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2nd Periodic Test

English III

Name: ______________________ Date: _________

Grade: _____________ Score: ________

Write the word statement if it tells something or gives information. Write the word
question if the sentence ask something or information. Place the correct punctuation mark
after each sentence.

1. Russell is a smart kid

2. Can you spare me a sheet of paper
3. Do plants need sunlight
4. The seahorse is a fish
5. What can you find along the beach

Read the sentences carefully and then answer the months of the year according to
the events happen in the paragraph. Choose the answer from the words inside the box.

January February March

April May June
July August September
October November December

___________ 6. The family went to the cemetery, they bring candles, foods, &
___________ 7. The students joined the parade which ended in the plaza. The
bronze dust of President was unveiled before programs started.
___________ 8. There was an air show between a Filipino & a American pilot
unfolded from their airplane big images of Juan Dela Cruz &
Uncle Sam shaking hands.
___________ 9. We went caroling every night & we divided our earnings equally
among us.
___________ 10. Japanese & Americans joined the 50th anniversary of the landing
in Leyte.

Underline the correct verb form for the subject in each sentences.

11. Mother (work, works) in the office everyday.

12. The children (study, studies) their lessons well.
13. Our teacher (give, gives) us exam daily.
14. The plants (need, needs) water everyday.
15. The librarian (take, takes) care of the books in the library.

Read each paragraph & choose the best answer. Write only the letter of the correct
answer in the space provided.

16. My father goes to school. He brings books in his bag. Boys & girls greet him then the bell
rings. He enters the room. My father is a ____.
A. lawyer B. teacher C. farmer
17. Father says “play fairly do not cheat at games”. He wants us to be ____.
A. obedient B. hard working C. honest
18. You can be anyone you want to be. You can be a judge, a scientist, or even the president.
But you have to clean you’re room. You have to brush you’re teeth and you should____.
A. do you’re duties B. forget you’re duties C. be like boys
19. I recite and write in school. I answer the teacher’s question. I am a _________.
A. pupil B. teacher C. parent
20. My mother is Mrs. Maria Santos. She makes dresses for women & men. My mother is a __.
A. factory worker B. dentist C. dressmaker

Read the following sentences carefully and underline the adjective in each sentence.

21. Today is a cloudy day.

22. Everyday we have fresh vegetables and fruits.
23. Ants are small animals.
24. Sammy is an industrious man.
25. Juan is a lazy boy.
26. We saw three ducks swimming on a pond.
27. Jose is a courteous boy.
28. Dwarfs are tiny creatures.
29. The color of raw mangoes is green.
30. The sound of the radio is loud.