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Critical Review #1: “Lausanne Global Classroom: Wealth Creation (for Holistic


Part I

The video series is from the Lausanne Global Classroom and the series is titled WEALTH

CREATION FOR HOLISTIC TRANSFORMATION. The video series is made based on the

wealth creation manifesto written in Chiang Mai, Thailand, at the 2017 Global Consultation

on Wealth Creation.

Part II

The video series is a collection of videos that contains interviews of many businessmen and

women all around the globe who promote the concept of “business as mission” and or Wealth

Creation for holistic transformation. The video series is split into 13 units, two to four

minutes each.

Part III

The video series is divided into 13 units and each unit spotlights one of the various aspects of

wealth creation for holistic transformation.

Introduction – Wealth creation is biblical and good. Money is not evil but the love of money

is evil according to the bible. God’s Abundance – God gave abundance to mankind through

creation. Business is the way of God to provide for people. Wealth creation is about abundant

life and the great commission. Co-creators with God- Man are called to co-create with God.

He creates and distributes wealth. Wealth is made for a purpose which is to expand the

kingdom of God. Calling- Learning to see business as pulpit and as a walk of faith. It is a

holy calling. Role of Church – Church has to play the role of affirming and encouraging

business leaders. Hoarding and Sharing - Wealth should not only be hoarded but should be
shared. Creation-> Hoarding -> Sharing should flow. Generosity, simplicity and contentment

– Wealth creation is about creating wealth for community rather than individual. Societal

Transformation - Wealth creation is not just about giving but it is about the transformation of

the society. Kinds of Wealth Creation - Wealth creation is not just about finance but it is also

about spiritual and physical. Lift out Poverty – Wealth creation is used as a tool to save

nations from poverty. Justice and the poor – Church needs to have a balanced view not

leading the people into liberation theology or social gospel or prosperity gospel. Jobs with

dignity need to be created and save human traffickers from the disgusting job. Creation care

– Man should remember that he is just a steward not owner and should integrate wealth with

God’s creation or Environment. Conclusion – Pastors should engage with business people

because business is a tool to bring God’s kingdom.

Part IV – Watch Percentage: 100%

According to me the Business as Mission movement is revolutionary. It is a new approach to

wealth creation especially from the view point of churches. Traditionally the church or

missions survived through donations. Creating wealth for churches or mission breaks the

conservative view and proposes a modern view that fits for the day. Some parts I like and

agreed with in the video series – Wealth creation as a calling of God – This is a very new

perspective and encourages business people that wants to pursue the calling of God. Wealth

creation for cultural transformation - There are always people who agrees and disagrees with

a proposed concept. The critics of BAM may bring hoarding as one of the disadvantages. But

wealth is created not to hoard but to be used as a resource for transforming the society as a

whole. Pastors should engage – Pastors should not just visit business people during the times

of donations but Pastors should consider business people as leaders in church – as deacons,

and engage with them to build them up spiritually. There is nothing in the video I disagreed

expect I didn’t like a couple of people who over emphasized wealth creation.