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Log 43 - Summer 2018

Anyone Corporation 2018 ISBN 9780999237311 Acqn 28873
Pb 17x24cm 128pp col ills £17.50

A special section guest edited by architectural designer and educator Cameron Wu responds to
the many geometries seen in contemporary forms. How do we reanimate geometry as a design
protagonist rather than a mere design enabler or incidental outcome? The responses from
architects include Peter Carl's interest in rhythm, Iman Fayyad's perspectival anomalies, Patrik
Schumacher's advocation of tectonism, George L. Legendre's form haiku, and Andrew Witt's
concept of "grayboxing". Additionally, Wu offers geometric analyses of five recent buildings, while
Olafur Eliasson, Preston Scott Cohen, and Henry N. Cobb talk about their advanced uses of

Footprint 21 - Trans-Bodies, Queering Spaces

Jap Sam 2018 ISBN 9789490322922 Acqn 28667
Pb 19x26cm 130pp col ills £21.95

This issue of Footprint aims to introduce the latest developments in the field of queer theory into
the realm of architecture and urban design - and vice versa, to make architectural and urban
design concerns an element of queer studies. Next to uncovering hitherto hidden or repressed
histories and practices as part of an agenda of inclusiveness, we consider an introduction of
queer theory to architecture as engendering a radical reconceptualisation of the architectural
discipline: That is, to upset and replace any conception of architecture as an embodiment of
essentialist identities, forms or types, in order to move towards an understanding of architecture
as a practice engaged in consistent transformation. Such a reconceptualisation of architecture
views difference in terms of process, foregrounds liminal situations, their metamorphosis and

With contributions by: Dirk van den Heuvel & Robert Alexander Gorny (eds.), Xenia Kokoula,
Athina Angelopoulou, Tim Gough, Daniel Snyder, Andreas Angelidakis, Colin Ripley, Joel
Sanders, and interview with Brady Burroughs, Katarina Bonnevier, Katja Grillner, and Helene

Footprint 22 - Exploring Architectural Form: A Configurative Triad

Jap Sam 2018 ISBN 9789490322984 Acqn 28946
Pb 19x26cm 144pp ills £21.95

This issue of Footprint aims to explore the discussions that currently gravitate around the
question of architectural form, by inviting architects to reflect on the latest developments in the
field of formal studies within architectural and urban theory, design, research, and pedagogy.
Footprint #22 aims to collect a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art approaches to the question
of architectural and urban form, and thus provide an updated examination of formal,
morphological and typological investigations.

The New Craft School

Jap Sam 2018 ISBN 9789492852038 Acqn 28911
Pb 27x23cm 256pp 158ills 50col £26.50

This publication investigates the architecture of the vocational school and its role in society. It
does so by situating the school within larger cultures of craft and specific networks of people,
places and knowledge, in which education forms a crucial link. Based on the notion of
architecture as an environment in which social relations are negotiated, it emphasises the
importance of the building to create, foster and transmit these cultures.

Lifting the Gaze - Juul Frost Architects

Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2018 ISBN 9789187543685 Acqn 28939
Hb 25x30cm 144pp col ills £35

Lifting the Gaze is an examination of how architecture affects the ways we live, learn and work. It
provides reflections on the possibility of bringing forth new communities and new collaborations in
spite of differences and in spite of people's individual interests. The themes of the book share an
urban affinity in terms of the urban environment's inherent diversity and potential for offering
different meeting places.

Through three themes, Lifting the Gaze revisits three projects, rereads theorists, fuses them with
present day conditions, and reflects upon what they can teach us about challenges and
possibilities of the future. In addition, two experienced journalists offer their perspectives on the
role of the architect and of architecture from a Nordic and a global perspective - and Helle Juul
and Flemming Frost provide a look into the development of Juul Frost Architects' practice over
the past 30 years, their ways of working and their academic, conceptual and pragmatic approach
to architecture.

By looking backwards, forwards and outwards, the essays in the book reflect on the urban
context within which we are presently situated and generates new thoughts and ideas about the

Vandkunsten – Housing
Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2018 ISBN 9789187543708 Acqn 28940
Pb 23x17cm 100pp col ills £15.95

Housing is a new book from Vandkunsten Architects. It covers ten current projects ranging from
the Basic Living Unit, container residences and social housing, to new interpretations of the
neighbour Kartoffelraekkerne and luxurious housing in Oslo Fjord - all with focus on housing
quality. Each project is presented with a short text, images, illustrations and drawings.

The book is part of a series of publications about the current projects of the studio, which are
representative of its work throughout the years. Its intention is to inspire others in the business -
architects, builders, advisors, students, and so on - through a somewhat more in-depth
introduction to some of the projects of the studio.

Vandkunsten - Renovation & Transformation

Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2018 ISBN 9789187543715 Acqn 28941
Pb 23x17cm 100pp col ills £15.95

Renovation & Transformation is a new book from Vandkunsten Architects. It covers nine current
renovation projects in the form of renovations of monotonous concrete buildings, transformations
of so-called 'ghetto areas', large-scale renovations of 1001 sheds with focus on process and
recycling, as well as business- and cultural houses that are transformed and upgraded to new
and longer lives. Each project is presented with a short text, images, illustrations and drawings.

The book is part of a series of publications about the current projects of the studio, which are
representative of its work throughout the years. Its intention is to inspire others in the business -
architects, builders, advisors, students, and so on - through a somewhat more in-depth
introduction to some of the projects of the studio.

Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2018 ISBN 9788792230973 Acqn 28902
Hb 15x26cm 264pp col ills £50

BLOX opened its doors on the Copenhagen waterfront in 2018. Funded and built by the
philanthropic association Realdania and designed by Dutch architects OMA, the building is a
programmatic mix of functions that creates a new destination in this very central and challenging
location. BLOX hosts the Danish Architecture Centre and also BLOXHUB, an interdisciplinary
environment promoting innovation and sustainable urban development. This monograph offers an
in-depth look at the project and its context, and includes essays by Aaron Betsky and Carsten
Thau, plus conversations with representatives of OMA, Realdania, and the Danish Architecture

The Cell Le Corbusier - L'Unite D'Habitation De Marseille

Imbernon 2018 ISBN 9782919230082 Acqn 28639
Pb 23x27cm 104pp 75ills 25col £37.50

The most famous example of the modernist residential housing design principle developed by Le
Corbusier is located in Marseille and was built between 1947 and 1952. In 2006 Jean-Marc Drut
began to meticulously restore an apartment he had purchased in the building to its original state,
a project which aroused interest among fans of Le Corbusier's work. The idea then emerged to
deepen the graphic analysis of the apartment's material reality and details, and to publish the
results of the research. This publication, which matches the form of the republished volume of
'L'Architecture vivante' on E.1027 House by the Sea, includes new documentation and

Cabin Fever
Information Office/ Vancouver 2018 ISBN 9781988860008 Acqn 28820
Hb 18x24cm 320pp col ills £45

Published by the Vancouver Art Gallery, 'Cabin Fever' traces the course of the cabin in North
America - from the simple architecture of colonial settlements to contemporary interpretations -
showing how this humble typology has been appropriated for its symbolic value and helped
shape a larger cultural identity. Acknowledging the cabin's pervasive influence, the book offers a
historical survey of the typology over the past three centuries. Comprising a selection of notable
literature, excerpted texts, and iconic images, its three parts (Shelter, Utopia, Porn) map the
formal evolution of the cabin typology within a changing set of social and cultural desires.

JA 111 - Living Together

Shinkenchiku-Sha Co. Ltd. 2018 ISBN 9784786902970 Acqn 28970
Pb 23x30cm 128pp 300ills 200col £26

Our lifestyles are diversifying, and our ways of living and working are also changing. We live in
multiple locations and work remotely. The character of collective housing, which tends to reflect
society, may also be entering a period of change. This issue presents eighteen diverse projects -
including a capsule hotel, cooperative garden, college dormitory, and shared house - that explore
the meanings of "collectivity" and "living" today, all of which address the possibilities that emerge
in spaces and programmes, in order to raise the basic question of what collective housing will be
like in the future. With work by Go Hasegawa, Kengo Kuma, Sou Fujimoto, Hiroyuki Ito, and

Aldo Van Eyck - Orphanage Amsterdam / Playgrounds

Architectura & Natura Press 2018 ISBN 9789461400604 Acqn 28982
Hb 22x30cm 286pp col ills £43

In 1954 there existed in Amsterdam around 200 playgrounds designed by Dutch architect Aldo
van Eyck, which in turn gave him the opportunity to design what is considered one of the most
significant buildings in modern architectural history: the Amsterdam Orphanage. Completed in
1960, the building has been visited by numerous architects, among them Buckminster Fuller and
Louis Kahn. Every detail, material, and colour of Van Eyck's masterpiece, with its multiple
pavilions, picturesque domes, and ingeniously linked patios, can be found in this richly illustrated
book edited by Christoph Grafe.

African Metropolis - An Imaginary City

Maxxi 2018 ISBN 9788875707095 Acqn 28983
Pb 24x28cm 198pp 120ills 60col £65

A land of promise, of contrasts between tradition and innovation, an example of a new social
model based on the concept of human community, the African continent, protagonist of the
exhibition at MAXXI in 2018, is examined from an innovative point of view which leads to
questioning visitors on their knowledge of the places. The museum houses the site-specific works
and projects from 40 artists who communicate their continent and investigate it in the dimension
of urban space. The volume that accompanies the exhibitions contains essays and interview with
international authors such as Marco Scotini, Sumesh Sharma, Edgar Pieterse, Akinbode Akinbiyi,
and Bonaventure Ndikung.

An Atlas Of Commoning - Summer 2018

Arch + 2018 ISBN 9783931435486 Acqn 29020
Pb 23x30cm 240pp 170ills 90col £26

This project by the Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen in Berlin in collaboration with 'ARCH+' aims
to recapture and redefine the open and emancipatory space of "us" as a concept. It focuses on
urban commons, understood as a set of practices dealing with the production and management
of collective resources (material and immaterial) and spaces in general. "Commoning" is
therefore a process of negotiating differences and conflicts between the individual, the
community, and society. The atlas unfolds a network of ideas to achieve solidarity and
emancipation in response to companies whose business models are based on the
commercialisation of social relationships.

AV Monographs 207 - Batlle Roig - Building With Nature

Avisa 2018 ISBN 9788409038671 Acqn 29040
Pb 24x30cm 128pp col ills £37.50

In charge of the some of the most prominent territorial interventions of recent years in Spain, such
as the restoration of the El Garraf waste site or the recovery of the Llobregat riverbanks, Enric
Batlle and Joan Roig are also authors of a varied and abundant architectural production, carried
out over more than thirty years. This monograph covers the work of Batlle i Roig through a
selection of twelve landscaping projects - from Roques Blanques Cemetery to the Vacarisses
Waste Treatment Facility - and twelve construction projects - from the Barcelona FC Sports
Complex in Sant Joan Despi to the Helix Cruise Terminal in the port of Barcelona.

Kere Architecture - ONE. Lycee Schorge Secondary School Koudougou, Burkina Faso
A.Mag 2018 ISBN 9788409045969 Acqn 29034
Pb 30x21cm 152pp 134ill 34col £35

Diebedo Francis Kere was born in 1965 in Gando, Burkina Faso, and studied at the Technical
University of Berlin. In 2005 he founded Kere Architecture, an internationally recognised practice
that develops innovative construction strategies combining traditional techniques and materials
with modern engineering methods. This book features the Lycee Schorge Secondary School in
Koudougou, Burkina Faso, in which the architect involved the local community for every phase,
helping people to take inspiration from their identity. Built using local materials and techniques,
the project answers practical questions like natural interior ventilation and waste reduction.

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