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Shailesh Jalan
Name: ______________________________________________

Batch: _________________________ Group:______________

1. What brand do I associate

myself with?
 This could be your Chris Gardner
favourite product brand, _______________________________________________________________
place, person; does not _______________________________________________________________
have to be famous or iconic. _______________________________________________________________

2. Why do I associate myself

with this brand?
 Using bullet points Deligent
list the brand attributes Responsible
you associate with the brand. _____________________________________________________________
What eles do you have in Assertive
common with the brand you _____________________________________________________________
choose? _____________________________________________________________

3. This is My ‘’ME INC” Brand

 Take the brand attributes in 2, think about them and use them as the basis to write a couple of
paragraphs that describe:
1. Who are you? (describe yourself) _______________________________________________________
I am a student who is determined towards his goals and likes accepting challenges

2. What do you want do/aspire to be? _______________________________________________________

in order to enhance my core values. I aspire to become role model who can

3. What values and strengths ________________________________________________________

can influence others to achieve their ambitions.

do you offer? My core value is my dedication and persistence towards goals

4. What is your promise? ________________________________________________________
I promise never to get side tracked from my goals irrespective of unfavorable my circumstances becomes.

4. This is my tagline.
 A tagline is a catchy phrase __________________________________________________________
It is not our ability that show what we truly are,It is our choices.

that may capture your personality. __________________________________________________________

Think of advertising taglines/slogans _________________________________________________________