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~ i 155 No.25 What Do The Simple Folk Do? Out: GUBNEVERE: Royalty never can. Why is that, Arthur? Other people do. They seem to have ways and mears of finding respite. What do they do? Farmers, cooks, blacksmiths i Moderato ' GUENEVERE: sim-ple folk drist : Piano ' them es - cape when they're — blue?. hb eb ws , @ shep-herd who is ail - ing, Tho milk-maid who is ww. ‘i cob-bler who is wail - ing From nail -ing His thumb? ' - rT SS i it When they're be - set and be - no = bless’- ly Solo Ob, 384-202 ev-er do they man-age To shed their wea - ry Sei i SSS oa PS peer it rei : =a PSS f +Bsn,,Hns.> Ss = ARTHUR: fsertousdy) = = 5 + 5 aS oT FS + I have been in - formed By those who know them well, They wwj x J I. es SS == = 4 = — 2 aera far riet Pe L joy tts re eT eter Prt find re-lief in quite a clev - er ‘ates, . | Rh "When they're sore-ly pressed, They whis- tle for rT k = Te sana-282