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John Catholic School
Pre-K Christmas Concert

Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Pre-K Student meet in the classroom at 6pm

St. John Catholic Church @6:30pm
Seating is first come first serve. Parking will be limited so
please give allow extra time to find parking.

Formal Attire:
Girls Attire: Red Dress, Black Cardigan, Black tights, Black Shoes
Boys Attire: Black Pants, White button up shirt, Black Shoes

Following the conclusion of Pre-K “Santa Clause is coming to town”.
Pre-K class will exit to the left door facing the altar. A parent can
come meet us outside to pick up their student. You may wish to go
home or stay for the whole show.
St. John Catholic School
Pre-K Spring Concert

Wednesday, May TBD, 2019
St. John Catholic Church

Pre-K Classroom will be open at 6pm
Please bring you’re child by 6:15pm

Spring Attire:

Girls Attire: Pink Floral Dress, Black Shoes
Boys Attire: Khaki Pants, Baby Blue Polo Shirt, Black Shoes