I think I owe you a explanation ,and when I use the word YOU that means all of you,yep

man thats how it is for you see the way I understand it is this.The law as we know it in New Zealand is based on English law ,and English law as we know it, as far as I have been able to ascertain, started in twelve fifteen 1215 in our present calendar.That is the year 1215 I dont know if you know what happened then ,if you know then you can verify what I say and if you dont know ,well I am going to tell you ,in the year 1215 in England there was a King his name was John,now this King was THE LAW but as all Kings they lived what is called lavish lives costing a great deal of many things ,not much different today,but let us not digress ,the nobles and FREEMAN of that day became disgruntled with the antics of the said King ,for they had no recourse on the law since the King was the LAW,so if the King needing money ,no change today ,but again I digress and should not do that ,however thats how my mind works ,I dont mind giving you a insight in how my mind works,but as I was saying when this mr King needed money after having spend all his own ,he could simply invent some offence committed against the law ,as I said he was the LAW,so a offence against the law must be punished,right ,so the King then either confiscated the property of the said FREEMAN and nobles and if they had a problem with that then he simply shopped their heads of no problem and problem solved,well as I said before these guys that is the FREEMAN and nobles of that day got sick of that ,and I dont blame them ,who wouldnt ,this KIng was just lording it over all of them just because he was the LAW.So a couple of these Freeman got together and devised a means whereby this KIng who was the LAW would in effect be subjected to them.So they staged a revolt and imprisoned the King this John ,of course in 1215 they did not want to go as far as cutting this Kings head of that came later,so they were actually cleverder than that ,knowing and admitting that the King was the law was not a problem ,what they did instead was draw up a list of rights and privileges and they made the LAW recognise these rights and privileges,the law being King John ,I suppose I dont need to say that it was done in a similar manner as was much later protrayed in a film called the godfather starring Marlon Brando ,I think he said either you can put your signature on it or your brains ,its up to you,so this King John who was the law decided to sign it thereby recognising the rights and privileges set forth with the proviso that the LAW was put under the obligation to protect the said rights and privileges ,now this document still exists today and is called the MAGNA CARTA read it and you will see that I am telling the truth ,unusual in this day and age but nevertheless so,but let us not digress ,so as we all know Kings are notorious word breakers a Kings word is totally and utterly meaningless,this the FREEMAN and nobles of that day soon found out ,but to cut a long story short you can find it all out for yourself if you are so inclined,eventually the KIng lost the right to be the LAW,it was transferred to the realm ,that is the people we are the LAW now ,and how do WE keep the promise of the LAW namely to protect our rights,well like the Kings of then today you also have those who do not want to fulfill the obligation ,but there is no getting away from it we are the LAW for if you do something against me you are doing something against the LAW .therefore I am part of the LAW and thus I am the LAW.So I say to all of you who represent the LAW and it is all of you against me ,for I do not sniff around in your life to find out whatever it is you are doing,but I have again submitted myself to digress ,so I can feel you are asking, wel if we are the law how come they make laws ,wrong again ,they do not make LAWS they enact acts of parliament ,and these acts of parliament are powers given unto certain departments in order to carry out the afore mentioned PROMISE of the LAW namely to protect my and when I say my I mean yours as well,RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES,so powers are given unto the police to arrest those that transgress against you the LAW,so understand me well if you commit a whatever against me and now when I say me ,I mean all of you,then you commit a crime against the LAW .Hm I hope I am not boring you so to continue with my narrative what I am trying to say is this the promise of the LAW is to protect the rights and privileges of FREEMAN I am a FREE man ,therefore you have no power over me other than the power to protect me ,because I aM YOU,so any other power

you do not need,now in New Zealand where the misuse of drugs act is concerned ,parliament digresses from this promise of the LAW remember also that parliamentarians are the ones that have been put there by the LAW electing them to fulfill the promise of the LAW namely to protect our rights,but the misuse of drugs act as I said digresses from this promise and all of a sudden these servants of the LAW take it upon themselves to give a order to their master the LAW,THOU shallt not consume cannabis ,well that to ,my way of thinking is impossible ,a servant cannot order his master,those parliamentarians can enact powers to protect me but when you enact powers to assault me then you are out of line ,and what is more I do not have to obey you in anyway,Freedom is that I am free ,no domination, not to break the LAW and violate others rights is my choice not because you say so ,but you take it upon yourself to deny me ha,your servants have ordered me not to consume cannabis ,well they have no power to deny me ,I have wiped my arse on their order,and if you wish to know more then I can tell you but not today ,today I only wish to write this so thats it maybe some other day I will tell you how I found out that I am right and that it is only peoples ignorance makes them believe what is not. well its another day and as promised I will tell how I found out that what I have said is in fact true.You see in the 1980s the Police as I have said violated my right to privacy by forcefully gaining entry to my home ,if you wish to know how forcefull well they smashed a leadglass window in my frontdoor by the way this window was irreplacable being a old fashioned beautiful piece that could not be fixed.So after gaining entry in this nazistyle way they ten found that I had in fact ignored their order not to grow cannabis ,so I was persecuted ,they call it prosecuted,I decided to defend myself and of course I lost,I however expected to lose cause when one does things for the first time one seldom wins.But to me losing was winning for I learned I learned how their laws sit together,and how to use them so thats what I eventually did use their laws and lo and behold I was right ,for all their acts of parliament are in fact powers the LAW endowes so if the LAW endowes these powers then they are mine to use for I am the LAW as I understand it.So its funny but I have this power at my command I can order a Judge no sweat .he has to do what I say for what is written must be obeyed by him if any lawyer reads this he will know that I am telling the TRUTH for it was a lawyer who told me it in the first place ,lawyers are bound by their oath to the Bench as it is called but I am not so bound and all the powers of the LAW are at my disposal but again one needs to know how to use this power,for if you do not know how electricity works then do not muck around with it thats the same with the power of the LAW one needs to know how to use it,even some lawyers do not know the full extend of this power.well for today I will stop I have never written anything before in my life but feel strongly about certain things,I sort of think that Scribd is a good platform to express my point of view I will continue on this subject at a later date and hopefully make you understand how it works.