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Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research

Annual Report
Wild Bird Clinic

44 Counties served

141 Different species

2,876 Total patients

54,000+ Volunteer miles
The successes of our Wild Bird Clinic are truly a testament to the power of teamwork. Together, we
provided treatment to over 2,000 wild native birds in need, and this is no small feat. It takes hundreds
of volunteers helping in countless ways. It takes supporters providing monetary gifts and gifts of much-
needed supplies. It takes the entire community to take the time to get help for wildlife in need. We
save lives through the good works of so many people, agencies, small businesses, corporations, and

As the only rehabilitation center for wild native birds on the Delmarva Peninsula, we are so grateful for
everyone who plays a part in returning these animals to the wild. Together, and only together,
we give them a second chance.

In 2017
• The clinic admitted 347 raptors
• Our busiest day saw 44 admissions
• A new record of 76 Bald Eagles were
• The most common patient—the
American Robin
• Volunteers donated 19,700+ hours

This second-year Red-tailed Hawk had been
illegally shot with an arrow that was pinning one
of its legs to its body. Despite how severe the
injury looked, the injuries were treatable. Thanks
to the quick actions of the person who found
this animal, the bird was brought to us soon
enough for its wounds to be treated. The young
hawk made a full recovery and returned to the
wild (below, right).

This is one of the common themes we see
in our work—that what seems apparently
insurmountable can have hope, while injuries
that may seem easy to treat can actually be
dire. It can be daunting caring for patients that
may not beat the odds or simply may not be
treatable. But it is the patients that
truly overcome the odds to return to
the skies, like this hawk, that make it
all worthwhile.
2017 Annual Report • 3
Oiled Wildlife Response

3 Spill Responses

6 Workshops

45 Contaminated patients
• 24 patients with no responsible party • Participation in 5 exercises
• 12 non-avian patients • Attendance at 4 conferences

While it is safe to say that every year is a busy year for the Oiled Wildlife Response Team, 2017 was
indeed a busy year for the Oiled Wildlife Response team. With a strong focus on collaboration and
advancement, the team worked throughout the year on preparation for the Effects of Oil on Wildlife
Conference, the Global Oiled Wildlife Response System project, and our commitments with local
agencies, corporations, and governments.

Together with the Oiled Wildlife Care Network of U.C. Davis and National Aquarium, we began to
prepare for the 13th International Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference that would take place in early
2018. In the same collaborative spirit, our work continued with the Global Oiled Wildlife Response
System project, and we traveled for a meeting of colleagues to continue to research solutions for
multi-national, Tier III spills.

Stateside, the team helped corporations and state
governments create updated wildlife response plans,
conducted workshops for agencies in New England, and
cross-trained with other non-profit organizations to
increase our knowledge and theirs.

Thanks to generous donors, dedicated volunteers,
and inventive staff, new caging for seabirds,
including temporary and pool housing, was designed
and completed.
2017 Annual Report • 5
Education and
Bank of America The Dansko Foundation Delmarva Power

14 5,100+ 192
Summer Interns People reached through outreach and education UPenn Students

One of the greatest gifts we can give here is an appreciation for our native wildlife. Every year, our summer
internship program provides an educational and hands-on experience with wildlife medicine and wildlife
rehabilitation. These young people often go on to become conservationists, biologists, veterinarians, and
even rehabilitators themselves!
In addition to the internship program, we present an introductory course on wildlife medicine to first-year
veterinary students at the University of Pennsylvania and offer veterinary extern opportunities throughout
the year.

Thanks to many volunteers and staff, Tri-State attended or presented at nearly 30 community
events where we taught attendees how to live with wildlife, get help for wild animals, and help
the birds in their own backyards.

The 2017 Summer Intern Program was funded by generous gifts from:
The Dansko Foundation Labware, Inc. June Robbins
Deupree Family Foundation Greg & MC Landis John & Robin Spurlino
Catherine Haley M & T Charitable Foundation Maryanne Yingst & Dick Ho
Philip Johnson Pepco Holdings, an Exelon Company Jim Zakreski
Sally Kuder Vera Lee Rao Walter & Cecelia Zettlemoyer
Benefit for the Birds
Thank you to our generous
Footloose & Fancy Free event sponsors:
The dress may have been casual but the dedication was serious! Guests
dined and danced the night away in support of our patients at the annual Colonial Pipeline Company
Benefit for the Birds. Thanks to our generous sponsors and supporters, Benefit Presenting Sponsor
we raised over $103,000. Benefit photograph courtesy of Perfect American Petroleum Institute
Moments Photography. Axeon Specialty Products
Citgo Petroleum Corporation
Open House M&T Bank
Cloudy skies couldn’t keep the community away from our annual Open Monroe Energy
House in May. Guests were able to tour our facilities, learn from other PBF Energy Delaware City Refining Co.
Pepco Holdings, an Exelon Company
non-profit organizations, and shop with local vendors. Together, we
Philadelphia Energy Solutions
helped reach hundreds of local families and raised nearly $12,000 for our
Royal Pest
patients. Vane Brothers Company

Giant Yard Sale WSFS Bank
Once again, supporters throughout the region helped support our
Open House Presenting Sponsor
patients at the Giant Yard Sale for the Birds. Through donating their
gently used goods, donating their time to volunteer, and coming out to Ameriprise Financial Services
shop at Aetna Fire Hall, our supporters raised over $10,000 for Tri-State. Bartlett Tree Experts
CMI Solar & Electric
Concord Pike Veterinary Hospital
Expedia CruiseShipCenters
Lums Pond Animal Hospital
Talleyville Frame Shoppe & Gallery
VCA Kirkwood/Newark Animal Hospitals
Wild Birds Unlimited

Tri-State’s Corporate Wildlife Stewardship program is a working relationship with our corporate and
industry partners.
Silver Level Partners Bronze Level Partners Other Partners
Colonial Pipeline Company Citgo Petroleum Corporation Axeon Specialty Products
Delaware Bay & River ExxonMobil Marathon Oil Corporation
Cooperative DuPont NuStar Energy, L.P.
Hess Corporation PBF Energy (Delaware City Refining
Monroe Energy Co.)
Pepco Holdings, an Exelon Company Philadelphia Energy Solutions
PSEG Foundation
The Vane Brothers Company
Tri-State solicits contributions from individuals, companies, and foundations that are supportive of our mission, and we work across many sectors to
improve the environment, but we do not endorse any company, product, or service.
2017 Annual Report •7
2017 Financial Reportt (April 1, 2016, through March 31, 2017)
Use of Funds Sources of Funding
Wild Bird Program $495,541 Individual Donations $547,571
Oiled Wildlife Program $315,466 Corporate Donations $330,164
Education $56,446 Government Donations $42,800
Administration $110,156 Program Income $180,312
Fundraising $225,622 Investments $215,790
Events $59,581
Total Expenditures $1,203,231 Total Revenue $1,376,218
Assets FY 2017 FY 2016
Current assets
Cash & cash equivalents 262,037 352,625
Pledge and grant receivables 80,000 13,915
Accounts receivable 28,755 111,194
Prepaid expenses 5,019 19,864
Fixed assets 3,874,253 3,936,788
Investments 1,217,999 962,198
Endowment fund 1,104,498 994,020
Total assets 6,572,651 6,390,604

Liabilities & Net Assets
Liabilities 35,973 27,003
Unrestricted net assets 5,151607 5,203,907
Temporarily restricted net assets 316,271 224,790
Permanently restricted net assets 1,068,710 934,904
Total liabilities & net assets 6,572,561 6,390,604

Administration Clinic Oil Programs
Lisa Smith Andrea Howey-Newcomb Danene Birtell
Executive Director Clinic Director Oil Programs Director
Rebecca Stansell Cristin Kelley, DVM
Cristin Kelley, DVM Wildlife Veterinarian
Director of Development & Marketing Wildlife Veterinarian
Julie Bartley Erin Norris
Aimee Federer Planning & Preparedness Manager
Volunteer & Office Manager
Clinic Supervisor Level II Michelle Knapp
Karen Dougherty Oil Programs Operations Coordinator
Accounting Manager Meagan Demeter
Clinic Supervisor Level I Elisa Silva
Doug Nichol Wildlife Response Specialist
Maintenance Supervisor Jessica Hicken
Ryan Wheeler
Clinic Supervisor Level I
Anita Moos Canadian Coordinator
Marketing Associate Sallie Welte, VMD
Clinic Director Emeritus

Board of Directors
Executive Committee Officers Advisory Board
Robert Bryant, President Charles F. du Pont Henry Bryndza, PhD
Charles Robertson, PhD, 1st Vice President Keith Hall Barbara Druding
Amy Evans, Esq., 2nd Vice President Lisa Murphy, VMD, DABT John Frink
Rosemary Francis, Treasurer Lucinda Peterson, CPA Chip Little
Barbara Schumacher, Secretary Arlene Reppa Gary Patterson
Glenn Stelzer William Francis, CFA
Justine Tumas, DBA, CPA William Tansey
Patricia McGee, Esq.
Maryanne Yingst

The revenues and expenses reported here are taken from our audited financial statements. Tri-State follows generally
accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and undergoes an audit by a third party every year. Due to the differences in
reporting requirements for the audited financial statements and the IRS Form 990, the figures reported here may not 2017 Annual Report • 9
match those on the 990. Copies of our annual audited financial statements are available upon request.
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research is very grateful for the members and
donors who make our life-saving work possible. The following individuals,
corporations, foundations, organizations, and businesses contributed Thank
$250 or more of financial and/or in-kind support to Tri-State in Fiscal Year
2017(April 1, 2016, through March 31, 2017). Giving totals do not include
event tickets or purchases.
$25,000+ Susan E. Child Richard Baxter *
Rosabelle W. Brown † The Dansko Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bowersox
Colonial Pipeline Company * Deupree Family Foundation Brandywine Zoo *
Delaware Bay & River Cooperative * Don and Sally DeWees Tom and Bobbie Breske *
FM and David Mooberry †* Barbara and James Druding * Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation *
Phillips 66 Charles du Pont Ray and Valerie Bryant
Vera Lee Rao * Walt Dunlap Jennifer Caldwell
Rosalind Schwebel Trust † Exelon Foundation Concord Pike Veterinary Hospital
John and Robin Spurlino Fox Chase Cancer Center * Theodora B. Corroon *
Carol Gungui Mary Jane and Jack Dalton *
Keith and Betty Hamilton * Bruce and Deborah Demeter
Mabel Heigle †* Gail Donaldson and Karl Unruh
The Allerton Foundation *
Lynne and Fred Kielhorn * Anne and John Fields *
Crystal Trust
Gerry and Clara Kluis * William and Rosemary Francis *
DuPont Company *
LabWare, Inc. Robert Funger *
Elite Island Resorts
M&T Charitable Foundation Joan and Ron Gardner *
Margaret E. Filman *
Jane C. MacElree * John T. Gfrorer *
Monroe Energy
Magellan Midstream Partners, LP Susan and Jeffrey Harris *
Pepco Holdings, an Exelon Company *
Patricia and Fred Mann Ralph S. Hauck *
Bob and Lorraine Reeder *
Michael and Sharon McCormick Hockessin Athletic Club
Shell Oil Company *
New Castle County Council Mary Koechert *
State of Delaware Grant in Aid *
OSG Ship Management, Inc. Lewis Environmental
Sunoco Foundation *
Marilyn Hyte & Pat McGee * Sharron and George A. Lulli *
Walbridge Foundation
PBF Energy-Paulsboro Refining Lums Pond Animal Hospital *
Maryanne Yingst and Dick Ho *
Philadelphia Energy Solutions Leonard Lundberg *
Catherine and John Renzetti * John and Valerie Mayfield *
Doug and Arlene Reppa * Patricia W. McClure *
Anonymous Foundation *
Charles and Patricia Robertson * Jim & Sue McVoy *
Katherine and Barry Beck *
Mary Robinson * C. Hans Miller *
Bernice Barbour Foundation *
Royal Pest Solutions * Charles and Mary Miller
Chichester duPont Foundation, Inc.
Lisa Smith * Joseph Mitchell *
CMI Solar & Electric, Inc.
David and Susan Stratton * Lou Montgomery
Crestlea Foundation, Inc.
Eric and Nancy Taylor Srikanth Nott
Joyce & Ray Goldbacher *
Nancy D. Wells John and Carole Passarotti
Laffey-McHugh Foundation *
Wild Birds Unlimited * Juliet C. Patrick *
June H. Robbins *
WSFS Bank * Chris and Fran Petersen *
York Building Products Pew Charitable Trust
$1,000-4,999 Walter and Cecelia Zettlemoyer * KT Porter and Bill Swope *
Pat Kennedy & John Hundley Elaine M. Sams *
Anonymous (2) San Juan Music Group
Hugh Atkins and Michele Schiavoni * Jane Schumacher
Lynn Abell, Ph.D. *
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund * Phyllis B Shone *
Thomas W. Adams, Ph.D.
Stephanie Billon-Wolfe Jeffrey D. Sinclair *
James and Linda Amundsen *
L. Leon and Alice P. Campbell * Christine Smith & David Dolloff *
Bruce Balogh
Gary and Judith Charles * Harold and Kirsten Snyder *
Nancy Jean Balogh *
Charles River Laboratories Talleyville Frame Shoppe & Gallery
Chevron Corporation * Myles Taylor
Kirsten Bartlett
$500-999 cont. Delaware DNREC Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Reese
Lee and Ann Terrey Dialog Direct Savitha and Richard Robinson
Tuckahoe State Park Nicholas and Beverly Doblick The Rotary Club of Wilmington Delaware
Justine and John Tumas Carol Donner * Barbara Saunders and Kevin Call *
Barry Warner * Edgar A. Thronson Foundation SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy
Elizabeth and Clayton Warrington * Tom and Sandy Eichbaum * Virginia Schiavelli *
Robert and Nina Wood * Mr. Kevin Fenimore Barbara Schumacher *
Ronald and Beverly Finch * Rodney and Andrea Scott
Bruce W. Fleming Uttam Shanbhag
Rebecca Lee Garnett * Michael and Jana Siwek *
3M Foundation *
Denise Geran Lindsey Slater and John Cartier
AmazonSmile Foundation
Gayle Gibson * Glenn and Marion Stelzer *
Janet Anderson
Julie A. Greenwood Thomas and Rene Stevenson
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP *
Keith and Marietta Hall * Derek Stoner
Carol Auster *
Richard Hinkle and Donna Hinkle Wendy S. Taylor
Carmine and Laura Balascio *
HomeCare Accounting Solutions Sharon and Thomas Tritelli *
Bartlett Tree Experts
Dr. Edythe M. Humphries * Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine
Suzanne Barton
Rick and Karen Iuliucci VCA Kirkwood Animal Hospital
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Blazejewski, III *
Barbara and William Jaffee Harry and Elizabeth S. Walton, Jr. *
Dr. Mary Bryant and Michael Saporito *
Gwen Johnson and Jane Miller Linda Watts and Mark Wetzel *
Robert and Patty Bryant *
Amanda Konyk Bonnie Weiskott and John Draper *
Dr. Ben Burton
Amy Kovach Susan L. Whaley
Linda and Bill Butterworth *
Sally Kuder Freda Wilson
Christ the Teacher Catholic School
Robert Lange Jonathan Woodworth
Gary and Patricia Clover *
Lifeforms * E.M. Young
Corky Connor
Jennifer Marang Richard and Kathleen Young
Country Thyme Gardeners *
Carol J. Margolis Daniel Zak & Anisha Shankar
Catherine C. Creswell
Patricia and Gordon Munson * Ziggy's Inc. Wood Floor Mechanics *
Stephen and Kristi Crum
Carl and Cynthia Opderbeck
Joy L. Davies
Dr. Alan B. Palmer * †
Harold Davis
Phoenix Wildlife Center
Debbie's Fund for Animals *
10 years or more supporting Tri-State
Thomas M. Przybylski *
Delaware Community Foundation *

We would like to extend a special thank you to the following companies that provided support through contributions of
services or products throughout fiscal year 2017:

In kind
Action partners
Special Events Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Port Penn Bait & Tackle College of Agriculture &
Production & Rentals Natural Resources
Herr Foods, Inc. Royal Pest Management
Animal Behavior & Conservation UPENN New Bolton Center
Connections Lindenmeyr Munroe RR Donnelley
Laboratory of Avian
Aztek Printing Loretta Schumacher Carlson, SaveWay Compounding Medicine & Pathology
B2B Copywriter Pharmacy
Champion Trophy UPENN New Bolton Center
Maryland Department of Schneider Trailer & Container Toxicology Laboratory
Consolidated Drake Press Natural Resources Rental
Walton Corporation
Breakthru Beverage Pamela's Gourmet Sigma Data Systems, Inc.
Wild Birds Unlimited,
Speedpro Imaging Wilmington Hockessin
Crowl Advertising Design Perfect Moments
Photography WSFS Bank
Dialog Direct University of Delaware
2017 Annual Report • 11

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