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@ STONEX S800 GNSS Receiver Second Generation RTK STONEX 4 XHNOLS & § cube cond eneration RTK D LINUX+CORTEX ene er mp \ MULTI CONSTELLATION board real time navigation selution with high accuracy. ( LPAI) scissors tena, 8000 nd CAE) 0 7 included, no additional cost, ‘9 WEB UI CONTROL ( Tolnialze, manage, mortor the setings a he recaiver and \t todovenlood data ving portable oF PC, smariphone or tablet with WEF capably. sy bottery that gives you up to 10 hours working. (— ) 6800mAh BATTERY CAPACITY & J we /7,..»\ INTERNAL UHF RADIO MODEM ( ¢ ) )_ Alstco sees mee nae eget Ui mode oo. ey 7 ‘possible to order the $800 with the enabled radio or order the ZOLA acetier athet ie active ite, ard Sakata tot eer ia ( = RUGGED RIK ith 67 Cerfciion Stonex 380 wl erste operation in NL) srr eet ig rena $800 STONEX $800 is @ tugged, compact, lightweight GNSS receiver. It is designed to endure fo a 2m pole drop on concrete floor without damage thanks to the strong external magnesium alloy framework. The global aluminum alloy capsule design provides 5 individual space for antenna, radio, board card, main board and battery. The foal dimension of the receiver is 146mm x 146mm x 7émm. The internal battery of 6800mAh garantees the continuous working up to 10 hours. ils UHF internal radio has several transmission protocols that allow the $800 to communicate with any other type of receiver in a simple and efficient way. strong design 19 desir \ Unique cnteana: GNSS Blueloath and WEE Fully compatiie intemal Rocio 95 Channels Indipendent RED UNUX*CORTEX e200mAh battery eapacty Freture bolonce