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B Starter  Grammar & vocabulary revision

Grammar 3 Mrs Jones/from Manchester?

Present simple of be: questions and short

4 you/a teacher?
1 Choose the correct words. ?
Are/Is you happy? Yes, we are/is.
1 Am/Is she your sister? Yes, she am/is. 5 I/in class 3C?
2 Are/Am they here? No, they not/aren’t. ?
3 Are/Is this my pen? No, it isn’t/am.
4 Am/Are I in this class? Yes, you are/aren’t. 6 you and Sarah/14 years old?
5 Are/Is the dictionaries next to the notebooks? ?
No, they is/aren’t.
6 Are/Is the teacher near the door? No, he is/isn’t.
Demonstrative pronouns
2 Complete the questions and the short answers.
Is 4 Look at the table and choose the correct words.
A Sara a student?
B Yes, she is. here this/these shelves
1 A the car red? 1that/this girl
B No, it . 2these/those students
2 A you and Lola sisters? 3that/this laptop
B Yes, we . there 4that/this boy
3 A I in the classroom? 5that/those book
B No, you . 6these/those dogs
4 A they happy?
B No, they .
5 A Jenny your friend? Vocabulary
B Yes, she . School
6 A you 13?
5 Complete the words.
B Yes, I .
7 A your mother here? E ngl i sh  e x a m
B No, she . 1 G gr phy r m
8 A you in class 2C? 2 Sc nc   l b
B No, I . 3 M s c t ch r
4 Fr nch h m w rk
3 Look at the table. Then write the questions and 5 H st ry n t s
the short answers. 6 M ths b k
7 CT cl ssr m
you a student – new
Mrs Jones a teacher – from Manchester
Question words
John’s friends nice – 16 years old
I in class 3C – Spanish 6 Complete the questions with the words in the
Sarah and you friends – 15 years old
your homework easy – interesting which when who how
Mrs Jones/a student? what why where
Is Mrs Jones a student? Who
is your best friend?
No, she isn’t.
1 is your favourite food?
1 your homework/interesting?
2 is your birthday?
3 do you live?
4 do you prefer, Maths or Geography?
2 John’s friends/horrible? 5 do you get to school?
? 6 are you learning English?

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