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MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test 2018


1. Adam Sani title of which prophet. “Hazrat Nooh(A.S)”

2. Molvi Tammezuddin was “former speaker of National Assembly”
3. How many countries participated in Child Street World Cup. “20”
4. The SI unit of charge is ? “Coulomb”
5. Country announced to host national flag on all mosques to "promote patriotism among
Muslims" “China”
6. Medical devices use which type of OS? “Real Time”
7. Most abundant element in Universe. “Hydrogen”
8. Most abundant element on earth's crust. ”Oxygen”
9. Single spacing causes___Point line spacing in MS word document.”12”
10. Default Number of Lines to drop for drop cap is? “3”
11. How Many Breaths an adult Do You Take Each Day? “15,000 to 20,000”
12. Blood volume of about ___litters. ”5”
13. Files on Disk Located by “Root Folder”
14. Which Colour Line indicates the word is repeated in MS word. “Red Line”
15. ____is selected to shade words and paragraphs. “formation, Border and Shading”
16. Which button allows add, change or remove edit data source. “Edit Button”
17. Z.A bhutto hang in murder case of __” Nawab Muhammmad Ahmed Qasuri”
18. fateh-e-mubeen is the second name of? “Sulah Hadabiya”
19. Female New york stock Exchange President: “Stacey Cunningham”
20. In which country plane crashed and 110 passengers killed. “Cuba”
21. In which country 225 flight were delayed.”India”
22. Which country police start anti-Bagging compaign and 78 baggers were arrested. “UAE”
23. Street Child World Championship Winner: “Uzbekistan”
24. Heads of zakat are mentioned in which Surah: “Surah Taubah”
25. Prophet’s name Ahmed come in surah “As Saf”
26. Vitamin D Deficiency causes “rickets”
27. Vitamin A Deficiency Causes “Night Blindness”
28. Long-sight defect could be corrected by using ______ lens? “Convex”
29. Who was the author of Tarjaman ul Quran? “Abul-Kalam Azad”
30. British Indian Association 1866 by “Sir Syed Ahmed Khan”
31. Simla Conference Main Point from All India Muslim League was?
32. Imam Abu Hanifa born in? ”80AH”
33. Which social networking website deleted (certain figure) fake accounts in first 3 month of 2018.
34. Radioactive radiations discovered by? ” Bacquerel”
35. LIGO detected? “Gravitational Waves”
36. NAM 1998 summit related pakistani matter? “Kashmir Problem”
37. South African player recently announced retirement? “AB Devillers”
38. In test match with Pakistan how many Ireland player debut in test cricket? “11”
39. Prince Harry married to? “Meghan Markle”
40. Military plane crashed in 2018? “Algeria”
41. Female Deputy Governor of Kabul capital.” Munira Yousafzai”
42. A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called? "Battery"
43. A sun is a? “Star”
44. Hazrat Younas stayed in fish? "40"
45. What is the total length of Pakistan and Iran Border? “909 KM”
46. The lifespan of Red Blood Cells is? "120"
47. An extension of the file created in MS-word? ".doc"
48. Which social media website delete inappropriate videos? ”YouTube”

MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test Batch 2, 9th September 2018

1. Which Country has built World Largest Air purifier to fight pollution? Ans China
2. Pakistani Teenager conducted Coin Toss in FIFA World Cup match between Costa Rica And ______?
3. Who was guarantor in Indus Water Treaty ? Ans World Bank
4. Life span of White Blood Cells is ?. Ans 3 Days
5. Bolan Pass is situated in ______ ? Toab Kakar Balochistan
6. China Rank in World Happiness Index in the World is ? 86th
7. Who was the First Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan ?
8. Who won the FIFA World Cup 2018? France
9. Who is the World's Most powerful man in 2018 ? Xi Jinping
10. World Highest Score by England in One Day International Cricket is ___________? 481
11. Most Densest Element on the Earth is ________ ? Osmium
12. X-Ray is invented by ? Roentgen
13. President of Turkey belong to which political party . Ans Justice and Development Party
14.How many Pakistanis are the members of British Parliament ? 12 Members
15. Unit of Pressure is _______? Pascal
16. Which device is used for measuring high temperature ? Pyrometer
17. Ctrl+Z in Microsoft Word is used to ______ ? Answer undo the action
18. Ctril+S is used in Microsoft Word is to _______? Save the Document
19. Sri Lankan Captain Dinesh Chandimal banned from cricket for charges of ? Ball Tempering
20. How to open the file in Microsoft Word ? CTRL+O
21. Best Whiteball Wicket Keeper batsman in the World ? Joss Buttler
22. Range of the newly tested Missile Ababeel is ________? 2200 KMs
23. Which Country filed a lawsuit against US sanctions in Inter court ? Iran
24. Which Country recently allowed women for Driving ? Saudi Arabia
25. When the Qibla shifted from Bait-ul-Muqadas to Masjid ul Haram? 2nd Hijri
26. Queen Elizabeth celebrated her ______ birthday? 92 Birthda
27.What is the default Number of Lines to drop for drop cap is _______? 3
28. Single Spacing in MS Word document causes ______point of line spacing? 12
29. Devolution Plan was presented by General Pervaiz Musharraf in the year? Ans is 2000
30. The Ceasefire Line in Kashmir was drawn in which year? 1949
31. Neelum River is the tributary of which River ? Indus River
32. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave birth to a baby girl becoming only the Second
World Leader. Who was the first World leader to do so while in Office? Ans is Benazir Bhutto
33. After Pakistan China is close to sign an agreement on economic corridor with which country ? Ans
34. Who was the first Afghan Ambassador to pakistan ?
35. Nawaz Sharif Entered into politics in the Era of ? Ans Zia ul Haq
36. Ghazwa e Badar occured in which Hijri Year? 2 A.H
37. Which Command is used used to close Microsoft Word ? Ans alt+F4
38. Inwhich Hijri Year incident of Hajre Aswad Took Place ?
39. Last Asia Cup held in which year ? 2016
40. X+1/x=2 what is value of x
41. What does shift f5 do in ms word? Jump between edits
42. Inwhich Hijri year First Mosque was built ? 1. A.H Masjid-e Quba
43. A letter head contain all of below except ...?
44. Saving a document with new Name , You Press .... ? Click File , Then Save As
45. ________are used to divide a webpage into areas? C . Frames
46. MS word Application can not be closed ? Ans is B. Choose Close Sub Menu from
47. How do you activate ruler on your document by using ribbon? C. View >>>> Ruler
48. Which One Can not be type of Page Margin? Ans A. Center
49. What Happens when Three hyphens and Asterisks are typed and pressed enter key the auto format
feature does what? C. is the right Places a border above paragraph
50. It appears 1 when you insert a page number , but you want to show a different page number , what
would you do?
51. What should you do to shift from insert mode to overtype mode in MS word?
52. What is selected by pressing F8 key thrice in MS Word? C. A Paragraph
53. A nanometer is equal to ______ ? Answer 10 -9 M
54. The Speed of Light is __________. ans 300000 KM/s
55. When White light passes through a prism , it splits into how many colors ? Ans is 7
56. In very low temperature which from the following will freeze in last ? C. Sea Water
57. CNG stands for _______. Ans C. Compressed Natural Gas
58. Which from the following is not a conductor ? D. all are conductors
(A) Aluminum (B) Silicon (C)D Both A & B (D) None of these
59. Zakat Ratio on Wealth is _________. B. 2.5
MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test Batch 3, 10th September 2018
1. MAD Stands for ______? Ans Mutually Assured Destruction
2. GPS Stands for _______? Global Positioning System
3. Who is the Deputy Secretary General of United Nations ? Aminah J. Mohammed
4. In which constituency Female Voter Turn out remained 73% during General Election 2018?. N.A 221
5. In night plant intake ____ and exhale _______? Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
6. Blood is cleaned by ________? Kidneys
7. Urine is formed in ________ ? Nephrons ( Kidneys)
8. Who is the President of ICC ? No one is the President of ICC right now as the post of president in ICC
replaced with chairman and current chairman is Shashank Manohar from India
9. Planet which is easily visible from the earth is _________? Venus
10. Nearest Planet to earth is _______? Venus
11. How many planets are visible without a telescope ? 5
12. 1 light year =________? 9.5 x 10 12
13. The salinity of sea water is determined by the amount of common salt (Sodium Chloride) amount ?
Ans 1 Kg
14. Alt+ F4 is used in Microsoft Excel to __________? Ans to Close the Excel
15. Total Voter turnout in General Election 2018 remained ? Ans is 55.8
16. Total Observer States of UNO ? 2
17. Observer States of Shanghai Cooperation Organization ? Answer is 3
18. Observer States of SAARC? Ans: 9
19. Freedom Sentinel is _______ ? Ans US Military Operation in Afghanistan
20. 2023 World Cup will be played in which Country ? Ans India
21. Which is the Fastest rotating planet? Mercury
22. Greatest spots are on which planet ? Jupiter
23. Spots seen on Jupiter are actually ____? Storms
24. Which Planet is known as the Body guard planet of the earth ? Jupiter
25. Which Planet is the brightest planet ? Venus
26. Pakistan Resolution was translated into Urdu By ? Sir Zafar Ullah Khan
27. Common Wealth Games 2018 were the which edition ? 21st
28. Common Wealth Games 2022 will start from ? 22nd July
29. Name the PTI candidate who was martyred in D.I.Khan ? Ikram Ullah Gandapur
30. Ctrl+4 in excel is used to ______? Underline
31. Microsoft Excel is which type of software ? Trialware software
32. Extension of the Excel file is ....? Xlsx
33. To open visual basic in Excel which keys are used? Alt+F11
34. Blue lines in Microsoft word indicates what ? Grammatical Mistakes
35. Zaboor was revealed on which Prophet ? Hazrat Dawood (A.S)

MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test Batch 4 10th September 2018

1. Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of the Election Commission of Pakistan? Ans Sardar
Muhammad Raza
2. Who is the Chairman National Accountability Bureau? Justice R. Javed Iqbal
3. Who is the Chairman of Federal Public Service Commission? Mr. Naveed Akram Cheema
4. Who is the Chairman of Federal Board of Revenue?. Mr. Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan
5. Who is the Captain of Pakistani Women Cricket Team? Bismah Mahroof
6. When the General Election 2018 held? 25th July 2018
7. Total Registered Voters in Pakistan ? 105.96 million voters
8. Total Registered Female Voters in Pakistan? 46.73 Million Female Voters
9. Persia was the Old Name of Which Country? Iran
10. Word acts as ______ when word is integrated with excel? Client
11. Diamond is allotropic form _________? Carbon
12. S.I Unit of Heat is ________? Jouble
13. S.I Unit of Electric Current is __________? Ans Ampere
14. Dry Ice is ___________? Ans Solid Carbon Dioxide
15. Every formula in Excel starts with? Ans is equal to =
16. How to edit a cell in Excel ?
17. Meteorology is the study of ____________ ? Answer is weather
18. KANUPP stands for ________ ? Ans: Karachi Nuclear Power Plant
19. Sum of Prime Numbers between 60 and 80 ? Ans 351
20. JIT on Panama Papers was headed by_______ ? Ans Wajid Zia FIA
21. How many Polling Stations were declared sensitive during general Election 2018 ? 20789 Polling
22. The Bible, The Quran and Science is written by __________? Maurice Bucaille
23. Amin Ul Ummat is the title given to ________ ? Abu Ubaida Bin Al Jaraah (R.A)
24. Which celebrity contested general elections 2018 ? Jawad Ahmed

batch 5 questions

1. Brook Synonym (polish, Friend, Tolerate). answer:Tolerate, to stand for, a small stream
2. Current share of pakistan in World population -%. answer: 2.63% ,
3. Expected Construction Cost of Barakah power plant in Abu Dhabi. answer:$24.4 billion USD,
4. justin langer coach australian team in which format (test, T20, ODI ). answer: in all three formats
5. 54th Munich Security Conference held in (Austria, Japan , Germany ). answer:Germany,
6. Current IG Islamabad police (Sultan Azam Temuri, Khalid, Jan Muhammad). answer: Lt Retired
Jan Muhammad
7. Muslim states including Arab Countries for FIFA World Cup -(10,15,6 ). answer:6,
8. pakistan Medals in Commonwealth Games 2018 (5,9,3 ). answer:5,
9. pakistani Wrestler who won 1st gold medal in 86 kg freestyle wrestling in Commonwealth
Games 2018 (Jansher khan, Inam, Sajjad ) 56 kg. answer:Muhammad Inam,
10. 25th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2018 held in (UK, USA, Norway ).
answer: UK,
11. 2018 Commonwealth Games held in Australian City (Sidney, Gold Coast, Canberra ) answer:Gold
12. How many Pakistani blue helmets have embraced martyrdom while serving under the UN
umbrella.?. (156, 150,160 ) answer:156,
13. Which country is most vulnerable to climate change according to a report by HSBC 2018?
(phillipines, pakistan, India ) answer:India,
14. Ambassador of World religion (Dalai Lama, Malala Yusuf Zai,Huston Smith ) answer:Huston
15. Which country banned production and sale of Burqa (Morocco, America,Egypt )
16. 2019 Cricket World Cup in (sirilanka, India, England ) answer: England and Wales,
17. Women won National Assembly General seats in election 2018 . ( 8,10,5 ) answer:8 ,
18. Cheif Justice Saqib Nisar took Oath on (26 dec 2016, 31 dec 2016, 1 Jan 2017 ) answer:31
december,2016 ,
19. Total length of CPEC (2896, 2442, 7200 km ) answer:2442,
20. The Shortest-Serving Governor in Sindh’s political History is (Justice retd. Saeed uzzaman siddiqi,
Ishrat, Khursheed ) answer:Justice(R) Saeed U zaman Saddiqi ,
21. Center of joint Operations of Saudi Led Islamic Military Alliance of 39 Nations is in (Riyyad,
Islamabad, Doha ) answer:Riyadh,
22. 1st time idea floated in regarding establishment of National Security Council (G. jhangir
keramat,G. Zia ul haq, Vice admiral Ahsan ) answer: Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral S.M.
Ahsan in 1968 ,
23. USA agreement with WAPDA , 8.5 billion Dollars for (Khunam Tangi DAM, Mirani, KalaBagh )
answer: Kurram Tangi Dam Project ,
24. Coldest place in Pakistan (Ziarat, Murree, Hunza ) answer:Skardu , The options does not have
25. Largest Academic Center during era of Muslim Apex (Baghdad, Spain, Turkey ) answer:Baghdad
26. Greatest Source of Religious Knowledge is (Intellect, Observation, Revelation )
answer:Revelation ????
27. which year of prophethood is called year of greif (7, 8 , 10 ) answer:10,
28. Vitamin B complex source. (Fresh fruits and vegetables, Green leafy vegetables, seeds )
answer:Green leafy vegetables , or seeds ,
29. Vitamin C source. (Fresh fruits and vegetables, Green leafy vegetables, seeds ) answer:fresh friut
and veg,
30. Iodine source. (sea food, Green leafy vegetables, seeds ) answer: sea food ,
31. The gas, commonly known as “laughing gas”, is answer: Nitrous oxide ,
32. The source of oxygen in photosynthesis is answer:water
33. The instrument used to measure wind speed is? answer: Anemometer
34. The natural fats and oils are composed of_ answer: C, H, O ,
35. Wind energy is the __________ energy. answer: KE
36. Who is considered the founder of meteorology. answer: Aristotle
37. In general, wind speed of 105–137 caused_____. answer:minor or no damage
38. The energy value of food is measured in. answer: Calories
39. Water covers __________ of the Earth’s surface.. answer: 70 %
40. Acid rain is mainly caused by emissions of __________ in the atmosphere. answer:Sulfur Dioxide
and Nitrogen Oxide,
41. About 50% of the Earth’s crust, including the waters on the Earth and atmosphere, is. answer:
Oxygen ,
42. 4th state of matter. answer: Plasma
43. The device used to convert Alternate Current into Direct Current is called . answer: Rectifier
44. State bank of pakistan established in (Dec 1948, July 1949, Jan 1950, ) answer:July 1, 1948 ,
45. Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim Together are called (Sahihayn, Siha Satta, Sunnan-e-Arba
answer:Sahihayn ,
46. Mujadid Alif Sani is tiltle of (Sheikh Ahmad sirhindi, Syed Ahmed Shaheed, Shah waliullah )
answer: Sheikh Ahmad sirhindi,
47. Um-ul-Masakin is the title of (Hazrat Zainab bint khuzima, Khadija, Hafsa ) answer: Hazrat Zainab
bente Khuzima (RA) ,
48. Essence of humanity is (Education, ethics, economy.) answer: Education ????
49. Apostasy movement took place during the khilafat of (Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Umer, Hazrat Abu
Bakr Siddiq ) answer: Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq ,
50. Spell check in powerpoint answer:F7,
51. Activate cell in excel - clicking, arrow, tab. answer: click ????
52. edit a chart in powerpoint ( double click, triple click] answer: double click ???
53. Slide timing setting through answer??
54. How to create presentation package in powerpoint. answer: Export. ??
55. viewing all slides of powerpoint. answer: Outline?
56. in the context of animations, what is a trigger? answer: An item on the slide that performs an
action when clicked
57. Name of author in which area of presentation - notes, answer?
58. to preview a motion path effect using the custom animation task pane, you should. answer: click
the play button
59. How to center align text. - Ctrl + E. answer: ctrl + E ?
60. Ellipse Motion is a predefined. answer: Animation scheme
61. The quickest way to create a PowerPoint presentation is to use the. answer: Auto content

Inspector Custom Batch-5 paper 11-9-18

1. Karachi isn’t populated----it was 10 year ago….as

2. Today weather ----- than yesterday…worse
3. ----- in the world belief on supernatural….few
4. ---- argument could move---- man from his decision….no, that
5. Walk--- the footpath, don’t walk --- the road….on, on
6. Quaid e azam was born--- 25 dec---1876…on, in
7. I wasn’t feeling well---- I decided not to go university… therefor
8. Please give me --- rice …some
9. Ali was having bath when the phone----rang
10. Wrong word..probeably
11. Sara is so tall as I(correct)
12. The teacher complete the course by mid-june( passive)
13. --- you ever gone to Italy( had)
14. He was too late--- the paper( to attempt)
15. 3/8 of 1/12 is?
16. Longest fraction is ? 1/2
17. 0.7683+0.368+0.05+0.8….1.98..
18. 102y=25?....5
19. 1320 hcf 6? 1314
20. 10 underroot 490underroot….70
21. Circumference of 100pie….1
22. Apie unit ,area square unit ?
23. Longest digit 961…
24. 2underroot …12
25. 100 people in class chance ,29/100
26. 3underroot32 =2n
27. Color of marble chance ….4/5
28. Led 3-1/2 is 6.90 20 lemon led 60 what is prize of dezon??
29. Justin longer coach …all
30. Pak share world pop.. 2.63
31. Barakah dam cost …24.4b
32. Vulnerable climate..india
33. Religion ambassador… smith
34. Banned burqa production… morocco
35. 2018 common wealth game … goldcost
36. Paki soldier surving un martyred …156
37. Wrester won gold medel common wealth 2018…inam butt
38. Total medal in common wealth.. 5
39. Arab Muslim stat in football cup 2018
40. IG Sindh….?
41. 2019 cricket wc.. England and wales
42. Woman candidate won on open seats?
43. Current chief justice oath date.. 31 dec 2016
44. Shortest service governer Sindh, sidique
45. Saudi Islamic military alliance , riyadh
46. Idea of nation security commission, yahya khan
47. Usa 8.5b for which dam?
48. Coldest place Pakistan? Ziarat or hunza?
49. State bank.. July 1948
50. Sahi bukhari and sahi muslim… sahayain
51. Mujadid alif sani.. ahamad sarhavidi
52. Apostasy movement islam..? Hazrat Ali.RA era?
53. Ummal masakin.. hazrat Zainab AS
54. Essence of humanity. ethics
55. Largest academic center of Islamic era.. baghdad
56. Source of religion knowledge is??? Observation or ?
57. Grief year. 10
58. Vitamin B.. seeds
59. Vitamin C fruits and..
60. Lougiing gas… nitrous
61. During photosynthesis plants oxygen taken from.. water
62. Wind speed.. anemometer
63. Natural plants etc.. corban hydrogen oxygen
64. Food measure.. colorie
65. Meteorology father.. Aristotle
66. Water cover… 70
67. 105-137 wind speed.. minor or no damage
68. Acid rain.. sulfur and phosphurs
69. 50%earth crust.. oxygen
70. 4 stat of mater… palsma
71. Ac to dc…
72. Active a cell.. clicking
73. To check spell.. f7
74. Speaker informer… notes
75. Timing slide… slide setup
76. Edit chart…
77. Select all.. ctrl+A
78. Center elignmnet ctrl+E
79. Allipse motion.. animation
80. All ppt instance view… slide view

Batch 7 mcqs

3. Nabi Pak PBUH ki wovies ko kis Surat ma momino ki maayn kha gia.
4. Sahh sitta consist of how many books.
5. First hijrat of Muslims
6. To touch hajre aswad during hajj is called ....istlam.
7. On how many seats election were postponed because of death of candidates (2018 election)
8. Nanga parbat is located at?
9. In vacuum which method is used for heat transfer
10. Some questions about area circumference of circle
11. Antropy of heath is increasing or decreasing.
12.Having same molecular formula but different structural formula called? (isomers, isotopes, none).
13.Convection is the form of heat transfer in? (liquid,solid, gas)
14.what was the rank of pakistan in common wealth games 2018? many countries participated in common wealth games? of the discovery of india? (jawahar laal nehru)
17.who was the founder of english newspaper Comrade? (Molana mohammad ali jauhar)
18.Squar of 32. of Deputy chairman senate
20 Neutron was discovered by
21.nucleus discovered by
22.process of science
23.heat conduction in vacuum
24.which is not compressible. (solid, liq n gas)
25.heat transfers through convection
26.glimpes of history written by
27 In hajj, touching of stone
28 cntrl + z
29. Prophet S.A.W remains in madina for how long
30. Which is the happiest country.
31 Which is most admirable male in the world.
32.bronze is alloy of decade of ocean science for sustainable development
34.entropy of universe
35.unit of efficiency
36. Rajaji formula
37.sum of all interior angles of rectangular
38. Women seats in NA.
39. Pakistan got how many postions in common wealth
40.Malik gulam was Pakistan ist finance Minister.
41.comrade news ppr started by.
42. Maximum length of text in ms word.
43 Italy election date.
Pakistan got _______ Position in Common Wealth Games 2018?
Former president luiz Inacio lula da silva,who has been sentenced to 12 years for taking bribes and
money laundering belongs to which country?
Asian cricket council has decided to move the Asia cup 2018 from India to which country?
contl+ k= hyperlink
control+z= undo last action
blue line= grammitical error
surah tobha may Bismillah nahe ha
surah al nimal may 2 time Bismillah
Palistan is the land of Prophet
islam first time migrated to madina
260,000 pey 2% interest so annually?
area of the circle and the circumference are 22/7?
motorway IG police?
curreent general deptuy of senate?
nanga parbet ?
the internally angle of rectangle are?
current international justice of pakistan?
the formula arrange for which purpose between gandai and quaid azam ?
3)Surra es ....2 NA and 6 provincial assembly
15) saha sita 6books of ahadis ....
16) cammeron banned for ball tampering
17) 70 teams in common wealth games 2018
18) 24 th rank of pak in common wealth games 2018
19) billgate most admired man 2018
20) finland happiest country in the world....
21) itly election 4 March 2018
22) myint Myanmar president
23) china to raise flags on mosques
24)asia cup transfer from india to UAE....

Custom Inspector Batch 8 , Share more MCQs

Malaisian President: Mahatir Muhammad
Country eliminated Trachoma: Nepal
Beneath the Earth : Magma
Earth Atmosphere: 5 Layers
Current Unit: Amphere
What is used in Circuits for Shocks: Fuse
Finance Minister Federal
Finance Minister Punjab
Elementary Education Minister Punjab
Federal Education Minister
HR minister Federal
Purpose of Day of Deliverance by Quaid: Congress Ministries behavior to Muslims
6-Nations International Hockey Tournament to be Played in: Pakistan
Newzeland Women Cricket Team Played Final Against which Team
More Child Trafficking and Force them To labour By which Country
Qamus Fort was conquered by : Ali (RA)
Which Sura contains Information about Wazu, Tayyamum etc: Al-Maid'aa
Ghani was Title of : Usman (RA)
Depth of Sea by Ships Using : Using EchoSounder: Sound waves
Electrons discovered by: J.J Thomson
Current is by the Flow of : Electrons
Abundant Element in the Earth.
PowerPoint Center Alignment : Ctrl + E
PowerPoint Select ALL: Ctrl +A
Editing a Slide: By single, double or Triple click??
KP First Governor
Direct Action Day
Sir Creek is an Iseland
Pakistan lies in which tropics?
Federal Human Rights Minister sShireen Mazari
Average of fractions 1/4, 1/4, 1/4, 1/2, 1/2, 1/4=1/3
lcm of 182, 56, 23, 13, ...
Men spends 35 percent of his income on...
x/a=y/a solution set. forgotten values of x, y answer was 2,5.
standing at the door
as well as...conjuction
Punjab Primary Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid
Key holder of Kaaba Usman Ibn Talha
Question related to access database, field, record etc
First governer of KPK George Cunningham
Creeks Island in Indian Ocean.
Federal Minister for Defence Production Minister Zubaida Jalal