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Test Marketing

A Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer* operating business in the tWo-wheeler market for more than rn-o decades developed a new generation of 4 stroke 250 cc bike using his R&D skills. The manufacturer is a leade= in the market and known for offering a range of vehicles catering to the needs of different market segmen The new 4 stroke 250 cc targets young customers in the higher income group and it was decided to e premium price for the vehicle. The vehicle has been designed in such a way to be suitable to personali . characteristics such as dominance, aggressiveness and adaptability. Before going for launching in the market, dle manufacture decided to test the new vehicle which has in style and features. As the vehicle is to select tesdecided

been designed in three versatile models with litde variations

going to be launched primarily in the South Indian market, the manufacturer markets from the major cities viz Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

For organizing the test market and for subsequent promotional campaign, the manufacturer appoin an advertising agency-located at Chennai. The ad. Agency developed ..suitable brand names for the models taking into account dle design and style of the new vehicle and the target customers group. _ • the duee models were known by the brand name:

Model 2 Tiger \'1' 250 Model 3 Fox ZT 250 The advertising agency released an advertisement in the leading news papers inviting requests fro= test users. Over a period of ten days from the."date of advertisement, the advertiser received some L-':' requests to participate in dle test marketing evaluation programme. The agency decided to select 0::.... three test users from each test marketing city and the break up of dle requests were as follows:
Test Marketing Chennai I-l Ydcrabad Bangalore City No. of Requests 416 523 303 Required Test-U sers 3 3 3




I\ny additionaJ information: .:k within ten days so as to decide your eligibility to participate in our test marketing programme. Education: Married/Single: Children & Married: _ ::::::::::Emp..oYm.:'O'"'"/E'fp." .oy. D D D D D D D D D 80kms o· D 8.Tl1e agency decided to select nine test users (three test users from each city) from these 1242 requests randomly and designed a questionnaire marketing evaluation programme. to be filled by each candidate aspiring to participate in the test We thank you very much for showing interest in our test marketing evaluation programme and find a questionnaire being enclosed with this may please be filled and sent ba. 9.

Questions for Discussions1. Do you think any other method can be used for selecting the test users? . 2. Evaluate the questionnaire used by the ad agency in terms of information required.