liushi frowned. "I need it immediately. It was my emergency


"Really? Wait, that girl is calling me. I have to talk to her. Hold on a
minute," Li Jun replied.

Jiang waited for a while, but there was no response from Li Jun. Jiang
shook his head and called his other roommate. "Luo Ming, can you lend
me 2,000 yuan?"

"I am broke, I spent everything on games. I wanted to borrow some

money from you. What do you need the money for anyway?" Luo Ming

"Nothing." Jiang Liushi knew that Luo Ming was a big fan of games.
Although his family was fairly well off, due to his habit of spending
everything on games, he was always short on money.

"Luo Ming, listen to me carefully. Next Tuesday you should stay in the
dormitory and play games. Shut the doors and windows and don’t go

"What? Why?" Luo Ming asked in a shocked voice.

"Just do it!" Jiang hang up the phone. He had tried, but it was to no avail.

Li Jun could not return the money he owed him, and it was even harder
to borrow money.

After all, they were all students.

"I have to do something..."

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Finding Money

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi checked his phone over and over, and suddenly saw the icon
of a foxy guy. An idea popped into his head.

The foxy man had shiny hair and was wearing a pair of sunglasses. He
was called Ma Hao. He was very well-known in school, not because of his
talents, but his strong connections. No wonder Jiang and Ma were QQ

Ma Hao and Jiang Liushi were two different people. Jiang was a simple
man, who was not very social. Except his classmates, very few people
knew him.

Jiang vaguely remembered that he had heard from Li Jun that Ma Hao
had a friend who gave loans to students. In order to borrow money,
some girls went as far as to give him indecent photos.

If they did not pay him back, then their private information and pictures
were released to the public, sent to their classmates, or even to their

Jiang Liushi had been speechless when he’d heard this. He could not
understand why some girls would go that far just to satisfy their vanity.
Ma Hao often took girls’ indecent photos from his friends and sent them
to the student’s group "to share". Many classmates would then comment
on them. Of course, Jiang Liushi did not feel sympathy for those girls.

Originally, Jiang Liushi had felt that he could never associate with them,
but now he believed it was an excellent opportunity.

Jiang Liushi called Ma Hao and waited a bit before he answered.

"Ma Hao, can your friend lend me some money?" Jiang got straight to
the point.

Ma Hao soon replied, "No problem, just send me your student ID."

Jiang sent a photo of his student card right away. Ma Hao confirmed and
asked, "How much do you want to borrow?"

"20,000 yuan!" Jiang said bluntly. According to his understanding,

20,000 yuan should be the highest amount. After all, his family
background was not a secret and Ma Hao could casually inquire about it.

Obviously, Ma Hao was shocked; for a student, 20,000 yuan was a

significant amount. Many girls borrowed just a thousand or even

"What do you want to do? You don’t need that money for an abortion,
right?" Ma Hao asked.

"It’s for something important. Don’t ask, just tell me the conditions,"
Jiang said.

"En…Well, give me your student card as well as your home address. You
should also write me an IOU for 25,000 yuan. Meanwhile, record a video
of the IOU, reading the above content willingly. When you pay me back, I
will destroy it in front of you."

"When will you pay me back?" Ma Hao asked.

"In a month," Jiang Liushi said.

"You should pay me back in time. I trust you because we are

classmates." Ma Hao said.

"Okay," Jiang Liushi said in a low voice. The interest of this loan was
unfairly high, and Jiang knew that his so-called friend would get a share
in this.

Ma Hao seemed very comfortable, as if he did not worry about it at all. If

Jiang Liushi did not pay him back, Ma Hao would make him beg for

Jiang Liushi sneered inside. What interest? What threat? Would I have
time to care about Ma Hao while the end of the world is approaching?

In the afternoon, Jiang Liushi found a good car-rental company on the

Internet. Then he went to sign the IOU contract with Ma Hao and get the

Ma Hao transferred the money to Jiang through the phone. Meanwhile,

he curiously looked him up and down and asked, "What on earth do you
want to do?"

"It’s for something big. You will know about it in a week," Jiang
mysteriously said.

Ma Hao had nothing to say. He suddenly regretted lending.

Jiang Liushi’s matters were not important to him. Ma Hao was relieved,
because he knew that no student dared not pay back the money they
owed him.

After getting the money, Jiang Liushi immediately rushed to the car-
rental company.

There was a small number of minibuses, so it was hard to get one. Jiang

had asked all car-rental companies he had found on the Internet, and
only one had a minibus available. The car-rental company urged him to
go as soon as possible because they could only reserve the minibus for
two hours or so. Jiang Liushi hurried and arrived an hour ahead. Seeing
the sign of the store, he felt relieved.

The company was not large and had a simple layout. Behind the
reception desk was a lively, sweet girl with a ponytail.

The girl was dressed in a very simple uniform, which made her look
clean and elegant. She must have been 18 or 19 years old. When he
arrived, she was talking with another client in a suit. She gave him a
sweet smile, indicating that he had to wait. Seeing this vivacious girl,
Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. She was very young to be
working in a place like this.

As Jiang sat on the sofa, he saw the corner of a sixth-level English

vocabulary book under some official documents. He realized that the girl
had to be a student, and may even be his classmate; she had to be
working part-time there.

This car-rental company was not far from the university. It was cost
effective to hire a sweet girl as a receptionist, and it could also boost the

"Hello, I am Wen Xiaotian, a client manager. You can call me Xiaowen.

I'm glad to be of service to you." Wen Xiaotian had probably said the
same words to the other client. Her elegant appearance along with the
commercial greeting gave him a very pleasant feeling. It was

unconstrained, but somewhat cute.

"Hello, I booked a minibus online..." Jiang Liushi stood up and said.

"Ah... this..." With a somewhat embarrassed expression, Wen Xiaotianl

replied, "I'm so sorry, the gentleman in the suit just rented the last

She was the one who had approved that online order. However, the
minibus had been rented by her boss, and she felt really embarrassed.

She was just an employee though; how could she influence her boss's

"I’m really sorry. You have to wait and re-book. In a few days, another
minibus will be available. By that time, the client will also have returned
the minibus," Wen Xiaotian said regrettably.

Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. How could he wait for such a
long time? This car was the only one. He could not think of any other
way. He suddenly asked, "Has he paid yet?"

"Not yet, but he is about to sign the contract," Wen Xiaotian replied with
a puzzled expression; she did not know why he had asked this.

The client in the suit glanced at Jiang with a faint smile. He could see

Jiang Luishi’s anxious face, but he had been a minute too late.

"Oh, so he hasn’t paid yet. Then tell your boss I will add an additional
200 a day for two weeks. There will be no abrasions, because I will use it
in the city," Jiang Liushi said.

Wen Xiaotian was perplexed for a moment. She just stood there
wondering what to do; it was the first time she had to deal with
something like that.

"I will add 300 yuan!" Seeing Wen Xiaotian not replying, Jiang increased
the price again.

Wen Xiaotian was hesitant. It was a big amount, and Jiang Liushi looked
very anxious. "Sir, I have to ask my boss," she replied.

The other client just sat there silently with an unreadable expression. He
thought that Jiang was the scion of a wealthy family.

"You can rent it to him," the man in the suit said. He knew the boss
would immediately agree, so there was no need to ask.

"I’m so sorry. You have to wait until this weekend, but then I will provide
you a new one. You see, this client seems to need it urgently..." Wen
Xiaotian quickly apologized.

Jiang Liushi looked like a 20 year-old student, so the other client could
not help but ask, "Young man, why do you want to rent it for so long?"

"Just cause..." Jiang said.

"Just cause…?" Perhaps today’s youngsters really were becoming more


Jiang Liushi did not care what others thought about him, especially as
the end of the world was approaching.

Jiang soon signed a contract with the leasing company. He skimmed

through the contract, and sure enough, this kind of leasing agreement
was very harsh on the customer. Frequently, there were all sorts of
insurance. Even a scratch on it could cost a lot of money.

He just glanced at it and signed it.

This car would be getting a lot more than just a few scratches in the

"We need to keep your ID card," Wen Xiaotian said with smile.


Jiang Liushi had long been ready to give his ID card and take the car

Just as he was two steps away from the door, Jiang went back and said,
"Can you help me find a driver?"

He did not have a driver's license yet...

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Scanning and Refitting

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Sitting in the minibus, Jiang Liushi called his younger sister… Although
he knew that this call would not matter, just like a stone dropped into
the sea.

Before the Starseed popped up in his brain, his younger sister had gone
to the mountains for investigating; the reception on the mountains was

To make things worse, his younger sister was still on the mountains
while the end of the world was approaching.

But fortunately Jiang Liushi knew, through the Starseed, that both he
and his younger sister would not be infected by the virus. His younger
sister would finish the investigation in two days, which made Jiang Liushi
very happy. He and his younger sister kept each other alive in the past
years. If Jiang Liushi couldn’t contact her, he would go crazy.

Just as he expected, her cell phone was off. Jiang Liushi sent a text
message to her; telling her to contact him immediately after seeing it.
Jiang would ensure that his phone would be switched on and in service
24/7. He believed that his younger sister would call him back
immediately because he sounded so anxious.

"Sir, is it okay if we stop here?" The driver drove Jiang Liushi home,
looking around curiously. This area was considered the oldest
community of Jiangbei Town. The houses were extremely old, from the
90’s, and each household had kind of the oldest canopies and anti-theft

[This is the place where the rich second generation lives? It is quite
unexpected! Is it to gain life experience!?] But this was none of the
driver’s business. When Jiang Liushi signed, the driver handed him the
keys and left.

Sitting in the minibus, Jiang Liushi exhaled deeply. He was busy with all
kinds of preparations. Although at this point everything was ready, he
was not at peace at all and felt terrible. Waves of panic broke out,
running through his body.

Sitting for five or six minutes, Jiang Liushi finally calmed down. That
reaction was extremely normal considering that end of the world was

Following the instructions given by Starseed, Jiang stood up and went to

the driver's seat. He sat down with his hands holding the steering wheel
and then he closed his eyes. It was like a switch turned on and a lot of
images appeared in his mind very clearly. After that, the body of the
minibus became transparent and all its parts were clearly visible.

Jiang knew that Starseed was scanning the minibus. His heart was
permeated by a mystical feeling. He felt like he was in a VR game.
Although he couldn’t afford a VR device when it had first appeared on
the market, he still had gained a better experience.

After the whole minibus was scanned, all its information appeared in his

Model: Medium passenger bus (For 14)

Age: 10 years old

Power: Petrol powered

Maximum speed: 110km / h

Engine: Displacement 5.014L water-cooled inline four-cylinder

pressurized direct injection

Malfunction: The engine was old as well as all parts

To sum it up, this was a very common minibus. Jiang estimated that it
had been retired after traveling and was bought by the rental company.
As a matter of fact, such a car would have a lot of small problems; that’s
a rip-off.

But Jiang Liushi didn’t mind at all because it was the most cost-effective
way. He only spent a little more than 10,000 yuan. After the first
refitting, this minibus would be initially adaptable to the approaching
end of the world.

There were several ways for refitting according to the Starseed.

However, Jiang Liushi chose the Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV).
Although the refitting of MCV needed lots of consumable material, its
practicality was beyond doubt. Soon, the Starseed gave the list of
materials needed for refitting; the list left Jiang breathless.

He needed to acquire 100 pounds of steel, 100 pounds of copper, screws

of different specifications, 10 kilograms of titanium, about 10 square feet
of leather, as well as all kinds of strange materials. Jiang Liushi knew
that all these materials were extremely expensive, each of them
typically costing more than the last one.

This list of materials was completely beyond his current budget. The
materials needed almost were beyond his imagination probably because
he chose a more complex type. He didn’t know whether the rest of his
money as well as the money he was going to gain after selling his assets
were going to be enough.

Although the roads were covered with advertisements as "One minute

account, only ID card needed to borrow money", Jiang Liushi had already
given his student card to Ma Hao and identity card to the car rental
company. He didn’t own any property so he didn’t have any other official
documents that he could use in order to borrow money.

[Well, I will just order whatever I can buy…]

Jiang Liushi took out his phone. When he opened it, he found two missed
calls. He hadn’t heard his phone ringing, and he didn’t recognize the
phone number at all...

"Hello?" Jiang Liushi called back.

"Hello. Is this Jiang Liushi?" It was a girl with a sweet, soft voice.

"Yes, I am. You called me. Is something the matter?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"I am Li Yuxin." The girl replied.

Jiang Liushi didn’t expect it at all. He thought that this was a business-
related call. Either it was from the car rental company or a customer
service representative. He had never expected to receive a call from Li
Yuxin. Although he didn’t spend much time on the phone with girls, he
didn’t have trouble speaking with her. He was just wondering why she
called him. As a matter of fact, they had been desk-mates in senior high

Li Yuxin’s family conditions were pretty good. Her appearance was

delicate and pleasant. She had a nice disposition which made her really
popular in class. A particular scene surfaced in Jiang Liushi’s mind, it was
Li Yuxin’s figure as she was staring at the window with her beautiful hair
falling down her shoulders.

Li Yuxin was an excellent student, but she was not good at math.
However, Jiang Liushi was good at math and as a result Li Yuxin was
always asking Jiang Liushi to explain math problems.

Li Yuxin was always absorbed in class, so she couldn’t notice that her
hair occasionally touched Jiang’s hands. Unfortunately, his parents had
been in an accident, so he hadn’t gone to school for a month. When he
returned to school, he had turned into a different person. He had
become extremely shy and introverted, and he began sitting at the back
of the classroom by himself. Although Li Yuxin had looked from time to
time in his direction, she had tried several times to talk to him but she
hadn’t been able to.

Finally, Jiang Liushi had finally gotten over his parents’ death. Although
they studied at the same university now, the two of them had drifted
apart. However, Jiang Liushi still cherished the beautiful heartthrob.

Hearing Li Yuxin’s voice again, Jiang felt a surge in his heart; her voice
was like a soft breeze.

"Really... It has been a long time," Jiang could not help but sigh.

"Yes, we haven’t talked with each other for a long time," Li Yuxin

"Well, what’s the matter?" Jiang asked.

"I heard that you were short on money. I am not close with Li Jun, but I
happened to hear about it," Li Yuxin said.

Jiang Liushi suddenly frowned: "What did he say?"

"He invited my friend to go out with him for dinner. But he was always

watching his phone. As a result, my friend asked him why. He said you
asked him to borrow money. I thought you may be in a trouble, so asked
him for your phone number..." Li Yuxin answered frankly.

"Li Jun..." Jiang Liushi was speechless. Li Jun hadn’t even paid his money
back, but he had discussed his private matters with others. What he
really needed to learn was how to act in public!

"The truth is..."Jiang Liushi narrated the truth.

After listening, Li Yuxin was infuriated: "I know you are not that kind of
person. He also said that you were as bold as brass. I will quickly tell my
friend so that she stays away from him. Well, did you really need

"It’s okay, I’ve figured it out..."Jiang Liushi said.

"Your Alipay number is your phone number, right? I will transfer you a
sum of money. You can pay me back when you are better off. We are
friends, don’t worry. When we were in senior high school, you patiently
helped me with math problems every day, even at your spare time.
However, I never really thanked you." Li Yuxin laughed.

Jiang Liushi was surprised for a moment. Li Yuxin’s laughter was so


"No, thank you..."

"You are welcome. That’s what friends are for, right?" Li Yuxin chuckled.
Her laughter sounded like wind chimes.

"Of course." Putting down the phone, Jiang Liushi felt very warm.

It was unexpected that Li Yuxin had helped him and she had not asked
him why he needed to borrow money from the beginning to the end.

He got a message. He was surprised to see that the transferred money

was 20,000 yuan. There was a new message, saying, "You may be better
off financially with this money. Much better."

Jiang was moved by her words. Although Li Yuxin’s family was rich, she
usually led a thrifty life. The 20,000 yuan must have been her own
money. But when she heard that he had difficulties, she immediately
took the initiative to call, several times...

Jiang Liushi suddenly decided to call back immediately. However, when

the phone was picked up, Li Yuxin said uneasily, "What’s wrong?"

Jiang Liushi could not help but laugh, he was moved and happy, "Don’t
worry. I didn’t call to give your money back."

"Oh..." Li Yuxin felt relieved and quickly said, "You do not need to thank
me. Without your help, how could I have been admitted to Jiangbei

"It's no big deal." Jiang Liushi had embarrassingly touched his head and
then coughed, and then said very seriously, "Please give me your

"My address? Why? Do you want to pay me back in person?"Li Yuxin


"Do not worry, just tell me. I will not do anything bad." Jiang Liushi
deliberately joked.

"Well, ok, my address is ..."

"Wait. I will write it down." Jiang Liushi turned on his hands-free, and
then recorded her home address on a memo.

"Really? Did you write it down? I am a little nervous. Will you really
come? But if you come to visit, I will be very happy." Li Yuxin said.

Actually, she was a little embarrassed. And Jiang Liushi knew that his
request was too abrupt, but he had no choice. Although it was a bit
abrupt, that was necessary.

"Yu Xin, next Tuesday, you must stay at home with your parents. You
shouldn’t go anywhere. The best option is if you stay in different rooms
and once that happens just lock yourselves inside. I will come for you.
There’s a very important reason! This is a life-and-death matter!" Jiang
Liushi said in a serious and firm tone.

Jiang Liushi realized that if he told Li Yuxin the truth, she wouldn’t
believe him, and neither would her parents. If he said that it was a life-
and-death situation, her parents might think he was crazy.

"Lock ourselves in different rooms?" Li Yuxin sounded puzzled. Did

someone want to attack them?

"Jiang Liushi, are you in some kind of trouble? Did you borrow from loan
sharks and can’t repay them?" Li Yuxin asked nervously.

"No, but it’s really important! You must believe me! This thing is very
important, please!"Jiang Liushi said.

He had borrowed money, but it did not matter… He did not worry about
it at all.

"This... I...well...well..." Li Yuxin reluctantly agreed. This thing really

sounded too bizarre.

"Believe me! And do as I said!" Jiang said again.


"Promise me!" Jiang Liushi said sincerely.

"Okay, good ..."

Hanging up the phone, Jiang Liushi exhaled. He had tried, but he did not
know what would happen to Li Yuxin. But at least she should stay at
home. She was a very kind girl. Only God knew whether Li Yuxin would
survive or not. Hopefully, God would not let such a good girl die in this
catastrophe. And as long as she was alive, Jiang Liushi believed that he
could find her.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Refitting
Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

With the money lent by Li Yuxin, Jiang Liushi immediately began making
purchases. Some things could not be bought on the Internet, so he went
to the market to buy certain materials. The rarest ones couldn’t be found
in the market so he had to go to an auto parts factory to buy them.

At first, the boss refused to sell pre-owned ones. Jiang Liushi added 500
yuan to get them, gnashing his teeth. Before leaving, he shook his head
as he saw the boss rubbing his fingers carefully while counting the
money. It was obvious that the boss just wanted to sell at a higher price.
Although he was very happy for the 500 yuan, a week later, he would
find out that money would mean nothing.

It took him three days to get all the materials, and the whole minibus
was filled with them. When the last pieces of materials were put in, Jiang
Liushi was relieved. He had finally caught up.

He ran around for three days, and he had almost walked through the

whole Jiangbei Town. Probably because it was the first refit, the
materials needed were involved in every aspect.

Meanwhile Jiang Liushi was also watching the news and keeping up with
the developments of Jiangbei Town. He found that less and less leaders
appeared in the news just like he’d expected. Although things seemed
normal, he could feel a kind of danger simmering below the surface.


Jiang Liushi closed all the curtains, and then sat down on the driver's
seat. Breathing steadily, he put his hands on the steering wheel.
Suddenly, the structure of the minibus was clearly reflected in his mind.
It felt like he had a new pair of special eyes helping him scan the
minibus. Wherever he laid his eyes, the data and the condition of that
part of the minibus would immediately appear.

The overall state of the minibus was: Mobile Construction Vehicle

(ordinary type), waiting to be modified.

[The materials have been tested. Begin refitting or not?]

Jiang Liushi shouted in his mind: [Begin!]

The refitting of this minibus needed 72 hours. It could not travel until the
refitting was complete. Jiang Liushi felt that the steering wheel had
suddenly obtained a strange power and started shaking spontaneously.

The refitting would take a long time and Jiang Liushi could not stay in the
car all the time. He was only curious to sit in the driver's seat for a while.
He got up from the driver’s seat and realized that the materials had
actually disappeared from the car. After that, he left the car to see if any
other changes were taking place. As everything else seemed normal he
returned back home.

Just by opening the door, Jiang could see all kinds of supplies. They had
been sent within three days. The courier had given Jiang Liushi a strange
look as he was delivering his things. But Jiang Liushi did not care at all. It
was impossible to think of the real use of them. Jiang Liushi did not go to
the university, as learning was useless when the end of world was

Now that the minibus was being refitted, Jiang Liushi kept calling his
sister, and he searched on the Internet about common knowledge which
included field survival, simple first-aid knowledge, medicine knowledge
as well as the surrounding terrain, how to read maps and so on.

Jiang Liushi also specifically downloaded the national map to his PC. It
made sure the map could be used even without network. It almost
marked all the points, from small shops to a variety of manufacturers,
from the national road to some rural roads. They were extremely clear.
For the map, he also spent 100 yuan because the free map wasn’t
detailed. He had spent almost all his money, but the preparations were
basically completed.

Jiang Liushi’s phone started ringing, and he quickly looked. A surprised

smile formed on his face. It was his sister, he had been calling her non-

stop and she finally called him back.


"Hi brother, what’s wrong? Why are you so anxious? I just got off. This
time’s investigation was very stimulating. We went to a village, which
had the custom of..."

"Jiang Zhuying, please be quiet! Listen to me!" Jiang Liushi said,

interrupting his sister.

Hearing the seriousness of her brother’s voice, Jiang Zhuying felt that
her brother should have some important matters, so she immediately
stopped, and softly saying, "Brother, speak."

Jiang Liushi calmed down because he didn’t want to panic his younger
sister. He asked, "Xiao Ying, where are you now?"

"School, I just separated with my teachers and classmates. I’m about to

return to my dormitory. My phone’s battery had died, so I charged it for
a while, opened it and then I saw your message." Although Jiang Zhuying
was naughty, as long as she became aware of the seriousness of the
situation, she would immediately become a well-behaved girl thinking
clearly. She summarized her own situation quickly. Although she still did
not know why Jiang Liushi seemed so anxious, she regarded her brother
as the main pillar of the family at any significant moment. She had been
raised with love and care by her brother, all those years.

"You do not need to return to the dormitory. Book a flight home right
away!" Jiang Liushi said.

"Well, brother, just wait a minute." After a while, she said, "Brother,
there are no tickets."

"What about tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? You should come back
no matter how much money you have to spend," Jiang Liushi said.

"There’re no more tickets available," Jiang Zhuying said.

He suddenly had a foreboding feeling. Crackling sounds could be heard

from the keyboard as he opened the flight booking website. Searching
city after city, Jiang Liushi’s heart was sinking. All the tickets for the next
three days actually had been sold out, no matter where from where. And
the earliest available ones were on the day after the end of the world...

This was absolutely impossible; it couldn’t be just a mere coincidence.

"Brother, I could return in three days, right?" Jiang Zhuying asked.

"It’s too late," Jiang Liushi said.

Jiang Zhuying didn’t understand why only one day could make a
difference, but she did not ask. "Train! What if I buy a train ticket?" she

Jiang Liushi tapped the keyboard and calmly said: "No train tickets are
available."The train tickets for the next three days had also been sold

"Brother, hang on. I will go to the bus station to ask. Maybe I could even
rent a car," Jiang Zhuying said.

"Don’t!" Jiang said.

Firstly, they did not know about the situation on the road. Secondly,
even if the road was normal, Jiang Zhuying needed more than two days
to come back. And all the trains and planes would be paralyzed. It was
likely to encounter traffic jam on the road; Jiang Zhuying would die in
that case.

"Don’t do that!" Jiang said again.

Jiang Zhuying felt that her brother’s voice seemed to be very strange; it
made her feel a little nervous.

"Xiao Ying, you have to listen carefully," Jiang Liushi said.

"Don’t go back to your dormitory. You need to find a place without too
many people. It should have good security and be elusive. Then you
should buy as much drinking water as possible, some drugs, daily
necessities and food! You should make sure the phone is fully charged.
Next, charge all your power banks, although we do not know whether

phones can be used or not... Remember lock the door and do not go out,
just wait for me!"

"You must wait for me, must!" Jiang Liushi repeated.

"Xiao Ying, the end of the world is approaching..."

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Final Preparations

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi had to change his plan because his sister could not return.
He had intended to drive the refitted minibus, filled with the supplies he
had purchased, accompanied by his sister, Li Yuxin, and her parents to a
holiday resort a hundred miles away from Jiangbei Town.

He had been there once. There were a few residents around the place. It
was in a beautiful area and most importantly it had all kinds of
necessary facilities. He believed they could live there for a while and
think a way to survive. Although he knew the end of the world was
approaching, he had no idea what was gonna happen. According to
different circumstances, they needed time to make other plans. Anyway,
the minibus was a convenient and safe way of moving around.

However, that plan would never be realized. Jiang Liushi was now unable
to leave for the suburbs and to make things worse he had to go to
Nanjing City, which had a vast population. He didn’t know what he would
come across on the road. As a result, Jiang Liushi urged Jiang Zhuying to
buy necessary supplies and wait for him.

If the minibus did not need three days to finish refitting, he would have
already left. However, without the minibus, he was just an ordinary
college student, who couldn’t fight his way out at all.

At that night, Jiang Zhuying sent her location information to Jiang Liushi.
She had rent an apartment in an alley, next to her school, which was
located on the sixth floor. She also had taken a picture and sent it to
Jiang Liushi. Two rooms had been filled with supplies, enough for her to
live on a whole month.

"Brother, you can rest assured about everything." Jiang Zhuying sent a
message with a big smiley face.

Jiang Liushi had informed his sister about the end of the world, but he
didn’t mention anything about the Starseed. It was not that he didn’t
trust her, it was just too complex to explain.

However, his sister believed him and was quite calm about it. She was
not just in the mood to take pictures, but also send emoticon.

Jiang Liushi knew that his sister had to be really nervous but it didn’t
matter as long as she obediently did as he told.

"Well, as of today, do not go out and lock the doors and windows. Except
from me, do not answer or open to anyone!" No matter what, law and
morality did not matter during doomsday. Although what he wrote back
sounded unreasonable, it had to be said.

There were too many scenarios in those doomsday movies; like killing a
person for a packet of biscuits. After all, life is for the living. In fact, Jiang
Liushi was not cold-blooded. If he could ensure their own security and it
was within the minivan capacity, he would help others too. However, as
he was unable to protect Jiang Zhuying directly, at least he would do
everything possible about her safety; it was in no way going to be an

"I got it." Jiang Zhuying texted back.

Seeing his younger sister obediently agreeing, Jiang Liushi was

temporarily relieved.

As long as he knew that Jiang Zhuying was safe, he would pull out all the
stops to reach Nanjing City as soon as possible.

Three days flew by…

There was some uneasiness in television news; a lot of reporters had

begun noticing some anomalies in general and some unexplainable
actions other countries had taken.

However, ordinary people had not paid too much attention in those
things. They were still following their daily routine; going to work from
nine to five, picking up their children from school, buying food, etc...

Jiang Liushi continued staying at home, and occasionally he would go out

to see if there were any changes outside. During the last three days, Li
Jun and Luo Ming had sent him messages, respectively. He was not in
the mood to read Li Jun's message.

"Buddy, are you alright? Did you elope with your girlfriend with borrowed
money? You haven’t gone to school! You are in trouble!" Luo Ming asked
in his message.

"Don’t forget, do not go out on Tuesday! You should stay in the bedroom
and lock the door! Just play with your games," Jiang Liushi said once

more, regardless of whether Luo Ming would listen.

"Why must it be on Tuesday? Hey, tomorrow is Tuesday..."

Jiang Liushi took a deep breath before replying, "Yes, that is tomorrow…"

Jiang Liushi found it really difficult to fall asleep that night. Before going
to bed, he had first hired two people to help him move all the supplies
next to the minibus, and then he sent a message, with instructions, to all
his friends about tomorrow. He specifically gave extra instructions to Li
Yuxin and Jiang Zhuying. And then, sitting on the supplies, he
unconsciously fell asleep; occasionally fidgeting.


Jiang Liushi was not awakened by the ringtone of his alarm, but because
of a strange sound in his mind.

It was the Starseed!

Jiang Liushi stood up, and quickly ran to the door of minibus. From the
outside, the minibus did not seem any different, but when he grabbed
the handle, information about the minibus suddenly appeared in his
mind. A little current passed through his hands, then hearing a click
sound, the door opened. This door had gained a security model which
could only be opened by him.

Getting on the minibus, his eyes lit up and mouth slightly opened, in an
‘O’ shape, what he saw truly shocked him. The internal structure of the
minibus had been completely changed in a totally different style. The
originally neatly packed seats, now had become two seats just like a
sofa. Next to the seats was a table, shelves and so on. The body of the
minibus had been divided into several parts with some advanced sliding
doors. As Jiang Liushi looked around, he noticed that there were a

bathroom, a kitchen, and a small bedroom with a soft bed. As an old

saying goes, "Small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal - small
but complete."

Jiang Liushi was trying to digest all the changes of the minivan, after
gathering his wits he quickly ran to the driver’s compartment, which had
changed a lot too. It was in a separate space, it had a big screen on the
display board and next to the steering wheel, there had been added a
variety of buttons and joysticks. Jiang Liushi sat in the very soft driving
seat, holding the steering wheel. Suddenly, the whole car was clearly
visible in his mind. Simultaneously, the buttons and the joysticks around
the dashboard lit up.

[The refitting of the Mobile Construction Vehicle (General version) was


Refitting information:

Model: Mobile Construction Vehicle (General version), camouflaging as a


Space configuration: bedroom X1, kitchen X1, bathroom X1, small living
room X1.

Weapon equipment: Compressed Air Gun, primary, with air flow rate of
810m / s, volume of 500L.

Shell strength: F-class (anti-ordinary bullet level, collision level).

Power: Gasoline powered.

Maximum speed: 300km / h.

All mechanical problems have been fixed.

Jiang Liushi was extremely excited and satisfied with the result of
refitting. However, this was only the general version; with limited

functions. It would need further refitting in order to travel anywhere

totally unimpeded. More materials would be needed but Jiang Liushi was
short on time and money. What’s more, he didn’t know the specific
materials required, thus it was impossible to prepare in advance.

The minibus had significantly increased their survival rate, so he hurried

to familiarize on how to operate it, and then he called the two porters,
who had helped him last night. They had already discussed what to do;
moving all the resources to the car after they arriving.

Upon seeing the minibus's internal space, the two men were very
surprised and started reevaluating Jiang Liushi. At first, they thought
that Jiang Liushi could be a petty dealer, who lived in a small rental
house, stocking so much food and daily necessities. They never
expected… This young man to actually be driving a motor home! But
they were hostile towards the rich and looked down on Jiang Liushi. As
for Jiang Liushi, he was too busy to care about their reaction, constantly
looking the time and watching his surroundings. After everything was
placed in the minibus, he immediately got on it, the doors and windows
were completely closed, and then he nervously sat down on the driver's

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Doomsday
Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi neither knew the specific time the world was about to end,
nor the consequences of the virus outbreak. What he knew was that the
virus had been revived, since it was found in the frozen layer. The virus
was more dangerous than all the viruses of the world added together; its
extensive infectivity was already spreading to the world and after the
incubation period it would outbreak like a series of bomb blasts.

A ringtone sound could be heard, which seemed to wake up the nervous

Jiang Liushi. He quickly picked up his cell phone and looked the caller ID,
it was Li Yuxin.

"Hey, I am coming. You must stay at home. Just wait!" He was worried
that Li Yuxin would not follow his instructions; it would be extremely bad
if any changes were to occur.

"Jiang Liushi, I am really sorry. I’ll be leaving soon," Li Yuxin regretfully


Hearing that, Jiang Liushi’s heart sank, "Leave? Where to? Li Yuxin,
please believe me. You have to stay at home and lock the door..."Jiang
Liushi said hurriedly.

"I’m sorry. Jiang Liushi, you should listen carefully to what I’m about to

say," Li Yuxin didn’t listen at all and interrupted him. It seemed that she
had something serious to say.

"You may feel incredible, but the end of the world is coming. I just learnt
about it today. The car is waiting outside, so I must leave. First, make
sure of your own safety, and then go to the North high-speed entrance.
The army is there, when you reach them, they should take you to the
Shenhai Island!" Li Yuxin said hastily in a low voice.

"Remember. You must reach the high-speed entrance today. The troops
there will protect the people evacuating ..."

Suddenly, loud voices could be heard from the other end of the phone. Li
Yuxin had no other choice and hurriedly said, "Jiang Liushi, believe me. I
am not kidding!"

Li Yuxin had already hung up the phone. Jiang Liushi held the phone next
to his ear till the dial tone stopped. Suddenly, the air around seemed to
have been frozen. Obviously the evacuation had already begun, but no
one knew about Shenhai Island...

Jiang Liushi really thankful to Li Yuxin because she told him the truth.
She was a very kind and amiable girl. It wasn’t just a family feeling or
being nice to each other. But... Even if Li Yuxin was taken away, she was
not really safe. Jiang Liushi knew that the virus had already spread and
the scientists would suddenly find out about its existence after the

The invasion period of this super virus was not long. In this very short
period of time, scientists spent a lot of time from studying to deducing
the result. As for the top of the human race, knowing that the end of the
world was approaching, they had less time to deploy. In that case, they
could not save all mankind, so the only thing that could be done was to
save the elite. The establishment of "Safe Island" all over the world

could ensure that humankind would continue to exist, but...before

entering the "safe island", everyone had to go through severe tests and

Even the scientists did not dare to believe the results of their findings.
As a result, the majority of the governments around the world did not
dare taking extreme measures, it was the least bit of humanity they
could show. But once the cruelty of the end combined with the terrible
super virus, then they would turn to bloody tactics. During the call
between Jiang Liushi and Li Yuxin, the two porters were smoking
squatting not too far away. They glanced up in time to see Jiang Liushi
and talked about something.

"This car and its interior! It’s fantastic!"

"The world of the rich is utterly different. I would be extremely happy to

drive the minibus around the world with several beautiful girls."

The two porters were talking happily. It was like their dreams had come
true. They were daydreaming about the scenery during the day and
having fun with beautiful girls at night. There’s food in the kitchen and
they could even bathe with a partner. There were a lot of things to see in
the world !But suddenly, one porter seemed like he was about to have a
syncope, on his face emerged a burst of abnormal flushing, and he
almost fell.

"Oh, buddy, are you ok?" The other porter caught him and helped regain
his balance.

"It's all right," the man said pushing the hands of the other, quickly
recovering, "I’m okay. I have a strong physique, you know," The porter
said, clapping his strong chest.

"Ha ha ha! You must have masturb*ted last night and had a maggot in
your head. It must have been a kidney-deficiency expression!" They
entertained each other by making spicy jokes.

Not far away, Jiang Liushi was silently watching them. He couldn’t laugh
at all, instead he felt a chill running through his spine. He knew that this
syncope was just a prelude of the outbreak of the virus. He was afraid it
had only been less than an hour! The porter was still chatting with the
other. Jiang Liushi sitting in the minibus looked at them with a cold gaze;
he could not do anything. He couldn’t kill the porter, even if he did, it
would cause problems and put himself in great danger. Even the
government could not do anything, let alone Jiang Liushi. One or two
hours later, the world was bound to face a catastrophe.

The two porters didn’t notice anything and kept smoking under the
shade. Jiang Liushi looked at the time, it was 12:20 p.m., and kept
waiting in silence. Before the virus outbreak, everyone would have a
strong immune response, including Jiang, because they were all infected
with the virus. After that response some people would be able to resist
the virus, but the others would turn into a monster.

Time passed. Jiang Liushi clenched the steering wheel, while his palm
was slowly sweating. He frequently looked at the time; 14:00 p.m.…
14:30 p.m.... 14:40 p.m....

Slowly, perhaps because he was too focused, Jiang thought the pointer
on the clock had started disappearing. However, the disappearing
became more and more serious, even the clock became several clocks.

This was… Jiang Liushi suffered a burst of serious syncope.


He felt a strong pain on his forehead, he had hit his head on the steering
wheel heavily, simultaneously, he could feel a splitting headache.

[It’s about to begin!]

It finally happened; the super virus broke out. Jiang Liushi knew that he
would eventually overcome it, but even so, just the pain almost made
him faint.

Meanwhile, the same thing happened around the world.

Headaches! Illusions! Twitching! Nosebleeds! Syncope!

There were slight differences in how everyone was affected. But without
exception, everyone had a very painful experience, especially to those
who could not overcome the virus infection; they felt an excruciating
pain! A lot of people screamed, the sound seemed to come directly from
their lungs. It wasn’t a sound humans could make, but it sounded like
roar of a beast!


On the highway, vehicles crushed on after the other. Hundreds of

thousands of vehicles were involved in a pileup on the highway. Many
drivers instantly died and some instinctively stepped on the brakes,
while they were in the pain.

Cars were exploding here and there, and dense black smoke started
covering the sky. In the city, in all kinds of factories, frequent accidents
happened because people had instantly convulsions and loss of
consciousness. Fires spread on after the other...

Automatic fire alarm could be heard everywhere. Accidents happened

everywhere, and countless people died. Jiang Liushi was also in a state
of confusion. He could faintly hear noisy voices, but was unable to
comprehend what was happening. Illusions constantly flashed; it felt like
he had returned in his childhood years, his parents were alive, with his
sister living happily. He also saw the birthday cake his mother had made
with extra care. After that, he even saw his future career and enjoyable
scenes with his wife and children; his wife seemed to be Li Yuxin...

He was immersed in this illusion for some time, but in the end he
regained his consciousness. As he suddenly opened his eyes, he noticed
that his hair and clothes had been soaked in sweat, and was still holding
tightly the steering wheel. His fingers felt like he had grabbed pins and
needles, due to excessive force. He felt very tired and that his body was
about to collapse. He was breathing heavily and his heart sank as he
looked out of the window; the weather had changed...

Looking around, a thick layer of mist could be seen, covering everything.

The sky was dark, while fog seeped through the world making
everything look gray. The atmosphere was really depressing. The noisy
alarms coming from afar made Jiang Liushi to feel really nervous. He
glanced at his watch, it was 15:50 p.m... He was unconscious for about
an hour, but it felt like an eternity.

Jiang Liushi knew with certainty… The f*cking end of the world had
finally come. From that day on, he would be driving the minibus in order
to survive...

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Liushi ignited the engine of the minibus and

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: To Be Line Jumpers Requires

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The Starseed had merged with the Mobile Construction Vehicle. As long
as Jiang Liushi focused on something, everything related to the MCV
would immediately appear in his mind. For example, when he set his
sights on the dashboard, the use of every button and instructions on
how to operate its weapons immediately appeared in his mind.

"Launch", "Acceleration", "Weapons", "Collision"...

Frankly, Jiang Liushi was not a good driver. He had driven the minibus
only once, so basically he just relied on his own understanding about
driving. He wanted to take driver tests in order to improve, but it was
too expensive for him. Actually, he could drive a small car easily, but the
difficulty of driving a minibus could not be compared.

The Starseed, except its basic abilities, could also give tips and warnings
to Jiang Liushi while he was driving. Depending on the help provided by

the Starseed, Jiang Liushi, who was dizzy and sleepy, slowly drove the
minibus to open space. There was nothing except the grayish sky and
Jiang Liushi could barely see the road. He felt like he was driving through
an invisible path, with a light headache. He squinted his eyes a little, and
drove slowly, as he was trying his best to find the correct direction. As
he was about to drive the minibus to the main road, a large black
shadow suddenly rushed out from the side and hit the driver’s door.

Jiang Liushi was shocked. He turned around and saw a face tightly
attached to the window while its hands were desperately scratching the
window and the door. Half of his face, mouth and teeth were all bloody.
What shocked Jiang Liushi most was the familiarity of this face; it was
the porter who had the syncope first! Despite Jiang Liushi being
psychologically prepared, watching a person changing into such a
monster, it still chilled him to the bone; even his scalp tingled with that

To make things worse, the porter was different from the slowly moving
zombies from the movies. He suddenly jumped and with quick actions,
he was scratching the door. It was clear that his strength was great.
With bloodshot eyes, he was staring at Jiang Liushi and screaming at
him. It may be the noise made by the monster porter that let Jiang find
other shadows in the dense fog. Jiang Liushi suddenly recovered from
the horror and immediately stepped on the accelerator; the inertia threw
the porter off and the MCV rushed to the road.

Seeing the situation on the road, Jiang Liushi became deathly pale;
screams could be heard everywhere, people fleeing for their lives and
zombies chasing people.

Not long after Jiang had driven the MCV on the road, a person ran toward
his side shouting "Help! Help m-" Before he could finish his sentence he

was grabbed by a zombie in a suit. Accompanied with a scream blood

splattered everywhere; that man died in a miserable way. After that, the
zombie in a suit raised its head to look up, revealing a ferocious twisted
face and bloodshot eyes.

More than a dozen zombies immediately rushed up and completely

surrounded the dead person. His screaming and the stench of his blood,
which was gashing out from the wound, had alerted them. Even after his
death the zombies started eating his flesh, till nothing was left of him.
This bloody scene was almost everywhere, but it was the first time Jiang
Liushi witnessed it.

On top of everything else, the zombies had found Jiang Liushi, and they
suddenly rushed toward the minibus. Jiang Liushi immediately sped up,
knocked them off and continued driving forward. However, the
congestion made things extremely difficult. He had no choice but to
make a way out relying on the strength of the minibus.

Many zombies had been attracted by the minibus; they had tried rushing
forward but Jiang had gotten rid of them via acceleration and swerving.
The power of these zombies was astonishing, even those who were just
children, women, or the elderly. Eventually, after the attacks of too
many zombies, Jiang Liushi felt that his minibus was shaking a bit; it
really shocked him. There had been some zombies rushing from the
front, but had been knocked down by Jiang Liushi. Jiang did not turn back
to see, crushing some zombies was nothing. As an ordinary person, Jiang
Liushi didn’t want to face such a bloody scene.

"Shenbei Entrance..." Seeing the tragic situation along the way, Jiang
Liushi wanted to know how Li Yuxin was doing. He had to go and check

on her. Of course, Jiang Liushi wouldn’t go to Shenhai Island, but he

needed to pass through the Shenbei Entrance in order to arrive at
Nanjing City and find Jiang Zhuying. The unavoidable disaster had
occurred, and through the highway, he could rush to Nanjing City within
a day, and then find Jiang Zhuying. Although, he knew that his sister was
immune to the virus, still the symptoms of the virus infection were
simply terrible. Even if Jiang Zhuying had followed his instructions and
protected herself, Jiang Liushi was still worried; she was his only relative.

As one got closer to the Shenbei entrance, they could see more living
people. Most people were driving cars, which caused congestion. There
was no need to honk in such a traffic jam, but some people kept driving
up from the back and inserting themselves into the traffic stream. Soon,
Jiang Liushi was totally blocked. A car squeezed in from the side and
rolled down its window, the driver cursing him manically, "F*ck you and
your big car!" Then the car cut in front of Jiang Liushi.

Simultaneously, the cars from behind had started honking crazily.

Eventually, someone cursed, "F*ck you! Go away!" Those cars seemed
to be together because they had the same sign. It was estimated that
they were cars of a company because the above written XX company.
What’s more, they all wanted to jump the line.

Those people not only desperately squeezed forward, but also cursed at
him. Jiang Liushi got infuriated, "What makes you think that you can cut
in line?" He wanted them know that to be line jumpers required

He stepped on the accelerator. Bang! A car was trying to squeeze

forward in front of Jiang Liushi. The whole car suddenly shook up, and
then it was squeezed to the side. The driver was surprised for a moment,
then he became angry, but soon he was completely dumbfounded. He

watched the minibus like a rude unreasonable Hercules, squeezing all

the way from the traffic. And all the cars, which had cut the line, were
packed in together by Jiang Liushi.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Driving Against the Traffic

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"F*ck!" One driver severely scolded.

[Oh my f*cking God, he is a madman.]

But the man was in good luck, that minibus could squeeze easily. Its
speed was not fast, and it was an old broken minibus. But it did not stick
in the middle of the road; it would be fatal to be stuck at the moment.

Suddenly, there was a scream from the rear. Jiang Liushi opened the
rear-view camera and hundreds of zombies appeared on the screen.
They were passing through the middle of the vehicles, and even from
the top of the vehicles.

Those zombies were covered with blood and rushing out at a fast speed
from another end of the street, with low screams. Their speed was
extremely fast, if they met any vehicles, they would directly climb on

them. Some people were closer to them, while others just looked dazed
and had been shocked by the zombies.

Jiang Liushi saw two people running together. One of them heard the
screams coming closer; suddenly his face changed and pushed the other
person on the ground. The other person screamed, but it was too late for
him to stand up. A lot of zombies had already surrounded him. Jiang
Liushi felt his scalp tingling. It was a massacre! These zombies are much
stronger compared with ordinary people; be it in speed, strength, or

"Hurry up!"

Just then the cars started speeding up in order to avoid the zombies.
Seeing the zombies getting closer, their fear took over.

A severe traffic jam would result in the dysfunction of a whole city.

Automobiles were really troublesome in situations like these. Jiang Liushi
was slowly driving forward. The drivers of the vehicles in the front were
also anxious. Screams and car horn sounds were still resounding on the
road, while the crowd desperately ran for their lives.

Jiang Liushi suddenly caught a glimpse of a car, which wanted to

squeeze from the front of his minibus, while two girls were running
alongside that car knocking his rear door desperately.

"Please, open the door and let us in!"

"Help us! Please!"

The two girls looked scared, they must have sought help from other
vehicles before, but none of them had stopped. The zombies were
approaching, and only that car was near them, so they begged.

They were just two girls and with no doubt they would not survive
against those zombies at all. If they could not enter the car, they would
be shredded to pieces by zombies, within two or three minutes. Jiang
Liushi looking at this scene believed that if the car slowed down and
opened the door, the two girls would be saved. However, the car did not
slow down, instead it accelerated. The two girls could only try their best
to run, "Dear driver, please just open the door, please!"

The door was locked, and they simply could not open it…

Soon after the driver turned his face angrily and cursed, "F*ck, let me

One of the girls suddenly sped up; reaching his driving window she
tapped it and said, "Please! I beg you! Open the door!"

"F*ck, go away!" The driver was really angry. Suddenly he turned the
steering wheel, causing the girl to fall on the ground. The girl uttered a
scream and fell heavily on the ground.

The other girl hurried to help her up and asked, "Are you okay?"

Jiang Liushi was looking at the whole thing from the minibus and

frowned, but unexpectedly cried "Hey".

The two girls looked familiar... Slightly hesitating for a moment, Jiang
Liushi suddenly turned the steering wheel and changed his direction.

[Oh, my f*cking God!]

The other vehicles were just moving forward. At such a life-or-death

moment, other drivers would step on the gas and avert their gazes from
the horrible zombies. Most of them would even hit telegraph poles or
railings, in order to escape from this nightmare. If not, sooner or later
they would be dragged from the broken windows, and would be chewed
till a semi-dead state.

At such a life-or-death moment, it was every man for himself. Driving

against the traffic was totally crazy!

It was impossible even to fend for oneself. Nobody could understand

Jiang Liushi’s reasoning. Jiang Liushi knew this, his own life was, of
course, the most important. As to saving people, he could take
everything into consideration. But Jiang Liushi had a bulletproof minibus;
it was not difficult for him to save the two girls, as long as he was in the
car. Even if the zombies were coming, he was not afraid. Moreover, he
knew the two girls, although they were not very familiar with each other.

With Starseed’s calculations and data processing, Jiang Liushi was able
to change direction flexibly, and hurried driving toward the two girls.

Up to a few hundred meters of traffic, only the minibus was in the

counter-current line. As a matter of fact, the two girls had admitted that
their misfortune was predetermined by God. They were bound to be
devoured by zombies sooner or later.

The two girls looked at the incoming zombies and could not help but cry.
Their hands were tightly held together, waiting for their imminent death.
However, they saw a minibus driving toward them; the minibus was very
eye-catching for driving against the traffic.

How could they be killed by the minibus?

[That’s okay. It is better than being eaten alive.]

The two girls slowly closed their eyes.


A sharp friction sound, as well as the surging wind made the two girls to
open their eyes at once. The minibus rushed and stopped just before
them, and then the door opened!

Jiang Liushi, sitting on the driver's seat waved his hand and anxiously
said, "Be quick!"

More than a dozen zombies had noticed them and crazily rushed over.

The girl, that had fallen earlier, was the first to act and quickly pulled her
companion, "Come on!"

Just as they stepped in the car, the zombies had jumped to land on the


Zombies were heavily slammed on the door. The two girls fell on the
steps of the door… As they turned around they were met with the grim
faces, of the zombies, scrambling on the glass; screaming and grinning,
the zombies were scratching and tapping on the glass.

The two girls were still suffering from the shock, while their hearts were
thumping so fast that they almost leaped out of their throat.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9
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Chapter 9: The Minibus Was Surrounded

by Zombies
Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"We are saved!" The two girls felt like they were in a dream, in which
they were living on the margins of survival. Who would have thought
that when they were about to die, a car would suddenly rush to save

The girl who had fallen was panting heavily. She kept her hands on the
handrails and said, "Thank you ... thank... you! Thank you very much!"

"You’re welcome," Jiang Liushi replied.

"If not for you, we’d certainly be dead," The girl slowly said, while she
was trying to catch her breath, and then she turned to see their savior.
The girl had not seen the driver's appearance at first, but when she did
she was shocked.


"We meet again. What a small world!" Jiang Liushi smiled lightly and
looked at them. This girl was the receptionist of the car company, Wen

"Xiao Tian, Do you know each other?" The other girl asked with a
pleasant smile.

Wen Xiaotian looked at Jiang Liushi, and a figure suddenly flashed in her
mind. She just remembered and said, "Ah! You are the client who rent
the minibus! Mr. Jiang!"

When she first interacted with Jiang Liushi, she felt like he had a
domineering aura. He had rent a minibus, but didn’t have driver’s
license and the reason he wanted to rent it was just because he wanted
to do it. All that left a deep impression to her, so she would naturally
recognize Jiang Liushi.

However, she did not expect that Jiang Liushi would remember her
name, not only that but he also rushed back to save her and her friend;
it was quite a big risk.

"You remember me..."

"I have a good memory," Jiang Liushi said. Although he didn’t have a
photographic memory, he could remember almost everyone after

exchanging a few words.

"Thank you for remembering!" Wen Xiaotian was very touched, even if it
was because of his good memory, he came back to save them.

"But I thought you could not drive..." Wen Xiaotian then stopped holding
the handrail and stood up, pulling her friend.

Seeing the inside of the minibus, Wen Xiaotian was stunned. The other
girl exclaimed out loud, "My God!"

"What’s the brand of this luxury motor home?" The girl was shocked; the
exquisite decoration of this car was comparable with a five-star hotel.

"It’s what you think. It is the minibus which Miss Wen rented me." Jiang
Liushi answered, without turning.

The girl looked at Wen Xiaotian at once, but she also had a shocked
expression. "Your company had such a luxury car?" The girl asked as she
remembered that it was just a small car rental company.

Wen Xiaotian was also stunned, "Not at all. Mr. Jiang did rent from us,
but what he rented was an ordinary minibus..." She paused with her
mouth wide open as she recalled that the car which came to their aid
was indeed a humble minibus. It was like the rented one; it was

While Wen Xiaotian was feeling incredible, suddenly a loud "bang" could
be heard, and the minibus was shaking a bit. The girls quickly turned
around and looked toward the window, a chill ran through their spine.

There were a lot of zombies outside the door, and even more kept
coming. Although they were away from the window, they could only
imagine the terrifying amount of zombies that was right outside. They
had completely blocked the door, dense bloody palms and hideous faces
were everywhere. With their constant squeezing and beating, the door
kept shaking and issued crunchy sounds.

"These monsters, they will rush in..." That girl's lip was trembling.

Wen Xiaotian's face was blanched with fear; she quickly went in the
front and asked, "Mr. Jiang, please hurry and drive."

Seeing the driver’s compartment, especially the advanced dashboard,

Wen Xiaotian was shocked again, but it was not the time to think about

She found that Jiang Liushi was operating with a grim face. Although he
was constantly stepping on the accelerator, the speed of the minibus
was very slow because the front was packed with zombies. In a few
seconds, the minibus was completely surrounded by zombies.

"There are too many zombies," Jiang said.

Wen Xiaotian felt guilty and apologetically said, "Mr. Jiang, if you didn’t
save us..."

"You should find a place to get a hold of quickly!" Jiang Liushi interrupted
her; he had expected this outcome. Wen Xiaotian nodded and followed
Jiang’s instructions.

"Shao Lili, grab the handrail quickly!" Wen Xiaotian told the girl.

"The glass cannot hold for long..." Shao Lili was completely desperate.
Wen Xiaotian had to force her to clutch the handrail.

The door constantly issued crunchy sounds. Wen Xiaotian was clutching
the handrail while looking at the zombies outside. The constant beating
was affecting the whole car, "bang bang" sounds were coming from
everywhere as well as the zombie’s screaming; all of these made them
feel like the minibus would be broken at any moment.

Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi was analyzing several ways to escape with the
help of the Starseed. In addition to the defense function, the minibus
had several other functions. Relying on those, Jiang Liushi dared to turn
back and save the girls.

"Well, then I will try this function." Jiang Liushi made a decision.

"Hold tightly! We have to rush out!" Jiang Liushi said. Wen Xiaotian and
Shao Lili dare not to speak, seeing the zombies gathering like black-ants
and crazily hitting the windows.

The whole minibus was covered with zombies. If viewed from the
outside, it was estimated that only the vague outline of the minibus
could be seen through the corpses. And these zombies not only were
numerous, but also powerful. With the squeezing of so many zombies,
the minibus was like blockaded!

In that case, how could they successfully escape this predicament? Wen
Xiaotian was deathly pale. She and Shao Lili desperately grabbed the
handrail. The extreme fear made her feel as time had slowed down.

[We will die. Jiang Liushi is in this predicament because of us. He will
also be killed by zombies!?]

Wen Xiaotian felt extremely guilty. However, sitting in the driver's seat,
Jiang Liushi had focused all his attention on the Starseed.

[Strength accumulation has reached 30 percent. The second form of the

tire activation will increase the friction. Strength accumulated has
reached 50 percent, and switching gears is completed. Strength
accumulated has reached 70 percent and the oil supply is completed...]

The MCV could burst out with the maximum instantaneous power of
1500 horsepower. And the maximum torque could reach 4000 Newton
meter as 4 × 4 all-wheel drive mode. Of course, this state could not be
maintained for a long time; otherwise the fuel consumption would be
very scary. Usually, the power of a truck reaching more than 500
horsepower was already the top of heavy trucks, and if it reached 700
horsepower, it would be the hero of trucks. With such power, escaping
from the zombies, it like an ordinary car crashing a bunch of ice cream

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Escape!

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

While the MCV was accumulating power, the driver knocked by Jiang
Liushi had witnessed the whole scene earlier; he took pleasure in Jiang
Liushi’s misfortune.

[Suck*r! You deserved it.]

The driver cursed and believed he was fortunate that he was not in his
shoes. He also remembered Jiang Liushi had hit his car’s front. As a
result, when he witnessed him being buried under the zombies, he
sinisterly smiled. In the face of disaster and imminent death, the driver’s
mind was on the verge of breaking down. The only thing he could think
was to quickly reach the highway entrance and gain the army’s

Everything was within his grasp. He wanted to brush all obstacles aside
and move forward at any cost. Suddenly, a huge sound burst out and
scared him; it was the roar of the engine, as well as the friction sound
produced by the sharp turn of tires on the ground. The driver was
shocked, he quickly looked back and was scared silly. He watched the
surrounded minibus, by dozens of zombies, suddenly rushing like a crazy
prehistoric beast away from the zombies! Many zombies were hit and
sent flying by the strong impact. While others were crushed, splashing

gory blood could be seen all around!

The minibus sped up, even Jiang couldn’t control it, and in less than a
few seconds it had caught up with the other driver!

"Oh, ah ah!" The driver overwhelmed by grief and terror screamed. He

averted a collision by quickly turning the steering wheel. However, the
strong winds created by the accelerated minibus rubbed his car. The
wheel spun off and the car crashed into a guardrail after making a 180
degree circle! The driver’s brain was shaken badly as the airbags
popped out to protect him!

The crazy acceleration had affected the minibus. Although the two girls
were holding the handrail tightly, they were still be hurled to the floor by
the force. They were screaming before falling to the floor, but
fortunately it was covered with a thick soft carpet, so they had not been

The minibus was like a rabid pit bull. Wen Xiaotian and Shao Lili were
rolling on the carpet, and simply could not stand up; they could only see
that the zombies had been thrown off.

The minibus was dismantling the corpses of zombies like they were
made from paper. If one looked closely they could see chunks of flesh
being stuck on the minibus’ wheels, and a trail of blood and minced
meat behind the minibus.


The zombies in front of the bus were like a winged insect on the
highway; they were killed directly by the windshield! And it was not a
few, more than a dozen zombies died that way!

Wen Xiaotian and Shao Lili, who had fallen on the carpet, had yet to
recover when they heard a horrible sound. They turned to look at Jiang’s
side and they were terrified. A lot of zombies were heavily hitting the
windshield, the fragile windshield was likely to be broken, while the road
was almost blocked.

Throwing a stone could easily break the windshield, not to mention so

many zombies!

Jiang Liushi did not pay any attention to these. He focused in front, while
Starseed’s data were constantly changing.

[The left side of the MCV was hit. No damage. The right side of the MCV
was hit. No damage...The windshield was hit...The energy
consumption...The remaining gasoline...]

These zombies were frightening, but in fact, other than the scene being
nauseating, there was no damage to the MCV at all, even the windshield
was intact.

"It remained intact!" Both girls cried out loud. The windshield, actually
had not broken and the doors were still tightly closed.

Wen Xiaotian carefully stood up and looked out through the window
stained with blood. Some zombies were still chasing them, but they were
ten meters away from them. Other zombies were biting on the ground,
and probably these voracious zombies were working together to strip
the carcasses of dead zombies. These zombies were a variation of
people, but they were different from the ones in films and television.

Wen Xiaotian just glanced and did not want to keep watching. She
wanted to make sure that they had escaped the encirclement. It was
unexpected that the minibus was so strong and durable, even the
windows were so firm.

"We escaped and survived!" The two girls said happily.

After a while, Wen Xiaotian looked the bloody windshield and curiously
asked, "Mr. Jiang, how can this window be so strong?"

"Uh..." Jiang Liushi originally did not want to explain, but now he decided
make an excuse.

"I just changed the window into a bulletproof one." Of course, a

bulletproof window was not enough help them escape from the tight
encirclement. Jiang Liushi had also used the "collision", and
"accelerated" functions. If those were not enough then he would have to
use "weapons", but it was not needed.

"Bulletproof!" Shao Lili was surprised because she believed this was
could only be seen in movies! A bulletproof car, in daily life, was not
common at all. Shao Lili had some knowledge about vehicles. She knew
that although some advanced brands provided bullet-proof cars, it
needed to be customized at a sky-high price. And why would bulletproof
windows be put in such an old minibus? Shao Lili felt it was hard to
understand, so she looked at Wen Xiaotian.

Wen Xiaotian shook her head showing that she was not familiar with
Jiang Liushi. Even if Shao Lili wanted her to explain, what she knew was
not much more than Shao Lili.

"That’s ok. You should find a place to sit down and fasten your seat
belt," Jiang Liushi said.

"Yes, thank you." The two girls once again felt grateful.

"Nothing." Jiang Liushi said lightly. In fact, this was really nothing for
him. It was the least he could do.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Freeway Entrance

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Shao Lili did not want to see any zombies, so she went to the living room
and sat on the sofa. The soft sofa made her feel very comfortable. She
touched the surface of the sofa and thought it should be expensive
because of the cashmere fabrics.

There was also a small screen opposite the sofa. Next to the screen was
a fixed clothes closet, above which was the delicate tray with clean
mineral water, cups, and some healthy snacks.

The carpet made people feel relaxed, it was like stepping on cotton. The
curtains were closed, so she could not see the situation outside. She felt
secure. They faced death countless times but they still survived. Death
was lurking around every corner, but she was sitting in such a safe and
comfortable environment… Shao Lili felt the previous terrible experience
was like a dream, or more precisely a nightmare.

She looked around for a moment and was dazed at the luxury internal
facilities of the minibus. She was not sure how much that must have
cost. Shao Lili was extremely curious about Jiang Liushi.

She picked up the mineral water, in order to drink some, but she put it
back to its original place. This was not her car. She felt embarrassed

drinking water without permission. Like Wen Xiaotian, Shao Lili was also
a college student, they were good friends. When the disaster happened,
they were together and fled together.

Fortunately, they met Jiang Liushi, or else they would already be in the
mouth of some zombie. Wen Xiaotian hesitated for a moment, and then
walked into the cab sitting on the right side. Once she sat on that seat,
she felt extremely comfortable, it was like soft cotton. This surprised
Wen Xiaotian once again. But the situation in front was not comfortable
at all.

Before the hundreds of zombies surrounded them, there were some

zombies across them. Looking out of the minibus, a car that had been
stopped by zombies could be seen. The unlucky driver was being
dragged out of the window by several zombies, waving his hands crazily,
screaming, and then drowned in the sea of zombies.

This scene left Wen Xiaotian pale in fright. Jiang Liushi did not stop and
kept moving forward. A few zombies gazed at the minibus and tried to
catch up with it, but they didn’t succeed

Meanwhile, the freeway entrance could be seen. The original toll station
had been completely turned into a military post. Military trucks blocked
the front, only exposing three channels, and trucks covered with
machine guns, aiming the approaching cars. Heavily armed soldiers
were holding guns in front of the entrance.

There was a big amount of muzzles in the buildings on both sides of the
road as well as on the docked trucks. Driving here was temporarily safe.
Whenever zombies were spotted they were killed as soon as they
approached the vicinity. Many people had been waiting and looking in
the soldier’s direction nervously.

Jiang Liushi could see the whole process. As vehicles were approaching
the entrance, the soldiers would immediately check, so that the vehicles
could proceed. Each car check lasted about ten seconds and within
those ten seconds only three cars could pass. Jiang Liushi roughly

calculated the time they had to wait. It was nothing serious...

Jiang Liushi and Wen Xiaotian breathed a sigh of relief. The idea of being
sheltered by the army made him relax a bit.

[Speed: 20 km/h. The auto-test...No damage...] Starseed reported the

MCV’s current status. Jiang Liushi slowly released the accelerator and
slowed down.

"Bang bang!"

Occasionally gunshots could be heard. Jiang Liushi had been slowly

moving to the entrance. There were only few cars in front of them.
However, the number of zombies was slowly increasing, and gunshots
had become more frequent. Hearing the fierce fighting, Shao Lili left the
living room and sat with Wen Xiaotian.

The army's fire was very fierce. Although the zombies fighting together
had almost filled the street, they still could not advance further. Looking
at the countless army trucks, which could frighten them even at
peaceful times, they felt a great sense of security. Jiang Liushi had been
calmly waiting, when a sudden gunfire was shot not far away from their
position; it was so close and shocked them. He saw the car, which was
being checked, and two soldiers pulling the corpse of the man they had
just killed. The body had a bloody wound between its brows and his arm,
and the crying of a woman could be heard; she was probably his
girlfriend or wife.

"I will repeat again. Every car carrying bitten passengers has two
options: Do not approach or simply turn back! Once found, they’ll be
executed the spot! This type of virus is highly infectious. Once someone
is bitten, he or she turn into a monster and harm other people!" An
officer holding a microphone solemnly said.

Seeing this, most people were frightened, but what had happened to the
man was nothing, considering the safety of everyone else. There were
many people that had witnessed their loved ones or friends changing
into a zombie, some were even eaten by the loved ones. That incident

did not affect the moving cars, but not long after, a dense burst of
gunfire was released. The soldiers had solemn expressions on their

Jiang Liushi looked back through the rearview system, he witnessed a

soldier,who had just fired two shots, being pulled down from the truck.
Two other trucks had almost been covered by endless zombies. Screams
could be hear from the buildings on both sides. To make things worse,
not too far away, tens of thousands and even more zombies had been
gathering from all over the city.

These zombies had bloodthirsty crazy eyes looking at the freeway


Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Day of Parting

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Hurry up!" The soldiers said impatiently.

Obviously, the fire points along the side of the road couldn’t last for a
long time, and soon the zombies would rush there. There was not much
time left...

The survivors, were very clear about this, had anxious looks, and felt
every passing minute as if it were half an hour.

Finally it was Jiang Liushi’s turn to pass. The soldier came to his bus and
was shocked. "You’re driving this to escape?" The soldier said with a
puzzled look. Driving this luxury car, with its extravagant interior
decoration, accompanied by two beautiful girls, Jiang Liushi was
disdained, as a rich second generation, by the soldier.

"Hurry up!" The soldier said impatiently.

Jiang Liushi touched his nose but did not speak, it was extremely
amazing to be regarded as the rich second generation. Passing through
the window of the toll station, Jiang Liushi noticed that the glass had
been broken and was filled with blood. Traces of torn cloth could be seen
hanging, but there was no body there. The virus had broken out around
the world like crazy, and in the blink of an eye, the normal world had
turned into hell.

The freeway was full of heavily armed soldiers, guarding both sides of
the road. From time to time, a few gunshots could be heard, and
zombies were killed. Jiang Liushi was driving smoothly, reaching the
traffic up front. The traffic moved forward for a while, but then suddenly

"What’s wrong?" Shao Lili nervously asked.

Although they were under the protection of the army, they still felt
nervous. Jiang Liushi noticed that some people in the front were
abandoning their vehicles, while several soldiers were shouting at them.
Soon those soldiers were moving between the stopped vehicles and
helped people abandon them.

As soon as they left, two forklifts would push the cars to the roadside,
and then directly push down from the highway. Jiang Liushi was
shocked, he had a very bad feeling.

A soldier approached the minibus and shouted, "In front of the highway,
a bus lost control and overturned. There are a lot of zombies gathered
on the road. This problem is being addressed urgently, but the zombies

will soon catch up. If you all drive the vehicle, the road will be blocked. It
means we have no way to move forward. So, everyone must abandon
their vehicles! "

"Women, children and the elderly can go and take shelter in the army
trucks. Young men have to walk! Do not have any funny ideas. We are
all the same!"

"From this point till Shenhai Island, we will escort you all the way.
Anyone must immediately get off, hurry up! After we reach Shenhai
Island you will have enough time to rest! There are water and food, even
a secure environment! Everybody get off! "

Those who heard the news left their vehicles. Most of the survivors
drove a car with one or two families and no luggage.

Hearing that Shenhai Island was doing well, those people could not wait
but abandon their cars. Soon the surrounding vehicles were all empty,
leaving Jiang Liushi’s minibus still parked there.

"We also should get off quickly," Shao Lili said.

Wen Xiaotian hesitated and looked at Jiang Liushi, who was still sitting in
the driver's seat motionless, and said, "Mr. Jiang, hurry up."

Jiang shook his head and said, "I won’t leave the minibus. You should
hurry up!"

"Ah?" Wen Xiaotian exclaimed.

"You won’t?" Shao Lili found it strange. He wasn’t going to follow the
army? That was impossible.

"Yes… The army will accompany you to a secure place, the Shenhai
Island, but I want to go in the direction of Nanjing City," Jiang Liushi said.

He could not abandon the minibus. He knew that the MCV was his
guarantee of survival and he would not give it up. Originally, he intended
to bring those girls to the army and then move towards Nanjing City. But
now the road was blocked, Jiang Liushi had to find another way to reach
his destination.

"To Nanjing City... The highway cannot be used..." Shao Lili was
astonished. The army was there; as long as they followed they would
reach the safe environment. However, Jiang Liushi wanted to go to
Nanjing City.

"I beg you, think it again. It will be very dangerous. You should follow the
army to that safe island," Shao Lili hastily said…

"I can drive along the highway, or find other ways. There is always a
way," Jiang Liushi said.


"It does not matter. You can follow the army to the island. You will be
safe. Look after yourselves," Jiang said and shook his head. Seeing Jiang
Liushi so determined, Shao Lili had other way to try and persuade him.
The soldier was moving toward the minibus shouting loudly.

Shao Lili was embarrassed to look Jiang Liushi and then said, "That...I will
go then. Thank you Mr. Jiang for saving my life. Be careful and I hope we
will meet again."

"I hope so too," Jiang said.

"Come on, Xiaotian," Shao Lili softly said.

But what she did not expect was that Wen Xiaotian shook her head and
said, "I won’t go either".

"Xiaotian!" Shao Lili was shocked.

Wen Xiaotian looked at Shao Lili and said, "Lili, my home is on the way
to Nanjing City. If there was no way to go, then I would go to the secure
island, but since Mr. Jiang wants to head to Nanjing City, then I would
like to go that way too".

Wen Xiaotian felt a little sad and said, "No matter, if my family is dead or
alive, I want to know".

Wen Xiaotian then turned to Jiang Liushi and said, "Mr. Jiang, can you
take me with you? Although I cannot be very helpful, I can provide some
information about the road. My father used to run this line for
transporting. I grew up following him a lot of times, and there are
several roads. Mr. Jiang..."

Hearing the request of Wen Xiaotian, Jiang Liushi thought and nodded
without any hesitation. He was not familiar with the road, it was good
that there was someone who could help.

"Mr. Jiang, thank you!" Wen Xiaotian gratefully said. Then she hugged
Shao Lili and said, "Lili, you can go alone… Take care of yourself."

Tears started flowing from Shao Lili’s eyes; she did not know the
situation of her parents. But her hometown was far, so she could not go.
And to make things worse, she had no choice but to escape without her
good friend...

"Get off quickly!" The soldier urged loudly while heavily knocking the

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Leaving the Freeway

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Shao Lili reluctantly got off the minibus. The soldiers focused their
attention on Jiang Liushi and Wen Xiaotian, who were still in the minibus.
Jiang Liushi had been firmly sitting in the driver's seat, so a soldier
suddenly roared, "Get off immediately! You can’t stop on the road.
You’re blocking it!"

"I am sorry… I will drive away immediately," Jiang Liushi apologetically


The soldier stopped because Jiang Liushi had shown a good attitude. But
then he said, "Well, you should drive to the side of the road. It will be
convenient for us to push it."

Then the soldier went to the side, while staring at the minibus, and
whispered, "Such a big car! Who knows whether it can be pushed down
or not?"

They may have had to remove the fence...

Those armored vehicles, trucks, and a large number of soldiers, at the

freeway entrance, were ready to evacuate if they could not hold
anymore, so they had to clean up the road. The army just wanted to
take away the survivors, not fight with countless monsters. Suddenly, an
air-defense warning came from the freeway entrance and that soldier
looked back. Those who had left their cars were moving forward, but
stopped to see what had happened. Some people were startled and
accelerated their pace while others panicked and started running like
crazy here and there; it looked like a riot was going to break out.

"Do not panic!" the soldier said, "This was the last warning, which
reminded to any survivors from the city to come here."

Bang! Bang!

The gunfire sounds were extremely close and very dense. From afar, a
crowd could be vaguely seen; they were zombies. In that case, even if
the survivors had heard the alarm, it was impossible to pass through the
sea of corpses and come to the freeway...

Then the soldier looked at the minibus casually urging, "There is not
much time left. Quickly! ..."

Woo -!

The soldier was dumbfounded as he heard the thunderous engine sound.

He thought that the minibus was like a sports car, it had turned a
curvature, moving toward the edge of the freeway. This scene was also
seen by many survivors who were originally looking at the freeway
entrance, but now they had been attracted by the minibus. Seeing the
minibus run as a sports car, everyone was surprised.

"The driver is really good at driving... my God!" The soldier immediately


The minibus was at the edge of the freeway, but it still had not stopped.
Its front was about to hit the fence!


The minibus hit the fence directly rushing out of the freeway! It rushed
down along the three meters steep slope until it reached the bottom.

"What did he do..."The soldier quickly ran over to see the situation,
many survivors did the same and stretched their necks to look.

That person's car was too old, but nonetheless he had actually left the
freeway. No one knew if he was injured or not. But as long as there was
no injury it was still a good thing, because it solved the problem of
pushing the car. However, the minibus suddenly shook and staggered
like drunkards, but after that it continued moving and was driven to a
narrow rural road.

"What's wrong?"

"What is he doing?"

The minibus had left following the county road, being stared by the
survivors. That soldier was also shocked. This minibus actually drove


Not far behind the soldier, Shao Lili was facing at the direction of the
minibus while waving desperately. She could never imagine that Jian
Liushi would leave the freeway in this fashion.

[Xiaotian, and Mr. Jiang, take care of yourselves!] Shao Lili desperately
waved. She couldn’t watch them drive away as tears were covering her

[The crash did not cause any damages... The MCV functions normally...]
The Starseed was reporting to Jiang Liushi.

This rural road was next to the freeway. Jiang Liushi drove all the way
seeing the abandoned cars and the crowd which was slowly moving.

The survivors were temporarily safe, but once they had started slightly
relaxing from the tension they began realizing what had actually
happened in this short period of time. Many people were crying, but
most looked helpless. Those who had lost loved ones, and those who felt
confused about the future, had been immersed in all kinds of feelings.
Jiang Liushi looked at these people, and Wen Xiaotian also looked
through the window with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

Soon, the country road reached a corner away from the freeway.
However, Jiang Liushi couldn’t see the forefront of the army, Li Yuxin or
any other familiar people. He finally looked at the survivors on the
freeway, and then turned the steering wheel, changing direction. The
minibus was running at a steady speed, and soon the freeway was left
behind, which meant that they were away from the protection of the
army and Shenhai Island.

"Miss Wen!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

Wen Xiaotian suddenly snapped out of it and said, "What’s wrong?"

Then she added, "You don’t need to call me Miss Wen. You can call me
Wen Xiaotian. And if you do not mind, you can even call me Xiaotian.
That’s how my friends call me".

"Well then, you do not need to call me Mr. Jiang either".

"Jiang...Jiang brother..." Wen Xiaotian was still embarrassed to call him

by his name.

"You said you knew a few routes, can you tell me about them?" Jiang
Liushi asked.

Although Jiang Liushi had downloaded the road map in advance, he still
needed someone’s help. Leaving the freeway, was equivalent to moving
towards unknown risk, which had to be avoided. If Wen Xiaotian was
really familiar with the road, she would definitely know a relatively safe

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: A Road Leading up the

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Of course!" Wen Xiaotian quickly nodded.

Wen Xiaotian’s home was more than 100 kilometers away from Nanjing
City. She grew up in a small town, whose name was unknown to others,
and she left in order to study in college at Jiangbei Town. Wen Xiaotian
was born in an ordinary family. Her father was a long-distance
transportation driver, always driving from that small town to Jiangbei
City. Wen Xiaotian had always followed her father and sometimes stayed
in Jiangbei Town for a while.

"At that time, I didn’t know why. I just felt the scenery along the road
was very interesting and I had fun," Wen Xiaotian said with emotion.

She was really embarrassed after mumbling and she hastily said, "I'm
really sorry. I rambled for a long time but I didn’t get to the heart of the

"It’s okay," Jiang Liushi said. She was really calm and collected;
considering she was a young girl who had escaped certain death and
was worried about her family.

Wen Xiaotian's eyes had always been red. Jiang Liushi inadvertently

glanced at her eyes, which were looking up hard in order not to cry.

"You can continue. Anyway, we have a long way ahead of us," Jiang said.

Wen Xiaotian could not help but smile . "I know. I just have to recall

details of the road!"

"I was worried that I could not remember clearly... But I just
remembered... There were two roads passing through the city, with a lot
of traffic."

Jiang Liushi shook his head and said, "We have to give up the road with
too many people or cars. On the freeway, the army will clean up the
road. However, if we were blocked on the road, we would probably
become food for the zombies. How about the other road?"

"The other road is like that too... There is a bypass passing through a
variety of small towns, because it goes through some factories along the
road… This road actually had a lot of people living nearby," Wen Xiaotian
said. More people meant more zombies, so that road had been rejected
by Jiang Liushi.

"There is another road leading up a mountain. The road is more

complex, and there is an extremely long path we have to follow, but the
chances of meeting zombies will be less," Wen Xiaotian said.

"This road..." The complexity of a road was nothing to Jiang Liushi at all.
The Starseed would keep making minor changes and make sure that the
driving safety would be greatly improved. However, the reason why Wen
Xiaotian didn’t mention this road first was because there was nothing
along the long way. No food, no water, no gas stations…

Wen Xiaotian did not know if the food in storage would suffice. However,
it was not an exaggeration to say that the food storage was enough to
open a small supermarket. Also, the water reserves could also support
them for a long time. At least they wouldn’t have to starve in
accordance with the minimum survival needs. Of course, Jiang Liushi

would not take the initiative to say those things. He was not distrustful
of Wen Xiaotian, but he just felt it was too tiresome to explain... Actually,
Jiang Liushi was always afraid of getting lumbered. But it was indeed a
serious problem if there were no gas stations along the road.

"Tell me the specific route. In addition, do you know how many

kilometers are there this way? " Jiang Liushi asked.

Wen Xiaotian could roughly guess. Jiang Liushi added fifty kilometers,
give or take, to the number she gave, and then the Starseed began
calculating. Jiang Liushi had filled the minibus with gasoline when he had
rented it. He had also purchased a few buckets of gasoline. However,
when the refitting of the minibus had been completed, the oil tank had
become the MCV standard, which had a different capacity. Jiang Liushi
had not expected this, so he felt that the gasoline was not going be

[The calculation is going be based on the value...The current capacity of

oil tank is 1000L, and the remaining oil volume is 210L... It can travel
one thousand and fifty kilometers.]

The general capacity of an oil tank was 50L. In addition to filling the oil
tank, Jiang Liushi had bought 180L of gasoline. It would be enough but
compared to the 1000L oil storage of the MCV, it was not enough at all.

[A thousand kilometers are enough for me to drive all the way to Nanjing
City and find Jiang Zhuying.] But the calculated data provided by the
Starseed had been based on the ‘ordinary fuel consumption’ of the MCV,
which was 20L for 100 km. It was like daily driving without the
"Acceleration" and "Crash" functions. All these additional functions
consumed gasoline, so it had a large oil tank. As for the ‘ordinary fuel
consumption’, there was no difference compared to an ordinary minibus.

"Jiang, have you decided?" Jiang Liushi was silent, so Wen Xiaotian
nervously asked.

She was worried that all the routes provided by her were would be
rejected by Jiang Liushi, which would mean that she would not been able

to help at all. Wen Xiaotian believed that people should help each other
mutually, of which the word ‘mutually’ being the key word there. Jiang
Liushi had helped her and let her come with him, but she could only
contribute that much.

"Ah, we will choose the mountain road!" Jiang Liushi answered.

He had taken various factors into account, so the mountain road was the
best choice for them. Although it could not withstand "a thousand
kilometers", which was the distance limit of the MCV, they would have
no problem driving at least to Wen Xiaotian’s hometown.

"Let's see if there are any gas stations on the road," Jiang Liushi said.

"Okay!" Wen Xiaotian was surprised... She thought that Jiang Liushi
would have chosen the factory road, although there would be a lot of
zombies there. Since Jiang had made a decision though, she would not

As long as there was gasoline, it wouldn’t matter even if there was not
enough food to eat.

"I have seen a documentary that said that as long as there is water, one
can maintain their bodily function s, even without eating. It was said that
a girl in order to lose weight did not eat for a month. So even if we do
not eat, as long as we have water, we can survive for several days," Wen
Xiaotian said.

Jiang Liushi looked at her; he did not know why she shad aid those

Wen Xiaotian then smiled and said, "I feel like I need to lose weight..."

"Uh..." Jiang Liushi did not know what to say.

Did Wen Xiaotian really believe that they would starve to death?

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Mobile Hotel

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The MCV had been moving smoothly on the country road. A few zombies
could be seen standing in the fields or by the roadside. Once they
spotted the MCV, they would run to it as mad as wild beasts. However,
usually they could only watch the MCV leaving them behind. The only
thing they could do was waving their arms in vain with blood-red eyes
without any sanity, only craziness and devilry.

At first Wen Xiaotian had been looking out the window attentively.
Gradually, she could lower her guard a bit and relax because of the on-
going safety. Finally, tilting her head, she had fallen asleep.

[The left side is being adjusted... Continue moving forward...]

Jiang Liushi took a glimpse of Wen Xiaotian while driving the MCV. He
noticed that Wen Xiaotian had been twitching while she was sleeping,
which prevented her having a good sleep. She was really tired because
of running and tension. Jiang Liushi could not help but think about Jiang
Zhuying. He had no idea how afraid she must have been…

When Wen Xiaotian woke up, she found that the minibus had stopped
and it was dark. There were sharp-cut cliffs on one side, and some hills
loomed in the other side of the road.

"Jiang brother?" Not seeing Jiang Liushi at the driver’s seat, Wen Xiaotian
suddenly sat up straightly.

She did not know how long she had slept, but it should have been two or
three hours as it was afternoon before she had fallen asleep. In that
silent mountain, the minibus was parked. Waking up, she found herself
alone in the minibus which left her confused.

She quickly stood up and shouted, "Jiang brother? Jiang brother?"

Although the minibus had just about everything they could wish for
within such a small space, Wen Xiaotian had been looking around but
she could not find Jiang Liushi. As she was about to panic, she suddenly
heard the sound of water behind a small door. The small door had
suddenly opened and Jiang Liushi walked out. Wen Xiaotian looked at
Jiang Liushi in surprise. It was quite clear that Jiang Liushi had taken a
bath, as his hair were wet.

"Did you just wake up?" Jiang Liushi asked while wiping his hair.

"Yup, yes... I slept for a long time,"Wen Xiaotian replied.

"It was not too long, and you didn’t sleep that well. You will feel sleepy
again. Sleep is bliss, especially now."

Jiang Liushi’s words made Wen Xiaotian feel embarrassed because she
had been sleeping, while he was driving. Wen Xiaotian had always been
a relatively delicate girl. With part-time learning, she always felt that the
time she had to sleep was not enough. Coupled with the outbreak of the
virus today, she was influenced by a huge psychological impact. After
escaping, she had finally found temporary security, and as a result the
accumulated fatigue had taken its toll.

Wen Xiaotian was totally surprised with Jiang Liushi. Sleeping was a body
instinct, but it seemed...

"Well, do you want to take a bath?" Jiang Liushi’s question completely

confirmed Wen Xiaotian’s speculation.

He had actually taken a bath… After such an agonizing day, Wen

Xiaotian had wished taking a bath; it had also to do with her love for
cleanliness. However, under such conditions, she felt lucky just having
water to drink. But Jiang Liushi not only had taken a bath, it was a hot

"Along the roadside, I found a spring and pumped some water. Although
it’s not drinkable , using it to take a bath is still very comfortable. If you
want take one , there is everything inside, and the hair dryer is next to
the mirror," Jiang Liushi said.

Wen Xiaotian listened carefully and could not help but ask, "Since the
water was filtered, it should be drinkable..."

She felt that it was too extravagant to use hot water for taking a bath…

"That’s OK. If you want to drink, you needn’t do more preparation than
turning on a tap in the kitchen. And if you are hungry after the bath, you
can go to the kitchen and cook some fine dried noodles. And in the
cupboard, there are some fresh vegetables." In fact, there were some
frozen dumplings too, but he thought it would be wasteful to eat them

Although he had stored flour and so on, storing bacon was not as easy
as using it for stuffing… In fact, Jiang Liushi had put some easily stored
food into the storage room, and put some perishable food in the kitchen.
When he had been purchasing food, he had bought some fresh things
too. After all, there wass no need to eat those long-storage food from
the beginning.

Jiang Liushi had thought that eating noodles was not enough, what he
did not know was how surprised Wen Xiaotian was right now. She had
been mentally preparing to be hungry, but did not expect that there was
not only a hot bath but also noodles, and even vegetables to have.

Wen Xiaotian was speechless. . . The minibus was like a mobile hotel!

As for cooking, Wen Xiaotian was quite a good cook so she felt really

good, as she was able to help. A hot bath and hot meal were all provided
by Jiang Liushi, but what she could do was so few.

"I'll take a bath immediately," Wen Xiaotian said.

After taking a bath, Wen Xiaotian prepared two bowls of noodles.

Looking the two bowls on a small folding table and sitting on the
opposite side, Jiang Liushi didn’t know what to say. Wen Xiaotian’s bowl
only had a few mouthfuls of noodles, but his bowl was full of noodles
with eggs and vegetables, as well as ham. It looked very delicious.

"The food in the cabinet is not enough and we should save. Actually, I
always eat like a bird..." Wen Xiaotian said.

In fact, even for a child, that bowl of noodles would not be enough.
Eating so little, she would at most fill her stomach. Jiang Liushi would like
to tell her, in fact, the supplies in the cabinet was not even one-fifth of
what he had stored. And the food in the cupboard, was not to be saved,
was to be eaten…

"Let’s eat!" Jiang Liushi said.

For a long time he had not eaten noodles, so those tasted very good.

But tomorrow he’d like to eat rice...

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: A Roaring at Night

After eating noodles, Jiang Liushi drove some more, and then stopped at
the roadside to rest for the night. They didn’t continue to drive until the
next morning. Although there was no risk of colliding with other vehicles,
Jiang Liushi did not even have a driver's license, nor the slightest
experience of driving on a mountain road. Even if the Starseed could
support him, he still did not dare to take the risk of driving with fatigue.
It was not worth dying in an accident or by zombies.
Yesterday, when he was driving on the mountain road, it was already at
dusk. And now he had found out that the route was really like Wen
Xiaotian had said, it had nothing at all. One or two farms could
occasionally be seen. There were a Car Wash and Repair Shop along the
road, and a restaurant next to it, with dirty windows and a sign saying,
‘Pickled fish’ and ‘Home cooking’. This kind of shops was dedicated to
serving long-distance passing drivers.
There were two large trucks parked on the open space in front of the Car
wash shop, the windows of the trucks were smashed with blood on the
ground, but there was no driver in the car.
Jiang Liushi parked before the restaurant. Looking at the tightly closed
old door with blood, he felt ghastlier.

"Jiang brother, you are going to..."Wen Xiaotian was frozen for a
moment, seeing Jiang Liushi parking.
"I'll search for some food," Jiang Liushi said.
In the early days, fresh food wouldn’t rot. During this time, it was
relatively easy for them to collect food. A few days later, fresh

ingredients would rot, and they could only eat those anti-corrosion food
in vacuum packaging. Although Jiang Liushi prepared some, they
couldn’t miss the fresh ingredients.
"Find food? Is the food of this restaurant edible…"Wen Xiaotian said
worriedly. Jiang Liushi smiled, he knew that Wen Xiaotian was worried
that these ingredients would be contaminated with the virus. Jiang Liushi
had gotten the information from the Starseed that before the outbreak
of the virus, the world's food and water all carried the virus.
However, people like Jiang Liushi, who had suffered from the virus
mutation, hadn’t to be afraid of the virus at all.
Of course, they still couldn’t be bit by zombies. Otherwise, the zombie
which had been carrying the enhanced virus would infect them.
Jiang Liushi didn’t said that to Wen Xiaotian, because explaining was
difficult. Therefore, he just said, "Take it easy, these ingredients are
"That... Do we really need to get off?" Wen Xiaotian timidly asked
because it was extremely dangerous. But in the end of the world
everything was dangerous! Especially looking for food, they had to take
the risk of doing it.
Wen Xiaotian’s face was slightly pale. She was afraid. However, if Jiang
Liushi needed her, she would be brave enough to get off.
"Hold on!" Jiang Liushi suddenly said.
"Ah?" Wen Xiaotian was frozen for a moment. She had not had time to
say anything, hearing the roar of the car engine.
The minibus was like a raging bison and rushed out, directly hitting the
door of the restaurant. The wooden door, along with the surrounding
walls were all crashing down! Jiang Liushi was clear that the wall was
simply too thin, so it wouldn’t withstand the collision. Actually, it was just
a thin layer of metal, which was filled with the bubble, easy to be
The wall fell and the whole roof was crumbling. Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi
saw the scene inside the small restaurant. It was quite a bloody scene.
Four zombies were lying on the ground, desperately scrambling for

something. It was full of blood, internal organs and debris, and about
five people were lying on the ground, it was not known how many bodies
were actually there as Jiang Liushi couldn’t discriminate, surrounded by
a pool of blood.
"OMG!" Wen Xiaotian could not help but start screaming, she
immediately covered her mouth with her hand.
The scene was nauseating, but she had to start adapting. The zombies
had stopped eating, and turned to see this minibus. Their eyes were
scarlet, with their blood vessels protruding. Dripping blood and meat
could be seen as they growled wildly rushing to the minibus.
Jiang Liushi didn’t say anything, pushing the pedal to the metal.
"Om - !!" The engine roared again, the minibus had hit the zombies and
sent them flying to the wall.
The whole wall crumbled. The minibus pressed against the zombies till
they hit the backyard walls. Flesh and blood splashed on the windshield,
four zombies were killed by Jiang Liushi!
"Wooo--" Jiang Liushi took a deep breath. Watching the stains on the
windshield, he hesitated for a bit, and then pressed the wiper. The wiper
started wiping the windshield, after that washing liquid was sprayed out,
diluting the blood, which was slowly swept down. Jiang Liushi was
silently looking at all this, he seemed accustomed to bearing such a
bloody and killing scene.
Wen Xiaotian bit her lips, standing behind Jiang Liushi, watching the
blood being swept down, she didn’t know what to say. Jiang Liushi’s
reaction was very calm. Wen Xiaotian knew that in order to survive they
should be calm.
"I ... I'm going to find food." Wen Xiaotian suddenly woke up,
volunteering to get off to find food. It was dangerous, but she should do
"I will open the door," Wen Xiaotian reminded. She didn’t push the door
until Jiang Liushi had agreed. Letting Wen Xiaotian get off, Jiang Liushi
had no alternative way because the Starseed could only be controlled by
him. Even if she was in danger, Jiang Liushi could try his best to save

her. The small restaurant was in a mess. Wen Xiaotian effortlessly

pushed the broken plates, and found the kitchen freezer.
The freezer was filled with all kinds of ingredients, such as chicken,
duck, fish, eggs and a lot of vegetables. It was enough to feed dozens of
people for two or three days.
The freezer was too large to be moved in the minibus. Wen Xiaotian
used clean plastic bags to pack the food little by little. Jiang Liushi’s
minibus also had a small freezer, but the capacity was too small. It was
not enough to store so much food. It seemed that some ingredients
needed to be eaten quickly.
"Jiang brother, I would like to prepare dinner tonight." Wen Xiaotian had
enough confidence in her cooking skills. She had begun cooking since
very young. In order to be more efficient, she also specifically moved oil,
salt and vinegar, a small gas stove and a wok. Although there was a
small kitchen in the minibus, the hardware facilities were limited only to
one pot and one stove.
She had totally moved the kitchen to the living room and was ready to
cook there. In that way, the minibus was basically filled with things.
Fortunately, Wen Xiaotian was petite. She was really hungry. Although
she had cooked noodles last night, she thought that food was not going
to be enough, so she hadn’t eaten much. Now with so many ingredients,
she could enjoy eating.
"Okay." Jiang Liushi was also looking forward to it. It was already dark,
so he wanted to take a break there. Seeing Wen Xiaotian so busy
cooking, Jiang Liushi was really looking forward to the delicious meal.
The only flaw of the minibus was that its internal was too small. There
was not enough space for many pots and stoves. They could only
overlap. In fact, many things in the minibus could be folded, such as
tables and beds. If the space could become a little bigger, they could
store more gasoline and more food, adding more living facilities.
At that time, it would be the real mobile base. The sun had already set
while Wen Xiaotian had prepared half of the food. The seductive scent
attracted Jiang Liushi. He was busy preparing for the end of the world
and had no time for eating. But then, suddenly …

"Roar—"As if a beast growled. The sound came from the distant

"What?" Jiang Liushi was scared!
That roar, in the quiet mountains, mixed with the wind, had brought a
frightening feeling!

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The MCV Has Broken Down

After doomsday, even if he had a MCV, Jiang Liushi was not negligent in
the slightest. He had gotten a lot of information from the Starseed,
knowing that the end of the world would not be so simple. If it only had
to do with zombies, the situation could actually be controlled by the
remnants of the government, and it wouldn’t be called the end of the

Jiang Liushi had been frightened by this strange roar and he had a
strong sense of uneasiness.

"Put off the fire!" Jiang Liushi cried.

"Ah?" Wen Xiaotian was frozen for a moment. She had been cooking the
meals for a while, and now turning off the fire, she was afraid that they
couldn’t get the chance to eat. But Wen Xiaotian had also heard that
unusual roar, so she quickly put the fire off, while Jiang Liushi turned off
the MCV’s power switch.

The lights were off. Surrounded by darkness, the road was filled with
extremely fresh air, and there was no light visible around the area. Jiang
Liushi could see the dark blue sky, full of stars, through the window. A
thin moon hung obliquely in the hills, above shedding its weak, cool

The night sky was beautiful. But at this moment, looking at the night

sky, Jiang Liushi felt his blood freezing. In of the thin moon, he saw a
huge shadow staring at the MCV. It looked like a monster, yet he did not
know what on earth it was. Jiang Liushi did not dare to turn on the
headlights. He held his breath, lowered his body and pulled down

The seal of the MCV was very good. Despite that they had been cooking,
the smell couldn’t escape out. Since that shadow should not have been
attracted by the fragrance, it might have been by the light source. Jiang
Liushi had cut off the light source, hoping that this shadow would lose its
target and leave.

[The end of the world has just begun and the MCV is still in the initial
state. If we encounter some terrible monsters and the MCV is
overturned, that would be a catastrophe!] Jiang Liushi thought.

"Jiang Brother..."Wen Xiaotian said with a very light and trembling voice,
standing by Jiang Liushi’s side. The eschatological atmosphere, coupled
with encountering a terrifying dark shadow, had left a huge
psychological impact to the girl.

"Go and hide under the sofa. Do not make a sound!" Jiang Liushi arched
his back, slowly moving close to the driver's seat. He had been
considering driving to escape, as he found that even if the light was
turned off, the shadow was still slowly approaching. But Jiang Liushi
didn’t dare to drive too fast, so as not to anger that shadow.

As the shadow was getting closer, lit by the weak moonlight, Jiang Liushi
could distinguish that the approaching shadow was actually an
enormous boar.

"How could this boar be so huge?" Jiang Liushi was shocked. Although it
was far away, comparing it with the surrounding houses, he estimated
that this boar was at least as large as a light-weighted truck!

Its height was no shorter than the MCV, except for its lower body. It was
full of steel thorn-like black hair, which was stained with a large number
of blood scabs, making it look like it had climbed out from a blood pool.
Its tusks were like two huge machetes. And one of them even had a long
intestine hanging. That was a fierce pig out of hell!
That boar had been staring at Jiang Liushi’s MCV with its two searchlight-
shaped eyes blooming scarlet light. This was not the feeling Jiang Liushi
got. It was really blooming like wolfs’ eyes in the night with dark green
light, except that this light was scarlet.

"OMG, is this…"

Jiang Liushi had recalled some information the Starseed had provided
after the beginning of doomsday, in addition to some people and
animals being infected turning to zombies, there were still some people
and animals that would mutate! This variation would make them much
stronger than zombies. When Jiang Liushi had read about it, it made no
sense till now, seeing a real mutated boar, Jiang Liushi was finally
shocked. A small truck-like boar seemed to be little, but as it was slowly
approaching, its musk, bristles and scarlet glowing eyes had left of a
strong visual impact!

There was only a layer of transparent windshield separating Jiang Liushi

and this boar.


The boar had suddenly issued a terrible roar. It raised its hoofs, rushing
straightly towards the MCV and Jiang Liushi! It ran up. Its feet treaded
down with the heavy body, trampling the road and shattering the earth.
A truck-sized boar, whose weight should be more than ten tons, was
running almost at the speed of a cheetah, in a short time. Jiang Liushi
could even feel the ground trembling!

"Damn!" Jiang Liushi was shocked. Once such a heavy boar collided, the
impact would be extremely horrible and the entire MCV would definitely
be affected! The MCV was protected with armor. But talking about its
weight, it was more than the average bus and could not afford too much,
how could it withstand such a collision! Once rolled over, they would
have no power to resist. Even if it was the strongest armor, it would still
be opened by the fangs of this big boar bit by bit!

"Damn!" Jiang Liushi cursed and jumped to the driver's seat. Meanwhile,
the boar had come closer to the MCV, he had no time to escape!

If he chose to escape, he needed to turn the minibus, which in return

would let the boar hit the MCV’s side, and as a result it would be
There was only one choice! The only one Jiang Liushi could make in the
shortest time!
Jiang Liushi suddenly pulled the shift lever, kicking the throttle step to
the end. "Om –"
The MCV launched a beast-like roar and started instantly!

As it had been transformed by the Starseed, the MCV started much

faster than an average car. And to ensure that the MCV could start at
any time, Jiang Liushi hadn’t pulled the hand brake; the MCV instantly
rushed out.
"Seat belt!" Jiang Liushi shouted. At the same time, his seat belt
automatically popped up and firmly tied his body! In the MCV’s small
living room, Wen Xiaotian had hurriedly sat on the sofa, rushing to
bundle the seat belt. In fact, Jiang Liushi’s cry was for Wen Xiaotian to

The MCV accelerated to 100 km in just a few seconds. Jiang Liushi

clenched his teeth, watching the boar from the windshield quickly
rushing forward! The completely transparent windshield made Jiang

Liushi feel like that the light truck-sized boar was going to hit his face,
even its faint tusks were facing his head! If this glass could not sustain,
his head would be penetrated by its sharp tusks! In this life and death
moment, Jiang Liushi’s mind was blank. He just focused on the steering
wheel while trampling the throttle!

Jiang Liushi felt his blood boiling. The boar’s huge head had been in front
of him and Jiang Liushi could even see his own reflection in the boar’s
scarlet pupils.
The MCV was shaken!
The huge impact jolted Jiang Liushi’s body but the flexible seat belt
tightly kept him in his seat. Simultaneously, he felt as his body was
going to be cut in half by the safe belt.
The air-bag had burst open, hitting his face and making him feel dizzy.
At the same time, crackling sounds could be heard from the back. Those
pots and pans had fallen on the floor under the influence of great inertia.

The sofa was fixed on the car and so it could not be moved, but that
great impact still made Wen Xiaotian, who had tied herself with the seat
belt, issue a scream.
Wen Xiaotian felt her head in a pain. She had hit her head somewhere.
she experienced a blackout and directly passed out. At this time, Jiang
Liushi quickly recovered the airbag, which was one of MCV’s abilities.
Airbags that had popped up would be recovered instantly, in order to not
affect the driver's sight. Jiang Liushi had been enduring the dizzy feeling
as well as the pain on his lower abdomen, because the seat belt was
tightening it.

Two washbasin-sized white marks had appeared on the windshield,

which meant that the internal lines of the windshield had been broken,
thus changing its transparency. In general, bulletproof glass would
become white after it was shot by bullets, and of course, even if its
internal glass was broken, it still retain its bulletproof ability.

"Warning! The MCV has been damaged, level 3.5. The bulletproof glass’
durability has been reduced by 60 percent... Power system damaged…
Instantaneous acceleration and collision function are unavailable... The
car’s power was cut off!" The Starseed was showing the MCV’s status
"The MCV is broken?" Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. The MCV
had faced a large number of zombies’ siege before but had nothing or
even the slightest traces left. And today, after being hit by the mutated
boar, it had been damaged to this degree.

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Weapon

From the Starseed’s status update, what depressed Jiang Liushi most
was that propulsion system had been damaged, so the MCV was
incapable of accelerating. Without the dash function, he was a stationary
target facing the giant mutant boar.
[OMG, the mutant boar!] Jiang Liushi quickly diverted his attention to the
mutant boar and found it was hurt badly because of the dash. The boar
fell on the ground, and its huge head was full of blood that covered its
eyes. One of its two large tusks had been snapped brutally. A bloody
dental pulp could be clearly seen.
The mutant boar let a low deep roar. As the damaged MCV couldn’t cut
off the noise, Jiang Liushi had suffered from the monster’s roar. That low
deep roar had made his insides shake and it was hard to move his body!
Jiang Liushi felt like a lot of hands were holding tightly his heart, which
almost stopped beating, and lungs, thus he was unable to breathe. How
horrible was that roar!?
The mutant boar stood up. Despite its skull being shattered, it still
possessed dreadful power, which was supported by its strong vitality. It
glared at Jiang Liushi. They were very close. The only thing between
them was a sheet of windshield that had broken into pieces.
The boar pressed the vehicle's chassis with its last remaining tusk. By
pushing upward, the beast intended to turn over the MCV completely.
Jiang’s blood ran cold. If the MCV turned over, everything would be over.
"Can it work?" He thought. Worried and anxious, Jiang Liushi pulled the
gear lever and started driving. The vehicle produced a dull sound; its

four wheels were moving.

"It worked!" Although the fast propulsion and the dash function were
impaired, he could still drive the MCV as normal.
"Zhi- Zhi- Zhi-"
The MCV’s front wheels were in the air and rotated meaninglessly, while
the back wheels rubbed the ground violently, raising lots of dust and
stones. Even if the impact was not very strong, the injured boar couldn’t
turn over the vehicle easily in such a short period. However, it was in a
grave danger as the boar pushed the vehicle higher and higher; the MCV
would be off balance.
"Oh, no!" Jiang Liushi’s face was ghastly pale. He held the steering wheel
tightly and stepped on the gas. He could feel his back covered in cold
[Calm down! Calm down! I have to get us of this desperate situation!] He
An idea hit Jiang Liushi. His fingers pushed some buttons on the panel
rapidly like playing the piano. With a light sound, the vehicle’s panel
flashed. Jiang Liushi put forth his strength to press the panel, because he
knew success or failure hinged on this one action.
"Air Cannon was selected. The time of pressurization is 9.5 seconds. "
The Starseed spoke in Jiang Liushi’s mind.
Jiang Liushi felt relieved and thought, [Fortunately, in spite of the
damaged dash and fast propulsion function, the weapons are still
The MCV, besides the dash function, also had weapons. When Jiang
Liushi had completed the MCV’s transformation, he had gotten
information about the vehicle weapons from the Starseed. However,
considering that doomsday had yet come, he had never conducted any
experiment in order to avoid trouble, while even after doomsday, he was
busy escaping without an opportunity to test them.
Now, it was time for a real battle that would determine if they would live
or die. The Air Cannon’s compressed gas volume was 500L and the
emission initial speed was 810m/s. During WWII, Nazi researched the Air
Cannon and used it to shoot low altitude aircrafts, but because of its

accuracy problem, it was abandoned.

Jiang Liushi didn’t know what would happen when the Cannon unleash
its might on the boar. There was no doubt about the Air Cannon’s power,
but it was still a little weaker than live ammunition. In some occasions,
the impact wave of the explosion could push people more than ten
meters away, but the number of people who survived was not small.
Therefore, Jiang Liushi couldn’t promise that the mutant boar would be
killed by that shot.
He had only one chance, the 9.5 seconds waiting time would be enough
for the boar to turn over the vehicle.
[Just do it!] Jiang Liushi decided and pressed another button. The cannon
barrel stretched out from the headstock and targeted the boar’s belly.
The barrel, hiding in the headstock, couldn’t be found out from the
outside. Only when it was being used, it would stretch out. Jiang Liushi’s
heart was beating fast while he was watching the 60mm gun tube.
[Start countdown, 9, 8, 7…] The Starseed was counting down. For Jiang
Liushi, this voice was his last string of hope.
He could adjust the barrel’s angle and direction, so where should he
attack? Belly? Head? Throat?
The boar’s skin was so thick that Jiang Liushi was sure it could ward off a
bullet. Whatever part it was, its defensive capability was astonishing.
[6, 5…]
While the countdown was closer and closer to the end, it was still hard
for the MCV to keep its balance. Because the vehicle was nearly turned
over, all the pots and pans crackled and slid to the back.
Jiang Liushi, determined, pressed the automatic cruise control button,
unfastened the seat belt, grabbed a wrench and jumped off the driver's
"Stupid boar, go to hell!"
Suddenly, Jiang Liushi went crazy, and swung the wrench through the
windshield against the boar. The wrench hit the windshield that had
already shattered and tiny pieces of broken glass cracked, falling down
due to the violent shaking. Such an attack seemed completely pointless,
but the mutant boar itself was a beast and it was provoked by Jiang

Liushi. It stared at him with its scarlet eyes.

[4, 3…]
Instantly, Jiang Liushi pressed the button and kicked the door open, and
his whole body went out of the door! It was almost equivalent to suicide,
but he was very calm because he knew that most of the vehicle’s weight
would be on the boar’s tusk. The car’s front wheels were in the air, but
the monster was also pressed by the car and could not move easily.
[If the boar want to attack me, it must take its tusk out at first, as a
result the vehicle will fall down, the front and back wheels will land on
the ground together. If the vehicle crashes into the boar, even if it fails
to knock the beast down, the beast will have to draw back. ] He thought.
Even though it looked like suicide, at least for several seconds, he was
not going to be attacked by the boar.
[Stupid boar, go to hell!] Jiang Liushi looked into the wild boar's huge
eyes, with all his strength, and threw out the wrench from his hand! The
boar could not avoid it and was hit by the wrench!
However, because the car was seriously rocking and Jiang Liushi was not
a slinger from an African tribe, the wrench was a little bit inclined and
struck in the eye’s corner instead of the boar’s eyes. Although only the
eye’s corner was struck, it hurt very much as there were a lot of nerves
located there. The furious boar roared crazily.
The terrifying sound wave came, making Jiang Liushi nearly pull off the
door. The infrasonic wave was resonating with his insides, his heartbeat
was going to stop and his brain was about to shut down. But at this very
moment, there was a clear sound speaking in Jiang Liushi's mind; it was
[2, 1, 0!]
[Ahhhhh! I’ll kill you!]
Jiang Liushi's eyes turned red as he was trying to endure. He twisted the
cannon barrel a bit through the Starseed, and placed it in front of the
mutated boar’s mouth. At that time, the boar was roaring and opening
its mouth widely, which gave an opportunity for the barrel to enter into
the mouth.
[Air cannon, LAUNCH!]

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Air Cannon

The roar of the explosion sounded like a thunderbolt, deafening! 810 m/s
air was faster than sound velocity, triggering a sonic boom. From the
outbreak of enormous energy, the MCV was suddenly bounced off. The
back windows had severely vibrated, large tracts of bulletproof glass fell
off, and scattered like a shotgun bullet! The air around turned in a
vacuum, pressure lifted suddenly and then quickly reduced almost
disappearing, the water vapor in the air instantly liquefied, forming a
conical spray, and the conical spray pushed by airflow, with incredible
speed, rushed to the front.
At the same time, the houses and trees were pushed away directly by
the air. Some houses collapsed while their roofs were blown away, and a
thick tree snapped, with all its leaves disappearing! This was just the
aftershock of the airflow. Most of the airflow had borne by the mutated
boar's mouth!
The mutated wild boar’s body weighed more than ten tons and it was
still badly tossed. The wanton air was swelling in its organs. Its huge
body expanded instantly becoming a balloon! And then --
The near ten MPa's horrendous high-pressure airflow found a cathartic
point behind the mutated boar.
With a thud, blood, broken meat, and debris from the mutated wild boar
were squirted out of the wild boar's *ss, and had been shot dozens of
meters away, forming a bright blood stream in the air.

The impact of the blood stream on a panel room was strong like a
hammer, and directly collapsed the flat!
"Awesome power!" Jiang Liushi couldn’t help but say out loud.
The MCV was still on automatic cruise. After the wheels has landed, it
was still automatic, so Jiang Liushi Liushi hurriedly terminated the cruise
and stepped on the brake.
The MCV’s four tires had been battered, and especially the rear wheels,
because of the intense friction they had become so hot that smoke
emanated, giving off a burnt smell. Compared with ordinary vehicle's’
tires, the MCV’s tires were naturally much stronger. Its internal space
scattered small air sacs, which protected it from being punctured by
bullets. But even so, after this ordeal, it was severely damaged.
Jiang Liushi was in a state of prostration, when he opened the door.
Although the battle was mainly between the MCV and the mutated wild
boar, it also made Jiang Liushi feel deeply tired. The energy consumption
was too big!
Jiang Liushi looked at the front, and sighed with emotion, "The air
cannon was really amazing!" Before launching the air cannon, Jiang
Liushi did not think that the initial speed of 810m/s would be so
powerful. Although the air was highly compressed, against the
bulletproof boar flesh, its power was greatly reduced. If he had not shot
in boar’s mouth, it would be very difficult to kill it.
Jiang Liushi picked the wrench up, and moved staggeringly to the
variable wild boar. Seeing the blood, meat, intestines and the wild boar
with its last breath, Jiang Liushi was shocked.
[Good boy, this pig got f*cked!]
Jiang Liushi stopped about a dozen meters away from the mutated wild
boar, just to make sure it did not have a convulsive twitch or something
that could hurt him. Also, he was afraid to get too far from the MCV, or
else he could not get on it in time.
"Wen Xiaotian!" Jiang Liushi called Wen Xiaotian, however, there was no

"Huh?" Jiang Liushi became nervous and immediately returned to the

MCV. Wen Xiaotian was strapped tightly with her eyes closed and her
forehead covered in blood.
"This..." Jiang Liushi rushed to check Wen Xiaotian's breath. Fortunately,
she had just fainted.

Looking at Wen Xiaotian's wound, Jiang Liushi shook his head, and felt
that she was really unlucky. She must have been hurt by the pot, bowl
and so on. Although Wen Xiaotian was tied on the sofa with the seat
belt, the pots and pans were not fixed. If the collision had been stronger,
it would not be impossible for her to be killed by these bottles and cans.
[That's really dangerous.] Jiang Liushi breathed a sigh of relief. If the
battle with the mutated wild boar had killed Wen Xiaotian, he would feel
very sad.
Jiang Liushi went to the storage room to pick up a gauze, as he was
trying to bandage Wen Xiaotian a message came to his mind.
[The MCV is damaged. The damage degree is 3.5. It needs 200 kg of
steel, 100 kg of copper, 30 kilograms of organic polymer plastic, 1200
liters of gasoline, 200 KWH of electricity and 24 hours to be repaired.]
Hearing the message, Jiang Liushi was shocked and bitterly smiled. The
MCV had been damaged. It's lucky that it could be repaired by itself, but
the repair materials needed were hard to find. Steel, copper, organic
plastics, especially electricity and gasoline! It was not easy to collect
these. 1200 liters of gasoline was almost a ton. The MCV was a gas
And now the gas reserves...
Jiang Liushi looked at the oil table with a face of bitterness. The
continuous impact function, and launching the air cannon, the gasoline
consumption left less than 20L just about 100 km!
If there were zombies in this hundred kilometers, the consequences
couldn’t be imagined. He was worried about it, until another message
made him raise his ears.
[Successfully killed a first-level variable animal, and found a first-level
mutant nucleus, located at the heart of the mutant animal. Taking it out,

you can use it to finish the initial evolution of the MCV. The mutant
animal meat can be eaten directly, invigorating health effectively and
supplying raw materials to biological laboratories. It will help you to start
the function of biological evolution.]
"Huh? What?" Jiang Liushi was shocked. He wanted to know what the
mutant nucleus and biological laboratories were.
The killed mutant animal was the mutant boar. Was the first-level
mutant nucleus in the mutant boar? As for biological laboratories?
What's that? No biological laboratory was found by him when he
completed the MCV’s renovation.
Just then a sound came. Jiang Liushi turned his head, seeing that the
MCV had popped up a groove from the navigation bridge. Only
something in the shape of a ping-pong ball could fit into it. He looked at
the groove for a while and wondered about its materials, which seemed
to be extremely delicate, and this was the first time he had seen it.
A few conjectures had been generated in his mind. The mutant nucleus
was at the heart...
He took the dagger had bought before, jumped off and went to the
mutated boar. The mutated boar had been turned over, and he was able
to see the mutated boar's heart.
Jiang Liushi waved the dagger and stabbed it.

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The MCV’s Evolution

The pigskin was very tough, but it was far from Jiang Liushi’s
imagination. The mutant boar had been uninjured, when it crashed with
the MCV, so Jiang Liushi thought that it was invulnerable.
Unexpectedly, he could cut with his dagger the pigskin a little bit.
Although it was difficult, he had somehow pulled it off.
[Did the mutant boar’s flesh have some changes after its death, which
was no longer as tough as it once was?] Jiang Liushi thought, but it was
quite possible that the Starseed was just suggesting that the mutant
animal could be eaten. What if it was as hard as rubber, who could bite
It was a good thing that Jiang Liushi took a little effort to cut the pigskin.
Jiang Liushi cut the mutant boar’s chest, finding the boar's heart, and
then opened its heart. He was covered in blood. According to his original
impression, pig blood should be full of stench, but strangely, the mutant
boar’s blood was fragrant. It seemed that the blood was special. Jiang
Liushi thought and found several plastic buckets from the restaurant to
store the blood. Several barrels were quickly picked up.
But at this moment, Jiang Liushi finally dug up a quail egg sized bead
from the heart of the mutant boar. The bead was crystal clear, and it felt
very smooth and warm. Presumably this was the so-called mutant
Jiang Liushi took the mutant nucleus and returned to the MCV. He
carefully placed it in the MCV’s groove.
With a soft sound, the mutant nucleus was stuck by the groove, and

then the metal groove slowly shrank back.

The Starseed beeped, [The mutant nucleus was put successfully, Mobile
Construction Vehicle unlocked the first evolution, and you can choose
the direction of evolution.]
A light screen appeared in Jiang Liushi’s eyes. There were some options
on the screen, and each option was followed by a line of interpretation.
"Option 1: Open a first-degree space fuel tank, with a capacity of ten
cubic meters, adding explosion-proof and bulletproof. It can be
"Option 2: Open a first-degree storage space, with a size of ten cubic
meters, providing low temperature hypoxia space in order to preserve
fresh ingredients for one year. The mutant meat can be preserved for
three years (Mutant meat was originally not perishable. In 30 degrees of
hot and humid environment, it can also be kept for 30 days.)."
"Option 3: Open the evolution of automatic absorption function. The MCV
can automatically absorb materials with a particle beam."
"Option 4: Add mechanical arms to the MCV. It can handle 20 tons."
"Option 5: Increase the MCV’s weapons: fuel type flame thrower, which
needs to consume a large amount of gasoline to start. And pure oxygen
combustion temperature must be 2,000 centigrade."
"Option 6: Upgrade the Air Cannon."
"Option 7: Upgrade car Armor and bulletproof glass."

Jiang Liushi looked down and found there were more options after option
6. However, these options were dark, and couldn’t be chosen. And
among them, he saw the biological laboratory.
"Option 10: Open biological labs, developing genetic evolution fluids by
adding materials, for host evolution genes, and greatly enhance physical
fitness. It needs: two first-degree mutant nucleus."
Jiang Liushi looked at the biological laboratory option with bright eyes all
of a sudden. Gene evolution fluid? For enhancing their physique? This
was disastrous. Jiang Liushi knew that after doomsday, not only animals

were mutant, people also had variations. Although he had a MCV, his
body was his biggest weakness. If HE died, everything would be over.
That’s why Jiang Liushi did not dare to get off. If he had the gene
evolution fluid, he would become more powerful. The whole combat
prowess would naturally be greatly improved. The biological laboratory
had to be opened. But it needed two first-degree mutant nucleus, and so
far he had only one. The MCV was severely damaged just to kill the
mutant boar. As for two, Jiang Liushi couldn’t imagine. He needed to be
The MCV should be improved first, then he would become stronger. This
eschatological torture let Jiang Liushi have too many things to do. There
was no way to think about the biological laboratory. Now he needed to
carefully choose a function for the MCV’s evolution.
The first option, upgrading the fuel tank, was really necessary. The
MCV’s current fuel tank was too small, ten cubic meters, only for eight or
nine tons of gasoline. Regardless of collision or using weapons, it all
needed fuel. Actually, it would be too cruel if they were killed by running
out the fuel!
The second option, storage space, was also attractive for Jiang Liushi.
The MCV was in lack of space. A lot of things were needed to be held,
such as the mutant boar meat. With a huge storage space, the MCV will
become a mobile granary.
As for upgrading armor and bulletproof glass strength, opening
automatic absorption of materials, upgrading weapons and so on, Jiang
Liushi was very perplexed. Even that simple function of adding
mechanical arms, he felt it was too necessary.
No mechanical arms, only carrying this mutation boar, it let Jiang Liushi
worry. Ten tons! How could it be moved? However, he could only choose
one. The choice was too difficult.
Jiang Liushi thought about the choice carefully, and then, he chose the
first option to increase fuel capacity because it was directly related to
Jiang Liushi’s life! A large amount of gasoline could be stored.
The MCV had to be maintained in the shortest time. It demanded 1200L
gasoline. Then many of the subsequent combat functions all needed an

ultra large gasoline capacity. Without gas, everything was impossible.

Jiang Liushi pressed the first option clenching his teeth.
By Jiang Liushi’s side, there were several cars, and trucks. The cars were
made of steel, but how their steel be removed. It was a big problem. If
the MCV had the third option, which could automatically absorb
materials, it could make the iron be absorbed by itself. But now, it was
impossible for Jiang Liushi to choose this option. He had to find enough
steel for upgrading the fuel tank.
But the meat of the mutant boar…

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Waste Is the Biggest Crime

Looking the huge mutant wild boar on the ground, Jiang Liushi was
reluctant to part with it. It could be kept fresh for a month under the
hydrothermal circumstance of 30 degrees. If it was not taken away, it
would be wasted.

According to Starseed, the mutant meat could not only act as

evolutionary gene materials of a biological laboratory, but also as food
for improving the physique. Although there was no biological laboratory,
Jiang Liushi believed it would be wonderful making a meal of stir fry
meat. Improving the physique was at least helpful for moving that
hundreds of kilograms of steel.

Jiang Liushi had grown up in a family with bad financial condition. And
his parents were both dead. As a result, he and his sister stuck together
and helped each other in difficulties by selling their house. He got used
to the frugal life. Wasting so much let him feel heart-ached.

He decided without hesitation that even if there was no storage space,

this wild boar have to be taken away! This mutant wild boar was a big
treasure. At the last days of the world, gold and silver became scrap iron
and paper money was not even as good as hand paper. And people
bartered with each other only for food. People would soon find the value
of this mutant meat because it could enhance their body constitution.
That’s really serious! Compared to those zombies, ordinary people were
too weak to run. In this case, the survival rate was naturally greatly

improved for people with a good constitution. And this mutant meat was
easy to store. In autumn and winter, it could be put for a few months
and should be more valuable than the hard currency.

"Waste is the biggest crime. I have to take it away!" Jiang Liushi made
up his mind, but it was extremely difficult for him and the minibus. He
decided to use a neighborhood small van. That van was so old that it
would soon have to be scrapped. Jiang Liushi went to the side of the van,
pulling the door, a turned towards the ruined "Pickled fish" restaurant.

Jiang Liushi estimated that the driver must have been hungry and went
down to eat "pickled fish", however, he was killed when the end of the
world came. The key should be hanging on the driver. But looking at the
bloody mess, gnawed by the zombies, coupled with the wild boar and
MCV’s battle, Jiang Liushi thought it was unbearable to watch! Minced
meat, blood and mixed mud were everywhere. It was a very challenging
thing to find a key in there. After thinking, Jiang Liushi decided to give up
and he found a wrench at the fairly complete automotive repair shop,
smashing against the window of the small van.


The windshield was broken and Jiang Liushi climbed into the van. That
windshield had become tiny pieces, not hurting the hand. Actually, it
was quite easy for Jiang Liushi to climb. He sat in the cab, released the
handbrake, and pulled out a nine-meter long trailer rope from the cab.

"Haha, got it!"

This kind of trailer rope was equipped by all cars, especially in this kind
of van, so that it could be anchored at any time. Jiang Liushi immediately
connected the broken van with his MCV.

Jiang Liushi went behind the van. Its back door was not locked because it

was empty. It actually helped Jiang Liushi a lot.

"Well, I can start!"
It was a big project for Jiang Liushi. Such a huge wild boar! He could not
move it at all, and it had to be divided into pieces. He put the dagger to
his waist, and headed to the automotive repair shop to find a fire axe
and a hacksaw. Jiang Liushi in college often participated in physical
exercise. He spotted the wild boar's neck and used the axe to split it.

To Jiang Liushi’s surprise, after taking away the crystal nucleus of the
wild boar, the meat seemed to have become easier to split and tender.
Not to mention the hacksaw, it could even be cut by the dagger and it
was no more difficult than cutting real pork.
"Jiang brother, Jiang brother!"
Suddenly, Jiang Liushi heard Wen Xiaotian’s panicked voice from the
MCV. After waking up she had seen the living room in a mess, and even
the MCV’s bulletproof glass that had burst, and was extremely panicked
as she was all alone.
"I'm here!" Jiang Liushi shouted. Wen Xiaotian heard his voice, drawing a
long breath.
"What about the boar? Was it be crashed by the MCV?" Wen Xiaotian
opened the seat belt, staggering out of the MCV. However, the outside
scene shocked Wen Xiaotian.

She saw Jiang Liushi cutting the mutant wild boar with a fire axe; the
mutant wild boar was apparently dead, without even a convulsion.
Wen Xiaotian had seen the terrible wild boar. It bumped up and swept
everything. A row of rooms were as strong as a paper box in front of it.
Its roar was terrible. Did it really die?
Of course, Wen Xiaotian would not believe that the wild boar was killed
by Jiang Liushi with an axe, but was it killed by the MCV?
"This minibus…" Wen Xiaotian looked back at the severely damaged
MCV. It was really incredible.

"Jiang brother, what are you doing?" Wen Xiaotian asked.

"Take the meat, it can be eaten." Jiang Liushi didn’t explain the mutant
meat’s effects, Wen Xiaotian did not ask and just said, "I’ll help you."
It was not easy for Jiang Liushi to remove the meat, and it could be
faster with Wen Xiaotian’s help. Wen Xiaotian’s forehead was covered
with blood. It seemed a bit pitiful, Jiang Liushi hesitated for a moment
but agreed. Wild pork should be packed as soon as possible. Although
this place was far away from the city, there were still wandering

Jiang Liushi took a bandage from the storage to bind up her wound. Then
they cut the meat piece by piece together. The red roasted wild boar
looked better than good beef.
They moved hundreds of pieces of meat. Little by little on the van, even
the pig bones were moved by Jiang Liushi. Completing this task, Jiang
Liushi and Wen Xiaotian had been exhausted. Fortunately, from the
beginning to the end, no zombie had appeared. Otherwise, it would be a
very troublesome thing to avoid them.

Jiang Liushi returned to the MCV and sat on the sofa trying to catch his
breath. Although he experienced a life and death battle, he was full of

Author’s Note: Some readers believe that the kitchen, living room and
the bathroom can’t be arranged in a minibus. Actually, in fact, we can
find some pictures from the Internet and you can see that can be
arranged easily. To choose space is to save space.

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Bumping All the Way

After fighting with the huge variable wild boar and separating its meat,
Jiang Liushi and Wen Xiaotian felt extremely hungry. Jiang Liushi was
lying on the sofa didn’t want to move a finger at all. But Wen Xiaotian
was diligent. Although she was also very tired, she tried her best to
make a meal, using hot pepper from the restaurant and wild pork for
"boiled pork" and "fried meat." Before the meal was ready, Jiang Liushi
was eager to eat. Only by its fragrance, Jiang Liushi believed that its
taste would be mouth-watering.
In fact, when he had been cutting the wild boar into pieces, Jiang Liushi
didn’t smell anything weird at all. On the contrary, he felt that the raw
meat was fragrant. He came to the conclusion that the meat of the wild
boar would be delicious. Now, the speculation was almost confirmed and
made Jiang Liushi excited. From the approaching doomsday till now,
more than a week, Jiang Liushi hadn’t had a good meal; he was famished
and gluttonous. But Jiang Liushi kept his shirt on, waiting for Wen
Xiaotian to finish preparing the last dish. The stewed pork with brown
sauce needed about 40 minutes. It was nicely served with fragrant rice.
Jiang Liushi took a bite in an enjoyable way. He simply thought that was
the most delicious meal he had in his life.
"Wonderful!" He had made up his mind that after doomsday even if he
did not starve, he would be eating biscuits and instant noodles every
day. It was quite unexpected to have such a delicious meal. If their
strength could be enhanced, then it would be easier to survive after
While thinking, Jiang Liushi felt his stomach become warmer. It seemed

that there was an inconspicuous aura moving in all directions of his

body. Jiang Liushi was suddenly enlightened that this aura should be the
physical energy, mentioned by the Starssed. But this enhancement was
not very obvious. Jiang Liushi looked Wen Xiaotian and noticed that her
table manners were not ladylike. She was manically eating pork, while
her tongue was avoiding the hot soup; her appetite had increased
Wen Xiaotian’s expression showed that she apparently hadn’t noticed
the warmer feeling at all because, as she did not know it in advance.
[Although eating mutant meat enhances the body, it is an extremely
slow procedure and it needs a long time. However, the mutant beast
was so powerful. It is not easy for ordinary people to kill it. They might
think there’s no use in hunting and eating it.] Jiang Liushi thought.
Meanwhile, Wen Xiaotian had noticed him looking at her. She blushed in
shame because of her poor table manners.
It was inevitable for Wen Xiaotian to have a good impression of Jiang
Liushi, who had saved her. Although she hadn’t expected to go with him
, she still did and that meant they’d interact a lot, she was still very
concerned about the impression she’d leave him. So Wen Xiaotian
quietly changed her way of eating, she eating a big mouthful and
instead she took small bites.
Jiang Liushi felt it was funny and he thought Wen Xiaotian sometimes
was quite cute.
"You are familiar with the nearby road, right?"
"Yes ... fairly familiar," Wen Xiaotian wiped her mouth and said.
"I want to go to a place, but I need your help..."
"No problem."

The battle with the variable wild boar had seriously damaged the MCV,
which was what worried Jiang Liushit, it had to be repaired as soon as
possible. It needed 1200L gasoline, 200 kilograms of steel, 100
kilograms of copper, 30 kilograms of polymer organic plastic and
electricity of 200 kWH. All these things had to be collected. As for the
upgrade materials, it was simply 100 kg of steel.

"Really, terrible! It is really expensive repairing a car no matter when."

Jiang Liushi drove the MCV, dragging the small van, on the rural road.
Trailer car was the technical work. Under normal circumstances, the
towed vehicle was controlled by a driver because it needed to maintain
the distance. Downhill, the car behind was faster than the front, as a
result the driver needed to timely brake avoiding an accident!
And the brake could not be stepped too hard. If the distance was too big
beyond the length of the trailer rope, then it would be a tragedy. The
trailer rope had the maximum bearing weight, which simply could not
stand further pulling! It was obviously that Jiang Liushi did not have
time, and Wen Xiaotian could not do it either. The job needed a
professional driver. As a result, Jiang Liushi simply decided not to take
care. It could not be helped.
So, on that very poor rural road, at every turn...
A loud noise came from the rear of the minibus and it suddenly shook!
The wild pork’s bones weighed at least five or six tons, plus the van,
which made driving terrible.
But… Nothing! They continued driving. . .
Jiang Liushi ignored the bumping because he believed that although the
MCV was damaged by the wild boar, it could afford the bumping by the
broken van. The MCV’s damage had reached 3.5, without any change.
But the van was a bit miserable, its front was completely curved
inwards, and probably the engine had a problem. However, Jiang Liushi
was too lazy to check, as long as its six wheels could move everything
would be okay. But the consumption of gasoline was increased because
of the extra weight. The gasoline had reached 200 liters, so Jiang Liushi
had been collecting gasoline all the way. This poor country was not
controlled by the army and those abandoned cars had gasoline.
Those cars parked before the restaurant, including the small van, had
provided 200 liters gasoline for him. On the way, once met a car, Jiang
Liushi would get off. He almost became an oil mouse hated by everyone.
Jiang Liushi had gotten the crowbar from the car repair shop, opening
the cover of fuel tank cover, putting a rubber tube into the tank with a

suction, and then putting the other end of the tube into larger gasoline
barrels, using the Siphon Principle. That was a technical work. Sucking a
mouthful of gasoline was possible. But Jiang Liushi was only looking
forward to quickly finishing the upgradation of the fuel tank. He was
searching for an abandoned gas station, in order to take eight or nine
tons of gasoline.
Again and again, Jiang Liushi felt his mouth pumping cramps. It was
lucky to meet a truck with 70 or 80 liters gasoline. But cars were more
pitiful as they had smaller fuel tanks, that is, the gap was small, which
meant it was hard to collect gasoline. He needed to try very hard only
for 20 or 30 liters. In the end, Jiang Liushi had collected many fuel tanks,
enough to fill six barrels with gasoline, and it was estimated that was
[What the f*ck! It was not necessarily easier than cutting the wild boar!]

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Upgrading the Fuel Tank

Halfway, Jiang Liushi passed by a big hardware store, he stopped to take
a diesel generator, and a large bucket of diesel. The location of the
hardware store was told by Wen Xiaotian.

The hardware store was a treasure trove. A lot of tools, such as

hammers, shorty, and electric drills, had been brought to the MCV. Even
the badly deformed cab of the small van was piled high. The extremely
limited space made Jiang Liushi realize that it was very imperative to
upgrade the MCV’s space.

So many things to upgrade, but where could he find so many variable

crystal nucleuses? A wild boar could easily kill anyone!

Jiang Liushi had encountered some wandering zombies along the way.
The MCV was already damaged, but it had no problem killing some
ordinary zombies.
It had taken a whole day for Jiang Liushi to reach their destination. It was
a three-story building, looking a little obsolete, located in the middle of a
big county which was thousands of square meters. The yard was
surrounded by concrete walls where broken glass stood to prevent
climbing. The door was six or seven meters wide, permitting two cars to
move in parallel, and slightly broken. At the top of the gate, there were
also many spear points, looking a little guarded.

For this backward county, a large iron gate and a wide courtyard like

this, and the three-story of building, were all quite "lofty" buildings. The
iron signboard at the door had slightly fallen, shaking by the wind, and
making sounds. Jiang Liushi saw the seven big words on the sign, "The
Waste Recycling Station of Fu Wang", followed by some small words,
"Collecting used building material, collecting damaged cars, steel,
copper, aluminum, plastic, waste paper..." According to Wen Xiaotian, it
was the largest recycling station in the neighborhood. It was also a
company, called "Fu Wang limited liability Company of Renewable
Resources Recycling".

The name‘s combination of local and modern made him feel a little
uncomfortable, but the recycling station was still sizable. After all, it was
a company. That was also why Jiang Liushi had chosen that place. Jiang
Liushi stopped the MCV and pressed a button, the trailer line
disconnected automatically. After all, he knew nothing about the
recycling station; the truck would only act as a hindrance while fighting.
The door was like a jar. He stepped on the accelerator. Thousands of
square meters of the courtyard were full of "renewable resources".
Beside these resources, there was a forklift.

"Carsh, carsh, carsh---"

Jiang Liushi rocked the horn directly, so that zombies would be attracted
to the sound. It was desolate and uninhabited within an eight miles
radius, so more zombies couldn’t be attracted.

Soon, there was a low roar from the black building, and a dozen zombies
appeared. They hurried to the MCV as soon as they appeared. Jiang
Liushi was relieved because there were no mutant beasts. If there was a
mutant beast, he could only escape, leaving a cargo of wild pork, which
was enough to satisfy the beast.

Although the instantaneous acceleration system was impaired, speeding

up slowly could be achieved. With better conditions, the velocity could

speed up to 150 km/h, so there was no problem to outrun a beast.

[Let me give you a ride!] Seeing the zombies rushing, Jiang Liushi
stepped on the accelerator.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Like a bowling ball hitting pins, more than a dozen zombies were
knocked off the ground, and some of them were pushed to the top of the
waste pile and died.

Jiang Liushi was cautious. He drove the MCV back and forth a few times
to ensure that every zombie was killed. He also whistled for five minutes
to make sure that there were no new zombies, and then he got off.

"Wen Xiaotian, go to the gate as a sentry. If you get tired, go to the

small building and rest, there should be no zombies."

"Ah...then you..."

"I’m gonna fix the car!" Jiang Liushi said briefly. He didn’t want to let
Wen Xiaotian see the process of maintenance and upgrade, so he found
something for her to do.

Wen Xiaotian blinked her big eyes and thought about the car’s repair,
[This rich boy, also knows how to repair a car?]

But thinking about how he had transformed a waste car so grisly, she
believed that he was a car enthusiast, or even the transformation of this
minibus were all done by his own team.

A young rich second-generation able to fiddle with mechanics, what a

talented boy! Wen Xiaotian knew that Jiang Liushi, who had taken a
large number of tools from the automobile repair shop and hardware

store, might really repair the minibus alone.

"Wen Xiaotian, while repairing, I need silence, and thinking about some
modifications, please don’t bother me. It may take more than a day.
Remember take some food; I don’t want you to starve. If anything
occurs, shouting my name is fine."

Jiang Liushi drove the MCV into a parking lot, which was around a
hundred square meters, while Wen Xiaotian headed to the gate to
guard. The recycling station had all kinds of things. Seeing what he
liked, Jiang Liushi would move it to the shed.

Transporting a few hundred kilograms of steel, copper, plastic, etc., was

much easier than collecting gasoline and cutting ten tons of mutated
wild boar. Jiang Liushi would upgrade the fuel tank first, and then repair
the MCV.

He first saw some of the construction scaffolding in the recycling station,

and planned to use them as steel. But on these second-hand scaffolds,
there was a lot of cement residue, making Jiang Liushi quite unsatisfied.
As for the scrap steel, a lot of it had rust. Copper was harder to find,
Jiang Liushi only found some hotpot, which was obviously not enough.

However, he was stunned to find that there was a large amount of new
building materials in the warehouse of the recycling depot, after he had
unlocked the warehouse. There were a big bundle of black and blue
steel, aluminum alloy building materials, a plate of copper wire, cast
copper pipe, brand new PPR plastic pipe and PVC drainpipe.

Their quality was really good. Could all these also be called waste?
After pondering for a while, he understood that sometimes the
construction units would graft some materials and sell them. The
recycling center would act as an intermediary, help them deal with these
things, and benefit from it. It was cheap for Jiang Liushi to use the best

materials, and of course, he didn’t have to use the bad ones.

Jiang Liushi was very excited. He was like a squirrel, carrying materials
to his own small nest.

The MCV would be not only be his combat base, but his home. All
materials were gathered soon, and the Starseed began scanning and
transforming. He upgraded the fuel tank first, and soon the roar of the
diesel generators rang out. Jiang Liushi connected the power supply and
started repairing the MCV.

Sunrise… Sunset… A whole day had passed…

When Jiang Liushi woke up, the MCV’s modification had been completed.
The MCV was restored as it was, and the oil tank didn’t seem to have
changed, but there were 10 cubic meters of extra space inside, filled
with gasoline; he didn’t have to worry any more.

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: This Is Not a Minibus, It Is a Sports Car

[The tank upgrade has been completed, the gasoline storage capacity is
10 cubic meters, equipped with an automatic gasoline withdrawal
device, and the host can transmit gasoline information to the Star...]

The internal structure of the new fuel tank appeared

in front of Jiang Liushi. Jiang Liushi found that it was not just the fuel tank
that had been upgraded, but the engine's injectors, pipes, and intake
pipes were all upgraded.

Originally, it was a small capacity tank, which could not afford a lot of
gasoline consumption, but now he was not worried about this problem
anymore. With an upgraded fuel tank, it could better support the big
horsepower engine that the car was equipped with. In particular, this
"automatic gasoline withdrawal device" was a surprise to Jiang Liushi.
With this, he wouldn’t have to manually to withdraw gasoline from other

The fuel tank had been upgraded, and Jiang Liushi couldn't wait to try it.
He brought a bucket with a small amount of gasoline and put it into the
tank. Without the need for a button, Jiang Liushi passed an order to the

With a "click" sound the gas tank opened automatically, then a metal
tube protruded from inside. This tube was a part of the upgradation, he
didn’t know about the material used, and Jiang Liushi could see on top of

the metal tube movable claws and a flashing light device, it seemed to
be a detector. The probe turned around till it detected the barrel, then
the metal pipe stretched out toward the barrel, in a few seconds the
little gasoline in the barrel was taken away.

The tubing, which could suck gasoline from gasoline drums, could also
be connected with refueling guns at gas stations. Jiang Liushi’s mind
controlled the metal tube to extend further.
After the test, Jiang Liushi made sure that the longest stretching
distance of the metal tube was 10 meters. That result satisfied Jiang
Liushi, because it meant the MCV could absorb gas without him getting
out of the minibus. It was more convenient and safe, after all, every time
he had tried to acquire gasoline he needed a lot of time, and naturally
the risk was great. Urban gas stations were more dangerous, it was very
possible facing a zombie. The minibus was like a brand-new one. Jiang
Liushi wanted to set out to look for Jiang Zhuying.

Before the end of the day had come, Jiang Liushi had completed the
MCV’s transformation…

Now driving along the road to Nanjing City, because a lot of things
happened and delayed them so long, Jiang Liushi was very anxious. He
did not know how Jiang Zhuying was.

[Get the gasoline first, fill up the new tank, and then look for Jiang
Zhuying,] Jiang Liushi thought.

He opened the door and jumped into the MCV.

"Boom!" The garage door was destroyed by Jiang Liushi.

[Hm? It seems that the acceleration system works better.] He felt that
he was driving a sports car rather than a minibus.

Variable speed, variable direction, were all very flexible. The MCV had a
large capacity tank that made all kinds of suppressed performance get
to work.

The corresponding fuel consumption reached a higher level. Under the

conditions of fuel-efficient driving, the MCV needed 35L per hundred
kilometers. It sounded big, but considering all aspects of the base car
and the others, it was too fuel-efficient. Of course, the premise was not
to use the Collision function, the Air Cannon and so on.

In any case, it was true that Jiang Liushi was driving a gasoline tiger with
the strongest fighting capacity…

If he could find a gas station that hadn’t been looted, it could be driven
for nearly 30,000 kilometers. That was equal to running three quarters
of the earth's equator! It was indeed willful with a bigger gasoline tank.

"Dididi –"

Jiang Liushi used the horn in front of the black house. Hiding in the small
building, Wen Xiaotian ran out quickly with messy hair and sleepy eyes.
It was clear that she had just woken up, running out in a
hurry. After seeing Jiang Liushi, Wen Xiaotian felt a little embarrassed.

Soon, her gaze shifted to the Mobile Construction Vehicle. The original
Mobile Construction Vehicle, had its front smashed, one could almost
see the shape of the boar's head.

But now, everything was fixed just like it was before. It was so cool!
Repairing the car sheet metal was not simple work. Although Wen
Xiaotian did not quite understand its specific process, she was clear that
at least a skilled professional would be needed to fix it. Jiang Liushi was
a rich second generation. How did he actually accomplish it all alone?

The weirdest thing was... Even the windshield was fixed. How did the
windshield get repaired as a new one? Did the recycling station store

"Get on!" Jiang Liushi said.

Wen Xiaotian was dazed. Listening that Jiang Liushi was going to repair
the MCV, she had thought he would make several iron patch. She never
thought the MCV could be repaired to this degree. It was too
exaggerated. So when she got on the bus, Wen Xiaotian stared at the
windshield. She couldn't help being curious and whispered, "This

"Glass? Oh... I had a spare one in the box," he said with a dry cough.

[A spare one? That's ridiculous!] Wen Xiaotian was shocked.

Of course, Wen Xiaotian didn’t know anything about the MCV’s black
technology, with its self-repair function.

Although she felt wronged, she had to accept Jiang Liushi's explanation.

"The town in front is my home. There are some gas stations in town."

Along the way, gas stations were unlikely to be on the small village road.
Now, Jiang Liushi would finally find his first gas station.

[Gas station!]

The gas stations on the highway had been controlled by the military.
And during the end of the day, gasoline and food were very important
materials. In this rural town, traffic was very inconvenient and there
were a lot of zombies along the way. Jiang Liushi believed that the army
could not reach out to this place in such a short time.

That gas station was promising!

After upgrading the fuel tank, some functions of the Mobile Construction
Vehicle had been unlocked…

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Wild Guys

A straight rural road only with a narrow two-lane, lined with old locust
trees. These old trees were tall and thick and had been living for
decades. Every summer they would be full of white pagoda tree flowers,
so a lot of beekeepers would be gathered there, selling honey on both
sides of the road. But now, after doomsday, such a situation would never
happen again. Jiang Liushi also saw a few broken abandoned hives on
the road.

A few abandoned vehicles were parked on the road, their owners had
already vanished.

Wen Xiaotian’s home was in the center of the town…

"Creak" A slight brake sound was heard and the minibus stopped at an

And then…


The van came really close to the minibus and the minibus started
shaking. Wen Xiaotian looked at the minibus’s rear. "Will we be okay
with that kind of shaking?"

Jiang Liushi sat in the driver’s seat and looked around.

They reached an intersection, in which there was a noodle restaurant

and several cars parked on the road. One of the cars had hit on a light
pole, and its windshield was completely broken with scabs. They could
only speculate if the driver was killed directly, or eaten by zombies.

"My home... It’s about 200 meters in the alley," Wen Xiaotian said
nervously. She was uneasy. She was almost sleepless last night, every
time waking up from nightmares, dreaming that her family members
were completely eaten by zombies, or simply had become zombies.

Especially now, after seeing the tragic scene in her hometown, she
became even more worried and even was afraid to go home. All these
scenes made her feel her heart beating wildly.

But her home was a few meters away, and she had to go back...

However, Jiang Liushi didn’t immediately start the minibus, nor did he
get off. He was holding the steering wheel as he was thinking.

"What... What’s wrong?" Wen Xiaotian asked. She originally thought that
Jiang Liushi had stopped at the side of the restaurant to collect food, but
it was not the case.

"It is strange. There is something wrong with this town." Jiang Liushi
seemed to be talking to himself.

"Huh?" Wen Xiaotian was dumbfounded and didn’t know what was

"It’s so quiet… A small town at least with a population of 30,000 or

40,000 people... The center of the town was the most densely
populated, with thousands of people coming together, but now there are
very few zombies on the road."Jiang Liushi was barely able to see a few
zombies wandering in the distance.

In principle, although the shopping center of the town was not full of
zombies, it should have thousands of zombies together. It’s easy for
Jiang Liushi to drive all the way running over a bloody scene. He had
thought that they’d have to face much more zombies and maybe some
variable animals. However, that hadn’t happened. Jiang Liushi felt very
strange and uneasy.

"Yes... You’re right." Wen Xiaotian was worried about her family, and
didn't notice the anomaly of the town.

"The number of zombies was not much; even the road congestion was
strange. The sudden accident should have blocked up the road, but
instead it could be used."

There were also many abandoned vehicles on the road, but they were all
parked on either side of the road. Only a few cars were left in the middle
of the road.

"So..." Wen Xiaotian also noticed the situation. It showed that the road
was probably cleaned by someone. "Was it the army?"

There was a glimmer of hope in her eyes, and if so, her family may be
safe under the army’s protection...

"I'm afraid not... "Jiang Liushi shook his head. The national army was not
Chinese cabbage. At ordinary times they are stationed in one place.
When doomsday arrived, they could only control the big cities.

"Right..." The light in Wen's eyes dimmed and was full of

disappointment. Although she knew it was true, she couldn’t think
clearly at the moment.

"We’ll find out soon." Jiang Liushi started the minibus slowly and warily.

The zombies were at a short distance from the minibus, and neither the
launch nor the driving of the minibus made a big noise, so they were not
noticed by the zombies.
The slowly moving minibus was like sneaking into the town. It was
stealthily, undetected and, moving deep in the town.

However, Jiang Liushi didn't know that his minibus was in the view of
hand-held binoculars.

"Zhang Brother, there's someone here." A short man wearing black, like
a monkey, said with a smile, "Maybe we can find something."

"Oh?" The one referred as Zhang Brother was muscular, wearing a tight
tank top showing his body muscles, he was like a fitness instructor in a

He took the binoculars, and saw a battered minibus, dragging a broken

van. It was so miserable, even the paint was falling.

"We can find what? You must be kidding! This f*cking driver must be a
country bumpkin running out of the mountainous area, he must be
looking for the army. It is not to my liking." Zhang Brother said angrily.

The monkey-like man said with a face full of flattery, "Yu Brother
commanded us looking for gasoline and food. Although the car looks
poor, it came from outside of town. It maybe has some special local
products. We almost finished looting our own town. Grasshopper leg
meat is still meat! And there may even be a sister in the car!?" The
skinny monkey-like man said with an indescribable smile.

Zhang pondered for a bit and stepping on his motorcycle, he waved

behind him. The skinny monkey-like man then got on the back of the
motorcycle, taking a steel pipe. He waved and shouted, "Brothers, keep

"Om –"

The motorcycles thundered, and eight motorcycles carrying two or three

people started moving. A group of young guys, flying like a swarm,
rushed to the minibus.

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Crazy Minibus

The Mobile Construction Vehicle was driving slowly.

"Turn left. Go into that road and just drive a little longer." Wen Xiaotian
said, pointing to the road.
Suddenly, Jiang Liushi turned the steering wheel, and the MCV which
was moving like a snail sped up and moved toward the side.
Wen Xiaotian screamed while her body followed the MCV’s momentum.
But with the seat belt tied, she was just shocked by the change.

"Huh?" A young man who rode a motorcycle was stupefied. He had

rushed out of an alley close to the Mobile Construction Vehicle, trying to
hit the window from the side. But he didn't expect that the young driver,
who had been driving slowly, would react so quickly; the car had
changed direction too fast. He was unprepared, so he almost lost his
balance and fell down from his motorbike.
As soon as Wen Xiaotian looked up, she heard a sound of engines
coming not too far from them. She looked out of the window and ,to her
astonishment, saw eight motorcycles, rushing out of the alleys and
circling around the MCV.
The young men on the motorcycles seemed like coming with evil
intentions,as they were carrying iron pipes or fire axes.
The motorcycle which had almost fell went to the front of the Mobile
Construction Vehicle, and the youth who rode it unhappily shouted,
"F*cking your mother, stop!"
"Jiang Brother..." Wen Xiaotian nervously looked at Jiang liushi. Those

people looked like devils, not good people. Originally meeting other
survivors instead of zombies would be a good thing, but now Xiaotian
could shake in fear.
Jiang Liushi looked silently at those motorcycles. Those people obviously
had not appeared with the best of intentions, so there was no way he
would stop the car.
Listening to the words of this young man, Jiang Liushi did not show any
intention to stop. Seeing that he was ignored by the driver, the young
man said, "F*ck". And then he went to the back of the car and said to
‘Zhang Brother’, "He won’t stop."
The skinny monkey-like man behind ‘Zhang Brother’ hurriedly asked,
"Was there any girl?"

"There seemed to be one."

"Hey, hey." The skinny man was really eager to stop the car. "Force him
to stop. That broken truck, where can it run? What do you think, Zhang
Brother?" He didn't forget to ask Zhang.

Zhang nodded and said, "Go ahead and break his window, but be
"No problem!" The young man responded.

The eight motorcycles suddenly began humming and moving towards

the minibus.
Wen Xiaotian saw a motorcycle driving close to the window. Through the
window, she saw three young men on the motorcycle exposing a sinister
smile to her; they were shouting, making inappropriate gestures, and

Two young people, that were sitting in the back of the seat, hit against
the window with their steel pipes.
"Ah!" Wen Xiaotian instinctively dodged.
"Don't be afraid," Jiang Liushi said without looking.

[How could the bulletproof glass be smashed by some steel pipes? Their
strength is not even close compared with the mutant boar.] Jiang

The two young men were not feeling well. Their attempt to smash the
window not only failed, but even their steel pipes bounced back. One of
the steel pipes fell to the ground, and to make things worse their hands
had been hurt.
Simultaneously, Jiang Liushi slowly stepped on the accelerator, and
began accelerating.
"What are these people trying to do?" Wen Xiaotian turned to look at
those people, still suffering from shock.

"They want to rob us," Jiang Liushi said.

"Rob us?" Wen Xiaotian asked in a solemn tone. "At such a time! They
want to rob us?"
"It could also be you they’re after...." Jiang Liushi added.

Wen Xiaotian was stupefied and then tightened her collar. Just from
those people’s eyes on her, it was possible...
Jiang Liushi was ready to throw off those motorcycle guys.
"F*ck! Stop immediately!" After a series of suffering setbacks, the
motorcycle gang were getting annoyed instead of giving up.
A few motorcycles had sped up and were really close to Jiang Liushi’s
side. A young man stood up from the back seat of a motorcycle, holding
his axe and grinning at Jiang Liushi who was in the driving cab.
Jiang Liushi suddenly frowned. Looking at the motorcycle approaching,
he followed the Starseed’s instructions, and suddenly turned the
steering wheel.
The young man who was holding the axe, and wanted to chop at the
minibus, was directly hit by the minibus. His motorcycle lost its balance,
falling down, and slid away. The young man fell to the ground, he was in

extreme pain and had difficulty breathing.

[This driver is really marvelous.] Zhang was stupefied. He was ready to
rob a mosquito leg, but the result was meeting a hard stubble.
[But good driving skills are useless just with a broken minibus.] Zhang

"Everyone! Go ahead! Burst this motherf*cker’s tires!" Zhang shouted.

The skinny man behind him immediately took out a bag, which was filled
with all kinds of things that could puncture tires. As long as threw those
to the ground, everything would be under their control. The rest of the
motorcycles had heard Zhang shouting and got close to the minibus.
However, they hadn’t expected what was about to happen...
The minibus suddenly turned around. Jiang Liushi profoundly watched at
the motorcycle gang who were just like locusts. Originally, he just
wanted to spare those people, but did not expect they would be so
relentless and keep chasing them.
It was obvious that the young man with the axe wanted to kill him.
Those people were so cruel, so he didn't need to show mercy.
Seeing the minibus actually taking the initiative to turn around, Zhang
was stunned and he did not know what the young driver wanted to do,
"What does he want to do? Leave the town?"
However, Zhang’s pupils shrank, the minibus had suddenly accelerated
and headed towards them!
The person in the foremost motorcycle was holding an iron pipe and
shrieking weirdly. He did have the chance to react at all, and was
already sent flying by the minibus. Then, without stopping, the minibus
continued moving forward.

"F*ck!" The guys on another motorcycle suddenly realized it was

heading towards them and tried to avoid it. Even if the minibus was
heavy and large, its speed had surpassed their imagination, as it was
not an ordinary one, and it caught up with the motorcycles.
This minibus had quickly caught up, and bumped the motorcycle; the
people riding it were sent into a store along the road. The loud noise and

the motorcycle gang’s screams, let the rest of the other members
shocked and terrified.
Two motorcycles in succession had been hit… The driver was cruel
Then, the minibus changed its direction again, and faced towards
Zhang’s vehicle.
"OMG! F*ck!" Zhang was shocked. That worn-out minibus, gave him a
feeling just like he was being stared at by a beast. The minibus was
heading to his direction, which was enough to make him shudder with

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Big Mess

[Oh, my God. This driver is crazy.] ‘Mr. Zhang’ was still thinking about
how to deal with it. But when the minibus suddenly accelerated, he was
terrified and crazily rushed into the alley next to him. Having heard a
sharp brake friction sound behind the alley, ‘Mr. Zhang’ looked back at
the minibus’s front with an indescribable feeling.
"Zhang Brother…What are we going to do?" The skinny man still had
been scared sh*tless, and asked with his mouth parched and tongue
"F*ck! How do I know?" ‘Mr. Zhang’ angrily scolded as his heart rate was
still very fast!
The minibus was big, but after all, it was so old and still had a drag. Who
would have thought it would be so good! Even its windscreen was really
hard to break; it had been hit twice but it still failed to leave a mark
behind, not to mention breaking it!
Three motorcycles had been turned over, and the people on them were
all dead. Even if they hadn’t died, there was no way to cure their serious
injuries, and they still had no idea how to tell it to "Yu Brother"!
Seeing the rest of the wild guys moving back into the alley, Jiang Liushi
stopped. Wen Xiaotian was also confused. Before Jiang Liushi had hit the
first motorcycle, she had closed her eyes tightly. But what had
happened after that, she could only tell by listening.
The people who had been hit were probably dead or hurt. But if they
hadn’t done that, they would have been worse off if they had landed on
those wild guys. Wen Xiaotian turned her head to Jiang Liushi side, and
she noticed Jiang Liushi being calm. He exhaled two very gentle breaths

and then took a quiet look at himself.

"These people should not show up for a while. Where did you say your
home was?" Jiang Liushi’s memory was good, but he wasn’t good at
finding roads.
In particular, this unfamiliar path…
Under Wen Xiaotian’s lead, they arrived to a courtyard, and the MCV
stopped at the entrance of the yard. The wall was not high, and the
space was also not big. Some kinds of flowers were inside, and there
was a vegetable patch in the corner with a row of gray porous bricks,
some chives had been planted there and looked very well.
In the cement ground, there were some moss and finely weeds planted
by perennial water against the wall. The two-layer buildings had a 90’s
style. But the old windows were clean and bright.
"This is my home," said Wen Xiaotian uneasily.
She squeezed her fingers, and biting her lip moved from the copilot seat
to the door.
"Wait." Jiang Liushi stopped her and then pressed the horn twice.
"Didi!" The MCV’s horn was very clear and bright, but not harsh.
Jiang Liushi looked the small building, through the windshield, and then
looked around. There were no zombies in other buildings. Wen Xiaotian
was shocked when the horn sounded, nervously watching the security
door of the building, in fear that the door might suddenly shake. Jiang
Liushi continuously pressed several times the horn, but no abnormal
things appeared.
He looked at Wen Xiaotian, indicating that she was not in danger and
could get off. Wen Xiaotian nodded with a worried look, taking a deep
breath, and finally summoned the courage to push the door, and got off
and walked into the yard.
Jiang Liushi saw Wen Xiaotian reaching the door. She took out her keys
and opened the door. Her hands were shaking for a while before she
opened it. Jiang Liushi could totally relate to her. If it was not for the
sake of safety, Jiang Liushi would accompany her. But in this strange
town, for his and Wen Xiaotian’s safety, staying in the car was the best

The neighborhood was surrounded by residential buildings, but there

were no zombies, and there were few zombies in the whole area. When
he looked at the buildings around him, he noticed blood stains on some
houses and windows. Wen Xiaotian was out of the room, and she
returned to the minibus with a blank look on her face.
"How was it?" Jiang Liushi asked. He had been mostly paying attention to
the surroundings, but he could hear her shouting at her home.
Looking at Wen Xiaotian, it seemed that the situation was not very
"No one at home," Wen Xiaotian said. It was chaotic. The ground was
littered with garbage. The furnitures had been moved, and the
refrigerator door had been opened with no food inside.
"Maybe they escaped?" Wen Xiaotian said to Jiang Liushi what she had
see, with a little hope in her heart.
Jiang Liushi looked at the door. He did not say anything, but he thought
it was impossible. In that case, it was impossible to lock the door so well,
even the windows were closed and the curtains were drawn.
Running away wouldn’t make the house look like that. It’s normal to take
away food, but what about moving furniture? Jiang Liushi was still
analyzing Wen Xiaotian’s words, while Wen Xiaotian was lifeless. She
couldn’t find her family, so she was at a loss. She didn’t know what to do
now. When she had decided to come back, she had thought about that
scenario. Even so, she was still at a loss. Her family had disappeared,
and they hadn’t left her a note or anything…
"Wen Xiaotian," Jiang Liushi suddenly said, "What did you say that was
missing from the sofa?"
Wen Xiaotian pondered a bit and then said, "Quilt and so on…"
"Only these? What were the garbage on the ground?" Jiang Liush iasked.
Wen Xiaotian did not know why Jiang Liushi asked this. She said, "I have
lookeed and my family had not left anything for me…"
"No. You look around there. The zombies are very few, and the door and
windows were closed. Probably, there were still people living. The quilt
shows that maybe someone has been sleeping here. Also, if the garbage
you found are recent, then the chances are higher that there are

survivors." Jiang Liushi speculated.

He made this inference after analyzing a lot of details, otherwise, he
would not have said such things and given Wen Xiaotian any hope.
Listening to Jiang Liushi’s words, Wen Xiaotian’s eyes grew bigger and
"You can go back and see if everything is as I said…"Jiang Liushi said.
As soon as he stopped, Wen Xiaotian had already run off the minibus…

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Are You Kidding?

After Wen Xiaotian’s repeated confirmation, Jiang Liushi’s speculation
was totally right. With the hint from Jiang Liushi, Wen Xiaotian
discovered a lot of life traces in the room; including a bucket in the
bathroom, food residue in garbage bags and even footprints on the
floors. Wen admired Jiang Liushi’s insight so much, as he could figure out
such important things through her description without getting out of the
"What do we do now?" Wen Xiaotian was excited, knowing her family
might be alive. Actually she was usually a strong-minded girl, or she
would not be so determined to ask Jiang Liushi to take her with him.
However, she could not think clearly, because of all the intense
situations that had happened this far, and it was Jiang Liushi who made
right decisions all the way that helped them arrive safely. Therefore,
even though her family might be right in front of her, Wen still thought
that she should ask Jiang Liushi’s opinion about what to do.
"Let’s wait here." Jiang Liushi looked around.
This place was almost safe. He opened the chair and lied on it to rest. He
had been driving all this time and he could not help being tired although
he was resting for a short time every night. Wen Xiaotian certainly could
not get asleep, so it was just her turn to stand guard. Actually, there
might not be many problems even if Wen had not stood guard. As long
as the MCV’s door was locked, it could be considered as a small mobile
fortress. It was impossible to be knocked off or damaged by the ordinary
zombies or even mutant beasts. Jiang Liushi could have enough time to

Wen Xiaotian found that Jiang Liushi’s breath gradually became

smoother .
"He ιs asleep!" Wen Xiaotian thought. In her mind, he was always a calm
young man, for he did not seem to be afraid of anything. No matter what
happened, he stuck to his plan. But it seemed impossible not to be
afraid at all…
Wen Xiaotian kept looking around, feeling that her family would walk out
from an alley at the next second. An hour later, Jiang Liushi opened his
eyes. He sat up and at the same time, the driver’s seat recovered,
"Somebody seems to be near."
Footsteps came from an alley on the left. After doomsday, Jiang Luishi
had been sleeping lightly. Although, he had actually woken up, he still
continued to have a rest. He was more sensitive to sounds when his
eyes were closed.
"It is true." Wen Xiaotian became nervous, she had heard the sound too.
Wen bit her lips, staring at the alley. Meanwhile, Jiang put his hands on
the steering wheel with eyes full of vigilance.
It was not a safe place and no one knew whether the terrible guys they
had met before would come back again or not. The sound of footsteps
could be heard coming closer and they didn’t seem like they were from
just one person. It seemed that there were a lot of people.
Wen Xiaotian was nervous to the extreme.
Soon, a dozen of people quickly walked out of the alley. They walked
while they were observing their surroundings carefully. Some of them
carried bags while others carried "weapons" like steel pipes. There were
both old and young people among them, but they all seemed ordinary.
Seeing them walking out, Wen Xiaotian flew to the window and watched
them carefully distinguishing one by one.
She was anxious and disappointed at first, "How could it be…?"
Then, she suddenly stretched her neck and her eyes widened, "Lulu!"
"Lulu!" Wen Xiaotian excitedly waved her hands.
Looking at her side, Jiang Liushi saw a girl who was kind of similar to her,
looking a bit younger, with a ponytail and a gray fluttered jacket, with
dirt on her face, carrying a canvas bag and an iron bar with a tired look.

Wen Xiaotian waved in the back of the window, but she forgot that this
window was not visible from the outside. Those people came to the
minibus and were all stunned.
Jiang Liushi revealed a trace of both fear and shock look after seeing
their surprise, but he also had some doubts.
The ponytail girl quickly took a pack of something out of her backpack
and put it into the large jacket. No one stopped her. Next, they carefully
walked over the minibus.
"Wen Xiaotian," Jiang Liushi called her.
Wen’s mind suddenly came back and she run to the door, saying
excitedly, "Jiang Brother, I saw my sister."
"Fine." Jiang Liushi responded.
He still sat in the driver’s seat and watched Wen running out of the car
and walking out. The group of people slowly came near , suspiciously
looking at the minibus. They suddenly saw a girl walking out from the
back of the minibus. They all got shocked at first and at the same time,
Wen Lu ran over there, after a short period of shock.
The two sisters hugged each other tightly.
"Lulu!" Wen Xiaotian’s eyes were moist.
Wen Lu could not help bursting into tears, "Sister! I did not expect that
we could see each other again!"
Those survivors looked at each other in surprise. Wen Lu hugged Wen
Xiaotian and cried for a while. She wiped her tears and turned to those
survivors and said, "This is my sister."
One of the survivors gave a glance at Wen Xiaotian and asked, "Sister? I
remember you saying that your sister was in Jiangbei University."
Jiangbei, was actually far from there…
Under these circumstances, such a long distance, was naturally
impossible to travel for average people. Regardless of life or death, it
was a very normal thing for most people not to meet each other
Wen Lu turned around and looked at Wen Xiaotian's face, staring at her
for a long time, and then burst out laughing. Then she asked, "Sister,
how did you come back? I thought I could not see you anymore."

Wen Xiaotian was also extremely happy and pointed to the minibus
behind her and said, "It was Brother Jiang who drove me here from
"What?" Besides Wen Lu, all the survivors unbelievably looked at the
ropey minibus as well as the van. Could this kind of car be driven from
Jiangbei? And they thought "Who is Brother Jiang?"
Wen Xiaotian took Wen Lu to the front of the minibus and other
survivors were also curious to get together to see. Almost ten people
were separated by the windshield, looking at Jiang Liushi who was at the
driver’s seat waving to them.
Jiang Liushi felt a bit embarrassed. Although they did not say anything,
Jiang Liushi had understood something from their eyes. They would like
to ask, [Are you kidding me?]

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: She Was Overwhelmed by Curiosity

Jiang Liushi was still sitting in the minibus. He looked closely at the map
of the area from this town to Nanjing City, in a tablet, and then he
turned to observe Wen’s second-floor building.
Wen Xiaotian had been in there for more than an hour; the two sisters
were in a room on the second floor. When he looked at the window, the
curtain was moved. Jiang Liushi saw Wen Lu’s face appearing behind the
curtains, glancing toward the minibus and then quickly shrinking back.
Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment, then he returned his gaze back
to the map again.
"Dear sister, did he really kill a variable wild boar?" Wen Lu moved away
from the window, fixing the curtain back, and then she asked, "Was that
wild boar that terrifying?"
"Of course, what I told you is true." Wen Xiaotian answered with red
eyes. Wen Lu had just told her that their parents had died, but under
these shabby circumstances, their parents could only be buried casually,
without a proper burial ceremony.
In fact, Wen Xiaotian felt it was quite good that they were able to be
buried with their bodies intact. After all, most people had died without
even a trace of their bones left behind. But even so, Wen Xiaotian was
still distraught with great grief. The two sisters had been crying for
almost an hour, and then they temporarily restrained their grief.
After calming down, Wen Lu asked Wen Xiaotian over the details of her
Jiang Liushi seemed close to her sister’s age. So it would be normal if he
was also a college student. What was unbelievable that two ordinary

people could reach there; only driving a ragged minibus.

Just imagining those events it was still quite incredible. And after
listening to Wen Xiaotian narration, Wen Lu felt more incredible.
Escaping from zombie groups, he had even killed a mutant boar...
"Anyway, we should thank him," Wen Lu said.
"Yup..." Wen Xiaotian nodded.
Wen Xiaotian also looked toward the window. As a matter of fact, she
had only told a part of her experiences to her sister. She didn’t mention
some details about Jiang Liushi and the minibus. For example, she didn’t
tell that they cut off the wild pork and put it into the van.
The terrible motorcycle gang that they met before made Wen Xiaotian
become vigilant.
"Well, Lulu, who are they?" Wen Xiaotian asked.
After knowing the identity of Wen Xiaotian, those survivors were very
curious to know about her and that minibus. Although Wen Xiaotian did
not believe that her sister was associated with those terrible people from
the motorcycle gang, she was still doubtful about those strangers.
"They are residents of our town. My sister, your memory is really poor.
Don’t you even recognize Aunt Li’s daughter from the next door?" Wen
Lu said.
They were the residents and neighbors…
"After doomsday, we slowly gathered together. During the day we go out
to find food, and at evening we stand guard in turns. In this special time,
we are no different. It’s like a primitive society, in which we work
together with fair distribution." Wen Lu answered.
"It must have been very dangerous..." Wen Xiaotian was worried. Her
sister was only a high school student, who was even scared by
cockroaches. But now she actually had to go outside looking for food.
But she also knew that ‘Never depend on anyone except themselves’.
"Fortunately, even though the past few days were very dangerous, the
zombies are not much. However, those people are very terrible. Seeing
the minibus, we just thought they came again. " Wen Lu said.
"They?" Wen Xiaotian was stunned for a moment and said, "Who are
they? Were they a gang of motorcycles?"

Wen Lu stared and said, "You met them? How! Did they do anything to
you?" She anxiously asked.
"Nothing..." Wen Xiaotian told about their encounter to her sister.
Hearing Jiang Liushi decisively knocking them off, Wen Lu was stunned,
"My God..."
"You didn’t tell me, why did those people come to our house?" Wen
Xiaotian hurriedly asked.
Wen Lu had said the word "again". It was obvious that those people had
come before. Wen Xiaotian had witnessed their ruthlessness, so she was
worried about Wen Lu very much.
"They are coming for protection fee." Wen Lu frowned, looking disgusted
and said, "This group of people have a leader, who drove away the
zombies. As a result, they decided to ask protection fee from the
survivors. We felt that the environment was relatively safe, so the fee
was reasonable. However, they were too terrible and their demands
were unreasonable."
Then Wen Lu pulled a very dirty hat and scarves out from the bed and
said, "They have forced several girls to be their "girlfriends" before, and I
had no choice but to do the same..."
A pure girl had to go through... Wen Xiaotian felt angry and distressed.
"There was no other choice," Wen Lu helplessly said. Ordinary people
could not do anything in a world like that.
"You don’t have to say anything. Being alive is wonderful. Sister, did you
eat?" Wen Lu asked.
Downstairs, Wen Xiaotian saw those survivors quietly doing things.
Some were inspecting weapons, others were checking food. Most of the
food that they took out from the backpack were snacks with dirty bags,
all dusty, and many were flattened.
And even there were disgusting blood marks on some bags. A girl
wearing a glove holding a small pot, was cleaning these bags.
"Xiao Tian sister." This girl looked up and smiled, greeting Wen Xiaotian.
This girl was Aunt Li's daughter. But no wonder Wen Xiaotian did not
notice her before, her face was dirty, gray hair, which were not washed
for a long time.

This was the only way to make the terrible guys have no thoughts on
"Today's food was less and it was more difficult to collect." A middle-
aged man sorted out the food and then complained.
Another old man who looked sixty years old said, "We were pretty lucky.
Didn’t we today half bag of rice in a family’s house? This was a good
"Yes, but the half of it will be taken away, and the rest is enough to eat
for few days." the middle-aged man frowned.
"It's nice being able to eat for a few days," said the old man, who was an
optimist. And he said to Wen Xiaotian, "Today Lulu’s sister is here, and
it's a happy occasion to cook."
"This is not good..." Wen Xiaotian quickly stopped.
"Go and call that young man, to eat with us," said the old man, "I'll go
wash rice."
"Well, I will call him." Wen Lu was excited to go to the minibus
regardless if Wen Xiaotian was waving again and again.
Listening to their experience told by Wen Xiaotian, Wen Lu was quite
curious about Jiang Liushi.

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Future Is Unknown

"Dong! Dong!"
Wen Lu knocked on the door, she was curious to look inside. The
windows and doors were enhanced with film mounted glass. Even if she
attached her face to the glass, she could not see the inside from outside.
Hearing Wen Xiaotian’s description, Wen Lu had a great interest in the
minibus. Looking from outside, it looked like a very old and general
minibus. Generally, it was used to run the rural road. Was the minibus
really a motorhome? It was hard for Wen Lu to imagine without seeing it
Hearing the knock on the door, Jiang Liushi turned around and then
pressed the button to open the door.
Wen Lu got on the minibus happily, and she could not wait to look
around the inside and said, "Hello, I came to invite you to... wow!"
The minibus’ interior was so cool that Wen Lu could not help but
exclaim; even without completing her sentence.
The interior was luxurious, although its size was not large, everything
was arranged. It didn’t give her any narrow feeling with those stuffed
furniture. Wen Lu had a wonderful impression of it.
After doomsday, although she was still living in her own home, the life
conditions were worse than before. There was no power and food. For
girls, it was a challenge using a toilet without water. She had to adapt to
it. Standing at the door, Wen Lu was surprised for a long time. It was not
only because of the minibus’ luxury, but also because she met Jiang
Liuhsi, who was described as a hero by Wen Xiaotian. Wen Lu couldn’t
see any signs of repairing. A minibus with broken windows and lacunose

surface had disappeared completely…

"What can I do for you?" Until Jiang Liushi asked, Wen Lu was suddenly
"Ah, sorry! Your car is excellent and I was stunned," Wen Lu said with a
"Thank you," Jiang Liushi said. Wen Lu's character was clearly much
more energetic than Wen Xiaotian, but these two sisters had a common
feature; their smile was sincere.
"I am here to invite you to eat. We had pretty good luck today, and we
found half bag of rice. We can eat a fragrant fried rice together. It was
very nice of you bringing my sister back. I feel indebted. Fortunately,
you are here today. Otherwise, I could only thank you without doing
anything in return," Wen Lu said. She felt very happy to serve Jiang
Liushi with the best food they could provide.
Eating fried rice was considered very good treatment. They had eaten all
the food in the house and the surrounding neighborhood, but still they
didn’t have food for two meals. Without a refrigerator, a lot of food had
decayed. Only few food could be found, and that at the risk of meeting
zombies. And those terrible motorcycle guys had already robbed
everything from the local supermarkets and shops. That meant the
amount they could collect was small. That bag of rice was hard-earned.
According to Wen Lu's speculation, Jiang Liushi and Wen Xiaotian must
have had it worse than them. She had estimated that they would be
extremely hungry because there was no food at all.
"Thank you. But I don’t want to eat." Jiang Liushi's answer was very
Wen Lu suddenly surprised for a moment, and then went on to say, "It
will be my pleasure. Actually, it is just a meal, which is not worth
mentioning compared you taking care of my sister..."
"I am not polite, I really do not want," Jiang Liushi smiled and said. These
people lived so hard, how could he eat their food? Moreover, fried rice or
anything else was unattractive to Jiang Liushi who had eaten mutant
On the other hand, Jiang Liushi was prepared for surprise attacks by the

dozen strange survivors. His car was full of food and gasoline, and raw
meat was stored in the van. In post-apocalypse environment, no one
could ensure absolute safety. Wen Lu did not give up and kept inviting
him for a few times. Seeing Jiang Liushi shaking his head, she had to
give up.
She was about to get off, but suddenly she remembered something. All
of a sudden, she came back, taking something out from her long
"Firstly we mistakenly believed that you were one of those terrible guys,
so we hastened to hide. You took care of my sister, so I must thank you.
Please keep it, do not say no!" Wen Lu without any explanation put
something to his hands.
Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. Seeing Wen Lu closely, in fact,
he found she looked very cute even if she had a dirty face. Jiang Liushi
chuckled seeing her bigger cheek, if he refused she would be angry.
"Ok, I will accept it," Jiang Liushi said.
This was actually a pack of biscuits, that had been crushed. But from the
residual temperature, it was clear that it was very precious to Wen Lu.
Although there was no shortage of food, Jiang Liushi took this package of
biscuits in his hand and treasured it.
"You don’t have much food?" Jiang Liushi asked.
"The food we collect is enough to eat, but those terrible guys are like
vampires sucking us dry," Wen Lu shook her head and said.
"Those terrible guys?"
"Yes, my sister told me that you also met the motorcycle group." Wen Lu
told everything to Jiang Liushi and did not forget to say, "Those people
are terrible and you worked off our anger. You are excellent! But they
indeed did something good. Originally, there were a lot zombies, but
their leader lead zombies to the small town suburbs."
"Oh? Lead the zombies?" Jiang Liushi was quitely interested in the leader
mentioned by Wen Lu. How were the zombies taken away by that
He felt that the town was strange as it had too little zombies, but did not
expect that they had been driven away.

Generally speaking, one or two zombies could be dealt with by ordinary

people. If the number was large, most people would be serve as zombie
food, even escaping was impossible. But that leader could actually take
so many zombies away?
"Those guys all followed him? Have you seen that leader?" Jiang Liushi
"These people are his guard dogs, swaggering and following him." Wen
Lu said, "Anyway, I heard that he is very powerful, not your average
person. Someone opposed him and was killed by him, but I haven’t seen
"He is not an ordinary person..." Jiang Liushi became more and more
"Well..." Wen Lu suddenly realized something with a worried look and
said, "They will come over today to plunder materials. If they see your
minibus, they will certainly cause you trouble."
"I think..."
Although Jiang Liushi felt pity for Wen Lu and so on, he was willing to
help but unable to do anything about this. Those guys were hateful, but
there were few zombies because of their boss. Although others
complained and hated them, there was no resistance. More importantly,
the other side was too strong, and they could not resist.
They were hungry because of those terrible guys, but if the zombies
were everywhere, they may already have had filled a zombie's stomach.
If he could take Wen Lu and Wen Xiaotian away, they would be sent to a
more secure and stable place. Jiang Liushi did not mind doing so. But he
did not know how the next journey would be, also he knew nothing
about the Nanjing City’s situation. Taking these two sisters was easy,
but how would he take care of them in the future?
So after listening the words of Wen Lu, Jiang Liushi did not know how he
could help. However, if he left, they would be implicated because he had
killed some tpeople from their gang.
His first priority was to look for his sister...
"Where is your town's gas station?" Jiang Liushi had important business
to do. The gas from big cities’ gas stations must have been collected by

the military. And this town was likely Jiang Liushi’s last hope for before
leaving for Nanjing City. Otherwise he could only continue collecting
from abandoned vehicles, it would be a waste of precious time.
"Gas station? Do you need to refuel?" Wen Lu looked at the minibus,
thinking that the fuel consumption of such a car would be extremely
"Yes," he said, "I'm going to need a lot of gas."
"This..." Wen Lu exposed some embarrassed look and said, "You must
not go to the gas station, but there are a lot of abandoned cars on the
road. If you’re lucky, the you’ll refuel with the gas you need..."

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Mysterious Leader

Translator: Liu Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Uh? The gas station is not available?" Jiang Liushi was stunned.

Wen Lu explained everything to him. The motorcycle gang’s mysterious

leader had occupied all resources of the town, including gasoline. They
always moved around with motorcycles, so gasoline was very important
to them. Even their base camp was directly located near most gas

Wen Lu advised Jiang Liushi to give up the idea of approaching them,

because all survivors of the town had been plundered by them.
Someone with bad luck, trying to resist, was directly killed. They were
too strong!

A surviving team like them was barely surviving under their control, they
would not take the initiative to get close to gas stations.

Jiang Liushi not only had clashed with them, but also had killed some of
them. He would be spotted by them.

Jiang Liushi pondered for a moment and asked, "What is the leader’s

"I only know that he is called Yu Brother," Wen Lu said.

She looked at him, not knowing what he was thinking…

"You need gasoline, some car tanks must be available. But our town is
small, and the fuel tanks of most big trucks has long been taken by
them. We can get gasoline from small cars. I know it needs a lot of time,
but we have no other choice," Wen Lu said.

There were too many things that couldn’t be done after doomsday.

"That car is filled with a 100 liters of gasoline. I will help you search for
more. It may take three to four days," Wen Lu said.

Jiang Liushi felt helpless. 100 liters was a fraction of his fuel tank; that
was far from enough.

Meanwhile, an engine sound could be heard. Wen Lu’s complexion

suddenly changed, "They are here!"

Jiang Liushi turned around and saw a few motorcycles appearing in his
field of vision.

He quietly pressed a button next to the dashboard, and the Starseed

scanned the MCV’s data. The MCV could move at any time.

Those motorcycles quickly approached. Jiang Liushi looked at those

people, and didn’t see any "familiar" faces. Looking at their expression,
they didn’t know about the MCV at all.

Those people were another batch from the gang..

Jiang Liushi loosened up, but the MCV was still in the state of "ready to
be launched".

Seeing that those people had no interest for this car, Wen Lu was also

"Jiang brother, you stay in the car, and I will get off first," Wen Lu
whispered, and then secretly went back to the courtyard. The survivors
in the house had heard the noise and came out together. Standing at the
door, their faces were full of fear.

The motorcycle guys were surprised to see the MCV, but they didn’t pay
too much attention. The leader of this group was a young man wearing a
leather jacket with yellow fibers hanging. He was dressed in the latest
fashion, before doomsday, and his shirt was custom made, with grand
words saying, ‘I am a bully’.

Jiang Liushi thought that the so-called ‘Yu Brother’ was a bully too. He
was in charge of the town, including the motorcycle gang, after
doomsday. No wonder those guys were all bullies.

"You motherf*ckers! Come out immediately!" The leader, shouted at the

door , while with an iron bar in his hand, he smashed it on the iron gate
of the yard. It sounded quite harsh.

A group of survivors came out in panic. Wen Lu immediately mixed some

ashes with some water, and without explaining she put the mixture on
Wen Xiaotian’s face.

"Ah!" Wen Xiaotian screamed. Wen Lu was anxious, she lowered her
voice and said, "Do not shout. Otherwise, you will be in trouble!"

Wen Xiaotian understood at once. She knew that those terrible guys
loved ravaging beautiful girls. There were no laws anymore. Indecent
assault on women was something that could occur even in a civilised
society, let alone after doomsday. Those bullies would become

"Give us grains. Your legs will be broken if you’re in possession of grains

and you don’t hand them over!"

The leader clamored, holding the iron bar. He was obviously enjoying the
feeling as a bully. Before the end of the world, his life was very unhappy.
Bullies were always called into the bureau for good education. But now,
he was like a cock on his dunghill. Those women who were high and
mighty before the end of the world, had been ravaged by him. He felt
just like a fish in the water in a world without any rules.

The survivors couldn’t revolt against them just because they were too

weak. There dad been a group of people, who refused to give them food,
and even fought back. But later, ‘Yu Brother’ killed them all. It was said
that the scene was very tragic. Many people had been killed and
dismembered, just like they had been eaten by zombies.

Faced with such a powerful individual, ‘Yu Brother’, what could they do?

They took their grains out. The old man took out the half bag of rice,
with muddy eyes, as if it was his own life.

"F*cker! Old man! Hurry up! Go die!" Seeing the old man was unwilling
to give it, the guys in the leather jacket impatiently cursed.

The guy grabbed the rice bag, and almost pushed the old man down
with his strong arms.

"You, go and search!" The leader waved, and his minions burst into the

Suddenly a burst of loud noises could be heard. Pots and pans were
knocked down. This group of people were like a group of locusts.

"OMFG! These bast*rds were cooking!" A minion’s voice came from the

The leader suddenly turned to see these survivors with vertical


That old man was nervous. When the man with the leather jacket
viciously stared at him, he said: "Little brother, originally it was said that
we could separate the food in half..."

"F*ck! That was for dry food. Where did you get the guts to keep the
rice?" The man with the leather jacket said while his saliva splashed on
the old man's face.

"Take it away! You, dare to eat…" he said.

"This… Little brother, please give us some rice. My grandson has a fever
at home..." The old man pleaded. His grandchild was only five years old.

Life was very fragile. It was easy to get sick if you were lacking nutrition.
Eating dry food every day was nothing to adults, but children had to eat
a lot of nutritious food in order to develop and survive.

"Motherf*ckers! Stop struggling!"

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Get off Immediately!

The leader raised his hand to hit the old man. The other survivors
promptly pulled the old man aside and apologized to the young man. He
was quite satisfied with the survivors’ cowardly behavior toward him. He
showed contempt for them. As a matter of fact, the survivors were
looking down on the bullies before, but now they had to nod and bow.
However, the leader turned around and got a glimpse of the minibus. He
originally thought it was just a common minibus without anyone on it.
Actually, the front windshield was transparent. As a result, Jiang Liushi
had been seen by the leader. His face was red with rage.
"You assh*le! Are you deaf? Don’t you know who I am? How dare you sit
in the car? F*ck! Get off immediately!" The leader shouted. Before
doomsday he was just a small man, and now that he had power he had
beem intoxicated by it. He was in a bad mood.
Jiang Liushi was completely indifferent. He would like to beat those
parasites black and blue. But he didn’t do it because he was afraid of
implicating the survivors.
Jiang Liushi was holding the steering wheel tightly, keeping his body
unmoved. The leader flew into a rage.
"Open the door! Assh*le" Seeing Jiang Liushi was completely indifferent,
the leader threw the iron bar the minibus’ front.
An awful sound echoed. The minibus was intact, however, the leader
gave an eldritch scream because the iron bar almost ricocheted back to
his face.
"This minibus…" The leader was totally shocked. Generally speaking,

minibuses’ iron sheet was thin. Hit by an iron bar, there would be traces
of deformation. How odd! This time, the leader exploded with anger.
"God d*mn you. Brothers let’s smash the car together! Pulling the
f*cking driver out from it, break his legs, and we will devide all the goods
on the minibus." The leader said. And then his brothers surged out of the
house immediately. One of the guys held a pot of washed rice. Seeing
the washed rice, the old man’s heart hurt. He thought the bullies were a
horde of fiendish monsters who comitted every conceivable crime and
were unpardonably wicked. All of the survivors, especially Wen Lu, were
scared about Jiang Liushi.
"Mr. Jiang!" Wen Lu was scared. She signaled wildly behind the bullies’
back, telling Jing to run away.
Seeing the bullies rush toward him, Jiang Liushi ignited the engine. Then
he put the minibus into reverse, jerked the wheel to the right, stepping
on the accelerator.
"The guy wants to escape! Pursue him." The leader jumped on his
motorcycle. All the bullies rode their motorcycles and shot forward like
rabbits, following Jiang Liushi.
It must be acknowledged that those bullies were all good at driving.
They were just like tigers and leopards. Jiang Liushi was besieged in all
"Guys, deflate the car’s tires." The leader shouted. The other bullies took
lots of welded pitons, throwing them to the ground.
Welding nails on a metal plate, they had made that secret weapon
themselves. It had strong destructive power. Even heavy trucks would
break down. Judging by their actions, they were underestimating Jiang
Liushi. Putting the minibus into reverse, Jiang Liushi was only afraid of
accidentally hurting the survivors. But now the space was enough. They
reached a narrow asphalted road, which was filled with abandoned cars
on one side. Jiang Liushi slammed on his brakes, shifting into forward
gear, and then sped up.
"Om…" The minibus rushed out like an enraged beast. Pushing its way
by shoving or humping, the minibus pulverized their secret weapons.
However, the minibus’ tires remained intact.

"What? OMFG!" The leader was struck with terror. He couldn’t

unnderstand what had happened. At this moment, the minibus headed
directly toward him.
Jiang Liushi drove at a gut-wrenching speed. The leader was frightened
out of his wits. It all happened in a few seconds. The minibus suddenly
accelerated even faster than the motorcycles and the bullies failed to
react quickly. With an awful rumbling noise, the minibus ran into the
"Ah!" The leader and his motorcycle went off the road just like a
His motorcycle fell heavily to the ground, sliding more than a dozen
meters. The front tire was totally ruined. The leader was covered in
blood, whining on the ground. It seemed that his leg had been fractured
under the motorcycle.
"F*ck! D*mn you!" The leader was mad. He lied mortally wounded on the
ground. A wound like that if it was not treated it could be fatal.
Jiang Liushi showed no mercy to those guys, who committed evil acts.
They were scumbags of the world, the scourge of the life.
[A true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his own
Jiang Liushi decided to get rid of those bullies for the survivors. It made
no difference to him killing one or more. He drove in full speed, knocking
two motorcycles off.
"Ah…" A heartrending cry came. Even if they hadn’t died immediately,
they would be dead because of infection later.
The bullies’ faces turned white. They had never lost before using their
secret weapon. They were totally confused, the minibus’ tires were
unexpectedly unscathed.
Was it a f*cking tank?
"Run away!" The other bullies disregarded their compatriots on the
ground. This group of people could share prosperity with each other, but
it was impossible to risk their life for them.

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Be Tormented!

The bullies scattered at Jiang Liushi’s sight. They drove into narrow
alleys in order to keep away from Jiang Liushi.
When the bullies drove into alleys, several shadows had suddenly
appeared. They were zombies! The zombies terrified the bullies
insanely. What a sad scene! Their grim cries attracted more zombies, it
was like asking them to come to be their food.
Although most of the zombies in town had been led off, there were still
lots of hidden zombies in alleys. Naturally the survivors tried their best
to keep away from those alleys. The bullies were running for their lives
as the zombies kept chasing them, they couldn’t do anything else as the
zombies kept increasing in numbers. Seeing the
miserable scene, Jiang Liushi frowned and drove the minibus back to
Wen’s home. He wouldn’t like to bring disaster upon the survivors.
As a result, Jiang Liushi drove back secretly when zombies were
occupied with the gang. Dozens of survivors in the yard witnessed the
whole process. They were dumb stricken with amazement. They were
totally shocked by Jiang Liushi and the minibus.
The minibus was amazing and invulnerable. They thought, [What’s going
Getting over the shock, they became anxious and fear took over.
Offending the bullies was a terrible outcome. What would happen next?
[Yu Brother had killed and dismembered the whole family of those, who
refused to give them food and hit his guys. This is not going to end well]
Most of the survivors thought.

"Xiao Lu, we… How…" The old man holding a rice-pot trembled. He was
at a loss of what to do. He feared neither hardship nor death. He just
hated to part with his grandson, who was the only reason that kept him
alive. Doomsday had taken his family away...
Wen Lu gritted her teeth and said, "Grandpa Wang, please don’t worry
so much. It came down to the point where we would have to eventually
deal with it."
Although Wen Lu and Wen Xiaotian were sisters, Wen Lu had a stronger
Wen Lu have had enough of the bullies. And Jiang Liushi’s action had
elevated her spirit; it worked off her anger!
"Uncle Wang, what Wen Lu said is right. Life is not easy after doomsday.
We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I wanted to beat the young
leader black and blue." A hot-blooded youth, about twenty, said. It was
hard to predict one’s chances of life or death after doomsday. Be it Yu
Brother or the zombies, their lives would be under constant danger any
However, most of them were afraid. Zombies wouldn’t specifically
search for them, but Yu Brother would definitely take revenge! Jiang
Liushi, naturally, had listened to the conversation and looked at the hot-
blooded youth with quite different eyes. He was not really tall nor very
short, with fair skin. Although he’s a soft-spoken person, he was also
carefree and impulsive.
"Younger brother, would you mind helping me drug the leader?"
Jiang Liushi talked with the hot-blooded youth and gave him a bag of
chocolate chips, saying, "Enjoy it."
Jiang Liushi appreciated the hot-blooded youth. Moreover, Jiang Liushi
was unwilling to personally drag the guy. Nobody knew whether the
zombies would be attracted by his whining. Staying in the minibus was
the best choice for him, as he could adapt to circumstances. In addition,
he had enough mutant wild boar meat. Actually, he didn’t care about the
bag of chocolate.
However, that bag of chocolate was precious to the survivors. It was
extremely hard for them to collect food. And their best harvest had to be

given to the bullies. As a result, they had no chance to eat such high-
calorie food. They already felt sick at the sight of biscuits and cheap
instant noodles. They wondered why Jiang Liushi could take out that
high-calorie food so easily.
The hot-blooded youth was excited. He hesitated, coveting, and said, "It
is not proper. I can’t accept it. I’m glad to drag him." The hot-blooded
youth’s reaction made Jiang Liushi feel delighted. So Jiang Liushi threw
him the bag of chocolate and said, "Take it. It is dangerous for anybody
to drag him back. Come on!"
Only then did the hot-blooded youth accepted the chocolate and said in
an embarrassed tone, "Well…Thank you!" The other survivors admired
Then the hot-blooded youth ran to the leader’s side and pulled him
violently from his collar. The leader stared at the hot-blooded youth in a
vicious manner. However, to his surprise his ear was pinched by the hot-
blooded youth.
"You wanna die?" Then he was dragged toward the minibus with a
broken leg. He uttered a heartrending cry, but he was pinched again.
"Stop shouting! If you attract the zombies to our location, I will hang you
on the poles. You will be eaten starting from your lower body, little by
After taking the bag of chocolate, the hot-blooded youth made all-out
efforts. The hot-blooded youth beat the leader very badly; he was
beaten black and blue.
There was no hospital to treat his busted leg, so he could only endure
the pain and wait to die because of infection. Even if he was lucky
enough to be treated, he would be killed sooner or later. His hatred
couldn’t be absolved anymore and he didn’t beg for mercy.
But now, the threat of the hot-blooded youth let him realize that he was
doomed to die. There was a great difference between to be tormented
and die. Jiang Liushi sitting in the minibus, sighed in admiration to the
hot-blooded youth’s ability of scaring others.
The leader was dragged in front of the minibus while a long blood trail
was left on the ground. Although he was extremely cruel and merciless,

he hadn’t experienced something like this. When he looked at Jiang

Liushi, a chill ran through his spine.
Do not say that he was killed by zombies, even if this horrible minibus
moved back and forth on a few times, it will let him commit suicide.
The hot-blooded youth only dared to vent his anger verbally. But Jiang
Liushi handled affairs in a decisive manner, he was a man of his word.

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: ‘Yu Brother’

"I have dragged the assh*le here. If there is anything I can do for you,
please let me know." The hot-blooded youth talked with Jiang Liushi
through the windshield.
Then he glanced at the leader with a sneer. What he just said was self-
The leader hated the hot-blooded youth to the core, he thought, "If the
minibus wasn’t here he would never think of treating me like that, but
now he relies on the driver’s might to bully me."
Originally, the leader hadn’t paid any attention to the survivors. After all,
there were no beauties that could catch his attention. The girls had
disheveled hair and dirty faces. He despised them from the bottom of his
As a result, he didn’t notice that Jiang Liushi was a stranger.
However, he realized how wrong he was, "It is obvious that this lofty
minibus has been driven from another town, its plate isn’t local."
The leader groaned, looking at Jiang Liushi with a lot of hate and fear.
"I would like to ask you some questions. You should give an answer to
each question after serious consideration. Don’t even think about lying
or not answering…" Jiang Liushi said and looked at the hot-blooded
The hot-blooded youth understood Jiang Liushi’s intention and he raised
his foot to intimidate the leader.
"Did you hear? Don’t get any funny ideas! Or…I will…you know." The
leader was
terribly frightened.

He felt mortified but he was also afraid of being tortured. He had no

choice but to agree, "I will, please don’t hit me."
"Who is this so-called 'Yu Brother"? How could he lead the zombies
away? Tell me in detail," Jiang Liushi asked.
Since he had offended Yu Brother, he had to know everything possible
about him. Just as Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said, "If you know others
and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles."
"Yu Brother? Yeah I know!" The leader grinned broadly at Jiang Liushi
and thought, "It is obvious that he knows about Yu Brother’s heroic
deeds. He is afraid of Yu so he wants to know about him. If he had
abided by Yu’s rules, he would not have gotten into trouble. It’s too
"What I’m about to say will frighten you! Yu Brother is not an ordinary
man. He is stronger than zombies. Yu Brother led zombies away riding a
motorcycle alone. He escaped unscathed from thousands of zombies!"
The leader said, while he was observing Jiang Liushi’s reactions carefully.
It was kind of disappointing. There was no fear on Jiang Liushi’s face at
all, he just seemed immersed in his thoughts.
The leader gloated in his heart, "Stop putting up an act! You must be
really scared." He felt that Jiang Liushi was fond of flaunting his
superiority before the survivors.
"Actually, there were many people that competed with Yu Brother, but
there were all killed. Yu Brother has an unruly temper. He will retaliate
immediately and let you die miserably." The leader passionately
described, as he wanted to scare Jiang Liushi.
"Like dismembering his victims? I know about his methods." Jiang Liushi
casually said.
Jiang Liushi’s reaction startled the leader, he had made it sound like it
was commonly seen. The leader thought, "Why is he so calm? Is he a
retard?" The leader firmly believed that Yu Brother was not an ordinary
person. Yu Brother stood out in the crowd, he was like a crane standing
among chickens.
"Yu Brother can lead zombies away without motorcycles, he can run
very fast. Speed is the essential ingredient of winning. Using a

motorcycle is just for his boredom, actually he’s faster than a

motorcycle" The leader said. Although he was defenseless before Jiang
Liushi, he felt proud of describing Yu Brother, as he was much stronger
than an ordinary person. He was hoping that Yu Brother could kill Jiang
"His specialty is speed?" Jiang Liushi got it. Speed was his trump card for
defeating the enemy. Actually, an ordinary person couldn’t compete with
him. It was terrible that Yu Brother could run faster than motorcycles.
Jiang Liushi knew the leader wasn’t lying, he was just stating facts.
Jiang Liushi just reviewed the information provided by Starseed. As a
matter of fact, 'Yu Brother’ was quite similar to the mutant boar. The
virus had mutated and hadn’t turned them to zombies, on the contrary,
it had changed their body into a totally different one. ‘Yu’ had become a
paranormal being.
Actually, it was a rare occurrence. The difference between paranormal
beings, be it people or animals, and the zombies was like earth and
heaven. Recalling the mutant boar, Jiang Liushi realized that paranormal
beings had extraordinary abilities. That’s why they could be relaxed and
carefree after doomsday. Generally speaking, the zombies couldn’t
threaten them.
It was obvious that Yu Brother was just a paranormal person and his
paranormal skill was speed. 'Yu Brother" became a cock of the dunghill
with his paranormal skill.
"Except speed, what other talents does ‘Yu Brother’ have?" Jiang Liushi
asked again.
The leader emphasized on his cruelty. However, it didn’t faze Jiang
Liushi at all. After asking several other questions, Jiang Liushi found that
the leader was useless, so he waved at the hot-blooded youth.
The hot-blooded youth had been standing by the side, with his arms
crossed. Seeing Jiang Liushi’s gesture, he ran toward him immediately.
The leader was really scared as he didn’t know what would happen next.
Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi pondered, staring at the leader behind the

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Punish Evil on the Spot

The gas station was located in another exit of the town, where very few
zombies were there. Along the way, some zombies were hanging from a
balcony; gradually rotting. Originally, those zombies had been ordinary
people, who were infected by virus, and they became aggressive
monsters with infinite strength and speed. Although their bodies were
totally different from human beings, they could still bleed and rot.
That area was controlled by the motorcycle gang. Not only zombies
couldn't appear there, ordinary survivors would not hang around that
area; they would just stay away.
Actually, the motorcycle gang dwelt in a residential building next to the
gas station. Below this residential building was a repair shop. More than
a dozen motorcycles were parked there. In the store, several guys were
sitting around playing cards.
"Ow-ow-ow!" The roar of an engine could be heard. A motorcycle came
rushing, almost hitting one of the parked motorcycles.
The guys playing cards heard the sound, and all looked up. Seeing that
the motorcycle had stopped and its driver hurriedly jumped off,
someone couldn't help it and stood up to see what was happening.
"Is this Qiang Zi? What are you doing? Are you nuts coming like that?"
The guy wanted to ask more, however, he were pulled away by Qiang Zi,
"Go away!"
The guy staggered and immediately cursed, "F*ck! Are you tired of
Qiang Zi ignored him, directly rushing from the back door of the repair
shop to the

corridor, and then he ran to the fourth floor. All the motorcycle gang’s
members were living in that building, and their boss, Yu lived in the
fourth floor.
Originally, there were some survivors, including the family who had been
living there. But when Yu Brother came here with the motorcycle gang,
they chose that building as their stronghold, and the naturally the
survivors had been kept as slaves.
The survivors there were all ordinary people and resistance was
impossible. As a result, an old man was almost killed, young women had
been ravaged, even little girls were ravaged too.
Those people had escaped from the zombies, but did not escape the
Yu lived in a little girl’s home on the fourth floor. Qiang Zi immediately
went to the door without, and then he took a deep breath before
opening it. The house was filled with smoke, the corner was filled with
beer, and all kinds of food. Several guys were gathered at a table
playing mahjong, surrounded by women.
One of the guys was short, but his exposed arm was very muscular. With
an ordinary appearance, he was far from being handsome. Even so, a
woman brought him a cigarette with a sweet smile, with a hint of fear in
her eyes. Seeing Qiang Zi coming in, those people didn't have much of a
reaction. The short man did not even look at him. Only a bald headed
guy glanced at him, and slowly said, "You didn't follow the rules. Where
is Xiao Liang? " As a matter of fact, Xiao Liang was the name of the
leader that had been caught.
Qiang Zi suddenly knelt down to the floor in front of the short man and
angrily said, "Yu Brother! Today, Liang brother took us to collect supplies
from the survivors, but a team of them refused to pay!"
"Duck soup! Stop fussing and do your job! Kill them all, you just need to
bring everything back. Did you need Yu Brother’s instructions for that?"
Another guy laughed. Actually, Yu turned his nose up at him. "Oh, I will
Seeing those guys and Yu not caring about what he said, Qiang Zi
anxiously said, "At that time, Liang brother was going to kill them.

However, a man driving a minibus, rushed out killing several of our

brothers! Even Liang brother was killed! 'Yu Brother'! Please avenge our
brothers!" All of a sudden, the atmosphere became quiet.
That bald guy was stunned for a moment and said, "Are you drunk?
Nobody would dare doing such thing except if they were tired of life..."
At this time, the short man finally spoke and the bald guy immediately
closed his mouth. "Is what you said true?"
"It is absolutely true!" Qiang Zi quickly said, he wouldn't dare to lie.
But there was one thing he was not sure about. He had seen Xiao Liang
sent flying, but he was not clear whether he had been killed or not.
Actually, even if he was not dead, later he would certainly die.
Qiang Zi immediately told everything to ‘Yu Brother’, even adding some
extra details. He was really lucky that he had escaped from the alley.
The only thing he could think was seeing Jiang Liushi being killed by ‘Yu
Brother’. It was the only way to vent his hate.
After listening what had happened, everyone burst in anger and started
"F*ck! This can’t tolerated, we have to skin alive that motherf*cker"
"Does this man not know how to write the word ‘death’?"
At this time, the silent Yu suddenly stood up, his action shocked the
woman next to him. He kicked a chair, and then staring at Qiang Zi,
suddenly kicked him to the coffee table. Qiang Zi tolerated the pain but
still he started crying.
"If they are dead, why are you still alive?" Yu said in a hoarse voice. His
cold eyes made Qiang Zi’s flesh creep and he immediately stopped
crying. Yu was no longer looking at him, he turned to his trusted
followers and said, "We need to immediately set off, otherwise, that man
will run away.
That man was in such a big trouble, so it was possible that we would
immediately escape. Yu did not want that to happen.
Listening to Yu’s command those guys stood up and were ready to go.
But at this moment, a loud noise suddenly came from outside.
"What the f*ck! What’s that sound?" That bald guy shouted, that sound
was too strong!

Yu walked quickly to the window, and opened the curtains looking

outside. He stared and suddenly asked, "What’s the color of that
Qiang Zi was surprised for a moment, and quickly replied, "It is white.
The car was parked at the door of that family, as long as..."
"Shut up." Yu interrupted him. Looking back, Yu said with a murderous
face, "He actually delivered himself to us."

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Drifting?

Seeing the minibus was parked there refueling, Yu’s anger suddenly
reached a whole new level. Yu thought, [The f*ck! This guy killed my
brothers, and then deliberately provoked us. How does he dare refuel in
such an imposing manner!?]
Yu directly rushed to the MCV. His body was just like a flying leopard.
Generally speaking, an average person couldn’t reach that speed at all.
Because they were in the gas station, Yu Brother couldn’t use molotovs
as well as guns, so he pulled out a bayonet from his waist.
That bayonet was found in the police station, probably it was collected
as an illegal control tool. At this moment, the gasoline gun suddenly fell
off, and the minibus issued a harsh friction sound. The minibus suddenly
started, accelerated, and moved toward Yu. Jiang Liushi did not activate
the acceleration function, but after the fuel tank’s upgrade, the speed
was greatly improved.
Even though the minibus looked heavy, it was actually as fast as a super
sports car. Although Qiang Zi had described the minibus, Yu didn’t think
the bus could be so powerful. But now, he had a completely new view
about it. It wasn’t a minibus, it was more like a flexible sports car.
Not to add that the driver was very insidious. He wouldn’t start the
minibus until Yu rushed near it. Yu had to stop and evade all of a
sudden. The moment he evaded , he turned and threw some tire nails to
the wheels.
His broken-tire-nails were much better than the custom made ones.
Those tire nails had been removed from police-specific portable tires,
and had been modified. They would be stabbed into the tires as soon as

the car drove by. If the driver could stop in time, the tires would be safe;
if the driver could not stop, the tires would be destroyed.
However, the minibus kept moving like it was nothing. Yu had heard that
the tire nails were useless on the minibus, but he still wanted to give it a
He stared at the door handle of the minibus, when the minibus brushed
against him, at a very fast speed, he suddenly jumped up. His speed was
really fast. Jiang Liushi just saw him through the rear view screen, then
felt the minibus bumping a bit, and then a "bang" followed with a face
sticking to the window.
Meanwhile, an "Om-" sound came, and a few motorcycles appeared on
the road. Jiang Liushi had just left the gas station and was surrounded by
those motorcycles, while more motorcycles rushed out their stronghold
one after another.
Those motorcycles that had been knocked down by Jiang Liushi had only
their speed affected, but they were still able to pursuit him. But Jiang
Liushi had no time to pay attention to those members because Yu was
hanging on his door.
Jiang Liushi and Yu suddenly looked each other…
Yu Brother viciously grinned and he stabbed with his bayonet at the
He went for the soft underbelly of the window. Generally, for the sake of
safety, many cars were equipped with a car hammer. Once they fell into
water, the driver could use it to break the window to escape. Bayonets
could be used the way in order to break a car window.
Jiang Liushi wouldn’t let Yu pry the window, although his attempt would
not be successful, after all, Yu was a paranormal being. Moreover, the
MCV was just repaired, how could he let it be destroyed?
Jiang Liushi turned the steering wheel, and the minibus issued a harsh
friction sound on the cement road. Four white marks could be seen on
the ground because of the sudden turn. He stepped on the throttle, and
the minibus instantly moved or more precisely it drifted .
Drifting was a highly difficult technique. The driver actually dared to drift
the minibus? The scene shocked everyone. Jiang Liushi suddenly turned

again and Yu was forced to fall down.

Any ordinary person would certainly be injured after a fall like that. But
Jiang Liushi ,looking from the window, saw Yu just rolling once and being
That was not the end of it, Jiang Liushi saw Yu holding another thing in
his hand. Yu had become angry from embarrassment. He did not expect
that the minibus was so strong, even stronger than what Qiang Zi had
said. Since the minibus was out of the gas station, he could do act
unrestrained. The thing he was holding was a frangible grenade, and
without holding back he threw it to the minibus.
Once the frangible grenade exploded on the minibus, it would
immediately burst into flames, wrapping the whole minibus. Although
the minibus was flexible in its maneuvers, Yu’s action was faster, so
dodging would be impossible.

"Fuck*r! Go to hell!" 'Yu threw the frangible grenade, and then picked up
a Type 45 pistol from his waist with lightning speed. He aimed at the cab
window, where Jiang Liushi was clearly visible. The distance between the
two was less than 10 meters. Even if Yu was not a sharpshooter, after a
period of "practicing", his marksmanship was passable. At that distance,
he would like to shoot Jiang Liushi’s shoulder.
If he accidentally offset a little and hit Jiang Liushi’s neck or head, it
would be a pity. The general police gun’s purpose was to stop instead of
penetrating or killing. It was used to make prisoners lose their ability to
resist, rather than killing them, so it was not that lethal.
But the Type 54 pistol were different. In the entire police station, Yu
Brother had found the only Type 54 pistol. As a result, he didn’t let the
gun out of his sight.
The Type 54 pistol was a military pistol, which was nicknamed "Black
Star". It was manufactured for lethality purposes; with strong
penetrating force. It could easily shoot two people at close range. In a
certain distance, it could also penetrate bulletproof vests, a certain
thickness of brick walls and other obstacles.
This pistol was used by domestic police for more than 20 years. Later

because of its excessive lethality it was eliminated and replaced with the
Type 64 pistol. Of course, the Type 54 pistol was still used at some
Qiang Zi said that they couldn’t break the window after multiple
attempts, but Yu was not very concerned about that. He believed that
the strength of the iron bars couldn’t be compared with the Type 54
"Go die!" Yu pulled the trigger without hesitation. Everything would be
settled in a second.
Jiang Liushi had probably been hit while he was immersed in his
temporary happiness...

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Enraged Jiang Liushi

"Bang!" A gunfire sounded!
Yu's speed was extremely fast. Jiang Liushi had just seen him landing,
but the next moment his MCV was engulfed by flames, and then he
heard the gunfire.
Jiang Liushi instinctively dodged, simultaneously the Starseed reported,
[The MCV’s surface is damaged 10%; windows damaged 1%; shell is
[D*mn you!] Although the damaged caused was almost negligible, Jiang
Liushi wanted to curse as he thought about finding repair materials. He
turned around and looked at the window; there was a clear spiderweb
pattern on it.
Although the Type 54 pistol’s bullet could penetrate brick walls and
other obstacles, it had a certain limit of thickness. Moreover, Jiang
Liushi’s MCV was equipped with bulletproof glass!
Bulletproof glass was a laminated safety glass with a three-tier layer.
The first layer was the bearing layer, which could damage and change
the formation of warhead, making the bullet lose its ability to continue
moving forward. The second layer was made of an organic binder
material, that is, it was a transition layer with strong adhesion absorbing
the impact energy of the bullet. The bullet could easily break through
the first layer’s glass, but it would stop in the second layer. Therefore,
such a warhead trace was left on the MCV’s window.
Seeing this trace, Jiang Liushi was really angry. He had just fixed the car!
After shooting, Yu sneered, he had heard the bullet’s sound colliding
with the glass. He stood up, and was about to order his guys to drag

Jiang Liushi from the ruined minibus, after the fire was extinguished. He
hoped that Jiang Liushi was still alive, or else, he couldn’t vent his anger.
However,he suddenly heard a "whining" sound. This sound was issued
by the minibus in front of him.
Yu was stunned, he was sure that he had hit him. "Didn’t he get
wounded?" At this moment, the minibus turned with its surface wrapped
in flames. It rushed toward Yu as a battalion-chariot of fire.
Yu could clearly see inside, through the windshield, that Jiang Liushi was
angrily staring at him!
There was no trace of a wound on him, not to mention splattered flesh
and blood. What Yu had expected did not happen, he was stunned while
holding the Type 54 pistol.
[How is this possible]" Seeing the minibus approaching, Yu exposed a
hideous look, he lifted the muzzle to Jiang Liushi’s face and fired at him!
All the bullets landed on the windshield, and then were all blocked! The
bullet holes were clearly visible, but Jiang Liushi was still unharmed;
even his expression had not changed!
The minibus moved forward to crush Yu. Jiang Liushi noticed that Yu's
figure was near the minibus’ side, and he had not been hit. Even though
Yu had escaped from the minibus’ impact, he was already crazy. The
worn-out minibus was equipped with bulletproof glass! It could be
compared to spending hundreds of thousands of yuan just refitting a QQ
[Who is the driver? What kind of person can drive such a minibus!?]
At this moment, the minibus seemed to have given up pursuing. It
turned direction, and then moved toward the most intensive area, the
one with the motorcycles. The gang members had approached the
minibus. When Yu had shot, they had also thrown frangible grenades.
Originally, these guys thought that they only needed to screen Yu’s
advance. It was an easy task without the slightest risk. But who could
have known, after the gunfire, that the minibus was not ruined, but it
had even become more violent. Yu failed to block the violent minibus, so
he could only dodge, as for some unlucky gang members they were

scorched by the flames.

Facing the minibus, they frantically twisted the throttle. However, the
minibus was not ordinary; its acceleration speed was very scary!
Although these gang members had escaped once, Jiang Liushi had
caught up with them!
Some of them rushed to both sides of the road. One of them lost his
balance in the corner, he was thrown a dozen meters away.
Some more unfortunate ones acted too late, so they were severely hit
thrown away by the minibus. Although most of them did not die, their
body was engulfed by flames and writhed with pain.
This scene made Yu's blood boil! Jiang Liushi did not plan hitting Yu, his
speed was too fast, especially under short distances, he was extremely
Originally Jiang Liushi intended to use the air gun to kill Yu, but he was
too fast. Even if the ‘Air Gun’ was to be used, it would be useless.
Moreover, the ‘Air Gun’ needed time to charge, which was enough for Yu
to escape more than a dozen times.
However, to deal with the rest of the motorcycle gang he did not need
any air gun. It only needed the most simple and crude way. These guys
kept throwing frangible grenades, which caused the MCV’s damage keep
rising. Jiang Liushi was so enraged that he nearly vomited blood.
Jiang Liushi decided to simply put Yu aside, and vent his anger on them.
It was not like they were innocent and didn’t deserve it. Yu was brutal;
those people were just like him. They did all kinds of evil.
After smashing several motorcycles, Jiang Liushi didn’t intend to give up
at all. He had just added gasoline, so he didn’t care about fuel
consumption. A sudden turn, the minibus was like a steel monster,
rushing toward another direction. Everyone was scared sh*tless.
They were disorderly fleeing. Jiang Liushi just took a glance at Yu and
passed by him, that made Yu gnash his teeth in anger. Jiang Liushi was
deliberately provoking him and kept venting his anger on his "brothers",
who were running off like rats.
The great "Yu Brother" was thoroughly discredited!

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Heavy Truck

Jiang Liushi was driving the minibus like a madman, he didn’t stop until
the fire was extinguished. The motorcycle members took advantage of it
and went into hiding. The minibus finally stopped in the middle of the
road, leaving clear skid marks.
The minibus had left a path of carnage, motorcycles were knocked
down, and human bodies were spread all over; some guys were still
crying for help.
Suddenly, a violent engine sound broke out, and a truck rushed out of
nowhere. It was a heavy truck, which weighted of dozens of tons. The
way it appeared on the road was like a huge monster. Generally, if a
regular car was to be hit by this heavy truck, it would probably be
crushed into pieces. The minibus, in front of the heavy truck was like a
child in front of an adult.
In the heavy truck’s cab, Jiang Liushi noticed Yu sitting in the driver’s
seat, staring at him with a crazy look.
He was a leader, but he was ashamed to such a degree because of Jiang
Liushi. He was unable to do anything except looking at the minibus
crushing his brothers and sending them to their death.
Most the injured members were lying on the ground, crying for help;
their cries made Yu enraged, as it was a reminder of his incompetence.
After doomsday, Yu found that he possessed a strong variant ability, as
a result he felt that he was invincible. Furthermore, the number of
zombies in town was small and after he had lead them away, there was
nobody who could hurt him. In front of him the survivors were like ants,
while the motorcycle members respected and feared him.

Although Yu’s nature was cruel, he was a coward in the face of death.
Originally, he was just a henchman and he was really unhappy with it;
not only he was scolded by his boss, but he also teased by, cause of his
height, by other henchmen. They often called him ‘shorty’ to mock him,
which made him feel humiliated.

So, after doomsday, he felt very satisfied with his current life! He felt
that all those years of suffering were worth it. Before, the quality of his
life left much to be desired. But now, he felt like a fish in water.
However, as he was enjoying his current life, reality kicked in, and this
reality came into being by a shabby minibus and its driver. He felt like
he was going to suffocate from anger and the shame brought by Jiang
Liushi. He actually vowed to kill Jiang Liushi, otherwise, Yu would feel
ashamed for the rest of his pitiful life.
So, while Jiang Liushi was still driving and trying to extinguish the fire, Yu
took the chance and sneaked in a heavy truck, which was parked at the
gas station.
[Is the minibus really that good at crashing people? Then I’ll give it
something to crash! Like hell the minibus can contend against this heavy
"Boom—" Yu stepped on the throttle.
Seeing Yu rushing with that heavy truck toward him, Jiang Liushi was
shocked. That heavy truck was like a monster made of steel, just seeing
it reaching full speed could make one’s hair stand on end. Jiang Liushi
clearly knew that he wouldn’t be killed by such a heavy truck, but his
MCV would certainly be damaged seriously.
Under normal circumstances Yu’s strategy would succeed, but Jiang
Liushi’s minibus wasn’t ordinary. It was a MCV, which had a function of
instant acceleration that would be enough to let him to escape or
change directions. However, Jiang Liushi did not press the accelerate
button. It was easy to escape, but that way, he had no chance to come
On the contrary, Jiang Liushi stepped on the throttle against the
incoming heavy truck. It was a dangerous move, but it was also an

excellent opportunity to kill Yu! Jiang Liushi focused on the heavy truck,
and Starseed provided him with the changes of their distance.
Noticing the minibus had not run away, but it even rushed toward him,
Yu sneered, [Haha, this guy is over-confident. I will kill you! Go die!]
He couldn’t wait to send Jiang Liushi to death, just imaging it made him
really excited!
Those motorcycle members were all looking at this scene, and they all
thought that this minibus’ driver was completely crazy. It’s like an egg
dashing against a rock. It was possible that Jiang Liushi knew that he
couldn’t escape, so he took the suicide option in order not suffer in case
he was caught.
However, Jiang Liushi was really calm, he listened to the Starseed and
waited for the right moment to take action.
[It's now!] Jiang Liushi suddenly pressed a button.
[Ten! Nine! Eight!]
The distance between them had shortened so much that they could see
each other's face.
Jiang Liushi saw Yu grinning, laughing and shouting a sentence. Looking
at his mouth, it should be, "Go die!"
But Jiang Liushi did not say anything, he was focused on the countdown.
[Three! Two! One!]
The distance between the two cars was less than ten meters.
"Bang!" A devastating sound came from the minibus. Yu’s face was
deathly pale and numb, he hadn’t any time to move even a facial
muscle. The heavy truck came to a sudden stop because the Air Cannon
had cleanly hit it. The windshield had been destroyed just with the sound
waves, the truck’s front deformed before recognition, Yu’s head was
nowhere to be seen while his body was deforming with the car’s front.
As for the trailer, it was still moving because of its weight.
The force of the impact was so terrifying that he front and the trailer
were squeezed together.
"Bang, Bang, Bang!"
A series of explosions followed!

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Mutant Energy

The heavy truck was enormous, so just seeing it crashing left a strong
visual impact in the gang members’ eyes. Even knowing that it couldn’t
hurt them, as they were far away, they still instinctively jumped
backwards while they were screaming. The collision was so intense that
the truck’s front was deformed before recognition. Yu’s plan to make
Jiang Liushi suffer the most miserable death had utterly failed, and even
worse the roles had been switched
The motorcycle members couldn’t clearly see what had occurred. They
thought that the heavy truck was about to obliterate the minibus, and
come out unscathed. Unexpectedly, before the collision the truck’s front
came to a stop and started deforming. Even though Yu’s speed was
extraordinary, it was not enough to let him escape. As a result, his head
was blown off and his body became one with the truck.
Everyone’s ears were buzzing by the loud collision, which was almost
equal to an explosion. Jiang Liushi could see some shrapnel shooting to
his windshield, but they couldn’t damage the bulletproof window. Jiang
Liushi gasped for breath, it was not surprising at all that the truck would
be destroyed like that, but after witnessing it he was still shocked. He
had memorized every detail about the ‘Air Cannon’, for security
purposes. He was absorbed into listening to the Starseed’s instruction.
He had been waiting for the right moment to act, the distance couldn’t
be closer neither further, or else after firing the ‘Air Cannon’ the MCV
would be seriously affected too or the impact on the truck wouldn’t be
the same.
Jiang Liushi had deliberately targeted the driver’s compartment, so it

would be impossible for Yu to be alive. Although, Yu was a paranormal

being, his ability was speed, he still had a mortal body made of flesh and
blood. Being attacked by such a powerful force, there was no chance of
[Detecting energy dissipating from the truck. Should it be absorbed?]
Starseed warned.
Jiang Liushi was stunned, [Why is energy dissipating from the truck?]
Without knowing what it was, Jiang Liushi ordered, [Yes, absorb.]
[Mutant energy has been absorbed and stored. New energy is below
Level 1. It can't be used to upgrade. Continue storing or transform it to
enhance the defensive armor?]
[Mutant energy?] Jiang Liushi was confused at first, but he then noticed
the overturned truck and he understood; the leaked mutant energy must
have been from Yu’s mutant power.
Luckily, the Starseed instantly notified and explained to him what that
energy was. The energy was leaked from Yu after his death, and could
be absorbed by the MCV.
It was different from the mutant boar’s nucleus. This mutant energy was
stored within Yu’s body and when he used his mutant power, he
consumed that energy. A small portion of the energy would dissipate at
the same time, and it was really difficult to be detected by the MCV as it
was too little.
[This energy can enhance the MCV’s defense…] Jiang Liushi considered
the MCV’s defense not powerful enough; he had to avoid the damaging
the MCV or else he would have to find precious materials in order to fix
He had to enhance the defense as he was going to Nanjing City, a city
with over 8 million residents, the number of zombies and mutated being
would be unimaginable; even a little bit of enhancement could be crucial
to his survival.
He knew nothing about Nanjing City’s current state. He believed even
after doomsday, the internet was not going to quickly stop working. But
seemingly due to fires and the explosions they caused, he was unable to

use the internet, or other means of communication. Otherwise, he would

already have tried to acquire information about Nanjing City. Although
he knew nearly nothing, he was certain for one thing; the more crowded
and prosperous the place once had been, the more dangerous it was.
The energy, lower than Level 1, was weaker than the mutant boar’s
energy. The mutant boar was evaluated as a Level 1, and could upgrade
the MCV’s abilities. Jiang Liushi estimated if he collected more mutatant
energy he could upgrade the MCV. Instead of storing energy, it was
more important to enhance the MCV’s defense.
The enhancement of defense wouldn’t hinder driving, and the enhancing
speed, in contrast with all the other upgrading abilities, was fastest by
far. The whole enhancement would take 15 minutes before it was
Before that, Jiang Liushi diverted his attention to the stunned motorcycle
members that were still staring at the heavy truck. They had been
gathered by Yu, acknowledged his fighting prowess, and feared him.
However, destiny had other plans and now he had died a miserable
death, not even his body could be buried.
After the initial shock, they came to realize that without Yu they wouldn’t
be able to act the same as before. The source of their arrogance was Yu,
and without him they were like a headless chicken; they could run for a
while but after that they’d still die.
Jiang Liushi was coldly staring at them. He pressed the ‘Acceleration’
and the minibus burst forward. Seeing the minibus rushing toward them,
they felt like the grim reaper’s scythe was about to descent upon them.
They were in a hurry to ignite their motorcycle and flee as far as
Jiang Liushi would not spare any of them, he had to eradicate any future
troubles. These motorcycle members indulged in all sorts of evil doings,
and they had deliberated tried to kill him twice.
Jiang Liushi was not the merciful type, his motto was, ‘An eye for an

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Everything Is Ready

Hearing the minibus’ roaring engine, the motorcycle members were
frightened to the core. Even the heavy truck was devastated, how
motorcycle members could stand a chance against it, with their non-
existent defenses.
"Go into the alley. He can’t get in there! " Someone shouted.
They moved into the alley, but soon after they entered it, some zombies
appeared, jumped at the motorcycles and began biting them.
Many zombies started appearing, after the whole commotion, one after
the other. They were not afraid of being injured or dying, as they could
feel nothing, they were very fast, with nimble reaction, and to make
things worse they could jump. As a result, the unlucky gang members
were either thrown down from their motorcycles or stopped by the
massive number of zombies that had jumped on them, the only thing
they could do was scream for their soon-to-end life.
Although, most of the zombies had been led far away, the ones that
appeared had been hiding in the near buildings. The total number was
about a hundred, so Jiang Liushi didn’t feel threatened at all.
The motorcycle members were really pitiful, they were pursued by Jiang
Liushi or hunted down by zombies. They were in lose-lose situation;
crashed by Jiang Liushi’s minibus as they tried to escape or become
zombie food.
After most of the members were a pile of meat, some zombies turned
their gaze toward Jiang Liushi and dashed his way. At the beginning, he
had not paid any attention to them, he was determined to kill all the
motorcycle members. Jiang Liushi reacted quickly, he turned around and

started killing zombies.

"Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!"
The scene was bloody, bodies were lying here and there on the street,
hands and legs were dismembered, even intestines were hanging on the
minibus. Jiang Liushi had been driving in a circular way so that he could
attract all the zombies and massacre them.
Zombies were mindlessly rushing toward the MCV, they were slammed
as soon as they approached or were crashed under the wheels. Soon,
there wasn’t any zombie in the streets. Outside of the gas station, the
road was filled with body parts and a deformed heavy truck; it was
extremely tragic.
Looking at the bloody scene, Jiang Liushi actually felt relieved. This was
the end of the world! The law of the jungle prevailed; the strong eat the
weak. Jiang Liushi had already accepted that concept. Zombies killed
people, as well as people killed people. If you did not kill others, you
would be killed by others. After a while, Jiang Liushi slowly drove the
minibus, and returned to the heavy truck’s location, and then he parked
next to the deformed car front. He was really cautious, he made sure
that others couldn’t attack him, and that he could immediately jump
back to the MCV.
Jiang Liushi left the vehicle and inspected the heavy truck's driver's seat.
It had been completely squeezed, all he could see was a twisted mass of
iron and some blood flowing out from the cracks. He observed a little
more and a hand could be seen from a gap within the mass of iron.
Jiang Liushi believed that Yu should have a lot of valuable things, as he
was the boss of the motorcycle gang and the town’s tyrant. However, it
was impossible to drag Yu from the gap, so those valuables were
wasted. As Jiang Liushi was feeling sorry, he suddenly noticed a black
thing under the hand.
Jiang Liushi stretched his leg, kicking the hand aside and he found the
pistol! That pistol was relatively small, so it wasn’t destroyed, it should
have fallen out from the gap when the truck turned over. Jiang Liushi
was filled with unexpected joy and quickly picked up the pistol. In the
process of picking it up, he was very careful in order to avoid any

Jiang Liushi naturally did not have any experience with the Type 54
pistol. But when he was a child, he was always playing with an air-gun,
and before his parents passed away, he had been brought to a shooting
hall once. Of course, after so long, he felt it was very strange, but he still
remembered the basics.
After making sure that the gun had its safety on, Jiang Liushi was more
at ease. Picking up the Type 54 pistol, he could feel a glimmer of hope;
there may be other things around like the pistol. He was very patient
and searched for a while. Unfortunately, except from blood and debris,
he did not find anything useful, so he returned to the minibus and drove
to the gas station again.
This time, no one would bother him while he was refueling. The whole
town’s gasoline was stored there, thanks to Yu and his gang. But who
would have thought that Jiang Liushi would be the one who benefitted in
the end.
Jiang Liushi parked the MCV and activated the automatic refueling
device, which immediately stretched out and connected with the
refueling gun. Suddenly, a large amount of gasoline was continuously
filling the MCV’s fuel tank.
1000L, 1500L, 2000L…
Finally, a full 10000L!
At last, the fuel tank was full, this made Jiang Liushi feel extremely
comfortable and relieved.
It was extremely difficult for him to collect the amount of 10000L just
from abandoned cars. Finally, the MCV could be operated fully and use a
variety of functions. He could drive the MCV to Nanjing Town with
complete confidence. But he was not satisfied, so he went to inside the
gas station, and found a fuel tank car, which was filled with gasoline. He
was delighted and connected it to the minibus.
Having dragged the fuel tank car, Jiang Liushi had no other way to store
more gasoline, so he had to give up on the rest of it. That town was not
far from Nanjing Town, so if he couldn’t find gasoline, he could also

After refueling, Jiang Liushi drove towards the motorcycle gang’s base...

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Humiliation and Bitterness

Outside the car repair shop, a few bodies were scattered on the ground,
other than those bodies one could see ripped body parts and half-eaten
limbs. Among those bodies Jiang Liushi had noticed Xiao Liang’s too. The
zombies hadn’t the time to ‘finish their meal’ as they were distracted by
the commotion he was making, so they went after him, leaving behind
lumps of flesh, only to be massacred later.
Jiang Liushi parked his MCV near the door and noticed that the defence-
upgradation had been completed; he was concerned about refueling at
first, so he hadn’t paid attention.
After collecting the mutant energy, the MCV’s defences had been raised,
but there was no difference in the MCV’s outer appearance. Only after
he had hit the MCV’s outer layer, did he have a faint feeling that it was
more flexible, but it remained strong as before. But this feeling was not
strong, as the collected mutant energy was too little.
Even so, that little change had elated Jiang Liushi’s mood. Being more
flexible meant that the MCV could absorb most of the impact’s force, so
the damage dealt to the MCV could be lowered.
Jiang Liushi grabbed the wrench and put it in his pocket, then he picked
up the pistol, loaded a bullet and removed the safety switch and held it
tightly without touching the trigger, after that, he left the MCV. He went
in the repair shop and walked toward the corridor, he had known about
the situation inside the building. It had four floors, the bottom three
were used as the motorcycle members’ living quarters and the fourth
was Yu’s residence, as well as the place where all the collected supplies
were stored.

Although there was a low possibility that there were other members in
the building, he was still very careful.

In the fourth floor, those women had been watching everything that
happened through the window. They were tightly holding each other's
hands, with nervous expressions, as they had heard Jiang Liushi’s
approaching footsteps. They were afraid for their lives, as they had seen
Jiang Liushi killing one after the other gang members, Yu’s truck being
completely crashed and massacring zombies, if this could be recorded
then it would have been made into a suspenseful book.
Witnessing all this, they were feeling incredible, who would have thought
that a seemingly ragged minibus could be so strong, it had even
reduced Yu into a meat pie. That arrogant, strong, fiendish monster, the
great ‘Yu Brother’, who had perpetrated every conceivable crime and
was unpardonably wicked, charging the whole town, was actually killed!
Without even a body to be buried!
[Are we dreaming?] That’s what all had thought. They were unable to
react as the minibus was killing everything in its path. It was like a
raging beast, annihilating the rest of the motorcycle members.
[Those hateful vicious motorcycle members, who were cruel as wolves,
were completely wiped out in a few minutes?]
Those women had been all forced into sex slaves and robbed of their
dignity, so they had a deep-seated hatred for the motorcycle members.
Witnessing the horrible and appalling scene, they could hardly bear the
sight of it, it was rather hard to swallow. Furthermore, after killing all the
zombies and motorcycle members, the minibus had driven back to the
heavy truck.
They saw Jiang Liushi getting off the minibus, wearing an ordinary black
T-shirt, and a pair of jeans, looking very young. According to everything
that had happened, they had originally thought that the minibus’ driver
should be very fierce, but it was actually a young man.
Then they saw the young man climbing up the heavy truck's cab and
pulling the pistol from Yu's hand. It was that moment when they made
sure that Yu was really dead, he had been killed by that young person!

"He is… he killed Yu, he... His age seems like Xiao Rou’s." A slightly older
woman said in a trembling voice.
Among them, Xiao Rou was the youngest, only eighteen years old. After
doomsday, her parents died, so she and her twelve-year-old brother
depended on each other for survival. But later, they found it really hard
to survive. Both Xiao Rou and her brother, were sickly. At the same time,
hunger and disease tortured them, which made them despair more. To
make things worse, they were imprisoned by the motorcycle gang, then
they were forced, tortured and ravaged. Coupled with her brother’s
critical condition, Xiao Rou finally threw away her dignity in order to
have a meal, a box of medicine…
She had sold her own dignity and felt very dirty. As a result, almost
every night, she had been waking up from nightmares with tears.
But…She had no other choice. The world had changed, only the strong
had power. She had to adapt, or choose to die with her brother. She had
despaired and wanted to commit suicide several times, but she couldn’t
give up on her brother. So today, seeing Yu being killed like a cockroach
that had been flattened, her inner feelings could not be described. With
her hands holding her shoulders, she couldn't stop her tears, from
She was desperately wiping the tears, but they still hadn’t stopped. She
looked at the door. Listening footsteps were getting closer, she knew
that Jiang Liushi had come...
Although, she was inexplicable afraid, there was also a trace of
excitement. She did not know what her fate would be in the end.
Jiang Liushi spent about ten minutes reaching the fourth floor. Just as he
arrived on the fourth floor, he heard a sound coming from the residence.
He moved slowly to the door, holding his gun, and then suddenly kicked
the door.
"Don’t move!" Shouting those lines, Jiang Liushi felt as if he was playing
in a movie.
Inside the room, several women were standing together, facing the door,
as if they had been waiting for him. Seeing the door being kicked as well
as the gun, they couldn’t help but tremble with fear.

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Inexplicable Actions

The women didn’t know what was waiting for them. Yu was dead, but
how about that young man? He had killed Yu, so with no doubt he would
become the new leader of the town; he could do whatever he wanted.
If he wanted he would become their new owner. They had been beaten,
enslaved, ravaged by Yu, which made them feel hopelessness. As long
as the new ruler gave them a little food, they would be very satisfied.
"Don’t move..." Suddenly seeing such a group of women, Jiang Liushi
was stunned for a moment. But he still maintained sharp vigilance,
because he thought among those seemingly delicate women, maybe
there were members of motorcycle gang. If they had a pistol, they could
kill him. How could he allow such a thing to happen?
"Raise your hands and come here one by one," Jiang Liushi said. Those
women were looking at him.
"Quickly." Jiang Liushi shouted.
Xiao Rou wiped her tears, raising her hands she took the lead in coming
out. She went straight before Jiang Liushi. Jiang Liushi holding gun,
walked over and searched her waist and pockets. Xiao Rou slightly
trembled, but she did not dodge. She bit her lip and looked at him.
"Well, you stand there. Next one," After searching, Jiang Liushi said. Xiao
Rou complied with his order as fast as possible.
Soon, everyone in the room had been searched by Jiang Liushi. They
didn’t have any weapons, so he believed that they should be Yu’s
women. They stood in the corner of the room with perturbed eyes
looking at Jiang Liushi.
"Bro... brother... "A girl in red said trembling, "You ... How do you wish to

deal with us?" That woman seemed in her early twenties, she was
chubby and beautiful. In fact, the women in this room were almost all
young and beautiful, some looked pure, or full of sexiness.
In the girl’s mind, it was likely that this young would control their fate.
With a group of prettily women in the room without any resistance, it
was extremely hard for any man not to be tempted.

But looking at Jiang Liushi who was young and handsome, they thought
that he was much better than Yu. If he was not too cruel, it wouldn’t be a
bad thing for them to follow him, in such a world, women like them
needed to rely on the strong to survive. However, Jiang Liushi was too
lazy to answer the girl in red. He glanced at all the women in the
residence, and then looked at Xiao Rou.
It was not because Xiao Rou’s appearance, but because she looked very
weak, so there was no harm in asking her.
"You." He pointed Xiao Rou with the gun, "Come here!" He looked really
"Me..." Suddenly called by Jiang Liushi, Xiao Rou’s state changed
slightly... She bit her lips, and walked to Jiang Liushi. After Yu’s death,
she hoped for the best and was prepared for the worst...
She obediently went in front of Jiang Liushi, she closed her eyes while
her eyelashes were gently trembling, and her hand subconsciously
clenched. Her knuckle became slightly white because of the tension. She
knew that any resistance was useless.
"Why did you close your eyes?" He asked. He couldn’t understand the
girl’s inexplicable action. "Do you know where the supplies were
placed?" he asked. Yu had been robbing people, so he should have a big
amount of accumulated supplies
"Ah?" Xiao Rou was stunned for a moment, opening her eyes, and then
she lifted her hand pointing to one of the rooms. It was not her time to
meet God yet.
[This person, just asked about the supplies?]
"Open the door." Jiang Liushi shouted.
"There are… Locked... "Xiao Rou timidly replied. Hearing that, Jiang

Liushi went straight to the door, lifting the muzzle, aiming at the
keyhole, and then he stood aside.
"Bang!" A gunshot was fired. Jiang Liushi felt that his arm was shocked a
bit, by the gun’s recoil.
He was holding the gun very hard, so the recoil did not cause the muzzle
shake much.
"Ah," those women screamed covering their ears.
The door lock was knocked off, so Jiang Liushi kicked the door open. The
carefully locked storage room was opened in a very violent way. After
opening the door, Jiang Liushi checked the situation, and then walked in
while those women looked at him in panic.
Going into the room, Jiang Liushi was left speechless. That room was
simply a warehouse, it was filled with all kinds of supplies from the floor
to the ceiling. There was a refrigerator, which was filled with a variety of
fresh food.
Jiang Liushi’s current staple food was of course the variable pork, but
these vegetables could be used to improve its taste. This kind of food
could only come by luck, someone would have to spare a lot of time
searching for it after doomsday. However, Jiang Liushi couldn’t bring...
Yu had put the stronghold next to the gas station, and his freezer relied
on generators to operate for twenty-four hours, so the food could be
kept fresh. Jiang Liushi would like to take those good things as much as
Thinking that Jiang Zhuying was still hidden in the house without
electricity, just eating dry food, Jiang Liushi intended to bring some fresh
food for her.
Once he thought of this, he was extremely eager to upgrade the storage
space. If the MCV’s storage space was large enough, he could take more
refrigerated food away.
Those vacuum packaging food was also adequate, such as ham, bacon,
pulled rabbit and so on. In fact, Jiang Liushi’s food storage had been
enough. But Jiang Liushi knew clearly that it would be more and more
difficult to collect food in the future.
Although those foods were not as good as mutant meat, they were really

tasty. Jiang Liushi always believed the more, the better. He searched
some more and found another box, which was stored in the corner and
packed properly.
He opened the box, and was delighted. This box was filled with things
collected from the police station, those things very valuable to him.
There were two pieces of body armor, police electric batons, lots of
bullets as well as a police helmet. Those things were very useful,
especially the body armor and bullets. With the body armor, Jiang Liushi
could feel safer. And the bullets could make sure that the gun in his
hands didn’t become scrap.
Jiang Liushi’s combat effectiveness relied on his MCV, but when he went
off the car, he needed other methods to protect himself.
Jiang Liushi decided to take the whole box away. His original physical
strength was pretty good. After eating the mutant meat, he had become
stronger. Carrying the supplies he needed, he had climbed stairs several
times, and still felt full of vigor.
Those women stood in the corner, silently watching Jiang Liushi take
those goods downstairs.

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Two Choices

Jiang Liushi ran back and forth more than ten times. Probably, because
he had eaten some mutant meat, he did not feel tired at all. It was fairly
easy for him to carry those goods.
Soon, the whole MCV had been filled up. Seeing there was no place to
put, Jiang Liushi simply put the rest of the sacks on the roof. In that way,
his MCV looked even more dilapidated with a roof filled with sacks. It
was like migrant workers driving into the city.
Finally, all the appropriate places had been used to store the food.
However, there were still some goods. Jiang Liushi could only select
some high-calorie small-scale food to carry, such as chocolate and so on.
Looking at the storage room then he went out. Seeing Jiang Liushi
empty-handed, those women involuntarily looked toward the storage
room’s direction.
"Were all the goods taken away?" Holding her clothes, Xiao Rou asked.
When Yu was alive, they wouldn’t dare to get close to the storage room.
Even the motorcycle members were not allowed to get close. Only Yu’s
most trusted had the opportunity to enter.
So they did not know how many supplies had been stored. But noticing
Jiang Liushi’s actions, they believed that he should have taken all the
supplies away.
Without food, they didn’t know how to survive…
Coming out from the storage room, Jiang Liushi searched the living room
and Yu's bedroom for any useful things. As he didn’t find anything, he
went straight toward the door.
Meanwhile, Xiao Rou bit her lower lip, and bravely called Jiang Liushi,

"Please, please wait!"

Jiang Liushi turned and stared at Xiao Rou. However, Xiao Rou just
looked at Jiang Liushi but did not really know what to say. They knew
that there was no reason for Jiang Liushi to leave any food, but that
meant they would starve to death without any food. They didn’t blame
him, what he did was perfectly logical and reasonable.
"I...we..." Seeing Xiao Rou hesitating, Jiang Liushi lost his patience.
He left and went downstairs, and after a while he turned back. Suddenly,
all their hopes had been shattered to pieces. Some women were thinking
of following him. Generally speaking, Jiang Liushi was young and
handsome. Most of the women would like to follow him for a meal.
But…They didn’t know what to say, they could tell that Jiang Liushi was
not interested in them. They were in an awkward position and they had
no ability to change his mind.
At this time, Jiang Liushi said, "If you want, I can help you join some
other survivors, but you should know that everybody needs to collect
food. I will let them come here later, so you have time to decide what to
do. Of course, you can also choose to leave, taking some of the
remaining supplies away."
He felt that it was a pity for the supplies to be wasted. Even if those
women continued living there, they shouldn’t keep all of them. There
was also Wen Xiaotian sister’s team which anxiously needed them too.
Of course, if those women did not want to join Wen’s team, he wouldn’t
force them; they were the ones that had to decide.
After listening Jiang Liushi’s words, they suddenly looked at each other.
They felt incredible. Without even asking him, he had actually taken the
initiative to leave them some food.
"What do you choose?" Jiang Liushi asked.
Seeing Jiang Liushi impatiently asking, Xiao Rou talked with the others,
then she looked at Jiang Liushi and firmly said, "We are willing to join the
other survivors, and we will try our best not to become a burden."
Compared to being ravaged, Xiao Rou was actually more willing to be
self-reliant. Even though they didn’t have the ability to survive alone,
Jiang Liushi still gave them a chance, so they were very grateful.

"Well then, you have to wait here," Jiang Liushi said.

The building’s location was very good, and Jiang Liushi believed it was
suitable for Wen Xiaotian to use it as their camp. At the same time, he
did not worry about those women running away with the supplies.
Seeing Jiang Liushi about to leave, Xiao Rou suddenly called out, "Please
[What happened again?] Jiang Liushi was really dizzy.
He turned around and saw that her eyes were red, and she said with
tears: "Thank you."
"Uh...You are welcome." Jiang Liushi thought that he hadn’t really done
anything. After doomsday, Jiang Liushi didn’t have any delusions that he
was a good person, but he wouldn’t do anything wicked and immoral.
What he did were all for the sake of surviving and in order to
successfully arrive at Nanjing City.
At Wen’s home, Wen Xiaotian, Wen Lu, and the other survivors, were all
by the windows waiting for Jiang Liushi’s return.
Although Jiang Liushi had told them not to worry, they were standing
there restlessly; they felt as if they were sitting on a bed of nails.
They knew that even if they hid in other places, once Jiang Liushi was
defeated, they would be sliced into little bits by Yu.
They were ordinary people, so it was extremely difficult for them to run
away. There was no gasoline, and no food, even if they escaped, they
would be caught or starve to death.
As a result, they were wishing for a miracle to happen...
That old man moved to the yard picking up the knocked rice pot. The
rice had been half cooked, but more than half had been dumped on the
ground. The rest of the survivors were silently watching the old man re-
cooking the rice, and then taking back the supplies from the motorcycle
members’ corpses…

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Departure

Wen Xiaotian was extremely worried because she had heard most of
Yu’s atrocious actions from the survivors. She was really worried about
Jiang’s safety, if it wasn’t for him, Wen Xiaotian would not be able to
come back.
Wen Xiaotian hoped that Jiang Liushi would put his own safety first. It
didn’t really matter if Jiang Liushi was able to kill Yu or not, either way
the rest of the motorcycle members would target them in order to take
revenge. Only if Jiang Liushi had the ability to capture all the motorcycle
members in one go would they be really safe. That feeling of
desperation and helplessness was common to most of the survivors…
Wen Lu put her hand in her pocket, secretly holding a dagger. She
clearly knew how Yu treated those who dare to resist him or his
underlings, so she didn’t plan on giving them a chance to torture her.
Thinking about this, Wen Lu felt her hand holding the knife was in
slightly trembling. Soon they will have their answer, but right now, every
passing moment seemed endless.
"Woo!" Suddenly, the roaring sound of the engine came. All the
survivors, including Wen Lu and Wen Xiaotian were so nervous that their
hearts raced like crazy.
They moved to the window, and at the same time were terrified of what
they were about see. Wen Lu strengthened her grip on the dagger, and
Wen Xiaotian tightly clenched her fists.
"Jiang brother!" Wen Lu suddenly shouted.
Outside of the courtyard, the minibus was dragging a fuel tank car, with

a lot of sacks on its roof, slowly moving to the entrance, and then
stopped. Wen Lu put the dagger aside, and rushed toward the door. She
could not wait to learn what had happened.
Wen Xiaotian was still staring the minibus, she was extremely worried,
but she felt relieved to see that Jiang Liushi was fine. She felt like she
was dreaming.
The survivors had not reacted at all till Wen Lu ran out of the courtyard.
"Hurry up!"
"What happened?"
The minibus had appeared without being followed by the motorcycle
gang, also dragging a fuel tank car. What had happened was pretty
obvious. But even so the survivors had a hard time to swallow it.
Soon, they surrounded the vehicle so that they could hear Jiang Liushi
explaining what had happened. Jiang Liushi had left some details out, as
his ‘Air Cannon’, and also told them that they could take over the
motorcycle gang’s stronghold, which had supplies that could sustain
them for a while.
It was really hard to accept it, as Yu was the personification of despair in
their minds. Nobody had dared to resist him, till Jiang Liushi appeared.
He had single-handedly exterminated the whole gang, it was
inconceivable. Looking at the minibus, they could see several bullet
holes on the windshield, but the bullets had not penetrated the glass!
Furthermore, Jiang Liushi was safe and sound, so they were finally
convinced that what Jiang Liushi had said was true. At last, they were
finally freed from the motorcycle gang’s shadow.
The survivors felt like they had gained a new life.
That old man came out from the house, standing behind the crowd,
listening to Jiang’s words, with his hands trembling. He bitterly wept, it
was normal to cry. He was in a state of anxiety for several days. And
after today’s events, he had decided that if his grandson were to die, he
would accompany him.
However, everything was about to change. They could live in a more
secure place and have better chances at surviving.
In the future, they wouldn’t suffer the gang’s torture, they were deeply

But Jiang Liushi told them that he was going to leave soon. His gasoline
tank was filled, and everything was ready. Jiang Liushi could not wait to
go Nanjing City.
Wen Xiaotian and Wen Lu had been reunited. But he was still quite
worried about Jiang Zhuying. This town was not far from Nanjing City.
Jiang Liushi would resume his journey after he had moved the survivors
to the stronghold.
Hearing Jiang Liushi’s decision, the survivors were all shocked.
"Saying that we are thankful is an understatement. We are indebted to
you for your help." Wen Lu had a quick tongue and always said what she
Wen Lu would like to repay Jiang Liushi for his kindness, Wen Xiaotian
would like to do so eagerly. The survivors felt the same.
Although Jiang Liushi wouldn’t accept any gifts, at least, they could
prepare several good meals for him…
"No, thanks." Jiang Liushi said. From the start his goal was to collect
gasoline. Saving these people wasn’t his original intention, it was
something that occurred along the way.
"You have to be careful… Oh, I almost forgot..." Jiang Liushi suddenly
remembered something. He told them about Xiao Rou and the others.
Wen Lu immediately said that there was no problem, she could relate
with them.
Jiang Liushi insisted on leaving, and then he marked the gas station on
the map. Later if he could not find gasoline, he could return.
Nanjing’s gasoline perhaps had already been taken away by the military.
Although he had taken as much gasoline as possible he may have to
face a situation that he lacked gasoline
If these survivors moved to the gas station, they could help him watch
the gas station. Seeing the Wen sisters as well as other survivors eager
to repay him, Jiang Liushi made that demand. They immediately
accepted. As a matter of fact, they felt extremely happy to help Jiang
The Wen sisters kept waving their hands and saying goodbye. Although

they didn’t get along with each other in the past, they were reluctant to
Sitting in the MCV, Jiang Liushi opened Nanjing's map...

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Railway Station

The small town was several kilometers away from Nanjing City. Jiang
Liushi drove along the way at a steady speed. Getting closer to Nanjing,
more and more abandoned vehicles appeared on the road.
A sedan was in the way, so Jiang Liushi crushed on it to remove it from
the road. Half of the driver’s body was hanging out of the window, while
his other half was nowhere to be found, it had clearly been ripped apart
by some zombies.
Inside and outside of abandoned vehicles, body parts were lying around.
Crashed skulls, leaked brain matter, half-eaten corpses, severed limbs,
intestines and every grotesque thing somebody could imagine could be
found, accompanied by pools of blood and an unpleasant smell.
Although he had seen a lot of bodies, seeing that bloody scenery, he still
felt nauseated. Jiang Liushi’s mind was weighed down with anxiety.
Those cars had been moving toward the town’s direction. Although they
had tried their best to escape, they still suffered misfortune. There were
so many abandoned vehicles, so it was obvious that the zombies’
number was large.
The situation wasn’t optimistic, Jiang Liushi had originally thought that
he would only have to worry about the zombies inside the city, but he
was gravely mistaken. He felt utterly dispirited and depressed about
Nanjing City.
The minibus kept hitting abandoned cars that were parked on the road.
Other than the crashing sounds, nothing else could be heard. Soon, Jiang
Liushi found some buildings along the roadside, so he drove slowly.

The shop facades along the street were dilapidated with fragmentized
windows covered by blood. A small hotel’s door was still shaking back
and forth, but there was no zombie.
After a while Jiang Liushi could see a railway station. It was a small site,
and the railway station was not large. One could easily see a high-speed
train stopped on the bridge. Another part of a train was off the rails,
hanging on the bridge.
Two carriages were filled with tanks as well as military trucks. It was a
military train.
Jiang Liushi had only seen that kind of train in the news before, but he
did not expect he could see two military trains with his own eyes.
Thinking about Jiang Zhuying being unable to buy a train ticket, Jiang
Liushi suddenly understood these trains were used to transport military
supplies in order to cope with doomsday.
And the two trains had encountered the outbreak of doomsday in the
transport process, and then they had to stop there.
While driving, Jiang Liushi observed those cold tanks and military trucks
on the military trains. There were good sources of steel as well as a
variety of materials!
Looking at these things, Jiang Liushi’s mind was agitated. His MCV was
like a bottomless pit, it needed all kinds of materials. Moreover, those
materials used in tanks and military trucks were all of high quality.
However, Jiang Liushi could do nothing except watch.
At this time, Jiang Liushi suddenly heard a poignant sound coming from
the carriage.
The whole area, including this train station, was extremely quiet. That
sound instantly made Jiang Liushi nervous. He paid no more attention to
the tanks and trucks, and focused on the carriage.
"Bang!" Another sound came.
Then a face was close to the train’s window, with a pair of red eyes
frantically staring at the inside of the minibus. That zombie was wearing
a uniform, it should have been a soldier, or responsible for escorting.
A large number of zombies suddenly rushed out from the train's’ doors.

These zombies were in a mad rush to be first, jumping directly from the
bridge, and then rushing toward the minibus. Looking at the black mass
of the zombies, Jiang Liushi was shocked. He did not expect that so
many zombies had hidden in that compartment.
There were, at least, hundreds of zombies. He did not worry about the
zombies rushing toward the minibus, but if his food and gasoline were
destroyed by them, it would be a disaster.
He did not wait for the zombies to reach him, so he stepped on the
throttle, and the minibus suddenly sped up.
Meanwhile, a zombie in the front had been only a few meters away, it
ferociously rushed toward the minibus, but was sent flying by the
speeding minibus.
After a while, a lot of zombies caught up with his minibus, and it was
almost submerged in the zombie group, but Jiang Liushi was stepping on
the throttle, regardless of the zombies, he would not stop at all.
It took more than a thousand meters to outrun the zombie group. But
those zombies were not willing to give up. However, that distance had
no threat to him.
Looking from the rearview mirror, Jiang Liushi realized that even if he
had a way to remove the steel, it would be impossible for him to get
them. Fortunately, he hadn’t left the MCV to go search…
He decided to drive away from public places as far as possible. It was
simply a large zombie nest.
Through this surprise attack, Jiang Liushi found that the zombies had
hiding tendencies. Although there were many zombies wandering in the
streets, there were more hidden in every corner. Once people entered
these buildings, they were doomed to die.
He was more worried about Jiang Zhuying, who was hiding in the house.
She may not be able to stay away from the zombies.
Even though she had hidden in the house, the zombies were just outside
of the door…

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Nanjing City

[Nanjing City, 20 KM] Jiang Liushi noticed a road sign.
As he was driving he looked at the map, and he suddenly made a 180-
degree turn, driving several hundred meters to an arboretum. He
crashed the door, and kept driving further inside.
"Ao-ao-!" More than a dozen zombies rushed out from the middle of
some cultured flowers, but they were killed by Jiang Liushi.
This arboretum was full of flowers and trees, many of which were rare,
but they were still crashed under the MCV’s tires. At some point, he
reached a greenhouse and stopped.
It was the nearest safe place that Jiang Liushi had found on the map.
There were no residential areas and large shops around it. People
wouldn’t casually wander around it, so it was the best place for storing
Jiang Liushi slowly drove and found a good location to park the fuel tank
car, he then pressed a button and it separated from the minibus.
His minibus was loaded with a lot of valuable things. Even though the
minibus looked normal, the tanker was too conspicuous. Jiang Liushi
believed that it wouldn’t be so easy to find gasoline at Nanjing City, so
dragging a fully loaded tanker would be like serving meat to the wolves.
It was better to be safe than sorry.
Jiang Liushi refueled the minibus and then left the arboretum to continue
his journey. Back to the road, he saw the ‘Nanjing City’ road sign again.
It showed that he would arrive Nanjing soon.
[Xiao Ying, keep waiting for me.]
Jiang Liushi looked again at the map and focused on a marked spot, it

the place where his sister was hiding.

After that Jiang Liushi tried to send a text message to Jiang Zhuying.
After doomsday his cell phone didn’t have any signal, and then he was
travelling through mountains, so it was impossible to have either. He
was hoping that the nearer he got to Nanjing City, it would be better, but
the text message had failed to be sent and a "No Service" notification
was lingering at the upper left corner of his phone.
Jiang Liushi was greatly disappointed as Nanjing City didn’t have any
signal either.
If he could contact Jiang Zhuying in advance, he would not be so
anxious; he could not wait to find his sister.
Nanjing City had become an abandoned city, there were lots of
abandoned vehicles on the road, and most of them had been moving
away from Nanjing’s direction.
At first, the zombies’ number was not much, Jiang Liushi could deal with
them easily, but as he continued moving, their numbers kept increasing.
Zombies constantly appeared, so Jiang Liushi had to maintain a high
degree of vigilance.
His minibus was constantly under attacks, but because its defense had
been upgraded by the mutant energy, these attacks couldn’t even leave
a single mark on it.
However, even with its defenses the zombies would overwhelm it, at
some point, with their numbers. Jiang Liushi looked at the screen and
felt that he was being followed by a sea of corpses. What’s worse, the
front didn’t look any good either. If he was to be surrounded by all those
zombies then his survival wouldn’t be assured.
The few are no match for the many. But many ants can even kill an
elephant, not to mention bloodthirsty zombies.
Suddenly, a female zombie with its head half-open, wearing broken high-
heels, a dirty dress and ripped stockings had jumped on the MCV’s
windshield, staring at him, while her dirty bloodied fingernails were
desperately scratching on the glass. Her long nails should have been
broken, but after being transformed into a zombie, even her nails had

become very tough like animal claws.

Jiang Liushi stepped on the accelerator to the end, and pushed the horn.
It was like casting a stone to calm water, the horn sound created a huge
uproar and most of the zombies focused on his direction.
The zombies looking at the minibus frantically rushed toward the
minibus, more than 200 zombies were rushing and kept increasing.
Seeing this scene, ordinary survivors would feel hopeless, Jiang Liushi
was affected too, he could feel cold sweat on his hands while holding the
steering wheel.
"Bang bang bang!"
Zombies were turned into a meat paste after being hit by the high-speed
MCV. Even so, a lot of them started moving to its side and some even
jumped on the MCV’s roof.
Jiang Liushi didn’t despair in such a situation, instead his courage burst
forth in the face of danger. After encountering untold difficulties and
dangers, there was no way he would give up now.
[It is almost ready.] Jiang Liushi thought and pressed the ‘Acceleration’
"Woom-." All the zombies around the MCV were suddenly thrown off by
the sudden acceleration. Jiang Liushi opened up a path crashing on the
walking corpses in front. Most of the zombies had been gathered by now
and were frenziedly following the MCV.
However, Jiang Liushi did not continue accelerating in order to leave, but
instead he suddenly took a sudden turn!
‘Squeak--!’ A sharp friction sound came. Then, Jiang Liushi pressed the
‘Air Cannon’ button without any hesitation.
"Ten, Nine, Eight..."
‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’
Zombies had been constantly rushing to catch up with the MCV, and
soon its windshield was packed with zombies’ hideous faces. Those
zombies were desperately hitting the windshield, staring at Jiang Liushi,
as they couldn’t wait to tear him.
As Jiang Liushi was sitting in the driver's seat, his body was shaking and
he was slightly pale, waiting for Starseed’s countdown to finish,


Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Xiao Ying, I’m Coming!

Jiang Liushi couldn’t see anything for a while as a blood fog was covering
the windows, after a while he could clearly see that the zombies in front
of him had disappeared, or more precisely evaporated.
The ‘Air Cannon’s’ power had created a vacuum zone more than 20
meters away. Even the zombies that were further back had been injured.
Once their body had a wound, they would be torn immediately by other
Jiang Liushi sighed a sigh of relief. He immediately changed direction
and continued driving.
After having created such a noise, it was natural that more distant
zombies would be attracted and arrive very soon. Even so, he would
have driven far by that time, and those zombies would be attracted by
the wounded zombies. That way some of Jiang Liushi’s pressure was
lifted. Driving along the main road for a while, Jiang Liushi turned toward
a narrow street.

Those narrow streets were usually very busy, but now only some
zombies were wandering around. But the number of those zombies was
not worth mentioning.
"The MCV was not damaged; the glass was not damaged… The
windshield has been cleaned." A stream of water came from the wipers
and the windshield was cleaned.
Driving along those narrow streets for one day, Jiang Liushi was really

tired. But when he saw a housing estate, he was as happy as a lark. The
Lan Yuan estate was just the address that Jiang Zhuying had given him.
That housing estate was next to Jiang Zhuying’s university, only a small
alley separated them.
Jiang Liushi slowed down, driving slowly towards the housing estate.
Seeing the gate house filled with blood, and the ground with a lot of
dragging marks, Jiang Liushi was increasingly nervous. In fact, he had
seen that scene many times along the way, but this time he felt really
uneasy. The situation of the housing estate was the same as other
places, it was extremely miserable, everywhere was wrecked and
Jiang Liushi drove very slowly trying not to make much noise. Although
those buildings looked very quiet, they were certainly filled with
"Woo!" A zombie suddenly rushed from the side of a flower bed, and for
its bad luck, it was crashed under the minibus’ wheel. Slightly shaking a
bit, Jiang Liushi continued driving, while vigilantly looking at both sides
of those buildings. He was looking for Jiang Zhuying’s building.
[The 17th...17…] Jiang Liushi looked at the numbers hanging on the
external walls. The 17th was relatively close to the door, but the location
was relatively remote, which was advised repeatedly by Jiang Liushi. The
road conditions were generally more complex, and the road was narrow.
If encountered a vehicle block, just the sound of cleaning the obstacles
may attract all the zombies. As a result, the geographic position was of
great importance.
Jiang Liushi had decided to find Jiang Zhuying at the fastest speed, and
then leave with her immediately.
Soon, he found the 17th building...
Jiang Liushi turned around and looked at the phone next to him. He had
specially prepared that phone as a measure to lure out zombies. He had
opened the music player application and adjusted the volume to a
relatively small value.
Arriving downstairs, Jiang Liushi opened the MCV window a bit. Pressing
the play button of the phone, he threw it on the floor of the door, and

then drove the MCV back out of a distance. He was waiting for zombies
to appear, in order to kill them. .
To find Jiang Zhuying, Jiang Liushi had to get off, but just the bulletproof
vest, helmet, and pistol were simply not enough to protect him, not to
mention Jiang Zhuying. Therefore, Jiang Liushi had long thought of that
method. He would like to attract all the zombies with the cell phone and
killed them at once.
After waiting for several seconds, Jiang Liushi saw a shadow tumbling
down the stairs. It had worked!
The zombie spotted Jiang Liushi further away and was staring at him
with its red eyes. It suddenly rushed toward the MCV, it flung itself at
Jiang Liushi with bared fangs to rip him in pieces. But Jiang Liushi was
still calm and collected. He held his horses…
But there was no sign of other zombies, so Jiang Liushi was confused.
[Uh? Was there only this zombie in the building? Or are other zombies
locked in other rooms?]
[Excellent!] Jiang Liushi waited patiently for a moment. After confirming,
he rushed out quickly with his MCV.
"Bang!" The ferocious zombie was killed at once.
Jiang Liushi carefully drove the MCV to the unit door, he then put on a
helmet, took a plier and the Type 54 pistol, getting off the minibus.
Music may not be able to attract zombies on the fifth floor, so he picked
up the phone, which continued to play music. Once zombies appeared,
he could prepare in advance and return to the minibus.
The elevator had long been unable. Moving toward it, Jiang Liushi
suddenly heard a noise. There were some zombies inside hitting the
door. Jiang Liushi was shocked, but he regained his wits and carefully
walked toward the stairs. Although he hadn’t found any other zombies,
he was very cautious.
The corridor was dark, only Jiang Liushi’s gentle footsteps echoed. Jiang
Zhuying lived on the top. He arrived at the fourth floor, he put the phone
to the ground, and then returned to the third floor, holding the pistol
tightly aiming at the corridor.
Waiting for a while, no zombie had appeared, he went back and picked

up the phone, turning off the music.

[There are no zombies.]
When he arrived on the top floor, he moved toward Jiang Zhuying’s
room, Jiang Liushi not only felt extremely nervous, but also a kind of
unexplainable excitement.
Approaching the door, Jiang Liushi took a deep breath, he then gently
knocked on the door and whispered, "Xiao Ying, It’s me! Your brother."
There was no answer at all.
"Bang!" A muffled sound came. Jiang Liushi was scared to death. Turning
around, he found that the sound had come from the opposite door.
That zombie's nails clenched on the security door.
Jiang Liushi had no choice but to knock Xiao Ying’s door again.
Suddenly, he found that the door was not locked, it was not even closed!
After the knocking, it had slightly opened...

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Wait for Me

Jiang Liushi pushed the door carefully, he glanced at the door lock and
noticed it was intact, it hadn’t been forced open by an invader or a
zombie. The only conclusion he could come up with was that it had been
deliberately left unlocked.
Jiang Liushi was really anxious and shouted, "Jiang Zhuying!"
There was no one in the house, the furniture had been pushed to the
side, while there were food crates and other supplies in the middle of
the room.
In the bedroom, Jiang Liushi found Jiang Zhuying’s T-shirt on the bed. It
was not a regular T-shirt, as it held sentimental value for both siblings. In
the front side there was a very silly hand-painted pattern, which was a
cartoon version of him and Jiang Zhuying fighting. It was a birthday gift
that Jiang Zhuying had given him, but he refused to wear it because of
the stupid pattern. As a result, Jiang Zhuying happily kept it for herself
for several years.
As he was reminiscing, he noticed something. He turned the t-shirt and
saw a sentence on its back.

"Brother, wait for me."

[What?] Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment, he tightly clutched the t-
shirt in his hands and then he checked it again and again.
[Since she left a message, why did she not write more? Just these words
are not enough to make feel better!]
Jiang Liushi was not really complaining about Jiang Zhuying, he was just
worried and anxious.

[Jiang Zhuying must have kept her promise, she knew that I’d come for
her. If it was not something important, she would be waiting here. But
now she has disappeared just leaving a few words. What happened?]
Jiang Liushi was extremely worried, he searched the whole house but did
not find anything else left by his sister. He could only take that t-shirt
back to his MCV.
Probably because of blood’s smell, some zombies had been wandering
out of the other buildings. Jiang Liushi carefully rushed to the MCV, and
then back to his cab.
He had failed finding his sister and she hadn’t left any other useful
information. He intended to wait out of her building for some time. Even
if he was anxious, because Nanjing City was too large, he could not rush
to search for her; it was same as looking for a needle in the ocean.
If she hadn’t appeared a few days later, then he’d go and look for her.
There was no way he’d kill the zombies outside, as it would attract more,
so he decided to ignore them. He left the driver’s seat and headed to the
living room to relax a bit.
Outside the MCV, zombies were wandering, but it didn’t matter to Jiang
Liushi, he could cook meals, watch a drama and so on. As long as he
didn’t make any noise, those zombies simply would not find him.
The way those zombies treated his phone let Jiang Liushi confirm that he
was safe, not to mention that the minibus an impregnable fortress to
those zombies. But he was still cautious for security reasons.
He was only worried about Jiang Zhuying. If she didn’t appear, what kind
of method should be used to find her? It was impossible for him to
search every place one by one. Perhaps finding some survivors to ask
was a good way. And it may even need to record his words and use a
Jiang Liushi thought about a variety of measures while he was looking at
the T-shirt on sofa. He was quite familiar with his sister's character.
Although she was vivacious, at home she was still very sensible.
Because Jiang Liushi had always taken care of her, she was always
serious when it came to her brother’s words. If she encountered a
difficult situation, she’d tell her brother immediately.

After such an earth-shattering event, Jiang Zhuying wasn’t obedient?

Jiang Liushi couldn’t help but think about Yu and his gang. Nanjing City
was so large, with much more survivors. What if Jiang Zhuying shared
the same fate with Wen Lu?
Jiang felt nervous and impatient, he could not wait. After taking out the
map, Jiang Liushi began studying the surroundings. Although the
network could not be used, he had already downloaded a detailed map
of Nanjing City, even the shops along the roadside could be seen clearly.
Several hours had passed. It was getting late, Jiang Liushi was preparing
some food to eat, but suddenly a few zombies’ roars came out of the
window. Jiang Liushi was shocked. Before he was able to pull the
curtains and see what had happened, he heard a burst of "Chi Chi"
sound, and after that a sound of heavy objects dropping on the ground.
Jiang Liushi immediately went to the window, and heard a voice coming
from outside, "Boss, did your power get stronger? It was excellent. You
kill zombies as easy as blowing off dust. The zombie’s body burnt to a
crisp…"A male voice came.
And then a girl’s sweet voice cam, "You are a nuisance. Stop trying to
flatter the boss."
"What? What I said was the truth!"
"Where did that car come from?" That girl seemed too tired to deal with
the man, and she focused on the minibus.
This minibus was in plain view, even a blind man could find it. So Jiang
Liushi was not surprised at what the girl said. But he did not know who
they were. However, it was apparent that they had been there before.
Perhaps, they had some relationship with Jiang Zhuying.
Jiang Liushi touched the pistol on his waist, and slowly walked toward
the cab. Those people could easily kill zombies, so they definitely were
not weak. Jiang Liushi did not know whether they were enemies or not.
As a result, he was fully prepared.
Especially, for the ‘boss’...
"Who’s so insane? Coming to such a place?" The man exclaimed.

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Are You The Boss?

Jiang Liushi heard the man's voice coming closer. Apparently he had
gotten in front of the minibus and was looking at it in confusion.
"You can't see anything here and there's nobody in the cab. God knows
where they went." The man said.
Then the woman complained impatiently, "You don’t need to care about
where they went. Perhaps they have already been eaten by the zombies
we met before. "
"I'm just curious. Who’d drive such a big minibus?" the man said.
"Whatever, it's merely a shabby car with nothing special." The woman
with the sickeningly sweet voice looked down on the minibus. Although
her words were largely due to refuting the man, her view was still very
accurate for the minibus.
Jiang Liushi’s minibus was, indeed, a worn-out car...
Its appearance seemed to speak for itself, also dragging a ragged van
with and there were various sacks on the roof. If it was before the
apocalypse, that vehicle would be totally fine. However, now in this
environment, this vehicle looked even shabbier. It seemed that as long
as zombies swarmed to attack, it would be torn apart.
"From which town is the license plate?" The man wasn’t affected by her
words and he kept trying to find more details.
[Look like Jiangbei?] The man thought to himself, and unexpectedly said,
"What is in that small van and the plastic knitting bags? Let’s open to
see! "
"It can only be some rubbish." The woman became more impatient.
"Just look. Maybe we can find something useful." The male said.

As Jiang Liushi heard that they would touch the van, he was unable to
bear with it. When he was about open the door, he recognized a familiar
"The license plate is from Jiangbei!" A surprised voice expressed.
Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi was astonished.
He quickly and rushed to the cab and looked through the windshield.
There were five or six people standing outside the minibus. Among
them, Jiang Liushi immediately found Jiang Zhuying.
Jiang Zhuying was dressed in a simple denim shorts and a large jacket
with a plain white T-shirt inside. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail,
making her look very smart and youthful. She was staring at the minibus
with an iron rod in her hand.
Making eye contact with Jiang Liushi, Jiang Zhuying opened her eyes
widely out of shock. Her eyes were always so big, and her lips turned
into the shape of an O.
Then she called out, "Brother!"
Surprise was evident in their faces, and they kept staring at Jiang Liushi.
[Jiang Zhuying’s brother?!]
Those people were filled with astonishment, but Jiang Liushi was as
shocked as them. He didn't expect that Jiang Zhuying was among that
group of people.
But more unexpected was that after his sister’s calling, the male voice
rang again "OMG, boss, he is your brother!"
The man, seemed to be twenty years old, he was dressed in a casual
way, holding a long knife in his hand. His expression was one of a kind,
while looking at Jiang Liushi he couldn’t hide how amazed he was.
It was even more unbelievable for Liushi. "The boss", he had heard
earlier, turned out to be his own sister...
Jiang Liushi was incredibly staring at his sister who was staring back at
him with the same amazement.

"Boss’s brother came from Jiangbei, alone, driving such a bus." The man
holding a knife stayed outside with others. In order to give space to the

siblings, that had just met each other, they left them alone.
Among those people, a curly-haired girl glared at him and said in a low
voice, "Do you wanna die? You speak so loudly that Zhuying may hear
what you’re saying."
"It doesn’t matter." The man didn’t worry and kept observing the bus.
That curly-haired girl was very embarrassed, because all of her ironic
words about the minibus were clearly heard by Jiang Zhuying, and
probably her brother.
All of them thought that Jiang Zhuying’s brother had no chance of
leaving Jiangbei, not to add reaching Jinling [1]. In fact, Jiang Zhuying
had been trying to find an opportunity to go back to Jiangbei. Nobody
could have thought that Jiang Liushi would actually reach Jinling, and
with such a beaten-up vehicle.
"The car seems to have been refitted. So clever!" The young man
The curly-haired girl rolled her eyes for the young man, who she had
been unsatisfied with for a long time. But she also noticed what the
young man said. At first, she didn't care about that old car, but now her
interest was piqued after knowing it was Jiang Zhuying brother’s car.
However, she didn’t find out anything particular. To be honest, she was
more interested in Jiang Liushi.
"Perhaps Zhuying’s brother is very awesome, too." The curly-haired girl
said. The young man and the others totally agreed.
"That’s really awesome." The young man began to praise again. Among
them, Jiang Liushi also saw a muscular tall man carrying an axe with a
fierce appearance.
"This kind of person is obedient to you." Jiang Liushi turned his head
from the window and looked at Jiang Zhuying.
They had been talking for more than ten minutes, and in those ten
minutes they asked each other questions, but most of the time belonged
to Jiang Zhuying speaking to him.
Jiang Liushi was surprised at his sister's situation. The Starseed had only
told him that Jiang Zhuying would not mutate into a zombie, but other
than that he knew nothing of Zhuying’s future.

Jiang Zhuying’s situation was not what he had expected. His sister had
become a paranormal being.
After discovering her special ability, Jiang Zhuying began practicing. But
after a period, Jiang Zhuying found that she had to leave her shelter.
She then started gathering those survivors and became their leader. As
for her title as "boss", it was due to her personal interest.
"What do you mean you had to leave? What's the reason for that? "Jiang
Liushi asked.
Jiang Zhuying pouted and thought for a while, and then said, "Too
difficult to explain. You will know later."

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