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My name is Wesam Mahmoud AlTawil, studied doctor of medicine in

The Hashemite University and graduated with GPA 3.06/4 (very good).
Now I am ear, nose and throat surgery resident at The Specialty
Hospital in Amman. My experiences in primary and continuing medical
care management, coupled with strong academic background and
relevant certifications, have equipped me with the critical abilities
enabling me to contribute immediately in the fast-paced environment
within your firm.

The position that I have held, as an ear, nose and throat surgery
resident, as I am finished the first year as a general surgery resident
and started the second year as an ear, nose and throat resident, have
given me very good experience and I have successfully provided
strong and effective leadership, guidance and direction to team
members while demonstrating efficient and innovative solutions to the
complex issues facing us. In addition, I helped ensure that each
function and operational aspect was conducted in a highly professional
manner and adhered to hospital standards, and professional ethics.
While conducting various hospital and clinical functions, I faced and
overcame numerous challenges. My organizational and clinical skills,
combined with my professional attitude, have allowed me to
successfully complete any work-related tasks to which I have been

During my tenure in internship year and as an ear nose and throat

surgery resident, I gained valuable insight into health program
coordination, individualized patient care, health and physical
examinations, clinical processes, hospital operations, patient needs
assessment and education, and healthcare management. All of these
experiences, among many others afforded me invaluable opportunities
to develop and enhance my leadership and collaboration skills.

Crucial to my success in these positions has been my ability to succeed

in an environment where decision-making, self-motivation, a
commitment to integrity and excellent communication skills are held at
a premium.