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ELC3505 Adjustment letters

Responding to a complaint Context:
1. You are Jan Wong, the Estate Officer for Collier Estate Management Ltd. You received this letter from a resident, Ellen Ma. 2. Read the letter and highlight the problems outlined. What action can you take to solve each problem, and are there particular causes to the problems? 3. Write a letter to Ellen Ma replying to her complaint.

4/F Richland Court Ma On Shan 3 February 2010 The Estates Manager Collier Estate Management Ltd 22 First Street Ma On Shan Dear Sir or Madam Various Problems I am writing to complain, I am afraid, about various problems. Firstly, the new garbage collection system which has recently been introduced - as you know, instead of using the bins at the bottom of the staircase, we now have to put our garbage in the new locked refuse room to which we have all been given a key. This did not seem a bad idea to us until this Chinese New Year Eve when we found we had lost our key to the refuse room. As your office was shut we could not get a spare key, so we had to keep all our garbage in our flat over the next three days. I think this very embarrassing situation would have been avoided under the old system. We are also concerned about the risk from lost keys. It is easy to access the back stairs from the garbage room; but these stairs lead to certain flats. If the keys fall into wrong hands, robbery becomes a definite possibility. This scheme not only appears to have serious disadvantages but it was also introduced with no prior consultation with residents. It is not the first time that changes have been introduced without consultation, although this goes against estate management regulations which state that any intended changes must first be put to the residents’ committee. Finally, I am afraid I have to report on the rudeness and unhelpfulness of staff in the Management Office. I noticed this in relation to the above matters but also on many other occasions. As we pay a very large management fee, I believe it is within our rights to expect better service. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully

Ellen Ma
Ellen Ma

ELC3505 Adjustment letters
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