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About the Author
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Grim Sinners MC

Wilder is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are all products of
the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events,
locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
Except as permitted under the US Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication
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a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.

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Cover Model: Dylan Horsch

To the ladies who are down on their luck, who feel like all hope is
lost with no way out. This is for you: hope is a promise, a
promise for a better future. Sometimes we have to reach out and
take it for ourselves.

This is for you. <3


I slip on my shoes and look at myself in the mirror. My eyes

immediately go to the parts of myself I dislike. My hair is too
straight, my nose is too small, and my eyes are too large for my
face. My body is far from my liking.
I clench my eyes closed. Do not do this to yourself, Joslyn, I
chant over and over inside my head. Tonight I have a date, a date
with the most beautiful man I have ever met.
He is the vice president of the Grim Sinners. He is six-foot-
four to my five-three, and he has full sleeves and a beard that
drive a woman wild. He could have anyone he wants, but he
asked me out.
Well, technically he asked me out three times before I broke
down and said yes. My first thought was he is making fun of me,
because why would he ask me out? I am a five and he is a twenty,
hands down.
Stop! I say to myself once again. If you continue this you will
never stop doubting yourself.
A loud banging on the front door startles me. I see three
figures standing there, and my stomach sinks. It can’t be?
My mom is someone I hate, and that it something I do not say
lightly. For as long as I can remember, she has put me down, her
words cutting me like a knife. She has called me worthless and
ugly, and told me I will never amount to anything in life.
Life got worse once she got a boyfriend who went along with
her when she put me down and took my money for drugs, or
whatever she does with the money, but the worst thing of all was
his son.
Robert wanted me, and he taunted me with it. I didn’t feel
safe in my old home anymore. He constantly groped me and
tried to hold me down and kiss me. When I hit him, he gripped
me so hard he left bruises on my arms.
I remember his words as if they were yesterday. “You will be
mine, no matter what. Give in or regret the consequences. You
leave me and I find you again, I will kill you, but not without
making you suffer first.”
The moment everyone was asleep, I took what savings I had
and ran. I ran until I stopped in Raleigh, Texas, a year ago.
The loud knocking breaks me from my trip down memory
lane. I will my body to move and tiptoe to the front door. I look
through the crack in the curtain. It’s them. My mother, her man,
and his son. Robert has a sickening smile on his face, and he
pushes his dad out of the way. The door slams against the wall as
he opens it.
Oh my God.
“Well, if it isn’t Joslyn?” He grins and runs toward my
bedroom. I beat him there and slam the door in his face. Then I
lock my deadbolt and run to my closet, grabbing my backpack
with all the money I’ve made at the bakery.
A loud pounding on my bedroom door sounds through the
room. He is trying to kick in the door. “You can’t hide in there
I don't say a word; I slide open the window and jump out.
Once my feet touch the ground, I run to the bus stop. After I
board the bus and pay my fare, I see Robert standing outside one
of the bus windows. I duck my head and the bus takes off.
I am free.
We pass by the restaurant where I am supposed to be meeting
Wilder, and I choke back tears. My life could have been so
amazing here, but I won’t get that chance. I never get a chance.
My life is this: running.

Three Months Later

I am in Denver, Colorado, far from Texas. My phone has been

ringing off the hook ever since the night I left—Shaylin telling
me she’s worried and Wilder asking if I am okay. It hurts that
they are worried, but I can’t take a chance of my parents finding
out where I am.
I turn my phone back off. I stare at the grimy wall in front of
me, stained with God knows what. I am in another seedy hotel.
I have gone from hotel to hotel. Every new place I stay fills my
heart with dread. Occasionally, I settle in one place for a longer
stretch, but then I have to move again.
They always find me.
My mother has put me down my entire life, but it’s the
stepbrother who truly makes me afraid. He’s ruthless when it
comes to going after what he wants, and what he wants is me. I
won’t allow him to have me.
All I want is to be happy, have peace, and live my life the way I
want to. My mother will make sure that never happens; she
thinks I owe her for giving me life and raising me. She may have
raised me for the first couple of years, but the moment I was able
to understand what was going on around me, I was left to take
care of myself.
One of the biggest things I battle in my life is being hard on
myself and focusing on my flaws, and a year ago I could not look
someone in the eye—instead I’d hang my head. I am still self-
conscious, and it kills me that I am that way, but it’s a habit that
is not easily broken.
I am that person in the corner hiding from people. I am
someone people pass without a second glance. I am mediocre at
best, but one thing I want more than anything is for someone to
love me. But I come with too much baggage. How can someone
accept me when I can barely accept myself?
Stop it, Joslyn! Don’t go down this path. I am the product of
my mother’s biting words.
“I will not let it define me,” I whisper to myself, closing my
eyes tightly. This is something I have told myself over and over
for the past year: I am more than her words. Then all of this
keeps happening to me.
I let out a deep breath and push myself off the bed, which is
hard as a rock with covers stiff as cardboard. I grab my bag and
step out into the morning air. The door creaks as I shut it. I will
be staying here for the next two days, allowing myself to rest. I
am physically and emotionally drained.
I head toward a diner right down the road with my head to the
ground, trying to blend in as much as possible. My hair is in my
face, and I’m wearing a baggy shirt and even baggier pants. My
stomach is growling. I haven’t eaten anything in two days
besides a bag of chips, because I have been on a bus. I push my
backpack higher on my shoulders and hurry to the diner.
I choose a seat facing the room. The menus are already sitting
on the table. I open one and stare at it, my eyes becoming blurry
with tears.
I feel so alone.
My nose burns as I attempt to choke back the tears.
“What can I get you to drink?”
I jump at the sudden voice next to me. The waitress’s eyebrow
is arched at me, and her pen is poised on the pad.
I clear my throat. “I would like a water,” I say in almost a
whisper. She studies my face, and I look down because that’s all I
need: someone asking questions right now.
I let out a deep breath when she walks away. My breath
hitches, and I clench my hands together trying to feel any
emotion other than anxiety.
I will, once again, become accustomed to the sadness and
loneliness, and I will thrive. I always do. Being alone is
something that I am good at.


Later That Night

Oh my God. Why me? I take off running. Did I just see my

stepbrother getting off a bus a block from my hotel?
All day long I was out getting necessities and scoping out the
town, and I was just heading back to my room. How could he
have found me? I don't understand! I rub my face roughly, and
my body is shaking uncontrollably. I just got here yesterday.
Does he have a tracking device on me? Is he hacking me
somehow? My knees buckle and I hit the ground with a thud,
making me bite my tongue. I sob and fall forward, my forehead
hitting the carpet.
I sniff and rise, drying my eyes. Everything in me wants to
call Shaylin. I want to go home, and I want to feel safe. I don’t
want to be alone anymore. I want my bed, I want my job back,
and I want to be surrounded by my friends. I want my life back.
Shaylin has tried and tried to get me to tell her where I am;
she has begged me to let her help me. I told her that I was
running from something, but maybe it’s time to let someone
help me for once?
With shaky hands I take my phone out of my pocket. I power
it on and call Shaylin, my former boss, who was also my best
friend. She answers on the fourth ring. “Joslyn?” she says in
shock, and a tear slides down my cheek.
“It’s me,” I whisper and lean back against the bed.
Her words come out in a rush. “Where have you been?”
“I have been running from my stepbrother, Robert. He found
me in Texas, with the help of my mom and her new man. I am in
Colorado and he has found me again. He wants me, and he won’t
take no for an answer. He will kill me if he sees me again.” My
words are rushing out so fast I am not sure she understands me.
“Why didn’t you come to me?” she asks softly.
I clench the phone in my hand, my eyes going to the ceiling.
“When you have been alone your whole life, that’s all you
know…to depend on yourself. I never thought to ask for help. I
have been dealing with my problems myself since I was a kid.”
“I understand that, Joslyn, but we love you and we would have
kept you safe. We are coming to get you.”
“Okay,” I say softly.
“Tell me what hotel you’re staying at and in what city.”
I rattle it off to her.
“Someone will be there soon.” She hangs up, and I put the
phone down on the floor. My heart feels light for the first time in
a long, long time. A lot of girls have problems that are a lot
worse than mine, but fear controls my life. Fear is all I have
known—anxiety is a part of my life every single day.
My whole life, my mom has put me down and filled our home
with a steady parade of men who are not nice people. I have seen
too much fighting and sex.
As I said fear controls my life. I fear what could happen to me.
I crave security and safety. I crave safety like it’s my next breath.
God, what would that be like? To smile and be carefree, not
worrying about my next meal or a million different things.
I am not a badass chick, by any means, or someone who can
kick ass and take names. I am me, I am Joslyn. I am five feet
three inches tall and one hundred and forty pounds, but one
thing I know is I am not weak. Even when life has gotten me
down, I have carried on—that is one thing I will always do,
because I have hope for a better life.
The Next Day

After three months of being apart, I am so close to her.

Joslyn has tortured me from the moment I laid eyes on her.
She is so fucking beautiful, and she doesn’t even know it. She is
so fucking shy that she stares at the ground blushing when she is
around me.
She left before I could take her ass out. I understand why she
did it, but that doesn’t make me less angry. She has been alone
her whole fucking life, and that’s all she knows.
And now I am standing outside her hotel room. After being
away from her for three months, I am so close to seeing her
I bang on her door. “Jos, it’s me.” It’s complete silence for a
few seconds, and the door cracks open, revealing Joslyn.
Her hair is hanging around her face, which is pale and filled
with exhaustion. She is wearing baggy clothes that hide her
figure, and she looks completely shocked to see me in front of
“Wilder? I didn’t know you were coming.” She says this softly
and looks behind me into the hallway nervously.
I wish a motherfucker would pop around the corner. It would
save me from tracking his ass down—I could go ahead and put a
bullet between his eyes.
“Get your shit, Darlin’, I have another hotel booked.”
She backs away from the door as I push it open, and she picks
up a backpack off the floor.
“That’s it?”
She nods and stands beside me in the hallway. Her head
comes up to the middle of my chest. Fuck, she’s tiny.
She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear and looks at
everything but me. I shut the door and put my hand on the small
of her back, leading her down hallways and away from this hotel,
which is filled with prostitutes and people higher than a fucking
kite. She does not belong here.
She walks closely beside me. She moves her head side-to-
side, and I can see a light tremor—her body is fucking shaking
with fear.
I hold the door to the entrance of the hotel open and unlock
my rental truck. She startles at the sound.
“It’s okay, Darlin,” I tell her and she ducks her head in
embarrassment. As she climbs into the truck, she turns toward
me. “Seriously, Wilder, thank you.”
“It’s no problem.” I wink and she looks away.
I shut the door and chuckle under my breath. When I get in
the truck, she is sitting stiff as a board twisting the strap of her
“I am fucking starving, what do you want to eat, Darlin’?”
She startles once again, making me feel like shit. I hate the
fact that people have made her fucking feel this way.
From the corner of my eye, I watch as she swallows and
studies the seat, as if thinking about what to say.
She looks at me, her bottom lip between her teeth. “I am fine
with anything,” she finally answers, and I pull up to a
steakhouse. I need some real food after all of that airplane shit. I
came straight to the motel after I got off the plane. When I turn
off the ignition, she pushes the backpack off her lap and pulls
out her wallet.
“Put that away, unless you need your ID to drink.” I catch her
shocked look as I step out of the truck.


Close your mouth, Joslyn, you look like an idiot. You can’t even
speak around him without making yourself look dumb. It’s just
the little things that seem to shock me, like the way he speaks to
me it’s like he cares and when he calls me Darlin’.
I have never had a guy tell me to put my wallet away because
he was buying. On the rare occasions I’ve gone out with
someone, I have always paid for everything myself. And these
relationships have always epically failed, reaching a point where
I dreaded even being in the guy’s presence.
I squeak in shock when he opens my door. I was lost in
thought and didn’t notice him. He raises his hand, and I place
my hand in his as I slide down from the seat. My hand stays in
his for a second too long, causing my stomach to flip, and I
slowly move it away, my cheeks flushing.
“Come on, Honey.”
My stomach flutters at the sound of his deep voice. I lick my
bottom lip. He touches the small of my back, and my breath
hitches. I am not used to being touched, so I usually cringe and
find a way to avoid it. It makes me uncomfortable. But with
Wilder touching my back? I feel safe. He looms next to me like a
sentinel, and I find that so comforting. I have been scared for so
long—but right now I’m not, and it’s hard to wrap my head
around that.
I barely notice us walking through the restaurant entrance.
“How many?”
“Two,” he grumbles. The room is semi-empty because it’s
three o’clock and usually everyone is at work right now.
As we follow the waitress, we pass a booth filled with guys,
and I sense their eyes on me. I look at the ground. Wilder rubs
my back soothingly and pulls me closer.
My nose burns with tears. I don’t know how he knows, but the
thought of someone noticing what I’m feeling is almost too
much. Anxiety is a crippling thing.
“Here you are.” The waitress places two menus on the table,
and we slide into a booth facing each other. She takes out her
pad, her pen poised. “What can I get you to drink?” Her eyes are
on me.
“Water, please.” I tuck my hair behind my ear, opening my
menu. My mouth waters at the thought of a steak, baked potato,
and veggies. I have been living off junk food these past months. I
don't want to spend his money like that though, so I will just get
a salad, which is the cheapest thing on the menu.
The waitress comes back a few minutes later. “Are you guys
ready to order?”
I look at Wilder and he nods. “I will take a salad.”
“Joslyn.” I give him a sheepish look. “Order more, Babe,
you’re too little.”
I snort with laughter. “I will take a six-ounce ribeye steak
with a loaded baked potato with a side of grilled veggies.”
He winks and orders almost the exact same thing, but a much
bigger steak and double the sides.
“Your food will be done shortly.” She walks away, leaving me
and Wilder alone. He stares at me, and I don’t know what to do
or say. I place my hands in my lap, twiddling my thumbs.
“Why didn’t you tell us before you left?” he asks and I sigh
deeply. Well, he didn’t beat around the bush, did he?
I shrug. “I am so used to handling everything myself the
thought never crossed my mind. I have always done everything
alone, and I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.”
His face softens, and he leans over the table so his face is
much closer to mine. “That is an honorable trait, Baby, but you
will never have to handle anything alone again. You have
friends, Joslyn.”
What do I say to that? How do I react? “Wilder—”
His hand in the air halts me. “Don’t argue.” He leans back in
his seat. I arch an eyebrow at his bossiness. He looks so gruff and
tough sitting there with tattoos covering his arms and parts of
his neck. Don’t forget that beautiful beard and the cut on his
back, making him look badass and intimidating.
He leans forward again, and one of his arms, which is resting
on the table, brushes against mine. His eyes darken in thought,
and I hold my breath waiting for what he’s about to say next
because, whatever he’s thinking, it’s got him furious.
His head tilts to the side before he grins evilly. I gulp and
twist my fingers in my lap. “Also, don’t worry about the fucker
harassing you. He is good as fucking dead.”
Did he really just say that? He sits back in his seat and stares
me down. He means it alright.
I lick my parched lips, and I shakily reach forward to touch his
arm. “I don’t want you to do that.” I close my eyes because
that’s a lie; Robert being dead means he can’t bother me
anymore. “I don’t want you to get in trouble.”
He laughs loudly, startling me. “Baby, I won’t get in trouble. I
am the VP of the Grim Sinners.”
“Oh.” I don’t know what else to say.
He asks me a few questions, which I answer with a simple
“yes” or “no.” I wish to God that I didn’t analyze my every word.
I feel like if I say one little thing wrong everything will come
crumbling down around me, leaving me all alone once again.
“Here you are.” The waitress interrupts my thoughts by
putting my food in front of me.
“Our plane leaves at ten o’clock in the morning,” Wilder
informs me.
“Okay.” I nod, smiling slightly. Going back means I am far,
far away from Robert.

A Few Hours Later

“Joslyn, relax. I am not going to bite you.” He throws me a wink.

I laugh at how foolish I must look right now, curled into a ball in
the middle of the bed. Wilder is in his own queen-sized bed,
watching TV.
I sink down into the bed, pulling the blanket over me. I let out
a loud sigh, closing my eyes. “I haven’t felt a bed this
comfortable in months.” I snuggle my face into my pillow. This
is the best hotel, and the softest bed, I have ever been in.
“Want to order a movie and some snacks?”
I contemplate what to say, and I feel freer than I have in
months. “Sure.”
Wilder’s face softens. “What do you want, Darlin’?”
I think for a second, but anything will suit me. “Whatever you
He takes the phone off the small table by his bed and orders a
ton of snacks and drinks.
“Thank you, Wilder.”
He tilts his head to the side, eyeing me. “What did I say about
thanking me for shit?”
When he paid for our food earlier, I thanked him about ten
times before we parked at the hotel. He turned off his truck,
looked me dead in the eye, and growled, “Quit fucking saying
‘thank you,’ Joslyn.”
“Yeah, I remember. Mr. Growly,” I say now, rolling my eyes.
“Are you sassing me, Joslyn?”
I cringe at the darkness in his voice, and he is glaring at me.
Oh no, did I make him mad? “Wilder, I didn’t—”
The sound of his laughter cuts me off midsentence.
I cross my arms across my chest, not liking to be laughed at
one bit. I narrow my eyes at him, but that just makes him laugh
I am saved from his laughter by a knock at the door, and the
snacks are delivered. My arms are still crossed across my chest,
and I glare as he walks by. Yes, it may be petty of me, but it
seems I enjoy teasing him. I guess a small part of me is getting
used to him. Just a small bit.
“Don’t pout, Baby.” He chuckles and walks to my bed. He sets
the chips and drinks in front of my crossed legs and plops down
on the bed. My eyes widen at the sight of him getting
comfortable beside me, and my legs touch his slightly, which
causes me to jerk away, my face flooding with embarrassment.
“What are you doing?”
I wave my hand around, like that will help me explain.
He smirks at me, looking way too hot to be doing that next to
me. “Doing what, Sweetheart?”
My mouth opens slightly; then I shake my head and pick up a
bag of Doritos and a soda.
“What do you want to watch?” Wilder asks, scrolling through
the movies.
“It doesn’t matter.” I shrug and open the bag of Doritos.
He clicks on a scary movie, and my heart fills with dread. I
shouldn’t have let him choose the movie. Me and scary movies
do not mix. I close my eyes and tilt my head back, hoping that I
can fall asleep or something so I can tune out the movie.
“What are you doing?” I can hear the laughter in his voice. I
open my eyes just enough to glare at him. “Nothing.” I look at
the screen.
The movie starts and I cringe internally. Do not scream,

She screams for the tenth time during this movie, and I burst out
laughing, this time because she has her face buried in a pillow.
“No! Don’t look in there, are you dumb?” she yells and waves
her hand at the screen. She has moved closer and closer to me,
and she is almost hidden behind my arm.
The demon pops out and she screams, burying her head into
my shoulder blade. I reach back and touch the back of her head,
rubbing slightly.
When the scene ends, I expect her to sit up, but she wraps her
arm around my forearm, raising her head just enough so she can
see the TV. It shouldn’t feel this fucking good for her to be lying
on me like this, but I wanted her the moment I saw her, months
ago. She worked for my cousin Shaylin and is way too fucking
beautiful to be normal.
I asked her out over and over again, but she never said yes
until a week before she left. Then that fucker came to town and
she ran. When I saw her again, at the hotel today, she looked like
Joslyn, but she also didn’t look like her. She was missing her
light, the happiness that was in her smile, even though she hid it
every time she noticed she was doing it. Now she looks sad, and I
don’t like that one fucking bit. Robert is a fucking dead man.
That is a guarantee.
Thirty minutes later the movie ends, and I shut off the TV. I
hear Joslyn’s light breathing, and I look down to see her fast
asleep, her hand gripping my shirt.
Unable to resist I kiss the top of her head, lingering to breathe
in her smell. I loosen her grip on my shirt and lay her down on
the bed. I set the chips on the nightstand. The blanket is pooled
at her feet, so I cover her up, tucking it around her neck.
I slip off the bed and go to mine. I set my cut on the back of
the chair and my gun on my bedside table. I pull my blankets
over me as I slip into bed, turning off the light on the
nightstand, putting the room in complete darkness.
I hear a loud gasp as Joslyn wakes up. “Wilder?” she
“I am right here,” I soothe and I hear her let out a deep
“Did I mention that I was scared of scary movies and the
dark?” she whispers, the bed creaking as she moves around.
How fucking cute.
“Scoot over.” I walk over to her bed. I can see her outline,
sitting up. “What?”
She seems shocked, but she scoots over anyway. I climb in
beside her and pull the covers over both of us.
“You didn’t have to, Wilder.”
“I know, Darlin’.”
She doesn’t say a word but, without a fucking doubt, she is
freaking out on the inside.
“Go to sleep, Sweetheart. We have to get up early to get to the
“Goodnight, Wilder.” She turns her back to me.
“Goodnight, Joslyn.”


It’s been around an hour since Wilder climbed into bed with me,
and my brain won’t shut off. I’m having a million different
thoughts. The major one is, Where am I going to live? Are my
mom and stepfather still at my house? I can almost guarantee
they are.
I will just have to find a new place and see if Shaylin will allow
me to have my job back. I have a feeling she will, considering she
did all of this to bring me home.
“Sleep, Baby,” Wilder says softly and throws his arm over my
waist, pressing his hand to my stomach and pulling me against
him. My back is flush against his chest, and my butt is... I clench
my hand closed and bite my lip hard.
Breathe, Joslyn. I love the feel of his arms around me way too
much. Way too much. Wilder is extremely attractive, and I’ve
had a major crush on him since the moment I met him.
I love the feel of his arms around me, making me feel safe and
so warm, the way he smells, and how big he is compared to me.
Stop it, Joslyn. He doesn’t want you. Look at him and look at
you. He is just being nice.

I wake to Wilder shaking my shoulder. “The plane just touched
down.” I open my eyes and look out the window to see that we’re
on the ground. I have slept since the moment I got on the plane.
It was a straight shot.
Being on the run has exhausted me physically and mentally.
But I have felt at ease since Wilder has been here; not being
alone is comforting.
Wilder unbuckles my seatbelt and I stand up. He takes our
bags from the overhead compartment; we both packed light.
“I want to thank you, Wilder, once again.” I touch his arm to
get his attention, and he glares at me, so I drop my hand.
“What did I fucking say about that shit?” I take a step back,
and his eyes darken. He splits the distance between us, and his
hand goes to the back of my neck softly. “Sweetheart, I would
never hurt you. I would rather take my own life than hurt you.”
I duck my head, feeling ashamed for acting the way I did. It’s
an instinctive thing when someone is powerful and angry. It
would make anyone feel that way. “I didn’t mean it.”
He sighs loudly and lets me go, and his hand curls around my
forearm and pulls me against him. My forehead hits the middle
of his chest, and his lips touch the top of my forehead. My eyes
burn at the feel of someone hugging me and kissing me. I
haven’t felt that in such a long time, if ever. I went on dates, but
there was never a second date, and my mom never had any
nurturing instincts. I grip the back of his shirt, not wanting him
to let go just yet.
“Alright Sweetheart, let’s go get you fed.”
I laugh out loud at that. Wilder is constantly trying to feed
“You know before too long I won’t be able to get through a
door,” I say and he chuckles. Taking my hand he leads me off the
plane and through the airport.
When we are in his truck, I say, “You don’t have to take me to
dinner. A hotel is fine.”
He arches an eyebrow. “A hotel? Why not go to your house?”
I lay my head against the window. “I guarantee my mom and
her new husband are staying there. They tend to show up and
take over my life, forcing me to leave.”
I hear the leather of the steering wheel creak, and I peek over
at him. He seems pissed off. “You will come home with me.”
“What do you mean come home with you?” I touch his arm.
“I can’t do that, Wilder. I don’t expect you—”
He pulls the truck in front of a restaurant and turns toward
me. “Joslyn, I will not have you staying at a hotel when I have
spare rooms for you to sleep in.”
I growl angrily because he has a point, and I am almost out of
money on top of that. A hotel won’t last me another week—by
then I will be broke—and that doesn’t count me having to eat. I
am stuck. “Fine.” I open the door and step out.
He laughs at me, which makes me pissed off. I walk in front
of him to the restaurant not looking at him.
“Sassy,” he mutters.


She is fucking sassy and hot as fuck when she is pissed off. She is
quiet, but the second I piss her off, her whole attitude changes.
I’d rather she be pissed than scared out of her mind. She is
scared all the time, though she pretends she’s not. I see the way
she looks at her surroundings, and when someone gets close she
expects the worst out of them.
Pisses me the fuck off.
Her fear will not be a problem for long.
What she doesn’t know is that he has been following us from
the moment I picked her up at the hotel. Joslyn has let her guard
down. The fucker wouldn’t dare to try something when I am
around, and I wanted him to follow us home. It will be easier to
take care of him in my town rather than drawing it out.
“What are you smiling at?” Joslyn says, and I quit thinking
about torturing and killing the fucker so I can focus on her.
“Nothing, Sweetheart.” I wink at her and she blushes,
looking at her lap. She’s already forgotten to be mad at me.
Nothing at all.


“What do you mean you are dropping me off and going to get my
stuff at my house?” I glare at him.
He leans against the doorframe to his house, blocking me
from leaving. “You heard me, Baby.” He smiles.
My eyes narrow. “I heard what you said, but does that mean I
have to mind you?” I fling my arms around getting more pissed
off every second.
He walks over to me, and I lower my eyes out of instinct. I
brush the bottom of my shirt, trying not to freak out as he gets
closer and closer to me.
Why does he affect me this way?
Hands touch my jaw, lifting my face until my eyes meet
Wilder’s once again. “I will be right back, Baby. I am getting your
I sigh loudly in defeat. “Okay.” I do need my clothes. His lips
touch the top of my hairline, and his hands fall. He turns around
and walks out the door, leaving me alone.
His truck starts up and he backs out of the driveway, the gate
shutting behind him. I hope he doesn’t get into trouble. My
mom and her new husband aren’t the easiest to deal with.


“You ready?” Lane asks and I nod.

I eye the door to Joslyn’s house and hear a ton of laughter
inside. Laughter inside the fucking house, while their daughter
was running for her life.
I kick the door in.
A woman and two men jump off the couch. I instantly
recognize the woman as her mother. The bitch looks just like
Joslyn. Joslyn is beautiful, though, and kind—this woman is evil.
I step inside the house and grin at the woman and her
“Who are you?” Joslyn’s mother says. Her voice is shrill. My
brothers file in and surround me. I laugh at her scared
expression and at her husband, who is holding a pillow in his
lap. He fucked pissed himself.
“Get out of here!” she screams, jumping off the couch and
stepping closer to me.
I laugh at her antics. “Why the fuck should I mind you? I am
here for your daughter’s things and to kick you out.”
Her eyes narrow and her lips form the word “daughter,” but
nothing comes out. Then she says, “Daughter?” She shoots a
look to her husband and the man sitting next to him.
“You are with Joslyn?” her mom says in disbelief, her eyes
moving up and down my body. She bursts out laughing and sits
down on the couch. “Is this some kind of joke?” She screams
with laughter.
I don’t like this bitch one fucking bit. I look over my shoulder
at the guys behind me, and they look as pissed off as I am. I don’t
like my Joslyn being mocked. “She is mine,” I growl loudly,
shutting her up immediately. I look at her stepfather. “Get the
fuck up.”
He smirks at me, then at Joslyn's mom, before standing up
slowly and going head-to-head with me. Nothing will give me
more pleasure than fucking him up. He cocks his head to the
side. “Joslyn must have a pussy of gold, considering she is ugly
as fuck.”
Rage hits me, and he doesn’t get to finish his sentence—I
punch him in the mouth. His front teeth break under my
knuckles. He screams and clutches his mouth. I throw another
fist, hitting him on the mouth again, and hear a satisfying
“You fucker!” Joslyn’s mom screams, running toward me.
One of my brothers, Derek, swoops in and picks her up before
she can reach me.
“I will kill you for this,” Joslyn’s stepfather stutters through
his fucked-up mouth.
I point my gun at his forehead. “I would like to see you try.”
The butt of the gun hits his temple, knocking him out.
“Prospects!” I yell, and they walk in. “Drop them off three
towns over.” Aaron, one of the new prospects, picks up Joslyn’s
mom, and the other prospect grabs her stepdad’s foot and drags
him to the front door.
“Let me get our stuff!” Her hands are clenched around the
door frame.
I throw my head back in laughter. “Why the fuck would I do
that? When your daughter has been on the run from you for
three months. You’re lucky I am letting you have the clothes on
your back, only because I don’t want to touch your nasty ass.”
She flips me off, and I point my gun at her. She falls out of the
prospect’s arms, hits the ground, and takes off running, making
the prospect run after her.
Lane walks over to my side. “Now we wait for the
I grin. “Can’t wait.” I can’t wait until the moment my bullet
is planted right between his eyes. First he will eat every single
word that he has spoken to her that has frightened her. The
threats that made her run for her life.
Only a matter of time.

A Few Hours Later

The front door opens. “Joslyn?” Wilder calls.

“In the kitchen!” I yell.
Every footstep rakes my nerves. What went down at my
Something smacks the floor behind me, and I turn around to
see a couple of duffle bags. I look at him to make sure he is not
hurt. “How did everything go?” My stomach twists and turns.
He smiles reassuringly. “Nothing bad happened, Sweetheart.
Your mother and stepfather are out of your house, but Robert
might come back.”
He is right about Robert. My mother will call him and tell him
what went down, leading him right back to me. A huge part of
me doesn’t fear him anymore, and I don’t have to guess why I
feel this way. Wilder.
My phone rings on the counter next to me, my mom’s
number flashing on the screen. Wilder takes the phone from me
and answers it. “Never fucking contact her again, or I won’t be
so nice next time.” He stops speaking, his jaw clenched. “You
I hear her talking, but he cuts her off by slamming my phone
down on the table, cracking it. The phone that I saved up for—
“I will get you a new one. Sorry, Jos.” Wilder walks out of the
room, leaving me totally confused.
Wilder has to be one of the most frustrating men in the world.
He didn’t even tell me what happened, but I didn’t fail to notice
that the skin on his knuckles is cracked. My stepfather was
probably on the other end of that fist.
I pull out a barstool and sit down. Why must my life be so
complicated? I want to be alone to think about all that has
happened, but another part of me doesn’t want to be alone.
Being alone is something that I have become accustomed to, but
I will be living with Wilder for God knows how long. How will I

Later That Night

I am not coping.
I get up in the middle of the night, having to use the
bathroom, only to only fall straight into the toilet.
“Wilder!” I scream when my butt hits the cold water, which is
probably full of piss because we know a man doesn’t flush the
toilet. I hear him thundering toward the bathroom, and I hurry
to pull up my pants. He bursts through the door, his gun in his
He drops his gun once he sees me standing in the middle of
the room with my arms across my chest. “What the fuck are you
doing?” I can tell he is pissed off. Well, too bad; I am too. I just
landed in cold piss water in the middle of the night, when I am
still half asleep.
“I fell in the toilet!” I point at the toilet—the seat is still up.
His face goes from pissed off to amused, and it turns red as he
holds in his laugh. I growl and rub the top of my head as my
anger starts to slip away.
“Just laugh already.” I sigh loudly, and his laugh thunders
throughout the bathroom.
I snort, not able to help myself. His laugh is contagious. He is
bent over the sink, holding his stomach.
“You’re lucky I didn't get stuck.” I am enjoying seeing him so
light and carefree right now. Wilder is always intense, trying to
uphold his badass title. What everyone else doesn’t know is that
he has a gooey center, though he probably wouldn’t admit it.
“I will try to remember next time.” He stands up.
He can try to remember all he wants to, but I think he needs
to know how it feels. “I am going back to bed.” I fake yawn and
walk past him. “Goodnight, Wilder!” I call over my shoulder.
“Goodnight, Sweetheart.”
I walk into my bedroom, shutting the door, and wait. An hour
passes and I tiptoe to the door. I peer out into the hallway,
making sure his door is shut. I put my hand over my mouth to
cover my giggle. I tiptoe downstairs and hurry to the kitchen.
I remember seeing Saran Wrap in the cabinet by the sink.
While he was gone, I rifled through his cabinets. What else is a
girl supposed to do?
After spotting the Saran Wrap, I tuck it under my arm. I listen
to make sure I don’t hear any movements from upstairs.
I make it to the bathroom without being spotted, and I cover
the toilet seat with Saran Wrap. A wave of laughter bursts out,
and I hide my face in my shoulder trying to control myself. Then
I think about where to hide the Saran Wrap. Under the sink will
have to do. I hide the evidence, hurry back to my room, and
climb into bed. Closing my eyes, I try to control my nerves as I
wait for it all to hit the fan.


My eyes fly open and snap to the clock; it’s 10:30 a.m. Feet are
stomping toward my door. I guess my prank has finally paid off.
My door flies open, and Wilder fills the doorway. Play
innocent, Joslyn. “Yes?” I ask nervously. I can’t believe I did that
last night. That is not like me at all. Oh my God, what if he is
mad? Breathe, Joslyn.
He points at me. “You started a war.”
My mouth opens, and I bring the blanket up higher, twisting
it between my hands. “War?” I gulp, my throat seriously dry.
He steps into the room, immediately making it way too small.
“War, Baby. I will get you back.” He winks, and I let out the
breath I was holding. I still can’t believe that I actually did that
last night without thinking about the repercussions. What if he
had gotten mad?
Of course you didn’t think, Joslyn, you never do what you’re
supposed to or what normal people do.
Stop overthinking, Joslyn.
“What do you want for breakfast?” Wilder asks and I rub my
Maybe I should suggest making something? Ask, Joslyn.
“Want me to make something?”
He shrugs. “Whatever you want to do.”
“I will make breakfast then.” I smile and throw off my
blanket. He smiles back, and that’s when I notice that he is
Oh my God.
How did I not notice this? That should have been the first
thing I noticed! Wilder arches an eyebrow at me, catching me
staring. Kill me now. I duck my head and practically run past


I wait for her to be out of hearing distance before I laugh quietly

at her. She finally noticed that I was shirtless, and she reacted
the way I wanted her to. She blushed from the top of her head to
her toes.
She played a fucking prank on me. I didn't expect that shit
when I went to take a piss. I like that she felt comfortable
enough around me to do it, but then she freaked out the moment
she thought about how I might react.
Joslyn is beautiful. I wish she could see what I see, but she
doesn’t. She tends to overthink things, and it eats her alive. I
will get her to fucking relax around me and to let go.
I want to see the real Joslyn, the Joslyn that she keeps hidden
for fear she won’t be accepted.
Challenge accepted.


He is in the kitchen with me, shirtless. Helping me make

breakfast. I am way too aware of everything he is doing.
“Baby, what do you need me to do now?” he asks, causing my
stomach to flip.
Quit acting like a teenager, Joslyn! You are going to make a
fool of yourself. He probably already thinks you are half dumb. I
clench my eyes shut, trying to silence that little voice that tries
to make me feel like crap about myself.
“Joslyn?” he says again, and I realize I never answered him.
See what you did now, Joslyn? “I am good, Wilder, thank
He leaves the room and I cover my eyes. Why do I do this to
myself? I stir the eggs in the pan and turn the stove off. I just
made a simple breakfast of eggs, toast, and bacon.
I plate the food and tuck two waters under my arm; then I
walk into the living room. Wilder is sitting in the middle of the
couch, watching TV. I place the water on the coffee table in front
of him before setting his plate down in his lap.
“You didn’t have to bring it to me.”
I shrug. “I wanted to.”
I can feel his eyes on me, but I can’t bring myself to look at
him. My thoughts from earlier are making me feel down.
“Shaylin is wanting to know if you can come to work today.”

Her head snaps up, and her eyes are lit with happiness for the
first time today. What Joslyn doesn’t know is we are going to use
her to draw Robert out. He won’t get close enough to Joslyn for
her to notice. It’s time for the fucker to be out of her life and for
“You have a driver’s license?”
She looks confused. “Yeah. Why?” She draws out the “yeah.”
“There’s a car for you to drive in the garage.” I hold my
fucking breath because I don’t know how she will react. What I
don’t tell her is that I bought her a fucking car and had it
delivered yesterday—it’s the safest one on the market.
Her eyes widen. “What?” She stutters, her hand pressed to
her chest. Her hair is sticking up on one side and looking cute as
I touch the side of her face. “There is a car for you to drive.”
She shakes her head. “I can’t use the car, Wilder, it’s too
much.” She looks down and twists her fingers in her lap.
I put my hand on top of hers. “You deserve it, Sweetheart.”


I clench my eyes closed, falling forward, and lay my head on his

chest. His arms wrap around me, his palm resting on the back of
my head.
“Wilder,” I whisper because I don’t know what else to say.
“Baby, I know how much your freedom means to you. This is
my gift to you so you can have that freedom.”
Oh my God. Did he really just say that? Don’t cry, don’t cry. I
repeat this over and over in my head because that is about to
happen. He gets it. It’s why I fight so hard to stay away from my
mom, her husband, and Robert: to live the life I want to.
The feel of his lips touching the top of my head is my
undoing. I grip his shirt tightly, my shoulders shaking with the
power of my sobs.
“It’s okay, Sweetheart,” he whispers, his hand running up
and down my back tenderly.
A few minutes later I manage to contain myself. I think I just
needed to cry and to be held. God, when was the last time
someone comforted me?
The feel of Wilder’s arms around me, the way he smells, and
the heat of his body is a medicine all in itself.
I sit up and look at him. He smiles, his hand touching my
cheek softly, his thumb brushing away the stray tears. My
cheeks warm because of his touch. “I guess I better get ready
then.” I clear my throat and get off the couch.

“Joslyn!” two people yell the moment I step through the door to
the bakery. Two bodies tackle me and I laugh, falling straight
onto my butt, making them collapse on top of me. Paisley and
Shaylin fall to the side, laughing.
“I missed you guys.”
Shaylin punches me on the arm softly. “Missed you too, Jos.”
She hugs me once more. The bell above the door dings, and
Butcher walks into the bakery looking scary times ten. He stares
down at us like we are lunatics. Shaylin lifts her hand, and he
pulls her to her feet and straight into his arms.
I will never get used to seeing such huge and scary men with
their women. They look one way one second, and the next they
are staring at their women, full of love.
They have everything I’ve always wanted. I have always
wanted someone to love me. I want someone to love me like they
can’t live without me, because I know once I fall in love I am
done for—I love with my whole heart. It may just take a while to
get there. Love is these people standing in front of me, looking
at one another like their world begins and ends with each other.
Paisley gives me a sideways look. She is in love with someone.
His name is Liam, and she has been crazy about him ever since
he saved her from a crazed school janitor. Liam is just as crazy
about her.
Paisley is going to school to be a nurse, and Liam is a SEAL.
It’s only a matter of time before it all falls into place.
“Alright ladies, let’s get back to work!” Shaylin manages to
walk away from her husband, and we follow her back to the
kitchen. As she takes care of what needs to be done, I couldn’t
take the smile off my face even if I tried. I missed this. I missed
this place. Baking has been a passion of mine for a long time,
and I am glad I am back.


Derek, Lane, my cousin Travis, and I are sitting outside the

bakery, hidden from view. We are waiting for Robert to show up.
He is in town—our tech guy placed cameras in front of
Joslyn’s place, and he was seen walking through the house,
looking mighty pissed to see all of Joslyn's things gone.
It’s been three hours since Joslyn walked into the bakery and
was tackled by the girls. She was smiling, looking so fucking
happy and beautiful.
“You got it bad.”
My head snaps to Travis, who is leaning against the tree,
smiling at me like a fucking idiot. Growling, I turn my head,
ignoring him. Travis lives to get on my last nerve. He thrives on
fucking with me, and I thrive on fucking him up.
“Aww, Wilder is in love. She is pretty.”
She is pretty. Why the fuck has he been looking at her? I whip
out my gun, pointing it directly in his face. “Don’t even mention
her at all.”
He chuckles and continues smiling at me like he doesn’t have
a fucking gun in his face. “Well, she is.”
I put my gun back into my waistband; then I punch him hard
in the face. He arches an eyebrow. His smile is now bloody, but
that doesn’t affect it one fucking bit. God give me fucking
strength not to murder my cousin. If I wouldn’t have to deal with
my aunt, I would.
“Look,” Derek says, and I see Robert getting out of his car.
I laugh and walk toward him; his back is to me. The stupid
fucker doesn’t even realize I am there until I am standing
directly behind him. He jumps and grabs his door handle, trying
to climb back inside his car. I slam the door shut.
“Robert, you haven’t been a good boy,” Travis says.
Robert’s eyes move to each of us, lingering on me. Fear me,
fucker, I am the last thing you will ever see.
Our black van pulls to a stop beside us, the side door opens,
and a prospect jumps out. “Climb on in, Robert.” I give him a
hard push and he looks at me, startled. “Why do I have to go in
I fold my arms across my chest. “Why the fuck do you think?”
Robert’s knees buckle beneath him—fucking pussy. “I am
going to die?”
“Yeah, you are.” I look down at the man who made Joslyn’s
life a living hell. Made her leave her life, leave her home. He may
look pathetic right now, but he didn’t a few minutes ago.
He was about to waltz in the bakery and take her.
“In the fucking van, or I will draw your death out even longer.
In the van!” I yell. He runs to the van and climbs inside. The
prospects slam the door shut, and they take off.
“Let’s get this shit down.” Lane climbs on his bike, and we
follow him to the clubhouse.


“You don’t have to do this!” Robert begs, on his knees in front of

He is more pathetic than I fucking thought. “Did you give
Joslyn a choice?” I grab his hair in my fist and pull sharply,
making his head snap back, until he is looking at me. “Did you?”
I roar.
He shakes his head. “I just wanted her.”
“Bad mistake, fucker,” Travis sings.
My fist digs into his mouth. “Don’t mention her!” I roar once
again, shoving him away from me.
Robert bows his head, his hand resting in his lap. “I will not
mention Joslyn again.”
“Did you just hear this fucker?” Travis laughs.
I take out my gun and take the safety off. I am done with this
fucker, done with the games. At this moment Joslyn will be
taking back her life, and she won’t have to be afraid anymore.
“Robert!” I snap at him.
He raises his head, and his eyes widen as he takes in the gun
pointing at him. His face hardens, the evil part of him taking his
place. The room quiets.
“Any last words?” I ask.
Robert grins evilly, the sniveling acting gone. “Tell Joslyn...”
The moment he says “Joslyn,” I pull the trigger. He falls face-
first to the ground.
Robert is dead, never to bother her again. Her mom and her
stepfather are out of her life for good. This is step one for Joslyn
in becoming who she wants to be.
Lane stands next to me. “We will take care of this.”
I nod. “Thanks, man.”
Travis walks out of the room with me while the rest of the
guys clean up. “So, what are we having for dinner?”
Travis just grins at me. “Yeah, I want to meet Joslyn.” He
takes off running before I can grab the fucker.
One thing about Travis: he is asking for an ass beating. Two:
he is crazier than hell, and three: don’t ever piss him off. That’s
the last thing you will ever fucking do. Travis is a fucker who will
torture you and do that shit laughing.
I already dread tonight and pray to God that I don’t murder
the shit.


“You want some more food, Travis?” Joslyn asks and Travis
wiggles his eyebrows at me. My last nerve is almost gone, and
it’s taking every fucking bit of my restraint not to stab this knife
into his hand.
Travis touches her arm, making me see red. “Sure, Joslyn.”
She takes his plate and walks into the kitchen. I pick up my steak
knife and stab the side of his hand. The hand that touched
Travis laughs and pulls out the knife; then he presses a
napkin to his bleeding hand.
Joslyn walks back in the room with two plates. She sets one in
front of me and the other in front of Travis. My plate has more
food than his. I give him a satisfied smile and he rolls his eyes.
“Oh no, Travis, what did you do?”
“I just cut my hand, I will be fine.” He puts his hand on the
table before she can touch him. He is a smart fucker, sometimes.


I eye Travis’s hand every time he sets it on top of the table. It

looks like a stab mark, and I am not sure how he managed to do
that to himself.
“You may need stitches,” I suggest once more, because he is
still bleeding.
Travis shakes his head. “No, I don’t need them. I do need to
get going though.” He brushes his hair back. “The food was
delicious, Joslyn.”
“Thank you.”
“I think you need to leave,” Wilder growls and I look at him,
shocked. Why would he say that? He doesn’t notice me looking
at him; his attention is fully on Travis.
Travis laughs and walks out of the room more quickly than he
normally would. Wilder relaxes once he hears the door slam
shut, his attention finally moving to me. “Go relax, Sweetheart. I
will clean up.”
He takes all of our plates and walks out of the room, leaving
me confused. I don’t understand men—that’s for sure.
I grab the throw off the back of the couch, wrapping it around
myself as I sit down. Cake Boss is on TV. This is one of my
favorite shows, as you might expect.
The moment I got home I snagged one of Wilder’s shirts from
the dryer, along with a pair of sweatpants. Wilder looked me up
and down, his eyes gleaming as he took in my attire. But then he
went back to regular Wilder a second later.
Confusing should be his middle name.
I would be lying to myself if I didn’t admit I want him. God, do
I want him. Wilder is just so sweet, caring, and hot. Those
Keep on dreaming, Joslyn, he would never want a woman like
Stop! I tell myself. Do not do this to yourself, Joslyn.
Around thirty minutes later, Wilder finally walks into the
living room, making me almost fall off the couch. He is wearing
nothing but a pair of sweatpants, leaving his abs and tattoos in
plain view.
My mouth pops open. I know I am staring, but I can’t bring
myself to look away. This is the pure beaut--no man should look
this good.
“Like what you see, Sweetheart?” he asks and I sit back on
the couch, finally averting my gaze.
“What?” I whisper, my cheeks burning. I am not sure I can
ever face him again.
Stop acting like such an innocent little girl, Joslyn! To be
honest, though, I am pretty innocent in this respect. I am still a
virgin—no guy has even touched me.
Two of my old friends talked about sex, and they hated it.
Their horror stories kind of made me write off men altogether.
Besides, I wasn’t sure how long I would be sticking around.
“Fucking adorable.”
I peek up to get a full view of Wilder’s chest as he sits down
beside me. An arm goes around my shoulders, and he tugs me to
him until my head is lying on his warm and amazing chest. My
eyes close, and my heart is pounding so hard that I can feel it in
my throat.
“Relax, Sweetheart,” he whispers into my ear, his breath
tickling the side of my neck. My whole body shivers.
“Okay,” I whisper back, snuggling even closer. Do it, Joslyn. I
lift my hand and settle it on his chest. God, the feel of him. The
muscles and the beautiful tattoos.
His hand strokes my back, all the way up to the top of my
neck. His fingers stroke my hair. That feels amazing.
He does this over and over. He moves his fingers through my
hair, then down to my arm. Over and over again.
Today has been one of the best days of my life. I fall asleep
just thinking about that.

I am incredibly hot, way hotter than normal, so I try to kick off
the blanket. My foot hits something hard. What in the world? I
curl my toes, feeling hair.
My eyes open, coming face-to-face with Wilder’s head. He is
lying practically on top of me, his head on my chest, his arm
thrown across my stomach. He is still shirtless. Please give me
Craning my neck, I look at the clock. It’s 9:00 a.m. I don’t
have to be at work until twelve.
Wilder breathes heavily, causing goose bumps to break out
across my neck and arms. Oh God, I must have fallen asleep. I
am in my bed, but I guess he just lay down with me.
Not that I mind.
“What time is it?” Wilder grumbles, causing me to grin. He
sounds so cute with his deep, sleepy voice.
“I am going to sleep for a while longer.” He shifts his head
and wraps his arm tighter around me.
I grin once again, and I drag my fingers through his short
hair. His hand moves from my hip to the side of my face. “You’re
an angel.” He closes his eyes.
How cute is he?

My fist smashes into the face of the man who tried to steal my
bike. He hits the ground, not moving. Stupid fucker.
I turn around to see Joslyn’s mother standing behind me.
Today was an alright fucking day until this man tried to steal my
bike, and then Joslyn's mother showed up. The worst part is she
looks a lot like Joslyn.
“Please just talk to me.”
I growl loudly. “What is it?”
“How is Joslyn?” she says softly, looking at the ground.
I laugh. “You will not manipulate me into thinking you’re a
concerned mother. You have caused your daughter enough
She stands up straight, losing her sad look. “I am homeless!”
she screeches.
I stand a little closer to her. “That is not my problem. Your
daughter has started from scratch many times. You can do it
“I don’t even have money for food!” she hisses back, her
arms folded across her chest.
Breathe, Wilder. I take my wallet from my back pocket and
take out two hundred-dollar bills. “Here.” She snatches it right
out of my hand.
As I’m climbing on my bike, my phone dings. I slide it out of
my pocket and see a text from Joslyn.
Can you believe that they are having a huge country concert
tonight? Too bad all of the tickets are sold.
I go to my contacts and find Conner’s number. We went to
school together, and this is an event that he organized.
Conner answers. “Hey man, how have you been?”
He and I got into a lot of shit when we were teenagers and
almost drove our mothers crazy. “My woman is wanting to go to
the concert tonight. You got any tickets?”
He laughs. “Well, I thought I would never see the day. I have
some front-row seats if you want them. How many?”
“Just me and her.” I forgot about Joslyn’s mother, and I turn
around to see her staring at me in shock.
“I will have my guy drop off the tickets.”
“Thanks, man.”
I hang up. Joslyn’s mother has crept up next to me, and the
fucker I knocked out is slowly walking around the parking lot
holding his head.
“What do you want now?”
She looks at the money in her hand. “Will you tell Joslyn I am
sorry? I am leaving my husband, and it’s time that I become a
better person. Joslyn deserves to be happy.”
My anger dissipates. “I will make sure she is happy. Live your
life. If Joslyn wants to see you, I will get a hold of you.”
She nods, turning on her heel, and walks away. This woman
confuses the fuck out of me. I think, deep down, she never
meant to be the way she is, but she did treat Joslyn badly. That is
something I will never forget or forgive.


I sit down on the couch, confused. Shaylin sent me home early;

it’s now four o’clock. There’s a knock at the door, and I open it to
see a delivery man. He is holding a garment bag.
“I have a delivery for Joslyn,” he says.
“Are you Joslyn?” he asks and I finally nod.
“Here.” He hands me the garment bag and walks away. I stare
at his retreating back. What is going on?
As I start to unzip the bag, there is another knock at the door.
What in the world? I open the door and see someone carrying a
smaller bag.
“Are you Joslyn?”
“Yeah?” I startle as he sets the bag in my hands with a note
and walks down the driveway. Okay, this is strange.
I set the small bag next to the garment bag; then I open the
Be ready by five thirty, I will be by to pick you up. The concert
starts at seven thirty. Can’t wait to see you, Sweetheart.
Oh my God! How sweet is he.
Excited, I unzip the garment bag to see a black dress. It has a
small strap at each shoulder with ruffles between the shoulder
and elbow. The front is slightly low cut, but still very modest,
and the rest of the dress is fitted, but not tightly.
Next I open the small bag to see black stilettos. I set the shoes
down, staring at the gifts. Nobody has ever done anything like
this for me before.
I don’t even think that I have ever gotten a birthday gift, and I
have definitely never had anyone surprise me like this, with
concert tickets to a sold-out arena, a dress, and stilettos.
The door opens and Wilder’s sister Brittany walks in. She
looks at the garment bags then at me. Her face is soft. “Wilder
sent me to do your hair and makeup so you can relax.”
I turn away to hide the tears that have finally fallen—I tried
to be strong and ignore it.
“Aw, Joslyn.” Brittany wraps her arms around me, shaking
me side-to-side.
I laugh and wipe my eyes, pulling back. I am such a dweeb.
“Now let’s get you ready for your date!” She claps her hands
and scoops up my dress and shoes.
Hold it! I touch her arm to stop her from powering up the
steps to my bedroom. “Did you say ‘date’?”
She laughs. “Wilder has wanted you from the moment he
first saw you, you just gave him the perfect excuse.”
She leaves me standing there alone with my thoughts.

Breathe, Joslyn! I repeat to myself over and over as the clock
reaches five thirty. Brittany left ten minutes ago, and I have been
pacing the floor ever since.
I walk over to the mirror and look at myself one last time. The
dress is casual, and it hugs my curves, but it isn’t too tight. The
cold shoulders style is very flattering on my skin and makes me
look sexier than I am. The heels just set off the dress.
I believe I am way overdressed, but Wilder wanted me in this,
and this is what I am going to do. My makeup is light, but my
smoky eyeshadow makes my dark brown eyes pop. My curls have
been brushed out, and they hang down my back—beautiful.
The door opens and I spin around to face Wilder, who is
wearing jeans and a black button-down shirt that is rolled up to
his elbows, showing off his tattoos.
He is so hot.
He stumbles and grips the edge of the couch. His eyes move
up and down my body. “Joslyn, you’re so beautiful.”
I couldn’t stop the smile even if I wanted to. For the first time
in a long time, I do feel beautiful.
“God,” he mutters and splits the distance between us. His
hand rests on my hip, pulling me against him.
He feels so amazing, the warmth he radiates and the
protective vibe he gives me. I love that he makes me feel safe;
it’s intoxicating.
“We have a dinner reservation at six.” He lets me go and
takes my hand. He smiles. “You ready?”
Am I ready?
“Yeah, let’s go.”
What he doesn’t know is that I am internally freaking out.
He opens the truck door. How am I supposed to get in there?
If I climb in, I will be flashing literally everything, and my legs
are short.
“I got you, Sweetheart.” He scoops me up and sets me in the
seat as if I weighed nothing.
“Thank you.”
He touches my cheek and shuts the door.
“Oh my God!” I whisper, my arm pressed into my stomach as
I try to contain myself. My heart is about to fly out of my chest,
and my stomach is completely upside down with nerves.


Beautiful isn’t the right word to describe her. I almost fell at the
sight of her when I walked in the house. She looked at me and I
just can’t get over it.
I have wanted her since the moment I first saw her at the
bakery, and when she asked to go to the concert, I decided to
make my move and have this be our first date. I want us to go at
her pace, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass.
“Where are we going to eat?” She shifts in her seat to get
more comfortable.
Her eyes widen. “The fancy restaurant that is usually booked
months in advance?” she asks.
“We own it.”
Her mouth falls open, and I chuckle at her reaction. She is
adorable as she blushes and looks at her lap.
“I never thanked you for this beautiful dress and shoes,
Wilder. Thank you. I love it.” She runs her hands down her
I bring her hand to my lips, kissing the back. “Anything for
you, Sweetheart.”
She touches her chest and looks out the window. I grin
because I can tell she is affected.
Good, that is exactly what I want.
A few minutes later we pull up in front of the restaurant. We
have reserved parking spaces for members of the club.
“I will help you out.” She already has her door open. I don’t
want someone to accidentally get a better view of her legs that I
want them to, because then I will just have to kill them.
I pull her door the rest of the way open and wrap my arm
around her middle, lifting her from her seat. I set her on her
feet. Her head reaches the top of my shoulders because of the
heels, but I still tower over her.


Once we are seated, I open my menu. “Brittany is such a

Sweetheart,” I tell him.
He laughs. “Yeah, she is sweet, but she also has a mean side.”
I laugh with him. “Don’t we all?”
He arches an eyebrow at me questioningly. “Sweetheart, I
don’t think you have a mean bone in your body.”
I shrug because, in the end, I am not someone who could be
mean to anyone. “I am not someone who loves confrontation. I
tend to avoid it, but I would do everything in my power to protect
those I love.”
“That is an amazing trait to have, Sweetheart.” He lifts my
hand off the table, kissing the back once more. My stomach flips
once again, my nerves going haywire.
“What can I get you guys to drink?” The waitress scared the
crap out of me. I was too distracted by Wilder’s lips on my hand.
“I want a water.”
She looks to Wilder, and he orders the same.
I haven’t even glanced at my menu yet, and I almost fall over
when I see the prices. This place is very expensive.
“Joslyn, don’t even dare to go cheap.”
I internally wince because I’ve been caught looking at the
kids’ menu. I think I will just get a ribeye steak and a small side
salad. I am too scared to reach outside of that norm because I
might not like the food.
“Where do you see yourself in a few years?” Wilder asks.
I contemplate what to say that wouldn’t be cheesy.
“Honestly? I love baking, but what I want more than anything is
to be a mom.” I laugh thinking of what it would be like with a
bunch of babies running around. “I want at least four.” Wilder’s
smile grows as I talk. “What about you, Wilder?”
He stares at me intensely, which makes me nervous. “I want
the same things you want in life. I am twenty-seven years old,
it’s time for me to settle down, get married, and have babies
running around.”
We want the same things. There’s nothing I want more in this
world than to feel a new life growing inside me, hold my sweet
baby, and watch my child grow. I would strive to be the best
mother I could possibly be.
To be the mother that I never had.
“It seems we have a lot more in common than we thought,
I lift my menu to hide my smile. I will never tire of hearing
him call me Sweetheart.


We make it to the arena just in time. It is filled to the brim and,

much to my utter surprise, we have front-row seats right below
the stage.
“I can’t believe we have front-row seats!” I bounce in my
seat, barely able to contain myself. “This is my first concert.”
The lights dim, and one of my favorite country singers runs
out onto the stage. I grab Wilder’s hand and pull him out of his
“How is everyone tonight!” the singer yells into the mic and I
scream loudly. I feel Wilder shaking and I see him grinning at
me. He throws his arm over my shoulder, pulling me to his side
and kissing my temple.
Act cool, Joslyn. Don’t let him see how much that really
affected you.


It’s an hour into the show, and Wilder has pressed himself
against my back, his chin resting on my head and his arms
wrapped around my middle. We are swaying side-to-side, my
arms resting on top of his.
“Men, grab your ladies close, this is a song for y’all,” the
singer announces, and couples all around us start moving.
“Joslyn,” Wilder says and I freeze. He turns me around in his
arms, and I push my hair out of my face, looking up at him. He
takes my hands, resting them on his shoulders, and his arms
surround my waist.
He looks deep into my eyes as the song moves my soul. I have
never felt this way before. No man has made me feel this way
before. Looking at him, being with him like this, makes me want
him more than anything.
His forehead rests against mine. The singer belts out, “Thank
God I am yours.”
I close my eyes, lifting my hands to his neck. He sways us
side-to-side. “Baby,” he whispers, and I open my eyes to see
him staring at my lips.
He wants to kiss me.
I nod and he takes his cue, pressing his lips to mine.
His hands move from my waist to my jawline, controlling the
kiss. I am just here for the ride. His lips move over mine slowly,
sensually. As he draws out the kiss, his finger strokes my
The song ends, and he pulls away and presses a kiss on my
cheek. I giggle, pressing my cheek to his chest, looking at the
band on the stage.
Someone touches my arm, and the woman standing next to
me leans in to tell me something. “You’re one lucky woman.”
“I know.”


The concert ends around eleven, and my feet are absolutely

killing me. I can barely walk. I am not used to wearing heels, and
I have been standing for close to four hours.
Everyone leaving the arena is absolutely crazy. Something
hard hits me on the back making me stumble, and Wilder’s quick
reflexes catch me before I fall. He pulls me to his side. I wince, as
my feet hurt ten times worse than they did before the person
who ran into me stepped on my foot.
“What’s wrong, Joslyn?” He pulls me away from the crowd.
“My feet are killing me.”
He bends down in front of me.
“What are you doing?” I ask, shocked, as he lifts my foot and
takes off my shoe.
“Fuck, Baby.” He inspects my other foot; then he puts the
shoes back on my feet.
“I will be fine.”
He gives me a look telling me he isn’t buying it. One arm
touches my back and the other moves to my knee as he picks me
I never expected for him to carry me. “I am too heavy, Wilder.
I will be fine.”
He shakes his head and keeps walking, with me in his arms.
“If I am able to stop you from being in pain, I will. No matter
That stopped me from saying anything else. What do you say
to that?



Joslyn fell asleep the moment she lay down on the couch to
unwind, watching TV. I have gotten five texts from Lane, and I
know something is going down.
I walk upstairs to my bedroom and call Lane, and he answers
instantly. “What is it, Lane?”
“Some fucking drug cartel is trying to poach in our town.
Derek and Travis saw some of the fuckers in town trying to sell
dope. Travis beat the fuck out of one of them, and he told us this
drug lord is wanting our town.”
“Fuck!” I run my hands through my hair.
“I am calling back the OGs from their state-to-state ride.”
“That is a good idea.”
The OGs are the Original Members. There are ten Original
Members, including Lane’s father, Smiley, and my dad. Four
Originals stayed here because they are married and won’t leave
their wives. The others, who are single, are having their yearly
I guess we are going to fucking war.
“I am going to warn the Devil Souls MC. They may try to make
a play with them. Prospects are at the disposal of the women.
They are never to be left alone. One of the guys or a prospect will
be around if you are not.”
Fuck, this shit isn’t going to be good, but one thing is for sure:
we don’t fucking fail.

A Few Days Later

Oh no he didn’t! Wilder just dumped a glass of cold water in the

shower. I jump out of the shower and put on my clothes in a
hurry; then I chase him.
I stop in the kitchen and fill up a water balloon I bought the
other day just for a moment like this. After tying off the water
balloon, I tiptoe through the house. He is perched on the side of
the couch, his back to me.
The water balloon hits him in the middle of his back and
bursts. He spins around.
I run off laughing, trying to find somewhere to hide. My
bedroom is the place to do it. I lock the door, laughing. The look
on his face was absolutely priceless.
Ever since the night of the concert, everything about me and
Wilder has been different. We are best friends; we have fun and
joke with each other.
The door swings open and, screaming, I run toward the bed.
He wraps his arms around my waist, lifting me off the ground.
He throws me down onto the bed gently. I bounce and scramble
away, but he pins both of my hands above my head. The fingers
of his free hand dig into my side, tickling me.
Throwing my head back, I laugh and kick my legs out, trying
to dislodge his hands. He laughs along with me and pulls the
bottom of my shirt up, baring my stomach. He shoots me a wink
and nips my stomach.
“I can’t breathe!” I shriek and he finally relents, lying down
on the bed next to me, pulling me onto his chest.
“What time do you have to be at work?” he asks.
“In an hour. I need to blow-dry my hair and get ready.” I
groan as I sit up. I want nothing more than to just lie there with
His arm falls to the bed, letting me go. “Want me to pick up
“Mexican?” I suggest.
“Same thing as usual?” he teases.
“Of course.” I roll my eyes and climb off the bed. Wilder
brought home Mexican a few days ago, and I have been craving it
ever since. I’d never had Mexican before, and it’s off-the-wall
good. I could literally live off the salsa and cheese.


She walks into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. It’s
been a few days since our date, and since then she hasn’t been
the same; she is better in every way. She is happier around me,
and she isn’t nervous or anxious.
She is herself.
That is what I wanted from the beginning. I wanted her to
become what she was truly meant to be.
The Originals and Tristan, who is going along with them for
the ride, will be home in three days, which means a club party
will be happening this weekend in celebration.
Thirty minutes later Joslyn pops out of the bathroom, looking
way too beautiful.
“I am taking you to work today.”
Her eyes light up. “On your bike?”
I don’t fucking deserve this woman. She wants to be on the
back of my bike every chance she can get. I love that she loves it,
because riding is a huge part of me.
One day she will ride on the back of my bike wearing my cut.
Joslyn is my woman, but she is not ready to hear that yet. She
is just now getting comfortable around me—but one day.
I grin at her. One day.


I will never tire of being on the back of this bike, but the person
who makes everything memorable is Wilder.
We pull up in front of the bakery, and one of the prospects
steps out and walks over to us. The prospect smiles at me
sweetly. I have come to the conclusion he has a crush on me.
Every single day at work for the past four days, he has been a
shadow. I can’t even turn around without running into him. I am
so sick and tired of him breathing down my neck.
Shaylin is getting annoyed too. She told him to give me some
space, which he did for a while, but he eventually got closer.
The prospect is alright looking, and I know he just got home
from deployment a few months ago and approached the club,
asking to prospect. I don’t see anything wrong with him, but I
don’t like the way he wants to hang so close to me. It makes me
Plus he is not the one I am interested in.
“How are you today, Joslyn?” He holds out his hand for me to
Wilder stiffens, looking pissed off. He looks at the guy’s
hand, kicks out his kickstand, and climbs off his bike, and he
smacks the prospect’s hand away.
“The fuck, man?” he says, holding his hand.
Wilder just continues to glare at him, but he breaks his glare
to help me off the bike. “I will be by to pick you up when your
shift ends, Sweetheart.”
“Alright.” I lean forward, hugging his middle, and he kisses
the top of my head.


Oh, hell no. Who does this prospect think he is? He opens the
door for Joslyn, and she stays as far away from him as possible.
It sure doesn’t help my anger that she does not like him. I
could sense it the moment he walked out of the bakery and I felt
her stiffen.
I take out my phone and call Shaylin. When she answers, I
say, “Walk outside.” She laughs and hangs up.
She walks outside and over to me. “I guess you saw that the
prospect has a crush.” She crosses her arms, giving me that
crazy smile.
“Do not let him touch her, or I will have him replaced. I will
not have him poaching on my woman.” I do not like this one bit,
but the other prospects are with the other women and we have a
meeting so I can’t stay.
“Yours, huh?” she teases, trying my patience.
“Shaylin, you know as well as I do that she is mine. Everyone
knows it.”
She smacks my shoulder, laughing. “Of course I do, cuz, but I
don’t think Brian in there realizes that.”
I smile. “Oh, he will know soon.”
She raises her hands. “Oh boy.” She laughs as she turns
around and walks back into the bakery.


“Here, let me help you.” Brian grabs the bowl I was about to put
in the sink. I look at Shaylin, who is glaring at him.
I get off work in five minutes, and I absolutely cannot wait to
get away from him. He has been hovering over me all day long. I
am getting claustrophobic.
Brian walks back over to me, and I grind my teeth together. I
almost feel like crying, I am so frustrated. What is his deal? Does
he think that is attractive?
Brian leans his elbow against the table. “What are you doing
after work?” Please tell me he isn’t about to ask me out or
“Going home,” I say bluntly, not wanting to leave room for
more conversation.
“Where’s home?” He moves a little closer and I take a step
away, pretending I was just cleaning. When I don’t answer him,
he presses his finger into my shoulder, relatively hard. “Did you
hear me?”
I look at Shaylin, pleading with my eyes, but she just watches
Brian. She does not like him either.
“I live with Wilder.”
Brian flips my hair over my shoulder, making it fall behind
my back. “Ahh, why don’t you come live with me?”
“I don’t want to live with you.” I cross my arms. “I do not
want you touching me.”
Brian’s face tightens with anger.
“Touch you?” Wilder roars through the room.
Oh my God.
Brian and I turn around, and I run to Shaylin as Wilder stalks
across the room to Brian.
“Shaylin, go into the main room and, Sweetheart, go with
her,” Wilder says in a weirdly calm voice.
Shaylin grabs my hand, pulling me from the room. I press my
hand into my chest, my whole body shaking from the standoff
with Brian. When I saw the anger come across his face, I knew
Brian was hiding underlying issues. The door to the kitchen
slams shut.
What could be happening in there?

I shut the door, eyeing Brian.

He touched Joslyn. I knew he wanted her, but he went to the
point of touching her. Touching my woman.
“I didn’t know she was yours—”
I hold up my hand. “You know good and fucking well that she
is mine, do not lie. I will not tolerate it.” I stand in front of him.
Brian grins. “I did know she was yours, but I want her too.”
I chuckle. He is making this so much easier. “Now where did
you touch her?”
He smirks. “I just touched her shoulder and her hair.”
My fist smashes into his mouth. I didn’t like Brian from the
start, but his poaching my woman is the last straw. Lane gave
me the go-ahead to strip him of his patch. A man poaching
another’s man’s woman, a brother of the club at that, is a
nonnegotiable thing.
“What the fuck, man?” he manages out of his now fucked-up
mouth. He grips the table. I grab his arm and press my foot on
his shoulder, and I pull his arm out of its socket. He screams. I
let go of his arm and it falls loosely at his side. My foot lands on
his mouth. “Stop fucking crying, or I will make it ten times
worse and break it.” I take my foot off his mouth. He doesn’t
make another peep.
“Now, you will walk out of here forgetting all about Joslyn,
and you are no longer a prospect of the club.” I lean down and
pull the patch off his vest.
He tries to climb to his feet, and I decide to help him out and
pull him up by his hair. He better be glad that I didn’t fucking
pull his hair out for touching Joslyn’s.
He doesn’t make a peep as I follow him through the bakery,
and Joslyn is standing in front of the counter watching him
leave. Once he is out the door, she looks at me. The only thing I
can see is relief; he must have made her more uncomfortable
than she let on.
“Come here, Sweetheart.”
She walks straight into my arms, her head resting on my
chest. My arms could wrap around her twice she is so tiny.
“He will not be back,” I grumble.


Thank goodness! I put up with him for four days, and that was
enough to drive me crazy—and today was ten times worse, mind
To be honest, I am very wary of men because of Robert. Brian
made me feel uneasy the moment I met him. Maybe it’s the way
he watched me? He had to know that I didn’t want to be around
Shaylin repeatedly told him to leave me alone, but he laughed
it off. Then he went as far as to breathe down my neck all day
long. In situations like this I wish I could speak my mind a lot
more freely, but I fear that if I speak out it will make it ten times
“Come on, Sweetheart, let’s go pick our food.”
I pull back, and he wraps an arm around me, pulling me close.
“Bye, Shaylin.”
“Oh Joslyn, want to meet us for drinks tonight? Paisley and
Debbie will taking care of the bakery tomorrow.”
I have never been to a bar before. “What time?”
“Eight thirty. It’s a bar the club owns here in town. The Devil
Souls MC girls will be coming along also.”
It does seem like fun, having a girl’s night. “Sure!” I say
“I will drop her off and pick her up once she is ready to come
back,” Wilder tells us.
“Thank you, Wilder.” I hug his side, and he rubs my arm
before pulling me out the door. Before the door closes I yell, “See
you later, Shay!”
Wilder didn’t drive his bike this time. “We can hit the mall
first, before we pick up our food.” He pushes my butt, helping
me into the truck. He opens the driver’s door and steps inside. “I
want to take you shopping, spoil you a little bit before your girls’
night out.”
“What?” I say breathlessly, staring at him like he has three
He touches my cheek without looking at me. “Baby, you need
more things.”
He is right. I don’t have many clothes at all, partly because I
have had to move around so much, leaving most of my stuff
behind each time.
I twist my hands in my lap. “Wilder, I don’t want you to do
that.” My nose burns as I try to hold back my tears.
“Sweetheart, nothing makes me happier than to see you
Here come the tears. “You’re so sweet.” I sniff, tears rolling
down my face. Leaning across the seat, I lay my head on his
Wilder does have to be the sweetest man I have ever met. He
has been so kind to me from the very beginning. I have always
been the person who has done for others and, even to this
moment, if he brings me water without being asked it shocks
It’s because he is thinking of me.
“Only to you, Sweetheart.” He chuckles.
Now that is something I believe. I saw the damage he did to
the prospect.

“Joslyn!” Shaylin yells when I walk into the bar. Wilder is
standing at my back, walking me inside. His hands wrap around
my forearms, turning me around to face him, and my stomach
flips as his eyes move to my lips.
“What are you doing?” I ask breathlessly.
My hands go to his chest, and my breathing hitches as we
wait. His hand glides from my forearm to my cheekbone. “I want
to kiss you.”
Oh my.
I bite my lip as I think, Do I want him to kiss me?
More than anything.
“Do it,” I tell him, my voice slightly shaky. Did I really just
tell him to kiss me?
He lowers his head, pressing his lips firmly against mine. My
skin immediately starts burning. I rise on my tiptoes, wrapping
my arms around his neck, bringing myself closer to him. One
hand sinks into my hair, pulling slightly as he fully takes over
the kiss. His lips move over mine, harder and deeper, and my lip
is pulled into his mouth, making me gasp. My arms tighten
around his neck as I try to get even closer.
Goodness me.
A hand lands on my butt, making me jolt, and shivers roll
down my body.
“Get it, Joslyn!” someone yells, and I pull away from him and
hide my face in the crook of his neck, my face burning with
Wilder laughs, and I know he is enjoying seeing me like this.
“Go on, Sweetheart, see you in a little bit.” He sets me back on
my feet, and I turn around and start walking toward the ladies.
A hand smacks my ass slightly, and I gasp in absolute shock
that he would actually do that. I whip back around to face him
and he smirks.
“Have fun, Baby.” He winks before ducking out the door.
I join the ladies, who are all grinning at me. “Well, well,”
Brittany says.
I sit down and look at them all. I can’t believe that I kissed
him like that in front of all of the MC gals.
“I never realized that Wilder was that good a kisser!” Lane’s
woman, Amelia, laughs, wiggling her eyebrows at me.
I laugh, hiding my face from them. Why can’t I be cool and
just talk to them? I get so embarrassed.
“Well, I need details!” Shaylin grips my arm, pulling me
toward the table.
I open my mouth—then close it—as I try to think of
something to say. “There are no details.”
All of them scoff, like they don’t believe me.
“It’s true, we have just kissed.”
Amelia looks the most shocked. “How can you be around
someone so hot every night without jumping his bones?”
I shrug. Wilder is such a gentleman, and we are still in the
beginning stage of God knows what.
“You haven’t even seen his dick yet?” Jean asks. She is the ole
lady of one of the Devil Souls MC members.
I shake my head. “I haven’t seen anything yet.” I burn from
my head to my toes, wanting the ground to swallow me up and
take me away. I know this is girls’ talk, but I cannot stop myself
from acting all virginal. I am a virgin so it’s no wonder I’m acting
this way, plus I am shy. I want sex as much as the next girl, but I
am not very open about stuff like that, mostly because of my lack
of experience.
“Well!” Brittany smacks the table, pushing herself out of her
chair. “I am getting a drink. Who all wants one?”
I raise my hand automatically. I want to loosen up, that’s for
sure. I am so tired of being anxious, overthinking my every
The bar is filling up with people, but we have a table in the
back, away from everyone.
Brittany comes back with a round of shots. “Let’s get this
party started!” she screams, setting the drinks on the table. I
gulp down my drink. It burns on the way down, and I hold my
throat as the burning subsides.
All of the girls scream and start jumping up, grabbing each
other’s hands—including mine, pulling me out onto the dance
I grin. One thing I have always been good at is dancing.
Believe it or not, my mom put me in dance classes from the
moment I was old enough, and I didn’t quit until I hit high
The girls move into the middle of the group of dancers,
grinding their hips to the music. I make enough room for myself
and let loose.
“Hot damn!” Brittany screams, cheering me on. She moves
next to me, and together we shake what the good Lord gave us.
Guys catcall and women scream.
I laugh, backing up against Brittany, grinding her hips against
mine. The girls join us, and we all dance together.
This is so much fun!
I swing my hair around, my hands moving up my body and
into my hair.

A Few Hours Later

My phone dings with an incoming text; it’s a video from

Brittany. I open the video and almost drop my phone at the sight
of Joslyn dancing.
Fuck me. I press my hand against my dick, trying to stop the
hard-on at the sight of her shaking her ass.
That is when I see the fuckers in the background staring at
her. Clicking off the video I grab my keys off the table, stuffing
my phone in my pocket. I need to get my woman and hurt some
fuckers who are looking at her.


I walk into the bar to see her half lying on the table, holding her
stomach as she laughs. God, she is so fucking beautiful. The door
opens behind me, showing Lane, Butcher, and Derek. I step
aside, letting them inside.
The door opens again, revealing the rest of the Devil Souls
guys. I guess we all got the memo at the same time; that memo
has to be Brittany. She has always loved to cause trouble.
Derek settles beside me. “What are you doing here?” I ask.
He gives me a sideways glance and looks back at the ladies
across the room, and I follow his gaze to my sister.
Oh, hell no.
“You better not be fucking looking at my sister.”
He grins at me and walks across the room to Brittany, who is
almost passed out by the looks of her. She looks up at Derek,
smiling that smile that can get my dad or any of the other guys
to do anything she wants. “You came!” She raises her arms.
“Carry me away.” She wiggles her fingers.
Fuck me.
Derek picks her up, throwing her over his shoulder. He walks
over to me. “I will get her home safely.”
I nod. He will make sure she gets home safe. I know that for
certain. “Wilder!” Joslyn screams and runs across the room to
me, jumping into the air. I catch her, and she wraps her arms
around my waist.
“Hey, Sweetheart, you have fun?” I ask her.
She nods, flashing me her beautiful smile before it falls, her
eyes filling with tears. Who bothered her?
“What’s wrong?” I wipe her tears.
“I just missed you.” She falls forward, and her head lands on
my shoulder. She sniffs and snuggles deeper.
I tilt my head, laying it against hers. “Missed you too, Baby.”
She breathes out deeply, relaxing completely into me.
“Let’s go home.”
She doesn’t say anything as she allows me to carry her out.
My truck is parked at the entrance, and we walk by a couple of
guys who are standing outside the door. “Look at that,” I hear
one of them whisper.
That shit pisses me off.
Backing up, I hold Joslyn up with one hand while the other
smacks the guy’s hand against the wall. His hand bounces off,
and he groans and hits the ground.
I barely touched him—what a pussy. The other guys just
watch and do nothing. I left my truck unlocked, so I open the
door and set her gently inside, buckling her up.
Joslyn's eyes open and she gives me a sleepy smile, and her
fingers touch the side of my face. “You’re beautiful.” Leaning
forward, I kiss her cheek.
She touches her cheek. “I love it when you touch me.”
I can’t resist laying my head on her shoulder, breathing in her
scent. She smells like vanilla, and it’s intoxicating.
I shut her door and get in the driver’s side. She slides down
until her head is lying on my thigh.
This is torture.


I carry her into her bedroom and lay her on her bed. The shirt
that I was wearing earlier is on the floor. “Joslyn, wake up.” I
soften my voice so I don’t scare her.
“Let me sleep, Wilder,” she mumbles.
“You need to change, then you can sleep.” I toss the shirt on
her face and she rises, glaring at me. Her makeup is smeared
halfway across her face, and her hair is sticking up on one side.
How fucking cute is she?
“Change, I will be in the bathroom.”
Walking into the bathroom, I spot her makeup remover wipes
on the counter. After grabbing those, I walk back into the
bedroom a minute later, giving her enough time to get changed.
She is lying with her head on the pillow, the blanket under
her neck. “Oh no!”
“What is it?”
“I need to clean my face.” She pouts.
I sit down in front of her, taking a wipe out of the pack. When
I start cleaning her face, she opens her eyes in surprise.
“Are you really cleaning my face for me?” she whispers.
“Just relax.”


I cannot believe he is doing this right now—he is cleaning the

makeup off of my face. He is so sweet. I wish he would kiss me
right now.
I want to feel him, love him. I want every part of Wilder, what
he thinks, what makes him happy, everything.
He studies my face intently as he gently wipes away my
mascara. In this moment, I realize how comfortable I am around
I also realize how much he cares about me. What other man
would clean makeup off my face, or even think to do so for that
matter. He puts the pack down and stands up. “Goodnight,
Baby.” He walks toward the door, but I don’t want him to go.
“Want to sleep here?” I ask before I can second-guess myself.
Cuddling him right now, being held in his arms, sounds so
amazing. We have slept in the same bed only a couple of times. I
just want him next to me every night. His presence is something
I crave.
He strips off his shirt, giving me his answer. I probably
should look away, but the sight of his abs and tattoos always
causes me to stare. He is so beautiful: his height, his muscles,
and the tattoos lining his body.
He climbs in next to me and, without hesitation, I cuddle up
to him, my head resting on his shoulder. “I am so tired.” I sigh,
wrapping my arm around his middle so it rests on his abs.
“Sleep, Baby.” Lips press against the side of my head and,
smiling, I close my eyes.
This is what happiness is.


My eyes open, going to the clock in front of me. Eleven o’clock.

Closing my eyes again, I kiss the back of Wilder’s hand.
“Good morning.” His voice is deep with sleep.
I turn toward him, my hand touching the side of his face. It
seems that I am getting braver about touching him.
“I am going to kiss you.”
He turns me over on my back, hovering above me. My body
breaks out in goose bumps in response to the feel of him on top
of me. His lips touch mine briefly, before pulling away. I rise,
chasing his lips. He kisses me and dodges out of my reach once
again. He leans down and kisses me more deeply, and my mouth
He pulls away once again, making me frustrated beyond
measure. I press my hands on the back of his head, bringing his
face back down toward mine.
I feel his body shaking with laughter, and I am done with
being teased. His laughter ebbs, and he concentrates on kissing
me. I lift my leg and rest it against his hip.
That is when he really kisses me, ravishing my mouth. All I
can do is try to keep up, my fingers digging into his hair.
Oh my God. My body heats up in a way that it’s never done
before. I curl my leg around his back. Something hard presses
against me.
Oh my goodness.
It seems that my body has a mind of its own as I tilt my hips
into him and he grinds himself against me. I gasp loudly, my
body trembling.
I want him, but what do I do? How do I react?
He stops kissing me, his forehead against mine. I press my
hands into his shoulders. Why do I feel so disappointed?
He presses himself against me once again, and I turn my head
to the side, trying to hide my reaction.
“Baby.” His fingers touch my chin, turning my head back to
him. “Let me take care of you.”
What did he just say? Do I want him to? My body is on edge,
needing him. I’ve had an orgasm before, but it was by my own
hand and it’s been a while. Running for your life does put a
damper on things.
Throwing caution and fear to the wild, I say firmly, “Okay.”
He kisses me once more but pulls away. His fingers grip the
bottom of my shirt. “Raise up.” I do as he asks, and he lifts the
shirt above my head, leaving me totally naked. I don’t sleep with
a bra on.
My hands cup myself. “No, Baby, you’re beautiful.” He pries
my hands away, and his lips move to my neck.
“Mmm.” I sigh, wrapping my legs around his waist once
more. He nips and kisses his way down to my breasts, his beard
rubbing me erotically. My nipples tighten in reaction to the feel
of his breath.
His lips close and suck hard on my nipple. “Oh!” I hiss,
pressing him harder against me. I never realized how sensitive I
was there.
His fingers move down my side, closer and closer to... They
stop on my hip, sliding under the waistband of my panties.
“You sure?” he asks.
“I am sure.” I am out of breath as the words come out.
He pulls my panties down my legs, and my whole body
shivers at the sight of him staring down at me, heat pooling
between my legs. I feel so exposed right now. I am exposed in a
way I have never been before.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers, a finger trailing down my
In that moment, I do feel beautiful. The way he is looking at
me tells me everything I need to know about how he feels.
He lies down on his stomach, between my legs.
Oh my God, is he?
He pulls my legs apart, exposing me fully to him. I watch with
wide eyes as he smiles at me wickedly and ducks his head, his
tongue swiping against my clit.
My hips jolt at the sudden, intense pleasure. I have never felt
anything like this before. “Wilder,” I groan loudly and I lift my
legs, throwing them over his shoulders.
His head shakes between my legs, driving me crazy. I press
my hand on the back of his head, pulling him harder against me,
chasing the orgasm.
A finger teases my opening and I press down, needing it. He
takes my cue, pressing a finger inside, but everything stops
suddenly, including his tongue. Opening my eyes, I see him
staring at me in awe.
I guess he just found out that I am a virgin.
“Wilder—” I start, but his lips wrap around my clit, sucking
“Oh my God,” I chant over and over, his finger moving inside
me as he adds another one. His fingers tilt, touching a spot that
stills my breath, as he sucks my clit once more.
I cry out as my orgasm wracks my body, my body trembling
and shaking, out of my control. He moves up from between my
legs and pulls me into his arms.
The fan in the room gives us background noise so we are not
in complete silence. I cannot believe this happened. Did Wilder
just go down on me?
“Did that just happen?” I cover the side of my face that isn’t
lying on his chest.
“Oh yeah,” he drawls sexily, and my face heats up. “First
time of many.”
“Oh,” I say simply, before laughing.
He flips over so I am on my back. I just noticed that I am still
naked, and I avoid his gaze.
He braces himself on one arm, touching my chin, stopping
me from turning my head once again. “Do not ever be
embarrassed, Baby. There is no reason to be embarrassed about
me pleasuring you. I wanted to. I want to do it again.”
I smile widely, the embarrassment gone, and I realize I just
needed this reassurance from him. This is all new for me.
He shoots me a wicked smile. “Oh, and you’re my woman.”
I laugh loudly, my eyebrow arched. “Your woman, huh?”
He nods. “My woman, wanted you the moment I fucking saw
you, Baby.”
My heart, this guy is going to be the death of me yet. “Okay,”
I whisper.
I have wanted to be his since the moment I met him.
“Okay,” he mocks playfully, his head going to the side of my
neck, holding me. He is heavy, but I love his weight on me. The
feeling of being safe? It’s amazing.
“You make me feel safe, like nothing in this world can touch
me.” Hearing that I am his gave me the confidence to speak my
His hand sinks into my hair before he rises to look at me. “I
would do anything to protect you.” He stops, and his face
darkens. “Anything.”
I shiver deeply and, moving forward, I kiss his cheek, his
beard tickling the side of my face.


The party at the club is tonight, and all of the girls are going
shopping right now to get clothes for tonight before we head to
the club and cook the food. Well, some of the food. One of the
steakhouses in town is catering; we are just making the desserts.
“What are you thinking of wearing, Joslyn?” Lane’s finance
Amelia asks, thumbing through the clothes racks.
I close my eyes in aggravation. “I don’t have a clue.” I groan.
She laughs. “Come on. I will get you help.” She takes my
hand, leading me over to Brittany. Why didn’t I think of her
Brittany cocks her hip to the side, her hand perched on it.
“Let me guess, you need some help?”
I nod. “I know nothing about clothes or what would look good
on me.”
She rolls her eyes. “Girl, you would look good in a plastic
sack, but I can make Wilder chase after you with his tongue
fragging the ground.”
“Let’s do this.”
Brittany pulls me away from Amelia and, as I look back at her,
she gives me an encouraging nod. Why do I feel like I am going to
regret this?

I so regret giving her free rein. I probably tried on thirty different
outfits in the span of an hour—I was getting chafed thighs.
“Let’s grab a bite in the food court before we head to the club,
plus we can get ready there,” Brittany says, and my stomach
growls loudly, agreeing with her.
All of the other girls left over an hour ago, but I’m pretty sure
Brittany could have kept on shopping for many more hours.
“Hot dogs good with you?”
“Sounds good.”
She orders our food, and I hand her the money for mine,
which she stuffs back in my pocket. I roll my eyes.
“You’re good for my brother.”
“I… I...” I don’t know what to say to that. I am not good for
her brother—he is good for me. Wilder has the best heart, a
heart that not many people see. I soften my face. “He is good for
me, he is the best.”
She smiles brightly. “That is the reason why you’re so good
for him. You have the best heart, he needs that.”
Brittany has to be the nicest girl I have ever met. She has
become my best friend in the short amount of time that I have
known her.
“Here you are.” Our hot dogs are set on the counter. I grab
mine, and she motions to the table that is closest to us. The hair
on the back of my neck stands on end when I notice two guys
staring at us, and one of them winks at me. Ugh.
She takes a large bite of her hot dog and points it at the men.
“I hate men.”
I burst out laughing because I was thinking something along
those lines a few seconds ago —besides Wilder, that is.
“I have been disappointed by men my whole life—besides
Wilder and my adoptive dad.” She sighs and sinks further into
her chair.
She is lonely; I can almost feel it radiating off of her. Brittany
is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. She has curves to die for, long
red hair, a smattering of freckles covering her nose, and large
brown doe eyes. Her confidence alone is astounding; she walks
with it and she knows her worth. She is everything I strive to be.
“So, Sweetheart, can I have your number?” Startled, I turn
around to face the person who just scared the crap out of me. It’s
the guy who winked at me earlier. I so don’t want to deal with
this person right now.
“Sure you can!” Brittany says cheerily. What? She really
cannot be serious right now?
The guy takes out his phone, flashing me a cocky smile.
Maybe I need to take back the part about Brittany being so nice?
She leans forward, her arms resting on the table. “The
number is 555-0298.”
I suck in my lips, trying to control my laughter—she just gave
him Wilder’s number. This is going to be epic.
We throw out our trash and hurry to the door. I look back one
last time to see the guy mouthing something to me.
I cover my mouth, trying not to laugh right now. “He just
mouthed to me to check my phone.”
She snorts with laughter, and we hurry to the vehicle before
he finds out.


Unknown: You’re beautiful.

What the fuck?
My phone starts ringing, and Joslyn’s picture pops up on the
screen. “Hey, Baby.”
“Hey.” I can hear the smile in her voice. “Brittany gave out
my number to a guy that asked me out—just a heads up.”
Well, that makes sense then. “I got the text, I was
She laughs and tells Brittany that I got the text. “I will see you
in a couple hours, Wilder. Bye.”
“Bye, Sweetheart.”
She hangs up, and I reopen the text. I am going to have fun
with this fucker.
Me: Thank you.
A few seconds later, he replies.
Unknown: Meet me now, let me take you to dinner.
Me: Where?
Unknown: Jabos Grill.
Me: Send me a pic of you.
Unknown: Anything for you.
What a creep.
He sends a picture of himself and I laugh. This guy is a puny
fucker. “Derek, want to meet a guy that asked Joslyn out on a
“Fuck yeah.” He follows me out of the clubhouse.
As I’m leaving the clubhouse, Joslyn drives in. She rolls her
window down. “Where are you going?”
“To meet the guy that asked you out.”
Her mouth opens, and she looks at Brittany and back at me.
“Are you serious?”
I lean in, kissing her, and then drive away, living her


When I walk into the restaurant, the fucker is in a booth near the
back. I wave at him, and he looks around as if there were
someone behind him. I grab the chair directly in front of him,
and his eyes widen as I sit down.
“Can I help you?”
“You asked me out, remember?”
His mouth opens and closes a few times. “Look man, I guess
the chick I asked out earlier gave me the wrong number. Fucking
The fuck he say?
“That was my woman who gave you my number.”
“Oh fuck,” he says over and over, as he slowly stands up. “I
didn’t mean...” He shakes his head. He is standing up now, and I
notice the wet spot in front of his pants.
The fucker pissed his pants; this has to be a new record. “You
have me beat.” Derek sighs, handing me a hundred-dollar bill.
We started this bet years ago, and he has won up until now.
“Nice pants.” I chuckle, and he puts his hands in front of his
pants to hide himself. He runs past me out of the restaurant.
“That was fun.” I laugh, and Derek is holding his stomach
from laughing so hard. When it comes to Joslyn, I can’t even
stand this shit. I don’t even like guys looking at her for that
matter. This guy approached her, asked her out.
Which is why I had to show up: she is mine.

A Couple of Hours Later

I cannot believe Wilder is going to meet the guy who asked me

out. That is hilarious. Wilder is crazy, but I have to admit I like
that possessive side of him.
I put the cakes in the oven and lean back against the counter,
watching Brittany peek around the corner into the main room to
stare at Derek. “Why don’t you just ask him out?”
She scoffs at me and goes back to staring at Derek. “I am not
that brave, Joslyn. If he wants me, he will come for me. I do not
chase anyone, I just drive them crazy.” She gives me a sly look.
Like I said earlier, I strive to have her confidence. “You will die
when you see the Originals.”
She shakes her head, clutching her chest. “Because all five of
them, besides Tristan, are silver foxes. They are the hot older
men who were the original bad boys.”
I get what she is saying. Smiley is one hot man for being an
older guy. Age has done him very well and his woman, Adeline, is
just as beautiful. She is like a ray of sunshine, absolutely
beautiful and sweet.
They are two different people, but they fit. He is the dark to
her sweet, but that does not mean that Adeline has had it easy. I
heard her story, and it is not the best. Honestly, I don’t know
how she is even standing, but her strength is unwavering.
“Now Tristan’s dad is one of the Originals. Tristan just got out
of the marines and went along on the trip with the Originals
before he joined the MC full time like the rest of the guys.
Tristan is fucking hot too.” She does not look up from the crack
in the doorway.
I hope she and Derek both get their heads out of their butts so
they can be happy. They would be the cutest couple. She is the
exact opposite of Derek—he is quiet and broody, and she is goofy
and loud.
“Joslyn, are you in here?” Wilder pops around the corner.
“Here I am.” I smile, taking a step closer to him. He wraps his
arms around me, kissing the top of my head.
Is it bad that I missed him already? The moment that Wilder
declared me his, it changed the game between us; we are closer
and more open. We aren’t in that weird place between friends
and something more. Now I know where we stand.
“The guys are here, let me introduce you to them.”
I throw the dish towel I was holding onto the counter, and
Wilder pulls me close, leading me out of the kitchen. Six men are
standing in the middle of the huge room.
The opening to the clubhouse is really one huge room that is
sectioned off. There are more rooms in the back, including a
playroom for kids. The main room has a huge living room section
and dining room section where they have dinners.
When we approach the men, they all turn at once to look at
us. I bite my lip to hold back my gasp at all of these beautiful
men at once; I can see why Brittany acted the way she did.
They are gorgeous.
One of the men, who is standing directly in front of me, is
staring at me hardcore, a staring-a-hole-through-me kind of
deal. This man is around six-foot-four with dark brown hair and
dark brown eyes that are similar to my own in color and shape.
“Joslyn, this is Walker Brewer.”
I smile slightly, sticking out my hand for the man in front of
me to shake. He takes my hand gently. “Nice to meet you,
Joslyn.” He smiles back. He really is handsome, and I can tell the
guy standing beside him is his son.
Did he say his last name was Brewer? “My last name is
Brewer, how ironic.”
Walker jumps like I shocked him, and he takes a step closer. I
immediately burrow into Wilder’s side.
“What is your whole name?” His voice is really deep, like he
has something in his throat. He is looking at every single detail
in my face.
“Joslyn Diane Brewer.” My voice is barely above a whisper. I
am getting really uncomfortable, and Wilder’s grip is tightening
on me.
“What is your mom’s name?
“What the fuck is wrong with you, man?” Wilder says,
moving me farther back.
Walker’s face softens. “What’s your mom’s name,
“Trisha Hensley.”
“Fuck!” Walker’s hands go to the back of his head, and he
looks absolutely furious.
“Wilder?” I whisper. I look around the room to see everyone
watching this go down with the same confused expressions.
Walker stops pacing and looks at me once more. “How old are
you and where were you born?”
“I am twenty-three and I was born three counties over, in
Roberts County.”
“Who is your father?” He whispers this part, and he has
moved directly in front of me once more.
I shake my head. “I never met him, my mom told me that he
never knew about me.”
Walker clenches his eyes closed, and Tristan stares at his dad
and then at me. Wilder is holding me so tightly my feet barely
touch the ground. I can tell he is pissed off. I am just confused.
Walker is a big scary guy, but he looks defeated right now. “I
believe you’re my daughter.”

Did he really just say that? Did he just say he believes that I am
his daughter? I shake my head. Is this really happening? This is
too crazy.
I start laughing. “Good prank, guys,” I tell them, but nobody
laughs along with me. Everyone is just looking at both of us,
trying to see a resemblance, I guess. “I don’t understand.”
“Let’s go talk in one of the rooms...”
Tristan heads to a side room before his dad can even finish
this sentence. Walker follows and I am just standing there,
watching. This is not happening. I rub my chest. My heart hurts
—if this is a joke it’s very cruel. A father is all I ever wanted in
life when I was growing up—this is not funny.
“Joslyn?” Wilder turns me around to face him. His eyes
narrow and they are filled with tears.
“What is happening, Wilder? I don’t understand,” I whisper,
but he just looks confused and sad.
Sighing, I pull Wilder along with me, following the man who
claims to be my father.
Wilder drags out a seat beside Walker, sits down, and pulls me
onto his lap. I am glad. I need him at this moment.
Maybe he is thinking of the wrong Trisha? I reach into my
pocket and take out my phone. “This is my mom.” I slide the
phone across the table, and he takes it.
“Yeah, that is the Trisha I was thinking of.” He rubs his face
“Can you explain why you think I am your daughter?” Tristan
does look like me. We have the same hair and eye color and
cheek definition.
“I met your mom twenty-four years ago, and we had a fling
for like three months. She ended up pregnant the moment we
broke up. I wasn’t going to get back together with her, but I told
her I would raise my baby, and three days later she told me she
had an abortion.” He looks deadly as he says the last part. “I
have never been that mad at anyone in my life. She killed my
My heart sinks. I’ve always wanted to think my mom had
some redeeming qualities, but I don’t think she does. She is a
mean, vile person who has done nothing but cause pain and
misery for everyone but herself. Looking out for herself has
always been her first priority.
“My mom told me that my father didn’t know about me. She
said there wasn’t any use, he wouldn’t want me. She would
never give me his name. I was born three states over, but I know
we moved to Kentucky when I was a baby.”
Wilder kisses my cheek softly, his hand running up and down
my back, comforting me. Walker watches Wilder’s movements.
“Would you be okay with a paternity test?”
I nod immediately. This is the only way to get an answer to
this mess. “That would be fine. Doesn’t it take a long time to get
the results though?” I twist my hands in my lap. I want the
answers as soon as possible, and waiting seems impossible right
“A few hours, we have some connections.” Walker is still
mad. He takes out his phone to make the calls and walks out of
the room, leaving just me, Wilder, and Tristan.
The silence is a killer. The room must be soundproof, because
I cannot hear anyone in the main room. Turning around in
Wilder’s arms, I lay my head on his chest, needing a moment to
myself to wrap my head around what is happening.
This is wild. I never expected this to happen. Tristan walks
out the door and, rising, I look at Wilder. His jaw is clenched
hard, his body tense.
“I am fucking pissed. If he was not my MC brother, I would
have him lying on his ass for making you upset.”
“Everything is okay, Wilder, you cannot protect me from
“I may not be able to protect you from everything, but I sure
as shit will try to.”
I smile, kissing his cheek before pressing my forehead against
his cheek. He is crazy, but he is Wilder. I wouldn’t want him any
other way.
Walker walks back into the room. “The person with the DNA
test will be here in a few minutes.” He sits down.
What do I say? What do I do? These questions flow through
my mind.
“Joslyn, I am going to be fucking blunt with you, I believe
you’re my daughter,” Walker says.
I move away from Wilder. “We have the same eyes.”
Walker nods and stares directly into my eyes, smiling happily
for the first time, and I smile back.
What if he is my dad? Where do we go from there? Will he
want me to be a part of his life?
“How have you been, Wilder?” Walker asks.
“This is fucked up.”
I laugh at Wilder, and I feel his lips move as he smiles against
my neck. Walker laughs along with me.
Tristan walks into the room a few minutes later, followed by a
woman carrying a case. She sets it down on the table and starts
taking stuff out.
“How long will it take for the results?”
She doesn’t look up from her stuff; I guess this woman is
strictly business. “A few hours once the payment is sent.”
“The payment has been sent,” Walker tells her.
She swabs my mouth and puts the swab in a test tube. Then
she moves to Walker, does the same thing, and walks out.
Well, I guess that is that.
“Now we wait.” Walker walks back out of the room to join the
I groan. “I hate waiting, I am not patient.”
Wilder shakes with laughter. “Oh Baby, I know that.”
I smack his arm gently, and he retaliates by smacking the side
of my butt. This causes a flat-out war. I pinch his thigh and he
laughs. He grips my arms so I can’t do anything but be at his
He leans forward. “Don’t you dare,” I hiss.
He presses his beard against my neck, rubbing and tickling
me. I am extremely ticklish. You can just poke my neck and I am
I throw my head back laughing, trying to dislodge him, and he
just does it ten times worse. At this point I can barely breathe,
and I am nearly peeing myself.
A few more seconds pass and he gives me a break, kissing my
lips tenderly, my hand pressed against his cheek. “Thanks for
He kisses my cheek next. “Anything for you, Baby, I love to
hear you laugh.”
This is a perfect example of him being the sweetest man alive.
I do not know any other man who would say that or do the things
he does. I am a very lucky girl, that is one thing I know for
How I got a man like Wilder in my life is a question I know I
will be asking myself a lot. Someone above was really gunning
for me to be happy. I am beyond thankful, and I will not take
Wilder for granted. I know we are in the early stages of whatever
this is, but I am hopeful about what we could be one day. Anyone
would be. There is nothing wrong with seeing a future with
someone; anyone in my shoes would think about these things.
Wilder is the perfect man—any woman can see that.
“Let’s go and join the party, there is no point sitting here.”
“You’re right.”
Wilder stands up with me and turns me so I am facing him.
“Doll, no matter what, I am here for you.”
Too sweet. I lean forward and hug him tightly. God, he smells
so good. “Let’s go join the party.” I let go of him reluctantly.

Well, if this isn’t a mess. I never would have thought, in a

million years, that this would happen. The fucked-up thing is
they do look alike. Their hair, eyes, and facial features look
I want Joslyn to have family, but I don’t like this shit screwing
with her and making her upset. She has dealt with a lot of that in
her life.
If she does end up being his daughter, I hate the fact that she
had the life she did, because it could have been different. She
could have had a dad who would have loved her and taken care of
Walker is a good man. I have grown up around him; Tristan
and I are the same age. Lane, Travis, Tristan, and I all grew up
together. Speaking of Travis, where is he?
Joslyn walks out of the room with me on her heels, and that is
when I see Travis walking into the main room.
“I am going to go help Brittany and the girls,” Joslyn tells me.
“I will be right here, Baby.”
She smiles, walking away. She is fucking strong—she was just
hit with a huge curveball, and she is letting it roll off of her like
it’s nothing.
Travis stands beside me, staring at everyone in the room,
ready for anything. One thing about Travis is he is loyal to a
“Shit hit the fan, Travis.” I finally let my anger come
through. I didn’t want Joslyn to see that shit.
“What is it?”
I tell him everything that went down, and he stares at Walker
and Tristan. My guess is that he’s looking for a resemblance. It’s
“Fuck man, this is a mess.” He laughs—of course he laughs.
This is Travis. He will laugh while killing your ass.
Tristan walks over and stands beside me. “Well, this is a
mess,” he says glumly. We are all confused as hell.
“How did you meet her, Wilder?” Tristan asks.
“I will explain that later.”
Tristan grins at me and nods toward his father. “If she does
end up being my sister and my father’s daughter, you are
Walker is a crazy motherfucker, that is for certain, but there
is one thing he doesn’t need to worry about, and that is Joslyn. I
will take care of her and protect her with my life, and she will not
have a worry if I can help it.
I look Tristan up and down, getting pissed. I am not in the
mood to be fucked with right now. “It changes nothing between
with me and Joslyn, she could be your sister but she is my
woman. Get that through your skull now.”
Tristan grins. “I was just fucking with you.”
Travis laughs, like this is the best day of his life. Joslyn walks
out of the kitchen and looks at me then at Tristan. The anxiety is
eating her up; I can see that from a mile away.

A Few Hours Later

From the corner of my eye, I see Walker on his phone. My

stomach clenches and my hands start shaking, not knowing
what that phone call could be. It could be the results we have
been waiting for, or it could totally be nothing.
“Sweetheart,” Wilder whispers, letting me know I’ve been
caught freaking out. I have done this multiple times during the
past hour, letting the anxiety get to me.
Walker puts his phone back in his pocket, and he nods to the
room we were in earlier. Oh God, here we go. This could just be
nothing, or it could change my life.
I follow him and plop down in a chair. He sits down, facing
I can’t take this!
Walker takes my hands, and he looks at the ground and then
back at me. “It was confirmed, you’re my baby girl.”
Speechless is what I am—this man in front of me is my
father? I pull my hands from his, and I don’t know what to do but
hug him. I sit on the edge of my chair and wrap my arms around
his middle.
Walker puts his arms around me tightly, his head buried in
my hair. His body is shaking. Do not cry, Joslyn.
“I am sorry that I was not a part of your life,” he tells me, and
tears fill my eyes. “If it’s okay with you, I want to be a part of
your life now.”
I nod my head frantically, a sob escaping. I have a dad. I fist
the back of his shirt as my tears wet the front of it. This is
something I never expected, ever.
That also means that I have a brother.
I peek under Walker’s arm to see Tristan staring at me, his
face sad. Walker slowly lets me go, and I laugh and use the back
of my hand to wipe the tears off my cheeks. Tristan grabs my
hand, pulling me from my seat into a hug. Wilder trusts these
people, and that means that I might actually have a family for
the first time in my life.
Tristan lets me go, and I sit back down. Wilder touches my
back, and I smile at him. “You okay?” he mouths and I nod.
Honestly, I am perfectly fine.
“Where are you staying?” Walker asks.
“With me,” Wilder says.
“How long have you been together?” Walker narrows his eyes
at Wilder. Oh boy, I do not want Walker and Tristan to know the
kind of childhood I had or that I ran away from my crazy
“That is a long story.”
“Joslyn, want me to explain? You can go join the party.”
Relief fills me at the thought of not having to tell all of the
details. “Thank you, Wilder.” I walk out of the room. I need a
moment to myself. I need to catch my breath, letting everything


“What is going on, Wilder?” Walker asks the moment she is out
of the room. Tristan shuts the door so no one can listen in.
“Joslyn came to town over six months ago, and she was very
quiet and jumpy. She worked with Shaylin and then one day,
when she was supposed to meet me at a restaurant, she was
gone. Four months later, she called Shaylin asking for help.
She’d gotten tired of running, because it was getting to a point
where, no matter where she went, he followed.”
“He?” Walker says in a deadly tone.
I nod. “Her stepbrother, Robert, is the son of her mother’s
current husband. Her mother tended to date whomever she
wanted to, and it wasn’t bad until her mom married someone
new and he had a son. Her mom lost her job, so she moved in
with Joslyn. Her mom was a pure bitch to her, mocking and
belittling her, but Robert was the person who scared her. He
would grope her and try to kiss her. She would fight him, and he
would leave bruises on her. He told her if she left, she would
regret it. She left anyway and she ran, and ran, and ran for a
year, until he got to her, and then ran again when he found her.
She was so used to being alone she never thought to ask for help
until she was desperate, and that was in Colorado. That is when I
went and got her.
“Where. Is. He!” Walker yells, and Tristan punches the wall.
“You?” Walker asks.
I nod, grinning. “He is dead, but she does not know that. She
just thinks I convinced him to leave her alone for good. I threw
her mom and her husband out of Joslyn’s house, but Joslyn is
still living with me. She is my woman.”
He nods, accepting that. Not that it mattered. She is my
woman no matter what he says.
“I think I want a piece of that husband,” Tristan says. “Don’t
you, Dad?”
“Fuck yes, I do,” Walker says. “You know where they are at?”
he asks me.
“I will take you to them tomorrow.”
There is a knock at the door, and Joslyn walks back into the
“Joslyn, want to meet me for breakfast tomorrow?” Walker
She sits on my lap. I wrap my arm around her middle, and she
relaxes. “How about you come over for breakfast? Nine?”
“That sounds good, Honey. I will see you in the morning.” He
kisses the top of her head and walks out the door. Walker needs
time to wrap his head around all the fucked-up shit that has
gone down these past couple of hours.
“See you in the morning.” Tristan musses up her hair then
adds, “Sis.”
Joslyn looks exhausted. “Let’s go home, Baby,” I tell her.

I slowly push open Wilder’s door, and he is lying in bed. His arm
is thrown behind his head, and the other is resting on his
stomach. He went on to bed without me. I told him I wanted to
finish watching this show, but we both knew I just wanted a few
moments alone. I open a drawer and pull out a shirt. I change
into it and pull my hair from the bun at the top of my head,
massaging my head.
Fingers curl around my hip, and I spin around to face Wilder.
“I thought you were asleep.” He shakes his head. “I was waiting
on you, so I could do this.”
Do what?
He kisses me hard, lifting me off the ground. I would be lying
to myself if I said I didn’t think about the other night often.
My legs curl around his waist, my fingers digging into his
hair. He squeezes my ass cheeks, pulling me harder against him.
I love this aggressive side of him. I love his sweet side too.
The soft mattress touches my back, and I kiss him back
harder. His hand slides up my inner thigh, leaving a trail of
goose bumps in its wake, causing me to shiver.
His fingers slowly move closer and closer to the place that is
throbbing, begging for him to touch me.
My hands press on either side of his face, pulling his lips from
mine. I want all of him. I want to be connected to him. I am a
twenty-three-year-old virgin, and it is time for me to give it
What better person than Wilder?
Wilder looks down at me, his face soft and beautiful. I am the
only person that gets to see this part of him. “I want you,” I
whisper, my heart hurting and pounding in my chest, my
stomach in knots.
He closes his eyes, his hand tightening on my thigh. I rub his
cheek, getting his attention. “I do want you, Wilder, more than
anything,” I whisper to him once more.
His hands close over mine, his eyes opening and focusing on
me. “Fuck, Baby, I have wanted you from the moment I saw you.
I have craved you, and I have had to keep myself in check. That is
near impossible, just look at you.” He looks me up and down.
“You’re the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever met.”
I cover my face to hide my blushing, feeling light and happy.
He rubs his beard against my neck, tickling me, and I laugh and
push his head back.
He grips the bottom of my shirt, pulling it over my head. Did I
mention that I have no bra or underwear on? I usually sleep in
just a big shirt.
“Fuck me.” He groans, taking me in.
Much to my utter surprise, I am not embarrassed. I do feel
beautiful under his gaze. For the first time in my life, I do not
hate one single thing about myself.
The old me would be going through her head thinking of
every single flaw that she has. I would do this to the point where
I would put myself into a depressed state.
He takes off his shirt, throwing it over my head, before his
lips are back on mine—kissing me, hard. This kiss is different
from all the others; this has a touch of wildness that is all
He has been holding himself back around me, but I want him
to let go. I want to see this other side of him, the part that he has
tried so hard to keep hidden, though I have gotten glimpses
when he looks at me.
I am going to press every single one of his buttons until that
happens. I take my hands from his face and drag my nails down
his back. He grips my thighs, lifting me higher until his dick is
pressed against me through his pants.
He grinds himself against me. My lips leave his, and I am
breathless. I catch his grin before he captures my nipple between
his lips, pulling and sucking at the same time.
“Oh God,” I moan, my fingers clutching the sheets.
Every second feels like pure torture, a torture that I don’t
want to end. He stops suddenly, and I glance down to see what
he is doing. “Hang on for the ride, Baby, getting you ready is
going to take a while.” My eyes widen, and he moves down my
body until he is perched between my legs, lowering his head
again and again.
“Oh God.” I throw my head back, my legs already shaking,
right at the edge of an orgasm.


I bite the pillow as my orgasm finally hits me full force. He has

drawn it out a long time, and it was getting to the point where I
was ready to take over myself and finish the job. Every time I was
about to come, he would draw it out a little longer.
Wilder slides off the side of the bed while I try to catch my
breath, my body shaking. He unbuttons his jeans. This is really
happening, isn’t it?
Heat pools between my legs once more as he slowly drags
down his zipper and slides down his pants, along with his
boxers, baring himself to me.
Holy moly, he is huge and thick. I never expected less than
that, because Wilder is a big man and it just comes with the
territory in my opinion.
He crawls back up the bed and reaches into the drawer of his
bedside table, and I hear the crinkle of a condom wrapper.
Breathe, Joslyn, I repeat to myself over and over. This is all
new territory for me—of course I am going to be nervous.
Wilder speaks, breaking me out of the internal freak-out that
I was having. “Sweetheart, you don’t have to do this.”
Looking at Wilder I know that I am making the right decision.
I am looking at the guy I am slowly falling in love with. There is
no denying that I see something in Wilder that I could build a
future on.
“I want to, Wilder.” I kiss him softly, wishing I could just
push everything I am feeling and experiencing into that kiss so
he could feel it.
“Alright, sweet girl,” he says, his voice deeper than usual. His
forehead drops to mine, his hand stroking my cheekbone. I
widen my legs, letting him settle where he needs to go.
The hand that isn’t stroking my face slides down my body.
Two fingers slide into me, his thumb pressed against my clit. He
moves slowly and his fingers curl, hitting that spot, making my
hips jerk.
He removes his fingers. This is it.
I feel him press against my opening, his thumb still pressed
against my clit. “Relax, Baby, I will take care of you.”
I nod, letting my body relax into the bed. He slowly starts
moving inside me, my heart in my throat. “Look at me, Baby.”
I look into his eyes as he moves farther and farther inside, his
thumb rolling my clit beneath it. He kisses me and, all of a
sudden, he surges forward, sliding all the way in.
I cry out, tearing our lips apart, at the sudden pain, but I know
it would have been ten times worse if he had gone slowly,
drawing it out.
My eyes burn with unshed tears, and he kisses the corner of
my eye. “Sweetheart, I wish I could take the pain from you.”
I shake my head in disbelief; he will continue shocking me.
“I’m fine, Wilder, pain is something that comes with the
territory the first time.”
His thumb goes back to stroking. I feel full, filled to the brim,
and I have to admit that it’s starting to feel amazing, as I adjust
to him and the pain falls away.
His elbows are perched on either side of me, and his face is
inches from mine.
“Move, Wilder,” I encourage him.
He moves slowly, and his face transforms into a look of pure
pleasure. I am doing that to him. I lift my legs, letting him slide
in deeper, and he groans, his eyes closed.
He moves faster, twisting his hips, and hits that spot as he
slides back, pleasure shooting through me like never before.
He gradually moves faster; the pain is completely gone,
leaving intense pleasure. Every time he moves, he hits my clit.
“Wilder,” I whisper when he grinds his pelvis against me and
kisses my neck. My toes curl, and my legs are complete Jell-O at
this point.
He reaches between us once more and pinches my clit. My
body stiffens, my toes curled into the sheet.
“I am so close.” My voice hitches when I say “close,” because
he just bit my throat. My nails rake down his back and sides; I
know he has claw marks.
“I got you, Baby.”
He moves faster, his thumb moving against my clit with each
thrust. I wrap my arms around him, and I don’t even want to
move—my body is so close to the edge. My legs straighten, and I
grab the back of his neck hard.
“Come Baby.” His thumb presses hard against my clit.
I scream, my whole body jumping as I fall over the edge. He
comes a second later, and I feel myself pulsating on him. He
groans loudly in my ear, and I hold onto him tightly.
A minute or so later, I finally come back to reality, my
breathing back to normal.
My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner, but I know if it
hadn’t been with Wilder I would probably have had a totally
different experience.
“That was amazing!” My words rush out, and he laughs and
slowly eases himself out of me. He takes off the condom,
throwing it into the garbage by the bed.
He falls onto his back and pulls me on top of him, and his
hands trail down my back. I kiss his chest, snuggling into it.
“Let me run you a hot bath, Angel, you won’t be as sore in the
morning.” He gently lays me back down on the bed, and my body
feels like it weighs twice as much as it did.
He goes into the bathroom, and I hear him turn on the tub. I
hope he gets in with me—that would be a fantasy come true.
Then it hits me.
I just had sex, I had sex with Wilder. Holy shit! I grab the
pillow by my head and tuck it under my neck. I never expected all
this to come into my life when I decided to accept help from the
In these short weeks, my life has done a complete one eighty.
I have some confidence now, a confidence that I never knew I
was starting to acquire.
Wilder walks back into the room with a playful grin on his
face, and he grabs my feet and pulls me to the edge of the bed. I
laugh, pushing myself back, playing with him, trying to get
He throws me over his shoulder and smacks my ass. “Trying
to get away from me won’t work, Sweetheart. I will always catch
I laugh and pinch his butt cheeks, which are just below my
face, and he growls and smacks my ass once more. “Behave,
Sweetheart, because I know you can’t handle another round of
me right now.”
I think I just opened the can of worms that is the bad-boy side
of Wilder, which I know I am going to love.
I lower my voice, trying to sound sexy. “Oh, don’t tempt me,
“Fuck, I just created a monster,” he says and I laugh. He sets
me down in the tub and gently climbs in behind me. My back
presses against his front.
“I have a feeling you did, Wilder,” I tease, leaning my head
back, and I kiss his throat. His hand cups the underside of my
jaw, so he can full-on kiss me.
He pulls away, his face soft. “Thank you for letting me be your
first, Sweetheart. This night is one I won’t forget.”
Don’t cry, Joslyn.
Somehow I manage to get a hold of myself. “I would want no
one else, Wilder.”
He smiles and I return it. I turn around, his arms going
around me, holding me to him. I am not sure if I am falling or if I
am already there.

“Hmm?” I don’t open my eyes, just curl the pillow under my
“Your dad will be here in a few minutes.” Wilder strokes my
Rubbing my eyes, I finally open them to see Wilder lying in
front of me. “What time is it?” I ask.
“It’s eight o’clock.”
“I don’t want to get up.” I groan, scooting closer and cuddling
up to him. “You’re so warm.”
He slides off the bed, dragging me with him. “No,” I groan
once he picks me up off the bed, the cold air in the room making
me shiver.
He lets me down on my feet, and I wrap my arms around
myself to stop my shivering. Wilder walks to the closet and grabs
some sweats, a long-sleeved shirt, panties, and my bra.
I believe I am going to be very spoiled. Wilder squats down in
front of me. “Lift your leg.” I do as he asks, raising one leg and
then the other. He slides the sweatpants up my legs, paying
extra attention to my butt.
“Fondling me, are we?” I tease, and he winks and pinches my
I put on my bra and the rest of my clothes. I grip Wilder’s
beard, pulling him to me, and kiss him hard for a few seconds. “I
am going to fix breakfast.”
Wilder retaliates, pulling my hair hard and kissing me, once
again stealing my breath. Kissing him is different this time; it’s
more passionate and there is a heat that wasn’t there before.
“Now go cook me some food, woman.”
I arch an eyebrow at his demand. “Oh really now, is that how
it’s going to be?”
He nods, a shit-eating grin on his face. “You heard me.”
“I heard you all right,” I call over my shoulder, walking down
the stairs to the kitchen.
This is the first time I have been alone since everything
happened. I had sex with Wilder last night, and it was more
amazing than I could have ever imagined.
I am sore, there is no doubt about that, but that comes with
the territory—and I wouldn’t want to change anything.
These past twenty-four hours have been crazy. I found out
last night that I have a father, a father who didn’t know I was
alive. The strangest thing is that we have the same last name. If
she didn’t want him to know about me, why did she give me his
last name?
I think I must do something that I never wanted to do again. I
think I must see my mother and get some answers; she owes me
that much.


When Wilder walks downstairs thirty minutes later, I am rolling

out homemade cinnamon rolls. His arms wrap around me from
behind, his lips on my cheek. “What has you thinking so hard?”
“I think I need to talk to my mother, I want answers.” Talking
to her is a foolish thing to do, but how else am I going to get
He doesn’t say anything and, for a minute or so, there is no
sound besides the TV in the living room. “I think, Sweetheart,
it’s whatever you want, but you’re not going alone.”
Going alone is the last thing I ever want to do. My mother is
not a nice person, and I don’t trust her. She doesn’t care about
me; I learned that a long time ago.
My biggest mistake was holding onto the idea of what she
could be. I always wanted someone who could be my best friend,
and I wanted a dad who would walk me down the aisle one day,
someone who made me feel safe. Just the little things that end
up meaning the most.


The doorbell rings just as I am setting the last dish on the dining
room table. He is here. My stomach is in knots and my nerves are
completely shot. The last ten minutes have been absolute
“I got the door.” Wilder walks past me to the living room.
After I got the cinnamon rolls in the oven, I rushed upstairs and
dressed casually in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. My hair is
down, flowing around my face, and I put on some mascara.
Feet are walking across the hardwood floor toward the dining
room. Breathe, Joslyn. They walk into the room: Wilder then
Walker and Tristan.
Walker steps past Wilder, moving straight toward me. “How
are you this morning?”
I smile. “I am good. How was your morning?”
His face softens, a small smile tugging at his lips. “I am a lot
better now, Sweetheart.”
That was so nice! The more I look at Walker, the more I notice
the resemblance between us. Walker hugs me. “Fuck, I can’t
believe you’re my daughter, and I have missed so much.” His
tone has an angry bite. I would be angry too if I were him.
I am angry because I missed this. I missed having a father my
entire life. I only had stand-in stepfathers who left as soon as
they were done putting up with my mother, which happened
Some of the guys tried to be nice to me and get to know me
—-those are the ones I got attached to—but the others just
ignored me altogether.
“There is still time to make new memories,” I chime in.
“You’re right.” He lets me go and is replaced by Tristan, who
lifts me off the ground hugging me, causing me to laugh.
He lets me down then musses up my hair, making it frizz up
“Hey!” I push his hand away, and Wilder walks over and fixes
my hair for me. “I will get you back for that.” I wag my finger in
Tristan’s direction. “Let’s eat. The food is going to get cold.” I
motion toward the table, which has bacon, cinnamon rolls, and
all of the fixings. I wanted to make a good impression.
I don’t even know how to react or what to do. One huge part
of me is second-guessing everything I say. I take my spot next to
Wilder, with Walker and Tristan in front of us. “Dig in.” They
don’t waste a second. Walker and Tristan have their plates filled
to the brim. Luckily for me, I thought ahead and made extras.
Wilder sets a plate in front of me, much to my surprise.
Walker is staring at Wilder, who is staring back. It’s like they
have a battle going on in their heads.
Finally, Walker nods and goes back to his food like nothing
ever happened. And they say women are complicated.
“This is the best thing I have ever eaten,” Tristan says and I
laugh. One of my favorite things in the world is feeding people
and seeing the enjoyment on their faces.
“Glad you’re enjoying it.”
I eat my food, but I concentrate on the guys around me, my
heart light with happiness. A hand touches my leg, squeezing. I
put my hand on top of his, squeezing back.
Wilder is letting me know that he is there for me.

“Walker,” I say. “Want to go with me, all of you go with me, to

confront my mother? I just want to know why.” I think he has
the right to be there, and is it bad of me to want to see her face
when she sees him?
Wilder twines his fingers with mine under the table and I
smile, looking down at my plate. He turns me into a giddy
schoolgirl by just holding my hand.
“I would love that.” Walker grins, and this is the first time I
think I got a glimpse of the badass side of him. Tristan nods his
“I had our tech guy search for her, and he texted me her
number earlier.” Wilder hands me his phone—all I have to do is
press the call button.
I stare at the phone, dread filling me. I press the button and
put it on speakerphone, laying the phone on top of the table.
“What?” my mother snaps. I internally wince. I was just
hoping she would be semi-normal today and not in a bad mood
like she is 95 percent of the time.
“Hey, Mom.” I clench my eyes closed waiting for her
“What do you want?” She actually says this in normal tone.
“I would like to meet for lunch?”
“I will if you bring me money.”
The guys are all pissed off, but Walker is absolutely fuming.
His hands are clenched on the table, and his head is bowed
down. Wilder is grinding his teeth. Tristin is looking at the
ceiling, his arms crossed and his jaw clenched tight.
“How much?” I ask, and Wilder’s head snaps in my direction.
I put my finger to my lips, shaking my head.
“One thousand should do for right now.” Her voice is not as
snappy as it was.
“What time?” I ask and Walker paces around the dining
“Meet me at the Waffle House on Twenty-Second Street? In
an hour.” She all but gushes with excitement.
I am sick to my stomach. She never once asked how I was or
about anything remotely about me besides asking for money.
Money that she is not getting. I will never give her another dime.
She has two working legs and two hands—she and her fiancé can
get jobs.
“See you then.” I hang up. “She is not getting a dime, I just
wanted to make sure she would meet us.”
Wilder pulls my seat closer to his, his arm wrapped around
my back.
“It’s also best if I wait there alone until she shows, then you
guys come out and sit down next to her.”
Walker nods. He is still pissed. “We better get to town.” He
walks out of the room, leaving me with Wilder and Tristan.
“He is having a hard time dealing with the guilt of not being
in your life,” Tristan says, and that makes total sense.
“I am going to go talk to him.” I walk outside to see him
sitting on the front steps, staring into the field in front of the
I sit down beside him, and he looks over for a second then
back at the field.
“I know you have guilt, but I don’t want you to have that. It
isn’t your fault.”
Walker rubs his face roughly. “It is hard not to feel that way
when your daughter has lived twenty-three years without you in
her life, and those twenty-three years have been shitty because
of it.”
My heart hurts because I know my life could have been
different, but a huge part of me says it happened for reason,
because otherwise would Wilder be in my life?
I scoot closer and lay my head on his shoulder. “I believe
everything happens for a reason. I don’t want you to feel guilt for
something that was out of your control. You may not have been
there for the first twenty-three years, but I would love for you to
be there for the rest.”
Walker touches the side of my face that isn’t lying on his
shoulder. “I would love nothing more, Honey. I want to be your
dad.” His voice drops at the word “dad.”
A tear falls down my cheek, and Walker turns around, holding
my face between his hands. “I want you to be my baby girl.”
I clench my mouth shut, trying to hold back the sob that is
banging against my heart, begging to be let out.
“I would love nothing more,” I whisper, and he beams at me,
his smile lighting up his face with pure happiness. He kisses my
forehead and hugs me.
The first difference I notice is that I feel safe with him, the
kind of safe that I have only felt around Wilder.
“We better get to that diner.” He lets me go, pulling me up
from the step.
Wilder steps outside, and I have a feeling that someone was
eavesdropping the whole time. I arch an eyebrow, letting him
know he was caught. He gives me a cocky grin, and I shake my
“We riding your bike?” I ask Wilder.
He nods. “There is something on the back of the bike for
What? I walk to the bike, which is sitting in the open garage,
and I instantly spot something leather on the back of it. I pick it
up and see patches on it.
Property Of Wilder.
Oh my goodness!
I turn around and Wilder is standing there. “Wilder…” I can’t
find the words to describe what I am feeling; this is such a huge
deal in the biker world. The ladies explained how it worked. This
is a way of letting everyone know that I am Wilder’s and I am
under club protection. This means that Wilder expects me to
stick around because this is a promise ring of sorts.
“Joslyn, you’re mine and this is my way of showing everyone
that. You are mine. I plan on you staying that way.”
I run to him and press my lips against his. He picks me up,
and I wrap my legs around his waist. His fist is in my hair,
controlling the kiss, and he is grabbing a handful of ass.
He pulls away, his eyes dark. “If you weren’t sure, I would be
fucking you against this wall right now.” His voice is deeper than
usual, darker and full of need.
Heat pools between my legs; I am sore but my body says
different. I press my lips against his ear. “I am not that sore.”
“Fuck me,” he growls. He sets me on the ground. “We will
finish this shit later.” He kisses me once more, a short,
blistering kiss leaving me wanting more, so much more.
“You guys ready?” Tristan walks into the garage, totally
interrupting everything. I glare at him and he winks.
He did this on purpose. I do believe we are going to clash. As I
take my new cut off the back of the bike and slip it on, Tristan’s
eyes are on it.
“Happy for the both of you.”
Wilder just does that head nod thing, but I thank him. Tristan
gets on his bike. Wilder’s hand slips from my ass, a hand that I
never realized was there, and he climbs on.
He raises his hand, and I slip my hand in his, using him for
balance. Once I am situated, he says, “Let’s get this shit started
and pray the fiancé isn’t there.”
Oh boy.


I am sitting in a booth in the diner. The guys are stationed all

around me, but hidden so she won’t be able to see them. Walker
and Tristan are in the kitchen; they know the owners so it’s not a
problem. Wilder is hidden in a corner booth where he can see
Wilder wouldn’t let me out of his sight, and when Walker
suggested he wait with them in the kitchen, he wanted to be
closer to me. I’ve got to admit I love that possessive side of him.
It makes me feel wanted.
I startle at the sight of my mother sitting in front of me in the
booth; I never even saw her come in. Her eyes are on the cut I am
wearing, and amusement is written all over her face. “Well, you
wrangled you an MC guy, didn’t you?” She nods, her lips pursed,
pretending to be impressed or something. “I tried to get myself
one of those twenty-four years ago, but he didn’t want me.”
Is she serious right now?
“Where is my money?” she asks.
“What money?” I ask sweetly, and I lift my hand and motion
for them.
One by one, they come into view and I watch, with
satisfaction, the look on her face when she spots Walker. He sits
beside me, and Tristan sits next to her. Wilder is standing next to
Walker. It is going to take a while to get used to the idea of
calling him “Dad.” It feels weird just thinking about it.
“What is this?” she hisses.
“Well, I think you have been keeping something from me,
haven’t you?” Walker snarls, bending over the table.
She doesn’t budge. She doesn’t seem affected in the least. I
would be shaking in my boots if I were her. “Well, I guess you
found out.”
Walker’s fist hits the table. “How can you do this to me? How
could you have kept her hidden? You gave me papers for the
abortion!” I touch his arm as he sits back in his seat, calming
him down.
My mother just smiles like she is having the time of her life.
“You only wanted her, so I decided to sleep with the abortion
doctor and have fake papers drawn up.” She cackles.
This woman is sick, and I am ashamed that she is my mother.
How can someone be so cruel? I cannot even stomach hurting a
bug. This person purposely causes people pain.
“Why give her my last name?”
She rolls her eyes. “In case I wanted to get child support
I am sick to my stomach, and a hand touches my back. Wilder
is in the booth behind me.
“Look at you two, how cute. Now where is my money? I will
leave and get out of your hair.”
Is she really serious right now? Does she expect me to give her
money after everything she has done and said? “I am not giving
you any.”
Her face turns ten different shades of red, her mouth opening
and closing like a fish, and she can’t spit out what she is trying
to say.
“Are you kidding me?” She looks murderous.
I sigh. “Mom, it’s time we go our separate ways.” In that
second a weight is lifted off my chest.
She smiles cruelly.
I need a moment to myself. “I need to go to the bathroom,” I
whisper to Walker, and he slides out of the booth, letting me out.
“Oh yes, please go to the bathroom,” she sings.
I walk across the diner to the bathroom and push open the
door, coming face-to-face with a gun.


Joslyn lets out a bloodcurdling scream, and I jump into motion.

Her dad and brother are on my ass all the way to the bathroom. I
throw the door open to see Joslyn standing there with her hand
over her mouth and her mom’s fiancé pointing a gun at her.
“Why are you doing this?” she begs.
I move in front of her, my body between her and the gun. I
grab the barrel of the gun, pushing it up in the air, just as it goes
off. Walker punches him square on the jaw, and he hits the
ground face-first with a thud.
I turn around and Joslyn burrows her head into my chest.
“Why did he do that?” she asks, her body shaking.
The fucker is as good as dead; there is no doubt about that.
Walker nods toward the guy and I nod. He will be taken to the
clubhouse, and we all know he will rest in peace—well, rest in

I never, in a million years, expected that to happen; the thought
never crossed my mind that I would walk into the bathroom and
have a gun pointed at my face.
“Sleep, Baby.” Wilder is wrapped around my back, our legs
twisted together.
“I was scared, but I also knew you would come for me,” I
confess, and it’s the truth. I was scared, but I knew that I would
be okay because Wilder was there.
“I will never let anything happen to you, Sweetheart. Not sure
I will let you out of my sight anytime soon, though.” He bites my
earlobe and hugs me tighter.
“I don’t mind,” I say softly, my eyes drifting closed, letting
sleep overtake me.


I arrive at the club around ten o’clock that night. Joslyn is sound
asleep and will be out of it for a while. The club doctor got her
some sleeping pills to help her relax.
Joslyn was more in shock than anything else after everything
happened. It was hard for her to wrap her head around the
thought of her mother and stepfather planning on killing her.
They are evil fucking people. Some people should not be
allowed to breathe.
Luckily for her mother, we wouldn’t kill or hurt a woman in
any way, but the other ole ladies haven’t made that promise. Her
mother is probably getting the ass beating of her life right about
Brittany is on the front line, along with Shaylin, my mom,
and Amelia. My cousin Travis volunteered to keep an eye on the
women. Joslyn’s stepfather, Charlie, is ours. He fucked up
because he pointed a gun and was attempting to kill a princess of
the club, and my woman.
My fucking woman.
He is going to regret this with every bit of his being. I will not
tolerate this. Joslyn is the sweetest and most gentle person I
have ever met, and the thought of her scared has me raging.
Time for fun. I step into the room to see him hanging from
the ceiling. I grin at him, my eyes moving down to the puddle of
piss under his feet that is growing as I stand in front of him.
“Well, well, Charlie, it seems that we have a bit of a fucking
problem here.”
He shakes his head, his feet pushing at the ground, trying to
get away from me.
“You were going to kill what was mine, Joslyn is my woman.
That is the biggest mistake of your life.”
I nod at Derek. He hands me some brass knuckles, and I
slowly put them on, watching Charlie squirm. “Because after I
am done with you, these guys are taking their turn. The guy to
the left of me is her father, the guy beside him is her brother
and, if there is anything left of you, that’s fucking it.”
He starts to speak, but my fist lands on his jaw. Teeth and
bones break under my fist, the sound thundering through the


Travis’s laugh is echoing through the room, and Joslyn’s mother

is getting off the ground. You see, Shaylin untied her and we are
letting her fight back for the fun of it.
My mother, who is also my aunt, kicks her right in the face.
“That is for my daughter-in-law, you stupid bitch!” She throws
her fist out, and Joslyn’s mother’s head whips to the side.
My mother actually loves Joslyn. She met her before she left
and thought she was the sweetest thing ever. But honestly, we
all think that. Joslyn is pure and innocent, and we all want to
protect her.
We all heard how her mom treated her and about everything
that went down tonight, and we all volunteered to give her an ass
“My turn!” I sing and Travis laughs.


These women are fucking vicious; they prance around like they
are having the time of their lives. Wilder’s mom, Darla, is the
worst—well, until Brittany and Shaylin.
Brittany is one woman I will not fuck with—or Shaylin, for
that matter. But Shaylin will just shoot your ass—Brittany fucks
with you.
Brittany is walking around Joslyn’s mom slowly, touching her
in certain places. “Now, will you ever contact Joslyn again?” Her
voice is sweet—and, shit, that is a total lie. Brittany is also
dressed to the fucking nines. Her hair is curled and she is
wearing stilettos, looking like she is going out on a date instead
of this.
“Go to hell.”
Brittany smiles and stomps on her hand, the heel of her shoe
grinding into her palm. I laugh loudly because only Brittany
could do something like that while being completely classy.
Brittany says, “Now are we going to stay from Joslyn?”
Joslyn’s mother looks around the room, and her shoulders
sag. She looks like she’s finally giving in, but I don’t believe that
shit for one second. We won’t hurt women—she will be let go—
but a prospect will be taking her a couple of states away,
dumping her with enough money so she doesn’t starve but not
enough to get back here.
“Bitch, you better fucking stay away. I do not play games.”
Shaylin takes out her gun, pointing it right at the middle of her
forehead. “You come back, a bullet will be right between your
For the first time I see pure fear in Joslyn’s mother’s eyes.
Shaylin doesn’t play fucking games and she is gun happy.
“I promise,” she finally says.
“Good, I need to get home to my baby.” Shaylin tucks her gun
back in her waistband and walks out the door. Brittany follows
with Wilder’s mother close behind, and Amelia grins, waves
goodbye to Joslyn’s mother, and leaves.
I’m alone with Joslyn’s mother. “I would listen to them.
These women don’t make threats, they make promises.”
At that I walk straight to the room where I will take my turn.
What he’s done was far worse than what Joslyn’s mother did. He
pointed a gun at Joslyn with the intent to kill. That is one of the
worst offenses you can commit, and it’s especially bad because
we just found out that she is an MC princess on top of being an
ole lady.
This shit doesn’t fucking fly.


“Any last words?” Lane says, standing beside me. My gun is

pointing at Charlie’s head. He is now on his knees before me. He
does not get the honor of dying on his feet.
Nobody gets to do that to my Joslyn and get away with it.
Charlie has been pummeled by the fists of every single member
of the club, and now it’s time for me to end it, setting Joslyn free
from everyone who has bothered her. She needs this peace.
“Fuck you and fuck that bitch that caused this,” he grunts
through his toothless mouth.
“Enjoy hell, motherfucker.” I pull the trigger.


I wake up alone in bed. “Wilder?”

He walks into the room and I sigh, covering myself back up
with the blanket. I thought he left. “Yeah, Baby?” He crawls into
bed, pulling me to him.
“Will you make love to me?” Today has been a horrible day. I
just want to escape reality for a little.
He doesn’t answer me. He just lifts my shirt over my head
and peels off his underwear. I hungrily look at him: his abs, the
tattoos lingering across his skin. He is just perfect.
He throws the blanket off of me, leaving me completely
naked. He climbs on the bed, his hand curling around my foot,
and pulls me down, his mouth clamping down on me.
My back arches, and I throw my legs on his shoulders. “God!”
I cry out. His movements are more aggressive than last time,
sucking and nipping all the right places.
“Come,” he growls, his fingers curling and twisting inside
My body stiffens before shattering into a million pieces. He
crawls up my body, his lips and tongue dragging on my skin.
I raise my head and kiss him softly. My hands run down his
back, my nails slightly digging, and my legs hug his hips.
He falls down to his elbows, his hips dip forward, and he
slowly slides in. There is no pain at all this time, just intense
pleasure. I throw my head back, and Wilder kisses my neck.
“You good, Baby?” he asks.
“More than fine.” I gasp.
“Hold on, Baby.” He slides out then back in, hard. He
searches my face to make sure I’m good, and that is when he lets
loose, his hips smacking into mine, hammering into me.
It is absolutely amazing. I have never felt anything like this
He does it over and over, his hips tilting to drive me crazy. My
skin tingles, my toes curl, and my body stiffens. I clamp down on
him, and his hand sneaks between our bodies, rolling my clit. I
fall over the edge once more.
He comes a second later, and our gazes snap to each other.
Mine is probably filled with horror. We didn’t use a condom.
He lays his forehead on my shoulder, and we are both silent.
“We might be okay.” I start counting to see when my last period
was. Fuck. “Not good, Wilder,” I whisper, and I kiss the side of
his head while I am internally freaking out.
He finally lifts his head, looking at me. I bring my hands up,
touching his face, and he smiles. It’s like a weight is lifted off of
“Baby, don’t worry. I was planning on you having my babies,
and if it happens to be sooner rather than later, then I am totally
fine with it.”
My stomach flips once again. I can’t believe he just said that.
“Baking is something I love, but being a mom is my dream. I
love taking care of people,” I confess and he kisses my cheek.
“Then I don’t see the use for condoms anymore, do you?” He
winks and I laugh because, in the end, even if we don’t work out I
will always have my baby, but I have a strong feeling that he and
I are going to be forever.
The thought of him not being in my life hurts; he has become
such a huge part of it.
“Let’s go shower.” He lifts me off the bed and carries me to
the shower.
This is crazy and definitely not normal, but normal is

A Month Later

“Joslyn?” Travis groans over the phone, and I sit up straight,

concerned. Wilder is sitting beside me, looking confused.
“What’s the matter, Travis?” My words rush out, and I am
sitting at the edge of my seat. This past month I have gotten very
close to Travis, Tristan, and my dad. We all spend a lot of time
together and usually have dinner three times a week.
I love having my family around. I have also gotten to know
Wilder’s mom, and we will be hanging out tomorrow, along with
Amelia, Adeline, and Brittany.
“I have the flu,” he croaks out, his voice sounding weak.
I stand up. “Where are you?”
“Just left the ER.”
“Wilder and I will be by to pick you up, and you can stay here.
I will take care of you. I am also ignoring the fact you went to the
ER without telling me.”
I hang up and look at Wilder. “Travis is sick, will you pick him
up while I get everything ready here?”
Wilder eyes me, but I just smile sweetly, ignoring the fact he
hates Travis being around me. Travis jokes flirtatiously with me,
and Wilder cannot stand it, which makes Travis do it ten times
more often.
“Baby, he is a grown-ass man. He can take care of himself,”
he grumbles, looking way too cute.
“Don’t pout, Baby.” I smirk and kiss him. “We all know who I
belong to.”
His expression darkens at my words, and he pulls me to him
with a fistful of my ass. The other hand is stroking my hair, and
he kisses me. This kiss is a claiming one.
This past month has made Wilder and me extremely close,
and I have never been so happy in my life.
“Fine,” he says and walks out the door. I laugh.


Wilder and Travis show up an hour later, and Travis is looking

absolutely awful. He is pale and sickly. Wilder hands me his
“I have the room set up upstairs.”
Wilder rolls his eyes at me, and I smack his ass, wanting him
to behave.
Travis stumbles into the bedroom, and I have some of
Wilder’s clothes on the bed. “Change and I will bring you some
Wilder shuts the door a little too hard, and I suck in my lip
trying to stop my laughter. Am I such a bad person that I love
I walk downstairs and grab the soup I made for Travis from
the stove. “Where is my soup?” Wilder asks.
Not able to contain it, I snort and hand him his bowl, which I
already set out. He smiles and takes it, kissing my cheek. “Thank
you, Baby.”
I walk back upstairs and knock on Travis’s door. “You

She pushes open the door, and Travis is lying there shirtless. The
stupid fucker is testing my last nerve. He does shit just to piss
me off when it comes to Joslyn.
I give him a death glare as Joslyn sets the food on the table,
and when she walks away, he winks. The fucker didn’t act that
sick, but the moment he walked into my house, he was on
death’s door.
He pisses me off. If he weren’t my cousin, I would beat his ass
worse than I already do.
Joslyn sits down on the edge of the bed and tries to hand him
his soup, but he shivers dramatically. “I don’t think I could hold
the bowl,” he says in a feeble voice.
He is asking for it.
“Sure.” She starts to fucking feed him, and Travis stares at
me the whole time, a gleam in his eye.
Every second seems to drag on until he is done, and when she
turns her head, he smirks. I point my gun at him. He wags his
eyebrows, not fazed in the least.
She covers him up and gives him his meds and a glass of
fucking water. “Let me know if you need anything, get some
I take the bowl from her and almost pack her out of the room.
She just laughs. The little shit knows exactly what he’s doing and
how much it pisses me off.


I walk into the kitchen, only to be pushed against the wall. My

face is pressing against the wall, and I laugh when Wilder kisses
my cheek.
“I fucking want you. Here. Now.”
“Yes,” I say breathlessly, and he pushes my pants down. I
turn around and finish the job for him, while he strips out of his
own clothes.
He stops and stares at me, eyeing my body. Everywhere he
looks, my body lights up with goose bumps breaking out across
my skin.
Wilder presses my back to the wall, and I wrap my legs around
his waist. His fingers slide inside and I hiss, tossing my head
“Fucking soaked.” He nips my neck and I shiver, twining my
fingers in his hair.
He removes his finger, replacing it with his dick, and I hold
my breath. I will never get over the feel of him like this, this
“Mine,” he hisses, and my eyes roll back in my head, which
falls forward and rests on his shoulder.
“Yours,” I agree, and his grip tightens before he fucks me
hard against the wall. I love every second of it.


I just stare at her, her eyes closed and her body resting against
the wall. Her hair is slipping from her ponytail, and her skin is
flushed—she is way too fucking beautiful to be real.
But she is, and she is mine
We haven’t used a condom ever since the night we forgot to
use one, so she could be pregnant, right now, with my baby.
Joslyn has transformed in front of my eyes. She has laughed
more every day, smiled more, and babied everyone around us,
especially the dick Travis.
“Carry me,” she says, falling forward, her head on my
I laugh, thoroughly pleased that I exhausted her. I walk past
the couch and grab the blanket, wrapping it around her naked
back in case Travis walks out.
Joslyn snakes her hand off my back to the back of my head,
running her fingers through my hair. She is sweet and kind, she
is like an angel.
I love her, I fucking love her, and she will be the only woman I
ever love.


“This would be so pretty on you!” Wilder’s mom hands me a

shirt. I agree the top is very much my style.
“Thank you, I will get it.”
She beams at me.
Darla is absolutely adorable. I liked her from the moment I
met her. I met her before I left a couple of months ago. She came
into the bakery often to restock her cookie jar.
Darla is the mom everyone wants to be—she is sweet as pie—
but she has a temper on her. Someone ran into her, and I
thought she was going to punch them in the face.
Two prospects have been following us around. They are
stationed outside the clothes store, which will probably get them
in trouble because they are supposed to keep us in sight,
according to Wilder.
My stomach growls for the tenth time since we walked into
this store an hour ago. I am not much for shopping, but these
girls are hardcore shoppers. Amelia has a whole cartful for
herself and her daughter Tiffany. Brittany is shopping for
herself, and I know she’s picked out some clothes for me.
I probably should just give her my debit card and let her have
at it; I’d rather be looking at cookware.
Darla arches an eyebrow at my stomach, laughing. “You guys
ready to eat?” she calls to everyone, and they all yell back,
We all pay for our stuff and go to the food court. My mouth
waters at the thought of a bacon cheeseburger with extra, extra
I hurry to the table and sit beside Darla. I take a huge bite of
my burger, ready to cry at how good it is.
“Are you pregnant?”
I stop midbite, staring at her. She has a hopeful look on her
face. I set the burger down and contemplate what to say. “I’m
not sure,” I whisper.
Her eyes widen, and she smiles. “Finish eating, I will go grab
some tests.” She all but runs off, tugging along a prospect.
My stomach clenches. What if I am pregnant? Breathe, Joslyn,
don’t freak out. Not yet. This is something we were expecting;
we wanted this. If it’s true, then it will be perfect.
“Where is she going?” Amelia asks and I shrug. I don’t want a
lot of people to know in case I’m not, leaving me to deal with
having to tell everybody.
The moment she gets back, I walk into the bathroom, and
Darla and Brittany follow me.
“Here.” Darla hands me the test, which has a digital screen,
and my hands are shaking as I take it.
“Pregnancy test?” Brittany asks, staring at the test and then
back at me. “You think you’re pregnant?”
“I’m not sure.” I press the box to my chest and go into the
booth. I look at the instructions, and it’s really straightforward:
just pee on the stick. I got this handled.
I do what needs to be done and open the door, setting the test
on the counter. We all look at the wall.
The alarm goes off on Brittany’s phone, letting us know it’s
time to look. I grab the test and my whole world stops at what it
Tears fall down my face and I touch my stomach, and Darla
reads it. She and Brittany scream and run to me. I am
surrounded by hugs, tears falling along with mine.
The door opens and the rest of the women come in. “She is
having my grandbaby!” Darla screams, and the other girls
scream, joining in the hug.
“A new MC baby!” Amelia yells and we all laugh.
I sob, hugging every one of the girls. This is what family is all
about. “Wilder is going to freak!” Brittany says and I nod. I
cannot wait to tell him.
“Let’s get her home, so she can tell my boy.” Darla hugs me
once more.
I think I just got lucky with an amazing mother-in-law. We
all file out of the bathroom, wiping our tears, to come face-to-
face with guns.
I gasp at the sight of our prospects lying on the ground and
three men standing in front of us. Darla pushes me and Brittany
behind her. Adeline pushes Amelia behind her.
“What do you want?” Darla asks, her voice calm and
All three men appear to be of Mexican descent. The one on
the right smiles, and his teeth are grimy looking. “We came with
a message.”
The one in the middle bends over, looking at Amelia. He
winks and Adeline pushes her against the door.
“What’s the message?” Adeline asks.
“Tell the guys in charge we are here, ready to take over your
town.” He steps closer to Adeline. “Fight if you want, but tell
them the women and children are the first to go.”
They laugh, walking away from us. We all hurry back into the
bathroom, locking the door. Amelia is already on the phone with
Lane, explaining what’s happening.
I don’t know what is happening right now. I just can’t believe
all of us—women and children, mind you—were threatened.
That affects the Devil Souls MC too, because Shaylin is
married to a Devil Souls member and they have a daughter,
“They outright threatened the kids,” I hiss.
Amelia is staring at the wall. “Don’t I fucking know it. My
daughter is the president’s daughter, that’s a double fucking
“War is happening,” Darla whispers, looking at me and
Brittany rolls her shoulders, fixes her blouse, and smiles.
“War is what they will get.”
One thing I know is that we will go down swinging.
Adeline looks at every woman in the room. “They threatened
the women in the club too, they just sentenced themselves to



“Get to the fucking mall!” Lane yells, running out of the

clubhouse. The other guys follow me.
What the fuck happened?
The mall?
My heart fucking stops in my chest. What if she is hurt? My
life would be over in a split second.
We thunder out of the gate, rushing to the mall. All of the
guys around me are pissed off, and I can tell they are scared.
We can handle a fucking lot of shit, but our worlds being
That tortures a man.
The ride to the mall is the longest fucking one yet, and we pull
up outside the place. Lane doesn’t get off. He motions for us to
stand still.
“Son, fucking tell me she is okay,” Smiley says.
My dad looks like he is about to pass out beside me. My mom,
my woman, and my fucking sister.
Six more bikes pull up. It’s the Original Guys, including
Walker and Tristan. “What the fuck is going on?” Walker yells
and steps off of his bike.
“If you will sit fucking still I will tell you,” Lane yells back
before he collects himself. “The cartel made their move.”
“How?” Derek growls.
“They knocked out the prospects and told the women to give
us a message. The message was they are here and ready to take
over the town. Fight, and the women and kids are the first ones
to go.”
Another bike pulls up with a sick Travis.
“Let’s get our women and then we can fucking chit chat.” I
cannot fucking stand it anymore. I need Joslyn here in front of
me to make sure she is okay.
“We go straight to the club.”
We get off our bikes and walk into the mall. “Where are
they?” I walk to the right of Lane—-as vice president, that is my
spot—-and on my right are Derek and Travis.
“The bathroom off the food court.”
We all walk a little faster because they are right up ahead. We
head for the bathroom.
The prospects are awake now, propped up against the door,
and I know they are going to be thrown out on their asses
because they left the women exposed. Second chances are not
happening here.
Lane rips the prospects’ patches off their cuts right then and
there. “Leave,” Lane tells them and they leave.
“Amelia, I am here,” Lane calls through the door.
The door flies open, and we all run into the bathroom. Joslyn
is standing next to my mother, and I run to them. “You guys
okay?” I ask my mom, and my sister nods before my father
swarms them both.
“Wilder.” Joslyn face plants into my chest and her dad stands
beside me.
“You okay, Sweetheart?”
She nods, her fists clutching my vest. “I’m fine. Wilder, I
have to tell you something.” She reaches behind her and hands
me something.
My eyes get to the word “pregnant.”
“Yours?” My voice cracks.
“I’m pregnant,” she whispers with a blinding smile.
I kiss her forehead, pulling her to me. My head is against the
top of her head, my hand pressed against her stomach.
“You’re going to be a grandpa,” Mom tells Dad and he looks
at me, shocked, then at Jos. Walker says, “What?”
“I can’t wait to be an aunt!” Brittany jumps up and down in
those fucking heels she wears.
“Congrats, bro.” Travis smacks my shoulder, and Joslyn
narrows her eyes at him.
“Why are you out of bed?”
“Babe, like I would stay in bed with all of this shit going on?”
She shakes her head. “Back to bed!” She points at the door.
How fucking cute is she when she pretends to be mad.
“I will soon, Mom.”
She smiles and laughs, and I look down at her belly. My baby
is in there. I feel someone staring at me—Mom is looking at both
of us with tears rolling down her face.
My mom has been wanting grandchildren since the moment
the idea popped into her mind. She couldn’t have any kids other
than me, and when the opportunity to get Brittany arose, she
didn’t hesitate. Brittany became her baby girl, and Mom and Dad
spoiled her rotten, even though she was sixteen at the time.
I cannot believe I am going to be a fucking dad. Let’s all pray
that it’s not a girl; I am not sure I could handle that shit.


I cannot believe I just told him right in front of everyone, but

with everything going on, it seemed like a good idea. His reaction
was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. I will never
forget the expression on his face when I told him. He was so
For me? It has not sunk in yet. The moment I found out, my
friends and I had guns pointed at our faces.
“Come on, Sweetheart, we are headed to the club.” Wilder
pulls me close, and other guys are doing the same with their
women. Lane is in the front with Amelia, and Travis is standing
beside her. Brittany is behind her with Derek on one side and
Maverick, one of the Original Guys, standing on the other.
Smiley, Adeline, and Tristan are behind her. Darla is behind
them with her husband and Konrad beside her. I am pulling up
the rear with Wilder and my dad. The other guys are just
standing around us.
They are making sure we are safe.
This wasn’t planned; they all just lined up like this.
This is family.
We all walk together to the entrance of the mall, ignoring
peoples’ strange looks. The bikes are parked outside and, at the
back of the parking lot, I see a blacked-out van. My heart sinks.
Am I just paranoid?
Screeching tires come next, and they quickly move toward us.
Wilder pushes me behind him, and Walker wraps himself around
me. All the other girls are in similar positions as their men move
to protect them.
Wilder pulls the trigger, and one of the guys with the guns
falls out of the van. Travis starts shooting out the tires, and
Tristan hits the front of the van, making it stop. Konrad rushes
to the van and throws open the door, shooting the person inside.
Everything is happening in slow motion. Wilder is standing
over me like a sentinel, and Walker is covering my body with his.
“Konrad, Maverick, throw them in the prospects van and
drive it to the clubhouse they are around the street!” Lane yells
as he stands up with Amelia pressed against his back. Derek is
lying on top of Brittany, and Darla is hidden under her husband.
Adeline is pressed against Smiley’s back, and I see pure panic
on her face. This has rattled her, and I am sure I will be in the
same boat once I’ve had the chance to think about what the heck
just happened.
“To the bikes!” Lane yells, and Wilder pulls me off the
ground, hiding me from view. Everyone around me is hurrying to
the bikes. “You’re in front of me,” Wilder says.
What does he mean?
He climbs on and settles me on his lap so I am straddling him
on the bike. “Is this safe, Wilder?”
He grinds his teeth. “Baby, we need to hurry to the club. I will
not leave you exposed against my back.”
I understand now and, making myself as small as possible, I
hunch down and lay my head against his chest. He wraps an arm
around my back and uses the other to move the bike.
“I need you out of here, Baby,” he whispers in my ear and
turns on his bike. The others also crank up their ignition, and I
see all the girls are in similar positions. Brittany is next to us,
riding with Derek. She winks and snuggles closer to Derek, who
is trying to fight a smile. She is loving riding with him right now.
She has wanted him for a long time, and right now she has him
exactly where she wants him.
“Let’s ride!” Lane yells, and we all follow him. The van is
behind us with the guys that shot at us. The other Original, my
dad, Travis, and Tristan are surrounding the van on their bikes.
The wind is whipping around me like crazy. We are going
really fast, and the wind is intense. Wilder must sense it and
puts his hand over my face, protecting me from the wind.
God, I love that man.
Wait, I love him? Did I really just say that?
But I have to admit it’s the truth. I love him so much that it
consumes every part of me.
Now we have someone threatening our very existence.

Joslyn and the girls are huddled in the living room with Tiffany,
along with the Devil Souls women and kids. The Devil Souls were
called the moment we got back to the club, because this affects
them just as much as it affects us. They are in the next county,
on the same shoreline, and we are connected by relationships
among our members. Shaylin is the Grim Sinners’ princess—
she’s the daughter of Smiley, the ex-president of the club, and
the sister of Lane, the current president. She’s also Butcher’s
woman; he’s president of the Devil Souls. Alisha is Techy’s ole
lady; he’s part of the Devil Souls. And she’s the daughter of
Adeline, who is Smiley’s wife.
The Devil Souls has a lot more kids than we do at the
moment. Torch has a baby; the president, Kyle, has two kids; and
Alisha has twins.
So yes, this shit affects them just as much.
Lane just explained the whole situation and Liam stands up.
“I just stepped off the plane. My time has ended with the SEALs
and I’m here to fucking stay, and I say we take all of them out.
No one threatens us and especially our women.” He looks at
Torch as he says “our women.”
Liam is the kid who saved Torch’s daughter when he was
seventeen. Paisley was sixteen, and a janitor at the school tried
something with her. Liam beat the shit out of him.
That bought the kid a prospect patch and led to him being
patched in by the age of eighteen. Then he joined the navy and
became a SEAL.
The kid isn’t a kid anymore. He is now twenty-four, only
three years younger than I am, and fucking huge. He is six-foot-
five and tattooed, ready to take on the world. And Torch just lost
his daughter to Liam. After dancing around each other for years,
Liam and Paisley are finally together. Torch is glaring at Liam,
ready to kill him.
He knows that shit too.
“Techy, we need eyes on them.” Kyle takes out his computer.
“I say we put trackers on their vehicles. An alarm will go off
in all your homes and in the club once they are close.”
Our tech guy, Caleb, nods. He’s already on his computer.
“One of the warehouses is outside of town, close to our gym,” he
says. They are looking at the cameras tracking the cartel’s
“Don’t forget we have one alive that shot as us earlier,”
Derek says.
Liam smiles evilly. “May I have the honor?”
“Have at it.” Lane throws him the key, and Derek follows
Liam out of the room.
“Guys, they have been seen in Raleigh. Kyle.”
“Fuck!” Kyle yells, slamming his hand on the table. It’s what
we thought, but it’s been confirmed.
“We need to retaliate,” Lane says, and Kyle nods.
I pitch in for the first time. “I say we fucking take out the
Konrad, one of the Originals, says, “I have some launchers
and we can take out both warehouses.” He grins, sitting back
with his hands behind his head.
“Good with me, let’s get rid of these fuckers,” Kyle agrees.
“Mav, Konrad. You’re on.”
“Fuck yeah!” Maverick says and walks out with Konrad on his
Maverick and Konrad are the youngest of the Originals, in
their early forties. The rest are in their fifties.
“We all fortify our houses at night, we are impenetrable
because of the steel barriers. We also alarm our gates, electrify,
and triple lock. The moment someone gets close to our houses,
we’ll hear the alarm,” Techy informs everyone.
Techy and Caleb have planned this system for both clubs for
the past year, and now it’s time to finally put it to use. We have
steel barriers in place, and nothing can get in unless we let it.
The door opens, and Liam comes in. “He is going to tell us all
he knows.”
We all get up and follow Liam into the interrogation room,
and we all stop dead in our tracks at the sight of the man.
His fingers are cut off, and the fingers on the ground have no
fingernails. The stubs have been burned so the guy doesn't bleed
Liam walks up to the guy. “Tell them now.” He presses a
knife against his throat, dragging it slowly but not deeply
enough to do any real damage. “Or I start on your toes.”
We are hit with the stench of shit. Piss and some other vile-
smelling liquid is pooling at his feet. “You’re fucking lucky that
didn’t get on my fucking shoes,” Liam deadpans.
Nobody has said a word from the moment we walked into the
room. I look at Derek and he shakes his head, in as much shock
as the rest of us.
He is fucking vicious.
“Our plan was to start with the kids, we were planning on
taking the president’s daughter, Tiffany.”
Lane charges across the room, and we all hold him back.
“Next was Shaylin, then Joslyn and Brittany. The princesses.”
Rage is all I fucking feel. They were planning on hitting us all
where it would fucking kill. This means absolutely no mercy.
They were going for Tiffany first. That shit is unspeakable.
“We were going to torture them until you gave in, and once
that happened we were going to hit the Devil Souls MC, starting
with Paisley.” He looks right at Torch when he says his
daughter’s name.
They have been watching us for a while. They know our
names and the kids in the club. “End him,” Lane tells Liam.
“With fucking pleasure.” The knife disappears into his neck.
“This is war, this is one time we will not show any fucking
mercy at all. They threatened our kids and our women, that is
something we will not forget or forgive.”
Lane stands beside him. “All I can say is game on.”
“May they rest in motherfucking pieces,” I roar and everyone
joins me.
The MC is in our blood; we are made for moments like these.
It’s time to let our true nature out.
“I am going for Paisley,” Liam tells Kyle and Torch.
Kyle nods and is running out the door; Torch watches him go.
“Torch, Paisley will be safer with Liam than with anybody else,”
Techy tells Torch, who grumbles, “I know.”
“I will stay with Brittany,” Derek says, and I look at him. Any
other time I would say no, but she needs to be protected. Her
house is well-armed, of course, but a man on her is just as
“I am staying with you, Wilder,” Travis tells me.
Lane looks at his phone. “They are in place. Let’s go watch.”
Techy rushes ahead of us, and we all enter the room to see
security cameras pointing at the warehouses. Konrad is standing
outside the warehouse in our town, and Maverick is outside the
other in Raleigh.
Techy turns up the volume, and Konrad stands in the middle
of the road with a huge-ass gun in his hands. “Come out, come
out, wherever you are,” he sings and I laugh.
One by one, they all walk out. Konrad winks at the camera and
turns around and shoots the launcher before any of them can
even draw a gun. The bullet moves through the middle of the
He shoots two more. The warehouse is completely on fire at
this point. Some of the guys on the ground are getting up.
Konrad takes out his gun, and bullets land directly in their heads.
Konrad disappears from view and shows up with a shotgun.
He has always been a crazy fucker, and Smiley laughs at this. He
shoots the vehicles sitting outside the warehouse, taking out
their motors.
Lane texts Maverick and grins into the camera, and he doesn’t
even let these guys have a chance to walk out. He just shoots and
shoots until the place is completely destroyed then takes out
their vehicles.
“Techy, I will take the shift whenever you want, man,” Caleb
“I will take the day if that’s okay.”
Caleb nods.
They will take shifts tracking and watching these guys,
making sure they don’t play us like they did before. We know
what to expect now, and that is a deadly mistake on their part.
“It will take them a few days to get on their feet again, go
home and rest,” Lane tells us.
I am the first one out of the room, and I go straight to my
parents’ house. Joslyn is asleep on the couch, her head in my
mom’s lap. “How is she, Mom?” I ask.
She looks down at Joslyn. “She is fine, she is just exhausted.”
I lean down and lift her off the couch. “I am taking her
home.” Travis holds the door open for me; he has his truck here.


“Hmm,” I mumble, my body still heavy with sleep.
“Wake up, Baby, you need to eat,” Wilder says softly, kissing
my cheek.
I smack away his hand, which is snaking up to my boobs. He
laughs, and his hand slides down to my stomach, right under my
belly button.
It all comes back to me: I am pregnant.
Wilder scoots down the bed until his face is right above my
belly. “My baby,” he whispers, just before he kisses my stomach.
I couldn’t stop the tears even if I wanted to. I am going to be a
mother, a baby that Wilder and I created together.
Wilder grips my hips, pulling me down the bed so we are
sitting face-to-face. His hands touch either side of my face,
demanding every bit of my attention. “Joslyn, I love you. I love
you so fucking much.” The tears are rolling down my face full
force at this point.
His hand lifts mine, our fingers entwined, and holds it to his
chest, his heartbeat under my fingers. “This beats for you.” He
brings our joined hands to my stomach. “And for our baby.”
My bottom lip shakes. “I love you too, Wilder, you’re my
world.” I throw my arms around his shoulders, kissing him
He stands up, lifting me with him, my legs wrapped around
his waist. This feeling is one I will never forget, the feeling
everything is right in the world.
Wilder breaks the kiss, setting me gently on my feet. “Come
on, Momma, let’s get you fed.”
He tugs me out of the room.
“Why do I feel like you won’t be satisfied until I am bed
He looks back, a wicked grin on his face. “Because I won’t be.
You in bed all the time leaves you at my mercy.”
I smack his ass hard. “Behave.”


“Time to get up.” Wilder shakes me for the tenth time and, at
this point, I am ready to murder him.
“Why?” I ask, my face half muffled by my pillow.
“I made an appointment for the baby doctor this morning,”
he informs me, and I flip him off.
“Baby.” He laughs and shakes me again.
“Travis!” I scream. I pull the blanket that Wilder is trying to
tear away from me, opening my eyes for the first time, and I
glare at him.
The door opens, revealing Travis. He takes in the sight of us
and laughs.
“Help me.” I kick my legs at Wilder, who catches them and
pulls me down the bed.
“Sorry, no can do,” Travis says. “We have a baby
I raise my head, looking at him. “We?”
He just winks, walking out of the room. I repeat, I don’t
understand men one bit. Travis was supposed to be my friend,
but he betrayed me.
“Traitor!” I yell.
He peeks in the door and flips me off.
“Wilder, he just cursed me.”
“Want me to kick his ass?” Wilder asks.
“Yes!” I hiss and flip Travis off in retaliation.
Wilder gets off the bed, looking like he is actually going to
kick his ass. “I was kidding, Wilder.” I laugh.
He arches an eyebrow. “I wasn’t.”
Don’t I know it. “I will be down in a few minutes, let me get
“That’s my girl.”
I roll my eyes. He is so lucky I love him, or I wouldn’t be
getting up at the ass crack of dawn. The clock just striking eight


“You’re one lucky bastard,” Travis tells me, leaning against the
wall in the kitchen.
He is right there—I am one lucky man. Joslyn is pregnant
with my baby, and I am going to marry her ass and keep her
There is no better feeling than seeing your woman pregnant
with your child. I was already possessive of her, but that has
Travis is lonely. I’m seeing that for the first time, and I’ve got
to admit that was me, all of those months ago, before I had
Joslyn. You never know what your life is missing until you have
“Travis, she is out there, man.”
He stares at the wall. “I know she is, man. Makes you wonder
what she will be like.”
I grin thinking of the woman he will get stuck with. I bet you a
hundred fucking dollars she drives him crazy.


I watch in utter horror as the doctor squirts lube on this wand

thing that she is about to put up my vag. But I turn my head and
relax after the procedure begins, letting her do her job.
A few seconds later a sound blasts through the room, and I
look at the screen. “There’s our little bean,” I whisper, my voice
“It’s a boy, I feel it,” Wilder tells me, hand on my stomach.
His hand has stayed there since the moment I got up.
“The baby’s heartbeat sounds good, everything seems to be
going well,” the doctor says. She prints off the pictures and
hands them to me. “Here is a prescription for prenatal
The doctor turns everything off, and Wilder helps me off the
bed. “I will let you get dressed, and the front desk will schedule
your next appointment.”
She opens the door, revealing Darla, Travis, and my father.
The doctor sidesteps, allowing the others through. Darla rushes
over and takes the pictures from me, and she shows them to
Walker. “Look!”
I lean my head against Wilder, enjoying the sight of them all
excited and happy. Walker is just staring down at the picture and
then back at my stomach. I feel like he is fighting something. I
need to spend time alone with him. I want to get to know him on
a more personal level.
“Dad, want to come over and spend the day with me?”
He grins. “I would love that, Baby.”
I would say we could go out to eat, but I don’t think it’s a good
idea to be out in the open any more than we have to be.
I scratch my nose, and something catches on my lip when I
bring my hand up. I see a ring on my left hand with a huge
diamond encrusted with small ones. “What is this?” I spin
around and look at Wilder, who is smiling like he is having the
time of his life.
“It’s an engagement ring,” he says nonchalantly.
I blink at him. What? “You’re supposed to ask me…” What
kind of caveman move is this?
Wilder puts his hands on either side of my face. “Baby, I love
you. You’re carrying my baby, and my cut is on your back. You’re
already mine, but call me selfish—I want the rest of the world to
know it too.”
How could someone say no to that? “Fine.” I sigh, and I laugh
at the incredibility of it. Only Wilder would do something like
“I am craving Mexican food,” I tell him and he shakes with
laughter. Even though I just got engaged, the thought of food is
not leaving my mind for a second.
He bends down and kisses me on the lips softly. I can feel the
love and tenderness coming through this kiss—I feel it down to
my soul. Without a doubt he loves me as much as I love him. He
breaks the kiss and puts his lips next to my ear, whispering
something only I can hear. “God, I love you so much.”
I squeeze his forearms, trying to my hold myself together. I
was already emotional before getting knocked up, but now I
know it’s only going to get worse.

Three Months Later

“Man, I didn’t do anything!” Travis begs. Wilder is holding him

down by his neck. He walked in to the sight of me crying and
Travis telling me he was sorry.
“What happened?” Wilder asks me. He is shaking with anger.
His loud voice makes me sob harder. “He ate my Hershey
bar.” I bury my face in my hands. I just can’t seem to stop
Wilder roars with laugher and lets Travis go.
“You’re crazy,” Travis whispers under his breath.
Satan takes over my body, and my head whips up to Travis,
whose face is pale. I glare at him. “I will not make you food
He pales further. “Joslyn, I am sorry.”
“Don’t ‘Honey’ me!” I scream and scramble off the couch to
the kitchen. Today has not been my day. I have morning sickness
and my back hurts; then he ate my candy.
I just started crying and I don’t know why, but now that it is
over I feel a lot better. Honestly, life has gone back to normal.
The cartel has kind of slipped off the radar, but we have not let
our guard down.
I get the food I just cooked out of the oven: three plates of
steaks and fries with a side of veggies. I set my and Wilder’s food
on the coffee table, and I catch the look on Travis’s face. I suck in
my lips to hide my laughter; he looks like I kicked his puppy.
I go back and grab his plate, and I roll my eyes at the sight of
his hopeful expression. Travis is like my younger brother; I love
him so much one second and, the next second, I want to hurt
him. I do consider Travis my brother. He comes over every day,
along with my dad and Tristan. My dad also comes to every one
of my ob-gyn appointments, and every day we get closer to the
birth of our baby.
Darla is the mom I never had, and she has been there for me
through every part of my pregnancy. I am still new at this, and I
am scared half the time. I run into something unexpected, and it
scares me to death. Darla is always there to talk me down,
reassuring me. Wilder is worse than I am—never come to him
with questions, or I’ll be dragged off to the hospital.
Which did happen. I told Wilder I was a little dizzy, and he
carried me to the truck and took me to the hospital. Then he told
everybody that I was at the hospital, and twenty minutes later
half the club was there. I thought poor Darla was going to fall
I hand Travis his plate, and he smiles at me. See? You have to
love him. I plop down on the couch next to Wilder, who has
already cut up my steak.
I stare at the wall, collecting myself. “Wilder, why did you cut
up my steak?” I ask calmly and Travis laughs.
Wilder laughs. “I was afraid you were going to cut yourself,”
he confesses and I just melt into a pile of goo, even though what
he did is strange. He is over the top, but that’s Wilder.
If I have a little boy, I just know he’s going to be a little
Wilder, but I secretly hope I have a little girl. I want to see her
drive Wilder crazy.
Nausea hits me all of a sudden, and I put my plate on the
coffee table in front of me. “What’s wrong?” Wilder asks.
I shake my head, because I am afraid if I talk I am going to be
sick. My stomach turns once again, and I jump off the couch and
hurry to the bathroom.
I bend over the toilet, throwing up everything I have eaten all
day. “Fuck, Baby,” Wilder whispers harshly and pulls my hair
back into a bun. I sit down on the floor, my head resting on my
forearms. My body is hurting at this point, and I don’t want to
mention my head. I take the washcloth Wilder hands me and
clean my face, only to get sick again.
“Oh God,” I whisper, my eyes closed.
“Let me take you upstairs.” He lifts me off the ground, and
my head falls to his chest. I try not to think about my sick
“Travis, call the doctor and have him come here. I believe she
has gotten the bug going around.”
Oh God, I surely hope not. I don’t need the flu on top of being
pregnant—the stomach flu at that. Wilder hurries up the stairs,
and I smack his shoulder. I am already sick again.
He sits down on the floor with me in his lap, and I try to push
him away, not wanting him to see this.
“Don’t even try that shit with me, Joslyn.” He gently sets me
on the floor; then he strips out of his clothes and turns on the
shower. He pulls me up. My whole body is shaking and I feel
I have morning sickness and that is not fun—it leaves me
feeling weak all day—but this is just horrible. It hit me all at
once, but it could also explain why I was so emotional.
He takes off my clothes, and I follow him into the shower. My
eyes closed, I get under the spray. It is scalding hot at this point,
but I just want to get warm.
Wilder washes me and I just stand there like an invalid. This
is so different from my previous life. Whenever I was sick I just
slept in the bathroom in front of the toilet, because I was scared
to get up and down too much and I had no one to take care of me.
The need to throw up hits me again, and I put my hand over
my mouth. Wilder takes me over to the toilet. I still feel the
conditioner in my hair.
He pushes a toothbrush into my mouth and brushes my teeth,
and I just stare at him. If it is possible I just fell in love with him
all over again. “I love you,” I whisper, and my face falls onto his
chest. I am perched on the counter.
“Through sickness and health, sweet girl.” He kisses my
forehead. “You’re hot, Baby.”
I laugh, my whole body shivering. “I know.” I know what he
meant, but I couldn’t resist.
“We’ve got to finish washing out your hair.” He helps me off
the counter and straight back into the shower. “Be still, I am
going to get you some clothes.”
“Thank you.”
I hear the door open and some cold air comes into the room,
making me shiver ten times worse. I am sure this is what hell is.
I have a fever, my head is about to fall off of my body, and my
whole body hurts—it even hurts to rub my arms—and don’t
forget lightheaded because of throwing up.
Finishing rinsing my hair, I slide down the shower wall and
sit down on my butt. I don’t want to fall; that is one of my worst
fears, that I will fall and lose my baby. I am sure everyone has
these fears, but it’s a scary thing. I am carrying a life inside me,
and the thought of losing her is scary.
“Wilder ran to the store and got some Gatorade,” I hear
Travis say, and I smile and bring my legs up, resting my head
against my knees.
I hear someone walk into the room, and I look up to see
Wilder, who is now dressed. He reaches into the shower and
turns off the water. He reaches in and wraps his hands around
my forearms, lifting me gently. Once he is sure I am on my feet,
he wraps the towels around me before sweeping me off my feet.
He carries me into the bedroom and sets me on the edge of
the bed. The cold air is a lot worse the moment we walk into the
bedroom. I shiver even worse if that’s possible.
He slides my panties up my legs, then my pants, and throws
his shirt over my head. Don’t cry, Joslyn. A hairbrush is in his
hand, and he brushes my hair.
“Whatever did I do to deserve you?”
“You were born, my sweet girl, you were made for me. You’re
mine and I will take care of mine.” My bottom lip quivers, and I
cover my face with my hands. My heart feels like it’s about to
“I love you,” I manage to choke out. “God, do I love you.”
He kisses the side of my head. “Love you too, Sweetheart.”
My stomach churns again, and I run to the bathroom.
This happens over and over, until the doctor shows up twenty
minutes later. I’m covered up in the bed, with only my head
peeking out, when he comes into the room with a bag. He’s a
club doctor—it happens to be Konrad, much to my surprise. He
doesn’t look like a doctor. “I heard someone was sick.”
“Hey,” I croak out, my teeth chattering. My wet hair isn’t
Wilder tells him about all my symptoms, and Travis hands me
a Gatorade. I reach out for it, but my hands are shaking so bad I
am sure I will spill it.
Travis opens it for me, slips in a straw, and lifts my head so I
can take a sip.
“Thank you.” I touch his hand, getting his full attention,
wanting him so see how sincere I am.
“Wilder, here are her meds, and here is the dosage and
something to help her stomach.” He hands him a piece of paper.
Konrad turns back to me and touches my forehead. “You’re
hot.” He places a thermometer under my tongue, and it beeps a
few seconds later. “One hundred and two.” He stands up. “Give
her some broth and pump as many fluids as you can into her.
She will be lightheaded so don’t let her walk alone. I can already
tell she is dehydrated.”
At that Travis walks over and gives me more Gatorade.
“Thank you, man.” Wilder shakes Konrad’s hand.
“Call me if she worsens.” He leaves and Wilder walks over
with my meds. He lifts my head and gives me a pill along with
some liquid medicine. Then he holds out the Gatorade for me,
and I chug the rest of it down. He hands me the remote and I
turn on the TV; the first thing on is Jersey Shore. I laugh. Wilder
hates that show more than anything, and I love to tease him
with it. Right now I have the constant urge to throw up, but I
manage to hold my medicine down.
“I am going to go make you some broth.”
“Already on it!” Travis yells, and Wilder just climbs in beside
me instead.
“Wilder, I don’t want to make you sick,” I tell him when he
pulls me against him.
He glares at me. “If you’re in bed with me, then I am going to
be holding you.”
I scoot over. I just want him right now, and I don’t even care
that I stink. “You’re so warm.”
“I wish I could take your sickness from you.” He moves my
hair over my shoulder, and his fingers trail down my back.
Thirty minutes later Travis walks in with a bowl. He sits down
on the edge of the bed, and Wilder lifts me up so my back is
against the headboard. I reach for the bowl, but Wilder takes it
from him. “Open,” he says, bringing the spoon to my mouth.
“You guys are so nice to me.”
Travis laughs and Wilder rolls his eyes. “Open.”
I eat as much as I can before the sickness becomes too much.
“Sleep.” He covers me up and turns off the TV.
My body sinks into the bed, exhaustion finally taking its toll. I
have no energy. Wilder wraps his arm around my waist, warming
my back. My feet are like ice so, like any woman, I press my feet
against his legs.
“Mean ass.” He chuckles.
I cover my laughter and, closing my eyes, I drift off to sleep.


Two days later I feel much better, and now it’s time to find out
the gender of the baby. Darla is here with us, and I know I’ll be
kidnapped after this because I am allowing her to plan my
“Alright, let’s see what we have!” The doctor moves the
Doppler over my stomach, and Darla is almost nose-to-nose
with the screen.
The baby pops up on the screen. “Well, we know what you’re
having. He is letting it all hang out.”
“He?” Darla screams.
“Fuck yeah!” Wilder says, kissing me hard.
Two little Wilders running around, Lord help us all. I grin at
the sight of Darla hugging Wilder; she is so happy. I am so
happy. I have a baby boy inside me, a baby that I am going to
Darla jumps up. “Time to go shopping!”


We arrive at the baby store an hour later. A son—I am having a

boy—and thank God because I am not sure how I could handle
having a daughter, especially if she ends up like Joslyn, because
she is an angel.
My son is going to be the next generation of the MC. He can
become and do whatever he wants, but the MC will always be a
part of his life.
We all live very well. We busted our asses to have close to fifty
thriving businesses, and that means we are set for life, along
with our kids.
Walker meets us at the store, because he wants to be a part of
this event in Joslyn’s life. He may not have been there for her
growing up, but he wants to be there for the baby.
We walk in the store, and Joslyn closes her eyes as the cold air
hits us. The Texas heat is fucking scorching outside.
“Oh my God.” Joslyn rushes out, her eyes lit with pure
happiness, taking in all of the baby stuff.
She is my world—my life never began until I met her. I was
just going through the motions of living my life.
She changed me the moment I saw her.
She hid her face, hiding her smile, trying to blend in with her
surroundings, but little did she know that she could never hide
from me, because that’s when my life began.
You don’t know what is truly missing until you find the
missing link—and that was my heart, which is this small
“Look!” Joslyn touches my shoulder and motions to the cribs.
“Come on, sweet girl.” I lead her to the crib sets, and she goes
straight to a black wooden crib. “This would be so pretty with
gray paint.”


We picked out the crib, the bedding, the changing table, and the
bassinet, which I will have in the bedroom with me and Wilder
until the baby is older. It will make it easier for me in the first
Wilder spots the car seats and inspects every single one of
them, finding the one with the most safety features.
“I need a base for my vehicle.” Darla puts an extra base in the
cart. She is planning on babysitting any time she can.
Walker grabs one for himself, and I laugh at them. We could
have just moved one from vehicle to vehicle.
“Oh look!” Darla motions to a baby swing that moves like a
mother does. Wilder picks it up and puts it in the buggy. “You
need one of these too.” She throws in one of those pillows that
wraps around you to help hold the baby. “Look at this stroller!”
She points to one that matches the bedroom suite we picked out.
Walker puts it in his buggy; we have three rolling around right
now. Darla has one, and Wilder and Walker each have one.
For the next two hours Darla insists, “you need this” and puts
it in the buggy. I am loving seeing her enjoying herself so much.
I stare in shock at the price of everything. I knew babies
weren’t cheap, but we haven’t even gotten to the baby clothes,
wipes, and diapers. That is something that can wait for another
“Next we plan your baby shower,” Darla whispers, and I look
at Wilder, who is just amused about everything going down.
I want to breastfeed if it’s possible, which is why I’ve skipped
the bottles so far, but I will get some in case I can’t. I also saw a
formula dispenser that I want to get.
Ringing up all of this stuff, I am once more reminded of how
blessed I am with the family I have.
“Wilder, want to get some greasy diner food after this?” I ask
hopefully and he laughs.
I look at Walker and Darla. “You guys want to eat with us?”
“Sure, I am starving.” Walker does that man-nod thing they
all seem to have down pat.
My phone rings, and I see it’s Brittany. “Hey girl.”
“Joslyn, I need help.”
I smack Wilder’s arm, and he snaps to attention. “What’s
wrong, Brittany?”
“The cartel is following me.”
“Here is Wilder.” I hand the phone over, and Darla grips me,
her face pale. Walker is basically standing on top of me and
Darla, ready for anything.
“Call the guys and tell them she is heading straight for the
club. Three loads of cars are following her, numbers unknown.”
Darla grips me tightly, her whole body shaking. “Come on.”
Wilder motions for us, and he pulls Darla and me close to him as
we follow Walker, who is still talking on his phone.
“Wilder, you need to be there. I got the girls,” Walker informs
him. Wilder looks at me, undecided. “She needs her brother.”
Wilder helps me into Walker’s truck, while Walker loads
everything up. “Go to my house and lock everything down.”
Wilder kisses me deeply, and I want to grab him and not let him
out of my sight.
I can’t be selfish, no matter how much I want to be. He needs
to be there for Brittany. “Where is she, Wilder?” I ask him,
breaking the kiss.
“She is twenty minutes out. She was coming from Raleigh.
Derek should be meeting her right about now. She wasn’t
supposed to go out alone, she fucking knows better. Love you,
sweet girl.” He kisses me one last time; then he walks away.
Taking my heart with him.

I pull up to the club. The doors are open, waiting for Brittany to
come back safely. The cartel has been quiet, and now they are
targeting the women again.
“She is two minutes out!” Caleb yells.
“Arm yourself!” Lane yells, and I pull out my pistol. The
Originals Konrad and Maverick both have shotguns. Daniel and
Case are holding pistols. Travis is standing beside me, and
Tristan and Butcher are inside with the women.
They won’t get past us, but we always like to be extra
cautious. Butcher probably has Shaylin tied down because she
wants to be a part of the action. Smiley has been fighting her for
years. Shaylin has driven him crazy from the moment she was
born, and now Butcher has his job.
Tires squeal. I see Brittany in her Camaro, and Derek is right
behind her in his truck. Three SUVs are on their ass.
Brittany drives past us with Derek following her. He jumps
out, pulls her from her vehicle, and brings her into the
clubhouse. She glares at him the whole time, but she just slams
the door shut and joins us.
The three vehicles have pulled to a stop outside the gates, and
men in suits climb out. One is in the lead. “I need to speak to the
president!” he yells.
Lane steps forward, and we all follow him. He is not to be
alone; he is our president and to be protected at all costs.
“Ahh, how is your beautiful Amelia?”
The guy is just asking to die. “Well, wouldn’t you like to
know.” It seems to happen in slow motion: the guy hits the
ground with a bullet in the middle of his forehead.
Konrad moves forward, his shotgun blasting into the air,
driving everyone into motion. The cartel men scramble to their
vehicles, and I fire my pistol. They hit the ground left and right,
and a few make it to their vehicles. They take off, leaving some
of their companions behind.
“Don’t kill!” Lane roars, and Maverick jumps over the bodies
and knocks them out with the butt of his shotgun. He grabs both
men by their hair and drags them toward the clubhouse. He goes
to the side of the building, where the women won’t be able to see
Daniel, Case, and the others begin dumping the bodies in the
back of a van. They will be doused in acid and dumped into a
We all walk into the building, where some of the guys are
checking on their women and families. The entire building is
reinforced with metal, and the windows are unbreakable.
Brittany runs over to me, her eyes filled with tears. This has
to be the first time since I have met her that I’ve seen her cry. “I
am so sorry, bubby!” She wraps her arms around me.
“It’s not your fault.” These guys have been waiting for an
opening, and it just happened to be Brittany.
“Why the fuck is she crying?” Derek asks.
“I put everyone in danger.” She lets me go. “I want to hurt
them. Let me at them.” She is not sad anymore, just straight-up
pissed off.
That’s more like Brittany.
Derek raises his eyebrows. “You will have to ask Lane.”
She marches off to Lane, who is next to his family. She waves
him over, and her hands move in the air while she tells him
“Brittany?” My dad runs into the room; he sees her and his
knees buckle. My dad is a tough son of a bitch, but he is weak
when it comes to his girls. She runs over to him in those fucking
heels, and he crushes her into a hug. “Dad, I get to fuck them
I need to tell Joslyn, so I shoot out a text.
Me: It’s over. Brittany is fine and everyone is okay.
Joslyn: Good, now hurry home to me. ;)
Forget the cartel; this woman will be the one who kills me in
the end.
Lane whistles, and we all follow him to the room where shit
goes down. Three men hang from the ceiling. We have to get
answers, and the only way to do that is to cut it out of them.
Believe it or not Brittany is the first one in the room, looking
out of place. She is in fucking heels, about to beat the shit out of
Brittany had it rough growing up, so she is tough as nails and
isn’t afraid to bust someone’s nose if they fuck with her. When
she first came to live with us, Travis told her a joke and she
thought he was making fun of her, so she just walked over and
punched him square in the face.
To this day Travis will joke with her and run off; that punch
scarred him for life.
“Brittany, you don’t have to be here.”
“She is only here to get her revenge,” Lane informs my
father, who is relieved.
“What the fuck is she doing here?” the guy on the right asks.
She smiles at him. “I am here to kick your ass.”
He laughs loudly. “You? You can’t be.” He doesn’t get
anything else out before her fist hits his mouth.
I laugh at his shocked face, and he shuts up really quick.
Brittany winks at Lane and goes to the wall where the tools are
hanging. These tools have been used to get information out of
everyone. She takes a bat that belongs to Derek off the wall. She
would fucking choose that one.
Derek grins happily, see what I mean? My sister deserves to
be happy and I hate to admit it, but he would be good for her and
she for him.
Brittany walks back to the men, swinging the bat. “I am not
here to interrogate you, I am just here to kick your ass.” She
swings her bat, nailing the one in the middle right on the
kneecap. He screams bloody murder.
“Quit being such a pussy! You pretended to be a badass
earlier.” She swings again, hitting the one on the right in the
mouth and kneecap; then she swings upward, shattering his jaw.
“Damn, Brit.” My dad looks at her in shock.
Brittany has a major temper, a side to her that my dad has
never seen. Well, until now that is. I laugh, watching her hit the
one on the far left, knocking him out cold.
“Leave one of them with a working mouth, Brit,” Lane says.
She salutes him, and I cover my mouth because he is the
president and not many people dare to do that. My father looks
at Lane, who just tries to hide his smile.
Brittany is the second girl to ever come into the interrogation
room; Shaylin was the first. Some guy was bullying her at school,
and he wanted to be a member of the club. She lured him to the
club and into the room, where she beat the shit out of him. She
didn’t like him picking on her, and she wanted to get revenge.
Smiley let it happen because nobody gets away with messing
with Shaylin. We were all pissed when we found out he’d pushed
her into lockers, tripped her, and put gum in her hair.
I am surprised she didn’t kill him, but I know she wanted to
send a message. She was not the only girl having to deal with
him and wanted it to end.
“Stop!” the one in the middle screams, and she rolls her eyes
then hits his hand, breaking his fingers. Then she stomps on his
feet in those fucking heels.
She has stepped on my feet before by accident, and I just can’t
imagine it happening on purpose. Derek winces beside me; I bet
she has stomped on his feet a couple of times.
“Alright, I’m done.” She throws the bat at Derek’s feet and
walks out of the room.
Derek picks the bat up off the ground, spinning it in his
hands. “Let’s get this show on the road.” Lane rubs his hands
together, ready to get everything out of them.
In the end we don’t get much besides they are coming for us
again, this time everyone is a target, and they are hitting us
again soon.



Travis walks through the front door with Tristan behind him.
I sit up on the couch. “Where? Red Lobster?” I ask hopefully.
“Anything you want,” Travis tells me.
I jump off the couch and run to the door, slipping on my
shoes. I am craving crab legs something fierce.
Wilder laughs at me and gets off the couch, grabbing his keys
off the coffee table. “You guys riding with me?”
They nod and look at me, like I am the answer to everything.
“Let’s go!” I open the door and motion for them to walk out.
“I’m starving.”
Tristan and Travis walk in front of me, and Wilder is at my
back. He holds on to me. He does this every time I am faced with
walking down the stairs. He won’t let me carry anything over a
few pounds; you’ve got to love him for it.
We get onto the main highway and, somehow, I have ended
up in the middle of the truck between Travis and Wilder, who is
driving. Tristan is in the back behind me.
“Wilder, I wonder if you can buy the cheddar biscuits by the
dozen and bring them home?” I ask, and he grins at me. “I will
ask, Baby.”
The moment he looks back at the road, I do too. Two vehicles
are driving right toward us. Travis pushes a button on the roof of
the truck. Wilder slams on his brakes and unsnaps my seatbelt.
Tristan puts me in the backseat and lies on top of me.
I scream, my whole body jarred from the impact. I wrap my
arms around my middle, protecting my baby. Tristan grunts on
top of me, and I look up to see Wilder lying against the window,
blood running down his face.
“Wilder!” I scream. Tristan sits up, and I look at Travis to see
he is conscious, staring at something through the broken
I stand up, touch Wilder’s face, and sob loudly. “Wilder,” I
beg, “please wake up.”
His eyes open, staring into mine, and he jumps to attention.
My hand drags down the side of this face, feeling a knot on the
side of his head.
“Tristan!” Travis roars.
My door is open and I’m pulled out of the truck. Tristan grabs
my hand, and they pull him out along with me. Travis and Wilder
jump out.
“Get in the fucking vehicle or I will kill her now.” I hear a
click; then something cold is pressed against the side of my
The sight of Wilder’s face will forever haunt me. He looks like
he is in so much pain, and I know that pain isn’t from the wound
—it’s from his heart. I feel the same way. Having seen him
unconscious will forever haunt me: the lifeless look on his
bloody face.
One by one, they all get into the vehicle. Once they are in the
truck, they push me inside and I land on my knees. Wilder picks
me up and puts me behind him. The door slams shut, and Wilder
runs his hands over my body. “You okay?” he whispers, his eyes
probing mine.
“I am fine, Tristan protected me in the truck.”
Wilder looks at Tristan. “Thank you, man.” I can hear the
emotion in his voice that he is trying to hide. Wilder puts his
palm on my stomach, and our baby chooses that second to kick.
“They are fucking stupid.” Travis laughs.
Wilder touches his side and pulls out his gun. “I don’t have a
good feeling about this,” I whisper.
The car stops suddenly, hard. Wilder and Tristan have to grab
me to keep me from falling onto the floor. The door is whipped
open, and guns are in our faces.
“We are playing a little game. You have a five-minute head
start, until we track you down. Take off your cuts first.” He
cackles, stepping away from the van.
Wilder steps out first, pulling me with him. He, Travis, and
Tristan take off their cuts. We look beside us to see around fifty
cartel members. Fear shoots through me for the very first time.
Wilder pulls me along, running straight toward the woods.
“Don’t be afraid, sweet girl,” Wilder whispers while running
with me, and Tristan grabs my other hand.
Guns go off behind us, and we duck behind a tree. Wilder
presses me against the tree, his body directly in front of mine. I
wrap my arms around his middle, just hugging him. All I want
right now is to lie in bed with him, hold him. I almost lost him
today, and now they are trying to kill us.
“Help me!” a woman screams, and my eyes widen at the
sound of my mother’s voice. Oh my goodness, what do I do? I
shake my head side-to-side—maybe that didn’t happen?
“Please help me.” She sobs, and my heart breaks a little. I look
at Wilder, who is staring at me.
“It’s a trick, sweet girl.”
Gunshots ring out again, and Wilder pulls me close. We run
again, with Travis and Tristan behind us.
The sun has almost set; soon we will be in complete darkness.
I can hear a thunder of feet running behind us. “Will the MC find
us?” I ask, my voice shaking with fear. Wilder kisses the top of
my head before looking at his surroundings, on alert.
“We need to find something to take shelter in tonight. It’s
going to rain,” Tristan whispers, and we huddle behind a wall of
We stand up again, our heads bent down, trying to blend into
our surroundings. I just cannot believe this is happening. I just
wanted Red Lobster; then these stupid people tried to plow us off
the road. They made the guys throw down their vests. Their
vests, which have trackers in them.
Which is a big wrench in getting rescued.
It’s just us four against around fifty cartel members who are
armed and want us dead. There is a loud scrambling noise right
in front of us.
My mother is crawling across the ground. She looks at me, her
face dirty. “Joslyn, come here! Help me!” She screams way too
“Mom!” I hiss, walking toward her. She is going to get us
She stands up, and I watch in utter horror as she points a gun
at me.
“What are you doing?” I whisper, my heart pounding. I hear
Wilder moving, his anger thick in the air. I hold my hand open,
signaling him to stand still.
“Come on out, boys!” she screams in a sing-song voice that
sends chills up my spine.
One by one, men pop out of the trees, surrounding us. We are
so screwed. “Oh no, we found you.” One of them gloats, I stand
completely still and look over my shoulder at Wilder to see him
glaring at everyone. “We can make a deal,” the leader says. He
looks at me, smiling. “You give her to us, and you leave town.
Then I will give her back. Easy right? Or you all die.”
I cannot allow them to die. I would rather be killed than allow
harm to come to Wilder, but the most painful part is I’m
“Over my dead fucking body,” Wilder says harshly, and he
moves closer to me.
Tears fall down my face, and I raise my head, letting out one
deep breath before doing the most unselfish thing I have ever
done in my life. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m
sacrificing myself for those I love. I love my family, and I
couldn’t live with myself if something happened to them and I
could have prevented it.
My heart breaks as I look at Wilder, who looks shocked.
“Baby, no.” He shakes his head. “Don’t do this to me.” He
whispers that part.
“I love you, so much,” I whisper back.
“I will not let you do this!”
“I have to, my love.” I turn away, every part of me breaking. I
look to the leader, my shoulders back, face forward. “I will go.”
“No!” Wilder roars again, and I hear scrambling. I turn
around to see Travis and Tristan holding him back. He looks at
them with pure hatred. “I will never forgive you for this, you just
ended my world.”
“Joslyn, please,” he begs.
“Let’s go, Darlin’.” The leader grabs my arm, pulling me
along. I hear Wilder’s scream before everything goes black.

I stand frozen, watching my life leaving with those who are
trying to kill us. I have never felt such pain, but I know why she
did it, and it’s killing me. But that isn’t the worst part. The worst
part is not knowing what is happening to her.
Travis touches my shoulder, and I whip around and punch
him as hard as I fucking can. I will never forgive him for this.
“Her ring has a tracker,” Tristan informs me.
That is when I hear the roar of motorcycles, way too fucking
late. We run toward the bikes. We have to get to her.
We run directly into the road, in front of the bikes. They skid
to a stop. Walker is the first one off of his bike, and he looks
around for Joslyn.
My Joslyn.
“Where is she?”
I shake my head, not able to say what the fuck happened.
“They have her,” Travis says, and my anger comes full force
God knows what is happening to her or what will happen.
Joslyn is innocent and so sweet. It would kill me to see some of
that sweetness diminish, or her light.
“Let’s just get her.”
One by one, they look at me and I walk to the truck, which is
parked behind the bikes. Travis and Tristan get in the truck
behind me, and Caleb is in the driver’s seat. “I am tracking her
ring, they are still driving,” he says.
I just nod. I don’t want to talk. I just want to get her back—
and when I do, every single one of those fuckers is dead.

An hour later, we pull to a stop outside an old run-down

warehouse. We are in the middle of nowhere. I am sitting in the
backseat of an SUV with my mother beside me, across from the
leader guy, who is just staring at me. I’m trying to ignore that
The worst thing right now is fearing for my life, and also the
sight of Wilder’s face. He begged me not to go, and that broke
me in so many ways. But I would do anything in my power to
protect him and Travis, along with my brother Tristan.
My mom won’t even look at me; she is staring out the
window. I can tell she is on some hardcore drugs, and she’s lost a
lot of weight.
The leader opens the door, steps out, and forcefully pulls me
out of the SUV. I was knocked out, and my head is killing me. My
stomach will not stop growling on top of that. How can my
stomach growl at a time like this?
My mom follows us, her head held high like she is the queen
of the place. I am sick to my stomach that she is my mom.
We are led through a building with a lot of rooms and barely
any furniture. A woman’s piercing voice shouts, “Oh my God,
what are they doing to her?”
The guy pulling me along leads me through a door. A mattress
without a sheet lies on the floor—it’s covered in blood.
There is also a bucket in the corner, and I guess that is where I
will be using the bathroom. One thing I have to be thankful for is
that my stomach is hidden by my vest. The guy pushes my mom
into the room with me, and she falls to the floor. Why is she in
here with me?
The door slams shut, leaving the room in complete silence.
She slowly gets up off the floor, staring at me.
Fuck my life. What else can go wrong?
My nose burns from tears, but I hold that in. She was my
mom. I remember times she would do nice things for me when
she did not have a man. But the moment someone paid her a bit
of attention, she would abandon me. The worst was when the
guy showed me any attention. One of her boyfriends became
very close to me and wanted to adopt me, but of course she
ended that really quick. Until I met Wilder, I never even had
anyone take care of me when I was sick.
I slide down the wall and onto my butt, my legs pressed
against my stomach and my arms wrapped around my legs.
“Joslyn,” she says again, just staring at me.
I flinch at the sound of my name coming from her mouth and
close my eyes, ignoring her. She is the reason we were caught.
“Answer your mother!” she snaps.
I laugh. “My mother? Are you kidding me?” I shake my head.
She sneers at me, making her just as ugly as her soul. “Well, I
birthed you.”
I let out a deep breath, getting my anger back under control.
“Yes, that’s all you did,” I say softly. I feel sorry for her, but her
whole life has been only about her. She took away my father, and
she has run off every man she ever had, for one reason or
Her eyes widen. “I did more than that.”
I look at her sadly, tears finally falling. “What have you done
for me? Please tell me.”
She opens her mouth then closes it. “I don’t know,” she
I lick my dry lips, shivering at the cold in the room. What I
wouldn’t give to be held by Wilder right now, in our bed. Him
making love to me. I would give anything for that right now. “All
of my life, you have done nothing but make my life hell. Any
good thing I ever had, you took away.” I cover my mouth, my
heart hurting so bad. I miss Wilder so much, and the worst part
is the last time I saw him he looked so tortured.
If I die, I want to die seeing him smiling, touching me, calling
me “sweet girl.” I want a happy memory, but I can’t tell him to
be happy.
I also know he will be coming for me; he just doesn’t know
where I am.
“You took away my husband,” she whispers.
“Your husband tried to kill me because I didn’t give you
money. I am your own flesh and blood. I would rather kill myself
than think about hurting my child,” I whisper harshly, getting
angry all over again.
“Your child?” =
“You’re pregnant?”
I don’t say a word, and her eyes go to my stomach. “I could do
it over, I could be a grandma to your baby.”
That will never happen, ever. She is never to be a part of my
baby’s life; he isn’t going to have toxic people in his life. He is
going to have the childhood I never had.
I just don’t answer her; I have nothing else to say to her. She
can say or do what she wants but, in the end, it means nothing to
The door swings open, revealing the leader and three men.
“Well, it seems there has been no movement or sign from the
From the corner of my eye, I see my mother stand and I do the
same. She walks over to me, much to my horror.
“Time to say goodbye.” He raises a gun, pointing it directly at
me and pulling the trigger.


We have surrounded the warehouse, and Lane, Walker, Derek,

Travis, Tristan, and I are about to storm the front door. The rest
are covering the back entrances.
She is so fucking close right now; she is in this building.
“Let’s go!” Lane yells and kicks in the door.
I grin, pulling out my pistols. I walk in the door, shooting
every single person I see. One by one, they all hit the ground,
blood pooling around their bodies.
Travis is at my side, and we are fucking demolishing
everything in sight. Walker runs into the room, and I run to the
left, opening a door.
My stomach is sick at the sight of women lying in nasty beds.
“Please help me!” one woman begs. Please let Joslyn be okay.
It’s known that this woman was kidnapped, and I believe
pictures of her have been plastered all over town, on missing
Three men run out of a room in the back, and I raise my gun
and shoot. I hit two of them, and I notice the one I didn’t get is
the leader from earlier.
I sprint up the hallway, through that door.


The gunshot goes off, but it takes me a second to realize that it

wasn’t from his gun. The leader looks at the three men then at
He lifts his gun one more time, and I see his finger on the
The gun goes off, and it’s a blur. My mom lands on the ground
in front of me, and I pat my body to find out where I was hit.
But I wasn’t.
My mom has a bullet right in the middle of her throat, and my
stomach turns at the sight of her gasping for air.
The three guys step out and run away and, right before my
eyes, two of them fall and hit the ground. Dead. The leader is the
one who I didn’t see go down.
Then every bit of fight leaves my body at the sight of someone
stepping into the room, and I cover my mouth.
It’s him.


There she is. I almost fall on my fucking ass right then and there.
She steps over her dead mother and runs over to me. I pick her
“Wilder, I love you.” She sobs into the side of my throat, her
legs wrapped around my waist. One of my arms is across her
back, and the other is holding her head to me.
I can breathe.
I take in deep breaths, looking at the ceiling, thanking God.
“Are you hurt, sweet girl?” I ask.
“I am not hurt at all,” she whispers, raising her head to look
at me. “She jumped in front of a bullet for me, Wilder.” Disbelief
is written across her face.


It’s going to be hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that
my mother sacrificed herself for me. I will never understand it.
I kiss Wilder softly. My tears mingle with the kiss as I pour my
whole heart into it. I just needed this moment. I just needed
The gunfire finally stops, and I break the kiss. He walks out of
the room with me in his arms, and the first person I see is Travis.
“Don’t be mad at him,” I whisper to Wilder.
Travis walks over. I hold out an arm and he pulls me from
Wilder, who holds onto my hand.
“Thank God you’re okay, sis,” Travis whispers, and Wilder’s
hand shakes in mine. I move back into Wilder’s arms. I can tell
he wasn’t liking me being away from him. I catch the nod that
Wilder gives Travis.
Walker runs to me, sweeping me off my feet. “Baby, are you
I pat his back. “I’m fine, just hungry.” This causes everyone
to laugh, and I look at everybody in the room. They all look
relieved, and it hits me how much everyone cares about me.
One by one, everyone comes around to hug me. “We have to
get these women out of here,” Lane says. “Take her home,
Wilder. I have to call the Devils.”
Wilder carries me out of the warehouse to a truck that is half a
mile down the road, and he does not let me down for a second.
Caleb is sitting in the truck, and he jumps out to open the door
for me and Wilder.
Wilder sits down in the truck with me in his lap. He shuts the
door, his arms tightening around me, his head resting on top of
mine. “Take us home and tell Konrad to meet us there, Caleb,”
Wilder says. Caleb’s thumbs are moving across the screen.
I just want to shower, change, and relax.

My body is shaking uncontrollably. I am not sure if I am cold or if
the shock of everything that has happened is wearing off. The
spray is hitting the top of my head, my hands braced against the
shower wall. Arms wrap around my middle, his warmth covering
me like a blanket.
Konrad just left; he checked me out from head to toe. Wilder
would barely let him touch me at all. I have a knot at the top of
my head where I was knocked out. That was all that happened to
I do not regret doing what I did for him and the others. If I
hadn’t we would all be dead; there is no question.
Wilder’s hands circle my small stomach bump, and my hands
rest on top of his.
“I had to, Wilder,” I whisper.
He pulls me against him. “Sweet girl, I know why you did it.”
I close my eyes and kiss the side of his neck.
“You’re so fucking brave, but it fucking killed me, Joslyn.”
His body is shaking just as hard as mine.
I cover my mouth so I don’t scream. “My love, I love you so
much. If I could do something to save you, I would.”
His hand smashes into the wall, cracking the tile. “It’s
ingrained in every part of my soul to protect you, and them
taking you right in fucking front of me. Killed me. My world
ended, right there.” He spins me around, facing me. “Because
you’re my world, I love you so much.”
“I love you too, which is why I did what I could to save you.”
He picks me up, and I cling to him for dear life. “Don’t be mad
at Travis and Tristan,” I whisper and he nods.
A few minutes later he turns off the water, stepping out of the
shower, and we go straight to our bed. “Love me, Wilder.” I tug
his face over to look at me. He searches my face, and he moves
me to the head of the bed. “No foreplay. I just want you.”
He twines his fingers together, resting them by my head. He
slowly enters me, and I raise my legs, tucking them against his
sides. I needed this. I really needed this. To feel him, to tie me
back to reality. That everything is okay. I am safe right here.
He lowers his head and kisses me slowly, deeply. I can feel all
of his emotions. The fear, the hurt, everything else that he has
been feeling.
One thing I will never admit to him was how scared I was.
God, was I scared. I am not a female who is badass. I was scared,
but I will do whatever it takes to protect what’s mine.
His slow, gentle, and tender movements are drawing the
pleasure out. Neither one of us wanting this moment to end, I
wrap my arms around his neck, his face tucked into the side of
my neck.
I tighten around him, and he twists his hips causing me to fall
over the edge, shattering into a million pieces. He comes right
along with me, his body shaking.
He slowly moves beside me, curling completely around me.
“Don’t do that again, sweet girl,” he whispers and closes his
I hate with every part of my soul that he is hurting so much,
but it was my choice and I have to live with it. The most
important part is that we are alive. It had to be done, and he
would have done the same thing without hesitation.
“Goodnight, sweet girl.” He covers my jaw with his hand, his
leg thrown over mine.

Hours later, I wake up with the urge to use the bathroom. I

slowly slip out of the bed, making sure I don’t wake him.
The moment I wash my hands, Wilder yells, and I hear him
jump off the bed. I walk out of the bathroom to see him standing
in the middle of the floor with a panicked look on his face.
Oh my God.
I run over to him. He is standing stoically, just staring at me.
My arms wrap around his middle.
“I woke up and I thought my nightmare had come true.”
“I am right here.” I rub the back of his neck, calming him. He
climbs back in bed, pulling me with him until I am lying on his
“Sleep,” I whisper
I hate this so much.


The Next Morning

“What do you want for breakfast?” I ask him. I am on his lap on

the couch. The moment we woke up, we went downstairs and
cuddled on the couch. The house is quiet and usually, right about
now, Travis is here.
I laugh.
There is a knock at the door, and we look over to see Travis.
Wilder motions for him to come in, and he steps inside. I can see
that he is uneasy about it all.
“I was about to make breakfast. What do you want?” I ask
He relaxes and plops down on the couch next to me.
“Anything you want to make.” He looks at Wilder before he pulls
me over, hugging me. “I am glad you’re okay.”
Wilder pulls me back to him a second later.
“Wilder, why don’t you book an appointment with the baby
doctor for a checkup? I’m going to make breakfast.” Wilder
walks out of the room, on the phone, and Travis is watching him.
“He is on edge,” I whisper.
Travis looks at the floor and swallows hard. “He was in bad
shape yesterday, Jos.”
“I know. I had to, though, Travis. It killed me,” I whisper,
ducking my head to hide the tears.
“I know, Jos, he loves you and it killed him to see you in
danger like that.”
“I love him too, but you’re also my family. I did it for all of
He smiles, letting the old Travis out. “Now I am craving some
cinnamon rolls.” He helps me off the couch and leaves the room.


I turn off the phone, having booked her appointment, which is in

a couple of hours. It pays to have some doctors in your pocket.
Travis walks into the room. “I didn’t mean it,” I say.
“I know, man, I understand.”
I sit in the library, looking out the window. “Yesterday was
fucked up, I was scared for the first time in my life,” I admit,
because it’s fucking true. That shit will forever leave a mark.
Joslyn came in and took me over. She is the only woman I
have ever loved. It’s ingrained in me to protect her, to make sure
she is safe—and her being in a place where I didn’t know what
was happening, that was the worst feeling in the world. What are
they doing to her? What if they are hurting her? Those thoughts
were constantly in my mind, but it made me realize one thing.
I love her in a way not many people ever experience. I am one
lucky bastard, and I will live every day like it’s my last.
I stand up. “Well if you will quit fucking staring at me, I will
go help my woman make breakfast.”
Travis smacks my shoulder, laughing. “I will just stare at your
woman then.”
I push him hard into the wall and press his face against it.
“Look at her, I will kill you.” He just laughs. If you beat his ass
he laughs, but he will kill you laughing.
Crazy fucker is what he is.
I let him go and walk into the kitchen. Joslyn is standing there
with an apron on that has a man’s abs on the front. I laugh and
she turns around, grinning at me.
She is still the same Joslyn. This shit is not affecting her. She
is the strongest woman I have ever met.
“The doc told us to come by in a few hours.”
She whips around and throws flour on me, covering my beard
and the front of my shirt.
“Oh Baby, what did you do?”


“Oh Baby, what did you do?” He gives me that wicked look. I
have my Wilder back.
“You mean this?” I throw the flour again, covering him head
to toe.
He shakes out his beard and dusts off his shirt. “You have a
five-second head start.” He arches an eyebrow, smirking.
I run into the living room. Travis looks surprised to see me
running. “He’s coming!” I scream. Travis lifts the couch
cushions, and I burrow under them. He buries me in cushions
and sits on one.
Wilder walks into the room, and I hold my breath. He walks
past us and runs up the stairs. I push the cushions up and hurry
back into the kitchen, and I hide in one of the cabinets.
This is not the first time Wilder and I have done this. Last
time I hid for a good thirty minutes. Every time he would leave a
room, I would go to another; then he would beg me to come out.
The cabinet door opens slightly, and Travis looks inside and
shuts it.
“She in here?” Wilder asks.
I suck in my lips to hide my laughter.
“Nah man, I am just cleaning up.”
Wilder is going to kill him. Wilder walks out of the room, and
I let out a giggle that I couldn’t hold back anymore.
For the next thirty minutes this goes on and on, until Wilder
comes back to the kitchen. “Where the fuck is she? Are you
hiding her?”
I hear a thump, and I guess that is Wilder pushing him out of
the way. The cabinet door swings open and Wilder looks inside.
“Caught you, you little shit.” He pulls me out and kisses me.
“Let’s just drive through and get something,” I suggest,
because the kitchen has been completely cleaned. I take off my
apron and toss it onto the counter. I have on a pair of jeans and a
shirt. I’m going as is; there is no way I feel like going back
upstairs to change. “I am going to call your mom, tell her to
meet us there.”
Me: Meet @ the baby doc in an hour?
Her: I will be there. You okay?
Me: I am perfectly okay <3
“Let’s go.”


“He is perfectly okay, everything is normal,” the doctor says,

and we all let out relieved sighs. I knew he was okay because he
was kicking, but the worry is always there.
“He lets it all out, no shame there.” I laugh, looking at the
monitor. There is no denying it: he is Wilder’s son. I look at
Wilder from the corner of my eye to see him smirking. Cocky
should have been his middle name. Darla takes the pictures from
the doctor, and she keeps one for herself and gives the rest to us.
My stomach growls while Wilder is wiping my belly with a
napkin. “I guess the baby is hungry this time,” he says. I flush in
Walker comes into the room, and the doctor leaves. I think,
on the down low, she was informed of went down, but only in
small bits. Walker glances at the pictures in my hand, and I give
them to him.
“How are you, baby girl?” His voice is deeper than usual.
“I am fine, Dad.”
He seems to relax. “I heard my grandson was hungry.” We all
laugh but I catch Darla wiping away a tear.
This ordeal has affected us all, but it has brought us all closer.
We are a family. It may be screwed up in some respects, but
normal is way overrated.
I am fine with the way it is.

A Month Later

What is going on? All day long everyone has been coming in and
out of the house, and Wilder just told me the girls are coming
over for a girls’ day.
Who has a “girls’ day?”
I am not too keen on this sneaking-around business, but I
could be totally paranoid because of these pregnancy hormones.
The door opens and Brittany rolls in a huge suitcase. “We are
doing a makeover.” The rest of the girls pile into the house,
carrying bags and bags of stuff.
For the past month, it’s been very quiet with the cartel. The
guys really hurt them when they rescued me. They took down
their warehouse and burned everything to the ground.
Brittany opens the suitcase, and my mouth opens at the
amount of makeup this girl has! “Eyes closed.” She sits down on
the couch beside me. I know fighting her would be futile, so I do
as I am told even though I feel like hurting Wilder right about
He has been having these secret phone calls, talking to
Brittany in the corner, and ignoring all of my questions.
I will find out what he is doing.
“Now I am going to put this over your face.” She holds up a
blindfold. “We are having a girls’ night out, and I cannot have
you seeing the outfit Wilder picked out for you.” She sees me
tearing up. “Do not cry.” She wags her finger in front of my face.
Then she puts the cloth over my eyes, leaving me in complete
So I sit like this for the next couple of hours, while I hear
movement all around me and cannot see what’s going on. If I
have to pee, I am led to the potty and then back to my seat. I am
getting a hunch that Wilder has a date night planned. I need to
get out of the house something fierce. The more pregnant I get,
the more crazy he gets.
“Now it’s time for you to put on your dress.” They take off all
of my clothes, leaving me naked, and I don’t even get a chance to
be self-conscious.
Adeline says, “Lift your foot for me.” Someone’s hand wraps
around my ankle, positioning my foot in the right place. The
dress is pulled up my body, and I notice immediately that it’s not
a party dress; it has a full-length skirt. My arms are pulled
through soft, lacy sleeves. The dress tapers into my waist, hugs
my stomach, and flows out.
Multiple hands are on my back, trying to zip me in. “Getting
fat aren’t I, girls?” I laugh.
“You’re beautiful,” Darla says.
I laugh again. She is one body-positive woman, which I love. I
love that she is so comfortable in her own skin. Brittany has had
that pumped into her by Darla and struts around in heels and
tight jeans, rocking her every curve. Men will stop and stare at
her, and she just winks and goes on with her day, not caring
because she knows she is beautiful. She is also beautiful on the
“I wonder where Wilder is taking me?” I am getting excited.
All of the girls get quiet. “Give me a hint, please?” I beg, but they
continue being silent, besides someone giggling. I guess it’s
little Tiffany.
“You look so pretty, Joslyn!” Darla says. I reach to take off the
blindfold, and the girls swarm me, pulling my hands down.
“No, you can’t!” Brittany says.
“Hey, pretty ladies!” Travis yells, startling me.
I instinctively hold my stomach. “You’re going to cause my
baby to be afraid of your voice if you keep scaring me, Travis!”
He laughs, then a hand touches my stomach. “He would
never be scared of me. Isn’t that right, little Travis?” I swing my
hand, smacking what I think is a shoulder.
“I am going to take you out to the truck, we don’t want you
falling.” He sweeps me off the ground before I can resist.
“Well, thanks for asking me.” I am not liking this blindfold
business. That does not mean I don’t like it in the bedroom.
Wilder and I fuck at least two or three times a day, and
sometimes we use a blindfold and other accessories.
My throat tightens at the thought of my mother. She did
some very messed-up things but, in the end, she died trying to
protect me. That confuses me more than anything. I will never
understand what went on in that moment but, nonetheless, she
was my mom and I loved her.
I hear the truck door open and I am set inside. “Do not
fucking take that off.” Travis slams the door shut, and the
driver’s door opens seconds later. I bet you he sprinted to make
sure I did not take off my blindfold.
“I guess the girls are leaving?”
“Yeah, they left before we did.” He turns on the radio,
basically ending the conversation.
This is getting sketchier and sketchier. “Are you kidnapping
“Yeah, I am.”
“Oh shut up, Travis.”
He laughs, and we go back to silence for the rest of the ride.
Thirty minutes later, he pulls the truck to a stop and opens
my door. “I am going to put your shoes on.” I feel him lifting my
dress, revealing my feet, and he puts my shoes on. How sweet is
he? I cannot wait for him to find love. He deserves it, and I
cannot wait for the right woman to make him see that.
He lifts me out of the truck and shuts the door. He carries me
up some stairs, and I feel the cold air as we step inside a building.
It’s eerily quiet. “Where are we?” I ask Travis, but he doesn’t
answer me. My feet touch the floor, and the blindfold is slipped
off my face.
I am in a church that is decorated beautifully in red and white.
Then I look down and see that I’m wearing a wedding dress.
Oh my God.
Wilder is standing at the altar with all of the MC guys and the
“Ready, Sweetheart?” Walker holds out his arm.
“I cannot believe you guys did this.”
“Do not cry, bitch!” Brittany screams across the church.
I laugh, taking Walker’s arm, and I lock in on Wilder, who is
staring at me. The wedding march starts, and my stomach sinks
with nerves.
Halfway down the aisle, I smile at Wilder. I cannot believe I
am going to be married to him, and I cannot believe he planned
this and kept it a secret. How blessed am I to have someone like
him? I thank God every single day that he gave me Wilder, when
I did nothing to deserve him. And soon we will have a baby.
Wilder asked me if I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom or go
back to work. My answer was instant: I want to stay at home.
Wilder has told me over and over that he can take care of me. It’s
different allowing someone to take care of me since I’ve worked
since I was old enough to do so, and I always took care of my
mother and myself, paying the bills.

Wilder steps off the stage, thundering toward me. Where is he

going? I don’t even get to finish thinking, because his lips are
pressed against mine.
“Woah, baby!” Jean from the Devil Souls MC screams, and
this sets off a ton of catcalls. He pulls away, still cupping my
face. “Now to fucking claim you in one last way.” He winks,
leading me to the altar, with Walker on my other side.
The preacher is sweating profusely, and I do not blame him.
He’s a preacher and most of the men here are MC members; plus
Wilder and Brittany cussing probably didn’t help anything.
“Who here gives this girl to be married today?” he asks.
“Doesn’t matter, she is mine.” Wilder takes Walker’s hand
off my arm, and Walker laughs. I wink at Wilder and he smiles
back, and we walk up the stairs together. The preacher is
“We will be good,” I tell him.
Wilder’s eyes narrow on me. “Speak for yourself, sweet girl.”
The preacher composes himself. “We are gathered here
today…” Wilder and I are ignoring the preacher, focusing on
each other.
Wilder is stroking my fingers where our hands are joined. He
is a badass and mean, but he is never afraid to show affection
toward me in front of others. Wilder is who he is, and he lets
people think what they want.
It’s time to say our vows. “I don’t have vows written so bear
with me…” I start and everyone laughs. I squeeze his hand. “I
was an absolute mess before you, Wilder, and it was slowly
killing me on the inside. You became something I’d always
dreamed about but thought I’d never have. You came into my life
and turned my world on its head.”
I lower my head to compose myself, and Wilder steps closer
and lifts my face with the tip of his finger.
“You became my world, you made me feel so safe and wanted
but, most of all, so happy. I got so much out of loving you: I got
your love, I got a family, and we have a baby on the way.
“But most of all I fell in love with my best friend.” I laugh,
“God, did I fall for you. I love you so much that I think I am going
crazy some days, but I just know I am going crazy for you. I used
to be a shadow of the person I am today, now I am who I always
wanted to be. You gave me the strength to become who I was
always meant to be.
“I love you, Baby.” I whisper the last part.
He looks away, and I know he is trying to hide his emotions. I
touch his face and stand on my tiptoes, kissing his cheek.
“You’re so getting head later,” I whisper.
He throws his head back, laughing, before he turns serious,
and my heart feels like it’s going to burst out of my chest.
“From the moment I met you, sweet girl, I was so fucked. I
never expected you, but I knew right then and there that you
were meant for me.” He stops, looking at me sadly. “I almost
lost you, sweet girl, and that is something I will never forget, but
it made me realize how precious life is and how precious you
He presses his forehead against mine, our fingers locked
together. We’re surrounded by sobbing women but, in this
moment, it’s just us. Wilder is baring his soul for the world to
“I make a promise to you that I will forever spend each day
like it’s our last. It will be my mission to fucking protect you,
love you, and fuck you like it’s our last day.” I snort at that last
part, because he would add that.
“Most of all, I will love and cherish you above everything else
in our lives. You and our kids will be the center of my world.” He
rubs my stomach, and I close my eyes, taking in the moment.
“I love you sweet girl, now and forever.”

Way Too Many Months Pregnant.

I am so ready to have this baby—I am nine months pregnant and

huge. It looks like I could be carrying multiple babies. Of course
Wilder’s son would be freakishly large, and that is just my luck,
it seems. Waddling has become my new walk.
Travis has been MIA here lately, and I bet my left tit that he
has found someone.
“How is my baby?” Wilder touches my stomach, and I close
my eyes. I am lying on the couch, on my back. Sleep has become
nonexistent, and right now I just hurt. My back aches, along with
other places I don’t want to mention.
The front door slams open, and Travis strolls into the house
like he owns the place—as much as he’s hung out here, he might
as well move in.
I stand up. “So who is she?”
“What?” he stammers and I laugh, my stomach shaking.
“Stop that—it may fall out.” Travis touches my stomach,
which causes me to laugh harder. “Stop it.” He says again, which
causes Wilder to laugh, and I laugh harder.
Then I feel a pop and a slow trickle of something going down
my leg. I stop laughing and look down.
“My water broke.”
Travis looks at my legs in pure horror, like the baby is just
going to fall out.
“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.” Wilder jumps off the couch and runs
upstairs. Travis is pale and looks like he is about to pass out.
“Maybe you should sit down.” Travis gently pushes me
toward the couch. “WAIT, you might sit on his head.” I can see
the pure panic on his face.
“Travis, get me some clothes to change into?”
He nods and sprints up the stairs. Then the contraction hits
me and I bend over, clutching the arm of a chair.
“Ow!” I say.
“Ow?” Wilder shouts. He runs back down the stairs without
bags, but Travis has a bunch of clothes in his arms. “What do you
want?” I motion to a pair of Wilder’s sweatpants and waddle to
the bathroom. Wilder comes in behind me and helps me get
“Ow!” I moan, another contraction hitting me. I think I have
had some pains all day because I have been extremely
“We need to get you to the hospital.” He wraps his arm
around me, pulling me out of the bathroom. “Travis, get the
truck!” Travis slams the door as he runs out of the house.
These men can face anything, but both of them are half
panicked. Travis is even more freaked out than Wilder, whose
child is about to be born.
Wilder gets our bags off the couch. We may have overpacked,
but how are we supposed to know what we may need? I told
Wilder he could go home and get whatever he needs, but he said
he is not leaving me the hospital until I leave with him.
Travis walks back into the house. “Come on before he falls
out.” He rushes out, still pale.
I shuffle over to the door. “He is not just going to fall out.” I
walk to the truck, which Travis parked by the stairs, and get in,
holding my stomach. Hopefully, in the next few hours he will be

Did I say a few hours? Oh boy, I was wrong. It’s been twelve
hours at this point, and I am exhausted.
To those people who act like it’s easy, it’s not—and I have not
gotten to the pushing part. Another contraction hits, and I grip
the rails of the bed, biting the pillow. Wilder smooths my hair
away from my face. “It will be over soon, sweet girl.” I nod
through the pain.
Throughout the day my room has been visited by every single
member of the MC. The ones that have been constant are Wilder,
Darla, and my dad.
The contraction ends, and I let out a deep breath. I hate
hospitals because of how cold they are. I shiver, and Wilder digs
out the blanket that I brought from home and covers me up.
Another contraction happens a few minutes later; then I get
the sudden urge to push. “Wilder get the nurse, I think I need to
push,” I manage to get out, my whole body shaking.
He runs out of the room and comes back with a nurse, and
Walker comes to stand beside me. The nurse lifts my gown and
checks me. I try not to cringe—I am not used to people looking
at me down there, which I am going to have to get over
considering my doctor and a crap ton of nurses will be getting an
“You are fully dilated.”


All I can fucking say is that I don’t want any more kids if this is
what she has to go through every single time.
She pulls a bow out of her hair and hands it to me, and she
lies down. She is exhausted. I can see it all over her face. She has
tried to get some sleep, but the contractions and people walking
into the room kept waking her.
“Push when you have your next contraction,” the doctor tells
She lets out a deep breath. “Fuck.” She groans. I grab her leg,
and my mother has the other. Walker is behind the bed, by her
“Push…push,” the doctor says.
Joslyn grabs her calves, screaming.
Never having another fucking kid.
“Very good!” the doctor says, but I don’t like this shit one
fucking bit. She falls back against the bed, her arm thrown
across her face. She reaches for me. “Put my hair up for me?” I
lean down, kissing her, hating the way her body is shaking
because of the pain.
She touches my face. “I am okay, Baby.” I kiss her palm, and
her face twists once more. She sits up, I support her back, and
she pushes again, screaming.


A fucking hour later, the doctor says, “One more push.” Tears
are just falling on Joslyn’s face, crushing me into a million
fucking pieces.
“Baby, no more after this.” I wipe her face free of tears,
which should not have fallen in the first place.
She glares at me. “Yes, we are having more! At least three
more.” She looks at the doctor, determined.
“You ready to push again?” the doctor asks, grinning
She nods, pushing again.
“He is almost out! Push!” the doctor says loudly.
Joslyn screams and screams, pushing with everything she
has, and falls back against the bed—then I hear the most
beautiful sound in the world.
I look over to see my son, and the nurse puts the baby on her
stomach. Joslyn sobs, touching his little hand.
My son.
It hits like a fucking ton of bricks: he is here. He is screaming
at the top of his lungs. My legs give out and I fall into a chair.
“You want to cut the cord?”


Finally! With shaky hands, Wilder cuts the cord. He almost fell
on his butt the moment he saw his son.
Our son.
The nurse takes him away, to bathe him or whatever they do.
“Follow him,” I tell Wilder and he hurries across the room. Darla
kisses my cheek. “You did so good, Joslyn.” Her tears fall against
my cheek.
“Thank you,” I whisper. I am so tired.
Walker, who has been standing at the head of the bed, takes
Wilder’s place. He kisses my forehead. “I am so proud of you,
baby girl.”
I touch the back of his neck. “Thanks, Daddy.”
My son is across the room, still screaming at the top of his
lungs. “Did you pick out a name?” the nurse asks.
I smile. “Mason Elijah Bennett.”
She gasps. “I love it!”


A Couple Hours Later

A couple hours later, as the bustle in the room settles down,

Wilder walks over carrying our son. I wince as I push myself to a
sitting position.
Wilder sits down on the edge of the bed, holding Mason. Right
now, holding our baby, he has never looked hotter. I can almost
hear women’s ovaries exploding around the world; I have none
“Here, sweet girl.” He lays Mason gently in my arms. The
nurse comes over with a bottle.
My milk just never came in and we have tried for hours. I
wanted to breastfeed more than anything, but it just never
happened for me. Some women can’t produce. I am one of those
women, sadly.
Wilder hands me the bottle and I take it. “How much did he
“Eight pounds, five ounces.”
Bless my heart is all I can say to that. I felt all eight pounds of
I now know what love at first sight feels like—this little baby
has stolen my heart. This kind of love is pure and unending.
I touch his little cheek, and his little fingers twitch. “He is so
beautiful,” I whisper, leaning down to kiss his little forehead,
smelling his sweet baby smell.
Wilder puts his forehead against mine, and we look down at
our son. I press the bottle against his lips, and he immediately
latches on.
“One baby down, three more to go,” I tell Wilder, who laughs,
along with my dad and Darla. I can tell Darla is absolutely dying
to hold Mason.
He is the most beautiful baby in the whole world. I am not
saying that because I am biased—though I am—he truly is
gorgeous. I can see a lot of Wilder’s features.
“I love you,” I whisper to him.
“I love you too, sweet girl. I am so proud of you.”
Once I am done feeding and burping Mason, I him over to
Darla, who is about to burst at the seams.
“Sleep, Baby. I will be watching over him.” He knows my fear.
I honestly don’t want Mason to go to the nursery because I am
afraid of the cartel.
He adjusts the bed so it is lying back and pulls the blanket up.
I need sleep so much. Having a baby is no joke, but this is
something I would never, ever change. I would go through this
every day of my life as long as I have my baby.

Within minutes she is out. Walker turns out the light above her,
and we sit across the room with Mom. We have a suite booked
because I wanted to make this as comfortable as possible for her.
“Why don’t you guys go get some sleep?” I ask them. We got
to the hospital at three o’clock yesterday, and now it’s 7:00 a.m.
My mom hands me Mason, who is asleep, and I lay him down
in the hospital bassinet. They walk out the door, shutting it
quietly behind him. “Wilder?” Joslyn calls out.
I push the baby’s bed over to hers. “Yeah?”
“Lay with me?”
“Baby, I don’t want to hurt you,” I whisper, so I don’t wake
“Push the other bed beside mine,” she suggests, like I would
fucking tell her no.
I push my bed across the room and lower the rails on her bed.
I move Mason to the other side of my bed. She is lying on her
side, her hands tucked under her face, her whole body fucking
shaking again.
“You cold, sweet girl?”
She nods, and I walk over to one of our many fucking bags and
take out another blanket we brought from home, plus one for
Mason. This room is like a block of ice. I have fucking asked
them, over and over, to turn the temperature up in the room, but
they aren’t allowed to do that. I am one second away from buying
a heater.
I cover Mason up with the small blanket and climb in bed with
Joslyn. I am fucking tired. She scoots over until her head is lying
on my chest. I wrap the blanket around both of us.
I am fucking tired. I have not slept in what seems like days.
“Sleep while you can before the nurses come in here.”


My eyes snap open instantly at the sound of Mason crying.

Wilder is already taking him out of his bed. I push the button to
lift the head of my bed.
“Here, let me hold him.”
Wilder hands him to me and fixes a bottle for him. “Shh,” I
whisper to Mason, rocking him side-to-side, but he is not a
happy camper.
Wilder climbs back in bed beside me, handing me the bottle.
Mason latches on like he is starved to death. I laugh, and Wilder
strokes his cheek “That’s my boy.”
I roll my eyes and a nurse walks into the room. “Are you sure
you don’t want me to take him to the nursery while you sleep?”
I shake my head. “No we are fine, thank you.”
Wilder tightens his grip on me, and I can tell he does not like
the idea of Mason not being with us. It freaks me out badly to
think of him all alone, away from us. I would not be as worried if
he were with family. I do know that the MC pulled a lot of strings
and paid a lot of money for us to be able to do what we want in
this situation.
“Let us know if he has a bowel movement.”
Wilder turns on the lamp by the bed, because the room is dark
once the door is closed.
“What time is it?”
He takes out his phone. “Eight o’clock.” He groans. We only
slept an hour.
I burp Mason and press a pacifier into his mouth. “Lay him
back down?”
Wilder lays Mason down in the bed and covers him up with
another blanket. “I am telling Travis to bring us a heater, this
shit is ridiculous.”
I cannot bring myself to argue, because I guarantee it’s
probably like sixty degrees in here.
We lie back down and sleep until Travis gets here. Travis sets
a box down on the ground. “Hey, Sweetheart, how are you
“I’m okay, just tired.”
Wilder takes a heater out of the box, plugs it in, and turns it
Mason wakes up screaming once again, and Travis picks him
up gently, as if he’s held a lot of babies. “Shh.” He rocks him
side-to-side, putting the pacifier back in his mouth.
“Why don’t you guys get some sleep? I will take care of him,”
Travis says.
Wilder looks like he wants to say no, but he is just as tired as I
am. “Alright.” He climbs into bed with me. God, he is so warm.
His chest is like a heating pad.


“There is something wrong with your son,” Travis says; then I

hear a retching sound. I open my eyes to see Wilder and Travis
both bent over the bed, changing Mason’s diaper. Travis is
holding the baby’s legs, his face pressed against his shoulder,
gagging loudly. Wilder throws a wipe in the garbage, gagging
more loudly than Travis.
Wilder punches Travis on the arm. “My son is perfect, shut
the fuck up.” He goes back to cleaning.
“They need to change your milk or some shit,” Travis tells
Mason. Wilder glares at him and Travis just rolls his eyes.
“Shut the fuck up. You’re going to wake Joslyn.”
Seeing things like this reminds me how blessed I am. I know a
lot of women have men who would never change a diaper.
Wilder puts a diaper on him, and Mason starts fussing, his
hands waving angrily in the air. Mason has a small bit of dark
fuzz on top of his head, just enough to let me know that he has
Wilder’s hair color. My hair is light brown and Wilder’s is much
Wilder stares down at Mason like his world begins and ends
with him. I can see the love all over his face as he wraps Mason
back up and cuddles him against his chest. Mason’s eyes are
He is such a beautiful baby
“Good, you are awake,” Travis says, startling me.
Wilder looks at me, smiling. “How are you feeling, momma?”
My stomach does a little flip hearing him call me that. “We have
some breakfast for you,” he says, and Travis puts a tray in my lap
and takes off the lid. Inside is pancakes, bacon, and the works. I
also notice the room is a lot warmer now, thank goodness.
“Thank you.” I grab my fork and dig in. I’m starving. I
haven’t really eaten since I got to the hospital. When you’re in
pain it’s really the last thing on your mind.
Once I’m done, I put the tray on the table next to the bed.
“Let me have my son.” I wave my fingers at Wilder, who sits
down and hands Mason to me.
“He is so perfect,” I whisper, staring at him. It’s so hard to
believe I carried him for nine months and he is here. “Three
more.” I look at him wickedly.
He laughs, and he grips my face and kisses me hard on the
lips. “I will enjoy making those babies.” He winks and I roll my
I open the blanket, looking at all of Mason’s little toes and
fingers. I touch the center of his palm, and his hand closes
around my finger.
“I love you, Baby.” I lean my head against Wilder’s shoulder.
He wraps one arm around me, and the other is resting on Mason.
Our little family.
One Week Later

Walking downstairs, I see Wilder perched on the couch with

Mason. Wilder is such an amazing dad. He gets up with him
throughout the night—he is very hands-on.
It takes a bit to adjust to having a baby when you’re used to
being alone together, and to get used to a schedule. Wilder’s
mother is a huge help with the baby and with any questions we
may have. She is over every day because she is so in love with
I just had Mason a week ago, and Wilder is already counting
down the days until I can have sex again. Sex isn’t on my mind.
After having an eight-pound baby come out of your vag, it’s the
furthest thing from your mind.
“Sweet girl, want me to go get dinner?” Wilder calls loudly,
not knowing I am directly behind him.
I tiptoe over and cover his face with my hands. He jumps and
glares at me. I pout, like he hurt my feelings.
“Don’t do that pouty shit with me.” He pulls me down on the
couch next to him and puts Mason in the bassinet, which he
carried downstairs.
Leaning closer, I put my mouth next to his ear. “If you get me
some Mexican I will pay you back later.” I lick the side of his
His face darkens, and his hands clench my thigh. “I will be
back.” He almost runs out of the house.


My phone rings while I am on the way to pick up our dinner.

“Get to the club, now.” Lane just fucking hangs up.
This means one fucking thing—the cartel is back. I pull over
on the side of the road and shoot Joslyn a text telling her that I
had club business and will be back a little later; then I haul ass to
the clubhouse.
Arriving at the clubhouse, I see everyone is already there.
Brittany is in the room where we have our meetings, looking
What the fuck? Did they try following her again?
Walker slams the door shut once I am inside. Everyone is on
edge wondering what the hell is going on. I have prospects
outside my gate, and my house is on full lockdown right now—
nobody can get inside.
I do not take any chances, not anymore—not when it comes
to Joslyn and Mason.
I sit down at Lane’s right, and he looks at Brittany. She looks
at the ground, and Derek looks pissed the fuck off. “Lane, tell me
what the fuck is going on?” Derek says through clenched teeth.
“Brittany got a letter today that arrived here at the club.”
We all stiffen, and Lane opens the letter. “We can end all of
this now. I will leave your town and never bother you again if you
give me what I want.”
He crumples the letter as he continues reading. “If you hand
over Brittany Bennett, she has piqued my interest. You can hand
her over and end this, or I take her and I won’t be nice about it.”
The room is so quiet. All of us are staring at Brittany, who
looks defeated. I’ve only seen her look that way once.
Derek looks like he is about to explode.
“Signed, L. Gracia.”
Derek slams his hands on the table and pushes himself up to
his feet. “Let me take her to my cabin in the mountains. Let me
hide her.” He clenches and unclenches his hands, looking at the
ceiling. “He will not fucking have her, I will kill every single one
of them!” We’re in shock because he doesn’t speak often, and it
seems the only time he does is because of my sister.
It could be fucking worse. I can tell that he cares about her,
but I also want to kick his ass for looking at my sister that way.
Brittany stands up and fixes her clothes, looking straight
forward with her chin up. Derek walks over to her and grabs her
face between his hands. “You are leaving with me, do not
fucking argue.” Derek looks at Lane, who nods, giving his
permission. Lane looks at every single person in the room. This
shit means one thing and one thing only.
We will not be defeated. We have one thing those fuckers will
never have. We have family, and we will do anything and
everything to protect what is ours.
“We fight, we kill, and we show them exactly who they fucked
with!” I yell, slamming my hand on the table. The other guys do
the same. Lane grins at me and I grin back, because it’s time to
rain hell on these fuckers—it’ll be hell on earth for them. We are
not to be fucked with.
Right now, it’s time to go home to my wife and son, but
them? May you rest in motherfucking pieces.
A Year Later

Well, this is unexpected. Wilder and I are staring at the monitor

once again, seeing our babies on the screen. A month ago I
thought I was pregnant with one baby, and now it shows I have
twins in there.
“Two of them?” I ask again, thinking I didn’t hear her
The doctor smiles at me. “Yes, two and both of them are
I laugh and look at Walker. “She said two boys.” I cannot
believe there are two of them in there and both are boys!
I wanted a little girl, but at least I can get two kids done with
one pregnancy, because I am sticking to the four-kid policy and,
oh, did I mention that everyone else is knocked up too? Travis’s
woman is pregnant and so are Brittany and Amelia, and Adeline
adopted a little girl. It’s a baby-making factory around here.
“Momma.” Mason is sitting in Wilder’s lap just waking up
from a nap. He is even more beautiful now; he is the spitting
image of Wilder.
“Hey, sweet boy.”
He grins at me, showing a small tooth in the front, making
him even more adorable.
He reaches for me, and Wilder sets him on the bed next to
me. Mason lies down with his head on my shoulder. God,
moments like this I will cherish forever. Wilder kisses my
temple. “Thank you for giving me this life, sweet girl.”
I touch his cheek. “We did this together.” He touches his
forehead against mine, before both us turn back to the screen.

Babies Number Two and Three

Wilder is sitting in a chair next to the bed, and Cole and Harlan
are asleep on his chest. They were born a few hours ago, and I
just woke up from a much-needed nap.
Having two babies instead of one is a lot harder, as you can
imagine, and I am just drained. Darla, Tristan, Travis, and my
dad just left., and everyone else isn’t going to visit until
“How are they?” I ask, and Wilder looks at me then at our
“They are perfect,” he whispers, kissing the tops of their
heads. Someone stirs at my feet, and I look down to see Mason
waking up. He sits up, his hair messed up on one side.
Mason is two years old now, and when Darla attempted to
take him home with her, he clung to Wilder, crying, and Wilder
wouldn’t let him go. Wilder is a very protective father, and he
understands that sometimes Mason doesn’t want anyone but his
parents holding or touching him. Honestly, I am the same way.
Mason crawls up the bed until he is lying against my legs. “I
wanna snack.” Wilder gently lays the babies down in their beds,
opens the diaper bag, and grabs Mason’s snack.
“Wilder, do you think Travis would bring us some dinner?”
We never expected Mason to stay, but dinner is coming up soon.
“Yeah, I am sure.” He takes out his phone and shoots Travis a
The babies start crying, and Mason looks at them curiously
and smiles that slobbery smile. Wilder hands me the huge boppy
pillow I bought; then he hands me Cole and Harlan. This time my
milk managed to come in, allowing me to breastfeed.
I cover my breasts with a small throw blanket. Wilder helps
me situate the babies, and they both latch on.
“This is going to take some practice.” I laugh, my hands
resting on their backs.
“I will be here to help you, sweet girl.” He releases my hair
from my messed-up bun and fixes it for me.
“I bet we have a girl next time.”
Wilder’s head snaps up, his eyes narrowed. “We are not
having a girl.” He scoops Mason off the bed.
I smile because I just know we are having a little girl.

Pregnancy Number Three

I stare at the monitor on the screen in pure happiness and glee,

because I just knew it!
I am pregnant with a girl.
After three little boys, I now have a girl!
Wilder turns pale, looking like he is about to throw up. He has
said over and over how afraid he is of having a little girl and
putting her in this fucked-up world. What he does not realize is
that she will be surrounded by people who will protect her with
their lives. Also he can barely handle me, and he’s freaked out by
the thought of another me, which I love.
But bless my heart because I have three Wilders running
around. They look like mini versions of him, but they have my
Darla is watching all three of them for us, which she begs to
do on a daily basis. Every day a member of the club is over,
fussing over them, which they eat up. They are little angels to us,
but they give each other hell.
Wilder face plants into my boobs—of course he would land
there. I pat the back of his head. ''It will be fine, Sweetheart.”
He raises his head looking pissed off. "It is not fucking okay,”
he grumbles, which just causes me to laugh loudly.
"She is going to be just like you." He stares at the wall,
thinking, then looks at me. “She looks just like you.” He covers
his face, whispering, “Fuck me.”
I cover my laugh. “I will later,” I whisper back, so only he will
hear. He drops his hand and winks at me. We have an appetite
that not many have. I am ready to go all day and all night, and he
is right there with me.
''I will just hide her away at our cabin." He nods, talking to
imself, and goes back to thinking once more. I can’t stop the
laughter this time; he is just so cute. He just glares at me, his
arms folded across his chest.
I decide he has been tortured enough. “Don't forget she has
three older brothers.”
He smiles. “That is fucking right. She also has all of her
cousins and, boy, does she have a lot of them.”

Baby Number Four

Many Hours of Labor Later

The door opens revealing Darla and my three boys. Wilder is

sitting on the bed next to me, and he gets up the moment he
sees them. Mason, Harlan, and Cole. Mason is five, Harlan and
Cole are three, and now we have Olivia, and I can tell right off the
bat she is going to look a lot like me.
She is our little princess. Wilder has stood by her side like a
sentinel since the moment she was born, and he will only let a
few people hold her.
All three of them run to me, barely glancing at Wilder, and
Mason helps Cole and Harlan on the bed. “Easy, don’t hurt
Mommy,” Mason says.
Wilder turns his head to hide his smile; they are miniature
Wilders. “I won’t hurt Mommy.” Harlan pushes Mason’s
shoulder and gently sits down beside me, smiling. Cole sits on
the other side, and Mason sits beside Harlan.
“Want to hold Olivia?” I ask Mason, who nods. I lean over,
settling her in the crook of his arm. Wilder walks over to help
“Hi Olivia, I’m your big brother Mason,” he whispers. So cute!
I smile and run my hand down his face, and he touches her little
Harlan leans over, kissing her forehead. “I’m your broder,”
he tells her. Her little hand reaches out of her blanket, and
Harlan looks at me in pure amazement. Cole touches her hand.
“Wittle hand, I your brother too.”
Wilder holds my hand as we watch all of our kids together. I
can tell they are going to be amazing brothers to her. She is one
blessed little girl.
“No more,” I say.
He laughs at me, because I was stuck on four kids and we have
that now. I didn’t want to stop until I had a precious little girl.
Our family is complete.

Two Years Later

Can these kids become any more like Wilder? We are at the
grocery store, while Wilder is at the clubhouse, getting their
snacks for school.
It starts like this.
“Why are you staring at my mommy?” Mason asks, and I turn
around to see him looking at a man standing behind us.
Olivia pipes up, “Yeah,” in her sweet little voice. I was right
about her being my spitting image, and I love torturing Wilder
with it to this day. Harlan and Cole walk over to me and hold on
to my shirt.
The guy looks at Mason in pure shock, then at me. “I’m sorry.
What did you say?”
“I said why are you staring at my mommy, my daddy does not
like when people do that and I don’t think I should either.” He
folds his arms across his chest.
Oh my God!
Did that actually just happen? My seven-year-old boy is
confronting a man for looking at me. Mason is Wilder’s twin
right now, his arms across his chest.
“I was just looking at her,” the guy whispers.
Mason glares at him. “Well, wait until I tell my daddy.” He
tries to deepen his voice, and it takes everything in me not to
burst out laughing.
“Tell daddy what?” Wilder is walking up the aisle to us, and
Mason nods at the man. I am once again struck by how much he
reminds me of Wilder. “This guy was staring at Mommy.”
Olivia swings her little legs in the buggy. “Yeah!” she says
Wilder stands next to his son, his arms crossed just like
Mason. “Staring at her, huh?”
The guy swallows, taking in Wilder, sweat pouring off his
face. “I… I…”
Mason points his finger. “It is not nice to stare at mommies.”
My heart grows a little more for this sweet little boy.
Wilder looks down at Mason proudly. We are not the most
conventional family, but we are extremely protective of each
other because of all the shit that went down with the cartel,
which ended a long time ago.
The guy turns around and runs out of the aisle, and Mason fist
bumps Wilder. Harlan and Cole are still pressed against my
sides. Mason is the most vocal one, and the twins are silent
“Daddy!” Olivia squeals and reaches her arms up. He smiles
at her, lifting her out. “Hello, beautiful.” He hugs her.
Can he get any hotter? It should be a crime for a man to be
this hot and, throughout the years, he has gotten hotter, if that
was even possible.
A hand slips into mine, and I tear my eyes away from Wilder
to look at Mason.
“I got you, Mommy.”
Do not cry, Joslyn! I repeat over and over. Every day they do
something to still my heart, over and over.
“Can we have burgers?” Harlan asks.
Wilder rubs the top of his head. “Sure, son.” Harlan smiles
and Cole jumps up and down excitedly.
“Sounds good,” Mason says, pretending to be all grown up.
Wilder looks at me, amused.

Olivia starting Kindergarten

“She is not ready to go yet!” Wilder says for the tenth time this
morning. We are outside Olivia’s classroom. Mason and the
twins left us to go to their classrooms.
“Baby, she has to go.” I touch his arm, and he shakes his
head and picks her up. She clings to him, which does not make it
Travis walks around the corner with his daughter, Sophie. She
is the same age as Olivia. Olivia sees her and wiggles her way
I bend down to Olivia. “Ready to go class, beauty?” She nods,
grabbing Sophie’s hand.
Wilder looks at me like I just betrayed him, and I roll my eyes.
He is extremely protective of her; I knew he would be because
she is his little girl.
Do not let her fool you. She looks like an angel, but she has a
temper that can rival his and, of course, he thinks it’s cute.
In the end she has to be tough, because she has three older
brothers who just love picking on her. Just this morning she
poured salt into their juice because Cole had hidden her Barbie
doll from her. It has been like this since the moment she got old
enough to retaliate. It’s a full-blown war now, and I will never
admit that I find it hilarious.
She waves at Wilder. “Bye, Daddy. Can we go fishing later?”
His face transforms. “Sure, baby girl.”
She waves at me next. “Bye, Mommy.” She walks into her
classroom with Sophie following her.
“Don’t think for a second I will forget this, Joslyn,” Wilder
growls, smacking my ass right in the middle of the damn school.
“Wilder, someone could have seen! A child.” I move my butt
out of his reach.
He just grins that cocky grin that has enabled him to get away
with a lot over the years. “I checked to see if anyone was looking,
it’s my ass anyway.”
I turn around and strut my ass out down the hall. Wilder
follows, laughing the whole way, and an idea forms in my head.
“This means the kids will be gone eight hours of the day,” I
He grins, picks me up, and runs out of the school. I laugh
loudly, ignoring all of the looks from other parents.


My phone rings, waking me up from my nap. “Hello?”

“Mom, you will not believe what Olivia has done!” I cover my
face because I almost don’t want to know. She has turned into a
prankster and lives to torture her brothers.
“What did she do?”
“She put a fart bomb in my bag and when I opened it, it
“Oh my goodness,” I whisper, praying to the Lord I don’t
Mason huffs into the phone. “It was a good joke.”
I laugh this time because he knows she is good at pulling
pranks, and he does the same.
“Wait until I get home.” He hangs up and Wilder lies down on
the bed next to me. “Fart bomb?” he says.
I nod, laughing, and Olivia looks into our bedroom as she
walks by. “Hey, Mom. Hey, Daddy.” Her voice is sugary sweet
but the little shit is faking it.
Wilder voices my thoughts. “Such a little shit.”


Mason gets home and runs up the stairs; my guess is that he’s
going straight to Olivia. We follow as he throws open her
bedroom door, tosses two fart bombs into her room, and shuts
the door.
She screams and tries to open the door, but he holds it closed.
He smirks. “Payback is a bitch.”
Mason is now seventeen, the twins fifteen, and Olivia twelve.
Harlan opens his bedroom door and looks at Mason. “You just
fucked up, man.” He slams the door shut, not even giving me a
chance to scold him.
She quits banging on the door, and Mason opens it to be
tackled by her. She puts her knuckles on top of his head,
rubbing. “How does that feel!”
He stands up, grabs her ankles, and lifts her off the floor. He
shakes her up and down. “I will get you back for this! It may not
be now, but it will happen.”
“Game on, little sis.” He throws her onto her bed and slams
the door.


Olivia Eighth Grade

“Dad, I really don’t want to go today. Everyone has a date to get

stuff from for Valentine’s Day, and I won’t have anyone.” Real
tears fill her eyes, breaking our hearts.
“Sweet girl, you have to go. You have a test.”
She ducks her head, walking outside. Mason is giving her a
ride to school. Her brothers scare away every guy around. Keep in
mind she is thirteen.
Wilder is on his phone and glancing out the window, watching
them leave. Why do I have a feeling he is up to something? He
sees me looking at him, and he throws his phone on the couch,
throws me over his shoulder, and takes me to our bedroom.

A Few Hours Later

My phone is ringing, and I see it’s Olivia. Oh no. I pick up my

phone. “Mom, you will not believe what just happened.” I put
the phone on speakerphone and set it on the coffee table. Wilder
and I are lying on the couch, binge watching a TV show.
“I was at lunch and two delivery guys walked into the lunch
room, they had two dozen white roses and a huge teddy bear.
Guess what happened next?”
“They brought it to me! I have a secret admirer or
I look at Wilder, who has not made a peep the whole time. It
must be him because, if it weren’t, he would be pissed.
“We better not tell Dad, he might get mad,” she whispers and
Wilder winks at me.
God, can he be any more perfect?
“Bye, Mom, here is Mason.” She hangs up.
Not even a minute later, Wilder’s phone is ringing and I look
over to see it’s Cole. “Dad, some fucker gave Olivia flowers and
I cover my face with a pillow, and Wilder is barely able to
contain himself—his face is red with laughter.
“What? Find out who it is,” he growls into the phone and
hangs up, bursting out laughing.
This is epic. She will forever remember this moment. Wilder
is the sweetest and most thoughtful man I have ever met, and he
continues to surprise me.

Twenty-Four Years Old

“Mom, I finally met her.” Mason sits next to me on the couch.

He is grown up and not my little boy anymore.
“What is her name?” I ask him, not even bothering trying to
hide the tears on my face. I am getting old, I’ve raised three
boys, and I deserve to cry.
Hold the fuck up. “Meadow as in Liam’s daughter?”
He nods, smiling happily.
Dear sweet baby Jesus. “WILDER!” I scream and he runs into
the room. “Our son has fallen in love with Meadow.”
Wilder laughs. “Fuck, kid, you picked the one girl with a crazy
fucking dad.”
Harlan walks into the room with his boyfriend, Zeke. “What’s
going on?”
“He wants Meadow.” I point an accusatory finger at Mason,
who is calm. My son is a mean motherfucker too—I have seen it
firsthand—but that does not mean it will be easy dating Liam’s
“Oh fuck, man. Well, we better call Lane and tell him war is
happening,” Cole says, sticking his head in the room.
I burst out laughing and everyone joins in. Olivia walks into
the room. “I think I got you beat, bro,” she says.
That wipes the smile off my face.
“What the fuck are you saying?” Wilder growls. She just sits
down on the couch next to Mason.
Oh my goodness.
“When did this happen?” I ask incredulously.
She smiles. “He has been asking me out for a month straight,
and I finally agreed.”
Greyson is the son of Kyle and Chrystal of the Devil Souls MC.
Kyle was the president of the Devil Souls up until two years ago,
and Greyson took over.
Let’s just say it seems that all of the kids took our badassness
and doubled it. These kids make us look tame.
“He better stay the fuck away!” Wilder yells and Olivia just
We all know Greyson, and we all say the only person who
could give that kid a run for his money is Olivia—and let’s not
forget my son dating Meadow, whose dad is just badass in a way
that makes Butcher tame.
I look at Wilder, who is staring at the ceiling like his heart is
broken, but in the end we all want our kids to be happy.
But oh boy, here we go.

After a long wait
Liam is coming next!
To my readers, thank you so so so much from the bottom of my
heart! You guys are the best! Without you guys I wouldn’t be here
today. <3
Lydia, my wonderful publicist and PA, thank you for
everything you do for me! I would be lost if you wasn’t around to
keep me sane!
My Review Team and my Reader Groups: You guys are my
biggest support system and push me to be better with every
book. You also never hesitate to give me words of
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