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Disusun oleh :
Alinda Dela Purnama
Dena Ariesta Rohillah
Fitria Nuurpadila
Intan Putri Sukmana
Nita Nurliyah
Sitri Vera Ardila
Tetep Abdul Latif
Tingkat 3B/Semester V


Trafic accident


1. Introduction
2. Figure :
1. Medical team
Nurse 1 : Alinda
Nurse 2 : Nita
2. Patient : Siti Vera
3. Motorist: Enggi
4. Helper I : Dena
5. Helper II : Fitria
6. Helper III ( driver car ) : Tetep
7. Victim’s Family : Intan
3. Logistion :
1. Oxygen tube + Nasal cannula
2. Gauze + plester
3. Plaster scissors
4. Aroma therapy
5. Tension + Stethoscope
6. Note book
7. Infusion gutters
8. Handphone
9. Car
4. Scenario
One day there was a woman walking on the streat.
Bajigur Bahe, she was named Siti Vera she was hit by
motorcycle rider named Enggi.
At the time the incident named Dena was at the location .
And she asked help from the residents there.

Dena : Asstagfirulloh,….!!! ( Shout out ), help me,… help me,..

Fitria and Tetep ( running toward the victim )

Tetep : Take the victim to my car.

Arriving at the hospital the victim was taken to the

emergency room and handled by two Nurses named Alinda and

Fitria : Help me sus,.!!!!

Alinda : what happened so that the patient was taken to the
hospital ?
Dena : She was hit in front of the shop, so she was
Alinda : Are you with his family ??
Dena : No , I’m just helping,…!!!
Alinda : Please you can wait outside ??
Dena : Okeyyy,…!!!

“Two nurses immediately take action to the patient”

Alinda : Please check ?
Nita : I have done the examination and the result that no serious
injury is just unconscious
Alinda : well, let me try to make him aware
“Alinda and Nita Trying to wake up”

Nita : Please, keep a pillow under the patient’s feet.

Alinda : Oke,… … Loosen the clothes
Nita : Get aromatheraphy between gauze and plester,..

“After the action is taken by the nurse the patientbegins

to realize”

Siti Vera : Where am I ? What happen with me ?

Alinda : you are in the hospital ,..!!!!
You just had anaccident!!

“Nita calls someone who has helped”

Nita : the patient is aaware, please enter,…
Fitria : How is she doing??
Nita : she was just onconscious
Enggi : I’m sorry I accidentaly hit you earlier I was in a hurry
Tetep : I have helped you, is there a family that can be
Siti Vera : there is ( 085-223-XXX-XXX )

“Fitria, contacted the patient’s family”

Fitria : Assalamualaikum,..!! this is with family siti vera.

Intan : Waalaikumsalam ,.. yes, myself ? who is this ??
Fitria : Siti vera had an accident and she was taken to the
Intan : I’m there now!!!

“patients of siti vera immediately go to hospital to see the

conditionof ther child”

Intan : what happened??

Siti vera : Mother, I was walking suddently there was a
motorcycle crashing from behind
Bayong : who hit it?
Enggi : I’m sorry I was accidentally in a hurry, I will be
responsible for administrative matters
Bayong : Ok,. No problem , sus what is the condition of my
Alinda : there were no serious injuries, he only fainted later in
the aternon the mother could go home
Bayong : Ok sus thanks you
Alinda & Nita : you are welcome

“the patien’s parents thank those who have helped their


Bayong : thank you for helping my child

Fitria, Tetep, Dena, you are welcome, then we leave home,.
The end,……..
Thanksyou For Watching!!!

“we as social beings must help each other,.”