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The power of the president to revoke unilaterally in a treaty

 It is an act of State.
 Note that the concurrence prerogative in Sec 21 of Art. 7
o Senate is merely to concur.
o (The gift? Is similar requirement on prerogative to agree in the revocation)
o It is an act of state in the competence of the president as the head of state, as
the chief diplomat.

Concept of Senior Citizen Discount (Manila Memorial Park v Secretary of DSWD)

 SC in its latest pronouncement (involves Manila Memorial Park), is it expropriation or
o SC said it is the police power, using both the eminent domain and taxation as
tools for the (fulfillment) of police power’s objective.

(Nagkwento nalang siya lol)

Due Process: Substantive Due Process --- End (1:06:00)