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©.Metrohm METROHM AG CH-9101 Herisau (Switzerland) SM Titrino 702 Series 29 ... Instructions for Use 8.702.1033 98.02 Ti/em ©. Metrohm Short Operating Guide 702 SM Titrino > mode MET pil, U, Ipol, UpoT SET pl, U, Ipol, Upot NEAS pil, U, Ipol, Upol, T CAL Display ad RSI P1°co1/C00 RSI toxt RS1 decimal places RSt unit: Mode Selection Pross key until the desired mode is dis~ played, press , select desired measured quan- tity with or by entering its name. Monotonic Equivalence Point Titration. ‘Set Endpoint Titration. MEASuring, pH CALibration, Calculations and Data Output Definitions Input of formula Enter result number. Enter formula by means of 3'¢ functions of keyboard and . Calculation constants have 2 digits such as C01. C00 stands for sample size Toxt for result output Number of decimal places for result output. Select result unit, Enter values of calculation variables with . Initial values are printed in Bold face. Input range 1.9 RS1 or up to 8 ASCII char. 1.2.5 %, ppm, gil, mgimi, mol, mmol1, g, mg, ml, mg/pc, no unit or up to 6 ASCII characters Allocations of common variables C3X. Enter number of common variable and result RS# or mean MNé. 1..9 and ASX, MNX, EPX, CX deere ‘Selection of report blocks for data output Depends on selected mode. If you wish several reports, use *;” as separator. full, short, curve, calc, param, cali, mplist, ff Allocations for statistics. Enter mean number and result RSF. 1..9 and RSX, EPX, CXX Calculation Variables Display Meaning All CXX QOK= 1.19) which are used in the formulas are displayed and can be inputted. Input range 0... #999 999 V step tite.rate signal drift equilibr.tine start start V factor dos.rate pause seas. input: [1(p01)] [u(v01)] [electrode test] temperature Parameters for MET Go to next inquiry with and Meaning Volume increment. Dosing rate for increments. Drift criterion for measured value acquisition. Waiting time for measured value acquisition Type of start volume: absolute, relative or none. Volume for absolute start volume. Factor for calculation of relative start volume: factor * smpl size, Dosing rato for start volume, Waiting time, e.g. after start volume. ‘Measuring input for MET pH and MET U or polarization current for MET Ipol or larization voltage for MET U(pol) in steps of 10 mV and test for polarized electrodes. Titration temperature Initia! values are Bold face. fed in Input range 0..0.10..9.999 ml (0.01...180 mvmin, max. pH, U: 0.5...50..999 mVimin, OFF t:0.05...60..99.9 uAImin, OFF 1..28..0999 s, OFF abs,, rel, OFF 0..999.99 mi 0... 999 999 (0.01...180 ml/min, max. 0..999 999 s 1, 2, aif. 127.4427 UA -1270...400...1270 mV ON, OFF -170.0..28.0..600.0 *C 3 aS: eV stop pit stop EP fiTling rato ‘Type of stop volume: absolute, relative or none. Volume for absolute stop volume. Factor for calculation of relative stop volume: actor * smpl size. Stop at measured value pH, U, | Stop after a number of EP's have been found. Filling rate after the titration, Jabs.,rol., OFF 0..99.99..0999.99 mi o..:999 999 pH: 0.00... 20.00, OFF U: 0.2000 mV, OFF |: 0.0...#200.0 uA, OFF 1..9, OFF }0.01...150 mlimin, max. eiattes status: soon res. tab: detete Status of statistics calculation. Number n of single values for statistics calculation. Result table for statistics calculation. Delete data from sample number n. ON, OFF 2.20 original, delete n, delete all 1..20 | >evataatton! 90) EPC EP recognition: 11x EPL at pH pki: Endpoint criterion, Type of EP recognition: all EP's, only greatest EP, only last EP, only EP's in windows, no evaluation. If "window" is selected, lower and upper limits of windows are inquired, Interpolation of volume at given pH, U, or |, resp. Up to 9 x EP's Evaluation of pK or HNP pH: 0.10,.0.60..9.99 U: 1.90.99 mV 1 0.1..2..99.9 UA all, greatest, last, window, OFF pH: 0.00...+20.00, OFF U: 0.. #2000 mV, OFF 1: 0.0...$200.0 uA, OFF ON, OFF | Seresaiactions 00% ‘req. ident: Request of identifications after start of titration, Request of sample size after start of titration. Pulse output on remote line “activate” id1, id1 & 2, all, OFF valuo, unit, all, OFF JON, OFF