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Resource mapping

M1 M2 M3 M1 M2 M1 M2
M2 M1 M3 Man
e k f l
M1 g M3 M1 h,j o,q,r d i p a Encasing machine operator
M3 M1 M2 4 Mnts b Glue tray adjuster
a m,n o,q,,r b c 2nd time glue tray adjuster
b h,j
d wire dimension cutter
e photo inspection operator
2 Mnts 2 Mnts f electrical testing machine feeder

Test the Photo

3 Mnts Reglue the First Cut the threads of Glued inspected Machine and equipment
Glued capacitors Dimension cut Photo inspect the Photo Finished
Encase the First time time glued capacitors using
capacitors using Encased Glue the encased capacitors
capacitor to the correct capacitors Dimension cut inspected capacitors
Glued capacitors capacitors Electrical testing g. Encasing machine
the encasing capacitors capacitors Capacitors dimensions machine h. Oven
i. Wire cutter
QS QS j. Glue gun
QS QS QS k. Photo inspection machine
l. Electrical testing machine
15mins 35 mins 25 mins 20 mins 10 mins 10 mins
m) Capacitor casings
n) Capacitor bodies
o) Glue trays
p) ruler
q) Glue
r) Tray trolley

QS ; Quality standards M1: Men; (a) Encasing machine operator (b) Glue tray adjuster (c ) 2nd time glue tray adjuster (d) wire dimension cutter (e) photo inspection operator (f) Electrical testing machine feeder

M2: Machines and equipment: (g) Encasing machine (h) Oven (i)Wire cutter (j)Glue gun (k) Photo inspection machine (l) Electrical testing machine

M3: Material & Services: (m) Capacitor casings (n) Capacitor bodies (o) Glue trays (p) ruler (q) Glue (r ) Tray trolley