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eR, Bole Avdoin SECRETARY OF STATE 9 esata of te ofthe Sat of Lesion Suis haul, Coal thet the attached document(s) of HELP PLANNERS INC. are true and correct and are filed in the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office. 40889269N ORIGF 7/16/2012 5 pago(s) 93153508 18 AR 8/3/2018 2 page(s) In testimony whereof, Ihave hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of my Office to be affixed at the City of Baton Rouge on, October 22, 2018 fh Thr Certificate ID: 11006242#R9E52 To validate this certificate, vist the following web site, go fo Business Services, Search Leastiny of Sot forLouislne Business Finge, Vat eoveliary, Certificate, then follow the instructions WEB 40869260N displayed wwew. Page 1 of 1 on 1072212018 4:36:00 AM | ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OF ‘STATE OF LOUISIANA HELP PLANNERS INC. PARISH OF RAPIDES. in the year of our Lord BE IT KNOWN, That on this _[ 32 Gay of Ju’ y Two Thousand Twelve (2012). BEFORE ME, the undersigned Notary Public, duly commissioned and qualified | in and for the Parish of Rapides, State of Louisiana, therein residing, and in the presence of the witnesses hereinafter named and undersigned. PERSONALLY CAME AND APPEARED: VELVA BOLES, BRIAN COLEMAN, SR. LEON COLEMAN, ETTA COMPTON, ANDREA MARTIN, EDWARD LARVADAIN, JR., PATRICIA LARVADAIN, CELETA McCALL, FLONETTA JOHNSON, and GERBER PORTER, whose names are hereunto subscribed, of the full age of, who declared that, availing themselves of the benefits and provisions of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana and the laws of said State relative to the organization of non-profit corporations, and particularly of the provisions of R.S. 12:201, 12:203 et seq., they have united to form, and or by these presents form and organize themselves, as well as all other persons who may hereafter join or become associated with them or their successors, into a non-profit corporation for the objects and purposes and under the covenants, stipulations and agreements following, to-wit: ARTICLE 1 ‘The name and title of this corporation shall be: HELP PLANNERS INC. ARTICLE 2 The purposes for which this corporation is formed are: 1) To address the economic, cultural, educational, social, civic, and Political issues which will impact positively the African American communities and to ‘engage in any active and firm conversation with the electorate on the diversities and core values to strengthen the family nucleus. 2) The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 3) To engage in any lawful activity for which corporation may be formed under Chapter 2, Title 12 of the LA Revised Statutes (Non-Profit Corporation Law). ARTICLE 3 ‘The duration of this corporation shall be perpetual. ARTICLE 4 This corporation is a non-profit corporation. ARTICLE 5 The location and address of the corporation's registered office shall be: 626 Eighth Street Alexandria, Louisiana 71301 ARTICLE 6 The full name and address of the registered agent is: Edward Larvadain, Jr., 626 Eighth Street, Alexandria, LA 71301 ARTICLE 7 The full names and addresses of the incorporators are: 1) Velva Boles 7) Edward Larvadain, Jr. 1429 Third Street 626 Eighth Street Alexandria, LA 71301 Alexandria, LA 71360 2) Brian Coleman, Sr. 8) Celeta McCall 323 Palmer Chapel Road 1173 Philadelphia Road Pineville, LA 71360 Deville, LA 71325 3) Leon Coleman 9) Flonetta Johnson 323 Palmer Chapel Road 6026 Cavan Circle Pineville, LA 71360 Alexandria, LA 71303 4) Etta Compton 10) Gerber Porter 211 Forest Street 3406 Horseshoe Dr. Pineville, LA 71360 Alexandria, LA 71301 5) Patricia Larvadain 626 Eighth Street Alexandria, LA 71301 6) Andrea Martin 2170 Wise Street Alexandria, LA 71301

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