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Survey on iBeacon Based Smart Attendance

Monitoring and Management System

Shubham Jain, Shraddha Kannurkar, Shweta Kale,,
Department of Computer Engineering

Abstract 2. Biometric: The Biometric System is based on

Attendance is the term which means appearing at or fingerprints, iris, and facial gestures etc. which are
being present at the desired location. Attendance can unique for every individual and are stored in the
be of anything like the attendance in function, database. When an individual scans his fingerprint on
attendance in schools, attendance of students in or face in front of the Biometric device, it checks
colleges or the attendance of employees at their work with the database in order to confirm the identity of
place. The attendance can be marked in many ways. an individual. The attendance of the person is marked
It can be marked through pen and paper, or many of automatically as soon as the fingerprint or face
the technologies like the barcode, biometric, RFID matches with the database.
etc. All these technologies uses the near range and
3. Online Attendance System: The online Attendance
accordingly marks the attendance once the barcode
System requires an active Internet Connection to
comes in contact with the barcode scanner, or
mark the attendance. When an individual who has to
whenever the fingerprint is scanned through the
mark the attendance comes in the range of that Wi-Fi
biometric device, or the RFID tag flashes on the
modem or router, it gets connected to that device and
RFID reader respectively. But taking into
the attendance is marked.
consideration the drawbacks of all these systems we
are proposing the system which uses the new 4. Barcode: A Barcode is a machine-readable
technology as iBeacon. It reduces the time of representation of information in a visual format. A
marking attendance in all the ways. The main aim is barcode consists of parallel, adjacent bars and spaces.
to build the green and fast India. In Barcode based Attendance System, a barcode is at
the backside of individuals ID card. This barcode
Introduction consist of unique data of an individual such as name,
Nowadays, individuals’ attendance has become an
roll number, branch and year etc. A person can scan
important evaluation aspect in every sector such as
his/her barcode to mark the attendance.
schools, colleges, workplaces etc. Generally the
attendance is marked using many technologies as By taking into consideration the drawbacks of all
RFID, Biometric, Barcode, online attendance system these systems such as wastage of time in marking the
etc. A brief introduction of various technologies attendance, use of internet connection, human
mentioned above is discussed as follows: intervention, less efficiency etc. we are proposing the
system which is based on the iBeacon technology
1. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification): RFID is a
which works on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
wireless technology which consists of the RFID
reader and RFID tag which has electromagnetic iBeacon Technology: This technology was developed
waves to collect the stored information automatically. by Apple in 2013. It is based on BLE. BLE is
Active, Passive and Semi-Passive tags are the three wireless personal area network technology which is
major types of RFID tags. RFID is uniquely also known as Bluetooth Smart. iBeacon has given
identified as well as traced. To mark the attendance, mobile application the ability to understand the
RFID tag should be flashed on the RFID reader in position where they actually are on micro-local scale
order to confirm unique identity. Once the unique and gives the content to receiver which is based on
RFID tag is matched with the saved data in the the location. The two simple things are required for
database. the communication of iBeacon and they are:

Volume: 3 Issue: 2 April - 2018 74

a) A broadcaster(Bluetooth based iBeacon
device) and
b) A receiver(Android/iOS device with an app)

The Broadcaster is continuously broadcasting the

signals, as soon as the receiver comes in the
immediate proximity, it receives the signal and
responds accordingly.

Fig.1 iBeacon

Literature Survey disadvantage of system is that the actual location of

Jeongyeup Paek, et al [1] proposed “Geometric each iBeacon is not known, it has to be assumed.
Adjustment Scheme for Indoor Location-Based
Mobile Applications”. The original goal of this Mr. Sehul A. Thakkar, et al [5] proposed “an
research was to develop an improved Indoor iBeacon: Newly Emerged Technology for Positioning
positioning system using iBeacon technologies. The and Tracking in Indoor Place”. The importance of
advantage of this system is that it allows a mobile iBeacon technology is that it is used for indoor
device to detect its proximity to an iBeacon station positioning and tracking. It is used to track the
(and possibly its location) by knowing how close it is location of a person. For instance, it can be used to
to (usually wall-mounted) low complexity, low-cost locate and track any valuable asset, where it is
BLE transmitters, the iBeacons. actually located and where it moves from one place
to other place.
Germ‘an H. Flores, et al [2] proposed “An iBeacon Rahul More, et al [6] proposed a RFID based student
Training App for Indoor Fingerprinting”. They have attendance monitoring system. Initially, students’
introduced a novel approach to streamline the process
partial attendance is marked as student swap the I-
of collecting training data for the fingerprinting card on RFID reader. Then teacher login for the
indoor localization technique. The training data can lecture with lecture ID, and OTP is given to students
be collected from a Bluetooth-enabled iOS client
by orally or written, after entering this OTP into their
device and requires no complex graphical maps since
android mobile and the student attendance is marked
we only need the x-y location where the iBeacon completely. The advantage of this system is to solve
training data was collected. The disadvantage is the
the attendance problem and get the information of
app is not universally compatible. students at any time and limitation of the system is
Md Sayedul Aman, et al [3] proposed “Reliability that it requires human intervention and it is also time-
Evaluation of iBeacon for Micro-Localization”. This consuming.
paper shows the implementation through RSSI
values. The distance versus RSSI data was plotted to Srinidhi MB, et al [7] proposed a “Web enabled
show the unexpected behavior of RSSI for distance secured system for attendance monitoring and real
less than 2m. The advantage is that the algorithm time location tracking using Biometric and radio
which is used requires very simple approach. frequency identification (RFID) technology”. The
regularity of the child will be informed to parents
through the SMS services. The main advantage is that
Zhenghua Chen, et al [4] proposed “Smartphone the graph is generated which gives the information
Inertial Sensor Based Indoor Localization and about the regularity of student. But the disadvantage
Tracking with iBeacon Corrections”. The position
of this system is that it requires the hardware devices
estimated by WiFi fingerprinting based approach is
fused with PDR to reduce its drifting error. The like RFID, Biometric which increases the cost.
advantage of the system utilize both gyroscope Vishal Bhalla, et al [8] has proposed Bluetooth Based
and magnetometer to estimate the walking direction Attendance Management System. In the proposed
of user and it is more power efficient. The
system, the staff’s mobile is used for taking the
attendance. The technology used is Bluetooth which

Volume: 3 Issue: 2 April - 2018 75

works in the range of approximately 10m. In this Reconstruction Technique”. This system can be used
paper it is used to connect the devices to the staff’s by the entire college like staff and students even
mobile phone by using the Bluetooth. On connecting administrator as well. It works on the Biometric. The
we can find whether the particular student is present following system takes the input as fingerprint which
in class or not. The problem in the proposed system is is always persistent and accordingly it marks the
student's phone is required for attendance. attendance. The disadvantage of this system is that it
consumes lot of time in marking the attendance.
Josphineleela.R, et al [9] proposed “An Efficient
Automatic Attendance System using Fingerprint

Parameters RFID [7] Barcode NFC Bluetooth[8]

Range Minimum Long range Approx. up to Approx. 100m

distance barcode scanner greater than or 320 feet for
over that enables 20 cm class 1
1Meter or them to read 1D,
3 feet 2D barcode up to
50 feet

Frequency 125 or 135 -------- 2483.5mHz 13.56mHz

Cost 499 250 599 4090
Data rate 4008 kbps --------- 24mbits 42 kbps

IEEE 802.15 ---------- 802.15 802.15.1


pitfalls like wastage of time in marking the

Conclusion attendance, use of internet connection, human
In this paper, smart attendance monitoring and
intervention, less efficiency etc. therefore to
management system has been proposed. In the past,
overcome all the pitfalls in all these technologies we
attendance monitoring systems have been developed
are proposing smart attendance monitoring system
using various technologies like RFID, Barcode,
which is based on iBeacon and which will overcome
Biometric etc. but all these technologies have certain
all the drawbacks. It will also be helpful in detecting
the fake attendance.


Volume: 3 Issue: 2 April - 2018 76

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Volume: 3 Issue: 2 April - 2018 77