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A. : Complete the blanks with have got or has got. 1. Sue two sisters and one brother. 2. Mr and Mrs West three sons. 3. Tony and T are drummers. We drums at home. 4. Jonathan a skateboard. It's red and blue. 5. The dogs alittle house. 6. The baby two teeth. 7. Moira and Mac a helicopter. 8. Jim is ill. He a temperature. 9. My brother ‘anew T-shirt. 10.1 a. computer in my room. Write sentences with the verb have got (affirmative, negative and interrogative), as in the example. ‘these dogs /big teeth TP These dogs have got big teeth. we / any milk in the fridge 2 3. mybrother /a lot of friends 4. T/your phone number > o she /a.good job 2 ° we /a.big family TP C. Look at the pictures and write sentences with have got or has got. Then write negative ‘ond intannogative sentences, as in the example. 1. The boy has got a bike. ‘The boy hasn't got a bike. Has the boy got a bike? ABR y (man / umbrella) oa BS, Pe D. Look at the pictures and answer the questions as in the example. as py a a =u isha hon So ge ht ha eo (Fen) ie gem o TTT “eyes (small feet) hese ah i)