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Service Quality

A Case Study of J&K Bank

I Pradhuman Mahotra of B.B.A Semester Vth is undertaking my project report of B.B.A degree
from Govt. S.P.M.R College of Commerce affiliated with University of Jammu.
In view of this, I am conducting a survey towards Service Quality a Case Study of J&K Bank.
The contents of this questionnaire are only for the academic purposes and information provided
by you will be kept confidential.

The Questionnaire is prepared on the basis of following Service Quality


1. Staff
2. Working
3. Services
4. Support


1. Name: ________________
2. Gender
3. Age Group
a) Below 25 years b) 25-35 years c) 35-45 years d) 45 years & above
4. Occupation:-
a) Business Man b) Govt. Job c) Private Job d) Student e) Retired
5. Qualification:-
a) School.
b) Graduate.
c) Post Graduate.
d) Proffesional Degree.


6. From how long are you associated with the Bank?

a) Less than a year
b) 1-3 year
c) 3-5 year
d) 5 year & above
7. Do you visit branches of the bank at different locations?
a) Yes
b) No
8. What makes you come to this branch most of the time?
a) Near to home/Work Are
b) Supportive staff
c) Time Management
d) Others (please specify) ____________________
9. Annual Income.
a) Below 1 Lakh
b) 1-5 Lakhs
c) 5-10 Lakhs
d) 10 Lakhs and above
10. Which services are you taking from the bank?
a) Fixed Deposit
b) Current Account
c) Saving Account
d) All of the above
e) Others (Please Specify) _________________

Tangibles Statement Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
Disagree Agree
1. Company Provides up to
date equipments.
2. Physical facilities are
visually appealing
3. Employees are well-
4. Appearance of the
physical facilities are
consistent with the type
of service industry

Reliability Statement Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
Disagree Agree
1. The firm meets their
promised time-frames for
2. The firm is sympathetic
and reassuring, when the
customer has problems.
3. Bank is dependable as
per different
4. Banks keep accurate

Responsiveness Statement Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
Disagree Agree
5. Bank tells customers
exactly when the service
will be performed
6. It is reasonable to expect
prompt service from
7. Employees are always
willing to help customers
8. There is no delay in
handling customers

Assurance Statement Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
Disagree Agree
9. Employees are
10. Customers feel safe when
transacting with
11. Employees are polite
12. Employees get adequate
support from the bank to
do their job well
Empathy Statement Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
Disagree Agree
13. Bank gives each
customer individualized
14. Employees fully
understand the needs of
the customer
15. Employees have the best
interests of the customer
at heart
16. Banks operate at hours
convenient to all

Thankyou for your participation.