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ASWSUV 20th Senate Meeting Minutes
August 27th, 2010 1. Called to order at 7:00 am. 2. Roll call a. Senators who are present- Abbott, Brown, Bruckner, Gepford, Guzman, Muniz, Nelmark, Richards, Smith, Washington, and Won. 3. Additions or Corrections to Agenda a. Chair Pro-tempore Muniz i. Moved to change Haeyalyn Valdez to read Haeyalyn Muniz. 01. Second by Senator Abbott 02. Change was approved with vote of 11-0-0 ii. Moved to add 710.01 a written Report of Summer Activities shall be made at the first Senate meeting the fall. 01. Second by Senator Abbott 02. Motion was not passed. 2-9-0 More clarification was needed to understand why this monition was made. b. Senator Guzman i. Monition to add summer reports under line item 6 d. 01. Second by Chair Pro-tempore Muniz 02. Motion was approved with a vote of 9-1-1. 4. Approval of Agenda a. Agenda was approved with vote of 11-0-0 5. Addition or Corrections to Minutes a. None 6. Approval of Minutes a. Minutes were approved with vote of 11-0-0 7. Reports a. Executive Branch i. President O’Lennick • Spending most of his time with executive staff prepping each position to carry forward into the new semester • Finalizing details on convocation which will be Thursday September 2nd at 3:30, will send out email to those who are to attend the ceremony • Met with Vice Chancellor Youlden and Executive Director Thomas Goldenstien of the Washington Bus Program. This program focuses on younger voter turnout and involvement. o Senator Bruckner asked for more explanation about the open forums they want to have on campus. o Washington Student Association (WSA) has identified specific campuses to have open forums to help educate and get students involved with voting this upcoming election. o He and Director of Legislative Affairs Max Ault are working to have some held on campus in October. o Senator Won asked about hiring of new executive staff members. o He will be interviewing some applicants this afternoon for the Judicial Board vacancy.

 ii. Vice President Moore • Attended the WSA Conference in Bellingham. They talked about the Bus Program visiting the campuses throughout the state. • Working on attendance for convocation that is happening Thursday the 2nd of September at 3:30. iii. Director of Activities Shavey Winter • Red Cross Blood Drive happening September 7th and 8th. She is looking for volunteers. • Pullman trip happening September 10th thru 12th. • Back to school Barbeque is next week the 1st and 2nd of September. • Working on reviewing applications for the Student Activities Board. Event Assistant Nadia Mousleh • Finished the flyers for the bowling nights which will be on Thursday nights at 9:30 pm. First one is on September 9th. • Currently working on the beach trip flyer. The trip will be on September 18th. Public Relations Assistant Jeb Bradwell • Working on getting the AWSUV website to match WSU Vancouver’s website. • OrgSync/ CougSync training sessions will be on Wednesday and Thursday where he will be pushing the ASWSUV website along side CougSync. • Working on getting the calendar to where activities and clubs will be able to post upcoming events. • Working getting funding request forms available online. Director of Leadership Development Narek Daniyelyan • Held a successful ASWSUV interest session at ROAR. • Working with OSI Intern Melisa Boles on a four part leadership series • Implemented the quote of the week and a kudos box for the executive office • Currently working on the agendas for the all student government meetings Director of Academic Affairs Audrey Miller • Has been point to the Campus Retention Task Force. • Is going to be working with Dr. Tripp on the General Education Requirement Board. • Working with Vice Chancellor Youlden on scheduling the meetings for the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Broad and pointing students to sit on the board.





viii. Director of Public Relations Meg Bartosovsky • Working on designing letterhead paper for ASWSUV so we can our official documents branded with our logo. • Also unifying office documents • Working on an advertising contract with the VanCoug for advertising events happening this year. b. Chair Pro-tempore Muniz

 • • • • Has been focusing on administrative stuff and catching up on job duties. Preparing for the Rules and Administrative Committee so they can meet next week. Met with President O’Lennick and Vice President Moore to discuss their expectations of the senate as student leaders Also to see what improvements could be made on communication between the branches to help the government meeting be more effectively utilized to our advantage. Working on training materials to help the new senators. Worked on updating the senators’ office hours and post them on the door.

• • 8. Old Business a. None 9. New Business a. By-Law Amendment 20.001- Sponsored by Senators Guzman, Muniz, and Won i. This amendment is to by-law 540.00 the supplemental budget process ii. Read into the minutes by Senator Won iii. Senator Abbott moved for second reading 01. Second by Senator Guzman 02. Motion passed 11-0-0 iv. Senator Guzman stated the changes that are proposed are to be more realistic as to when we will receive the supplemental budget to make the necessary changes to the current budget before the deadlines happen. v. Senator Guzman moved to call the question 01. Second by Senator Smith 02. Motion passed 11-0-0 b. Budget Allocation Discussion i. Senator Won asked to be able to have this discussion to get some input so the Finance Committee could put together a proposal of how the rollover should be distributed among the budget. ii. Senator Smith moved to break Robert’s Rules of Order for this discussion. 01. Second by Senator Gepford 02. Motion passed 11-0-0 iii. Senator Guzman felt a 1/3 to 2/3 rule should be put into place to prevent over spending. iv. Senators Abbott, Brown and Richard felt there should be no need to set a limit per semester. v. Senators Muniz and Bruckner stated they would like to see a monthly report about what has been spent or used from the Students Events Pool. vi. Senator Guzman stated in last year’s session the Finance Committee Chair would report about the Event Pool’s Budget. vii. The discussion was broken briefly at 7:40 am to allow for public comment. No public comment was made. viii. Advisor McIlvoy asked if the Rules and Administration Committee would take on the responsible for deciding who should be responsible for following up with event requestors in seeing that the events were successful and the funds were used or if they were not used, why. c. Robert Rules of Order were called back into order. 10. Announcements

 a. Recognition i. Senator Muniz 01. The new Senators Gepford, Nelmark and Washington for getting involved with ROAR 02. The senators who got involved with tabling 03. Vice President Moore for her hard work of getting many things arranged for us. ii. Senator Abbott 01. The new Senators for jumping in and getting involved. 02. Senator Nelmark for taking the initiative on the first day of school in relation to some committee work. iii. Senator Guzman 01. The ambassadors for their hard work on ROAR iv. Senator Richards 01. Senator Won for his work on putting together the data sheet for our discussion on the budget allocation. v. Advisor McIlvoy 01. All those who were involved in helping with the reconfiguration of the minutes. 02. Huge kudos to Senator Smith for his patients, effort and hanging in with working on the minutes. vi. Senator Nelmark 01. The executive staff member in attendance for being there so early. b. Advisor McIlvoy i. Thanked the senate for helping with ROAR and the ASK ME Table. ii. WSU University hired a housing consultant to assess the housing on all of the campuses. President O’Lennick, Vice President Moore and Advisor McIlvoy are putting together some focus groups to meet with the consultants on September 30. iii. Involvement fair will be during the welcome back barbeque happening September 1st and 2nd 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. iv. Asked the senators to know about and help promote all of the open positions in the OSI not just ASWSUV. v. OrgSync training will be on the 8th and 9th of September. 01. Senator Smith asked if an individual student could create his or her own profile. 02. Students can set up their own profile and then ask to be accepted to the clubs’ profiles they wish to join. 11. For the Good of the Order a. It was suggested to hold public comment at 8:30 as opposed to 7:30. 12. Meeting was adjourned at 8:13 am.