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Transmission Improvement Project (ner i proud tobe your neighbor wth poverty located adjacent othe Dallas Noth Tol Raed near Quincy Lane, Ove property is used forth purpose of devering elec sence otis area, We have mansined the tarsmission equoment Iocted along fe Dallas Noth Tol oad for more than fity years, However, a our cy continues to grow andimpove, itis Crear’ respensbily and comniment lo ersue te equipment, necessary lo dlver safe and relble service Is alo improved and capable of meeting he growing needs ofthe communes we sen ln keeping with cur commitment, Oncor is preparing to upgrade te existing ansnission ine fom Preston Fi, to Norhaven Fd, Tis wilnclade he secon of ne located near the Meltice Estes community, Ths ignican undertaking and willvove several phases, ncung; Pavel Contac wil ramovo aig toa eta on Oat propa in propane new met. Begins ewok Cxtober 22 =r bat vo wees neta paling Phase il- Nr moncples wl be salon apron be see locas Constucton bags n onary 2019, Phase - Crows wl emove esr to loner via rane aor helper Phase iV - Now raamésin Sn we putin and ened Phase V- Can ypard cleo pj. This projects scheduled to be compe by June of 2018, However, he work in your area wont occur everday as the constuction willbe conducted stages, ‘White most people appreciale eal elec service, we have foud itis fen the prooess inoue wih delveng such senice can cause some fusion for cuscmers. We recengize the incomvence assoced wih fis projec and ae ‘commited to doing our bes to miriize has much as posse, Communication is key, and Oncor wil conn povieg preocupdas as we move forward in order to keep our neighbors informed and respond to any questons or concer you may have, For atonal project informatio, please reer tothe Fequerty Asked Quesion (FAQ) shest or contact me dec va ane or emal. As your Oncor Represoriae | renain aval oasis ou. ‘Andoa Sencess, Regional Manager Dal Castine Operations 1616 Woodel Rodgers Daas, TX 75202 fice: 214 486.6860, andi wc Kon ‘Transmission Improvement Project FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. 1 Wheres the specif area of our community that ths project wil Impact? The vegetation management activity wil begin near Forest to Harvest Hl along the Dallas North To Road. (See Google map below) 2. Why must Oncor remove the trees? ‘Oncor can nt conduct this project withthe exiting trees ia our transmission Right of Way (ROW), In order to get the large equipment in the arezsafely remove the existing towers, and set the new ‘monopoles tls necessary to remove the trees. 3. How many trees will be removed? Ie will be necessary to remove ll ofthe trees curently under the high voltage lines along the Dallas North Tol Road from Forest to Harvest Kil. Oncor doesnt permittees within ou transmission ROW, asthiscan bearisk to safety and service reliably Sion ‘Transmission Improvement Projec: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ‘wit! Oncor replace the trees removed? No, Oncor will not plant trees inthe transmission ROW for reasons stated in question #3, however we have formed a Stakeholder Committe, consisting of representatue fro Melshice Estates, the Cty of Dallas, NTTA and Oncor, Once the tees are removed, the committe wil be charged with developing a lan toaddess the exiting space, Including noise and enviromental impact. ‘As residents do we havea say In this matter? ‘As 2 regulated lly, Oncor is responsible for maintalng the electric lines and goes through an ‘extensive process to ensure each project complies with loca, state and federal requirements. As a ‘community partner, we do our best to. minimize any negative impacts these requicements may have ‘on the community. While customer options related to the projet design ae limited; Oncor hopes the ‘Stakeholder Committee wil provide community Input and help direct how we address the projet Impact concerns moving forward. How wil receive project updates? ‘Oncor will work closely withthe District 13 chy coundl office and Velshice Home Owners Association ‘to disseminate project information, as well as provide mailous tote impacted area, What wil the new transmission towers look ke? ‘The basic design will be one single tll steel pole (See picture below); the style ofthe arms that will hold the conductor can vary depending on numerous factors