Hidden Power - James K.


I. Understanding the Subconscious Mind
A) The subconscious mind is a sophisticated electronic goal-seeking mechanism that functions much like any manmade computer B) Your subconscious mind does not think or act on its own volition or its own initiative. Itʼs primary purpose is to achieve the goals that have been given to it by your conscious mind. C) Your conscious mind is like the captain of a ship. The captain is in complete control. The members of his crew can only follow orders; they cannot see where the ship is actually going. D) Your conscious mind is that part of your brain that enables you to know, to think, and to act effectively. Your conscious mind uses logic, deduction, and reasoning to reach its conclusions and make its decisions. It is only through your conscious mind that you can contact your subconscious mind. It is to your conscIous mind that your subconscious mind looks for instructions. E) Your subconscious mind is completely impersonal. It is not capable of making moral judgements or determining the difference between right and wrong, good or evil. That is the sole responsibility of your conscious mind. It matters not to your subconscious mind what itʼs goals are. If you program it for success, you will be successful. If you program it for failure, you will fail. F) Once a correct or successful response has been Established in your Subconscious mind that allows it to attain specific goalʼs given to it with your Conscious Mind, that procedure is stored for future use. G) Your subconscious mind repeats this successful response on future trials, no matter what they are. In fact, certain habit patterns are so deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind that the goals given to it by your conscious mind can be easily accomplished in the dark or when your eyes are closed. H) Your subconscious mind never forgets anything. That is why it is so important that you program it with positive success ideas rather than negative failure ones. I) Yesterday is a cancelled check tomorrow is only a promissory note, but that today is cold hard cash.


Communicating with your Subconscious Mind A) You can communicate with your subconscious mind by feeding information into it just as you would do with a manmade computer. 4) Evaluate the Possible Solutions. 3) Deterwine All the Possible Solutions. you must allow time for your subconscious mind to absorb and assimilate all the information youʼve given to it.Hidden Power .James K. Of course. C) How you can use your conscious mind to solve problems 1) Identify Your Exact Problelm. or just about to go to sleep. So you will usually receive your instructions as hunches or intuition or flashes of inspiration E) You. B) I must point out to you that you cannot force the answer. you are in Alpha. You want to get into the Alpha state for the best results in meditation. --> ACT!!!! D) How will the answer come to you? Most people receive their instructions or their guidance in terms of a feeling . too. When you are daydreaming. 6) Turn Everything Over to Your Subconscious Mind (If you canʼt find the answer consciously) 7) Put Your Solution into Effect. Alpha is also the best state in which to practice the art of mental imagery. 2) Determine the Exact Cause of Your Problem. the more stubborn it will become. 2 . psycho-pictography. Give yourself at least half an hour for your meditative session. At times sleeping on the problem is the only way you can get the answer that you need. or visualizing what it is that you want. G) Sometimes a period of meditation is not enough. can use meditation to solve many of your problems. The more you try to force your subconscious mind. or just waking up in the morning. Vanfleet II. F) What does meditation actually do for you? It unclogs your conscious mind so the perfect answer to your problem can come through to you from your subconscious mind. 5) Pick the Best Solution with Your conscious mind.

it is important to go one step further and actually see yourself as already beings successful. D) Thus. believing that you already have them-your subconscious mind will go to work for you to devise the methods that will make your fantasy come true. believing fully that they are true stand fully erect. stick out your chest. can have whatever you can visualize if you believe that it is possible. F) As you say these things. while it is necessary for you to feel and think you are going to be successful. E) Top-notch salespeople. C) You.Hidden Power . B) When you program your desires into your subconscious mind believing that you can have them--or better yet. and hold your head high. It is important to point out to you here that your subconscious mind will not take the trouble to work for you if you do not believe in it. 3 .all these practice their techniques in front of a mirror to become successful. Belief and your subconscious mind A) First of all it is important for you to know that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a real experience and one that you imagine. television evangelists.James K. too. professional public speakers. politicians --. Vanfleet III. pull in your stomach. Imagination. Your subconscious mind will store your emotional fantasies as reality .

C) Donʼt let others turn off your creativity 1) The best way to keep others frorn turning off your creativity is to keep your transactions with your subconscious mind a deep secret all to yourself. 6) Take immediate ACTION when you receive the answer B) Imagination plus Initiative--the power of commencing-makes the difference between the thinker who does something and the daydreamer who accomplishes nothing. Unless this sense of urgency exists. a need or an urgency for getting the . 4 . which will then be transferred to your subconscious mind. or your procedures.James K.job done. your subconscious mind will not come up with new ideas for you. 3) Gather up all the available facts you have on the subject 4) Feed all those facts into your subconscious mind. It will not try to figure out a better way of doing things. your methods.Hidden Power . 5) Relax. 2) Believe in your heart of hearts that your subconscious mind will give you the answer you want and need. How to establish a creative climate for your subconscious mind A) So the most important incentive in getting your subconscious mind to give you a new idea is pressure. Vanfleet IV. 1) Know exactly what it is you want to accomplish. is to tell them absolutely nothing of your techniques. 2) So the best way to keep others from planting negative ideas in your conscious mind. unless youʼve given it a valid reason to do so. a requirement.

B) FIVE TECHNIOUES TO BE USED ON ALL BAD HABITS 1) You Must reach the point you can no longer tolerate yourself the way you are or the Situation the way it is. defeat. D) If your conscious mind plants anger. you would probably say willpower. then. Habits and your Subconscious mind A) If I were to ask you which was more important in breaking a bad habit. you must first control your thoughts. imagination will always win. 5 . You might ask..James K. Now nothing that has ever happened to you is ever forgotten.Hidden Power . 3) You Must Establish Tangible and Concrete Goals to Be Reached. 5) Do It One Day at a Time. and success is always the inevitable result. 4) You Must reprogram your subconscious Mind with these new concepts. The opposite course-nonresistance-is the only way out. C) You will find that bombarding your problem with will power could easily cause you to be stuck with it. But that ls not the correct answer. If you are going to control your life. it is not allowed to surface until it is needed for one reason or another. attitudes and ideas. Whenever indignation and willpower are in conflict with each other . resentments envy. imagination or willpower. 2) Must Want to be free ofYour Bad Habit More than Yon Want to Hang onto It.. must be extremely careful what you think about. failure. Vanfleet V. you will get back precisely what you have planted. But when the imagination and willpower are in agreement an irresistible force is created. since much of that information is not required at all times to allow four conscious mind to function properly. what use is willpower? It is useful in only one way: making the initial decision to change. However. and other negative thoughts in your subconscious mind. then.

2) Use of association. 3) Too much is happening all at once. B) Why certain events are hard to recall 1) Sometimes. everything youʼve seen.. everything youʼve been told. or tasted. 6 .Hidden Power .. C) How you can improve your subconscious mindʼs memory 1) Concentrate on the event. 3) Learn to be more observant. 2) Word storage in your subconscious mind is derived from everything youʼve read or studied and your understanding of the meaning of individual words.James K. 3) Attitude concept storage is your subconscious mindʼs interpretation of the first two storage systems. Vanfleet VI. Memory and your subconscious mind A) The three different kinds of memory storage in your subconscious mind 1) Expeniential storage in your subconscious mind comes from everything that has ever happened to you. heardl smelled. the past event is so distasteful or so painful that your conscious mind simply blocks out the memory 2) Your Conscious mind does not consider an incident to be important at the time it occurs.

James K. This does not mean you will not suffer some temporary defeats along the way. . 7 . not only from your own conscious mind. Deactivate and Defuse Your Failure Attitudes and Ideas A) Strange as it might sound. but also from outside sources. 1) You can place artificial limitations on yourself in many ways. When you do that. Youʼll be constantly programming your subconscious mind with negative thoughts like these: “Sheʼs more beautiful than I am .Hidden Power . F) Not only is programming your subconscious mind for success important in deactivating and defusing your failure ideas. One of the most common is to give yourself a goal that is far below your capabilities or to be too easily satisfied. you no doubt will. But that does not mean you have lost the war. 3) Fatigue increases your subconscious mindʼs susceptibility to suggestions or orders from a source outside of your own conscious mind. B) To me. Youʼll get all kinds of negative advice from people. only means you have lost one little battle. 4) Donʼt Accept Negatiue Advice from Others. E) Donʼt place artificial limitations on yourself. Youʼll hear comments like these all the time: ~(Itʼll never work . C) ACT AS IF IT WERE IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL. 2) Children are especially susceptible to having their subconscious minds programmed by adults in authority. but an actual goal to reach is also required. 2) Never compare yourself with others a) One of the quickest ways to program your subconscious mind with failure attitudes and ideas is to compare yourself with other people. success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. To reach a goal action is necessary. Compete only with yourself. . when youʼre tired and wornout. . heʼs a lot smarter than 1 am . 95 out of every 100 people fail to achieve anything of major importance in their lives simply because it is easier to fjil or just coast along not living up to oneʼs potential than it is to succeed. . Vanfleet VII. you canʼt do it . . D) Donʼt let others program your subconscious mind with negative ideas 1) An important point to remember about your subconscious mind is that it will accept suggestions and take orders. . Donʼt waste your time trying it . . thatʼs impossible. your conscious mind drops its watchful guard. A failure is someone who has the talent and the ability to accomplish much more than he has. you are always going to meet someone who is better or smarter than you are in one way or another.

. 3) Your goal should have a Definite time period. F) So plan your progress carefully. no crew. Determine exactly what it is that you want to achieve.Hidden Power . 8 . B) Not having goals is like a ship leaving a port with no captain. E) Three characteristics every goal should have 1) A goal must be concrete and specific. Re. believe that you have received it. Goals A) Your subconscious mind is a goal-seeking mechanism. 5) Be persistent .. 4) Never let the fear of failure enter your mind. so must you use your subconscious mind to increase its power. . D) Whatever it is that you want. If you think for one moment that you will fail. it cannot work for you. Develop a sincere determination to follow through on your plan no matter what obstacles you encounter. But unless you give your subconscious mind a goal to reach. the best way to do this is by giving it concrete goals to reach for you. year-by-year. and it will be yours. C) As an athlete must use his muscles to increase their strength. They drift until they end up shipwrecked on the reefs and rocks of life. member that desire is the first law of gain. 3) Develop a deep and sincere desire for the thing that you want.James K. 2) Your goal must be measurable. month-by-months day-by-day. no destination. . make that your goal. then you will surely fail. Vanfleet VIII. follow through. G) A six-step program for achieving a goal 1) Set a definite goal for yourself. even hour-by-hour if that becomes necessary. 2) Develop a plan for achieving your goal and give yourself a reasonable deadline for its attain ment.

Goals (Contd. . J) Donʼt be afraid to shoot for the moon when you establish your goal.James K.Hidden Power . You alone are best qualified to know what you should do .) H) You must also remember that everyone has different ideas about how to go about reaching a certain goal. You may have to use some inter mediate goals as stepping-stones to your final one. give it only one goal at a time. I) To make your subconscious mind work at its maximum potential. Vanfleet VIII. K) A lO-Year Planning Guide 1) My profession: a) What annual income am I shooting for? b) What level of management do I want to reach? c) How much responsibility am I willing to accept? d) How much authority do I want to command? e) What perquisites do I want in my position? 2) My family: a) What standard of living do I want for my family? b) What kind of house do I want for them? c) What part of town do I want to live in? d) Where do I want to take my family on our vacations? e) How much do I want to set aside for my childrenʼs higher education? 3) My social life: a) What kinds of Friends do I want to have? b) What social groups or clubs do I want to become a member of? c) What community leadership positions do I want to hold? d) What worthwhile causes do I want to get involved in? 9 . but donʼt sell yourself short.

which is often defined as presence. e) Accept the blame when you are wrong. c) Stand for what you believe to be right. Vanfleet IX.Hidden Power . C) Why a winner is always optimistic and cheerful. Never make a decision you cannot support. He understands that everyone in the world is waiting for some one else to tell them what to do. Never make a promise you cannot keep. Winners have learned to look on the bright side of things. Because a winner is used to accepting full responsability for his actions. 10 . D) How the winner gains respect from others 1) Accept full responsibility for your actions.James K. d) Always keep your word. admit your mistake to yourself. 2) Winners are consistent in their actions. f) Donʼt carry your personal troubles to the office. and move forward with confidence and assurance. They say what they are going to do and then they do it. Successful People & The Winning Edge A) One of the most noticeable qualities in a winner is his charisma. pick yourself up off the floor. B) A winner assumes control immediately. Never issue an order you canʼt enforce. They know that a smile speaks the universal language of love. It melts away resistance and opposition. winner literally radiates authority to those around him. including your mistakes. 3) The Rules of Integrity (Essential Qualities of a leader) a) Practice absolute honesty and truthfullness at all times. Especially their mistakes! You have to be able to recognize where you went wrong . quiets fears. b) Be accurate and truthful in all your statements. Inner guidance from his subconscious mind lets him know that he is right in whatever he is doing. They make each commitment a personal matter and regard their word too highly not to follow through on what has been promised. Inspires another person with hope and courage.

and vital energy in all your actions and movements. 2) They do not allow themselves to be guided by other peopleʼs standards or beliefs. your head held high. Vanfleet IX. Successful People & The Winning Edge (Contd. It will be reflected in everything that you say and do. and your chest out.James K. 3) You should show alertness . 11 . 3) When you Focus your attention on the present you can become Completely responsive to its aware of your present goals and what you have to do to reach them. an aura of self-confidence will literally radiate from you. Tomorrow Dreamers) 1) Winners live in the ever-present now. crying over missed opportunities. 1) Winners evaluate themselves on what they are not on what other people think they should be. 2) Your posture should be erect. You become only what you think of yourself. to worry and fret and stew about what other people might think about you is a com plete waste of time.Hidden Power . keeping themselves busy with daily challenges and cur rent goals to achieve.) E) How a winner evaluates himself. G) The Image of a Winner 1) Your entire physical bearing is important in projecting the image of a winner. You never become what other people think of you. 3) You see. 4) When you see yourself as a winner and believe in your own abilities. 2) Dreamers live only the future while losers get lost in the past. F) Focus on the task at Hand (Today Doerʼs Vs.

to remain steadfast and loyal. 2) Repetition is a powerful factor in effective programing of your subconscious mind. for instance. 3) Donʼt concentrate on what you fear. B) First of all. there is little hope for success. XI. to last to the end.James K. 12 . This same repetition is required. like a short poem. not only to memorize something and to program it deep into the memory banks of the subconscious but also to perfect oneʼs natural talents and abilities. If you are afraid and take no action whatever to control or conquer your fear. B) You must differentiate between perseverance and mule-headed stubornness if you want to succeed. c) The third step in conquering your fear is to translate your analysis into the necessary action. and un known situation. Vanfleet X. C) How You Can Use Repetition to Achieve Success 1) Memory experts say that if you want to memorize something simple. 2) Overcoming your fears a) When you admit your fear. b) After youʼve admitted to yourself exactly what it is that you are afraid of. then you need to analyze your fear to see if it is truly justified. you must realize that fear is your normal and natural reaction to a new. not Physical D) Fear of Failure 1) The Fear of Failure Is Another Common Fear for Most People. you will never be able to overcome it. FEAR AND ANXIETY A) FEAR AND ANXIETY arise from negative programming of a personʼs subconscious mind. it takes approximately 42 repetitions to make a permanent Imprint In the memory banks of your Subconscious mind. youʼve taken the first step toward solving your problem. Perseverance A) Without perseverance. Do the thing you fear to do and youʼll gain the power to do it. Perseverance means to hold out. C) Most Fears Are Psychological .Hidden Power . The fear of failure usually stems from the fear of criticism. strange.

James K. Even Experienced professionals Are nervous at First because they Lack Experience. And your total personality depends completely upon how you have programmed your subconscious mind. Relationships A) Your relationships with others will depend entirely upon your personality. your health will improve tremendously. Prepare for every scenario possible (never be surprised). XII. when you get rid of your fears. 13 . they will be kind to you. Concentrate Only the Job to Be Done. and excited over every little thing that happens 4) Eat a healthful diet 5) Get the proper amount of sleep 6) Relax 7) Exercise in Moderation 8) Do deep breathing exercises 9) Donʼt be critical of others 10) Donʼt read books about disease 11) Donʼt discuss your ailments 12) Treat your body as the Holy Teasple 13) Be cheerful and optimistic about life.. XIII. B) Keeping yourself healthy 1) Donʼt neglect your health completely 2) Donʼt fuss about your health all the time 3) Donʼt get emotional . Know Your Subject and Stick To It. Your Health A) Of course. And the more you do it. FEAR AND ANXIETY (Contd. B) If you are kind to others.upset. Vanfleet XI. your anxieties. the better youʼll become.Hidden Power .) 4) A Certain Amount of Nervousness is Useful. and your worries.

) C) Rules for making valuable friendships 1) Think of others first. 2) Gain a Reputation for Being Dependable. Heʼll love you it.James K. This alone can prevent financial success D) How to become successful 1) Use Your God-Given Talents to do What You Were Meant to Do. 4) So a big secret of making and keeping friends is to forget yourself completely and become genuinely interested in other people. If you want to get more. Praise feeds a personʼs ego and fulfills his desire to be more important. a great many people are handicapped by having a poverty complex. 2) Praise a person and youʼll win his loyal friendship. you will act like the sort of person you conceive yourself to be. E) The Magic Formula That Leads to Financial Success 1) Find a need and fill it. 3) If you want to know the secret of being liked by e veryone wherever you go. to build strong and enduring friendships. . a) Your actions. know your boniness and keep on knowing it. give them More than They Pay For. your feelings. 4) Give Them More than the Other Fellow. XIV. not flattery. Becoming Successfull A) Success is not the result of making money. Vanfleet XIII. 5) Never Criticize anyone. B) One of the best ways to become rich is to enrich others. . then Iearn to give your wholehearted attention to the other person. your behavior will all be consistent with the image you have of yourself. 3) Make the Extra Effort.Hidden Power . 14 . Relationships (Contd. making money is the result of success. To be able to do this with sincerity means youʼll have to place more emphasis on what they want than upon what you want. C) You see. In other words . You want to be able to accept them exactly as they are. 5) Develop Your Own Self-Image of a Sucessfull Person. 3) Acquire All the Specialized Knowledge You Can About Your Chosen Field. Do everything in your power to increase the success and happiness of the other individual. Always be sure to use praise. 4) How to Become the Authority and Expert in Your Own Field. 2) Accept Your Limitations with Good Grace. then youʼll have to give more.

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